19 Simple Ways to Get Scammed Online: I Did It and So Can You!

By Spencer Haws |

Everyone wants to get scammed online! It's a rite of passage in the 21st century.

What feels better than truly believing you are buying something, only to find out later that your money went to some scammer halfway around the world? Does a punch in the gut feel better? A karate chop to the neck?

Nope, getting scammed feels WAY better! Trust me, you are going to really enjoy getting scammed.

I know because I've been there. I've sent not hundreds, but thousands of dollars to people online, only to find out later that I was not going to get anything in return. I'm an expert at getting scammed, you might say.

As an expert, I'd like to share my wisdom for how you too can one day get scammed online. Just read and follow along to join the ranks as one of the suckers. This will be fun!

I have too many good stories not to share them. Should I be embarrassed to share my stories of getting taken? After all, there seems to be this stigma that getting your money taken by strangers is a bad thing. I'm here to convince you otherwise.

I'm the best at getting scammed, the best!

1. The Nigerian Prince

We've all heard of the Nigerian prince, and we all know he's very wealthy. He really wants to send you a few million dollars, but he just needs to know you really want it. Just send him $10,000 (or whatever amount he feels like at the time) and the money will be all yours!

This particular scam is too juvenile for me. Like I said, I'm an expert and would never fall for something so obvious. If you don't want to fall for these, just don't send money to people you don't know and can't verify online. Easy peasy.

The kinds of scams that get me are when people that you DO know and have some history with ask for money and then take it and run. Those are the ones I fall for. I laugh really hard when those happen.

2. The Fake YouTube Expert from India

Now, I want to share a few scams that I've personally fallen victim to… all in 2018. Yep, in a period of 1 year, I got scammed 3 different times. I told you I was really good at this stuff!

This first little fraud was more of a long con, and boy did I fall for it. This little doozy started way back in 2014 when I was contacted by a reader of my blog (yep, a Niche Pursuits reader got me).

Back in 2014, he shared some things he was working on that were going well, particularly with YouTube. In 2016, he offered to sell me a YouTube channel, but I didn't take him up on it. We actually did a call and over video he showed me the backend of his channel with stats, earnings, etc. A short time later, he sold it… everything seemed pretty legit as I saw the completed listing, etc.

Fast forward to 2018, he reached out and said that he had built a second YouTube channel and was looking to sell again. 

Again, I did another call with him and he showed me the numbers and it looked pretty legit. However, I didn't want to buy the channel… so he offered me something else. He said for $2,500 he would teach me exactly how he builds YouTube channels with massive followings quickly.

In addition, he would not only teach me, but he would have his team create a new channel for me, create the first several videos, and get my channel to a certain subscriber level for me. It would be a white-glove service to build and launch my YouTube channel.

After a couple of discussions with him, I said, “What the heck… let's do it!” After all, the worst that could happen is I lose $2,500.

Well, turns out I lost $2,500!

After sending the money to a stranger in India, he did communicate with me for about a week. He shared a couple of interesting YouTube tricks and everything seemed legit.

Then excuses started to pile up. He had a wedding and was out of touch for a week. Then he went silent for multiple weeks. He showed up long enough to tell me to be patient.

Then he disappeared altogether for months. No communication, no channel, nothing.

To rub salt in my wounds, my 14 year old son keeps laughing every time he asks how my YouTube channel is coming along! “Only an idiot sends $2,500 to a stranger in India for a YouTube channel.”

At least I've raised my son right. 

It's now been 8 months and I don't have a single YouTube video to show for it. Oddly, the “stranger from India” did randomly communicate with me a couple weeks ago (so I know he's alive) and said he was sorry… but he didn't send my money back yet.

I won't hold my breath on getting it back.

Feel free to let me know if you want his contact info and you'd like to get scammed. It will make you and your children laugh really hard when you send him money and you don't get it back!

3. The Wire Destination Switcheroo

If you think sending money to a mystery man in India to become a YouTube star is funny, you are going to love this (at least I know I do!).

I sent $3,500 for socks. Turns out I didn't get any socks.

This one requires a little explanation. Remember, I'm really good at this stuff, so try to keep up.

So, I've been running an Amazon FBA business for several years. I manufacture products in China, ship them to Amazon, and sell them under my own brands. You can read how I got started selling on Amazon here and how I sold an Amazon FBA business here. (I also use this Amazon email automation tool.)  

So, for several years I've been wiring money to companies in China… to people I didn't know. I've NEVER had an issue.

That is, until I decided to get into the sock business. I had a unique idea for some socks and I worked with a manufacturer to get them designed and samples made.

They sent me the samples with my custom design, they looked great! All along the way, I had been working with “Amber” (Chinese manufacturers always go by American first names).

Turns out Amber was pretty sneaky. I should have caught this one, but I've had so many successful transactions with manufacturers that I wasn't overly cautious. But if you want to get scammed like me, you should NEVER be overly cautious and always double-check things.

At some point along the way, “Amber” switched her email address from [email protected] to [email protected] (just an example, not her real email address). That should have been the first red flag.

However, she was still communicating about all the correct details of the order, so nothing seemed off about her emails (and we just missed that it was a new email address).

Then it came time to send the payment of $3,500. Amber, the hotmail Amber, sent the wire details. I grabbed the wire details and sent a wire for $3,500 without being cautious.

Turns out Amber had pulled a little wire destination switcheroo! Instead of the money going to China, I sent the money to Thailand to a “company” with a different name.

Bottom line is that fake Amber stole my money and disappeared. At this point, the real Amber, with the company name email address, started asking when we were going to send the funds.

Uh oh.

I felt sick as we started to unravel what had happened. Even though we caught it just a couple days later, the banks couldn't return the funds on a “guaranteed funds” wire transfer.

I kissed my $3,500 goodbye as it went to a lady not named Amber in Thailand. She probably wasn't even a lady.

We exchanged A LOT of emails with the company after this. The scammer HAD to have been inside their company, but nothing ever came of it. They were as confused as we were.

So, I spent a ton of money on some cool socks, but all I got instead is this story that I'm totally not embarrassed to tell every chance I get. It makes me look really smart.

Oh, and I decided to not re-order from that company. My sock empire just never took off after that.

4. Free Stuff on Craigslist!

My wife loves this story. She loves it so much she has forbidden me from ever using Craigslist again.

If you have used Craigslist before, you will know there is a “Free Stuff” section. I've posted free stuff on Craigslist several times throughout the years. 

If my dishwasher, dryer, or something else big breaks down, I'll just list it for free rather than loading it into my truck and taking it to the dump. I've done this for over a decade and never had an issue.

That is until my lucky year, 2018.

Long story short, I ended up with an old couch and an old chair that not even Goodwill wanted. So, my next try to get rid of them was Craigslist. Surely someone would want a free couch and chair, right?!

Sure enough, a day later we had a taker! However, we were just pulling out of our house to head to church when the cunning Craigslist couple arrived. I got out of my car, introduced myself. They said they had just moved into town and were glad to get some free stuff.

They seemed nice.

Being the really smart person that I am, I decided it was more important to be on time for church than stand around and watch them. So, we left while they were still loading up our couch.

Turns out they decided to load up more than my couch as soon as we left.

They started with our portable basketball hoop. Yep, they loaded up the entire basketball pole, backboard, hoop, etc. Then they started gathering up our basketballs, soccer balls, and whatever else was laying around in our yard.

In the meantime, my wife used her Craigslist spidey-sense, and decided she wanted to go immediately home and check on the house. So, we got to church, then she immediately went back.

She got there just in time to see them pulling out of our driveway with our stuff. Fortunately, they didn't come back, but we are down a basketball hoop and some other sports gear.

So, in summary, I listed a free couch and chair on Craigslist, and one lucky couple ended up with a whole truckload of my stuff.

That feeling you get when you come back home and see a bunch of your stuff missing and your wife just gives you THAT look? Oh man, that's delightful!

I've been forbidden from ever using Craigslist again, and my wife likes to remind me of this fun little time I got scammed whenever she can. 

Oh, and the best part is that they actually left the old chair. So, I still had to make a trip to the dump which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place.

Apparently, I'm Not Alone

Turns out a few other readers of Niche Pursuits have been scammed as well. Here's a sample of some of the comments people made to a Facebook group request I made for other people's experiences getting scammed.

Just remember, there are lots of opportunities to get scammed online. So, pick your favorite below and see if you can experience the joy we have all found!

(Names withheld to protect the innocent…)

5. Grandparent Jail Scam

I have an acquaintance who had his elderly grandparent scammed. The scammers find out a little bit about their grandchildren and then call them claiming that they “are in jail” and need some money to “get out of a bind”. Sad but true. And I have some elderly family members whom have also had similar phone call scams attempted on them.

6. Fake Job Hiring

I was a victim of job hiring scam. They got a .com with a big company whose domain was They then interviewed me for more than a half hour, until the question came up “What is your bank? We want to make sure they will accept transfers from us.” The flags went up, I did some more research and had and their hosting and job posting accounts suspended.

7. Fix the “Computer Errors”

I was a computer tech servicing a client's computer. While I'm sitting there, the woman gets a call and says it's from MicroSoft. I asked her to hand me the phone and followed along with the phone tech. He told me to go into the Windows event log and then told me all of those errors (which are normal errors) were dangerous and that for $100 he could fix the computer. I told him to go suck an egg.

Protecting your devices is important.

8. Just Cash These Travelers Checks…

Years ago when I was looking for a job I saw a small job advertised for someone to check some travelers cheques. They sent me the cheques, and all I had to do was go and cash then and I could keep half the money. Of course they were fake… and I got a lift in the back of a police car as a result!

9. Girl from Texas or Old Man from Bangladesh?

I get a lot of freelancers who claim to be young english speaking women who are in fact non-native english speaking people and likely not women either. I think people get more jobs if they're Bianca age: 20 from Texas with curly blonde hair than some guy from Bangladesh age 56. The problem is I can't tell cause none of these people speak fluently. 🙂 Happens all the time btw

10. You Won the Online Lottery!

Years ago I’ve got an email to my private domain email that my yahoo account has been selected to win a $1000 in their lottery. The email, domain sent from etc. was looking really reliable (especially for a 10 year old). Thankfully it was really hard for me and my parents back then to make an online bank transfer from PLN to USD which I was told to make as payment verification…

11. Missing Parts from Your Amazon Order?

Amazon customers returning broken items or simply only returning part of a product. A.k.a buying to get a part. This causes Amazon to resell it and the next buyer will certainly leave a bad review as they will be missing a part! Hate this.

12. Just Pay My Graphic Designer…

For web designs you will get an email about web design and do you accept credit cards. If yes, great. I am blind/deaf/in the hospital or some reason they can't talk on the phone. My graphic designer doesn't take credit cards, can I pay you the full amount and then have you pay my graphic designer? A month later… charge back for fraud and you are out the money.

13. Wait, He's Not Nigerian!?!

This is the biggest one… Scamming thousands of people into believing the ‘Nigerian prince' is Nigerian.

14. Please Cash this Large Check for Me

Some guy wanted to buy my old piano, but it was this scammer. One second after I posted the ad, he replied and said his name was like Earl Von Cleef (something distinguished) and that he was ready to buy the piano and send a delivery guy to get it. I didn't reply.. then weeks later I got a check for 3x the amount of the piano.. it was written from an oil company in Alberta, for like $2K. Guy then texts and says “did you get my money.. quick, go cash it!” and I was like “why is it 3x the amount I asked?” he's like “it's a tip just for you sir” then i called the oil company up, got their accountant and he was like “yeah, someone got a hold of our checks and is handing out fake checks” .. i'm like oh, ok. Lucky I called that oil company and fished around in their directory til I got someone. Oil companies don't always have secretaries.

15. Confirm This Code So I Prove You Are Real

Craigslist scammer: they list an item for cheap like a PS4 for $150 and request that you text to contact them. When you do, they send a Google confirmation code to your phone and ask that you repeat that code to them to prove you're not a bot. This code is actually a reset code to tie a phone number to your Google account and everything under it. Pretty scary!

16. You Need a VIN Report?

Post a vehicle for sale on Craigslist and a short while later you'll get a message that the person is interested and they want you to get a VIN report from whatever scammer company they own.

17. MLM, Ponzi… Just Join!

I was scammed in my very first online job where an MLM kind of Ponzi scheme was being offered by a company called Speak Asia. It was a big scam which took India by storm with TV ads and all. Lots of my friends made money through it before I joined. But the govt. opened its eyes as soon as I joined it by spending a fortune from my already broke pockets unfortunately and hammered it down. 😂

It closed before I could make a single dime.

18. Sell These Counterfeits on eBay for Me

I made a stupid mistake many years ago when I was looking for ways to make some extra money on the side.

I ended up getting in contact with a distributor in China who needed “Sales Representatives” to sell their stock using our eBay accounts. I was listing things Beats by Dre headphones and Ugg Boots. Which I was told were 100% genuine.

After doing this for nearly 2 months, some customers were messaging me saying they were fake and wanted a refund. Some were happy with them but still informed me they were fake and some messaged me to say their product had been seized by customs.

Things got very ugly when I sent my last payment to the distributor for him to dispatch my recent orders at which point all contact with him went dark. I was left with hundreds of complaining customers who were waiting for their products who I couldn't refund because I had already sent the money to the distributor.

I felt sick!

Luckily, PayPal refunded all the money owed to those who had paid but I was left with eBay and PayPal fees close to £2000 and had all my accounts suspended.

I look back at all this now and can't believe I got myself into such a mess, I'm a changed person and I'm grateful for the lessons I learned during what felt like such a horrific time.

19. Send Me Money via PayPal

Now I've given you plenty of options for ways you can get scammed, feel cheated, or lose out on some money, but I've got one more great idea. If none of the previous options are appealing to you, I'm going to make this final option really easy.  

Just send me some money on PayPal.

That's right, for the very low price of just $25, I'm going to give you the feeling of being scammed. Send me $25 and you will get absolutely nothing in return.  No thank you, no products, nothing.

Just that tingly feeling of losing your hard earned-money.

Go ahead, click the “Buy Now” button and get that experience you've always been wanting. You know you want to.

Now, if for some reason after reading this entire article, you are hesitant to send me your hard-earned money, I'd have to say that my work here is done!

P.S. What to Do if You're Actually Scammed Online

I hope you enjoyed this somewhat tongue-in-cheek article on how not to get scammed online.

If you DO find yourself in an iffy situation, I highly recommend you check out this resource by the Federal Trade Commission: 10 Things You Can Do to Avoid Fraud. This is a great list of tips to avoid getting scammed. Best of luck out there! 

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While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Theodore Nwangene

This is really funny Spencer,
I was laughing all along. Oh man, you’ve really falling a victim of this. I’ve also been scammed severally online, but it has always being small amount, that’s why I didn’t comment on the original post on Facebook.

The one I can remember right now is when I decided to offer web designing service on Fiverr last year, I found out that people usually buy reviews to rank their gig and I decided to do so.

I posted on one Fiverr group on Facebook that I need some reviews and one Indian guy chatted me up that he can do it for me. I paid him $5 and he never showed up.

In fact, the funny thing is that he threatened to report my account to fiverr should I disturb him further 🙂 , and I had to let him go.

Funny world indeed.

Spencer Haws

Glad you enjoyed the blog post and got a good laugh :).


Please let us know if you’ll get any $25’s through PayPal :-))

Spencer Haws

I’ll let you know, fingers crossed! 🙂

Chris Lee

Here’s another one I went through a few years.

Was looking to rent an apartment, found one through Craigslist.

Had 4-5 email exchanges and they were super nice before finally telling me they are out of the country so I can’t actually go and see the place, but I can visit the address and look at it from the outside haha. This was an apartment. I could look at the apartment from the outside…

They then went on to say that if I liked it, I would need to paypal them a deposit and they would mail me the key.

They were super nice throughout the conversation and apologized whenever they could for the inconvenience. I would imagine that some unsuspecting people may get scammed by it.

Spencer Haws

Thanks for sharing, Chris!

Filip Delač

Hey Chris, I had the same experience in Oslo with apartment rent. But this time it was a priest who works for a charity in Africa so he can’t be home to show me the apartment. And he was not the only one, out of 10, 7 were scams.


This is the funniest post i ever read, i am a victim of few online scams as well, i remember when i just was starting out i paid $20 to buy a pdf guide that supposed to teach me how to make money online, and in the thank you page this human being just put a page with ha ha ha, i tried to contact him with no success, i got scammed few more times but this was the first one.

Spencer Haws

Wow, that’s really sad.

Milan Tesic

You were really lucky. Guy that scammed me had videos and bunch of files (most of them are useless) and I spent weeks without any results.


That was hilarious!!

By the way Spencer, are you going to promote Parallel Profits?

I’m surprised I haven’t got an email from you talking about the launch of the year..

Spencer Haws

Thanks Sergio! I’ve never heard of parallel profits. I don’t really run in the “launch” circles.

Steve Allen

Now I know who to come to for advice on how to get scammed online… again

Yes, I’m one of the unfortunate one’s but it was fun while it lasted!

Funnily enough, I too have queried about buying socks from several Chinese manufacturers, although I haven’t gotten as far as sending them money yet… I’ll keep my whits about me if I ever deicide to go for it though

Spencer Haws

Good luck Steve with the sock venture!

Stephen Smith

Love the part about your 14-year-old. You will hear about that for many years.

I have done the Craigslist dump routine and it has worked fine, but the stuff is on the street not in my yard.

One guy tried a variation of that he put stuff on the street and put a free sign on it. Nobody took it, so he changed the sign to $50 and it was stolen within the hour.


I worked at a bank several years back. A woman came in with a check for 10k and deposited it. Two days later the funds are available in her account and she wants to send a wire for 9500 to some guy in France. Seeing as how she just put this money in her account, we tried to explain that the money wasn’t really “cleared” and that she shouldn’t send it yet. We further asked who she was sending it to: “a friend”. Who? “A friend in Paris”. How do you know friend: “uh, well we have been talking online for a month and plan to meet up later but he’s my friend”. Where online did you meet him? ” Uh, (looks down) in a singles chat room. But he really is great!” There was no convincing her to wait around. She insisted on sending this wire. A week later the check bounces and she’s in tears at the bank “totally confused!!!” It was hard to watch even though we all knew something was fishy from the beginning. Ladies: no handsome guy in Paris wants to date you online.

Spencer Haws

Haha, thanks for the story!


What a great article and super story spencer.

In 2010, I was about to got scammed, I was trying to purchase an iphone 3gs in $300 online from UK (but originally it was from Nigeria:), the scammer was nigerian). I badly wanted iphone at any cost and I tried to send money to him (fortunately, the money transfer system at that time in Pakistan was not so easy) I went to western union and they asked me so many things which “that scammer” couldn’t provide. To be so so lucky, I was just applied for my credit card and bank told me that it will take some time to deliver you (if it was ready, i would have sent money via credit card to that scammer in a single second). Anyway, he kept me chatting all day long on gmail.

Suddenly, One thing came into my mind and I entered his name + reviews, to google and found he was the biggest scammer. I sent him the snapshot, and he started laughing at me and calling me from fake uk number. Allah saved me.

One more incident, I purchased some headphones from aliexpress but they never arrived. I opened the dispute, seller asked me to close the dispute and he is going to send me the headphones again (i didn’t know that if i close the dispute then I would never be able to re-open it again and the case would went in the favour of the seller) So, trusting him, I closed the dispute and Headphones never arrived plus no money returned:)

One other incident, that time I didn’t get scammed online but physically. In 2008, I wanted to purchase one nokia cell phone (i don’t remember the model). I was in other city, one of my college class fellow (who left the college already at that time) called me and told me that he had the phone and if i want to purchase it then he can sell it in $80. He told me that the phone is in excellent condition.

I said ok. I called to my cousin and told him that “nasir” (my college class fellow) will come to you, just give me $80 and get the phone, i will come to home tomorrow, i will give you the money. My cousin said OK.

Everything went well. Next day, I came back to my home, I got the phone from my cousin and gave him the payment. I was very happy by having the dream phone:)

I just went to my elder cousin and shown him the phone. He said, hey sunny, what happened to you? its not nokia, its a chinese phone. Can’t you recognize chinese cell phone!

I was speechless! And the bad thing was that, at that time, I was too shy and had angel nature. I called nasir and instead yell at him, I apologize:) and ask him to do something, he said that, he also purchased that phone from some other person from some other city:) and phone can’t be returned:)

Most interestingly, that phone even never runs. It had a built in error. It went auto switched off after every 2 mins:) No “Tech Guru” could make it able to at least RUN.

Spencer Haws

Thanks for sharing these stories!


Great post you wrote there Mr. Spencer. Thanks for the insight; it’s being very informative.


This is damn crazy how the web is full of scams. I have been scammed online too. I wanted to hire an executive car, he asked for my driver’s license. Then a few moments later asked for half of the amount and have the car delivered to the CBD in 30 mins. After a while he asked for the rest so that he could dispatch the car. From that it dawned on me it was a scam. I told him to go suck himself not even an egg!


Wow, you had some doozies.

My husband, about 10 years ago, signed up for Trump University with huge ambitions to get out of the accounting field and into the real estate field. Needless to say, after a few useless phone calls with someone who worked for this Trump ‘business’, he ended up losing out on about $7000.

At the same time, there was a guy who was apparently recommended by Trump University or Trump or something to do with him – Adam Ginsberg – who created something called Speedlings, which my husband encouraged me to sign up for. It was about creating websites with the push of a button. I spent at least $2000-$3000 on that. Can’t remember the total, but I do remember that guy constantly trying to upsell us in the live webinars. I eventually stopped paying into it and it closed down not long after because the websites were obvious garbage. None of us saw a penny back for his nonsense. He was constantly threatening to sue people for talking bad about him and his company. I feel bad for people who paid more than me.

And, when I first started writing online, I also gave up the rights to one of my ebooks (that was doing very well on Amazon) to some guy in Nigeria who claimed he was going to make thousands for us by selling to his followers.


I’m Benji!
This is awesome!

Spencer Haws

You are indeed!


Your response made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the great post.


I was scammed by someone using a corporate email address too! It was a 3.000 usd deposit on a used company feet car. My bank never checked that the account number was not that company.. It was an individual account!
Here’s the amazing part.. This happened a few years ago.. And that corporate email address was so legitimate looking. It was fake Corp address .. Just by ADDING dot UK. In fact, just fir giggles, I checked and the domain name was available back then. So easy! Live and learn. I hope! Ha ha ha

Spencer Haws

Yep, live and learn.


I got scammed with a crypto mining business located in Spain, I wish it was as funny as some of your examples. I transferred bitcoin and it somehow disappeared. I was told I sent it to a cloned site but I was able to find their IP address and it matched with the one I sent it to. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem like there’s much recourse at this point. Maybe I was just naive to trust this company. But yes, I was scammed and later located someone else who was.

Calin Gabriel

3 years ago I bought a facebook fanpage from someone with just $80. The fanpage had 100k+ followers in th cars niche. Engagement not too great but it was ok for those money. I was looking to grow it a bit then to resell it.

One day I get approached by a guy from Macedonia, I’m not sure, but his facebook profile was telling he’s from there. He offered to pay $500 for this fanpage. You understand I was – Wow, that’s a good profit! Guess what? It was just a scam. And that was the first time in my life when I was angry on me, not on him. I was angry because I was so stupid.

He sent me pictures with money being ready to be sent ( a hand full of money)… How fool I was… a 14 years old guy from nowhere to handle all those money…lol

He said he will send me the money only via western union. I agred. Now he wanted to be admin on the page. I made him admin because I knew he won’t be able to delete my role on that page for 7 days. Now the craziest thing… he told me he’s about to send the money, I just have to delete myself as admin from that fanpage. And I did it!! Wth? I still can’t believe I did that thing that day.

Immediately he blocked me from contacting him and the fanpage was gone.But that’s a lesson learned. Now I have a few more big pages that I grow myself and I got hundreds of similar messages. But now I know what to do. Probably that experience helped me to avoid losing these precious fanpages.

Good luck with im, scammers are everywhere.

Spencer Haws

Ah, that hurts :(. Lesson learned.


Hi Spencer,

This is a good read! You are a humorous person indeed.

I was scammed once when I wrote some articles for a guy through one of the popular online sites. I was a newbie in article writing and it really hurt. I hope I will not meet scammers again, and if I do, I know who to run to, haha…


Also add the fake and scammy “get paid to click” and “get paid for doing surveys” kind of sites. I’m sure all of us who work on internet would have been scammed from them at least once in the early part of online earning journey. Most of the these sites are operated by americans, canadians or britishers. Especially look out for the survey sites created in england. Most of them are scams. They take your valuable time and then do not pay.
Also you were lucky that a scammer actually replied to you and said sorry.


Hahaha, awesome post Spencer, I think many of the readers found their eyes opened.And obviously thank you so much for the vital 19 types of feel scammed, it’s very helpful.

Darren Boland

Great article and comments, I fell a little bit better knowing that I’m not the only one that has been caught. Its painful and embarrassing. But when you learn the lesson you get to move forward.

RJ Bryan

Ha! that was awesome. Sucks that ppl get away with stuff like this but sounds like you handled it well

Spencer Haws

Thanks RJ!

Milan Tesic

I got scammed couple times by buying online courses that will teach you everything about some business module, except how to actually do things.

They will sell you some get-rich-quick scheme that requires 20 minutes of daily work, but it turns out that you need months and vast knowledge to even start making money.

My advice to everyone is not to believe that they can get rich in short period of time. Learning about online business takes a lot of time and effort.

Lund Tonneau

I got scammed once and the person hide behind the Google security. I purchased this back up android phone cheap and my fault was not to erase the owner’s email address on play store account. The next day when I was to run the updates of the phone through wifi connection, the owner locked the phone through the Google “Find my device” alarming the phone was stolen. Of course the owner blocked me on all possible communication and Google can’t do anything about it.

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