Business Tools I Use

During the process of several online businesses, I've come across several products that can save time and make your life a little easier as you try to create your own online business.

If you click the links and purchase these products, I get paid a commission.  Thank you!

Amazon Affiliate Product Comparison Tables – I created this software product because I couldn't stand the hours of manual labor it took to create a product comparison table for my Amazon affiliate websites.  This tool makes is super easy to create beautiful looking tables that convert more readers into buyers.  This results in higher affiliate commissions for you and less of your time spent.  (You can also read a case study on how to use Table Labs on your sites here).

Web Hosting

  • – One of the essential tools that you need to run your own website is a hosting service.  I have used Bluehost since 2006 and have been VERY happy.  Not only has their service been very easy to use and always kept up to date, but their customer service has been second to none. In fact, I have compared Bluehost directly with (another popular hosting company) and can tell you that in my humble opinion that Bluehost is MUCH better.

Keyword Research Tools

  • Long Tail Pro – I created Long Tail Pro, so I'm biased; but I believe it is by far the best keyword research tool on the market. I created Long Tail Pro myself because I was frustrated with other keyword tools on the market.  Nothing really did exactly what I wanted it to do.  I wanted to find lots of keywords quickly and to check for exact match domains automatically.
  • SEM Rush – Although this is technically not a keyword research tool, it can help you cherry pick the good keywords that your competitors are ranking for.  I use SEM Rush for all kinds of competitor analysis, excellent tool.  I have a couple of videos on how to use SEM Rush here and right here.

Link Building

  • NinjaOutreach – This software tool makes it incredibly easy and fast to find influencers to reach out to and to contact via email.  Want white hat links?  Ninja Outreach will do all the heavy lifting for you to find real influencers with real sites and makes it easy to handle on a large scale.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

Tools for Amazon Sellers

  • Jungle Scout – If you are hoping to sell physical products on Amazon, I highly recommend that you try Jungle Scout.  I use this tool all the time to analyze competition, see potential earnings for product ideas, and much more.
  • Sales Backer – This software application allows you to automatically email your customers when they buy a product on Amazon.  I use this tool for all the products I sell on Amazon to help with branding and make it easy for customers to leave a review.  Get a 60 day free trial.
  • Jump Send – This tool allows you to quickly promote your product at a discount.  If you an Amazon seller, then you know how important sales velocity is to ranking well in Amazon.  This tool makes managing discounts to large groups of people very easy (and it finds the people to buy at a discount as well).

T-shirts and Merch by Amazon


Royalty Free Music:

  • Hooksounds – is a royalty free music website that allows you to find music that can be utilized in podcasts, videos or other media demonstrations.  You pay per track and can pick from your choice of “with attribution” for free or “without attribution” for paid subscribers.

Email Marketing

  • Aweber – I use Aweber for the email marketing for my niche sites.  I have been VERY happy with their service.

Content Providers

  • Content Refined. Use Coupon Code for 10% off order: spencer – This is a service started by Jon Haver and I've tried it out with great results.  This is a hands free way to get high quality content on a regular basis.  They will even do all the keyword research for you if you want!
  • – Another service I've used to quickly hire freelance authors.  You are able to select quality level or hire authors directly to make sure you get the content you want.

Training and Courses

  • Niche Pursuits Insider – I created Niche Pursuits Insider as a way for me to share all my tips and strategies for what is working well to grow my online business.  If you are looking for information on how to build a niche site and rank in Google or how to launch an Amazon FBA business, this is a great resource for you.
  • Point Blank SEO – I recommend Jon Cooper's course as the #1 link building training course on the internet.  If you want to learn how to get links to your site, this course is a great “white hat” training that will get you real links that are effective.

To Be Continued…

As time goes on, I'm sure I will add to this list of products that I use.  However, these are the tools that I use most often in my day to day business right now.