35 Unique Things To Sell On Etsy And Why Now is a Great Time to Start

By Dan Morris |

Etsy is a massive online marketplace with plenty of room for you to start selling your handmade or digital products.

If you have always wanted to start an online store, even if you are not sure yet what to sell, Etsy is one of the best ways to get going.

My focus here is to give you some quality, actionable ideas for what to sell on Etsy, but first, let me quickly tell you why you should sell on Etsy!

Why You Should Start An Etsy Store

Is starting an Etsy store the best option for you? Or should you use an Etsy alternative like Amazon Handmade, or as many have done, start your own website using Shopify, WooCommerce, or another e-commerce platform?

It depends a bit on what you are hoping to sell, but with Etsy, there are some serious benefits.

Firstly, there isn’t the need to spend days or weeks building out a website, then months sourcing traffic, and finally, years trying to establish yourself – and besides, you can do this later, or alongside doing Etsy, if it makes sense.

Rather than fighting to bring people to your site, go to where there are already shopping!

There are more than 50 million registered users on the Etsy marketplace, and the site’s average daily traffic numbers are huge. In fact, according to Ahrefs, it is currently the 24th most trafficked site in the US, with over 54 million monthly visits.

When I started an Etsy store in 2021, the first organic sale literally came within a few days after listing only 3 digital products. This was without paying for advertising or without any other marketing on my part. Pretty incredible!

A sale within a week on a brand-new website would be much harder to come by.

Become An Etsy Shop Owner

If you know you want to start an Etsy Shop, but you don’t have a clear idea of what to sell, then that’s what we’re about to dive into.

It’s easy to name general categories of products to sell like ‘vintage items’, ‘craft supplies’, or ‘jewelry supplies’, which are all popular categories on Etsy, but that doesn’t really help you much.

We want to be a bit more specific in this ‘things to sell on Etsy’ list.

But before we get into the list, there is a final distinction we should make and a choice that you will need to make: should I sell digital or physical products?

Digital Product Pros and Cons

Digital products are great because you only need to create the product once and it is then available for download a million-plus times. Each time an order comes in, you do not need to create the product, nor do you need to hold inventory, it's automatically sent to the buyer!

Here are more of the pros and cons of selling digital products:



Physical Product Pros and Cons

Physical products are, of course, tangible items that will be shipped to the customer.

These products either need to be purchased from a third party and on-sold, drop-shipped (which is a thing on Etsy), or, as is most common, made by the seller and shipped to the customer.

Here are the major pros and cons of selling physical products:



Whether you sell digital or physical products in your Etsy store is really going to depend on your gifts and abilities, your start-up capital, and a range of other factors.

Consider what you are already good at. Are you better at designing and creating on your computer, or working with your hands to bring something to fruition?

While you think about that, here is our list of 35 things to sell on Etsy.

35 Things To Sell On Etsy

We will break this list up into digital products and physical products. That way if you are leaning in a particular direction you can focus on those ideas!

Digital Products To Sell On Etsy

what should i sell on etsy

best selling items on etsy

Physical Products To Sell On Etsy

etsy shop ideas

most popular etsy items

etsy business ideasC

This list of things to sell on Etsy really shows what a wide variety of products can be sold on this online marketplace. There really is no end to what you can make with your hands or on your computer to sell on Etsy!

Your Etsy Shop

Once you have decided on what to sell, and have made some products to sell, it is time to set up your shop.

This should not be at all daunting, as Etsy makes it all very easy. However, you do need to have at least one product to list at the same time you open the shop, so keep that in mind.

If you already have an Etsy account, sign in and go to the Sell On Etsy page to open your very own store. If you do not have an account yet, simply register and then head to that page!

Because setting up a shop is so straightforward, and there are hundreds of YouTube videos for those needing a walkthrough, we will not cover that in any depth here. However, we will share a bit about the Etsy store fees and associated costs.

Etsy Listing Fees

There are 2 main Etsy listing fees that you will encounter each time you list an item and make a sale.

However, if you hunt around a bit before opening your shop, you will easily find offers to get your first 20 or so listings free.

Then there are some other fees and costs that may or may not be charged, depending on the type of product you are selling.

If you do not offer free shipping, this charge will be added on top of the displayed price for your customer to pay at checkout.

Etsy will add VAT if necessary, and it is not something sellers have to worry about!

Start Your Etsy Store Now!

Hopefully, this list of Etsy business ideas has shown you that there are many different things you can sell on this diverse online store and that you really can start making money on Etsy.

You don’t have to be particularly crafty or hands-on to sell on Etsy, as is often thought. There are so many categories you can enter from food and worksheets, beauty products and jewelry, home and garden products, all the way to memorabilia and other collectibles.

Our advice is to start with something, get familiar with the platform, and build from there.


By Dan Morris

Daniel Morris has been working in the online marketing space since 2015.

While his focus has been on niche websites and affiliate marketing, he enjoys dabbling in other online and eCommerce platforms as well.

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