Content Pit Review: Is it Possible to Find Fast, Inexpensive, and High Quality Content?

By Brady Cargle |

There's an old joke among freelancer writers:

Fast, high quality, and inexpensive. You can pick two.

Content creation is one of the most difficult parts of building out a website. In this Content Pit review, we're going to look at whether Content Pit can provide fast, quality, and inexpensive work for your site.

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Content Pit Review
  • Quality - 90
  • Speed - 100
  • Price - 100
  • Customer Service - 100


Content Pit delivers quality and speed at a great price point. They allow you to have 80% of the quality of a high priced professional writer at 20% of the cost. They are a great fit for any project that doesn't require top-level, very pricey writing. Click here to use Content Pit and get 30% bonus words on your first order


  • High quality content
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Not pricey
  • Great customer service


  • Not the highest quality content. You could find someone a little bit better for 2x the price.

Content Pit Pros

Content Pit does a lot of stuff right. Here are some of the pros to using their service:

High Quality Content

Content Pit has done a great job of improving their service since they started back in 2018. Their first few months were fine, but they've come into their role since then.

Later on down the post we compare some of their first pieces of content with some of the more recent content. The differences are enormous. Right now, Content Pit is producing as high quality content as you can get for the price.

I've been very impressed with how good the content is for what I've paid.

Awesome Guarantees

It's pretty tough to find guarantees among content agencies. And it makes sense: how can they offer you your money back once you have the content in your hands?

But Content Pit finds a way to do it.

We discuss their guarantees in more depth later on, but Content Pit has a money back guarantee, a response time guarantee, and an unlimited revisions guarantee.

Fast Turnaround & Good Price

I joked above that if you had high quality, fast turnaround, and a good price, you could choose two. But Content Pit does a good job of balancing all of that so you aren't left with slow, expensive, or bad content.

Their quality isn't journalist level, but it's good and getting better. That doesn't cause turnaround times or prices to suffer.

I do some math below, but here's the short version:

Content Pit offers inexpensive content that doesn't suffer a quality drop. And as long as you are ordering more than a couple thousand words, they work about as fast as a full time freelance writer.

I think that Content Pit does a great job balancing price, quality, and speed.

Content Pit Cons

Content Pit is awesome, but they aren't perfect. Here is the one con I could find to using Content Pit:

Can Sometimes Tell That Writers Aren't Native English Speakers

Content Pit doesn't stick to just native speakers. They test writers worldwide and the best English speakers get additional training.

As said before, the content is good. Very good.

But it's not perfect.

Every now and again I'll spot a word or phrase that a native English speaker wouldn't use. Most people might not even notice it, but it sticks out to my professional writer self 🙂

These weird phrasings or small errors are pretty minor, so I wouldn't worry about it. I would run all your articles through HemingwayApp and correct most of the suggestions. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

Overall, I think that Content Pit offers an awesome balance between speed, price, and quality. I use them for my site, Spencer uses them for his site, and I don't think you should be afraid to use them for yours.

You can click here to get fast, high quality, inexpensive content from Content Pit

Use Content Pit for your site's content
Users of Niche Pursuits get 30% bonus words on their first order. Use code NPREADER30 at checkout to claim your bonus

Content Pit Review

We'll start by looking at Content Pit's content quality. Then we'll go into the guarantees they offer, the price, and the speed of delivery.

Content Pit Quality

As a professional and full time writer, I'm a stickler when it comes content. I expect a lot.

So if there's anyone who's going to be critical of an agency, it's going to be me.

To test Content Pit's quality, I'll show you some examples on Spencer's Niche Site Project 4 and then talk about my personal experience with Content Pit.

If you go to, look for any post written by Bryce Carter. These are the posts that Content Pit wrote for Spencer.

I'll be judging the content based on a few criteria:

  1. Short sentences
  2. No “walls of text” – short paragraphs are ideal
  3. Natural language
  4. Reading level – 5th-8th grade ideal

Instead of reading through the whole piece, I'm going to copy and past the content into HemingwayApp. It's a free tool that I recommend for anyone who writes or edits content. It helps you analyze and diagnose.

Let's look at one of the oldest posts and one of the newest posts.

The first post we're going to look at is about the best in ground basketball hoops.

Right off the bad, Hemingway tells us that there are a few problems with this post:

hemingway app grading

The readability level comes in at 9th grade and that's a little high for my taste. 5th grade to 8th grade is about where I like mine.

No problem. That's an easy fix.

The adverbs, passive voice, and simpler alternatives aren't too big of an issue. The biggest problems I see here is that there are a lot of “yellow” and “red” sentences. This means that sentences are too long and need to be broken down.

Here's what the intro looks like:

own the yard intro in hemingway

That's a lot of red.

But these sentences aren't too hard to fix. Once I add a couple of periods…

own the yard better hemingway app

I cut out a little fluff, shortened a sentence or two, and added some much-needed punctuation. Now our sentences are looking just right.

The rest of the article has similar issues. Sometimes whole blocks of text look like a computertized rainbow of grammatical errors:

hemingway own the yard problems

But then plenty of the content looks just fine. These red and yellow problems don't take more than a second to fix. I bet I could edit this whole article in under 10 minutes.

That was one of the first articles that Content Pit wrote for Spencer. But what about the newer content? Has Content Pit upped their game in the past year?

I'm happy to say that I think the newer content is much better. And Hemingway agrees with me:

hemingway own the yard better article

The writing level is 8th grade and you can see right off the bat that there are much less yellow and red sentences. The first article we looked at had about half red or yellow sentences. This one has about a quarter.

Some whole chunks of text are pretty much perfect:

own the yard good writing

I'm not a big fan of adverbs and don't use them. Content Pit does, but so do 95% of all writers in the world (many of them better writers than I). I can't count that against Content Pit.

The content that Spencer got from Content Pit is good. The later pieces of content are very good. And my own experiences have reflected this.

I ordered 100,000 words from Content Pit a while back and asked them to batch it into 4 different submissions. Each submission had about 25,000 words to it.

The first submission was fine. A couple of content pieces were unusable.

The second submission was good. I used all of the content, but some required more editing than others.

The third submission was great. I used everything with light editing.

And I'm going to get the fourth submission soon 😉

I reached out to the Youssef, the owner of Content Pit and a former writer here at Niche Pursuits. I asked him how they were improving the content so fast.

Here's what he told me:

We basically follow an iterative process. Writers go through a few phases before getting hired and our editors do more of a “mentor” role. So instead of just fixing articles and moving on, they add insightful comments for writers to actually learn and improve over time.

We take client feedback and iteratively refine these processes. We've modified our initial filtering criteria as well as our editing processes and added what is known internally as “ZTMs” or “Zero-Tolerance Mistakes” to eliminate writers who are caught doing something extreme like plagiarism.

You'll still inevitably get some lower quality articles every now and then, of course, but the writers causing the issues will either be put on an improvement plan or be let go. You also get free rewrites for any “disastrous” articles and free edits as needed.

We aim to continuously iterate over these processes as we hire more and more writers, while constantly improving/eliminating subpar writers, to hopefully have a huge “All A-Team”.

Youssef Akkari, Content Pit

In my own experience, I can see the efforts they've made. The content I'm getting now is coming in at a consistent high quality. It's not fluffy, there aren't too many adverbs, and the sentences don't make my eyes bleed.

But here are a few things I've learned about getting higher quality content out of writers:

How To Get The Most Out Of Content Pit (And Anyone Else Writing For You)

Writers don't always know what's expected of them and are often forced to lean on a best guess. If you ever have writers working for you, here are some things I recommend:

First, have a set of standard operating procedures (SOPs). These should include the tone of your website, the audience, the article structure, and any specific writing instructions. I give my writers a list of the words they are never allowed to include. All cuss words, any word that doesn't add value, and the words “In fact”, “Actually”, or “Moreover” are all banned.

Second, have detailed article templates for each “type” of article.

My article “types” are buying guides, info articles, and how to guides. Each of these has a template explaining how to structure the article. I explain that bullet points are awesome for the how to guides but maybe not the buying guides. I tell them to keep intros under 50 words and conclusions under 100.

Your article templates should include examples of great articles. Your template should not spell everything out for your writer.

The sweet spot here is to give an article template without telling your writer what to say. You want to tell your writer how to say it, but not what he or she should say. That will help you get a little extra mileage out of anyone producing content for you.

Content Pit Guarantees

Content Pit offers several guarantees on their website. The guarantees can be summed up like this:

I think that Content Pit puts themselves at a lot of risk with these policies guarantees. But they are great to see from a client perspective. With guarantees like unlimited revisions and money back, these guys must be super pricey, right?

Well… no.

Content Pit Price

Content Pit has a pricing structure that I appreciate. The more words you buy, the less you pay per word.

Here are the prices as of November 2019:

content pit pricing 1content pit pricing 2content pit pricing 3

A few things I want to point out here:

First, we should always calculate content cost by the price per word.

Second, the price per word on Content Pit's most expensive plan (1000 words) is just $0.047 per word. That is much less than many competitor prices. If you go all the way up to their highest tier plan of 100,000 words, you're looking at $0.03129 per word.

That isn't bad at all. And for the level of quality, I'd put that pretty close to an almost unbeatable price.

The article speed isn't too bad either. It's reasonable to expect 2,000-2,500 quality words per business day from a freelance writer (after that, the quality drops a lot). Once you get past 10,000 words, Content Pit's turnaround time (TAT) is about equal to what you'd get from a freelance writer.

All things considered, Content Pit does well at offering pretty high quality content at a great price and a reasonable speed. Coupled with their unlimited revisions guarantee and money back guarantee, it's tough to get more value at less risk for your content.

You can click here to get fast, high quality, inexpensive content from Content Pit

Use Content Pit for your site's content
Users of Niche Pursuits get 30% bonus words on their first order. Use code NPREADER30 at checkout to claim your bonus

Who Is Content Pit Best For?

Content Pit does a great job at offering high quality content without charging an arm and a leg for it. The content doesn't always read like it was produced by a native English writer, but 90% of the time it is perfect.

I would recommend Content Pit to a pretty wide group of users:

Anyone who needs content for their blog that is great but not perfect.

I think Content Pit is a great for for your average niche site builder, for affiliate marketers, for pretty well anyone who runs a blog.

It's easier to describe when I don't think you would benefit from using Content Pit.

Content Pit gets you 90% of the way there, but they don't substitute for very high quality professional writers. If you need the highest quality and can pay the big bucks ($0.10 to $0.30 per word), then I don't recommend Content Pit.

It might be smart to find one excellent writer to write your skyscraper posts. But a “normal” info post? A review or buying guide?

Content Pit is right up your alley.

Spencer uses them for Niche Site Project 4 and he passed the $1,000 per month mark in less than a year. I use them for my own niche site.

Unless you're looking for the absolute highest quality, Content Pit will be fine. They are the Pareto principle of writing: 80% of the quality at 20% of the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now let's cover some questions that often come up about Content Pit.

Who Writes My Content?

Content Pit uses writers from all over the world to write their content.

That could throw up some red flags with people, but Content Pit does a great job of screening, testing, and improving their writers. That doesn't mean that everyone will be a 5 star, 10/10 writer. But Content Pit uses non-American writers to bring their prices down while still providing a ton of quality.

What Topics Can Content Pit Write?

Content Pit can write about any topic that can be researched. That said, there are a few things that they will never write:

As long as you aren't in one of those niches, Content Pit can take care of you.

What Is The Editing/Proofreading Process?

No writer is ever allowed to send anything to you without it being checked by the Content Pit proofreaders and editors.

When an article is completed, it is sent to an editor. The editor checks for factual or grammatical errors in the article. If the editor isn't 100% satisfied, the article is sent back to the writer for fixes.

If the editor deems necessary, the article can be sent to a different writer at no additional cost to you.

Each piece of content is run through a plagiarism checker before being given to you. Once the editor is satisfied with the content, it's sent to you for the final check.

You have 3 business days to approve or request edits. If your order is over a few thousand words, you can request an extension of up to 7 business days to give you time to check over everything.

Your Site's Content

Content Pit does a great job at combining price, speed, and quality. I use them for my site, Spencer uses them for Niche Site Project 4. 

I recommend setting clear templates and standard operating procedures (SOPs) without being restrictive. Don't tell the writers what to say, but how to say it.

You can click here to get fast, high quality, inexpensive content from Content Pit

Use Content Pit for your site's content
Users of Niche Pursuits get 30% bonus words on their first order. Use code NPREADER30 at checkout to claim your bonus

Blogging & Niche Websites | 6 comments

By Brady Cargle

Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income?

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Hi Brady,

This review is humbling, thank you for it and I’m really glad you liked the service overall. We’re trying to aim sky-high and hopefully deliver quality that is on par with those $0.1/word services at affordable prices one day. We might not be able to get there but we sure are gonna die trying!

I do think we’ve gotten at least one thing right though: our content makes people money. It works, and I think that’s the most important aspect and decision-driver for your readers. Affordable content that makes money = high ROI.

We’re generally very honest and open about how we do business. We hire aggressively all the time and sometimes things slip through the cracks but 1) we always make it right and 2) we learn and improve internal processes accordingly to minimize the possibility of an issue reoccurring.

Most importantly, we don’t write about everything under the sun. Our top specialization is affiliate blogs. We know how to write affiliate content because we understand the purpose behind it.

We also believe in the ability of non-native English speakers to deliver content that is very close or even sometimes directly on par with what native speakers deliver. When chosen and trained correctly, those people deliver exceptional work.

I’m an example myself. Like I say on the website, I’ve never set foot on US soil myself (only traveled to Europe) yet I was born and raised in a community that primarily admits their children to US and UK based education systems. Most of my clients and business partners have been US and UK-based. As such, I can communicate decently in English and there are many, many others like me.

In any case, I don’t want this comment to get any longer than that. I appreciate the review and welcome any questions. I’ll be following the comments in here to help out in case there are any questions.

Thank you for the effort! 🙂

Brady Cargle

Hey Youssef, thank you! I’ve been using ContentPit on my own site and I’m a big fan 😉

I can attest to the continual improvement of the service. It seems like every batch of articles I get is better than the last 🙂

Reza Farshbaf

Thank you for this detailed review. Would you mind sharing some tips on how to create the article template and SOPs and if possible share your own template/SOPs with us?

Brady Cargle

Great question Reza. Glad to provide some advice 🙂

First, know your own voice. Write some articles for your site, get used to it, and then you can outsource. You won’t be ready to outsource until you know how to do the task yourself.

Second, go broad, but be specific with templates. I don’t like telling my authors what to write. I like to tell them how to write it. This means I’ll say things like “use bullet points” or “insert Youtube videos where possible”. I don’t give them a detailed guide for each article, but I do tell them to keep intros/conclusions under 50 words. Pretty free to do as they wish after that.

For SOPs I tell writers more specific details. I have a banned words list: no cursing, no weird words like “altogether”. I explain how to use H2s, H3s, etc. and that I want the keyword in the intro, one header, and the conclusion. Stuff like that 🙂


Hi Brady, Thanks a lot, I want to try…..but If 30-40$(1000words) hire a writer on a platform, such as upwork, compare the quality of the article with the content pit, what should it be?

Faiz Muhammad

Hi Brady, just i read your article great information shared. It is true there are many places on internet were we can find a expert content writer at very low cost as per our article wording count. please keep shearing your ideas.

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