Niche Site Project 1 Overview

This page contains a list of all the posts I've written about my very first public Niche Sites Project on  This page will be updated as I write posts specifically for the Niche Site Project.

First of all, what is the public niche site project?  Well, for the past couple of years, I've shared MANY posts about building niche websites; however, I've always kept my own sites private (for various reasons).  However, in early 2013 I finally decided to build a niche site from scratch in front of everyone.

I was quite apprehensive about sharing my site publicly; however, I also knew that if I was reading someone else's blog, I would want to see EVERYTHING!  So, I am doing my best to take the perspective of YOU the reader, and am providing what I believe you would want to see.

So, overall the purpose is to demonstrate how I do keyword research and build niche sites.  If this in turn helps you understand the process better for your own business, then its been a success!  However, I also had a goal when I started this niche site project to make $500/month from the site I created after 6 months.  Read the posts below to see how I'm doing on that goal.

All the Posts for the Niche Site Project 1

I highly recommend that your read these posts in order (as listed), to gain the most from the project.