Niche Site Project Webinar Re-play

By Spencer Haws |

Last night, I held a live webinar to kickoff the public niche site project!  The webinar was VERY well attended and I think it went pretty well.

Essentially I was able to cover what the niche site project is all about, what you can expect, and how I will go about the process of finding a niche.  Then I did some live research on brainstorming and finding keywords.  I actually ran across a couple of good keywords that I may end up using for this niche project.

However, I’m going to continue to do some niche research before I make any final decisions.  But the processes I will be exactly the same as what I demonstrated on the webinar.  I will continue to post up to once a week on the progress of this project, and its very possible that I will do additional webinars in the future.

The webinar was about an hour and 20 minutes long, so watch the video below to see what you missed.

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Feel free to leave any feedback that you have below in the comments.  Thanks for watching!

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Thanks Spence, I missed the webinar due to the different timezone, Will watch and definitely share my views 🙂

Steve wyman

Hi spencer

Watched it live at 1am.. Well worth staying up to watch.

Looking forward to the next stage where you reveal the niche you have definitely chosen.

One quick question. I have a 4 word domain name I’ve found through your process. However I thing there is more opportunities in the niche.

Lets say its howtotrainterrierstojump but clearly there is an op to build an authority site howtotraindogstojump.

The terriers is a low comp op the dogs not so. Would you try to rank the terriers as a page on the authority site or just go ahead and build it as its own niche site?


Spencer Haws

Thanks Steve for staying up to watch!

Great question. I think you could do either. However, I personally would probably just buy the domain on howtotrainterriorstojump. If its earning money and truly is worth it – you can always add “How to train Pit Bulls to Jump” as articles on the same domain. Even the domain doesn’t match perfect, people will still visit it :). I’m a fan of focusing on the low competition, succeeding, then expanding from there.

Steve Wyman


thanks a lot, thats very helpful. just trying to fully get your mindset.



And just in case anyone was wondering, the music is Ghostwriter by RJD2:

Webinar was fun to listen to live in the middle of the night!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Guido…you’re right! Glad you enjoyed the webinar1

KL Brown

Hi Spencer,
I really enjoyed the webinar last night, great start! I would really like to see more webinars in the near future, as a continuing process of the niche site project. Watching an experienced Marketer is worth a lot and I would like to learn more.

Spencer Haws

More webinars are definitely possible, we’ll see…


Hi Spencer,

Thanks for having this webinar! It was entertaining and helped me to see the value of your LongTailPro tool.

Can I get your opinion about a scenario, please? I found some keywords with high CPCs at $5+ but the search volumes are 1,000 monthly exact match and EMDs are available. In addition the competition is very weak at a KC of 20 to 25 depending on the keywords. Would you get into this type of niche with this lower volume? I am thinking it’s worth it due to the high CPCs but would like your expert opinion. If you have discussed this elsewhere please let me know.

Thanks in advance for the advice!

Looking forward to future articles and or webinars! I truly appreciate the time you spend on helping others.

Spencer Haws

They might be worth it. What about the “advertiser competition”? The is a number in Long Tail Pro and Google Adwords that tells you how many advertisers there are. This will help you know truly if there is lots of money in the niche (CPC is just one piece of the puzzle).

I really like 2500 or more searches, but you might be able to pull in $50+ a month with a high paying/low traffic keyword like you mentioned.


Hi Spencer,

The advertiser competition is 90.


Nile Vincent

Hey Spencer,

Really appreciate this “over-the-shoulder” step-by-step
walk thru…as always, a great way to understand
this info…

And the replay + the download option is great!

Thanks for all this, seriously!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Nile…I appreciate it!

Brian Kiczula

Thank you for hosting the webinar. I learned a lot and I am looking forward to the next one. The step by step directions have helped me find a few niches that look good.

You mentioned that you are adding 20-30 pages of content on this sites are you out sourcing the content or writing it yourself??

Thanks for sharing


Spencer Haws

I will probably start the site with 15 to 20 pages; most of it will be outsourced. I use alot, or I may hire an author from I will definitely be editing and “fixing” all posts as needed though.


Did not get to listen to the live broadcast but just finished listening to the recording. Very helpful and interesting.


You mentioned briefly that you could create a bit more authoritative website where you could be targeting different keywords (I’m referring to keyword “jobs for 17 old kids” or something like that). You would create different pages, each targeting different keywords.

I’m wondering why would you create pages and not posts? Are there any differences between pages and posts in eyes of search engines?

By the way, great webinar, you are a great teacher.

Spencer Haws

Glad you enjoyed the webinar Mitja! I was referring to “posts” technically. I often use the term pages and posts interchangeably; but in that example I gave I would create a new post for each keyword.


I have a quick Q that wasn’t covered in the webinar.

For the main page do you only target the primary keyword? or do you target multiple? and does it matter?

Same question regarding the inner pages as well. Only secondary keyword or multiple?

Peter Rose

What a great webinar thank you for going through what is the most important part ‘pickin a niche’. I look forward to all the others in due course. This is the best way to learn from someone who is altruistic & cares about his members.

I was fascinated about the Pinewood Racing cars. I’ve
never heard about these in the UK. I bet it could catch on like wildfire over here!

I got LTPro the other day and I must say it’s fantastic. I’ve used it a couple of times, but watching this webinar gives me greater understanding what it can do.

Spencer…. when you come to the part where you build your site, could you use your Niche Website Theme builder because if it works as well as LTP then you have a buyer?

Thanks for sharing

Manchester UK


Hey Spencer, I attended the webinar and really enjoyed it. I think we are all itching to get started building sites. I am hoping that you may have a future webinar on building a site using WordPress using who ever does your hosting. I have never used WordPress. If you were to do a webinar quickly enough, show us newbies how it is done using your hosting provider and give us your affiliate link, many of us would use it to sign up to thank you for the help.


Phil you might want to check out They have a great class on WP.


Thanks Spencer.
Missed most of it last night so I am really glad you made this available. Thanks again.


Hi Spencer,

Watched the replay, thank you for making this possible.

Personally I think choosing the right niche and keywords is the most important step. If you don’t get this part right anything you do afterwards is a waste of time.

I agree with others that subsequent webinars would be useful.




Hi Spencer,
Thanks for the wonderful webinar. I really appreciate your input in making this webinar. Your brainstorming ideas in finding the seed keywords are great.

Hell’s Kitchen is one of the shows i watch frequently. Next time they mention any commercial appliances i will take a note of it. I will do the research using your techniques to see if it is something worth going after.

Please do continue the series.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Saji!


Hi Spencer,

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the webinar and I appreciate you taking the time to put that out there. It was so nice actually watching an expert go through their processes and do things while on the spot. I think more tutorials or webinars in this same style could really benefit a lot of people. There is so much information on the internet, tips and tricks but you don’t usually get to see the person providing those tips in action. I think a lot of the processes and little things that you did in this webinar would not of presented themselves in a standard blog post full of tips or techniques. One perfect example of this was when you were a eliminating some keywords based on your experience and then informing us what your reasoning was for that.

Also, I think that the Q&A was extremely helpful because it answered a lot of questions that many of us have. Anyways great work and I look forward to the next one! Also, just wanted to say that I am a very happy Longtail Pro user.

Spencer Haws

Thanks William…glad you enjoyed the webinar!


Spencer, my sole surviving niche site has never made it in the SERPs, but I’ve managed to generate a fair bit of traffic (and sales) by using YouTube to drive traffic to it.

Even without AdSense, I’m going to try to replicate that success with some new sites with Media.Net and Amazon affiliate income, alongside my authority site, which is my real baby.

The principles you’ve highlighted for all of us are just as applicable without the 800-pound gorilla! Thanks.

Spencer Haws

Definitely more than one way to get traffic to a site 🙂



You mentioned that you have built many sites. That being the case, with what is required to maintain each site,i.e. continued SEO, linking building, adding content, with editing, testing monetization methods,etc, how are you able to keep up with all of your sites and continue to build more?

Do you outsource? If so, what do you outsource and what do you do? Thanks.

Spencer Haws

Go here for the answers: . I’ll also be covering all of those topics again throughout this project.



Thank you for taking the time to do this for us. I am completely new to this and have never built a website. I am trying to rapidly educate myself on this process and I am really struggling with being able to assess or quantify the competitiveness of the results of the top 10.

Take the Skin Tag example you looked at around the 50 minute mark of this webinar. was listed in the 7th spot despite the fact that it had:

the highest KC
the highest PA
Second highest links
Highest Juice Links
Excellent Domain Authority

I mean…it was smoking the competition in most of the categories. And yet…it only came in at the bottom of the Top 10. Can you elaborate on what factors may cause this because I find it rather baffling and confusing. And I see this on a regular basis when I am searching for niche keywords.

Thank you.

Spencer Haws

Probably because it wasn’t targeting the keyword as well in its Title. Shows you how important keyword relevancy is.


Thanks for the webinar, Spencer.

I purchased Long TailPro Platinum last week, and I confess, I’m totally addicted! It makes keyword research fun and easy.

It just so happens that medical billing and coding salary is also on my favorite list because I actually am a medical billing manager. Ha, must be a sign! I wasn’t going to pursue it (especially now that I might have to go up against you!) because I wanted to develop my other interests. But if you have any questions about medical billing, feel free to contact me. PS-loved your pine derby story!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Maggie, glad you enjoyed the webinar, software, and the pinewood derby story!


Hi Spencer,

Great video! There’s one moment in it that was particularly interesting. It’s where you mention you don’t generally target keywords that also products sold at E-commerce sites. Does that also mean you generally in your own niche websites target services or informational keywords (how to . . .)? That they’re more bang for the buck, you might say?


Spencer Haws

Yep, I avoid keywords that are strictly eccommerce – like “water filters” “led lights”, etc. If all that is ranking is ecommerce sites, I usually move on right away.


Hi Spencer, what do you mean by not having an e-commerce site? Do you mean you don’t recommend setting up an Amazon affiliate site?
Thanks, Olga

Joe Can Write

Thanks for making this available and giving a download link.

I missed the webinar because it started at 8am here and my work starts at 7.30am.

I recently bought LTP but have yet to really use it so will give this a watch to understand it better.


Lady D

This is great, Spencer!
I missed the webinar due to the different time zone, but watched it last night.
I watched the replay and can’t wait wait for further action!
Good luck!


Webinars, classic method of selling your products, in this case Long Tail Pro. Would be surprised if you actually do a webinar anything other than pre selling your product.

Ian Wilcox


I think that most people who follow spencer already have long tail pro or understand what a useful piece of software it is!

What i learn from the video is how to use it a little better and it was nice to see the creator using it for an actual niche project!

I hope spencer did have some sales as a result because its a good tool!

I dont mind if anything is promoted, at the end of the day this is a open public project so if tools are needed and make everyones life easier in meeting the goal of making $$$ per month then so be it! 🙂


Hello Spencer,

Loved your pinewood derby story – definitely the last one the most.
You’re doing simply fantastic on this site.
As you have discussed – use social media to drive traffic back to the adsense niche site.
So, my questions are
1. Is there any adsense policy violation by using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest?
2. What other ways are good for traffic generation for newly-built adsense niche sites?


Partial Passive Income

I will be listening to this later today. I am currently in niche research stage, and wouldn’t mind some inspiration. Thanks Spencer..


This was simply terrific.

Taking us through the process step by step LIVE is going to be enormously valuable to us.

Thank you Spencer … looking forward to each step.


Thanks for the excellent webinar. There is so much good information contained in all of the steps. Lots of actionable information.


Jay Park

Awesome throwback thursday pictures. You’re a great storyteller. Here to finish the rest of the webinar! Thanks for sharing, Spencer.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Jay…maybe I need to do another one with some more stories 🙂

Nicolas Daudin

Hi Spencer,
I’m planning to follow your guidelines to start some niche sites and I have found some very interesting keywords, which are for laundry machines and chimneys…
I am wondering how to monetize my site and saw that several vendors offer affiliate programs.
My only concern is the following: do you really think people will buy online some items that might reach 500$? I mean, can I expect the same conversion rate for a niche site for products around 20 or 30$ and for niche site for products around 500$?
Thanks in advance!



I found your site a few days ago, and I feel like I stumbled upon a treasure chest! The material is relevant, timely, and well-written. Thank you for laying everything out so precisely.

And, thanks for the webinar! So often, people complain that “all the ideas for sites are taken”—your video shows there are still plenty of opportunities if you’re willing to do the work and the research.


seo articles Writers

Your means of explaining everything in this paragraph is really
fastidious, all can without difficulty understand it, Thanks a lot.

Ron Chan

Thanks Spencer, I am going to apply things I learn here to help improve traffic to my Security Guard Training site.


I have done my Keyword research and did the KC analysis.
I have 30 similar Keywords with a KC below 35 and 7 Keywords with a KC of 30 – 24. (theoretically very good)
All of the Keywords have either .com or .net. or .org domains available.

My question:
1) is it better to make one website and then add posts based on the other Keywords ?
2) should I create individual sites on all of the keywords and then add a few posts from other relevant keywords?

if option 1 – what should my domain be?
– the lowest KC
– the highest search volume?
– the highest potential earning?

Option 1 would be the less expensive; 1 domain name, content
Option 2 would be more expensive: 30 domain names, content

I appreciate your replies.


I forgot to add that the average search volume for each keywords is from 200-500
with 1 KW at 850 searches and 1 KW at 1600.

Not a lot of volume, but I am thinking that if I create 1 site with the high volume keyword as EMD and then add pages for all the other KW, then I would benefit from the accumulative volume.
Does that make sense?

Spencer Haws

I would go option one if they are all similar keywords (in the same niche). I would pick a domain targeting a keyword you are very confident you can rank for. (this could be any of the options you mentioned)


Thanks, will keep you updated on the project.

Got to put this out there:

24/07/2013 – made my first $0.40 using your guide.
This is after 10 days of site creation……….

that means:
$1.20 per month
$14.40 per year……….pays for the domain regsitration!


Fred Owusu

Hello Spencer,
I really enjoyed watching this webinar. I have been thinking about getting Long Tail Pro which I will now… I have been following Pat Flynn mostly and learned a lot from him but man, you both have great ideas and great marketing strategies. I did however decide to start building niche sites myself and so far great. My site is ranking on the 1st page of Google after 2 months of work. I will be blogging about it and using the same techniques you and Pat Flynn are using. Oh and by the way I have been in the game for quite some time. Just that I have not made the money you guys are making. Any ways I am going through your niche site and following some steps I might have missed. Thank you Spencer.. Spending all day here on your site 🙂


Happy 1st anniversary for your webinar, Spencer!
I hope I’m not too late to join. 🙂

Thank you for sharing all this.

Spencer Haws

Go for it!

Comprar ebook

I am building a niche site for ebooks and learning a lot on your posts.
Many thanks

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