How to Develop a Long Term Content Strategy for Your Website: Spencer and Samara Coaching Call 6

By Spencer Haws |

Hey everyone, welcome back to another coaching call for Niche Site Project 3!  Are you ready for coaching call 6?

In our last call, we discussed how to make your niche website stand out.  In today’s call, the subject is all about developing a long term content strategy.  These ideas are what can take you from having just a so-so website to having a great website that helps you stand out as an authority.

So, not only do we discuss things like types of content and on-page SEO, but we also go into more in-depth strategies like clickable titles and more.

Overall, I really hope you can apply some of these strategies into your own business!

Samara’s Summary of Call 6…

What’s up guys?

Coaching call no. 6 is a real doozy; you definitely don’t want to miss this one! Spencer finally gets to talking about the content strategy and breaks it down into perfectly understandable bite-size pieces. I now have a much better handle on how to approach the writing side of the project.

As for my site, I have my domain, my About Us page, my Contact page and I’m sorting out the Privacy Policy, but the homepage looks like a barren wasteland! I’m chomping at the bit to start adding some articles, so it was great to learn how Spencer goes about developing a long-term content strategy.

He set out some very useful principles to bear in mind, such as breaking down the text into paragraphs for better readability, combining different types of content, and linking internally and externally. If not for this advice I might have just pumped out some seriously unimaginative, linkless text-only articles.

I have some writing experience, but I’ve never written for a website in this way—targeting keywords, adhering to SEO principles, using specific strategies to captivate readers—so this is all new to me. I realize that, first and foremost, you have to provide value to the reader and make the content interesting. I personally have the attention span of a gnat, so whatever I’m reading needs to be pretty darn good if it’s going to keep my interest; I plan to write with that in mind.

This presentation also answered two burning questions I have always wondered about: how many keywords do you target in a single article, and how many times do you mention that keyword. Spencer lays out some general guidelines he follows (1 keyword per article used 2-4 times in the text) and gives some good ideas for finding other keywords to target in your headings.

I thought that one of the most interesting parts of the call was learning about the different types of blog posts, of which there are around a bazillion. I had no idea there were so many different styles and formats, and I suspect the article on Digital Marketer will be a goldmine. Since learning about the various types of content, now when I read an article online I think, “Oh, this is obviously a crowdsourced post” or “Geesh! Another link round up!”

Spencer also emphasized the importance of having an awesome blog title, which is something I probably wouldn’t have given much thought to otherwise. A better title means your article has a better chance of being read, even ahead of pages that are ranked above you. The two resources he shared for scoring and generating titles seem both fun and helpful, and it looks like I’ll be spending a little more time trying to create titles that blow my potential readers away.

Well, as you’ll see in the video, Spencer isn’t afraid to pile on the work (slavedriver much?) and I have a lot of reading and writing ahead of me, but I dare to say this part is especially exciting, as I’m going to (try to) write things people will (hopefully) read, things that will (hopefully) help people. I can’t wait to hit “publish” on these babies!

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Coaching Call 6 Video:

If you prefer to listen to the audio only of the call, you can download the audio file here.

Developing a Long Term Content Strategy

Keyword Focused Content

Examples of Valuable Content.

Writing and Publishing Content

Organizing Content on Your Site

Types of Blog Posts

How to Create a Great Title

Thrive Content Builder

Assignments for Call 6

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Spencer,Iam going to copy/follow the exact content startegy for my niche sites.

Spencer Haws

Sounds great!


Great piece of information tips in this coaching call.

I have a question related to writing the Pillar Posts.

If I target many keywords with big search volume in the Pillar Post (let’s say I target 10 keywords):

1. Should I make a particular headline for every big keyword (at least 10 headlines)?

2. And also should I add those keywords 2 to 4 times each in my Pillar Post, or just mix them in the headlines is enough to google realize that I’m targeting them?

Thanks for your consideration,

Spencer Haws

10 keywords might be a bit much; usually you have your main keywords (the one in your title), then perhaps 3 to 5 subheadings (each a secondary keyword).
1. Yes (with the caveat about that 10 might be a bit much)
2. No; only worry about using your main keyword 2 to 4 times.


Woah! So many takeaways from this coaching call. Question about categories. Will the categories you choose be the same as your menu headings, or not necessarily? My niche (I don’t want to give it away) can be best compared to spices. So you have a bunch of different spices and uses for those spices. I’m wondering what the 5-7 categories would be?


I’m confused about the WordPress Categories as well. (They obviously are not the same as the website menu because Spencer showed his Categories and they are not the same as his menu.) Spencer, can you explain how WordPress uses these Categories to our benefit? Are they solely keep us organized behind the scenes?

Spencer Haws

Yes, they keep things organized in an SEO friendly way. So, for example, here is my category page for Amazon FBA: WordPress does alot of things behind the scenes like creating these category pages and linking. Makes your site more google friendly.

Spencer Haws

Not necessarily; they certainly could be though. I’m not sure on the spices question; maybe make your categories recipes for “Steak”, “Chicken”, “Vegitables”…center around the types of food, rather than the spices perhaps? I really don’t know…just depends on the content you are writing.


Hi here Spence and Samara. Another epic coaching call, lots of thumbs up for you guys and your whole team. I have 2 questions-

1- Please I would like to know, for each of those different types of content that one can produce, it sure will make a lot of sense to have a sort template that one can give to VA to write the contents, do you have any?
2- Is it a good strategy to aim for a combination of at least 2 of those types of contents in 1 single piece of content or just to stick to one per article. (That sounds a bit confusing hopefully you get my point)

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.


Spencer Haws

1. Yes, templates would help. I don’t have any to share; however, they shouldn’t be too hard to create.
2. You can combine the strategies into one piece of content if you want.


Great post! So you don’t write headlines to the keywords? And they still rank OK?
Also, is it OK to have a category for each brand and product type?

Spencer Haws

The headlines definitely include the keywords. However, the headline is not JUST the keywords (as shown in the video).
Sure on your category question.


Great coaching call Spencer! I’m learning so much each time…thank you. Just got 1 question if I may: What WordPress plugin do you use/recommend for creating a products comparison table (if you are doing a products review article). thanks

Spencer Haws

I use TablePress. Some people also like WebSimon.


Hi Spencer!
First of all Thank you for this great coaching call. I have one question:
Can we rank a website for low competition keywords ( like less than 25KC or less than 30KC and have domain authority less than 20 on top 3 results ) with just writing good and seo optimized articles ( or just doing on-page SEO) ?
Looking for your answer 🙂

Spencer Haws

Yes, absolutely. That’s my main strategy here. I don’t do very much promotion.


Thank you Spencer you make my life easy :p


Hi Spencer, what hosting provider do you use for your niche websites? And what plan? Is the cheapest sufficient, or does page-loading become too slow once traffic starts increasing?

Spencer Haws

Bluehost; cheapest plan: (affiliate link). If your site ever gets enough traffic you can move it; but for most sites this will never be needed.


Spencer, Samara, awesome call once again, packed with valuable info!

Question about categories:
Why do you recommend 5-7 categories to begin with? Say we start with 20 posts, wouldn’t that look a little werid, every category only having 3 or 4 posts? Why not start with 2 or 3 categories and fill them with 10+ posts, and after that add 1 category at a time?

Spencer Haws

Marco, you can do exactly as you explained. Your categories you create won’t actually show up on your website until you’ve written a piece of content for them. I simply asked Samara to create the categories to get her to plan ahead.
And also to clarify, apparently people think categories are the same thing as website menus. That is not necessarily the case…your categories don’t have to show up as menu items if you don’t want them to.


I have a question regarding wordpress. In its settings, there is a checkbox for Discourage search engines from indexing this site. Currently I checked it as I only have 2 posts. Should I unchecked it until I have 10 or 20 articles? Please advise.
Thank you!

Spencer Haws

I would uncheck the box and never recheck it again! You definitely DO NOT wan to discourage search engines from visiting your site.

Doug Cunnington

Hey Vivian, Yeah, what Spencer said. I know you may want to discourage the indexing until your site is ready.

You may be afraid that people will see your site before it’s ready.

But it turns out that no one will actually get to your site right now anyway. Good Luck!


So I decided to start a new site to follow along with the niche site project. I launched mid-December.

I now have 85 articles up and just generated my first few sales yesterday. I forgot how refreshing a new project can be.

Spencer Haws

Wow…monster content production! Congrats on the 85 articles, and your first few sales!

Sunita Saldhana

Great call Spencer! Love the info. Will apply the information on my site and will get back to you with my results. Keep up the great work 🙂

Spencer Haws

Sounds good Sunita!



Are the calls no longer being made available to download anymore?


Spencer Haws

Most of the calls are available on itunes:
However, if enough people raise a “stink” about it, I’ll start inserting the audio files into the posts again.

Katie Lyons

That great Spencer for all podcast!

Hasibur Rahman

Hi Spence, Do you have any post about category selection for niche site post in your blog? I am looking for the guideline but could not found it. I know its very easy but its making me confuse when its a very important issue.

Spencer Haws

I don’t have any posts about it. I would recommend just thinking of a logical way to think about categories in your niche and go for it…no reason to overthink it. Some people call categories “silos”, (although I personally hate that word as it seems to over complicate things). WordPress does everything for you with categories; just pick a way to organize your site, create the categories, and check the relevant categories when you publish a post.


I appreciate your honesty about your affiliate links, Spencer! Useful video again, thanks.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Victor!


i cant say enough thanks again and again to spencer, and im near a 4 year reader of this blog, plus read BHW near 4 years. spencer is one of the most willing share man of the internet, one of the best loving thing i love your each audio/video call is, your speak clearly! I cant stress how important this to me(non english speaking country), because other so called “gurus” video things, i just cant follow the speed, its rediculous unfriendly to us(though we are in small number around the world), but this really really really helpful, and thankful to keep your each video in such quality.

i will soon finish my keyword dig and start build sites, hope can keep up with your guys, and i will post my progress!


Spencer Haws

Thanks Terry…I appreciate the kind words!

Hugh Williams

Hi Spencer, do you any suggestions about the number of topics a website can target? Do you think it is would make developing authority sites easier, or would it damage SEO for my website?

Spencer Haws

I’m not sure how to define “number of topics”. cover hundreds of topics technically.


What happened to the link to the audio file. Is that something you can start including again?


I have two more questions Spencer, I hope you will find the time to asnwer them. I do my best to keep the paragraphs short and readable, since I know that’s how you like them 😉

1) What is your take on silo structure? I have been rattling my brain for the last couple of days to try to come up with a logical structure for my website to include those silo’s, but it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, since a lot of posts belong in more than 1 topic/category/silo and cannot be kept seperate rigidly.

Do you recommencd using silos in the way its ment to be, or are ‘just categories’ good enough? How big is the difference in ranking power and optimal use of on page link juice?

2. Let’s say I’m making a website in the guitar playing niche. Now there is a more famous youtube channel from a someone in that same niche and he has a video called “10 mistakes every guitar players makes”. Can I just take this video, and write out those mistakes in text (post) form, and post them on my website?

Isn’t that going to make me look less authoritative, since the video it’s coming from is from a well-know channel, and I am a smaller website ‘copying’ this content?

Again, thanks for your time and effort you are putting in these videos and user support!

Spencer Haws

1. Don’t overthink silos. WordPress already does it for you! If you just create categories (like I explained in my calls), and then just check the category box when you write an article…that’s it…done. This is a silo structure already in wordpress. There is nothing else to it.
2. Yes. However, it might make sense to come up with an original title and add your own thoughts.


Hi guys, thanks for another great call.
There are some really useful links in there to help generate content ideas and also review your titles.

I came accross a site called as well which gives a great analysis of both seo and any technical issues with your site. I think you can get one free report a month which is really useful.

The other thing that I have been is using a moz pro account if you can afford it, as that gives you on page seo analysis too.

Great stuff guys!

Craig Gunderson

Sorry, Spencer, but I found your advice regarding Header tags to be way off base.

For starters, H tags are integral to the hierarchical structure of the page and should not be chosen for their aesthetic qualities. If your Headers do not appear as the size, or font, or weight, or whatever, that you are hoping for, that should be adjusted in your CSS. This is the separation of presentation (CSS) and content (HTML).

Secondly, screen readers and keyboard-only users rely on the adherence to this hierarchy when navigating a page. So going from an H1 tag (the post title) to an H3 tag for a sub-header can be problematic if there are other H3s on the page.

Spencer Haws

As mentioned, the title of the page in wordpress is your H1 tag. I still don’t see a problem going with H3 instead of H2…this is what I do on…so from an SEO perspective there are no issues.



Very good post.Great content generating ideas.I will definitely try to implement all of them on my new site.

I want to ask that let say we have short listed 10 low competition kws for our one category.3 have 1000 plus search volume and 7 have less search volume.When i will be writing a pillar post on one of the 3 kws having 1000 plus search volume then can i use the other 7 kws (low competiton) as secondary kws in that pillar post keeping in mind that i will also write a separate normal post (1000 words plus) on all these secondary kws.Like i write a pillar post on “best children toys” and in this post ,out of many secondary kws i also use secondary kw ” best children toys for learning” and then in future i also write a separate normal post on “best children toys for learning purpose”.Is it ok to use in such a way

If yes then in future if my both posts will rank for kw “best children toys for learning purpose” then will google consider it duplication of content or not?

Spencer Haws

No you shouldn’t do this. Just write an article titles, “What are the best children toys for learning purpose…(or whatever)” and target all of them with 1 article? That’s the whole point, you can get traffic from all related keywords with 1 article.


Really love these coaching calls, I learn a lot from them, since I’m a beginner. Could you recommend a good website or plugin to create a privacy policy page?

Spencer Haws

Google: free privacy policy generator. There should be a few options.


Thanks Spencer and Samara for your great coaching call. I learn alot from you guys. This call makes me think I am your student as well, :).
Keep up your heath and your motivation,


Hi Spencer! Thanks for this project. It’s helping me A LOT! I have one question that Is similar to Jhonty’s question.

I have 1 KW that is very high competition and has a lot of search volume (12k). for example “Best TV”
But that same KW has little competition and, of course, lower search volume when you add a modifier (Best TV under $200 / $400 / etc…)

I’m trying to rank for the modified KW. But the question is. When I’m done with all the articles with the modifier I’m thinking of creating one big post with all those articles together. And because is going to be a huge post, maybe I can rank eventually for that big KW

This can hurt me for duplicate content?

I don’t know if doing 1 BIG post without the small ones is good because I think that small post (the ones who target a modified KW)can benefit from the Individual title, description and address.

What do you think?


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