Niche Site Project 4 Monthly Report for December 2019…Record Earnings!

By Spencer Haws |

The time has finally come for another update on Niche Site Project 4.

In my last monthly report, I made it clear that I was going to no longer provide regular updates.  However, I also made it clear that I would be providing updates whenever I felt like a milestone was achieved.

In December, I cracked the $2k per month revenue benchmark and overall had a stellar holiday season for the site!

So, I wanted to provide an in-depth update of what I've been up to for the past few months and explain where I'm going with the site in the future.

No, I won't be doing monthly updates going forward.  But I do still reserve the right to provide an update when I feel like I've hit some other significant benchmark.  I expect in 3 to 6 months, I'll provide another major update.

And remember, my project site is publicly known now – so you can always check out if you are interested in seeing what I'm up to.


As you can see from the chart above, the earnings of Own The Yard jumped significantly in December!

In total, the site earned $2,360.98 in December 2019.  This is the highest month by far.

The primary reason for the big jump in earnings was due to Christmas season – more people were definitely buying products on Amazon.  However, my keywords also continue to climb the ranks in Google and so more SEO traffic also is leading to higher earnings.

Amazon Earnings

In total, Amazon US brought in a whopping $1,991.96!

I also earned a few bucks from Amazon UK and Amazon Germany (less than $10).

As you can see from the Amazon chart, I was referring lots of buyers for the few weeks leading up to Christmas.  Even though my site is about “yards”, which is not really in season during the winter, I do also talk alot about yard games, tools, and other gear that happen to make great Christmas gifts.

As a result, I saw a significant bump in earnings in a normally low traffic time of year (due to seasonality of my niche).

Ezoic Earnings

Ezoic was actually down by almost $100 in December, when compared to November.  In addition, the EPMV (earnings per 1000 views) was also down from $21.21 to $17.54.  

Usually, December is the highest earnings per visitor month of the year for display ads, so I'm not sure why the Ezoic earnings dropped.  One possibility is the season for my niche as I mentioned before.  Advertisers related to “yards” perhaps just aren't paying as much during December.

Overall, the earnings from all sources was up significantly, and I'm very happy about that!


When you look at the total traffic over the past year, it's not exactly what you would hope to see.  However, you have to remember that Spring and Summer really are the peak months for this niche, and so the fact that traffic has basically held steady from Oct. to Dec. is not all bad.

And so yes, Own The Yard made significantly more in December than ever before, despite the lower traffic (compared to July for example).

However, let's break down the traffic into it's 2 main sources – Pinterest and Google organic.

Pinterest Traffic

This screenshot does include all social traffic sources, but you can see that Pinterest is nearly 97% of the social traffic.

Pinterest has not been working that great over the past few months. Again, I believe that this is mostly due to seasonality.  People are not searching for and sharing “pins” in Fall and Winter as much as they would in Spring and Summer.

In fact, my Pinterest VA has reduced the number of pins that he's adding each week because they simply are not getting shared right now.  We will ramp up the Pinterest effort more as Spring approaches.

However, I do have to acknowledge the downward trend, which is definitely the main reason why the overall traffic has been down a bit.

Google Organic Traffic

The chart for Google organic traffic is a bit better looking!  It's hard to tell, but organic traffic has actually been trending up for October, November, and December.  Again, this is pretty good considering it's now the middle of winter.

Here's a look at Google trends for the term “backyards”, which is a core topic of my website.  This gives you an idea of the seasonality that I'm talking about.

So, the fact that my Google Analytics isn't tanking in lock step with the seasonal dip like Google Trends does, is a great sign.

In other words, I expect traffic to increase significantly in just a couple of short months (maybe sooner?).

So, how is traffic increasing even though less people are searching for my particular keywords this time of year?  Well, I've been adding lots of new content.

So, even though the search volume of any individual keyword might be lower this time of year, my organic traffic is trending up because I have more keywords that I'm targeting with new content.

Keyword Rankings

As you can see from the keyword rank tracker from Long Tail Pro, my top keywords are generally improving in rank or holding steady.  I've kept the individual keywords private, but since you know my site, I'm sure you could figure out most of them if you really tried.

The good news is that my keywords are ranking higher and higher, so when the search volume of these keywords picks up during Spring and Summer, my traffic should increase in lock step with the higher seasonality.

From my discussions with other bloggers in a similar space, this should definitely be the case.

You may have noticed the one keyword that jumped from ranking #66 to #1 in the last month.  This is actually an older article and nothing was updated on the article itself.  

However, I did add just 5 internal links to that article using Link Whisper, and a few days later that article jumped to number 1 in Google!  As a result, the traffic has tripled to that one article from November to December.  And based on what I'm seeing in January, that article should get quite a bit more traffic in January than December.

So, I've now added more internal linking using Link Whisper to my to-do list.  Fortunately, Link Whisper makes it MUCH faster and easier to build internal links, so it's not as overwhelming of a task as it would be if I had to do it all manually.

If you haven't had a chance to check out Link Whisper yet, go ahead and check it out here.


One of the first questions that people ask when I tell them how much my site is making is, “Well, how many articles does the site have?”

Well, I'm willing to share!  I've really ramped up content in the last few months, with 50 to 60 articles per months being published.  Take a look at the history of articles published:

Overall, the site now has 377 articles live!  I really feel like this site just has so much more potential, so I see no reason to stop the growth.  I'm betting big that traffic is going to start ramping up very soon.

The additional articles and the bigger traffic in the next couple of months (hopefully) should really increase earnings.

Most of the new articles added in the last couple of months have been shorter information articles (1000 to 1500 words long).  Many of them have been question type keywords related to backyards. 

For example, if you do a Google search for “Can you eat squirrel from your backyard?”, you just might find a certain someone ranking #1 for that keyword!

If you try eating squirrel, let me know.

Over the next couple of months, I'll be adding more buying guides targeting more product related keywords.

After that, I'll reassess how often I want to be adding new content.  How the site performs in Spring will be a big determining factor for how much new content I'll be adding after that.

I outsource all the content, so yes, more content does equate to higher costs.  These were mostly shorter articles, so the cost was not as high as my previous longer articles, but there is definitely a cost.

I no longer am doing a detailed P&L breakdown, but you can see my last report to get an idea of the expenses involved.

Link Building

Another common question I get is always related to Link Building.  People always want to know the exact strategy and how they can replicate it.

Unfortunately, I have not done any link building in the last few months.  I simply included this section because I know people will ask about it.

I'm not saying that the site wouldn't be better if I had done some link building, it probably would be.  I just haven't made it a focus or a priority.

So, I have no link building efforts to report on. 

If you are interested in a link building strategy that you can follow, Mark and Gael over at Authority Hacker have put together a complete course on how they build authority sites, and this does include their link building strategies.  You can check out their Authority Site System right here.


In case you are wondering what I’ve used to build my site, what plugins I have, or other tools or services I’ve been using to grow, I’ve created this list for you below.

What's Next?

Overall, I'm happy with the earnings for the month of December!  Cracking the $2k mark for the month is great, but I hope for much more in the future.

As far as the plan, here's what I expect to do over the next few months:

That's the plan for now!  Overall, I've got a great system in place with an editor and all my authors where I really don't do any work on the site at all.  Everything is written and published without my involvement.  The team just follows the SOPs that I created for them and it appears to be working well.

The only work that I do is find new keywords…and check my stats. 🙂

I don't know when the next update will be, but give me at least a few months.  Thanks again for following along!

Feel free to comment with any thoughts or questions.  How has your niche site gone over the past few months?

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Thanks for the update Spencer! I started my niche site in July 2019 after being inspired by you sharing so much about OwnTheYard – thank you! I am doing all the work myself so my progress is a bit slower than OTY but, overall, I am happy that it IS making progress. Impressions are up, traffic is ever-so-slowly starting to trickle in, and I’ve even made a few dollars on Amazon. It’s almost at the 6 month mark so I am hopeful to be out of the sandbox soon and starting to see real growth.

I have a question about the keywords you target. Can you share what search volume a KW you target might typically get? I am at about 25% KGR content but, obviously, the search volume for these is very low. How can traffic increase if these low volume KW’s are being targeted?

Thanks again – these updates really help keep me on track!!

Spencer Haws

That’s great! I hope your site continue to grow!

Most of my keywords are in the 200 to 2,000 search volume range. I do have some above, call it 10%. I definitely have some below 200 searches per month, call it 20% of my articles.

Ivan Kukov

How many articles that target keyword with 200 search volume did you post. And if it is one article per keyword, how long it is?

Spencer Haws

Lots of articles were targeting keywords of 200 searches per month or less. The length varies between 1500 and 4000.


Spencer –

Thanks for the awesome write up as usual. I am having a bit of trouble breaking into a niche, but think I have one narrowed down which is inspired from your backyard concept.

I was thinking of building a site dedicated to “ultimate video game room” ideas. Do you have any thoughts about that niche?

Thank you.

Spencer Haws

We discussed via email :). I think something broader like Man Caves or something similar would be better. Good luck!


Hey, spancer, thanks for the updates. Wondering, owntheyard performing really well without too many backlinks. I think this could be the power of niche relevency and authority. What do you think ? Another important thing is that, this site has already become an authority because of its ‘Brand name’ search. Since many people know about this site, they like to keep them updated with different strategies that you apply on this site. However, keep posting new updates..and thanks again.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Saif!


What do you think about pinterest traffic? As can I see the bounce rate is very high for your website (mine website has almost the same values). Do you have any evidence that pinterest traffic is valuable?

Spencer Haws

Pinterest traffic is typically really high bounce rate. I have display ads on most pages that gets traffic from pinterest, so I get that revenue.

Prince Molak

Thanks for the update. We eat and hunt for squirrels here in Nigeria. Lol

Spencer Haws

Haha…excellent! If you have any squirrel recipes to share, let me know 🙂

Don Modekali

Hi Spencer,

Thank you for the update. My site’s also saw an increase in traffic and earnings in Dec. Went from $42 in November to a couple of hundreds in December. I’m still providing monthly updates on my blog.


Spencer Haws




I want to start with affiliate marketing. Did you start outsourcing articles from the beginning?


Hi Rory,

I think you can hire a writer on upwork


1. What’s so wrong with Amazon UK for your site? I have a site similar in terms of size and earnings in general but it usually makes about £100 in December.
2. The same question goes for Amazon Canada – you don’t mention it at all. It was even more profitable for my site mentioned above in December (about $180).

This looks like some room for improvement.

Spencer Haws

Definitely room for improvement! I’ll have to look into it.


Congrats on the increase in traffic and earnings, Spencer!

I’m curious about expenses. It looks like you added around 200 more articles since the last August update. That is a lot of content and likely quite a large cost since it was outsourced. Can you give us a rough estimate of how much more money you have invested since the last update was at $20,805? From what I can tell it seems like the website is still very much in the red?


Spencer Haws

Yes, I’m still investing in the site. I don’t have the exact costs tallied, but the recent articles were much shorter in nature, so less expensive. The site is definitely in the red overall. But I could stop posting content and the site will continue to earn and grow. However, I’m interested in a much larger site, so I’ll continue to invest. In time, my expenses will essentially be $0/mth on the site and hopefully it will be earnings $10k+/mth :).

Pedro Francisco

Hi Spence
Thanks for the update. I’ve been following the project from the start.
Wondering if you’d shed more light in terms of your content team structure? Specifically, their roles, how many hours per week the work on the site and where you hired them from?
Look forward to your next update.


Yes, I agree that this would be interesting to know 🙂

Spencer Haws

I have several writers that just write however many article they can handle in a month. When those articles are finished in draft format, my editor goes through and polishes them up to my procedures and hits publish. That’s the team.

Pedro Francisco

Thanks for the reply.
Further to comment, does your editor work directly with your writers or do they liaise through you? Are you able to provide information on where you found them?

Spencer Haws

The editor will work with the writers to fix any corrections. The writers really do most of the work, they write directly in wordpress and have all my formatting instructions (including adding affiliate boxes/buttons, etc). The editor simply double checks all their work, then emails them if they did something wrong. Found my editor on upwork.


Glad to see another update , and congrats to you for breaking the 2K mark.

Spencer Haws



Hi Spence,

I truly enjoyed your post. I have several niche sites and it is such a great feeling when you see your “cow” producing some good milk!!

I am starting a new website right now and I am considering too test the Silo structure this time (to be honest, I’ve never paid attention to that before!)
What is your opinion on Silo? Do you use it? Is it really as effective as many SEO experts claims?

Looking forward to your feedback.

Spencer Haws

Thanks! That’s depends on your definition of “silo”. Here’s what I like to do:


Congrat Spencer for that result. I have a question: the revenue from AMZ is so high. But I put your site in Ahrefs and see that there’re about 30 article (with buyer intent) rank on top 10. So how can those articles make so good money for your site?(~2k) Can you go detail for that.

Spencer Haws

I think 30 articles driving traffic with buyer intent to Amazon is more than enough to make $2k/mth. Right?


Cool, I really like these updates 🙂

This site will make a KILLING upcoming summer!!

Might hit $10k there 🙂 Good luck!

Spencer Haws

That would be SWEET! :). Thanks!


Well done !! Keep it up


great content Might hit $20k there

David Alexander

Firstly, Happy New Year Spencer!

I’m still loving LinkWhisper and appreciate the number of updates that are being released for it.

Secondly I have a few questions.

1) I know you aren’t sharing P&L but I’m curious of a) what the total profit was for December and b) How much was invested to get the 50-60 new articles.

2) One thing that I’m curious about due to not using Amazon Associates much and having more affiliate experience with networks such as ShareaSale and Webgains… I see you have 3 Amazon plugins, they do different things but I’d love to see a video sometime where you demonstrate how they work together to manage your Amazon links and anything to be careful of.

I’m considering an Amazon Associates experiment and have been helping a few clients (with my limited experience).

Cheers, good luck for Jan! I’d love to see you release these updates quarterly (if it makes sense for you to do so).

Spencer Haws

1. I don’t know. I didn’t do a P&L because its time consuming, hence why I’m not sharing it (it doesn’t exist).
2. Okay, I’ll consider that.


Alexsander Suryawan

Dear Spencer,

What a great achievement. Truly inspire.
It has been a while I didn’t visit your site.

I sense your articles are strong and solid. You make me envy and I’m feeling courageous to do so. Thank you for your inspiration.

Keep inspiring!
Thank you

Alex – Indonesia

Spencer Haws

Thanks Alex!

Mahmudul Rubel

Hi spencer

Awesome result

this kind of earning report always motivate me. Thank you so much for awesome value and support

Spencer Haws


Ryan Fitz

You’re such a wimp. We all know the reason you didn’t post an update for months is because your earnings went down. Now magically we get an update in December. Wimp.

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the laugh 🙂

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