Podcast 142

This is the podcast episode for the most recent monthly report for Niche Site Project 4. You can read all the details in depth about what happened in Oct. 2018 right here.  Enjoy the episode! Read the Full Transcript Welcome…

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How Deacon Hayes Built a Blog to Over a Million Visitors and $100,000 a Month
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How Jae Jun Launched a Google Sheets Business as Part of Niche Site Project 4
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Niche Site Project 4 Update for September 2018
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How Zach Zorn Bought, Grew, and Flipped a Site for $40k Profit in Less Than 5 Months
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August Monthly Report for Niche Site Project 4
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Matt Giovanisci’s Journey from Pool Guy to Massive Pool Affiliate Site
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How Goran Duskic is Making over $6,000 per Month with Web Properties from Croatia