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By Spencer Haws |

Welcome to Niche Site Project 4! 

So, what is a “niche site project?”.  In a nutshell, it's a public case study where I build a brand new site and document the journey as it grows (hopefully) for you to learn from.  I plan to share everything from earnings, traffic, and even the site itself so you can check it out.

If you have been a Niche Pursuits reader for a while, you will know that I've done this 3 times in the past.  However, each project has been a little bit different.

During Niche Site Project 4, I personally plan to build a niche site from scratch (I won't be coaching a “student”).  However, I am encouraging readers to participate and build a new site right along with me.

You can officially join Niche Site Project 4 here even though it already started!  Click here to join Niche Site Project 4!

Read the posts below to get all the detailed updates!

For a quick summary of the timeline and major milestones of the project, please see the list here:

After doing 12 months of monthly reports, I decided to stop publishing monthly updates.  However, I will still provide periodic updates when I hit other milestones or have some other major update to share.

For now, I am still working on growing!

As a reminder, the timeline above does NOT include every single post I've written for Niche Site Project 4.  You can find all of them below.  Thanks!


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Hi Spencer
Can you show time of post and comment? I just come back your site from longtime. I can not recognize which is updating from your site. Thank you

Christopher Chorley

Hi Spencer, Really looking forward to Niche Site Project 4. 🙂

I’m going to be building my first affiliate website has we go along.

Really enjoy the content, thank you. x


Spencer Haws


Allan Johnson

Hello Spencer,

I have been following your projects for awhile and will be participating in Project #4.

Your website content and Podcast are GREAT!

Thank you and look forward to be in the top 10 finishers!



Thank you for sharing…..its been a great privileged


Hi Spencer,

I just found your website and podcast and am starting to delve into world of SEO and affiliate marketing. Thank you for sharing so much information! I’ve found these articles extremely helpful.

If the top google results from my chosen keyword come from sites like Pinterest and one-off articles from major magazine and news outlets, is that a sign that the keyword is too competitive?

Spencer Haws

Not necessarily.



I got a domain name for my niche project and it is 25 characters long. Is the length of domain name matters? How long do you think right?



I have been following the niche site project series, I learned so much from it and it gave me just the enough confidence to start my own project. keep doing the great work, I am hungry for new case studies.

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the feedback, Billy. Glad you are learning so much from the niche site projects!


Great Journey Spencer. I also start tech based site and publish just 2 articles each one is 6K+ words but still no traffic and ranking. Any advice please??

Minimum how many words article you suggested???


Brady Cargle

Hi Bilal,

Keep working at it! Posts are ranking quick if they rank within 6 months nowadays. Articles should be as long as it takes to answer all of a reader’s questions


Thanks Spencer for sharing all the information with us. It’s not frequent to find the information you are providing. I’m keep trying to build my niches and trying to get some profit. At this moment just few euros per month.

Brady Cargle

Hey Ricard, I’m the content manager here at Niche Pursuits. Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words 🙂 you have to start somewhere. The first few bucks are the hardest, so keep at it.


Hi Spencer,
Just want to know when monthly revenue will be posted. After April 2019, project status not updated.

Brady Cargle

Hi Prasad, I’ll update that this week 🙂

Leo of WPStarters

Hi Spencer,

I’m an accidental affiliate marketer. Was trying to rank for my online store, started writing on VPNs and boom, affiliate marketing fees. It wasn’t much back then.

WPStarters is a growing WordPress site earning reasonable affiliate marketing income. It can grow much more with the right strategies and implementation that I just learned from your site.

Wished I found out about NichePursuits earlier! 🙁