My December Report for Amazon FBA Products: Over $60,000 in Revenue and Growing

By Spencer Haws |

I want to interrupt the typical Niche Site Project 3 blog post with an update on my Amazon FBA business.  Just because I haven’t written about my physical products business in a while, doesn’t mean I haven’t been actively growing and working on it.

If you have been following along, you will know that I started my Amazon FBA business less than a year ago.  To say the least, things have been going quite well.  I reported in September that I had sold just over $40,000 worth of my physical products.

I guess time flies when you’re having fun, because it’s now been over 3 months since I’ve really talked about my FBA business!

So, today I want to dive into what’s been going on, my December revenue stats, and why 2016 should be a phenomenal year.

Ready for this?  Pull up a cozy chair, but sit up and pay attention…you are going to love reading this report if you are curious at all about the Amazon business.

Revenue Report for December

I know that everyone likes to see screenshots and income numbers, so I am going to share the earnings for December below.


If you are familiar with Amazon, you will know that they don’t account for discounts or giveaways.  So, because of coupon codes that I used to giveaway on some product, the actual legitimate sales were right around $60,000 for the month!

I’m happy with the $60k in sales for sure.

So, what did I do to achieve so many sales in December?

The truth is that I didn’t do anything special.  The most “special” thing that I’ve done is choosing the right products to sell, optimizing my listings, and following a couple of easy principles of Amazon.

I knew almost from day 1 that I had ventured into a great niche.  During this year, I have mainly battled being out of stock because I keep underestimating how fast my products will sell.  It’s a great problem to have.

In addition, I’ve continually expanded my product line as the previous products sell well.  I now have a total of 7 products on Amazon.  However, due to timing issues, 2 of my products were not even in stock for most of December.

As a result, I know my sales would have been even higher in December if everything had been in stock.

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I do think there was a bit more demand in December due to the holidays; however, I don’t think the bump in revenue was as significant as I was expecting.  I found that the competition really stepped up their game in December with sponsored ads and promotional giveaways.  As a result, my sales weren’t really much higher than they would have been on a normal month.

I know that’s a bold claim, but early January is my back up evidence.  Through the end of January 10th, I’ve sold $25,172 worth of product (yes, I took out any giveaway or coupon revenue).  If my products continue to sell at the same rate, that’s a total revenue for January of $78,033.20.


The truth is that I have 2 of my 7 products that are brand new and aren’t really firing on all cylinders yet.  So, it’s actually possible that the revenue could be HIGHER if I can get these 2 newer products up to where I think they can be.

Bottom line is that I don’t think my December numbers were inflated at all due to Christmas.  I expect January to be better than December…hopefully by quite a bit.

What About Income?

My revenue numbers are nice to show off, but it’s the bottom line that matters.  Obviously, with physical products, there are lots of expenses involved with manufacturing, shipping, returns, Amazon fees, and more.

After all of these cost, my net margin is right around 40%.  So, that means my net profit for December was approximately ($60k x 40%) $24,000.  Not bad!

So, there is definitely money to be made in the whole Amazon thing, and not just revenue…but profits!

But What About Cash Flow?

Now, we are starting to get to the meat of the business.  Revenue is nice, but profits are better…but cash flow tells you if you have any money in the bank.

An inventory based business is VERY capital intensive…especially if you are growing as quickly as I am.  Building a business to $60 or $70k a month is not something that can be done without reinvesting in the business.

So, the reality is that my bank account is basically at break even right now.  This means that for every dollar I earn in net profit, I am spending on ordering larger batches of inventory OR launching new products.

In other words, I have personally not pulled out a single penny from the business and my bank account isn’t growing.  This is a super important reality check for people that are considering getting into the Amazon business.

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If you have a growing business (like I do), you can’t expect to be taking a bunch of money out of the business and still expect to grow as quickly.

Now, I COULD just grow slower and take money out of the business if I wanted to pay myself a salary.  However, I’m in the lucky position where I have other businesses that pay all my bills, so I don’t need to worry about cash flow for this business right now.

In fact, I fully expect to continue reinvesting every single dollar that this business generates right back into new inventory and new products for the next 6 months or so.

At that point, if the business continues to grow as well as it has, I will likely slow down on launching new products and let the cash flow “catch up” a little.  I don’t want to get crazy projecting numbers (ok, I DO like getting crazy projecting numbers, but won’t share those in this blog post), but if you can imagine the kinds of numbers possible here; it’s quite exciting.

So, the business has great profit margins, but my cash flow is right at break even due to the fast growth and investments in new products.  I expect a much bigger payoff in the second half of this year, than if I was to be siphoning cash out of the business right now.

The Principles Followed to Make These Sales

I hope this section doesn’t bring up more questions than it answers; however, I do want to share some quick points on the principles I followed to grow this business so quickly.

Honestly, these are all of the basic principles and strategies that I followed to grow my current FBA business.

Amazon FBA Website

I’ve mentioned previously, that I started a niche site related to my FBA products.  This website has continued to grow and see success in it’s own right.

I launched my Amazon products in March of 2015.  The website was created in July 2015.  So, the site is about 6 months old right now, and is just starting to really gain traction in Google.

Here’s the traffic stats from the website:


As you can see, a brand new website takes a few months before Google will send it very much traffic.  It really wasn’t until November that we started to see a noticeable increase in traffic.  So, just a heads up if you have a new site…this is normal!

Long Tail Keywords for the Win!

I also wanted to make a quick note about where the traffic to this site is coming from.  You guessed it, long tail keywords via Google search.

For example, one of our highest trafficked articles is targeting a 3 word phrase that only gets 50 searches per month.  We are ranked #5 for that 3 word phrase, and of similar variations.

However, we also started ranking for the shorter tail, 2 word phrase with the same article.  In other words, if the keyword we were targeting is “best mouse pad”, we rank #5.  But we also started ranking for “mouse pad”!  We are currently ranked #7 for this shorter tail phrase (ex. “mouse pad”) that gets 2,400 per month.

In other words, you should ALWAYS target the longer phrase, because doing so allows you to capture the long tail traffic and possibly the short tail traffic as well.  If you only targeted the short tail phrase, you might not ever get the long tail traffic.

Many of the articles written for this site target phrases with less than 100 searches per month.

Earnings for the Niche Site

The great part about this site is that it’s earning money outside of selling our own products.   We are monetizing the site in 2 ways: Amazon Associates and our own products through Shopify/Amazon FBA.

Here’s a quick look at the Amazon Associates earnings for December:


So, this site on its own earned nearly $1,700 for December.  Not bad for a niche site less than 6 months old.  However, we also sold several of our own physical products either through Amazon or through our Shopify checkout right on our site.

It’s not a lot, but I’m super happy to say that we are selling some product completely off of Amazon now.


So, less than 1% of the product sales took place on our website when compared to Amazon…but it’s a start.  I hope to grow this side of the business quite a bit through paid traffic and of course good ol’ content marketing (the exact stuff we are teaching during Niche Site Project 3.0 right now).

Final Thoughts

The potential to grow this business is substantial.  I’ve set a goal to order 6 new products by the end of next month.  It will take a little while to have the full order manufactured, shipped, and launched; however, I plan to have 6 new products picked out, sampled, and ordered before March 1st.

I’ve seen the potential from last year, and I expect 2016 to be a big growth year.  I’m investing a lot right now and will continue to do so as long as my cash flow is at least break even.  Most of my profits are tied up in inventory, but I’m okay with that for the short term.

Overall, I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick update on my Amazon FBA business!  As always, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below.

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Tung Tran

Nice update! Congrats Spencer.

Thanks for the info on cashflow as well. I think I’m not getting into FBA at least for now as I’d like to scale the content production/link building for my sites first.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Tung! Nothing wrong with focusing on digital assets; the profit margins and cashflow are usually better there anyway.

Travis Jamison

Tung my man… do both!
Coming from someone with vast experience in both the SEO world and the Amazon world, I can without a doubt say that it’s multiples easier to build a big ass Amazon business in a fraction of the time of the former. With your solid existing skill sets of keyword research, your Teespring experience, and SEO background you would have home-runs in no time.

My vote is to get in before it gets any more saturated.

Spencer Haws

I agree…Tung could do well at both 🙂


How cool! I’m curious, are any of the keywords for the FBA website branded to your product, or mostly general product terms?

I’d also be really interested to know how many posts you put up at first and how often you usually post there now that traffic has grown so much.

Thank you for sharing so much value about this project!!

Spencer Haws

Almost all the articles are targeting general product/niche terms….just like any other niche site. The only place that my “branded” terms might be used are on product description pages. We have just over 100 articles on the site and will add a couple a week as long as site keeps growing.


Glad to hear you are doing so well! Love the site Spencher.

Question. Outside of reinvesting profits, about how much personal funds have you invested in the Amazon business year to date?

All the best and wish you continued success!

– Michael

Spencer Haws

I invested roughly $15 to $20k before the business was essentially able to fund itself.

Josh Shogren

Great progress so far! It is awesome to see that your site has earned close to $1.7k and also provided you some sales for your own product. Are you collecting emails as well?

Keep the updates coming,


Spencer Haws

Thanks Josh! Yes, we have started collecting emails.


Hi Spencer, awesome results… and you expect to sell even more in the months to come. Thats just mindblowing, astronomical figures to me…

After following your tips. advice and “lessons” for the last 2 to 3 years i finally have a site that makes about 1500 a month with the Amazon associates program and im as happy and proud as a monkey with 7 dicks
(its a dutch saying). Thank you (and Perrin) for keeping me motivated all this time!

At the moment im also trying this FBA thing. My first product ever is “live” on Amazon since 7 days now and im selling 50 of my products for 1 dollar via the AMZ review club to get my initial reviews.
I also bought the domain with my brandname ( to use for the site i want to build around it…

I’m hoping you could answer the following questions ,

Do you let Salesbacker sent out emails while running a promotion via the AMZ review club or do you temperarely pause salesbacker?

Lots of keywords i track with AMZ tracker have a searchvolume of 0 according to AMZ tracker. Do you think the searchvolume stats in AMZ tracker are accurate?

Is your “niche” site carrying the name of your brand? Or did you pick a name for the site that just seemed like a good fit for the niche its in?

Did you use that site to apply for brand registry in Amazon? (asuming you applied for it)

OK, thats it, Congratulations with your amazing results….


Spencer Haws

Congrats on getting a site up to $1500 a month!
Yes, I’ve always just left Salesbacker on, even during promo periods. AMZtracker just returns search volumes on google, not from amazon (as I understand). No, my domain name is not the name of my brand; but I see no problem with doing that…either way is just fine.
Nope, I never did any brand registry. I honestly still can’t find a good reason to do it; even after researching it.

Jon Haver

Awesome results! 40% margin is great!

For my FBA business I can definitely understand the cashflow issue… Net income is looking great but $$ in the bank lags a LOT. One positive to the product I am currently selling that helps the cashflow situation is that the delivery timing from order to received at Amazon is 2-3 weeks when shipped by Air so my ability to recycle cash and keep smaller inventory orders cycling every 2-3weeks really helps the return on equity component.

Great results for your affiliate site…once it starts churning out the sales the benefit will be awesome…increased seller rank, increased sales, increased seller rank and so on 🙂

AS always great to follow along.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Jon! Sounds like your product has much quicker production/shipping times. It can take up to 3 months from when I order to when I receive my products (2 months is more typical). So, that ties up cash for me for sure.

I’m very happy with the website results so far. Your comment about the site helping seller rank, etc. actually made me think I may change my approach slightly. Right now, I’m trying to use the website to keep traffic on my own site and sell the product through shopify. The main reason is to avoid amazon fees…but also because I REALLY want to get into PPC on google shopping ads and other places to scale the business. However, maybe I should still be sending my normal organic traffic to my Amazon pages to increase seller rank etc. I should set up a “secret” landing page that I use for paid traffic/shopify only. I may try that 🙂

Jon Haver

Hey Spencer, I hear you on the FBA fees but for the headache and the sales rank improvement I am very happy to drive sales from my site. My entire model for getting into FBA centered around site first and then knowing a product would sell sourcing that product. Once the listing was live I just changed over the destination of my affiliate links and started making sales.

The idea around PPC to a landing page with product delivered outside of Amazon is great…will put that on my list to try!

For the Authority Site directing traffic to your FBA product I sent you a spreadsheet with all my stats and updates on assumptions vs reality for how it would impact my FBA business. Cheers


Thank you for sharing
Are you using Facebook in any way? Please advise.

Spencer Haws

Nope, not at all for my amazon products.

Adam @

Amazing numbers. Our FBA business is not even close to that level (we started about 6 months ago), but it’s slowly climbing. We’re up from 1 product to 4 and are about to expand to 6.

Spencer Haws

Good luck!

Will Blears

Excellent job Spencer.

Just wondering, is your website (not the shopify site) a typical affiliate designed shop and do you simply recommend your product as the best product to buy without consumers knowing it’s yours?

Secondly, for Shopify, are you still fulfilling those orders through Amazon and taking payments via Amazon or is everythign (payment processor / delivery e.t.c) done completely outside of Amazon?

Spencer Haws

Here’s some quick answers Will:
1. The articles are standard affiliates articles; some have my product in the tables, some articles dont. However, I also have a “shop” with my product page/description…they can buy from those pages.
2. Shopify takes the payment, then Amazon fulfills the order. Its all automated (shopify and Amazon talk to each other).

Matthew Allen

This confuses me. You have a “shop” on your site and shopify takes the payment, but Amazon still fulfills. And you are able to avoid Amazon fees this way? I’m guessing there is some sort of fee with shopify? Are the overall savings in fees substantial?

Spencer Haws

Yes, you avoid the Amazon referral fees this way. The shopify fees are super minimal…worth it.

Glen Allsopp

I’ve never ventured into Amazon so it’s interesting to learn more about your journey. Totally hadn’t thought of how little you can take out as it gets growing but of course that sets you up for much bigger profits down the read.

An interesting read. Thanks for sharing, Spencer!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Glen! Amazon is a pretty interesting marketplace to get involved with. I’m sure you would crush it if you decided to get involved 🙂


Definitely agree there. Surprised you haven’t at least poked around in FBA Glen.

And kudos on a great month Spencer. Your fearlessness to dive into new things seems to keep rewarding you.


40%? Awesome..

Alan Hayden

Loved the update Spencer.

Just had a question about Amazon Associates and your niche site focused on your own products.

Since your niche site is revolved around your own products that you sell on Amazon will Amazon penalize your associates account for getting “2 sales”, one from the referral link, and one from your actual sale on Amazon?

Spencer Haws

Amazon seems to have figured out that my affiliate links go to my own products (sometimes). I don’t get any credit as an Amazon associate for selling my own product, they just don’t count those clicks anymore. So, the $1700 in earnings you see if from the site selling other people’s products.

Alan Hayden

Ok interesting. So that actual $1700 was just from people coming to your niche site, clicking on your AMZ link, and then not actually buying your product but buying a different product within that 24 hour referral window?

Spencer Haws

Correct. The reality is that MOST of our site is reviewing other products that we don’t own. That’s just how niche sites work, you can’t link to the exact same products every single post…wouldn’t make sense.


Use two separate accounts – in my case I use my personal account for affiliate sales and then sell as a limited company, although you could use another family member or friend for either.

Alan Hayden

Also, is there a plugin you use for shopify on your WordPress site or how do you get sales of your product on your site?

Spencer Haws

No plugin needed. Shopify is super easy. Just input your product information, then copy and paste the link on your “buy” button. Kinda like setting up a “buy” button with paypal (if that helps).

Alan Hayden

So do you need to actually set up a shopify store front?

Or does shopify have an option where you just create an account and put in your AMZ product info and then you get the link to the product?

Spencer Haws

No shopify storefront needed really. You do have to add products in shopify, so it takes some work…but no one will every see your shopify “storefront”…just the checkout page.

Nonso Bosah

A friend recommended your site to me late 2015 and since then I have been looking for a way to start making money with Amazon and I don’t know how to start any help to jump start?


Hey Congrats Spencer,

I never miss your post. Which category would be best in amazon, whats price you look for product.

Spencer Haws

There are lots of great categories, but I won’t reveal mine.


Are there any other competing sellers for your exact item, or are you the only seller on your AZ item page? What category is it in, or is at least a low-AZ-commission category?

I’ve been reselling in the Toys/Games category for a few years now and my sales have been slumping for 2015 since AZ removed the Buy Box for any items over retail price. So I’d love my own product in a more profitable category where I can control the detail pages completely.

Spencer Haws

I am a private label seller, so no one else can sell my brand…I own the buy box. So, if I sell showerheads…I am the only seller for the “Spencer Brand Showerhead”. Now of course there are many other sellers that sell an item just like mine, but its a different brand and a different listing pages. They sell “Competitor Brand Showerhead” that might look exactly the same. Hope that answers your question.


Spencer – great report, thank you so much for sharing it! I’m curious, when you talk about physical products, are these things you make or things you buy new, but fairly discounted, and resell?

Spencer Haws

These are items I have manufactured in China. I’m a private label seller…meaning its my brand, I create the products.


Hey Spencer! Great website! I recently came across it as I was researching online and definitely glad I did! Quick questions…since I’m extremely new to all of this.
1. When you say its your brand and you create the products, do you actually invent a product or do you slightly modify one from Alibaba for example?
2. And if you do modify it, how do you go about telling your idea to the manufacturer? As in do you draw it out or explain it to them?
3. What is your advice for someone new starting out, should I get an LLC or wait til I see sales?
4. If I were to get an LLC could I use my name as my business?
5. Does it look bad to use your name for your business on Amazon? Or should I be more clever?
6. I see you take your own pictures, do you take a picture of your sample or do you order one off Amazon to take the picture?

Thank you so so much for taking the time out to answer all these questions! Your site so far has been the most helpful out of any I’ve seen! And now it’s almost 1am and here I am still up. I swear your website is like crack for people like me! Haha

Spencer Haws

1. Its a private label product, so no, I’m not inventing anything. But its definitely my brand. (Think of jeans all made from the same material, same size, style, etc…one might have a “levis” label or “Arizona” label…or one might have my label, “Spencer’s”. Exact same product, different brands.
2. Some modifications you can just explain in an email, “Make it blue”; others might require a drawing.
3. Wait until you see sales
4. Yes, you can do whatever you want for naming LLCs
5. Be more clever 🙂
6. Sample usually. But I’ve done both.

Gavin Jackson

Good job Spencer! Do you use Jungle Scout or any similar software to help find products on Amazon? With the FBA business is it a 2 month delay when you get paid like affiliate sites?

Spencer Haws

I do use Jungle Scout. There is about a 2 week delay for payment.


Once product listed at amazon. How do you launch. Do you use any service for launch. How to get reviews. What is BSR



Thanks, If you can explain launch process. do we need to follow any Press Release.

Spencer Haws

I did explain the launch process above :). Honestly, its as easy as just giving away a few coupon codes on Amztracker…that’s it.


Thanks for including the part about the cash flow. Where do you find is best to give away coupons for products to encourage reviews?




Spencer, Great article again and 40% margin is excellent.

Really like you take it all the way from revenue, profit to cash flow. Many people don’t think about the profit just revenue.

– Which tools do you use for selecting your products/which are easiest to see sales volumes and so on?


Spencer Haws

Thanks carver. I’ve been using Jungle Scout.


I am impressed with your Amazon FBA business. I am thinking from a while to start this in our area.


have you built links to this website? I have also a website with almost 120 pages and get 400 usd in december.

Spencer Haws

Yes, we have built some links (not a lot though).


Spencer. Great post. I have been selling on amazon for about 4 months now and decided to pull some of my finances together to see my cash flow projection for the year. It was depressing. I want to take cash out sooner but cant.

I think I will try to follow Jons lead and get shorter lead times.

I am really looking forward to the niche site project. I am curious about your link building and outreach strategy for your affiliate/shopify site. Also, how are you pricing your product on shopify vs amazon? If the same, do you make much more profit than the normal amazon sale?


Thanks for sharing with details. Congratulations Spencer!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Lori!

Jesse Thomas

Awesome Spencer!
Great Job!
Thanks for all the info you always provide, I really like how you simplify things and make them easy to understand. Love the podcast too!
I have just got my listing live on amazon and now I am playing around with keywords to get closer to page one.
I am looking forward to buying the longtail keyword software.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Jesse, I appreciate the kind words!


Hi spencer, this is a great result yet as you stated it’s not (at the moment) a cash rich operation.
Moving along in the future is there any thoughts on opening it up into a case study and revealing one of your products and how you place yourself uniquely within amazon? Obviously you’d have to set up a new account maybe under Perrin to be on the safe side.

Good luck

Spencer Haws

I have no intentions at this point to reveal my products.

Matthew Allen

Thanks for the update Spencer. I’ve got to tell you – I finally got sucked into FBA last month because of you!! I’ve purposely tried to ignore and avoid it for as long as I could – but I ended up on that webinar you co-hosted with Scott Voelker in early December. I’ve been hooked to his podcast ever since and I’ve been taking action. My very first ever PL product is being manufactured in China right now!! Getting my first batch air shipped to my house and should have it by the end of next week.

I also have a niche site to go along – except I did mine backwards from you. I built the site first (started last June) as just an Amazon affiliate site – and now I’m sourcing products in the niche. I’m building out an entire brand and plan to completely dominate the niche in general, both as an affiliate and as a PL seller!

One of the biggest advantages that I see is being able to collect emails and use those emails for product launches on Amazon. Getting reviews from actual targeted customers is going to be really easy!

Thanks, as always, for all of the motivation and excellent information.

Spencer Haws

Awesome! sounds like you have a good plan. I hope it all goes well for you. And sorry to distract you away from one business and into another 🙂


Hi Spencer, I am glad to see your new amazon fba post (sorry for my bad english, i am a chinese)

at first I wanna say thank you because I earned $XXXXX from niche sites the past 2 years and all methods I learned from your case. But I am transerring to ecommerce so it is good to see your FBA business are doing well

to be honest, camparing with your Sep result, Dec is not that good as I expected since it is hot season(I thought you can reach $80000 on Dec), anyway it is still a big number.

would you mind to answer the question below:
1. what’s the sales amount and BSR arrange of your best seller?
2. I see your unit price is about $50, isn’t it a big cost? how many pcs will you usually give away for a new listing?
3. I have $10000 initial captial, is it enough to start FBA game?


Spencer Haws

1. Top seller is around $17k of the $60k
2. I give away 30 to 50 units typically to launch. Could be more if needed.
3. Yes



How do get images. Do you recommend any service for photos

Spencer Haws

I take my own pictures


Last Question Please don’t Mind,

What rank we should look for?
Whats your products are raking?
Few are saying if product below 3000 rank then only it will sale.
What should be maximum weight & size of the product should be?


Hi Spencer,
I want know how you set up your shopify website,

How you know amazon will put orders in pending during some days…. before of Send the product… and after you will get the email with UPS id tracking

What type of payment used in your website? Paypal , payment with amazon?

Spencer Haws

Shopify links with Amazon automatically, so you don’t have to do anything. CC/Paypal…handled by Shopify.

Vinod Juneja

Your earning is very aswome! there are little people could do it as you


Really amazing amazon report from your niche. It inspire me to start niche amazon blog.
Thanks for share your income report to us.


Hi Spencer,

I was wondering how well you rank on the Amazon search results for your products. You mentioned you your the Amazon PPC, and that you drive organic traffic from Google. I was wondering what is the current performance on Amazon alone and if you have an advice for ranking ?



Spencer very impressive numbers! I’m hoping to reach your numbers one day… I just launched my first PL product and am in the process of doing giveaways!

While I know this site is focused on building niche sites, I would love if you could create more articles/podcasts on your experience/tips/advice on Amazon FBA. I love hearing about people who have found a lot of success with Amazon PL and what they did to get there.

Couple of questions I’d love to know:
1. Is your product oversize by any chance? Do you ship by air or sea? If by sea, who do you use as your freight forwarder?
2. How many reviews does the #1 competitor have and how do you compare to them? What’s your current page rank for your top key word?
3. I’m assuming all your 7 products are in the same niche? Are those 7 SKUs or 7 separate products?
4. How fast are you launching your new products?
5. Is your niche site different than your shopify site?
6. What are you spending on PPC and whats your ACOS?

Sorry for all the questions and I’m not trying to figure our your niche or product I’m just curious about the numbers metrics.


Spencer Haws

Great questions, if I do another FBA post, I’ll try to tackle these.


Thanks for all the information! Very helpful.
I know you briefly touched on this topic in the past but I was wondering if you could provide a bit more clarity around the UPC process. I realize you can get a unique UPC easily online but once the supplier/manufacturer completes the product and ships it to the FBA, are you saying Amazon will physically label each unit with the new unique UPC for the $0.20 / unit fee as a one-stop shop sort of deal? OR, do you have to provide the labels with the units and Amazon will slap the labels on to the product? Sorry if this is confusing. Thank you in advance!

once you have a UPC, is it as simple as providing the UPC number to Amazon.

Spencer Haws

Amazon will label – you don’t have to provide them anything.


Hi Spencer.

I congratulate you for the excellent blog.

I want to ask you this: I start with my first product as a seller on Amazon. It is in the category of accessories for cellular,but I see that the competition is very high.
for keywords on the first page of Amazon sellers who have no reviews 1500.4000, 5000 and up to 34,000, but also sellers with 100, 200, 300 in the first page.

According to your experience, you believe it is possible to compete in this niche?

Best regards.

Spencer Haws

More competition will mean it will take longer and be harder to rank. But doesn’t mean its impossible.

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