Looking For A Business to Start with 10K? 27 Great Ideas For You!

By Amy Derungs |

Are you trying to decide which business to start with 10K? The cost of living is so high that it seems impossible to think that you can manage with such a small initial investment. But as you will see, it is quite doable.

Working out what type of business model is the best choice for your talents can be difficult for many new entrepreneurs. Refining and redefining the perfect idea and business plan can keep you from actually taking action!

We've compiled a list of small businesses to start with 10k. Each business type is fast gaining popularity and may earn you a comfortable living. Even better, none of them require a significant upfront investment; you can start any of them with 10K or less.

Read on, you might find the solution to your problem, or our article could give you some fresh ideas on how to change your life for the better!

Big Opportunities With a Small Amount of Money

Brian Chesky, Airbnb Co-founder, is famous for saying something like, “Trying to think up a good idea doesn't really work. You just have to find the solution to a problem in your own life.”

It's a great quote and worth considering. Countless people are unhappy in their jobs and spend endless hours locked in deep resentment. 

But, if you have thought of a solution to the discontentment affecting your life – or are just about to do so – then making the initial investment to launch your own business could be in your future.

Here are some business ideas to consider.

1. Aerial Drone Photography and Stock Images

Drone photography is an exciting and lucrative small business for photographers and videographers. If you can fly a drone, you can make good money taking aerial photographs or videos as well as providing editing and audio services.

Drone Photographer

Millions of people, including individuals, marketers, media companies, retailers, organizations, government agencies, and others, require new photographs and videos for electronic and print publications. And thanks to the internet and different cloud services, you can create a stock image library and sell your photos to anyone, anywhere, in seconds.

Drone photography and videography can expand your scope considerably. They provide options to make money through royalties on your images. You could also provide drone equipment rental services. 

Please remember that state and federal regulations and local company policies govern the usage of drones.

2. Bookkeeping Services

Business-related academic studies can be useful but are not essential. A degree in accounting is also not required to start a bookkeeping business, you just need to be meticulous and good with other people's money.

Bookkeepers desk

This is a great small business to start with 10K or less. You can rent office space or work from home. You can consider spending some money on accounting and software training for popular bookkeeping applications like QuickBooks. And check out the courses at a local community college or online.

Individuals who leave permanent employment to start their own businesses and those who venture into the stock market or stock and trading industries will always require the services of a meticulous bookkeeper.

3. Bridal Show Promotions

Weddings cost a lot of money—nearly $30,000 on average in the United States. Bridal exhibitions and expos are where people decide how to spend their money.

Every year, hundreds of bridal exhibitions take place around the United States, and you can create your own business by assisting local merchants in looking their best at these shows.

Learn how to create a trade-show booth that is both practical and memorable. This is a small niche market, but many would-be exhibitors are unsure how to put up a booth, so that’s when you step in with your specialized knowledge.

4. Customer Service Consulting

Many businesses lose millions of dollars each year due to bad customer service provided by their staff. In severe cases of discontent, poor customer service causes clients to stay away and ensure that their loved ones do the same.

A single poor customer service encounter may deter a customer from working with the company on a multimillion-dollar project. Because you don't know who that consumer is, it's best to treat all customers well.

You can make a living by running a consulting company that provides direct customer services appreciation, and telephone answering service operator training programs.

5. Dent Removal Service

If you want to provide dent removal services, your ideal clients are those who have vehicles with little, easily handled dents that won't need a new paint job. You and your clients must understand that you can't fix every ding. Some are sufficiently severe and may necessitate the replacement of the entire panel.

6. Essential Oil and Soap Producer

As long as people want to smell good, this is a fantastic business to start with 10K or less. You can begin making soap and perfume in your kitchen.

Soap making

You don't need much to start, but a commercial distiller will cost around $1000.

Products can be sold in stores, at exhibitions, online, in your neighborhood, etc. You can even sell to hotels, inns, and offices, among other places. Once your products take off, your clients will continuously request your goods.

7. Food Truck or Food Cart

The popularity of food trucks will continue to grow as living costs in major cities reach new heights and brick and mortar shops become more expensive. 

Food truck

You can begin a food business by going on the road and parking at local festivals, farmer's markets, and town squares. Because of the lower overhead and increased geographic mobility of a food truck, this is an interesting business to start with 10K.

You could transform your famed sandwiches or tempting dessert ideas into a viable business; the truck food world is ready for your creativity!

8. Freelance Writer

If you're already involved with online freelancing, you'll understand this business. For newbies, besides a computer and an internet connection, you don't need much to get started. You should be able to write well, be professional, fulfill deadlines, and adhere to copyeditors' standards. 

Numerous seminars and online learning platforms are also available to help you improve your writing, produce better pitches, and expand your customer base. You could even specialize and become a digital marketing consultant or offer research services.

Consider developing your own portfolio website using a free provider like WordPress to showcase your work and attract more clients. And it would help your online freelancing career if you updated your LinkedIn profile.

With some experience, some people even start on-page SEO consultant businesses. There are many relevant technical computer courses available online to help you understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

9. Green Business Consultant

Today, businesses have a significant incentive to “become green,” both to comply with changing requirements and protect their reputation. Governments and the public at large – including clients and consumers – are putting pressure on businesses to be more eco-friendly, and they need assistance.

Green consulting firms give the help and experience that companies require to go green. Green business consultants provide advice on sustainability, conservation, and other environmental concerns. There are also opportunities within these organizations to employ technical experts to create stand alone apps that businesses can use to monitor their carbon footprints.

10. Home Staging and House Painting Business

Making a house appealing for purchase may necessitate some intrusion into the present homeowner's personal life, so you'll also need people skills. Get to know the real estate appraisal industry and take plenty of photos of your work.

Create a website and use images of your successful projects as your online marketing, and stay in touch with your clients even after they've sold their homes. They may sell again in the future.

Potential buyers expect to see the houses they view looking fabulous, the monetary value attached to this is incredible.

If you have any design talents, you can start your own business preparing residences for sale and if necessary, doing some paintwork and cleaning.

A new coat of paint is fantastic for instantly bringing living areas to life. According to studies, even children's study habits improve in a home with a nice paint job. However, most people perceive house painting to be a chore.

House painter

They don't have time to perform the research, setup, labor, and cleanup, so they'd rather pay a professional painting contractor a few thousand dollars to complete the job. And a fresh coat of paint adds value to the home. A clean home also adds value so you could also create a blind cleaning service as part of your home staging business.

Adding a profitable, successful business painting and cleaning houses to your home staging company may be a rewarding and joyful journey.

11. Image Consulting and Fashion Accessories

You can make plenty of money by helping others look and feel their best. Your potential clients may include sales professionals, legislators, public speakers, singles, and others. You help them develop a sense of color combination and the appropriate textile combination for events and self-branding.

You must have a background in fashion or a related field. Still, more importantly, you must have experience dealing with customers on the retail side of the business.

Although image consultants must understand fashion, trends, and clothing, the reality of the industry is dealing with people, including their anxieties, weaknesses, and emotions. The most critical experience a person would need to enter this field is great interpersonal skills.

You can comfortably add selling fashion accessories to your image consulting business. This is a multibillion-dollar industry and a great business idea. Fashion changes all the time. There are a variety of accessories that you may either make or buy and resell. One thing is sure: there is a lot of money to be made in this type of business venture.

If you’re a fashion enthusiast you could check through the extensive list of fashion accessories, such as belts, scarves, buckles, shoes, wallets, etc, and decide which would work best for them. You can sell at craft shows, supermarkets, and internet stores, among other places. You might even be able to trade in quantity to shops.

12. Import/Export and Liquidated Inventory Sales Business

Setting up an import/export firm is relatively simple in the Internet age. 

Import Export objects

Create a website and a blog about the things you're attempting to sell. Find out everything you can about the product. You’ll need your items shipped to you, a customs clearing agent to smooth the way, and make sure you have the correct business licenses specific to the trading industry.

This is a business idea that will require some planning and execution, but it can lead not just to good earnings but also to the opportunity to meet fascinating individuals worldwide.

You can even start with liquidated inventory sales to supplement your income as your import/export business grows. Many business owners stock up on unused or, in some cases, damaged items, which must eventually sell to liquidators, who either auction them off to other liquidators or end customers who may be interested.

Contact retailers selling things that need to be liquidated and create an operations plan for how you will manage your sales.

13. Local and Neighborhood Mobile Services

If you’re a handy person to have around, you can easily monetize your talents.

Go mobile and offer excellent client service, quick turnaround, and high-quality work, critical to a successful business. With minimal training and equipment, you can also offer your clients locksmith services. Emergency lock out assistance is often required and if your clients know you, they’ll call you. And since you’re already mobile and visiting homes, you can add hauling trash and a mobile carwash service.

Plenty of people hate washing their cars so a carwash business is a great idea, and everybody has trash. People who move into or out of properties, want to clean out, or need to get rid of tree branches and mounds of weeds, or broken furniture.

Of course, you'll need a truck large enough and a place to dump whatever you'll be hauling. This involves getting to know the folks who run dumps, junkyards, recycling centers, scrap metal yards, real estate agents, and other local businesses. If you arrive on time and remove whatever your clients require, word of your service will spread swiftly. You can also use direct mail to spread the word about your service.

14. Non-medical Home Help Services

Another idea is to start a profitable non-medical senior care business by feeding and caring for your clients in their homes. You'll need a license in most places, which will almost certainly necessitate CPR and other first-aid skills. You'll also need to apply to accept Medicare and Medicaid payments.

Once you have the certification you can profitably add to your business by establishing home medical equipment rentals. You’ll have to buy a few of the essentials, but as your business grows, you can invest in more specialized equipment.

Because word spreads quickly among the elderly and frail care assistants; you should be able to rapidly expand your client base after you have your first handful of clients.

15. Start Your Own Business Teaching Art

Consider offering visual arts services – participating in an art class has never been more popular. Drawing and painting are no longer just for established artists or retirees; an increasing number of people are experiencing the joys of drawing and painting.

Art class

Depending on the number of art students you have, this can be a highly profitable business with very little overhead and the opportunity to choose your hours and do what you love. Because of the flexibility of your schedule, you can augment your business income by selling your art and teaching at nearby institutions (which is another way to advertise yourself effectively).

16. Online Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity to sell products and services without dealing with the headaches of creating the items or supplying the services yourself.

To succeed at affiliate marketing, you should construct your website's editorial and blog posts to be powerful platforms for generating traffic and interest in products or services. You can profitably provide affiliate marketing links. Affiliate marketing may be a challenging online business to break into and grow. However, if you get it rolling, it has many upside potentials.

If you create your affiliate website and blogs yourself this is a good business to start with 10K. And we have the perfect guide to teach you how to build a niche website.

17. Online Social Media Consultant

Almost all businesses understand the importance of social media presence but don't know that they can hire an online business manager. Tons of business owners have no idea how to use social media. Many others do not want to bother updating their social media presence regularly.

This is an excellent place for small businesses to start from home where you can work when you want to.

You don't need many clients to build a sizable income quickly. And the majority of the labor – social media marketing – can be done from home. You can also add on more services. As your reputation develops, you might shift your focus to larger corporations.

18. Outdoor Adventures

Simply enjoying the outdoors is a prerequisite, but it is insufficient. You must be able to organize trips and events, work with groups, and be flexible and willing to take risks.

Outdoor adventures

You'll need a site to have your adventures, so start by contacting local farms and ranch owners. If they cannot provide you with their land, they will undoubtedly know someone who can. Once you've chosen a location, decide on your specialty. Offering one type of activity and spending some time and money on online advertising will give your business a kick start.

Insurance and licenses will also be essential concerns. They can be pretty costly, but outdoor adventures can be dangerous, so do not ignore this step!

19. Personal Fitness Trainer

Getting into shape isn't easy to achieve. This could be due to a way of life, nutrition, or genetics, and this is where the services of a personal trainer come into play. Personal trainers can make a good living.

All you do is assist individuals to live healthier lives by providing them with exercise and dietary programs. Personal training is one of those hugely profitable ventures. You can start a fitness studio and a nutrition coaching Service where people can come to you for nutritional advice and fitness assessments.

Becoming a nutrition coach can earn you plenty of money, especially if you look great and radiate health! People want well-rounded nutrition coaches who can help them look, feel, and live better in a more holistic and long-lasting way.

Today's health, fitness, and wellness professionals are hitting the online tutoring market and studying more about nutrition than ever before; they're reading books, taking courses, attending workshops, and becoming certified.

20. Pet Grooming, Pet Photography, Pet Sitting

You can combine three aspects of the pet industry into one business. Animal lovers who enjoy photography can earn a good living as pet photographers. Depending on your preferences, you can do this part-time or full-time. Just bear in mind that this is a specific niche market now, but is poised to expand exponentially.

To encourage referrals and repeat business, make the photographic experiences enjoyable for both the pet and the pet owner. You could even add to your business plan by offering pet video recording and transferring pet photographs onto shirts, mugs, greeting cards, calendars, etc.

Small businesses offering mobile pet grooming have taken off. Your initial investment will need to cover a vehicle to drive to your client's home and minimal grooming equipment. Going mobile is convenient for you because you don't need premises and you'll use the pet owner's water.

Pet grooming

A pet grooming business that will offer its services at the pet’s homes is far less stressful for the animals, and so, less stressful for the owners too.

A love for animals is required, as is a lot of patience and solid insurance coverage. If you don't know anything about pet grooming but still want to do it, you can enroll in classes.

Pet sitting is for folks who adore animals and can care for them. And there are no additional startup costs involved with this idea.

You can make money from your passion for animals by doing what you enjoy; taking pictures, grooming, and looking after them.

Pet sitter

Some folks have dogs with unique needs that can't travel with them, so you'll visit your client's houses to care for their pets. If you want to find more people to help you, try animal-loving retirees.

21. Real Estate Broker

This isn't one of those business ideas you can dive into right away. All states require real estate agents to be licensed, and obtaining a license may necessitate an initial investment to cover around 90 hours of classroom instruction.

Customers can be difficult to find at first since sizeable real estate businesses and the brokers who work for them dominate so much of the industry. You must out-network, out-charm, and out-sell them.

Real estate broking is not for the faint of heart, but it can be profitable if you can make it work.

22. Refurbishing Furniture

This is one of those businesses to start where you can really enjoy using your talents. With some creativity, you can transform old furniture to look incredible. Re-upholstery or an innovative paint job can add years to a couch or a chair's life. And because furniture is pricey, people look for ways to extend the life of their belongings.

Spend some time and money to create a high-quality website that showcases your work. You could also consider offering a free local delivery service.

23. Resume Writing

Having a good, well-written resume can be the difference between getting the job you want, or losing out. But writing a resume isn’t easy so many job hunters outsource the task. 

Starting a resume writing service might be a great career move for people with experience in human relations, recruiting, writing, and other relevant industries. Professional resume writers can choose their tasks, work hours, and whether they want to work from home or in an office.

24. Sales Trainer

If you are a well-known top-performing sales executive, you can increase your earnings by simply training people in your talents and experience.

Sales trainer

You can start with online classes, weekend classes, and business sales advice. The initial cost to get your business going will be minimal.

If your business growth is going according to plan, you may be able to transition into full-time sales consulting and training. The market is vast, with the potential for enormous financial gain.

25. Tax Preparation Service

Many people despise filing their taxes and would gladly pay someone else to do it for them. With so much tax software accessible today, most taxpayers, whether individuals or businesses have no reason to engage an accountant to do their taxes.

You may do it for them using tax software and make money while charging much less than an accountant.

You can include legal wording in your agreement that you will not be liable if one of your clients is audited. Remember that you must register with the IRS as a tax preparer before starting your business.

26. Virtual Assistant

Working with different clients is one of the most exciting aspects of being a virtual assistant involved in digital marketing. 

This is an excellent opportunity to gain job experience in various businesses, cultures, and communication styles and expand your professional network.

27. Yoga or Pilates Instructor

Health practitioners have long advocated daily aerobic exercise and resistance training to maintain weight, gain muscle, and enhance general health.

However, health professionals have now added another suggestion: work on flexibility, posture, and stress reduction. These new practices have increased the popularity of yoga and Pilates. Health, fitness, and wellbeing are emerging professions that can become small businesses.

Choosing a Business to Start With 10K

We understand that coming up with a great business idea is frequently the most difficult challenge. Various factors in the business world can influence your dreams, including your skills and abilities, regional demographics, and poor business planning.

Having minimal money won't stop you; having no business model or strategy certainly will.

We hope you like what we have come up with for a business to start with 10K and that it will motivate you to take the plunge and do it.

Conclusion: Find the Best Business to Start With 10K

Most entrepreneurs will agree that being your own boss, setting your own hours, and working on something you're passionate about will pay off for the rest of your life.

Don't be afraid to ask for help during the process of developing your business idea, and above all, make sure you’re having fun! 

Do you want more ideas for a business to start with 10K? Have a look at these articles:

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