Niche Site Project 4

Welcome to Niche Site Project 4! 

So, what is a “niche site project?”.  In a nutshell, it's a public case study where I build a brand new site and document the journey as it grows (hopefully) for you to learn from.  I plan to share everything from earnings, traffic, and even the site itself so you can check it out.

If you have been a Niche Pursuits reader for a while, you will know that I've done this 3 times in the past.  However, each project has been a little bit different.

During Niche Site Project 4, I personally plan to build a niche site from scratch (I won't be coaching a “student”).  However, I am encouraging readers to particpate and build a new site right along with me.

Read the posts below to get all the detailed updates!

For a quick summary of the timeline and major milestones of the project, please see the list here:

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As a reminder, the timeline above does not include every single post I've written for Niche Site Project 4.  You can find all of them below.  Thanks!


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Hi Spencer
Can you show time of post and comment? I just come back your site from longtime. I can not recognize which is updating from your site. Thank you

Christopher Chorley

Hi Spencer, Really looking forward to Niche Site Project 4. 🙂

I’m going to be building my first affiliate website has we go along.

Really enjoy the content, thank you. x


Allan Johnson

Hello Spencer,

I have been following your projects for awhile and will be participating in Project #4.

Your website content and Podcast are GREAT!

Thank you and look forward to be in the top 10 finishers!