26 Examples of Successful Niche Websites

By Spencer Haws |

If you are new to building niche websites (or even if you are more experienced), you are probably interested in seeing some specific examples of successful niche websites – even if it’s just to get some proof that you can still make a living online. 

Well, that is what I am going to review today – 22 updated examples of sites that are crushing it in monthly traffic.  Now just to be clear, these are not my websites. I don’t know who owns all of these websites or how much money they make. However, I am going to explain what I think they have done right and why I think they are most likely doing well as far as income is concerned.

Also, just to note – all of these sites have a number of different monetization methods.  There are so many different ways to monetize a website these days, that it’s hard to NOT make money when you have a lot of traffic. All of these sites are targeting keywords that receive good search volume.

I will NOT be looking specifically at the competition levels for these keywords – but rather how much traffic is coming in for some of the larger volume keywords. Most of these sites are targeting fairly high competition keywords – but that is not the focus of this post today.

I want to focus on the volume and CPC of the keywords, the domain names, and the website layout, content, and monetization methods.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know that nowadays, everything is about quality – not just from the website, but also the quality of the actual page on the site as well.  You are unlikely to rank well for a competitive keyword with a 1500 word article and lots of links.  Most articles need to be in-depth, and answer every question the user might have about the topic.

22 Successful Niche Website Examples:

While there are plenty of websites out there that are doing extremely well, here is a list of 22 websites that I’ve pulled together for you that I either know are doing very well, or I suspect they are doing very well based on traffic. 

I am not sure what tactics they are utilizing to achieve the heavy amounts of traffic they receive, but I can tell that they get lots of traffic and with that traffic, a good amount of monthly recurring income.  Let’s dive in with 22 examples in no particular order.

Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

Website Name: +

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 4.5 + Million Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 3.2 Million + Ranked Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Wireless Routers

Top Ranking Page Content Length: 10,181 Words (Does Not Include Comments)

How They Earn Revenue: Primarily Amazon Affiliates

The and were sold a couple years back to the New York Times.  They were both Amazon Affiliate sites, and that’s where most of their revenue came from then, and still comes from today.  When the sites were purchased, was redirected to as both sites had very similar content structures. 

The WireCutter dominates organic search results for a lot of buyer-intent keywords, and is also a “verified expert reviewer” by Amazon.  The site gets huge amounts of organic traffic, and has gained massively in popularity and search positioning once it was purchase by the New York Times.  

Because of the budget they have, this site has the capacity to purchase products and pay independent reviewers to review each product and take pictures for their article.  Many of their articles are extensively researched, and it’s not uncommon to see some of their articles with more than 7,000 words on a topic. 

This is one of the biggest examples of a successful Amazon niche website, and based on the estimated traffic, they are more than likely earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, if not millions – a far cry from my recent FBA venture and business sale.

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 548,000 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 394,000 + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Running Shoes

Top Page Content Length: 4,891 Words

How They Earn Revenue: Amazon Affiliates is an interesting Amazon Affiliate website.  It’s  interesting in the fact that it hasn’t been around forever, but it’s gained rapid momentum due to their consistent outreach efforts.   You can see that their link building efforts have been a success when you look at the historical data on Ahrefs, that shows the trend in referring domains.  

They rank extremely well for many buyer-oriented keywords in the running space, and have a ton of product reviews.

The thing I like the most about the site is the way it feels.  All of the Amazon affiliate links are extremely well integrated, and they’ve done some custom design work to make some of their images feel interactive.  Another trend here is that the owners of this site, own similar sites in several other niches. 

You can tell which sites are owned by the owners of this site when you look at the bottom of the site and notice that they link internally to their other web properties.  This is becoming a popular trend, with the folks over at doing the same thing with some of their projects, like and 

It’s hard to estimate the total revenue for this site, but because the call-to-actions on the site are so good, it would not surprise me if this site was doing over 70K per month in Amazon Affiliate income every month.

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 522,000 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 471,000 + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Air Fryers

Top Page Content Length: 3,000 Words

How They Earn Revenue: Amazon Affiliates

Best Reviews is a website that does exactly what the domain name claims.  They offer extremely detailed and in-depth reviews of certain products, and make sure to showcase that their reviewers have their brand showcased to ensure the reader builds an established trust factor with the website. 

This is a very smart move for any type of reviews based website.  If you can take your own pictures, and show your readers you have actual experience with the products, there’s a good chance your reader will identify with your content and be more likely to convert to a buyer once they’ve gone to Amazon or another online resource to purchase their product.

Best Reviews is interesting for different reasons though.  They are interesting because they pay for a ton of their traffic based on findings through 

They average about 300k visits every month because of their Google Adwords advertising spend.  This means they are bidding on keywords and paying for traffic on top of the organic traffic they already get.  It’s possible that buying this additional traffic has helped them gain additional links because their content is very good. 

The purchased traffic is just helping them get in front of an audience that’s actually looking for their product, just like SEO.  If conversion rates are lower, you will end up making less money than you spend to buy traffic, but because of the authenticity of the reviews, it’s likely that converts researchers to buyers at a higher rate than other affiliate sites. 

While it’s tough to know exactly, I would guess that this site makes 6 figures per month or more in Amazon Affiliate revenue due to their traffic numbers.

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 668,000 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 772,000 + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Office Chairs

Top Page Content Length: 1,600 Words

How They Earn Revenue: Amazon Affiliates, Display Ads is an online resource that reviews just about anything you can think of.  They run in the same vein as but take an angle that’s more towards men.  They get lots of traffic with their bourbon and whiskey reviews, as well as many other products that might be considered more masculine. 

They highlight a lot of men’s gear in their reviews, and probably make a really good chunk of their revenue from being an Amazon Affiliate.  They do run adsense, and it also looks like they have a fair amount of content that could be considered a “sponsored post”.

A sponsored post is just an article that a larger company puts together for you to promote their product, while paying the website owner for the exposure.

This site is an example of what many sites are doing these days.  They are “niched down” into brackets of certain products, and creating an online multimedia experience in the form of an online magazine style site.  There’s lots of large pictures, some videos, and it looks like a true media property. 

Chances are that you’d need to hire a designer to get a similar look and feel for your own website if you were to attempt it.  From a revenue perspective, this site is more than likely doing more than six figures in total revenue if I had to take a guess, just based on their organic traffic numbers.

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 119,000 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 107,000 + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Convertible Car Seats

Top Page Content Length: 8,800 Words

How They Earn Revenue: Amazon Associates is basically the baby’s gear version of  It has the same theme and site structure as  While it doesn’t express that this site is owned by the same people, it’s probably operated by the same group. 

The structure is very similar and the focus is definitely Amazon Affiliate income for this site.  The cool thing about this site is that they actually have some really good reviews and content.  It’s similar to – but niched down, which is a popular route that most sites are going these days.

While the traffic estimates are lower than some of the other sites on this list, people in the baby gear niche are an important customer base because they definitely purchase products.  This is a big industry and I would guess that the conversion rate for this site is slightly higher than 

Typically when someone researches a baby product, they are typically looking to buy that baby product.  If someone is researching a tent, they may just be looking around at different options that they can compare for their next camping trip – not necessarily to buy that tent. 

Most of their traffic is organic, and continuing the trend of well ranked long form content, their top post is 8,800 words long (which is a beast of an article).  If I had to take a guess at revenue, it would probably be north of 30k per month for this site based on traffic.

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 611,000 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 349,000 + Ranked Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Hiking Boots

Top Ranking Page Content Length: 6,001 Words (Does not include comments)

How They Earn Revenue: Primarily Amazon Affiliates & Advertising Space Sales is another Amazon Affiliate monster.  They get tons of traffic and target many different buyer-intent keywords for purchases that are largely made online.  They are more niched down (which I think is a good thing) than a web property like 

I would never suggest anyone go out and create another WireCutter because if you are just starting out, you will not have the required budget to compete as in-depth as they do.

When it comes to ranking well in Google, generally Google will give your site preferential treatment on certain topics, once it’s figured out what your website is about. Sites that cover such a broad variety of topics don’t tend to rank as well as sites that are niched down, unless you have an amazing backlink profile and a really big budget. 

Since TheWireCutter is owned by New York Times, they have the budget to test new products, and have the authority to get linked to by any other web properties owned by the New York Times.  If you niche down to a specific audience, it’s far more likely that Google will favor your content over a larger site when it comes to that audience. has done exactly that by only focusing on outdoor gear reviews.  I am guessing that they also have a large budget, and have built a very successful affiliate business as a result.  Plus it’s a great looking site with lots of excellent information.  

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 211,000 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 35,700 + Ranked Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Wireless Routers

Top Ranking Page Content Length: 5,300 Words (Does not include comments)

How They Earn Revenue: Amazon Affiliates has been a successful affiliate site for the last couple years.  It’s been somewhat of a “hot debate” in the internet marketing industry.  The website actually has very little content when compared to some other authority sites. 

It has under 20 pages of actual content, but it’s believed that because of the strong linking profile, that Google favored the site’s content.   It’s an extremely unusual site, as most of the link profile consists of scholarship links, which many marketers believe is an overused link building tactic that’s ripe for a Google penalty.

With that being said, the traffic that this site earns for having so few posts is extremely impressive.  There have been a number of other websites that have attempted to achieve the same success with the same tactics, but haven’t had the same results that has had with regards to rankings. 

While it’s tough to estimate the income, I’d guess it was in the 30K to 50K per month range because of all the traffic the primary articles receive.  They are highly purchased items online (gaming mice and wireless routers), making this an extremely profitable affiliate site. 

While I may not recommend trying to get links via scholarship links, there’s no doubt that Google has ranked this site very well due to those links.  The content is not as good as some other in-depth articles, but they are very tuned in to the specific keywords they are trying to rank for.

Adsense Niche Site Examples/ Direct Ad Niche Site Examples

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 171,000 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 497,000 + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Baby Monitors

Top Page Content Length: 1,600 Words

How They Earn Revenue: Display Ad Revenue & Amazon Associates

Fatherly is a website that tackles many different forms of content.  Based on a similarweb. com lookup, they get about 22% of their traffic from organic search.   Close to 25% of their traffic is direct, and almost 40% of it comes from social media (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.). 

It’s important to take note of that because even though they may not be getting a ton of google organic traffic based on their keyword spread – they are getting a ton of traffic from social media platforms which no doubt has an immense impact on revenue.

While their top keyword that they get organic traffic for is about Baby Monitors, articles like these that are monetized via Amazon Affiliates are only a fraction of site revenue.   I’m sure that display ads make up the bulk of their income, either through an ad network or selling their own advertising space.  

It does appear that they are currently monetized with adsense, but that could be part of their monetization strategy with any larger ad network.  There are larger ad networks out there that typically deliver a higher RPM than just Adsense these days, so that’s something that every website owner with some serious traffic should look at. 

Overall the traffic that generates every month is extremely impressive.

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 11.6 Million + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 7.6 Million + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: GPU Heirarchy

Top Page Content Length: 1500 Words (Extremely Useful Table Data)

How They Earn Revenue: Display Ad Revenue & Amazon Associates

Tom’s Hardware pretty much started off as a forum.  They have expanded and re-designed and the website is now one of the most popular and heavily visited site in the PC niche.  The site is where hardcore PC enthusiasts go to discuss all different matters of PC parts. 

Popular topics include CPU units, Memory, Motherboards, Overclocking, Systems, Operating Systems and New Build computers.  While the old format of strictly forum posts did well as a display ad revenue method (I remember when the site was mostly a forum as I used it for a PC build I did) – the amount of authority the site has lent itself very well to becoming a fully fledged content based site.

Now Tom’s Hardware publishes their own reviews, and on top of their display ad revenue, they are making a significant portion of money from Amazon Affiliate links.  The site is already well known for reliable content about Personal Computing, so it made sense to turn up the content generation to attract more organic search volume. 

It would be tough to estimate monthly revenue for this site, but it’s highly likely that it generates 7 figures per month. 

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 85,000 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 62,000 + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Female Athletes

Top Page Content Length: 2,500 Words

How They Earn Revenue: Amazon Associates, Affiliate Programs, Display Ads is a website that’s covers a number of different fitness topics. It’s probably safe to say that most of their content is geared towards men, and most of their revenue comes from either Amazon or their affiliate programs. 

Based on the looks of the site, they have a few supplement reviews that are probably affiliate programs where they get paid a portion of each sale that a buyer makes. 

Some of these affiliate programs have higher returns than other programs, but there are some right vs. wrong decisions you’ll have to work through yourself if you are endorsing certain types of nutritional products, especially if you don’t take them yourself.

With all that being said, this site definitely gets some decent traffic and even if they were just participating in display ads and Amazon Associates as monetization, I’m sure it would make a significant amount of income. 

Like – people researching supplements are usually looking to buy something, and health food decisions are often impulse buys.  That means that this niche may convert better than others, especially because the price points of a lot of these products is on the lower end. 

For an income “guesstimate” – I would say that this site is probably making north of 20K per month between affiliate and display ad revenue.

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 42 + Million Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 13.4 + Million Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Oven Roasted Pork Chops

Top Page Content Length: Under 1,000 Words – But Highly Relevant Grid of Many Pork Chop Recipies

How They Earn Revenue: Display Ads, Direct Ad Space Sales is an interesting website for several reasons.  It started taking off in early 2017, specifically as a kitchen + food website.  The traffic growth is massive, and the website now ranks for millions of rather competitive keywords. 

They have a small staff, and early on, focused on producing recipes, with high quality pinnable images (Pinterest) and even some very detailed videos that showcase how to cook or decorate parts of your home. 

They accept contributor posts, but not unsolicited guest posts – and because of the domain authority, I’m sure there are food bloggers lining up to provide them extremely valuable content for free as long as they are featured on the site.

As a result of their rapid growth, they’ve also got a stellar link profile.  It’s a situation where because they rank well, they get more links, and the more links they get, the better all of their articles rank.  There are a number of reasons why this site has taken off, but overall it’s an excellent site that has built a strong foundation on nothing but organic traffic. 

I have no idea what strategy they used initially to get links and start getting the exposure that they did, but the growth that this site has experienced is extremely impressive to say the least.  I’d estimate their traffic figures to be between six and seven figures on a monthly basis.

Lead Generation Niche Website Examples

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 445,000 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 168,000 + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Medical Assistant Education

Top Page Content Length: 3157 Words

How They Earn Revenue: CPA/Leads is an education website that provides information to prospective students.  They have a lot of great content and cover just about every type of education field you can think of when it comes to finding out the best college path in a given profession. 

A quick look at backlinks shows that they have tons of major educational institutions that they work with, which is a significant portion of their backlinking strategy.  The content is top notch, and the website is specifically designed to keep the users interacting with the comparison grids and searching through the best possible schools for their given topic.

Where they make their money is when someone picks a school to get information about.  There are companies (like Quinstreet) that allow you to get paid “per lead” for education content.  Some of these leads can payout anywhere from $20 all the way up to $50 per lead depending on the institution.  There are plenty of affiliate sites in the education niche that get paid using these types of leads. 

I’m not sure if uses Quinstreet or another CPA network, but the fact is that there is definitely big money in the field for education affiliates.  It used to be that these were some of the most profitable CPC adsense earning niches you could be in (see our sites from 2012), but lots of them have completely shifted to the lead based model when it comes to monetization.

If I were to guess, is probably making multiple six figure monthly income due to ranking for a number of excellent education focused keywords.

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 55,500 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 35,000 + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: How Long is Law School

Top Page Content Length: 600 Words

How They Earn Revenue: CPA/Leads

Similar to, is a site that’s focused on continuing education for the legal profession.  Their content is engineered around guiding their visitors to the most appropriate law career.  The site is custom coded as an HTML site, so it loads extremely fast. 

All of the sites we’ve looked at up to this point have predominantly used WordPress as their CMS system, so it’s interesting when I see a successful affiliate site that’s using a custom design and HTML.

I’d say the content on this site is a little less “in-depth” when comparing it to, but the content is still very good (hence the reason a 600 word article is ranking well for a high volume keyword).  While it’s difficult to judge based on traffic estimates, I would make a guess that is making over $10k per month based on lead sales. 

If you remember, CPA/Lead sale programs can yield up to $50 or more per lead, and some professions and/or schools pay even more for them.  Overall this site doesn’t have a ton of content, but the content it does have is super informative and hyper focused on one line of work.  It also has an excellent link profile, which is another reason it’s ranking well.

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 11 Million + Hits

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Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 2.9 Million + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: How Much House Can I Afford

Top Page Content Length: 200 Words (Interactive Calculator with Proper Title Attribute)

How They Earn Revenue: CPA/Leads

NerdWallet is another gigantic site, that earns most of its income from the form of CPA offers and leads generated for financial institutions.  Similar to services like Lending Tree, NerdWallet gets your information when you are looking at different financial products, and sells your contact information as a “lead” to qualified financial institutions who try to sell you products. 

The kicker here is that the CPA on most financial products is significantly higher than other CPA offers, like educational leads for example.  One lead for a loan might pay out at $200 instead of the normal $20 – $50 that you’ll get in the education niche.

Should you attempt to get into the Financial niche?  Personally, this isn’t a niche that I would consider.  Financial niches are extremely competitive, and while they are very lucrative if your site ranks, it’s going to cost a lot more time and money to get your site in a place where you are making a consistent income. 

With that being said, if you are a certified financial expert, or you already have a social media following for financial topics, it may be “easier” to start a site, get backlinks and hit the ground running.   If you are strictly going to start a website about student loans, or buying a house – expect there to be lots of competition.  I have no doubts that NerdWallet is making over 7 figures per month.

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 2.1 + Million Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 4.4 + Million Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Healthy Breakfasts

Top Page Content Length: 2,655 Words

How They Earn Revenue: Display Ads is a health publication that was started in 2011.  The traffic growth over the last couple years is incredible, and the site has become a full fledged media resource.  Greatist. com has a larger staff, and has purchased a number of other online businesses.   The top keyword “healthy breakfasts” gets an estimated 62,000 searches per month, but the long tail traffic that Greatist. com gets is truly incredible.

With 2.1 million organic search hits per month, this site rivals some of the bigger media publications in the health and fitness niche.  They also appear to a broad mass of individuals instead of just bodybuilders or professional weightlifters. articles feature content on food, basic fitness, strength training, marathons and more.  It’s not as niched down as other health sites, but it doesn’t pretend to be an expert in a specific niche.  Rather, they recruit experts in the industry to write for them about specific topics.  The sheer traffic volume alone that takes on each month leads me to estimate that this website is probably doing multiple six figures per month alone in display ad revenue.

Combination & Direct Sales Niche Site Examples

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 636,000 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 431,000 + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Ab Workouts For Men

Top Page Content Length: 2507 Words

How They Earn Revenue: Selling His Own Products

MuscleForLife. com is another successful website.   I hate to call it an affiliate website, because really it’s a true brand, and probably the truest form of what I’d recommend most people do if they have a niche they are passionate about. Basically, Mike Matthews started a fitness blog because he was passionate about fitness. 

I’m not sure about his credentials as a fitness mastermind – it’s possible he has none.  What he did do is write a book on what worked for him, and people followed him.  Lots of folks have seen excellent results from following his workout programs, so because of the value he created, he sold lots of books.

Looking over his history, he looks like he’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  I’m not sure if he wrote his books himself, or had them ghostwritten, but once he had a larger following – he launched his own supplement product line and looks to be doing extremely well selling in his own store, as well as selling on 

Mike has done what most people just starting online business should hope to do – build a brand around themselves, build an audience, and sell them products that they truly want that will make a difference.   If I’m guessing on income numbers, I’m sure this is a multiple seven figure per year business with his supplements.  

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 181,000 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 241,000 + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Apple Cider Vinegar

Top Page Content Length: 1,600 Words

How They Earn Revenue: Display Ads, Amazon Affiliates, Affiliate Products

HealthAmbition is a public case study website that was created by the guys over at  It’s easily a 7 figure per year business based on their own admission, and they make their profit by display ads, recommended Amazon products as well as separate affiliate offers they push out to their mailing list. 

This has been a long term project owned by the Authority Hacker team, as they publish new content and test different monetization strategies.  

Just like I’ve been able to create several profitable websites, this site is a really good example of what’s working right now in SEO.  The site is full of useful content, and most of the newer content is pretty long-form (meaning over 2,000 words per article). 

They publish quite a bit, and this team is known to have their processes down really well between their writers, editors, VAs, and other parts of their team.  This is a tough niche to crack, but these guys have done a great job showcasing how to build a profitable authority site from A-Z.

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 66,500 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 86,500 + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: What Dogs Can/Can’t Eat

Top Page Content Length: 3,886 Words

How They Earn Revenue: Display Ads, Affiliate Partnership is another public case study that was released by one of my former employees, Perrin.  Perrin is no stranger to affiliate sites, as he was the public case study for Niche Site Project 2, and built an authority site in the shaving niche. 

This site was one he started building while he was still working for me, and the traffic took off.  The site was performing very well for him for quite some time, when he decided to sell the site to several outside investors.  

Perrin has blogged about his site on the AuthorityHacker. com blog, and he’s also openly discussed the sale of this site, which was sold at over $200K as the final sales price.  The site still does very well in organic search rankings, and the monetization appears to have been diverted from display ads, over to an affiliate program with a pet food company. 

This site is proof that with the right systems and content in place, profitable affiliate sites are still out there to be created – even by the solo entrepreneur or the person who loves SEO as a side-hustle.

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 223,000 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 196,000 + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: English Labradors

Top Page Content Length: 7,720 Words (Including Comments Section)

How They Earn Revenue: Display Ads, Affiliate Partnership

LabradorTrainingHQ. com is a site that I came across when doing some competitive research for Perrin’s affiliate site.   They compete for some of the same keywords, and it appears that they are monetized by the same methods (Amazon Affiliates and an Affiliate Program with 

This site gets more traffic than, but it’s still another example of a smaller website doing very well.  This is a WordPress site, with a generic template/theme and (there are free themes that look just as good) it’s more in the form of a Blog than an actual media property.

The site has a lot of links, and the long form content that the site showcases is one of the reasons why it ranks so well.   Most of the content on the site is extremely focused, and very informative.   It’s pretty typical that an article on this site is over 2,000 words. 

While longer content doesn’t always mean better, Google does base some of its ranking factors on how much content is on the page that covers the topic in its entirety.   The more in-depth the article, the more likely the user is to find the answer they were looking for, which is why this website has so many articles that rank very well. 

Each article is very complete and provides great information on the topic.  If I had to guess, the site is probably making over $20k per month based on traffic estimates.

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 393,000 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 360,000 + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Thailand

Top Page Content Length: 3,158 Words

How They Earn Revenue: Book Sales is similar to in the fact that Matt Kepnes took his passion and turned it into a legitimate business.  If you plan on starting a site in the travel niche, Nomadic Matt’s blog is probably a resource you’ll be taking a look at pretty frequently when you are analyzing your content. 

He has capitalized on his traffic by self-publishing a number of books.  He’s gained credibility by several media appearances, which I’m sure helps his book sales, and helps him get really high-quality and Natural Links.

The traffic volume he gets is significant when you figure that most people who are interested in travel have disposable income.  This means they are more likely to spend money on luxury items, making them a perfect buying demographic for products.  In the past, Matt has had some CPA offers on his posts where he’s talked about the best travel credit cards. 

Those offers earn income similar to, that when someone clicks his link and applies for a credit card, he gets paid a referral fee.  It looks like those products are gone now, and he’s decided to focus strictly on book sales and keep his blog free of other display advertising (Kudos to you Matt). 

If I had to guess, I’m sure Matt is making at least $50k per month on his book sales seeing as much traffic as he gets.

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 49,100 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 50,000 + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Earn Amazon Gift Cards

Top Page Content Length: 1,425 Words

How They Earn Revenue: Hosting Affiliate, Course Sales, Display Ads

Michelle Schroeder-Gardener launched in 2013.  While Ahrefs estimates that she’s getting 49,000 hits per month, her actual pageviews are much higher as she’s part of the AdThrive network, which only allows websites to be a part of it if they have over 100,000 page views per month. 

You can see in her income reports, that this income makes up an extremely small portion of her entire revenue streams.  Her biggest earners are her Bluehost affiliate commissions and her course that she sells.

The thing I love about this website, is Michelle tells you exactly how she makes her money and she hides nothing.  Her traffic numbers are impressive, and she’s starting to gain steam on social media, based on her 2017 business review wrap up. 

She has a very nicely sized email list, which I’m sure is used for not only promoting her own products, but also for other affiliate offers or sponsors that may come her way for product or course related opportutnities.   She’s done a great job diversifying her income, and luckily for me – I don’t have to guess how much she makes.  

She fully discloses her income, and she’s making over $120k per month from her blog alone.

Website Name:

Organic Monthly Traffic (Ahrefs Estimate): 17,700 + Hits

Number of Organic Keywords (Ahrefs Estimates): 28,200 + Keywords

Top Ranking Page Content Topic: Amazon FBA

Top Page Content Length: 5,270 Words

How They Earn Revenue: My Own Products, Affiliate Partnerships

That’s right, my blog is a successful Affiliate website!  While I don’t make as much as some other bloggers, it’s been my passion and my voice that lends itself to my brands and to my software product businesses that I know my readers can use. 

While I don’t publicly reveal the income I make from my businesses, you can go back and see from my prior income reports exactly how much NichePursuits makes each month.  My income from is only a portion of my online income because of all my other businesses I’m a part of.

With all that being said, does earn me a decent amount of revenue from affiliate partnerships, and I make some from hosting affiliate partnerships. The reason I have Niche Pursuits listed here is because it is a successful site, and it does prove that you can make money online if you put your mind to it.

What Can You Take Away From All These Sites?

There’s a few things that you can take away from all these sites.  Some of it is important, and I think it’s worth mentioning in a little greater detail.

  1. You can still be successful online, you just have to put in the work.  It may take you longer now that it used to, but there are countless businesses being started online every single day.
  2. Long content seems to dominate Google right now.  It doesn’t matter what you are selling, but if you want to rank well in Google – you need to give Google a well researched topic.
  3. Not all affiliate sites focus on the same thing.  There are thousands of ways to make money online – pick a niche you love, and find a way to monetize it.
  4. There is always room for more competition.  Niche yourself down if you need to – there are people out there making six figures from websites about succulent plants.
  5. Don’t chase money.   Money is good, but if you want to really grow your business, focus on value.   All of these websites are unique in that they provide a lot of value.  Value first, money second.

Niche Site Ideas in 2019

So you’ve seen all of these niches, but you still aren’t sure which one is the right one for you. No worries. It’s hard to pick one niche and you aren’t alone. We have a whole Facebook group filled with people looking to find their niches and create great websites.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

How To Start A Niche Website

Starting your own niche website has never been easier. We have a full monster guide to it if you want all the details. Here, I’m just going to cover the basics.

1. Find Your Niche

Finding your niche involves starting your business based on where your passions and a need meet. Make sure that you are interested in the business that you’re going to start or you will burn out. 

But how can you know which niches have a need? (By the way, the niches with big needs always come with big profits since your competition is lower)

You’re going to need some keyword research.

I recommend using the free version of KWFinder for this initial niche research. You’re looking to use your favorite niche ideas (passion) and find long tail, low difficulty keywords ( need). These keywords shouldn’t have more than 2 websites ranking on the first page of Google with more than 25 domain authority.

It’s a pretty specific requirement. I look for about 10 keywords that fit this definition of low difficulty. These 10 will be easy to rank and will help my website get some early earnings.

For each niche that you can  not  find 10 long tail keywords with the above specifications, cross it out. There may be a need there, but you will have to spend a lot more time and energy getting a profit.

2. Plan Your Content

When you have chosen a viable niche that interests you and has a need, you need to start planning your content. The 10 keywords you found to validate your niche are a great starting point.

Here you want to start finding different “content categories”. Sometimes these are called hubs, silos, or spokes. These categories are batches of content around a similar topic in your niche. Let’s say your niche is fitness. You might have “Workout from home gear” as a hub, “supplements” as a hub, and “healthy eating” as a third hub. 

You can have as many hubs as you want, but NichePursuits has almost 700 pieces of content and we only have 7 categories. Don’t go overboard and don’t go too narrow. For a new niche site, I think that 3 categories is a great number.

In these categories you’ll want a lot of long tail keywords with high buying intent. Reviews and “best X for Y” articles are loaded in buying content. Try to find keywords that have the word “best” or “review” in them. You want these to make up about 80% of your content in the beginning. 

Also search for content with a lot of referring domains. This type of content will almost always be informational. Think of how to guides or answers to questions.

Even if the difficulty is high on this type of content, these referring domains are people who you can later pitch for links. The purpose with this type of info content isn’t to rank, but to build your website’s authority through backlinks.

In general, it’s best to plan for at least 50 pieces of content (40 buying intent, 10 informational with lots referring domains).

3. Start Your Site

Now you’ve got your niche know your content. It’s time to start. I love and recommend Bluehost for your website’s hosting. They are fast, cheap, and the customer support is out of this world. They’ve hosted countless niche sites of mine through the years.

Once your site is up and running, you’ll need to customize it how you want. For this, I recommend GeneratePress for your theme with Elementor as your page builder. Both of these tools are free, so you don’t have to pay anything to try them.

Get the GeneratePress theme for free here.

Get Elementor for free here.

And once you’ve got your site looking how you want, it’s time to produce your content. You can do this on your own or hire others out. I recommend that you write your first articles yourself even if you aren’t a great writer by nature.

If you want to hire writers to do all the work for you, I recommend either Upwork or ContentPit. Upwork can be hit or miss. You’ll have to sift through a lot to find a great writer at an affordable price. If you go this route, I’ve had very good luck with college students who don’t have any reviews. They often work cheap but write pretty well.

I’ve been using ContentPit on my Niche Site Project 4. I think they’re an incredible service. They write as cheap as college students but are a lot higher quality than 90% of freelancers. If you use my link, you get an extra 30% on your first order.

4. Boost Your Authority

There’s never a last step to niche sites, but this is the step that a lot of people fail on. Boosting your authority involves attracting links to your content.

There are lots of ways to do this, and one of the ways is to just wait until your site gets links naturally. That’s not what I do for my niche sites, but it is what I do for NichePursuits. I don’t build links to Niche Pursuits at all, but it generates hundreds every month.

If you do want to build links, I recommend either guest posting or the skyscraper tactic. Guest posting involves asking other site owners if you can post free content to their site. In this content, you link back to your site.

Skyscraper technique is a bit more involved. You write an incredible piece of content, find everyone who links to other, similar pieces of content, and ask if they’ll link to your content instead.

You can click here to read our full guide about link building for niche sites.

4 Niche Website Examples From 2012 (My, How Things Have Changed!):

If you want to see some historical data – here were some of the successful websites back in 2012.   It’s crazy how things have shifted from smaller sites that really focused on having an exact match domain name ( keywords in the domain name) to sites that are authority sites with loads of quality content.

Website Name:

The targeted keyword is obviously “Medical Assistant Salary”.  This keyword receives 27,100 exact match local searches each month and has a high CPC of $3.88 according to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. I personally like to target keywords that have 3 to 5k or more exact match searches.  So, 27k is GREAT!  Also, the CPC of $3.88 is also very good (over my $1 minimum).

The site currently ranks #8 in Google for its primary keyword.  Note that they have used the keyword in the domain name, even though its not an exact match domain – its still keyword dense.

Here’s what the site looks like:

The first things that pops out is the number of ads (which I circled).   This might be a bit ad heavy and I usually don’t place this many ads above the fold.   However, I guarantee that they have an excellent CTR with this layout.  The ads are above the fold and within the content, in addition the use of the link unit at the top where a navigation bar would typically go is also very saavy.  I would be surprised if the CTR is not at least 10%.  However, I would caution against using this many ads.  My tweak would be to remove one of the medium square units, and then wrapping the text around the other one.

Anyway, my guess is that this site ranking at #8 in Google for this keyword and the high CPC, probably pulls in between $500 to $1000 per month.  In fact it could actually be much more that that just depending on how much traffic they really receive.  This is with the assumption that they receive traffic from more than just this keyword (which is the case with every single website I have ever owned).

Website Name:

This search term also happens to receive about 27,100 EXACT match LOCAL searches per month.  The CPC is $4.24 – another great Adsense keyword.  I can’t stress how important it is to check the exact match searches to make sure the volume is really there.

The site is currently ranking #1 in Google!

Here is what the site looks like:

I have highlighted with red boxes how they are monetizing the site.  First I will point out how professional the site looks – it has a custom logo and a very clean look and feel to the site.  This helps build trust right away.  Secondly, I like how they have the salary data that searchers are looking for right away on top.  Then they have the adsense ads immediately following (still above the fold).

The other monetization method is through the sidebar (and also at the end of every article) is education lead generation.  They are probably an affiliate of a number of different schools or other educational lead companies.  However, not only are they probably making good money with the site, but they offer great content on the site.  They allow users to search by state to find local salaries and much more information.  Content is important!

Because the site is ranking #1 in Google for this (and probably ranks very well for other related terms), they are probably making great money.   This is probably easily a $100 to $200 a day website.   That’s right, I would not be surprised if this site was pulling in $3k to $6k or more each month.  In fact it could be more, but its hard to guess without knowing all the traffic they are receiving.

Website Name:

This search term gets 14,800 exact match searches each month with a CPC of $2.19.  You can also see on the adwords tool that this has high advertiser competition – this is a GOOD thing for you.  This lets you know lots of people are buying ads for this term – more competition usually means more money for you.

Here is what this site looks like:

You will notice that this site does try to make some money with Adsense, but the banner ad at the top is an affiliate ad (through Commission Junction) for Fastweb.  I just logged into to see how much FastWeb pays – its looks like only $0.80 per lead – OUCH!  This is really low.  This website owner also trys to promote fastweb in the articles – but no Adsense.  I think they should be focusing more heavily on Adsense within the content of their articles to increase their income.  My guess is that this site earns almost $.80 on average per Adsense click (which is MUCH easier to get than a lead).

So, this site has picked what appears to be a good keyword, but could probably be monetized better.  In fact, they could probably generate education leads or something that pays more than Fastweb.  I think there is nothing wrong with turning this into a niche lead generation site, but the site is under-utilizing its potential right now in my opinion.

My guess is that this site has a low CTR of 1 to 3% for Adsense.  It probably pulls in around 3k visitors for its primary keyword a month but is probably only making $100 to $200 in Adsense.  I have no idea how much they are pulling in from FastWeb, but my guess is that its not more than $100 each month.  My guess is that this site is definitely earning less than $300 per month.

Website Name: 

Nursing Scholarships receives 40,500 Exact match Local searches each month and has a CPC of $3.09 and has high advertiser competition.  This is a great keyword to target as far as those 2 criteria are concerned.  (Remember I am not even looking at the top 10 competition in this post).  However, this site is ranking #2 in Google for its chosen keyword.

Here is what the site looks like:

This site is ranking very well for a very competitive keyword.  They are primarily monetized by adsense as outlined here; however, in the navigation bar, I also boxed a link that takes the visitor to another website owned by the same person/company.  Its obvious as there is quite a bit of interlinking between these 2 sites and actually several other websites as well. The Adsense placement is good on this site.  Its above the fold and within the content.  This probably gets a pretty good click through rate.

From just the one keyword, this websites is probably getting close to 20k hits per month.  I am sure they are generating just as much traffic from various other keywords as well.  When all is said and done, this website could easily be a $10k per month site.  Its hard to say – that prediction could be way high or even way low.   But I would not be surprised if this site is pulling in $10k or more per month.


In conclusion, I have covered 4 niche websites that I think are targeting keywords that have great search volume and high CPCs.  I discussed the pros and cons of the layouts of the websites to give you an idea of how I think a niche site should be monetized.  Remember, I did NOT go into whether or not anyone should be targeting these keywords as I did not really look at the competition levels.  My guess is that these keywords would be too competitive for me to go after.  I will discuss competition, and how to analyze the Google competition in detail in future posts.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you an idea of what a successful niche website looks like.  These are NOT my websites, but I think overall they have done a good job with their sites, and clearly they are ranking well for some great keywords.

Let me know what you think of my analysis – and feel free to post your comments or questions below!


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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income?

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Trent Dyrsmid

Hey Spencer,

Thanks so much for sharing some example sites. Getting to see how these pages are laid out (with your comments) is going to be a huge help to me in the next few sites that I build.

How did you find these particular sites?



Hey Trent – glad that you found these examples useful! I actually found these sites while I was doing some keyword research of my own. These are some of the markets that I had initially looked at going into this month – but I ended up going in a different direction.


I thought you targeted keywords with LOW competition?


I do target low competition. I think you need to reread the article. I specifically say that these keywords are probably too high for me to go after. I also specifically said that I was not looking at the competition in this article. Hope that helps.


Ads are too much. But yes can be successful.


Can you please tell me which one you prefer to buy?
.net or .org..? from my analysis. I think .org booked first as compared to .net..??


I prefer .org. But I don’t have any solid evidence as to why. One of my best sites is a .net, so overall I think both are fine.


Hi Spenz – Great analysis and I agree with them. Just curious, are you a member of TKA?



What is TKA? But I can tell you I am not a member – Im not a member of any online membership/course.


TKA => The Keyword Academy by Mark and Court. The way of the TKA is similar to how you analyze things. Probably because there is only one set of data (google data) 😀

Gabriella - The Stepford Wife

Very interesting. Proves any wesite can be a success if you go about it the right way. Who would have guessed that these niche websites would have done so well.

Jason Young

Hi Spencer,

For the Medical Assistant Salary site, isn’t using more than four ads on the page and wouldn’t it get penailized for that?

Or is it that the ad block (can’t remembr the size) not looked at in the same way as the other ad blocks?



This site will not get penalized because they are within Google Adsense guidelines for number of ads. You are allowed 3 block ad units (this site has 2 at the top and one in the sidebar). You are ALSO allowed 2 link units (in addition to the 3 ad units) – for a total of 5 adsense units total. The link unit on this site is at the top where a regular navigation bar goes. So in reality, this site could actually have 1 more link unit on their site that is not shown in this screenshot. Hope that helps.


I believe it is 3 link units per page? All my niche sites have 3 link units per page and I never had any problems.


You are right…it is 3 link units per page…I just double checked! Here is what Google says, “Google AdSense program policies allow you to place up to three ad units and three link units on any page”.


Sir..Spencer..can you teach me on how to build a website and have an ads on them…pls teach me..i really wanna make some income at home just like u all…pls all teach begging u guys.. :((

Spencer Haws

That’s what I do on my site here:, just read the posts.



I understand that you said at the end that these keywords would be too competitive for you to go after. But earlier you state, “You can also see on the adwords tool that this has high advertiser competition – this is a GOOD thing for you. This lets you know lots of people are buying ads for this term – more competition usually means more money for you.”

So, correct me if I’m misunderstanding this, but what you’re saying is it’s a good thing if you’re ALREADY ranked for a highly competitive keyword because that means more money but you wouldn’t necessarily recommend going after one from scratch.


Spencer was refering to the competition of advertisers = great for us the publisher because it shows us that it is a stable keyword with solid income to tap into.

The other competition, the one we want low, is the competition of the top 10 sites ranking in Google for that keyword. When we say low SERP Competition, it menas we are addressing the strength of the top 10 and thats made up of a series of factors which Spencer mentioned will be addressed in detail in future posts. But to name a few: Title, backlinks to page, and number of links to the ranking page. Hope that helps 🙂


Solo – sorry for the misunderstanding! I see what you are asking now.

Okay, the “competition” shown on the Google Adwords keyword tool is for Advertiser competition. This is TOTALLY different from the competition levels of the natural search results in Google. When you are trying to determine how hard it would be for your site to rank in the top 10 of Google, you look at the natural search results and the level of competition there (which is determined by the top 10 ranking sites for your keyword). You want low competition here. On the other hand, the advertiser level of competition is shown in the adwords tool is something different. This shows you the NUMBER of advertisers bidding on this keyword. The more advertisers there are, the more likely that more money is being spent (hence the more you can make per adsense click). So, here you want to see HIGH competition levels because it means you are more likely to make more money per click. Does that make sense now? Sorry for the confusion.


He means that if keyword has high advertiser competition it is a good sign, but if it also high search results competition then it is better not to go for it initially.


Hey Spencer, I am here for the first time and want to say I love this post. The first site I have ever built is a niche site (although bit wider than these 4) and I still have it, with it being my main money maker.

Although I have a blog which is doing great I am still bigger fan of niche sites so I am definitely going to keep up with what you post next 🙂

cheap web hosting

Great article! Especially the part of CPC, i never see this part in google keyword tool!


Ah, I see now, I was totally confusing the “competition” in Adwords with the low competition you talk about in your LongTail handbook. I actually used it as part of my screening criteria…oops. So I was looking for >1000 local searches, >$1.00 and Low Competition. I think I understand now to ignore the Competition column in the Adwords tool when searching for keywords. Thanks, guys!


You look for search results competition in Google search, not in AdWords.

Blogger Ceria

Hi sir spencer, from all sites above, which one do you think is best. for a starter/newbie. more like the blog style or the professional one like site number 2??


Its difficult to say what would be best for a newbie, it just depends on what your goals are. I suppose that starting with WordPress and using a template is easier to get started, which works just fine. Once you find some success, you can get a custom logo/header if you want to make the site look more professional.


Great to get some live examples.
The backend of these sites are very different.

The first one is done on an actual CTR theme on wordpress.

Spencer, what is your preference or do you have a mixed bag of html and WP sites?



Its great to know which theme the first site is on…thanks for sharing! I use WordPress on all of my sites.


Before making a final decision about any keyword make sure it’s shown in google ads by using Google Adsense Preview Tool:
and select usa.

A relevant ad is one of the most important factor you must keep in mind to improve your ctr and earning, so it’s not just about themes.


Interesting tool. Definitely choosing a keyword/topic that has advertisers is important.


Hey Amine, thanks so much for this handy tip!

It’s very frustrating not being able to see what Adsense ads are showing to visitors from different countries, and this tool works great.

[email protected] heartburn cures

can i have 3 block ads + 1 banner links? Will this get penalty


I recommend you read the Google Program Policies: In short Google says: Google AdSense program policies allow you to place up to three ad units and three link units on any page


Hi Spencer,

What is your ideal exact local monthly searches?

If for example I found a keyword that has 33K local monthly searches, is this highly competitive?



Lemuel: The number of searches does not determine how difficult the competition is for a keyword. So, there is no “ideal” number of exact match searches. Competition levels are determined by the top 10 sites that are ranking in Google for that keyword. So, you want to find a keyword that has as high a search volume as possible while still having low competition levels in Google.


Spencer the website #2 is of very good quality and i am sure Google is proud to have it in its search results. Here is why:


1. Website provides map of states for dental schools
2. Website offers content on dental assistant job application
3. Website provides information about salary in each state
4. Website provides salary charts
5. Website provides salary calculator
6. Website has stock images for illustration


1. Website refers to dental schools and also dental schools offering certificates
2. Website is not aggressive about AdSense ads, but i would separate 2 ad blocks if i was starting out.

What is missing is a review of each dental assistant school which would add real value to the website, but in my opinion it is a hard task unless you find and pay to reliable person to do it.


Good analysis!


Well i found these site a months ago. I was just wondering how he related all maps with salary data. From my point of view this is difficult. Because this site is big. Website no 2.
They have many of these websites in network. But yes if your calculation is correct. They may be earning $25k from these websites network.
Also, niche job, schools etc always have good CTR and can have lot of long tails.


I wonder how they created that map. Is it Java based? Do i need to know Java to create this map and salary calculator?


Boris iam just concerned, what do you mean by ‘not aggressive about Adsense ads’ Do they(Google) penalize people for having too may ads or you are referring to offending the readers with many adverts ?


Wow, check the back links for and there are tons of one page webspam sites linking to the site…example –

It looks like he owns too. Same webspam links


One more point all the links coming in is PR2,3,4,5,6 very few PR 1,2,0. So, surely this is high competition keyword. All links are very high quality.


hahaha…good dig, Gabe.

Spam never fails you! But the rankings tend to be only temporarily.


Spam indeed, good detective work…


Just found your blog! Excellent examples of niche sites, even though they aren’t yours. I have a general idea of what to do and not to do. Subscribed.


Nice page always good to see some interesting niche site examples. Thanks for the follow on Twitter which is how I found your site – I’ve now subscribed.


Norm – its always great to connect through Twitter! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog – hope you can find some useful information on niche websites and other business tips!

Asbestos Attorney

WOW!! Thanks so much spencer for sharing these sites and information. I can learn much better by seeing examples like these.

thanks again

school safety

Quick Question – Can you use the link ads along the top like they did in medicalassistansalary ? I had thought adsense TOS forbid you from trying to “trick” your customer into clicking on the ad ?


One of these sites actually belongs to the well known SEO specialist that even sells course on doing SEO, but I have to shut up my mouth here )))


You really bring the goods with this blog. If you launched a product you would make a killing.


seriously, its a good analysis..i had 2 different niche but adsense is not supporting in my country..when i try to put it on my sites, sometimes it appeared and sometimes dont.

Seo Mauritius

Great case studies very inspirational and your post is just awesome thanks for sharing bookmarked and share

Karen Comer

If you follow the formula, study the competition, choose a great keyword that fits the criteria, get a good domain name containing your keyword, add articles, get back links and follow good SEO practices how long is it before you can expect the site to start making money? At what point do you realize your site is a dud and move on?

Very helpful article BTW.


I always use 90 days as a rule of thumb. You will usually start getting some traffic and start making a little money sooner than this. But 90 days usually gives you a good idea if you have a dud or a winner on your hands.


Spencer – just found this blog (via a link at the Warrior Forum somehow), and I’m glad I did! I’ve been reading through a lot of your posts for the last hour. I am also addicted to Adsense and really started ramping things up in May. Already making some great headway thus far 🙂

Anyway, wanted to chime in here and say thanks for displaying a few of these examples. Looks like the first site you mentioned is utilizing CTRTheme. While I don’t tend to favor “high CTR themes”, CTRTheme works wonders if you do a little work with it and customize it to your own specifics.

Looking forward to reading a lot more and following you as I march forward to earn a full-time income from Adsense as well 🙂



Thanks for stopping by Bryan!


Great info here Spencer,cant imagine you are doing this for free(not a bad thing but im considering how we have been ripped off before for information that is a times half baked).

My question is,suppose i do not want to create all these niche websites due to the time factor can i use established platforms like Squidoo, Helium,Hub pages etc and get the same results considering i use the competition and long tail concepts?

Secondly, can i use free blogs(eg Blogger,Typepad,Wordpress) instead of hosted websites for my many niche websites?Thanks for this great info.


Actually, I answered my own question. I’ve been using the SEOmoz browser plugin and this gives me DA and links on the top 10 sites, which tells me how powerful my competition is…right?



I haven’t used the SEOmoz plugin, but that sounds correct. You can also use the SEO for Firefox plugin to help gauge competition.

Justin | AdSense Flippers

Hey Spencer,

I really wonder about your first example and the double block ad units above the fold. We use CTR Theme as well, but with SUCH aggressive ad placement our worry/concern was that if readers don’t see any content whatsoever on the site, they might just back out or “bounce” without even scrolling down.

Of course, it’s nice to have so much monetization up top, but I wonder if they get more people bouncing on them WITHOUT clicking on the ads.

Interesting anecdote: On one of our “authority sites”…right now, we’ve gone the way of NOT placing ads on the home page, actually. We have images/categories on the first page that people click through to get to the content. Because of this we have an EXTREMELY low bounce rate…everyone who comes to the site (via the primary or exact match KW) has to make another click to get to the area they really want, which will contain ads. I think eventually we’ll blend in just a FEW ad placements above the fold on the main page.

Still, though…I kind of like this structure for an “authority” site. Very little (if any) ads on the home page, but well structured content with a directory to your posts/pages. That way when they get to the meat they were looking for, they now have a bunch of ads (relevant to what they REALLY want) facing them.


I agree. The ad placement is quite aggressive, and I don’t personally use placement like this. I also really think you make some great points about the no ads on the authority site example. As we both know, Google does take user time on site and bounce rate into consideration among a host of other factors for ranking sites.

cheap floor lamps

Hi, Spencer, what theme do you recommend us, what is your favorite theme that gets you the most adsense clicks?


Hi, Spencer,

For keyword medical assistant salary, I see there are many similar sites in page1&2 in google, all of these sites are actually spammy, but it seems to me the site owners are still making money, is it a good strategy to be a copier/rewrites?


I just checked where the sites were now ranking – and your examples 1 & 2 are gone from the top three pages of the SERPs (didn’t check further than that).

I’m guessing it’s because Panda didn’t like their aggressive ad placement?


That’s very possible. Since I don’t own the sites, I don’t know all the details, could be copied content or other reasons as well.


Hey Spencer,

Great post, It really helps me to see examples of other websites, with your analysis on them. It helps build my confidence and hopefully motivate me to work harder.

Graha Nurdian

Very interesting huh? I am gonna try to shoot those keywords tho. Thanks for ur sharing 😀

David Carscadden


Wow thanks for sharing those examples!

When the domain you really want is already gone: .com .net and .org, what about going for .biz? Anything wrong with that?
One of your examples above is a .US domain. Also, what if you add a suffix to the domain i.e. or Is that a lost cause, a waste of time?


Your site is awesome. I’m new to internet marketing and being able to see examples of niche sites really helped me understand this business model better.

I think you’re an excellent teacher and I really wish you have an online course. I guess I’ll be purchasing Long Tail Pro so that I can have access to your video course.


Spencer, I use xsite pro for my html php websites. do you think wordpress would bring more visitors for any reason?


This is great stuff, man… Great info!


As seems Google Penguin hit hard to website, in fact its completely removed it from Google SERP

Try this searching in Google and you won’t see any results !

and currently this site is forwarding to

My question to Spencer, is the Exact Matched Domain is something we should keep ourselves away ?

I know few sites you mentioned in the post still ranking but IMO Google’s Sword is still hanging on them and sooner or later they will be gone out of Google SERP(?)

Spencer Haws

Yes, the serps for the keywords have changed, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the fact that they were exact match domains. But Panda and Penguin have both occurred since I wrote this. I would definitely still recommend getting exact match domains if possible. If not, its not a big deal, just use a keyword rich domains.


Spencer –

Just found your blog, great stuff and this article is outstanding due to its clarity and your insights.

2 questions regarding keyword research:

1) In these examples you use the term Local search. What do you consider Local and why is this preferred to Global for a niche site?

2) What is a hurdle rate for # of monthly searches a term must have to be worth pursuing? How is this computed?




It’s interesting to look at some of these sites now vs when you wrote this post. Some of them have been slaughtered and left for dead. How things change is such a short time. It’s part of what makes this business frustrating and exhilarating.

Spencer Haws

Very true. Those able to change and adapt will survive.

Rick is now ranked 13 on Bing and Yahoo but has fallen all the way to 224 on Google. Is that because most of the backlinks are garbage from irrelevant sites? The content itself still looks fresh.


Oops, I was looking at the wrong site! is #5 on Bing/Yahoo and #57 on Google. Was it a casualty of a Google algorithm update?

Buddy T

Old post, I know. I had a medical salaries site and was, for a while, number one for “anesthesiologist salary” and making good money. One of Google’s animals crushed it.


Hi Spencer,

As this post is 2 years old, is it possible for you to post a similar article with 4 examples from 2013?



Interesting, i don’t see any of those websites in the top 10 results for the keywords they target. I guess they all got slapped by Google for having bad link juice.?

Spencer Haws

Probably so. Perhaps it time to give some new examples. I guess one example to start with is my own public niche site:

Brian D.

Hi Spencer,

I’m a college student looking to understand how niche websites work. I have tuition due and would love to figure out how they work. I’ve already went to your website to read the information and I just have one question depending on my learning curve how long typically does it take for an individual to make a successful niche site and make start earning income?


Some interesting sites on the list here. Thanks for sharing. And a quick Whois search confirms that OutdoorGearLab and BabyGearLab are operated by the same people.


TheSpruce is part of the old, the mega website that decided to divide his content into more focused niche sites. They started by moving thousands of articles from specific sections of into their own websites, like for health, the balance for finances, the spruce for home decor, lifewire for tech, etc..

That’s the reason for their explosive growth in terms of content and links, they already started with several thousands articles which existed on the web for years and already had a great link profile. And they are backed by a huge media conglomerate, they are not by any means a small team since they have access to the contributors that provide the articles, as there are over 50,000 articles on the website.

Their about us show 4 editors (which might look like a small team), but behind those 4 editors is all the power of the media empire.

Spencer Haws

Yep, makes sense. The site is a good example of a well run niche site.

Ty Criswell

I was about to comment that same thing here. They 301’d all their content, like stuff from They are owned by IAC, who also own, collegehumor, etc.

The content itself on the Spruce is kind of thin in my opinion. Its basic and nothing very personal.


Looks like someone renewed their Meet Edgar subscription? Lol, just kidding. This article is still great.

Spencer Haws

Haha, actually the original article was about 1000 words long and written in 2012…I just went back and updated the article, so its now over 7,000 words long. So, it really is an updated article 🙂

DM Ghaziabad

This site is really very good with so much of useful content. Thank you for providing us with so much of useful resources.

Samuel Joseph

I have found very useful ideas from this list. Do you think people like me who are new have still chance to outrank these websites??


Wow! all these 22 sites are running awesome and getting large hits. Making place among them is too difficult but we can try at our base. Thanks Spencer for this great collections of 22 Successful Niche Websites.


Well, that’s a lot of awesome to take in. And great inspiration. Going to take me a while to read this whole post, but it’s so great to be able to check out real actual examples of sites that demonstrate that this really is possible. I can’t even fathom that kind of traffic though!


I just wanted to say thank you for this and the 22 websites give me inspiration to continue with my website (

I always come to your website as it empowers me to continue in mine and not give up.

Keep up the awesomeness!


This is an excellent list with lots of helpful information. Thanks for putting it together!

Spencer Haws

No problem!


It is very excellent and informative link.thanks you for this good work. keep on your work.


Epic post, Spencer! I spotted a similar post on a site called Cloud Living, but yours is much more comprehensive. I also did a double take when I saw the comments from 2011….until I realised you had updated it.

Anyone reading is likely excited by the potential of these type of niche and authority sites, but it’s a lot of work! I would also say that some of these are authority sites rather than niche sites.

Spencer Haws

Yep, it’s been updated. Tung over at Cloud living has some good stuff as well. Thanks!


Hi Spencer,
A very inspiring article! This shows that with hard work and determination, anyone can make it online. I love the way you make me feel that I can make it! May you continue inspiring generations. You are blessed.

Patrick Mahinge

That’s an awesome update to the article, Spencer. Interesting to see how things have changed over the years. And here’s to hoping that I will build a site that will one day get featured here 😉

Alexey Sokolov

Sir, please answer me.

This is really very important for me.

Yours faithfully, your reader from far Russia (village “Muhosransk”).


Ha! I had a site back then called! I had just gotten my first post to #1 (anesthesiologists salaries) to #1 in Goog, making $200+/month with one keyword and was ready to write my but off for the other 25 posts back linking when Farmer hit. Gone overnight.


Man, looking at the quality of the sites on that list is very intimidating! Gonna be hard to beat…

Love the layout of this site –
Does anyone know what plugin they are using to create that Top 3 Comparison chart. I want to add it to my site but can’t figure out what they are using, even after checking their source code.

Spencer Haws

My guess is that it’s custom.

sandy evans

Great Case Studies gives us much inspiration. About the top 22 websites you have
I got to know and just excellent thanks for sharing.


Hi Spencer, spotted a typo in your H2 – 22 SUCCSESFUL NICHE WEBSITE EXAMPLES


Just came here to let you know about the typo, heading back now to read the rest of the article, I’m sure it’ll be a belter

Brady Cargle

Hey Dan, I’m our content manager here. Got that fixed. Thanks 🙂

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