How to Make $100 a Day (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

By Michelle Kulas |

Want to know how to make 100 dollars a day? Whether you're looking to start a side hustle or want to start an online business, $100 a day is possible.

If you could scrounge up an extra $100 a day, five days per week, you’d be bringing in approximately $2,000 extra per month. That adds up to over $24,000 per year over and above your day job.

If you learned how to make $100 a day and you put these strategies to work seven days per week, you’d be looking at about $3,000 per month or $36,500 per year, if you work holidays and don’t take a sick day.

Money like that could change your life. That type of money lets you pay off debt, save up a down payment for a house, or travel extensively.

If you’re able to survive on $24,000-$36,000 per year you could essentially quit your current full time job and make your side gig your main (or only) source of income. We're big fans of that kind of income at Niche Pursuits.

One thing most entrepreneurs have in common is trying all sorts of side gig stuff before figuring out what online business or side hustle worked for them.

Often times that's not even related to a final career path. Anyone who's been broke knows just how life-changing a surprisingly small amount of quick money can be.

Are you ready to get started earning extra income? Check out these ideas on how to make $100 a day and watch your life change before your eyes. Some of these ideas aren’t sustainable for the long term. But they're good for quick cash.

So choose a handful and rotate them throughout the month for maximum results.

Your Guide on How To Make 100 Dollars A Day

There are many ways to learn how to make 100 dollars a day. The methods contained in this article consist of side hustles in the gig economy, online business ideas, quick ways to make extra cash online, and more. 

The 21st century brought us smart phones, social media, the first iPods, and a whole slew of ways to earn money online.

If you've been a NichePursuits reader for a while, it shouldn't surprise you a bit that we've started off with making money building niche sites from home.

If you're new, you can check out the NichePursuits story: starting with quitting a corporate job, starting niche sites, built software companies, and mentoring others to do the same.

Here are some of the top money making ideas compiled from everything we've tried, shared, and know. 

Online Ways To Make Money: Use Technology to Make Extra Cash

You can make money online if you are computer-savvy or if you have the ability and desire to learn. Some of the most profitable paths to financial freedom (like developing an app) take some tech-savvy.

However there are many less intensive ways to earn money using the technology that is now available to us all.

The following suggestions don’t take much in terms of equipment or specialized know-how.

Give Your Opinion And Get Paid

One of the easiest ways to make an extra $100 a day is to tell businesses what you think about their product. They want feedback and you're the one who can give it to them. 

SwagBucks offers an easy way for you to get paid to watch videos online and get started taking surveys in your spare time. You fill in some information, give your opinion, and get paid.

Click here to get started with SwagBucks and make up to $100 per day

Click here to get paid for your opinions

The results are going to vary. Certain demographics get higher paid surveys than others. A paid survey can be as high as $50 (incredibly rare cases) or as few as a few cents or a few points towards a free gift card.

Taking surveys can be a quick way to make a bit of free money, but survey sites aren't a fast way to $100 a day. But you can earn some extra over time by spending just a few minutes a day.

Look to reliable sites like SwagBucks or Survey Junkie to make sure you're working with someone trustworthy. On SwagBucks, you can even get paid to watch videos.

Get Paid To Shop

Long gone are the days where advertisers just spend a lot of money on advertisements and hope that you bought from them. Companies now create solutions that are a win for everyone.

Nowadays, companies are willing to pay you to shop with them. That's not a typo. Companies will give you money for online shopping with them instead of shopping with competitors. 

And it's not just mom-and-pop shops that do this. It's companies you're familiar with: Amazon, Target, Nike, and countless others.

You're already shopping there, so why not start taking advantage of it?

You can get started getting cashback for your normal purchases with Ibotta. They make sure that companies pay you for shopping with them. It's like free money for doing shopping you already planned on doing.

Click here to sign up for free and to get paid for your normal purchases with Ibotta

Get paid to shop with Ibotta

Write a Blog

There are a lot of ways to make money blogging, so this is a great strategy if you’re wondering how to make $100 a day. This is one of the most creative ways to make money online.

If you want to earn money with a blog, you will need to put in a lot of legwork. Choose a niche that you know very well because you’re going to need to come up with a lot of content.

And, it will do you well to learn how to do SEO (search engine optimization), too. This will help you get the traffic you need to make money. 

A few ways to have a money-making website or blog is to employ the use of Google Adsense (or one of these Adsense alternatives) when it comes to choosing the main keyword. You might decide to place PPC ads and look for ways to improve your click-through rate.

You can also try your hand at affiliate marketing, adding an affiliate link into some of your posts. You can also try writing sponsored blog posts.

Sponsored posts are where a brand pays you to post about their product. Bloggers get to choose which sponsored posts they publish, and sponsored posts can pay several hundred dollars per post. 

While an in-depth guide to making money with a blog is beyond the reach of this article, you can check out what Michelle Schroeder-Gardner does to make $50K per month online. Now that’s impressive!

This is not a fast way to make $100 a day but it is a great way to build long-term passive income. Once you get to the point where every blog post keeps adding dollar bills to your pockets, then all that hard work will feel like it was all worth it.

You can also look up Spencer's full guide on blog starting right here. He goes into depth on how to get started, how to choose your topic, and how to start earn money in your first year.

Click here to read about how to start your own blog.

Start your own blog today and make money online

Blogging is an amazing way to start making 100 dollars a day (or more), but it takes time to build it. Many bloggers supplement their income as a freelance writer. We recommend using a combination of money making ideas in your quest to $100 a day.

Flip Used Textbooks

There are over 20,000,000 college students in the US alone, and many of them buy used textbooks. You can take advantage of this by using TexTrader to search Amazon and find any books that can be flipped for a profit. It's very simple to do – click here to see how it works

If textbooks aren't quite your thing, flipping books for fast cash is absolutely a viable side hustle to make good money. Learn how to sell used books online for good money, and who knows?

That can even become a full-time income for you at some point!

Write an eBook

Even if you don’t have a Kindle or Nook yourself, surely you know people who carry around their e-readers all the time. You could write Kindle books and sell them,.

If you're a prolific and popular writer building up to $100 a day is not out of reach. You can make some serious money doing this.

That’s not all passive income. In addition to writing the books, the secret to making money online in this way is promotion and marketing. While building an audience you may even look at things like Facebook ads or Google ads to get attention.

That investment won't make sense for everyone. But when done well it can get you serious attention fast!

The “golden age” for ebooks isn't over. Take a look at this post on writing and publishing an ebook that ended up making $100 a day. You can check out his full process (and earnings) here.

Start a YouTube Channel

Becoming a YouTube star is on the bucket list of many teenagers, but that doesn’t mean that you should write it off as an impossibility. Sure, you might not become the next PewDiePie, but if you have the knack for storytelling, humor, demonstrating DIYs, or just vlogging about your day in an interesting way, you could garner up enough subscribers to meet your $100 per day goal.

Or much more.

Large YouTube channels make insane amounts of money. There are many thousands of niche YouTube channels that earn thousands a month.

Even if you don’t reach your YouTube earnings goals, your channel could funnel people to your monetized blog, landing page featuring your digital product, or your ebook, so YouTube could become a part of your money making strategy regardless.

Don't just think of this as a vlog. There are great high earning sites from channels like Dad How Do I? which gives fatherly advice for those who didn't grow up with father figures to give life advice. From changing tires to tying a tie.

There are tons of niche YouTube channels making over $100 a day. And there are plenty of money making ideas to monetize them. Yours could be next!

Become a Social Media Manager

Are you a whiz at all things Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more? If so, you can use your own social media profiles to direct interest to your YouTube channel or your blog. You can also make money by managing other people’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Go ahead and market yourself as a social media expert or a social media manager and watch the dollars roll in. This money making idea takes some time and work, but many companies (especially local businesses) are happy to pay good money for someone else to worry about Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms for them.

How To Make Money From Home

There are multiple ways to make money from home. Keeping remote working aside (after all this is about making extra money), there are many ways to make good money from home.

Starting niche sites, freelance writing, or working as a virtual assistant (VA) are just some of the many options you have available.

You almost certainly have skills that others are willing to pay for. As you figure out what people want, taking an online course (or creating a digital product of your own) will further what you can offer and how you can earn your extra money.

Start A Niche Site

Starting a website is a lot easier and a ton less expensive than it used to be. But the payoffs have never been greater. Not only can you end up make $100 a day, you could be making $100,000 a month!

This type of income isn't immediate and can take a while to get started. If you spend an hour each week day working on your site, it may be a full year before you ever break the $1000 per month mark.

But this does eventually become a passive income source.

Almost all of your site can be outsourced as it begins to make an income. So we couldn't exclude it from the list.

Here's our full guide on how to start a niche website if you do want to learn more. 

Sell Used Clothes and Stuff Online

Another way to make an extra 100 dollars a day is by flipping used items. You can head out to local estate sales, auctions, garage sale and thrift stores to find valuable items to flip online. 

You can sell used clothes on websites like Mercari and Poshmark. On these free apps, you can open your own shop and start selling resale items. You can sell vintage items on many online marketplaces, including Etsy. 

Find Legit Ways To Make Money From Home

There are tons of work from home opportunities today. You could get started as a writer, sell your art online, or get a very niche business and resell sneakers.

For a list of available work from home jobs, you can check They list a ton of work from home jobs every day and many don't require a college degree.

If you're interested in working from home, check out how Khalid Farhan  went from working at home to full time online business owner. Maybe you can follow in his footsteps.

Work With Your Passion

Don't get us wrong, sometimes passion doesn't put bread on the table. But if you do want to sell a bit of your passion as a side gig, there's never a better time than now.

Take a look at where your passions and skills intersect. What do you love doing and what are you good at? There are opportunities to teach, create online courses, to sell art, to sing, to learn SEO, and to make a difference in the world. You can even get paid to play games!

You could help someone learn something new by selling online courses on Udemy. Or Skillshare. There are plenty of places to sell online courses.

You could make money teaching english online. Or, you could start a comedy YouTube channel. You can even get paid to test websites in your free time.

There are an endless amount of creative ways to make cash online. 

Perry Rosenbloom is a success story here. He built a business around his passion and ended up quitting his job!

Dive into Freelance Writing

There is always a demand for good writing. Finding a place to get paid to write online isn't difficult at all. To many people this is easy money because there are so many content mills out there. Plus, you set your own hours. Perfect to do on the side!

Finding professional rates for freelance writing jobs? That can be much more difficult and time-consuming. However, this is still a very viable way to make extra money from freelance writing or even morph it into a full time living. $100 a day is not that challenging once you build a reputation on one or several sites. Plus, once you get started, you can make money fast.

If you don't mind working churning out bland basic articles on content mills, then there's always a demand. Places like ineedarticles, Textbroker, iWriter, and Zery's just scratch the surface of what's out there.

Auction sites, job boards, and just cold pitching niche sites or businesses where you have some expertise all speed up writing your way to $100 or more a day.

This isn't the easiest way to learn how to make $100 a day online, but there's a reason so many people start here.

If you're a good writer, a fast writer, or both, freelance writing is a great way to make extra money online. This is also great work to polish skills you can use for affiliate marketing, building niche sites, or making money online in other ways.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Emails need to be answered. Research needs to be compiled. Phone calls for appointments need to be made. Many businesses or individual entrepreneurs will need individuals to help with small tasks that need to be done, but aren't worth the time of time-strapped CEOs or business owners.

Acting as a virtual assistant or “VA” is a great way to make 100 dollars a day online. In fact this is probably one of the most common ways of earning this extra income.

These tend to be relatively easy tasks that simply require time and moving down a list that the employer just doesn't have time for. Plus, you get to set your own hours.

Make sure to have a contract, and usually having a PayPal account is one of the best ways to make sure you can be paid fast. Acting as a VA is a great way to make an extra $100 a day online.

In fact, it shouldn't take long to get past the $20/hr mark if you can prove you really know what you're doing.

Reducing Expenses: Easy “Passive” Income

When it comes to making money, it’s just as important to look at saving money. Carving out room in your budget might not make you 100 dollars a day, but it can reduce your expenses to the point where you can take a few days off from earning and still net the same amount of cash.

This freed up money is basically passive income. You aren't working to get it, and you can only lose it by spending it!

The first thing you should do is write down everything you are spending over the course of a month, then divide everything up into categories. You’ll likely have money spent on food, utilities, going out, and a few other categories.

Some minor changes in spending habits can often lead to surprising free-up of cash in the budget.

Here are some tips on ways to save some dough.

Save on Food

If you have a discount grocery store such as Aldi or Save-a-lot, this is one great way to save money on your weekly shopping. Cut down on the amount of meat and junk food you’re eating and eat more veggies, cheap protein (like eggs) and whole grains instead.

Incidentally, this is also a great way to save money on healthcare costs, because a diet high in meat and junk food is more likely to cause medical issues.

If you’re eating out, be the person in your group who looks for coupons. You can also try ordering an appetizer as a meal rather than a full entrée. Or split a meal with a friend. This will save you dollars and calories.

Save Money on Utilities

Cancel your cable and sign up for Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. Let’s be honest: you’re not watching most of those extra channels anyway. For $10 or $12 per month, you can have plenty of television shows and movies at your fingertips with one of the streaming services.

Tip: Start the sign up process for one then stop. If you're willing to wait for two days after providing your email a good chunk of the time you'll get a discount offer in your email box. So you can enjoy your new streaming channel even more cheaply!

As for your other utilities, think about how much electricity or gas you’re using and pare it down. Wear a sweater during the winter in the house! Shut off lights and ceiling fans when you leave a room.

Think back to all of the annoying suggestions your parents made when you were a clueless teen and put them into practice pronto.

Save Money on Gasoline

Consolidate your trips around town by running errands just one day per week. Don’t drive around as something to do. If you live close enough to where you work, consider biking or even walking on nice days. Carpool. Or bum rides!

You have conserved gasoline before. Remember when you were 16 and you had to make a tank of gas last? Do what you did then.

Ways To Make Extra Cash Now: Optimize Your Day Job

Most people who want to know how to make $100 a day already have day jobs. After you cut down on some of your expenses, working with your place of employment is a great second step when it comes to boosting your income.

Of course, if you hate your job and this exercise was meant to help you eliminate it, ignore this section.

If not, though, give some of these strategies a try. If nothing else, making money fast could mean the resources to retire faster or jump ship sooner.

Adjust Your Federal Withholding

With nearly 80 percent of Americans getting an income tax refund each year, there are a lot of people giving the government an interest-free loan. If you are getting tax refunds each year, you’d have more money in your pocket each month if you adjusted your withholding.

See a qualified tax professional to walk you through the best option for having the right amount of taxes withheld.

Ask for a Raise

If you like your job and you’re good at it, asking for a raise might help you like it a whole lot more and it will also raise your income. Now, you’re not going to be able to ask for an extra $100 a day unless you already have a pretty hefty income. 

But if you make $100 extra per week, that will reduce the number of days you have to hustle to make your goal of $2,000 or $3,000 each month.

Here are some tips on asking for (and getting) a raise on

Another way you could get this raise is through a side gig. Try to freelance some of your skills on Upwork or Fiverr.

We discuss these options more later on, so keep reading.

Work Overtime

Unless you have a salary position, asking for overtime is a good way to raise your income substantially. And you can make money fast this way. If you make $20 per hour as your base pay, you’d make $30 per hour as overtime pay.

Convince your employer to allow you to work just three hours of overtime per day (or 15 hours per week), you could come very close to making 100 dollars per day over your base pay.

If you're young and single, keep an eye on holiday shifts. You might be looking at holiday pay, double pay, and might even get co-workers to hand you cash to take their shift. Holidays can make bank.

Switch Shifts

Some workplaces offer a shift differential. While it’s unlikely to equal $100 per day, making an extra dollar or two per hour can make a difference when it comes to your monthly income.

A $2-3 shift differential adds up (especially with any over time) in reducing the number of days you need to try to cover your $100 goal.

Sell Bodily Fluids

You already have bodily fluids floating around, so selling them isn’t going to put you out too much. Going to the appropriate facility will take time out of your day, of course, and this might cause you some inconvenience. Also, there are some factors that can make this strategy undesirable or impossible for you.

Still, selling your body fluids might be worth considering.

Sell Plasma

Many people donate blood because it helps patients in need. Donating plasma is another option, and it’s one that will pay off not only for the patients receiving it but for you as well. Because it’s more time-intensive than typical blood donation (it takes about 90 minutes), donors are compensated an average of $30 to $40 per donation.

You can donate plasma twice per week, so while it’s not how to make $100 a day, you can make $60 to $80 per week (or more, if you’re over 175 lbs, because heavier people have more plasma to give and might be paid more, depending on the facility).

Sell Breast Milk

Are you a lactating mother? If you have a big enough supply, you can actually sell your “liquid gold” for an average of $2.50 per ounce. You’d need to pump and sell 40 ounces, or five 8-ounce bottles, to make a hundred dollars per day at that price.

Bump your rate up a bit, to $3.00 per ounce, though, and you would only need to pump 33 ounces (a bit over four bottles) to sell.

Sell Sperm or Eggs

Yes, you can sell your sperm or eggs. The harvesting procedure varies substantially, as you might imagine, and therefore eggs are worth more than sperm. Selling sperm three times per week could earn you as much as $1,000 per month. It’s not exactly $100 per day,  but it is not much less than $100 per specimen.

If you’re a woman, you could earn $8,000 to $10,000 or more for selling your eggs to a couple or a single woman who is having trouble conceiving. It takes some time to get the whole process started, so it’s not a consistent $100 per day, but over the course of the first year donating, most women can donate twice, so you’d make about $18,000 for two full cycles.

There tend to be extremely strict regulations or requirements for doing this, so do your homework to make sure you understand if you're eligible or if this is something you want to go through with.

Best Ways To Make Money on The Side: Take Advantage of the Gig Economy

One popular way to make extra money in your spare time in the 21st century is to take advantage of what is called the gig economy. Short-term or contract jobs are prolific, and you can snap up some of them when you have time to add to your overall income and, with any luck, figure out how to make $100 a day.

Check out some of these ways to earn money.

Drive for Uber or Lyft

In just about any city in the United States, you can log into your Uber or Lyft app and catch a ride to anywhere local or within four hours ( the time limit enforced by Uber). You need to have a clean, late model car. While there are no official numbers as to how much drivers make, a good estimate is that many make about $15 per hour.

Drive just under seven hours and rack up $100. You can make more if you can go back and forth to an airport or if you don’t mind braving the traffic during rush hour or on the weekends.

If you get lucky enough to get some good tippers you might do a bit better.

Sign Up With Upwork

If you have experience as a virtual assistant, a web designer, a writer, or one of several other featured careers such as marketing or accounting, you could pick up assignments on Upwork (formerly Elance/ODesk). You need to set up an account and bid on jobs. Once you get the hang of it, you could easily make $100 or more per day.

Check out this list of tips for succeeding on the platform.

You can create an account for more than one section depending on your skillset. You will have to pay for separate profiles but this means you can go to Upwork to make money freelance writing, and coding, and as a virtual assistant. In other words, depending on your mix of skills this one site can be a great way to make $100 a day on the side. Or even full-time.

Check Out Craigslist

Craigslist has a reputation for being shady, but using common sense should keep you out of potentially sticky situations. If you peruse the “gigs” section of your city, you’ll see some money-making opportunities that might appeal to you. This can be anything from computer work or helping at a party to cleaning houses or modeling.

Depending on what’s needed and what you can offer, you might be able to put this on your “how to make $100 a day” list.

Make a Fiverr Gig

Fiverr is a site that allows users to post gigs that you can do at a set price, starting at $5.

The possibilities are endless, and you can probably think of something that will take you 10 minutes or less to do online. Consider what you can do easily, whether it’s drawing a caricature, writing a limerick, or putting together a list of ideas for a blog.

If you could wrangle up 20 $5 Fiverr gigs, there’s the extra money you need to make in a day!

For inspiration, read up on how these three people make six figures per year with the platform.

There are plenty of ways to upsell on Fiverr's platform, as well!

Sell Your Handyman (or Handywoman) Skills

Do you feel most at ease when you’re tinkering with tools or puttering around the house? Rather than use up all of your energy fixing up things around your own home, why not make some money by spending your time puttering at someone else’s?

Here are some ways how to make $100 a day by just doing what you are good at.

Mow Lawns (or Rake Leaves or Snowblow)

During the spring and summer months, you can really make bank by mowing lawns. Depending on the typical lawn size in your area, you could charge $20 to $50 per lawn that you mow, trim, and blow. Knock out two to five yards per day and there’s your $100!

This will be much easier and faster if you have a riding mower, of course.

If you live in a climate where the leaves fall and snow accumulates, you can switch your focus during the cooler months to raking and shoveling or snow blowing. Approach the same clients you mow for during the summer for a constant stream of income.

Detail Cars

Do you love cars? Detailing is a great way to make some extra cash. For a regular-sized car, charging $50 to $100 for a wash, wax, glass cleaning, interior polish, and tire cleaning means you would need to take on one or two clients per day.

If you’re detailing trucks or vans, you could charge double and do one every day or two to meet your one-hundred dollar per day goal.

Trim Trees and Clean Gutters

There are many people who don’t want or know how to clean out their gutters, trim their trees, or winterize their sprinkler systems. If you do know how to do these tasks and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you could charge $100 to trim a small tree (and up to $1,000 to trim very tall trees, assuming you have the equipment required).

You can also charge $100 or more to clean the gutters of a 2,000 square foot house.

Do Interior Chores

How many people have a “honey do” list that just never gets done? Whether it’s changing canister light bulbs, tightening door handles, touching up nicks in the paint, or fixing a running toilet, there are non-handy (or simply very busy) people who will pay $25 per hour or more for you to come in and take care of these chores.

Ask around and you’re likely to find many who will take you up on these services and who will refer you to their friends.

Quick Ways To Make Cash: Help People Clean Up, Organize and Move

In addition to or in lieu of handyperson skills, you could put your cleaning and organizing experience to work for you in order to make some extra cash. These types of income are pretty quick since you can do the job and get paid within a single day.

Here are some ideas on how to make $100 a day just helping other people clean up. 

Clean Houses

Cleaning houses can be the day-to-day cleaning like laundry, making beds, vacuuming, and wiping down bathrooms, or it can be the deep cleaning that many people don’t have time to do, like cleaning out the oven, scrubbing out the track of the sliding glass door, or washing windows.

You could charge $25 to $45 per hour, so cleaning one house per day is likely to help you achieve your goal of making $100.

If you really end up liking this line of business, you can do what housecleaning guru Jean Hanson did and start your own million-dollar housecleaning business!

Organize Homes

Organizing is different from cleaning in that your main task is to find a home for all of the items that are floating around in your client’s house with no permanent place to be stored. In many cases, this will entail major decluttering as you help people decide what to give away, what to throw away, and what to sell.

After that, it’s largely a matter of coming up with storage solutions.

One hint: Figure out how to make $100 a day by giving a project-based quote for organizing rather than charging by the hour, particularly if you’re a fast worker.

Be an Impromptu Mover

Many people who are in the process of moving think they can save money by doing it on their own. If you’ve ever moved, however, you know how it often goes: A few hours in, the person relocating is wishing they’d hired movers after all and might even be saying out loud, “We will never do this ourselves again!”

This is where you show up and swoop in with your muscles, your pickup truck, and your packing tape.

You can find clients by hanging around at a local apartment complex on the last weekend of the month, which is when many people move. When you hear those cries of frustration, pop in with an offer to help for a few hours for $100. Charge more if they want you for the whole day.

While you probably can’t do this every day, it’s a great way to make some extra cash on weekends.

Host an Estate Sale

When people move or when they need to clean out the home of a parent or another elderly relative, there’s often a ton of treasure (or, let’s be honest, junk) left behind. Offer to host an estate sale in the home.

The homeowner doesn’t have to stick around, and you just work for a percentage of the proceeds.

This will take some prep work because you’ll need to clean and price items and you’ll also want to do some marketing and ads (free ones on Craigslist and around the neighborhood will suffice). But at a sale where you are unloading furniture, sell clothes, old books, and random knick-knacks, you should be able to make a few hundred dollars.

Passive Income Sources: Put Your Space to Work

You likely have space in your home, garage, or yard that you’re not using all the time, so why not charge others for the privilege of using it? Here are some ways you can generate passive income by renting out your space.

Rent Out a Spare Room

Do you have an extra room in your home? Rent it out by the year, by the month, or even by the night. If you don’t mind having a constant roommate, look for a tenant who will live in your home with you and pay a lease.

To make even more money, however, you can list your room on Airbnb. If you live close to tourist attractions or in another desirable location, you could charge $100 or more per night for the room.

The disadvantage (though some might call it an advantage) is that you’ll have a steady stream of strangers parading in and out of your home.

Still, this is a relatively passive way to make a hundred dollars a day.

Rent Out Extra Storage Space

If having people sleeping in your home and using your hot water isn’t your thing, don’t worry: You can rent out that room as storage space. You can also do this with an unused garage bay, the basement, the attic, a barn, or any other space in your home that you’re not using for your own storage.

You’re not going to be able to charge a huge amount, but you should be able to make some extra money that can allow you to take a day or two off per month as you look for ways how to make $100 a day.

Rent Out Parking Space

If you live within walking distance to a popular fair, to the fireworks on the 4th of July, to the beach, or to some other attraction that makes parking space a scarce commodity, you can allow people to park in your driveway, in your garage, or even on your front lawn for a fee.

Charging $10 per car means you need to allow 10 cars to park on your property to make a hundred bucks per day.

While your neighbors probably won’t say anything if you have 10 cars on your front lawn on July 4 each year, they’re sure to complain if it becomes a regular habit, so you’ll need to balance this suggestion with your local reputation (and with the demands of your HOA, if applicable).

Use Your Skills

If you aren’t tech-savvy and you don’t want to clean houses, you probably still have a variety of other skills that you can use to make money. Do any of these sound appealing?

Beef Up Dating Profiles

Have you done your share of perusing dating sites? There are plenty of lonely hearts out there who would love nothing more than to find romance on a website like Tinder or OkCupid but they don’t know how to create a good profile that will attract the right kind of attention.

Lisa Hoehn charges $100 to $500 for a dating profile, and you can, too, if you know what you’re doing. Bang out one per day and you may have stumbled onto how to make $100 a day without much effort at all.

Serve Drinks

Maybe you’ve never gone to bartender school but you still know how to mix up a mean martini, margarita, Mai Tai or Manhattan. If that’s the case, you might be able to find some gigs serving drinks at private parties.

Even if you charge a nominal fee to show up, you can rack up tips all night long, putting you well on your way toward your $100 per day goal.

Style Hair and Do Makeup

Similarly, you might not be a professional hairdresser or cosmetician, but if you know your way around a blow dryer, bobby pins, and blusher, you could do hair and makeup for brides and their attendants, teens heading off to prom, or young ladies who are about to march across the stage wearing a cap and gown.

Spring is a great time of year for this type of gig-based business, so let the money-making commence!

Cook Meals

With the popularity of Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and a big handful of other companies that deliver ready-to-cook foods to busy people, you might have gotten the message that there are a whole lot of individuals out there who don’t know how or don’t have time to prepare meals from scratch.

If you do and you’re good at it, you could start a business delivering ready-to-heat meals that families will love.

Consider marketing this to young people who want to impress a new significant other with their stellar cooking skills, to families who have recently had a baby, and to busy working couples or single parents who just don’t have time to whip up a delicious concoction for dinner every night.

If you had a few regular clients, you could add this to your ideas for how to make $100 a day.

How To Make Money Now

As for how to make $100 a day, the best advice we can give you is to take action. If you need money, you'll never accomplish anything by sitting around, watching YouTube, and hoping.

An important factor that goes into making extra money is the willingness to go out on a limb and try different strategies. Don’t settle on just one idea. Experiment to see what makes you the most money over time.

If you want our recommendation, we think that one of the best ways to make money over time is to start a successful niche website. These websites take a little work at the beginning and about a year before they pay off. But starting now can help you to bring in a passive $1,000, $10,000, or $100,000 every month for the rest of your life.

For money right now, the more you look around online, the easier it is to think of a creative way to make extra cash. Always beware of easy money. There's rarely such a thing. But a little bit of work and hustle and you'll see that PayPal money rolling into your account in no time!

If you want to learn more about blogging, one of the best ways to make $100 a day, then check out the full guide right here.

Have you found a great idea on how to make $100 a day that wasn’t mentioned above? Share it in the comments below!

And if you'd like to step and see how to make 1000 a day, we have that too!

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By Michelle Kulas

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is it still Niche Pursuits or this a blog with general advices that is full on the internet? I was reading Niche Pursuits because it was always deep articles about searchig niches and I felt that I was learning something, and now – be uber driver or sell sperm, really?


was thinking the same thing.
Spencer has gone and focusing on other areas it appears. Like Neil Patel NP doen’t write anything I understand. Its all outsourced.

neil patel sold his failed 100k case study

please don’t let this turn into neil patel. That guys is so generic in his blog and even weirder in his videos.

The weirdest thing i find about neil is he did a case study to prove it is possible to build a 100k store and the first thing he did was buy a 2k domain.

Like wtf yeah everybody will be able to do that.

Spencer Haws

The articles that say they are written by me, are written by me. The articles with other author names (like this one) are written by other authors.




Spencer, I know you didn’t write this, but surely you know letting it go on your site is going to alienate your core audience?

I totally get having a multi author blog, but maybe use writers who have experience is relevant fields that your readers want to read about.

Just a friendly suggestion.

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