59 Best Small Business Ideas for People in Rural Areas with a Little Hustle

By Shane Dayton |

There are plenty of great small business ideas for rural areas that prove there's still plenty of opportunities there.

Rural regions offer challenges but offer a low cost of living, more relaxed pace of life, and plenty of chances to make money via a side hustle that truly helps out the community.

What's better than making good money as a small business owner? Being able to tangibly help revitalize a small town while doing it!

Small Business Ideas for Rural Areas!

Here are 59 great business ideas for rural areas. Many that don't even require funding from a business loan to get started!

Use Technology to Your Advantage

One of the biggest opportunities for rural businesses to grow and thrive is using technology to bring new life to old business models. An antique store in a very small town at a non-tourist destination can only have so much traffic.

But if you sell antiques on eBay or online (as my parents did very successfully for a few years) out of a physical location, that can work very well.

Many small community businesses that have struggled in recent years could thrive with an online business/physical location combination focus. The biggest problem in many cases is good internet access in very rural locations.

But hotspotting off of smartphones has even created a workaround in many areas where this might not have been possible even a few years ago.

There's also many places where a strong movement to shop locally and support local businesses means having an online listing is even more important. Even for sparsely populated rural areas.

Add in the fact that you can do many things in the country easily you can't do in the city, and the YouTube channel/blog possibilities really take off.

Whether opening a seasonal ice cream shop, finding a better way to run an organic poultry farm, or creating a deep woods “permacamp” YouTube channel, rural areas offer many opportunities for strong entrepreneurs who are willing to be creative in applying new technology and tools to old styles of business.

Make a blog about business in a rural setting. Add on a YouTube channel. Even moderate success here can add even more to your income.

And in a beautiful peaceful rural community where you can take a dollar a long way (much further than the big city for sure). That's definitely not nothing.

Here's to your on-going success!

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By Shane Dayton

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