Amalinks Pro Review: Can You Boost Your Amazon Associates Income with This WordPress Plugin?

By Brady Cargle |

Ever feel like you're spinning your wheels?

Not moving forward in your business, just kinda stuck. Income isn't improving, your site doesn't look different.

What if there was a way to improve your site's branding, look, and income while working less?

It's not a fairy tale. It's a better and faster way of monetizing your pages with Amazon Associates while still looking amazing.

In this Amalinks Pro review, we're going to look at what this software can do for your Amazon Associates earnings. Let's get started.

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AmaLinks Pro Review
  • Ease of Use - 100
  • Appearance - 100
  • Return on Investment - 100
  • Price - 80


Amalinks Pro helps you maximize your return on investment by turning visitors into buyers. It's easy to learn and works great. You can click here to use Amalinks Pro on your site today


  • Makes it easy to monetize your pages
  • Buttons, boxes, and tables look amazing
  • Fast product changes with editable shortcodes
  • User friendly with almost no learning curve


  • A little pricey

Amalinks Pro Review

Let's start out with some pros and cons of Amalinks Pro.

Amalinks Pro Good Stuff

We'll get started with the good news, and there's quite a bit of it:

Easier To Monetize Your Pages

Amalinks Pro helps you monetize your pages by helping you add affiliate links of all types. You can add text, pictures, buttons, showcase boxes (these are awesome), and tables. The whole plugin is very easy to use and there's almost no learning curve.

Looks Great

The monetization you add won't look spammy or gross. Amalinks Pro buttons, tables, showcase boxes are very attractive plus you can customize almost everything. That's good news for your branding and building a custom look.

Fast Product Changes With Shortcodes

One thing I love about Amalinks Pro is that they let you change your buttons and product boxes with a single shortcode. You change the ASIN and you're set. That's good news since it saves you time and helps your writers guarantee accuracy with every product.

Amalinks Pro Not So Good Stuff

Now let's talk about the single con of Amalinks Pro:

A Little Pricey

It's not too pricey. But it is more expensive than competitor services. Some would argue that it packs a lot more features (and I agree). But it may not be the best option for someone on a very strict budget.

However, you can actually get a discount right now if you use my special link right here.

Amalinks Pro Tutorial

Amalinks Pro works as a part of the WordPress editor. When you're editing a post or page, you'll get a small button near the top that says Amalinks Pro. You can click this button to be taken to the Amalinks Pro options.

wordpress editor amalinks pro

And when you click this button, you taken to a screen that asks you for your keywords or the ASIN of the product you want:

amalinks pro search bar

I searched for “hiking shoes”. Amalinks Pro gives you a list of options. If you'd like, you can put in an exact title from Amazon and Amalinks pulls that product up.

The list Amalinks gives you shows whether products are Prime eligible. You can view or choose the item. 

Once you click Choose, you can see all of the things you can do with Amalinks Pro:

amalinks pro links

Let's take a look at each of these.

Text Links

Texts links with Amalinks Pro are pretty standard. You get a preview of what the link will look like and options to change it:

amalinks pro text link

If you like your link, you're given more options: You can open it in a new tab, set nofollow, or set it to add a product to a visitor's cart.

I discuss why adding to cart might be an option for you later on down the post, so keep reading.

I don't think the text linking is super useful and it takes a minute longer than just using Sitestripe. I get all my text links from Sitestripe.

Image Link

Image links add Amazon's pictures into your site. This is fine since Amalinks Pro uses the Amazon API. Do not just download and insert these pictures; that's against Amazon's TOS and can get you banned.

Amalinks Pro allows you to choose from any of the available pictures for that product:

amalinks pro image links options

Once you select which image you want to insert, you get additional options. You can pick alignment (left, center, or right), whether you want the link to open in a new tab, be nofollow, or to add the product to a visitor's cart.

And now that we've taken a look at images and text, let's take a peek into the areas where Amalinks Pro really stands out.

CTA Links

A CTA link means a “call to action” link. But really, it's short for one word: a button.

A button may look like this:

click here to make awesome buttons with Amalinks Pro

But ours are custom coded. With Amalinks Pro, you can make beautiful buttons and insert them into your content in just a few seconds. The standard Amalinks Pro button looks pretty good:

amalinks pro button

But they give us an option to edit this button. They give us a lot of options to edit this button:

amalinks pro edit button 3amalinks pro edit button 2amalinks pro edit button 1

These extensive customizations are super important. You can create a button that matches your branding, converts well, and looks amazing.

But one thing I like even more than the button customization is how the buttons are inserted into the text. Instead of giving you a wall of HTML, Amalinks Pro gives you a shortcode. All you have to do is change the ASIN for any different products.

amalinks pro button shortcode

This makes changing out your buttons super fast. If you're doing a roundup style post with several products, you can continue to use the same buttons for the whole post. Just change out the ASINs for each product. You can find the ASIN in any Amazon URL. It's almost always after /dp/. Like this:

amazon asin in url

I love this shortcode method of adding buttons since it makes it very easy to edit writers.

And Amalinks Pro doesn't just make awesome buttons. They also make something called a showcase box.

Showcase Boxes

Showcase boxes are one of the newer and more awesome ways of featuring products on your website. They can show images, gives descriptions, and include buttons for the product. The Amalinks Pro showcase boxes look like this:

amalinks pro showcase box

Everything with an eye next to it is something that you can change about the box. That's to say: you can pretty much edit every part of this. You can change elements how you like or just hide them from view.

And of course you get to open links in new tabs, add nofollow, or add the product to a visitor's cart.

Once you're ready, you get a shortcode like this:

amalinks pro showcase short code

I'm not as big of a fan of this shortcode as I am for the button one. You can change out the ASIN, but that doesn't change the product description checklist.

amalinks pro check list doesn't change

That's pretty frustrating. And for a while, there was no workaround to this…

But now there is. Amalinks Pro heard what users wanted and they added the ability to have short shortcodes. They look like this:

amalinks shortcode change asin

You can change the ASIN and you're good to go. That's much faster for you and much safer for your writers.


Amalinks Pro also allows you to build product comparison tables.

And I've gotta admit: these look pretty good.

From the WordPress editor, you'll get into the table builder the same way you access everything else related to Amalinks Pro: click the Amalinks Pro button above the editor.

Once you've got Amalinks Pro pulled up, click Table Builder

amalinks pro add table

And you'll get a screen with settings on the left side and an un-made table on the right. To add products to your table, click the + button.

amalinks pro add items to table

And then search for your keyword. After you run your search, you'll get a list of all the items you can add into your table. Click on the ones that you want to input.

amalinks pro select items

A green check mark will show up next to each item you want in your table.

And when you're done with that, you'll get a chance to edit your table. You can change the color, pick which columns show up on different devices, add new columns, display whether an item is Prime eligible, and more.

You might end up with something like this once all is said and done:

amalinks pro table

There are a lot of customization options, so you'll be able to get your table to match your brand. 

Are you liking what you see? You can click here to start using Amalinks Pro on your site today

Monetize your site better with Amalinks Pro

Now that we've gone through the wringer of Amalinks Pro, let's talk about the last great barrier to any purchase: the pricing.

Amalinks Pro Price

Amalinks Pro has 4 different pricing plans: basic, blogger, premium, and platinum. We'll do a deep dive of each of these below. 

When looking at pricing, I think we need to get off of the dollar signs and pay more attention to your return on investment. Is a dollar here going to help your site earn more?

I think that Amalinks Pro's pricing represents a high return on investment. Even the most expensive annual plan is less than $20 per month. Just one or two extra conversions per month could more than pay for your subscription.

So I think that at all levels, Amalinks Pro represents a high return on investment for your money spent.

Amalinks Pro Basic

Amalinks Pro Basic costs $67 per year and works for 5 websites. You get access to everything in Amalinks Pro except for the table builder.

This is a good option for a budget buyer with several websites.

Amalinks Pro Blogger

Amalinks Pro Blogger costs $67 per year and works with 1 website. But you get access to the table builder.

So for a single site, you can have full and unhindered access to Amalinks Pro.

This is a good plan for someone who wants to monetize better with Amazon but just has the 1 site.

Amalinks Pro Premium

Amalinks Pro Premium costs $197 per year and works with 25 websites. You get access to the table builder.

This is a good plan for someone who has several sites and wants the table builder. Even at $197 per year, you're still just looking at around $17 per month. That's a pretty low investment to make your site look better and boost your conversions.

Amalinks Pro Platinum

Amalinks Pro Platinum costs $497 and works with an unlimited number of websites. This plan has no yearly subscription, so it's a one-time fee for your business.

You get full and unrestricted access to all that is Amalinks Pro. I recommend this plan for someone with several websites who doesn't like annual subscription fees. It costs as much as 2.5 years of Amalinks Pro Premium, so it'll take a few years to pay itself off.

But over the long run, I think it's a solid investment.

Who Is Amalinks Pro Best For?

Below I'll run through some common reader situations and we'll discuss whether Amalinks Pro will help your business.

The New Amazon Associate

I'm going to put you in this camp if you have a site or sites making less than $500 per month from Amazon Associates.

Amalinks Pro might not be the best option for the new Amazon associate. This isn't any fault of Amalinks Pro; instead, you can hold Amazon responsible. 

It used to be that everyone and their mother could access the Amazon API (the tool used to grab pictures, pricing, and reviews off of Amazon). Amazon has started restricting access and only allows you to use the API if you're getting some sales.

There's no exact limit that I can find, but you might not be able to use the API if you aren't drawing in a few sales per month.

And without the API, Amalinks Pro doesn't work.

I'd recommend getting a few sales and applying for the Amazon API. If you can use the API, I don't hesitate to recommend Amalinks Pro.

The Experienced Amazon Associate

I'll put you here if you're making over 0 per month from Amazon Associates.

Let me toss in another quick caveat that you'll have to have some Amazon affiliate sales to get access to the API 🙂

If you do have access, then I think that Amalinks Pro can help you a lot. It can monetize your posts, looks a lot better than anything you can draw from Sitestripe, and I think it gives you an overall “branded” look.

Not to mention that I think the showcase boxes look a lot better than competitor showcase boxes. The level of customization you get on buttons and tables is unmatched in other tools.

The Portfolio Site Owner

Amalinks Pro allows you to use their software on up to 25 sites for less than $200 per year. I think that's a huge boon if you have a portfolio of websites.

The Affiliate Who Doesn't Use Amazon

Amalinks Pro won't be able to help you much 🙂

What About Me?

I think that Amalinks Pro can be a helpful tool for you if you're an Amazon Associate and have some sales under your belt. It helps your site look amazing, reinforces your brand, and helps you boost your revenue.

Amalinks Pro represents a high return on investment. Even the most expensive annual plan is less than $20 per month. If Amalinks Pro helps you convert just one or two more buyers, then you have already paid for your membership.

And I think it will help you convert more buyers.

If you're new to Amazon Associates and don't have any sales yet, I recommend that you stick to Sitestripe until you've made a few. With a few sales you can get access to the API and with it, full use of Amalinks Pro.

Think Amalinks Pro would work for you? Click here to try Amalinks Pro now

Frequently Asked Questions

Now let's discuss some things that people ask about Amalinks Pro.

Do I need anything to use Amalinks Pro?

You won't need any other software to use Amalinks Pro. You will need to be on self-hosted WordPress (not, have PHP 7.0 or greater (check with your host) and access to Amazon's API. Amazon grants access after your first few sales.

Does Amalinks Pro work with page builders?

Yes! Amalinks Pro works with regular WordPress, Gutenberg, Thrive Architect, Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder.

Does Amalinks Pro handle geolocation?

Amalinks Pro doesn't handle geolocation. But they have compatibility with GeniusLink and with Amazon OneLink.

Can I use Amalinks Pro in a widget?

Yes. They even include instructions on how to insert Amalinks Pro into your widgets.

Boosting Your Amazon Affiliate Revenue

When it comes down to it, we have to ask one question:

Will this tool help boost your Amazon affiliate income?

And I think the answer to that is yes, it will help you. Amalinks Pro's amazing look helps convert visitors to buyers. It's simple to use and works faster than Sitestripe, so you're saving time to boot.

If you want to get started, you can click here to use Amalinks Pro on your site

Maximize your ROI with Amalinks Pro

How are you monetizing with Amazon? Do you think you should be squeezing out a few more dollars? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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Paulo Ribeiro

I have a doubt about the API access. I have an API for my amazon associate from USA. The API keys are active.

but i also have another Amazon associates account for Brazil and checked the APIs are the same but they have the status of inactive.

so i dont know if i can use the API for the Amazon associates in Brazil since they are in inactive status (since the API key is the same).

And for last but not least, if i am using the Amazon BR inventory will this plugin get the products information in Portuguese language or i will need to translate from English?

thanks in advance.

Brady Cargle

Hi Paulo, great questions.

You’d have to contact Amazon support about the API keys for Brazil. If you have sales on that account, you shouldn’t have any problems getting new API keys.

Amalinks Pro pulls from the product description listed on Amazon. If the product description is in Portuguese, Amalinks Pro will have Portuguese 🙂 Worse comes to worst, you can edit every part of the product box and write your own product information if you want.

Paulo Ribeiro

Hi Brady,

Thanks for the clarification.

Kind regards.

Brady Cargle

Hey Paulo, glad to help 🙂

Alchemy Coder

For those of you without access to the Amazon Product Advertising API, we have some features coming out for you in November 2019….stay tuned!

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