[CASE STUDY] How We Sold an Amazon Affiliate Site for $550,000 in 29 Days

By Spencer Haws |

Hey everyone, today I’m excited to bring you a guest post from Greg Elflink, the content manager over at  I have know the founders of Empire Flippers since, well, before Empire Flippers ever existed!

I’ve seen their marketplace grow and I’ve even used it myself to both buy and sell websites.  Lots of great affiliate and other types of websites are constantly coming up over there.

Today, Greg is going to walk you through how they sold a customer’s website on their marketplace for $550,000.  If you are looking at either buying or selling a website, Greg has some great tips.

With that, I’ll let Greg take it from here…

If you could spend two years working on a site that would later sell for almost 14 times more than the average American annual salary, would you?

Spencer is well known for his awesome knowledge of how to build Amazon affiliate niche sites, and if you want to build out sites and make them turn a profit, then this blog is one of the best out there for teaching how to do just that,. You don’t have to go far to see case studies he’s made like this one where he created a successful niche site from scratch.

But what if you wanted to collect future revenue from one of those sites all upfront without having to wait for months on in for your affiliate commissions to come your way?

That is exactly the question confronted by one of our sellers when he listed his Amazon affiliate site in Empire Flipper’s online business marketplace.  This seller in particular realized the earnings he could get “now” by putting his profitable website up for sale.

When it comes to selling your site, one of the most important things you can do is to make it as easy to hand off as possible.

This site had a few things going for it that made it a simple matter of plug and play for the new owner:

The interesting thing about the content on this site is that it was almost all commercial intent-style articles, including reviews, top 10, the best X for Y, etc.

The site covered a vast array of products in the electronics space, too, which goes to show that you can earn quite a significant income in this space even with the lower Amazon Associates commission fee typically attached to sales of electronic products.

The next important piece of selling a business is to make sure that the buyer has seen that the business is profitable. The best way to do this is to keep track of everything — gross profit, expenses (with explanations for the expenses), and net profit. Track these numbers religiously every month.

Of course, we verify the earnings of every Amazon affiliate site that comes into our marketplace, so some of this work can be done for you if you are using a professional broker to sell your asset.

Still, it is good to get into the habit of tracking both profits and your actual traffic. Therefore, make sure you have something like Google Analytics or Clicky set up from the start, so a potential buyer can see any trends or opportunities when they are doing their due diligence on your website.

Now, at this point, you might look at an Amazon affiliate site earning $18,857 per month and wonder, why would anyone sell this?

I mean, it’s pretty passive income, right?

As is the case with an offline business, there is a plethora of reasons why someone might sell an online business. We have had people sell their businesses so they could buy a house free and clear, adopt a child (which is quite expensive to do), or reinvest their profits into other businesses and projects.

In the case of this specific site, the seller was living in a low tax country but had plans to move back to Europe, to a country with a much higher tax rate. Therefore, they decided to sell the business and collect as much money upfront as they could, without having to pay a large tax fee on the profits.

Understanding how taxes work for your specific situation is an important part of doing business, which is why we highly recommend you have good tax counseling as your business gets bigger.

So how exactly DID we sell this business for 0,000 in just over a month?

Let’s dive into the details!

$550,000 Amazon Associate Business Highlights


The business began in August 2014, focusing on the electronics niche, where the vast majority of articles are based on commercial keywords written as in-depth reviews of products.

After producing dozens of articles for over two years, the seller saw the website’s earnings explode. The site currently makes $18,857 on average every single month from the Amazon Associates program. This was all done without a private blog network (PBN), a choice made because Google’s updates of its search algorithm increasingly hammer PBNs. Natural link-building strategies were used instead, making this site a safer investment because it used no black or grey hat strategies.

The site had some expenses —$127 a month — but compared to the net profit, they were pretty minimal and covered the costs of outsourcing and uploading two new pieces of content a month.

Other than its size, the website is a classic Amazon affiliate niche site. The one big difference is that this site has far more content on it than your average niche site, and when I say niche I mean that very loosely. While the site mainly reviewed electronic products, it also reviewed products in tons of other niches, too. The way the branding of the website worked also allowed the new owner to write about pretty much any niche they desired.

As the site’s domain authority grows, it will be able to rank for more and more broader niches as time goes on.

So how did this website get sold for such a high price? How was the valuation done?

The site was initially listed at $565,711, and this price fluctuated due to our monthly re-evaluation. Basically, new net profit and expense numbers are sent in every month, this can move the needle up or down on the price for the business. Ultimately, this business sold for $550,000 due to the negotiation process, which we will get into below.

Let’s talk a little bit about how a site of this size is valuated properly, in order to attract a slew of qualified buyers.

Preparing and Listing the Business

Before this business went live on our marketplace, there were a few items that we needed.

Every site that enters our marketplace has to be vetted if they’re going to become one of our websites for sale. That means we have to verify income and the site’s traffic. Depending on the business, there are several different ways we can go about this. For instance, an Amazon FBA business will go through a different process than an Amazon affiliate business.

For Amazon affiliate businesses (including this one specifically), we verify proof of earnings by logging into the seller’s Amazon account. The seller gives us view-only access, and from there we take screenshots from their accounts to show what they earn with their associated tracking IDs.

This site was a bit different in that it used about 12 different tracking IDs. Once the website was being prepared for sale, the owner converted all the tracking IDs into one to keep all the earnings for the site in one place.

Once our agents logged in and checked everything out, we moved on to traffic.

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Build better internal links with Link Whisper

We always want to make sure the traffic that a website is getting is legitimate, which is why we also get permissions to login to their analytics. Typically, there are two analytics a seller uses:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Clicky (a third party analytics software that is very reliable)

This seller was using Google Analytics, so it was a simple process to login and gather the data.


One thing we make sure of is that the seller doesn’t have any other sites that might be in direct competition with the website they’re selling. While we have ways to figure out who owns what (which obviously we won’t reveal here), this seller in particular was very forthcoming.

He revealed all the sites he owned, and while some had overlap, none of them were directly competing with each other. In the cases of overlap, there were a few items in similar niches that were also written about on the main site. This was unavoidable, since the seller’s site was a gigantic review site covering multiple niches.

We ran all the content through Copyscape, a plagiarism checker, which proved that everything on the website was unique.

After all the vetting was concluded, the website was given the valuation of $553,859 at a 30x multiple. This was due to the length of time it had been around, its solid content, and its long history of ranking on Google.

This initial list price was later changed to $565,711 due to the site accumulating another full month’s worth of earnings in the days after going live on our marketplace. Since the site earned more, the average was adjusted in line with the original valuation given to the site and the price was updated.

Once the site was listed, we began the process of weeding through unqualified buyers to give the seller the “crème de la crème” of qualified buyers.

We do this through our marketing process, which includes advertising the listing to our 35,000+ email list of buyers, plus pushing the listing via social media.

For buyers to see the site in its entirety, they are required to submit a deposit. This gets rid of the majority of tire-kickers, since typically only serious buyers will submit a deposit. From here, the seller will give these new potential buyers access to analytics for them to begin their own due diligence.

Within two days, we had three interested buyers willing to put down a deposit to view the specifics of the site. One even wanted to set up a call with the seller.

While they set up the call, even more depositors came along wanting to start the process of looking over the site.

The Negotiation Process

While many depositors performed due diligence, only a few became qualified enough buyers to allow them to get on the phone with the seller. One issue that potential buyers had with the site, despite the very attractive fact it was monetized via the Amazon affiliate program, was that it wasn’t really focused on a single niche. This turned away a couple of high-end buyers.

However, after our vetting process, we had a range of buyers looking at the site.

The potential buyers that wanted to set up a call with this seller had a few questions:

  1. Did the seller’s VA come with the purchase?
  2. Were there notes on how the seller performed keyword research and built backlinks?
  3. Could the last three months of Amazon ordered items be exported to discuss on the call?
  4. Was the seller’s second site available to purchase as well?

While the second site wasn’t for sale for at least another six months, the seller was more than willing to share his process for growing his sites. His VA wasn’t part of the deal, so the seller decided to create a two-hour video outlining all of the tasks that his current VA did.

This was an awesome value boost, because the potential buyers then had a good roadmap and understanding of how to do the tasks themselves, whether or not they did hire it out to a new VA.

In addition, the seller provided 29 new keywords for a buyer to go after, along with his backlinking process. The seller also provided eight additional articles that he had already had written but had yet to upload to the site. He also included his strategy for how he got backlinks from actual manufacturers of products.

For the keyword research process, the seller decided to instruct the new potential buyer via Skype on how he used Long Tail Pro to find new keywords to target with his website.

The Buyer-Seller Conference Call

Once this information was gathered, the seller and buyer moved ahead with a buyer-seller conference call. These calls are an indicator that a buyer is nearly at the end of our sales cycle. While it doesn’t always happen on a conference call, we do frequently have hard offers made on these calls.

Because of this, we have a deal consultant on the line to assist both the buyer and the seller. The deal consultant coaches the seller about the buyer and helps smooth out the negotiation process.

In this case, the buyer made an offer of $550,000 for the website. The buyer would pay $430,000 upfront as a down payment on the website and then $10,000 a month for the next year in an earn-out scenario.

The seller agreed to these terms and sold the site for a total of $550,000 — receiving a total of $467,500 in total profits after Empire Flippers’ brokerage fees.

Not a bad payday for an Amazon affiliate site!

The Migration of a Six Figure Website to the New Owner

The migration process for Amazon affiliate sites is a pretty straightforward task, and it’s something our migration specialists excel at. Once the down payment was received and the earn out was agreed on, the migration process began immediately, along with a valuation period of 14 days as outlined by the buyer.

All the Amazon Associates links were transferred over to the new owner. Along with the site came a few other domains that were associated with this website. These sites and the main moneymaker were converted into the new owner’s name.

For the seller to receive their $10,000 a month, the earn-out agreement stipulated that the site had to earn at least $14,000 per month.

These earnings were achieved and, as the year went along, the buyer decided to accelerate the payments to the seller, finishing the payments in just four months instead of twelve. The buyer was able to get the seller to agree to a $11k discount for the accelerated payment. The seller was more than happy to get the remaining $109k in his bank account sooner rather than later.

With the buyer verifying traffic numbers and earnings from Amazon’s Associate program, and the seller’s earn-out complete, the deal was closed and deemed successful.

How Can You Sell a Six Figure Niche Site?

Selling a business is an exciting process.

You can collect 20-30 months of profit upfront, often in as little as a month’s time. So what are some quick tips you can use to prepare your site for sale, possibly even in the six figure range?

The sky really is the limit when it comes to how big a niche site can become. While common wisdom dictates that sites always focus on just one niche, this site proved that even a website that meanders around different niches can still be incredibly successful.

If you want to sell your online business, we recommend using a professional brokerage. The seller would have been more hard-pressed to sell this site if it hadn’t been for our marketing of the listing. The buyer reach would have been much lower, and the room for error much larger, without a system in place for both selling and migrating the site successfully.

If you are in the market right now, it might also be worthwhile to check out our podcast episode where we talk about preparing your site for sale.

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Kent Chow

I love this case study very much. This helps me to prepare my niche site sale some days.

Also there are some lessons to pick up here. Thanks for sharing, Greg!

Gregory Elfrink

Hey Kent!

Thanks for your kind words man! I’m glad to hear that it is helping you in your own preparation for sale and that you picked up some good lessons!

Mr. Moneybags

Congrats to the seller! That is an insane amount of money for a WordPress niche website. It makes me wonder why high traffic sites like Huffington Post or Salon lose boatloads of money when a 1 man shop paying people a few bucks here and there to write Top 10 lists for him can make almost $20K a month in profit.

Gregory Elfrink

It’s pretty surreal, isn’t?

Obviously an advantage one-man shops have over places like Huffington post is an extreme low overhead in comparison, plus I think it’d be hard for HuffPo to switch to suddenly monetizing their site with a bunch of Amazon affiliate links (or maybe not?)

Whatever the case is, it is pretty inspiring knowing what a one-man team can pull together in a fairly short amount of time.


I love this case study, thanks Greg.

Gregory Elfrink

Thanks Shobab!

Glad you enjoyed the case study!


Wow, would love to own site like this some day 😉

And would also like to know more about getting backlinks from manufacturer sites. Any info/pointers about this strategy?

Gregory Elfrink

Hey Matjaz!

Honestly, getting a link from a manufacturer site probably isn’t as difficult as you might think. When you combine effective outreach methods used most commonly with white hat SEO strategies, it is really the same as anything else.

You could put together a game plan where you build out very extensive resources and then email the manufacturer if they would be willing to link to your guide on their site, your guide is helping them sell their product anyhow after all so you have a bit more of an “in” then your typical white hat link building strategies.

Most of them will likely deny you, but many of these guy’s sites are VERY powerful. Even if you only get 1 or 2 out of 20, it is likely to be stronger than a PBN link and far easier to maintain from an on-going cost perspective.

If you want a course that talks about white link building, I highly recommend Authority Hacker, and everything here on Spencer’s blog of course


Good write up.

I am interested in knowing whether or not the revenue was averaged of 3, 6 or 12 months and was the site revenue growing month on month or up and down?


Gregory Elfrink

Hey Will!

The average we used for this site was 6 months, and site revenue was growing.

That’s always the beauty of amazon affiliate sites, as they age just more and more articles start ranking and the newer articles start ranking better just from sheer authority domain alone. Solid site built with solid SEO strategies behind it as well.


Just want to congratulate the seller. But my question is how many articles are there on the site $127 spending per month. Also if he is spending $127 a month as expense what is the cost of writers for writing the articles.

All these sales happening over the market place looks cool but building a site like that takes a lot of time and money. I don’t want to impress the audience to think just spending $127 a month you can make $18k a month you need to give more details about the site or the effort gone into it.

I have a site which makes $300 a month but with mediocre content but if I want to use high end writers I can earn more but the cost will go up. I am spending only $90 a month but makes $300 to $350. So givining this kind of guest blog post won’t help Justin & Joe.

Spencer I thought you where legit.

Jacob Pieterz

Gregory Elfrink

Hey Jacob!

I am a bit confused by your comment, this post isn’t a case study of how someone built a website, but rather one about how they sold that site. They’re two very different subjects.

It’s important to remember too that this website builder probably frontloaded the work onto this site, like most of us do with niche site creation. He was probably pumping out far more content and articles at the start.

The site is 2 years old though, so even at 2 articles a month, that is 84 articles on the site. The writing expenses were around $127, so those are pretty expensive articles hinting that they weren’t mediocre content but rather very high quality content. The fact he also got manufacturers to link to his site reinforces that he invested heavily into high quality content instead of a mass of $5 articles off iWriter for his content – at least later on in the site’s existence.

There’s a lot more work than $127 a month, he had to do the keyword research, do the link building outreach campaign, edit the content, vet his writers, make sure the site architecture made sense etc.

I don’t think anyone here (especially Spencer and ourselves) would say that you could build an $18k a month site by blindly spending $127 a month.

As far Spencer being legit – he is.

He’s one of the most authentic marketers around, and if you want to learn the work goes into building out a site like this, then this blog is one of the best places to learn the building process. I highly recommend following along from start to finish with their latest case study where they took people from their audience and mentored them – good stuff.

Great job on the affiliate site doing $300-350 a month, that’s more than most people who start a site. My recommendation is to grow that site, you’re in a profitable niche obviously already, and if you set up the domain to be a brandable name then you should be able to grow it to even greater heights.

A lot of our BIG Amazon affiliate sites doing $5k-8k a month or more, they often hovered around the $300-500 a month level before they started to really explode upwards as Google started awarding them with rankings. So keep going! It is likely your site is just a few months away from turning a major corner!


Thanks for the reply and the explanation. Sorry if I was too rude on this issue of $127 a month if the site owner is spending $127 for two articles then definitely it should be high quality pillar articles.
I really appreciate your response. My site is growing at very slow phase right now hopefully it might pick up soon.

Thank You

Gregory Elfrink

Hey Jacob!

No worries man 🙂

Amazon affiliate sites tend to grow slow at the start, but just keep putting in that consistent effort man. It’ll definitely pay off in dividends. As I mentioned before, these kind of sites tend to reach a tipping point where they really balloon up with income as long as you put in the few months of dedicated work (often where you’re getting paid pennies).

You’re definitely onto something though at the $300 a month level, I hope to hear it grow even bigger 🙂

Julie Elangwey

Trust me this is huge! Congratulation GREG! I have a question, what kind of backlink strategy are you using to build natural link? Like I recently a built a website for salesforce for nonprofit organizations and I need to rank this keyword salesforce for nonprofits! Unluckily 🙁 I have only 45 days to rank this keyword. I hope I get some help from your side. Kent, I need your help too. Cheers 🙂

Gregory Elfrink

Hey Julie!

45 days! Wow! That is a super tight deadline if it is a brand new website!

I would highly recommend Brian Dean’s Backlinko blog where he talks about Buzzstream for your outreach, as you’ll probably want to really hammer out high quality white hat links. Buzzstream is one of the better outreach tools out there that can really speed up the process and do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Personally, for Empire Flippers, we don’t really focus much on backlinking anymore. We have pretty good SEO throughout our website, so our content strategy has shifted into a more strategic positioning campaign versus just trying to get a good backlink.

As far as this seller goes, he chose to go for manufacturers using his content to convince them to link to him when he emailed them.

One thing you could try is to approach non-profits with high DA that have a donors page. A lot of these donors pages will link out to the donor’s business website. You could email them asking to donate money to the charity and if you could be linked on the donors page, it is often an awesome way to get really high quality links for really low cost (plus you’re helping people in the process, so it is a win-win!)

Hopefully that helps and good luck!

Julie Elangwey

Hi Gregory, Wow, you gave me flawless idea, definitely, I will try this method.


I like this case study. how can i earn money from amozon. can you give the brief details.

Gregory Elfrink

Hey Manchun!

Glad you enjoyed the post! I would recommend Spencer’s follow along series where him and two others trained three people from his audience from taking an Amazon affiliate site from the very start and turning them into profitable websites.

It’ll guide you through everything you need to know to get started.

There is also a great Amazon affiliate specific course called AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp by Tung Trang over at – highly recommend that resource as well.

Kowshik Chandra Chanda

wow huge success. Congratulation!

Though I understand, it’s a guest post and the linking strategy in the post tell me that it was a paid one. But I would really like to know more details about the site you are talking about.

Spending $127 and earning over 18K per month seems really something lucrative but to support those number you have to put some more information like , how was the starting, how many articles on the site, how much traffic, and other relevant information would have been appreciated.

Thanks 🙂

Gregory Elfrink

Hey Kowshik!

Most Amazon affiliate sites, niche sites and probably sites in general, have most of the work frontloaded. The vast majority of the seller’s work probably was done in the first 4 months of the site, then he was able to focus mainly just on link building strategies.

His link building strategy wasn’t a paid one, he got manufacturers to link to his blog content because it was useful to their audience so they were more than happy to link to him.

Most Amazon affiliate sites are launched with about 20 articles or so, a mixture of information how-to style articles and commercial articles such as reviews or “top of” style articles.

Hopefully that helps!

As your Amazon site grows, you’ll be able to back off on doing so much content creation and focus more on link building, or building out content that can become linkable resources (such as in the case of this seller)


Interesting insights.

I have some questions:

1) How much influence on the selling price does it have if you own directly competing sites?
2) How is a backlink-collection mostly based on TheHoth valued?

And an observation: Google’s bounce rate is strange. I have 1.42 pages views/visitor (compared to 1.23 in this article) on one of my sites, yet my bounce rate is significantly higher. Obviously need to research more on Google’s bounce rate formula.

Gregory Elfrink

Hey Sebastian!

Let me breakdown your questions here.

1. If a seller has a directly competing site, then they have to include the sale of that site with this one (the package of course would increase the actual listing price of the site since the buyer is getting more bang for their buck). Most of our sellers end up signing a 3-year non compete in the niche as well, so the buyer can feel comfortable that the seller isn’t just going to get back into the space once they have the money in their bank account. Now, there are a few exceptions here, but this is our general practices when it comes to directly competing sites.

2. We have no valuation base specifically for Hoth. We look at the link profile of every website, making sure there is no spammy links (porno, viagra etc.) types pointing to the site, and we also make sure that there is no PBN if the seller says they didn’t use a PBN using some internal strategies of ours. Hoth has the ability to create some good sites, it’s been a while since I’ve looked at their service, but a year or two ago I knew people ranking sites almost purely through the Hoth.

And yes, Google bounce rate certainly can be confusing!

Robert L. Peterson

Just love this case study and this is a huge success , motivational

Gregory Elfrink

Hey Robert!

I’m so glad it motivated you! Use that motivation and go out and build something huge! This guy built this site in just two years, with a lot of hard work and sweaty equity coupled with strategies that Spencer teaches on this blog, you can build out something really amazing!

Abdul Samad

I just wanna congratulate you on getting huge amount of money just from Amazon niche site!

It’s really awesome to get more than enough money.

Thanks for posting this awesome Case Study, I’ll try my luck for sure!

Gregory Elfrink

Hey Abdul!

I hope it works out for you man!

Just remember, these sites can take 6-7 months before they even see a penny. Once you past that threshold though,your earnings can really become something very substantial with your content site.

Hope it works out for you and make sure to scour Spencer’s blog for all the best practices!

Gregory Elfrink

Glad you enjoyed the post Abdul!

It’s really amazing, but with Amazon affiliate sites… the sky is truly the limit with what you can earn with them once you master building and scaling them out – and this was just one website.

Build a well oiled team and you could have several websites in the works that are heading in the same direction as this site went.

Browsing Phones

I love this case study, detailed, insight and inspiring. Will definitely follow this guide and list my blog for sales.

Thanks NichePursuit

Gregory Elfrink

Look forward to seeing your sites on our marketplace 🙂


Thanks for this example.

Can you please clarify what is the bulk of the websites you sell on your sites?
do you get lots of amazon affiliate sites, or rank and rent websites?

Gregory Elfrink

Hey Paulo!

The businesses we sell on Empire Flippers range across the board, from lead gen sites to Amazon FBA businesses.

That being said, our roots are in Adsense and Amazon affiliate sites and that remains to be our bread and butter in a lot of ways. We’re very familiar with how they work, after all… our brokerage begin by selling the niche sites we ourselves created!

We are starting to see more rank and rent style websites come into play as well, but this is still a smaller portion of our market (that we’re looking to increase).

Bhuboy de Leon

wow, that was a really great payday, one that I want to experience my self in the future

Gregory Elfrink

You can do it Bhuboy!

All it takes is some concentrated work with a good plan to implement. Highly recommend Spencer’s training on this blog if you’re looking to take your Amazon affiliate site to the next level in order to sell it for a good payday.


Very informative. With any luck (and a lot of work), hopefully you’ll be hearing from me in a year or two wanting to sell my site.

Gregory Elfrink

Looking forward to it David!

It can definitely happen in a year. This site after all was up and profitable in just about 24 months before it was sold.

It IS a lot of work, but it IS totally worth it!


I think you should have given the link back to the website sold as well. Here is the listing, incase anybody wants to have a look,

Gregory Elfrink

Thanks Thomas 🙂

Steven Scheeler

How many words did you use in each article? Did you outsource the wrighting of each article? What service did you use?

Gregory Elfrink

Hey Steven!

The articles would be over a 1,000 words each, as many were review articles of several similar products. He was spending around $127 a month, most of which was spent on 2 articles a month, once the website was more or less on “autopilot” mode.

So you’d be looking at $40-60 per an article or so of high quality content. His content was especially high quality because he had the manufacturers of these products actually linking to his reviews on his website, which means he invested in higher quality articles than simple $5 filler fluff from iWriter.

If you’re looking for advice on hiring writers, I highly recommend two avenues:

1. Upwork – a ton of talented writers on here, just be prepared to filter through them. Once you find a good writer, hold onto that person for as long as possible!

2. Reddit – You can often get great writers that are actually passionate about your niche by posting a job offer in a related subreddit. Often these writers will cost a similar amount as those as HireWriters would, but the content will often be a lot better since it’s written from someone with actual experiences within the niche.

Steven Scheeler

Great work. Thanks for the information.

Durga Chalisa

Really in depth and insightful article Greg! Keep up the great work buddy…

Gregory Elfrink

Thanks Durga!

Hopefully the case study helped you out with your own goals a bit 🙂


Awesome case study, thanks a lot 🙂 I have one question though, what were the link building sources for this site? Sponsorships? Forum posts or guest posts? Thanks for your time.

Gregory Elfrink

Hey Mike!

One of the main linking strategies here was the seller actually reached out to the various manufacturers of the products to get a link directly from their website to his reviews.

In order to do this successfully though, you are going have to make sure your content is very high quality. If you can swing it though, that is a pretty awesome link and a lot of manufacturing websites have pretty good authority (especially when giving such a relevant link as to a guide ABOUT their product!).

Basically, this seller used white hat email outreach, but focused on bigger fish (manufacturers) versus just other blog owners within his niche.


WOW! How I wish one of my websites would earn this much. This is definitely one of the best site flipping case studies I’ve read and am very inspired by it. Thanks Greg for sharing!

Gregory Elfrink

Hey Ferdinand!

That means a lot, I always love it when I can write something that really adds value to someone’s life or inspires them into action. So thank you!

Just keep working hard, learning new strategies and stay consistent. Eventually, you could get a payday just like this guy with an Amazon affiliate site of your own.


Hey Greg, congrats on your team for brokering the sale and thanks for sharing some of the details of the website.

How many total pages did the site have?

Gregory Elfrink

Hey Manuel!

I am not sure how many pages were on the site when we sold it, as the new owner has since added more content to it. The key to this site wasn’t so much quantity of pages though, but rather the high quality nature of the content itself.

Also, thank you for the compliment, it was a great deal to broker for sure!

Abdulwali Yahaya

There’s no need saying you really invested in it in terms of time and experience. You’re really a genius and I just hope I could build and sell something like this someday. Nice one…!!!

Gregory Elfrink

With enough time and proper effort, I imagine you an Abdulwall!

Check out everything Spencer teaches on here, it’ll shorten the path for you quite significantly.

Frank Joseph

I did sold a website earning $370 for $8,900 at empireflippers within 1 hour! I have reinvested over 60% of that money to build an authority site that will be making $5000+ in 1 year from now.

Can’t wait to sell it again!

Gregory Elfrink

That’s awesome Frank!

Make sure to systemize your whole process to help scale building out sites!

We look forward to seeing you on the marketplace again man! 🙂


I’m really surprise to heard that huge selling Idea. At the first time, I have no Idea about Affiliate marketing and Niche, when I start this, someone said that, you can earn $1000 every month. But reading this content, I understand that we earn money from selling niche site. But one thing, if we earn this huge then How to build this site process?

Gregory Elfrink

I would recommend following Spencer’s teachings on Niche Pursuits.

Tung’s AMZ Bootcamp from Cloud Living, and Mark Webster’s Authority Hacker Pro courses also give a great step-by-step guide to creating huge content sites. All three of them offer sound wisdom.

This site is just, at the end of the day, a REALLY big Amazon affiliate site like the ones Spencer shares in his case studies on here.

You can definitely do it! The sky is the limit! 🙂

Muhammad Zaman

I just wanna congratulate you on getting huge amount of money just from Amazon niche site!
It’s really awesome to get more than enough money.
Thanks for posting this awesome Case Study,
I love this case study, thanks Greg.

Gregory Elfrink

Hey Muhammad!

Thanks man, really appreciate the compliment!

MD Muniruzzaman

Excellent share Greg. I am really surprised to see that huge amount. It gives me special influence. Thanks.

Gregory Elfrink

Glad to hear it man! I hope it inspires you to achieve something similar for yourself!


I am going through my Godaddy domains purchased, and I just realized that it’s been almost 2 years since I registered a domain for the same exact type of website – an Amazon affiliate review site focused on consumer electronics. It is a great name. Too bad the domain is just sitting parked with no website. Thanks for the encouraging post Greg. It’s just the post I need. I’m going to install WordPress now.

Gregory Elfrink

Yes! it takes a lot of work, but still… it is SUPER worth it when it comes to what is waiting at the end of the journey with these kind of sites. A lot of times, it takes a while before an Amazon affiliate site really starts hitting its stride.

Keep going!


Hello Gregory,

very cool post. Can you please tell which country the seller moved to? and most important how much content was on the website are we talking 100 articles 200, 500 or in the thousands.

Thank you in advance


What i need to ask is after finding a niche, how do you post contents. I understand that if you have the money, then you can outsource them. The reason I’m asking is that even after i find a niche, i probably don’t know anything about the niche, then how do i flood the website with contents?

When you have no idea about something, it takes a full day of reading & another full day of writing your own unique article. In other words if i start targeting keywords (both long & short tail), then its impossible to rank, except it’s only me in that niche.

Gregory Elfrink

Hey George!

The best way to learn about a new niche you know nothing about is by using forums and reading a lot of content yourself. For the pieces of content you do outsource you should be writing an outline for your writers to follow. The less research they have to do, the better the content will likely be especially if you structure the outline in a good format.

There is really noway around the research time unless you already have a good project manager that can take the keywords you research to group them into topics that make sense for your blog

Tally erp 9 crak

I like this case study. how can i earn money from amozon. can you give the brief details…


Why in Pakistan Amazon Not Work???


Hello Gregory,

I’ve just found this article and he is very inspirational, so thanks a lot!

I have two questions, hopefully you can answer:

– I’m not sure to understand why it’s forbidden for the seller to have another website in the same niche? It’s something I like to do for some obvious reasons (being the #1 result, as well the #2, the #3). If the website that I’m selling has the same revenue during several month, I d’ont understand why it’s a problem.

– Is it possible to sell a French website on Empire Flippers? Do you think it mights interest some buyers?

Thanks in advance for your answer and for the good job! 🙂

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