30 Weekend Jobs to Earn Extra Cash And Build A Business

By Emily Brookes |

Weekend side jobs can be a great source of extra income. 

The extra cash you earn can be used to treat yourself, pay your bills, buy groceries, or go on a holiday

It makes total sense to have more than one stream of income, even if you already have a great day job. 

A weekend side job will give you something to fall back on, and maybe even something you could turn into a full-time career in the future.

30 Best Weekend Jobs

best weekend jobs

Weekend jobs are good for many reasons:

The ideas we have here are suitable for beginners, and most of them are a lot of fun.

There will likely be weekend job ideas on this list you're unfamiliar with. However, don't be afraid to dip a toe in and try something new.

Read our guides to find out just how easy it can be to start various businesses, even if you only have the weekend!


Gardening can be a great way to earn some extra cash at the weekend.

Most people in suburban areas have a garden, but not everyone has the time to maintain it. 

Offering gardening services, you can take on as little or as much work as you want, depending on how much time you have. 

Gardening services you can offer could include:

Posting your details on local Facebook pages is one good way to start finding weekend work.


Starting a blog is one long-term way of earning extra money exclusively by working on the weekend. 

The blog topic can be anything for which you have an interest.

Some popular blog niches include:

However, when beginning, it is best to focus on a much smaller sub-topic, like a particular diet or parenting style.

Some bloggers are just earning a few dollars each month, and some are making $100,000 a month. See these examples of bloggers earning from $2k to $100k per month!

Learn how to start a blog the right way!

We've put together a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know.

How To Start A New Blog!  


good weekend jobs

Offering a cleaning service is another idea for work that can be completed exclusively on the weekend.

There are few start-up costs and you can make some decent money.

Cleaning services are always in demand. When someone finds a reliable cleaner, they hang on to them forever!

You can start with just one or two clients and grow out the business from there if it suits your goals.

Cleaning is a great side hustle. It has the serious potential to grow into a more significant business!

Taking Surveys

Taking surveys is an easy way to earn extra money during those spare pockets of time on the weekend. 

The beauty of taking surveys online is that you can fit them around other activities you are doing.

Use your phone to take surveys while you wait to collect your kids from soccer practice or even while you stand in line at the grocery store!

Swagbucks is one of the best apps for taking surveys. 

Complete surveys in your free time and earn points exchangeable for Paypal Cash and Amazon gift cards.

Earn Money with Swagbucks

InboxDollars is another site to make money by taking surveys, watching videos, and more!

Selling on eBay

Selling on eBay can be an entertaining way to earn money working on the weekend.

Start by selling unwanted clothing and items from your own home, and then even progress to flipping items you have bought to sell for a profit!

There are lots of things you can flip for a profit on eBay, but some of the best things to start with include:

The key is to know the profitable things to look for at a thrift store, eBay, and yard sales. 

Once you are ready to sell, take plenty of clear pictures of each item and use juicy keywords in your title and description.

Flipping Tickets

Reselling concert tickets can be a surprisingly profitable side hustle.

It's suitable for people who don't have much free time, as you only really need a couple of hours a week.

People love going to live events, and if their favorite event has sold out, they are often willing to pay over the odds to get their hands on a ticket.

If you're wondering how much you can make reselling tickets, you could expect to earn $500 – $3,000 per month as a beginner. People are doing this full-time, earning up to $15,000 per month!

Make sure to do your research to ensure it's all legal and above board.

This article covers everything you need to know about buying and reselling tickets for a profit.

Find the most profitable ticket types and the best places to resell them. 

How To Make Money Selling Tickets 

Freelance Writing

weekend jobs ideas

Freelance writing is one of the best weekend jobs, and almost anyone can give it a go. 

All you need is a love of writing, a good grasp of spelling and grammar, a laptop, and a decent wifi connection.

Freelance writing is fantastic because you can work it around everything else in your life.

If you have children, you can work in the evenings, and if you have another full-time or part-time job, you can make money writing on the weekend.

You can find freelance writing jobs on job boards like ProBlogger and Upwork

Another way to earn money writing is by writing on Medium, which pays you by your articles' views.

Virtual Assistance

Becoming a virtual assistant could be another weekend job that pays well. 

A virtual assistant is just like a personal or administrative assistant, except you work exclusively online, helping business owners with tasks.

Here are some services you could offer as a virtual assistant:

Virtual assistants are usually self-employed. However, you can work for a virtual assistant company as an employee too. 

Self-employed virtual assistants based in the U.S. generally charge upwards of $25/hour. 

Those with specialist skills can make up to $50/hour!

Teaching English Online

best weekend only jobs

Teaching English to international students online is one of the best weekend side jobs for extra cash. 

You can expect to earn between $10-40 per hour depending on your level of experience and qualifications.

To get started, sign up with an online English teaching platform like VIPKID to connect with students worldwide. 

All of the classes are online, so all you need is a computer, and you can work from anywhere in the world.


If you've wanted to get into ecommerce but have concerns about costs, stock, logistics, dropshipping is an alternative.

Dropshipping allows you to start your own ecommerce business with no upfront costs, no inventory, and little risk.

Here's how it works:

To learn more about starting a profitable dropshipping business, you can check out Instant eCommerce Training

This training will give you everything you need to know to create a successful eCommerce business in just two weeks!

Flipping Sneakers

Flipping Sneakers is an unusual (but VERY profitable) way to make extra money on the weekends!

Sneakerhead culture is more popular than ever. Just take a look at the way people line up down the street when a new pair launches! 

The great news is, you can use this demand to your advantage and make decent money flipping sneakers on Saturday and Sunday.

Find out how one guy is making six figures a year with this side hustle reselling sneakers:

How To Resell Sneakers Online

Dog walking

If you are an animal lover, dog walking could be the perfect weekend side job for you!

It's a great one for anyone who wants to make money and keep fit at the same time. 

A dog walker can earn around $20 per dog for a 30-minute walk. 

If you're confident you can handle it, you can take extra dogs on the same walk, which can net you a pretty good hourly rate!

You can advertise your services by printing flyers and giving them out in your neighborhood. 

You can also advertise your services on local Facebook groups.


work weekend

Coaching and consulting is another way to earn some extra money on the weekends. 

You only need to know a little more than the next person to be able to help them.

Suppose you have already run a successful ecommerce business, for example. In that case, you can coach new business owners on how to start their business in the right way. 

Your experience will be valuable to them, as it's much quicker to learn from someone who has already done it!

You can offer coaching services at an hourly rate or as monthly packages, in person or over Zoom.

There are no specific qualifications required to be a coach, just a desire to help people. However, some coaching certifications will help build confidence and experience.

Flipping Antiques

Flipping antiques can be a very profitable way to make extra money on the weekends.

Find antiques for low prices at yard sales, house clearance auctions, and even thrift stores. 

You can resell your finds on platforms like eBay and Etsy for a profit. 

These online ecommerce platforms open you up to a worldwide audience of people looking to buy what you are selling.

Start a YouTube Channel


Starting a YouTube channel is another way you could start working on the weekend. 

If you're good in front of the camera, this could turn out to be a new career for you as your audience grows.

YouTubers earn money in a few different ways, including:

If you think starting a YouTube channel might be the way to go, check out our article on YouTube affiliate marketing.

Driving for Uber or Lyft

If you enjoy driving and have some free time on the weekends, you can make decent money by driving for Uber or Lyft.

As well as driving, you can also make extra money by recruiting new drivers using your referral code.

Starting a Podcast

working on the weekend

Need a weekend job and love to talk? 

Starting a podcast is another way to build a business and work on the weekend.

It's easy and free to start a podcast using free podcasting software like Anchor.

There are several ways you can make money with your podcast:

You can create a podcast about anything you want, as long as you are interested in the subject and have enough to talk about to create a series.


If you are good with children, then babysitting is one of the best weekend jobs you can do to earn some extra cash.

All parents need babysitters on the weekend. Good baby sitters are hard to find, so if you are good with kids, friendly, and reliable, you will be at the top of the list!

You don't need any formal qualifications to provide babysitting services. Still, it can be with getting a pediatric first aid certificate, so you know what to do in case of an emergency. 

A first-aid certificate will also make you a more attractive candidate to families looking to hire a babysitter.

Mystery Shopping

weekend side jobs that pay well

Becoming a mystery shopper could be the perfect weekend job for those who love shopping!

Companies will pay mystery shoppers to shop at their stores to get an unbiased view of their customer service and shopping experience. 

Restaurants also frequently hire mystery shoppers, so if you love to eat out, you hit the jackpot here!

Market Force is one of the best mystery shopping companies out there. It's free to set up an account, and you can view each assignment's details before accepting the job.

Become a Local Tour Guide

If you love your local area, you could make some easy extra money at the weekend by working as a local tour guide! 

Here are a few types of tours you could offer in your local area:

You can advertise your tours at local hotels, as well as at your local airport or bus station where tourists will be arriving. 

Airbnb experiences are also a great place to advertise local experiences such as tours. However, they will take a cut of your fee.

Create an Online Course

best paying weekend jobs

Online learning is becoming more and more popular.

Many people prefer to learn new subjects in their own time and in the comfort of their own home.

Creating an online course can be a great source of a passive income! 

You only need to put in the upfront effort to create a course once because it's a digital product. You can then sell the same course over and over again without having to do any additional work.

Anyone can create an online course, and the best news is you can create your first online course for free using an online course platform such as Udemy or Teachable.

Publish an Ebook

If you love writing and have some knowledge or a story to share, you could make money in your free time by writing and publishing an ebook.

See how Spencer Haws published an ebook on Kindle direct publishing (under a brand new pen name) and is now making $100 a day!

How To Self Publish On Amazon

Sell Your Arts and Crafts on Etsy

work on saturdays

If you are artsy and good at making things with your hands, selling crafts on Etsy is another weekend job idea.

Etsy is the perfect place for beginners and experts alike to sell their arts and crafts. 

The great thing about Etsy is it has a ready-made audience waiting to buy from you, so you don't have to spend any time marketing and can focus on making things to sell.

It doesn't cost much to get started on Etsy.

It's completely free to set up an account and only costs $0.20 to list an item.

Best Things To Sell On Etsy

Start a Food Truck Business

Food trucks always do well as on the weekend side jobs, particularly in touristy areas and near parks in the summer. 

It's one of those high-paying weekend jobs.

If you have a talent for creating delicious food, then why not start a food truck?

As well as serving your tasty food in public places, advertise your food truck for private hire for weddings, festivals, and other large events.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to make money online. 

If you haven't heard of this type of business before, here's how it works.

Anyone can get into affiliate marketing, and the good news is, you don't even need a website!

Want to know more about how to get started in affiliate marketing?

Check out our Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners.

House Sitting

easy weekend jobs

House sitting is an easy weekend job you can do for extra cash. 

Many people go away for the weekends and need someone responsible to look after their house and pets while they are gone.

House sitters typically charge between $25-$45 per day.

It may not sound like a lot, but when you consider you are getting free accommodation and services, it's not bad!


If you've got a talent for interior decorating, you could use your skills to make extra money on the weekends.

People often need decorating services, and since redecorating is no easy task, most people will be happy to hire help.

It's worth getting some marketing materials such as business cards and flyers printed that you can leave in local shops.

You can even use before and after pictures of your own home to showcase your skills if you haven't had any ‘real' clients yet.

Start a Pressure Washing Business

Want a weekend job that pays well? 

Why not consider starting a pressure washing business?

Benefits of starting a pressure washing business include:

Keep in mind that running this type of business is a very physical job. You will need to be fit and healthy for this one!

Pet Sitting


If you love animals, then pet sitting is a great way for you to earn extra money. 

People love their pets: In the U.S., 38.4% of households have a dog, and 25.4% have a cat.

You can cash in on this by offering pet sitting services in your local area at the weekends!

You can advertise your services as a pet sitter on local Facebook groups and other local forums.

Handyman Services

Handyman services are always in demand, so if you're handy with a drill, this can be an excellent weekend side job.

You can advertise your handyman services in local Facebook groups or create a flyer that you can print and put up on local notice boards.

Best Weekend Side Jobs

Whether it's work on Saturdays or Sundays, creating another stream of income alongside your main job is always a good idea.

All of these weekend job ideas could be done alongside another job.

Some could even be expanded and turned into a full-time business.

Whichever you choose, make sure it's something you enjoy doing – that way, it won't feel like work!

Side Hustles

By Emily Brookes

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She writes about blogging, online business ideas, and the tools and software that make the magic happen.

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