75 Best Apps To Make Money, Save Money, and Earn Rewards Without Getting Scammed

By Devin Hargrove |

Making extra cash can be as simple as finding the best app to make money. Scores of apps exist to earn money through work, savings, investing, etc. Not all apps will be right for you, though.

I’ve scoured the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for all the options and reviewed each to help you find only the best money-making apps.


How We Chose the Best Money Making App

Each of the apps on this list allows you to do one of the following:

While none of these Android apps and Apple apps will make you rich, used in combination with each other, you can make a steady side income and save money on your everyday expenses.

I ensured all money-earning apps were legitimate through a combination of personal testing and looking at user reviews. This ensured that no scams made this list.

Best App To Make Money Through Rideshare/Delivery

Delivery and rideshare apps work by connecting people who need a ride with a driver. Alternatively, they may involve having you pick up and deliver food or groceries. If you have a solid ride, you can make some extra money with your car

1. Uber Eats

Logo for the Uber Eats app.

I drove for Uber Eats in 2021 in a mid-sized college town. You pick up orders from restaurants and deliver them to customers. I averaged $2,800 each month after expenses.

Pros of Uber Eats:

Cons of Uber Eats:

IOS Android

2. Uber Driver

Uber Driver app logo.

With Uber Driver, you take people where they need to go and get paid. The app is the same as Uber Eats, so you can potentially do both. Earning potential will be better in larger cities or tourist destinations. 

Pros of Uber:

Cons of Uber:

IOS Android

3. Lyft

Lyft app logo.

Lyft is similar to the Uber Driver app. You drive people where they request and earn money, including some potentially great tips. You will fare better in larger cities or heavy tourist/business locations.

Pros of Lyft:

Cons of Lyft:

IOS Android

4. Doordash

Doordash app logo.

Doordash is a rival to Uber Eats and other food delivery apps. One of the benefits is the company has over a 50% market share meaning more people are ordering from the app. Try using more than one app in smaller markets to improve numbers.

Sign Up for DoorDash Now

Pros of Doordash:

Cons of Doordash:

IOS Android

5. Instacart

Instacart app logo.

Instacart is similar to apps like Doordash and Uber Eats. The difference is that you are picking up groceries rather than food from restaurants. This can be a better option to minimize gas prices and vehicle wear and tear.

Pros of Instacart:

Cons of Instacart:

IOS Android

6. Grub Hub

Grub Hub app logo.

Another app similar to Doordash and Uber Eats, Grub Hub allows customers to order from restaurants and have food delivered.

Working on more than one app, such as Grub Hub and Doordash, can benefit smaller markets.

Pros of Grub Hub:

Cons of Grub Hub:

IOS Android

7. Shipt

Shipt app logo.

Shipt is similar to Instacart, allowing users to order products from local retailers and grocery stores. You can sign up to be a shopper and pick up orders for users to be delivered the same day to their home.

Pros of Shipt:

Cons of Shipt:

IOS Android

Best App To Make Money Through Investing and Savings

These apps provide opportunities for investing such as stocks and crypto, or they can help you save money. Savings apps usually help you trim bills and find areas to cut expenses.

8. Acorns

Acorns app logo.

Acorns is a savings and micro-investing app that rounds up your purchases and saves the spare change. With savings tools, you get a host of investment opportunities from experts.

Pros of Acorns:

Cons of Acorns:

IOS Android

9. Stash

Stash app logo.

Stash provides you with the opportunity to invest using fractional shares. This lets you purchase partial shares of stocks without needing tons of money to get started. New accounts will receive a sign-up bonus.

Pros of Stash:

Cons of Stash:

IOS Android

10. DiversyFund Fundrise

Diversyfund app logo.

DiversyFund provides you with the opportunity to invest in REITs (real estate investment trusts). These allow you to diversify your investments and can potentially offer higher returns.

Pros of DiversyFund:

Cons of DiversyFund:

IOS Android

11. app logo.

The app allows you to invest in stocks and crypto through an intuitive app. You can invest as much or as little as you want, including lower value investing through stock slices.

Pros of

Cons of

IOS Android

12. Robinhood

Robinhood app logo.

Robinhood is an investing app that lets you buy shares of stocks without paying commissions. Remember, though, if something is free, you are likely the product. Your data and trades will be collected and sold.

Pros of Robinhood:

Cons of Robinhood:

IOS Android

13. Webull Invest

WeBull app logo.

Webull is another zero commission app similar to Robinhood. The app lets you trade ETFs and stocks as well as crypto. There is no minimum amount to get started with trading tools that can help you succeed.

Pros of Webull Invest:

Cons of Webull Invest:

IOS Android

14. Coinbase

Coinbase app logo.

Coinbase is a mobile crypto wallet that makes it easier for technically-savvy users to buy, store, and trade in cryptocurrencies. The app regularly gives away free crypto in exchange for learning about the currency.

Pros of Coinbase:

Cons of Coinbase:

IOS Android

Best App To Make Money Through Shopping

These apps provide you with discounts for shopping at specific stores or pay you to be a secret shopper and give your opinion.

15. Mobee

Mobee app logo.

Mobee is a secret shopper app that gives you “missions” to shop at specific locations for rewards. Missions will vary and include tasks like buying a coffee from Starbucks or eating a meal at a local restaurant.

Pros of Mobee:

Cons of Mobee:

IOS Android

16. Field Agent

Field Agent app logo.

The Field Agent app lets you earn money through secret shopping, surveys, and audits. The app provides you with assignments and lets you select what you want when you want. You get paid for the successful completion of each assignment.

Pros of Field Agent:

Cons of Field Agent:

IOS Android

17. Market Force Shopper

Eyes:On app logo.

Market Force is a mystery shopping platform that connects companies with mystery shoppers. The mobile app is called Eyes:On and handles everything from providing assignments to uploading reports.

Pros of Market Force Shopper:

Cons of Market Force Shopper:

IOS Android

18. Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping app logo.

The Capital One Shopping app gives you the opportunity to save money when shopping at major retailers. You don’t have to have a Capital One account or credit card to utilize their shopping discounts.

Pros of Capital One Shopping:

Cons of Capital One Shopping:

IOS Android

Best App To Make Money Through Caring For Pets and Kids

These apps connect you with parents or pet owners that need services such as babysitting, dog walking, or boarding their pets.

19. UrbanSitter

UrbanSitter app logo.

UrbanSitter is an app that connects professionally-vetted babysitters, nannies, and tutors with parents in need of their services. If you qualify, you can offer your services on the app and set your prices.

Pros of UrbanSitter:

Cons of UrbanSitter:

IOS Android

20. Rover

Rover app logo.

Rover allows you to board and walk pets. The app lets you set your hours and rates. You must pass their verification process to join, ensuring that trusted walkers and sitters are on the platform.

Pros of Rover:

Cons of Rover:

IOS Android

21. Wag

Wag app logo.

Wag is a dog walking app that allows dog owners to connect with walkers and pet sitters. You can sign up to walk dogs and pet sit for people in your area. The app lets you set your hours and rates.

Pros of Wag:

Cons of Wag:

IOS Android

Best App To Make Money Through Being Healthy

These apps allow you to make money or earn rewards by meeting specific health goals or regularly participating in certain healthy activities.

22. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin app logo.

Sweatcoin is a cryptocurrency with the novel idea of making walking fun. Each Sweatcoin is mined as you walk. The coins that you mine are usable in the apps marketplace. New offers are added regularly.

Pros of Sweatcoin:

Cons of Sweatcoin:

IOS Android

23. Lympo

Lympo app logo.

Lympo is an alternative to Sweatcoin, allowing you to earn Lympo coins through exercise. The app lets you exchange your coins for discounts on certain products. You can also earn through referrals.

Pros of Lympo:

Cons of Lympo:


24. StepBet

StepBet app logo.

StepBet is an app designed to motivate you to meet your health goals. The app hosts multiple games where people pay into a pool with the goal of completing a certain number of steps. Those who meet the goal split the pot.

Pros of StepBet:

Cons of StepBet:

IOS Android

25. HealthyWage

Healthy Wage app logo.

HealthyWage hosts various challenges that allow you to pay into a betting pool to win money. At the end of the challenge, each person who meets the goal wins a part of the betting pool. The app claims prizes of up to $10,000.

Pros of HealthyWage:

Cons of HealthyWage:

IOS Android

26. DietBet

DietBet app logo.

DietBet is another app geared towards helping people lose weight and stay healthy. You pay into a betting pool with a promise to lose a certain percentage of weight by a specified time. All people who lose the given weight win a split of the money.

Pros of DietBet:

Cons of DietBet:

IOS Android

27. Evidation

Evidation app logo.

Evidation is a health app that gives you the potential to earn rewards by completing specific tasks. Aside from the usual walking and exercise activities, you can also earn by logging sleep, practicing good eating habits, and answering surveys.

Pros of Evidation:

Cons of Evidation:

IOS Android

Best App To Make Money Selling Things

These apps allow you to sell items used or new and present an excellent opportunity to make money through arbitrage.

28. OfferUp

Offer Up app logo.

OfferUp is a marketplace founded as a competitor to Craigslist. The emphasis is on selling locally, but users can sell across the United States. Everything from cars to furniture and plants is sold on the website.

Pros of OfferUp:

Cons of OfferUp:

IOS Android

29. Poshmark

Poshmark app logo.

Poshmark is, as the name implies, a place to sell posh items in the fashion, home decor, and beauty industries. Many of the products here are luxury brands in categories such as bags, shoes, coats, dresses, and more. 

Pros of Poshmark:

Cons of Poshmark:

IOS Android

30. Foap

Foap app logo.

Foap is a bit different than other marketplaces on this list in that the product is photos and videos. You can upload your photos or videos onto the app for individuals and brands to purchase for use.

Pros of Foap:

Cons of Foap:

IOS Android

31. Mercari

Mercari app logo.

Mercari is an online marketplace that allows you to sell and ship everything without leaving your home. The app makes it easy to list products and even authenticates luxury items.

Pros of Mercari:

Cons of Mercari:

IOS Android

32. Decluttr

Decluttr app logo.

The app allows you to “Decluttr” your life by selling things. The company buys products directly from sellers. You can sell everything from books and CDs to technology such as computers and game consoles.

Pros of Decluttr:

Cons of Decluttr:

IOS Android

33. Snapwire

Snapwire app logo.

Snapwire is similar to Foap, allowing you to sell photos and videos in an online marketplace. You can upload content directly from your phone and enable companies or individuals to purchase it for commercial use.

Pros of Snapwire:

Cons of Snapwire:

IOS Android

34. Bookscouter

Bookscouter app logo.

As the name implies, Bookscouter helps you buy and sell books and textbooks. The app works by connecting you with vendors willing to buy your books. Not all books are available to sell through the app.

Pros of Bookscouter:

Cons of Bookscouter:

IOS Android

35. Tradesy

Tradesy app logo.

With Tradesy, you can list and sell vintage, luxury, and designer clothing and accessories. Everything from high-end handbags to rare vintage clothing can be listed and sold on the platform.

Pros of Tradesy:

Cons of Tradesy:

IOS Android

36. Amazon Seller

Amazon seller app logo.

The Amazon Seller app makes it easier to manage your Amazon store when away from the computer. You can utilize methods like dropshipping on Amazon or selling your own products to make money.

Pros of Amazon Seller:

Cons of Amazon Seller:

IOS Android

37. Flyp

Flyp app logo.

Flyp makes it easier for you to sell clothing. The app connects you with professionals who will handle the entire sales process, from photography to shipping. You earn a portion of the sales after commissions and fees are paid.

Pros of Flyp:

Cons of Flyp:


38. Honeygain

Honeygain app logo.

The Honeygain app allows you to sell unused mobile data and Wi-Fi to data analysts. According to the app, only trusted partners can use the platform, such as Fortune 500 companies.

Pros of Honeygain:

Cons of Honeygain:


39. NextDoor

NextDoor app logo.

NextDoor is an app focused on connecting neighbors. You can use the app to communicate with people in your area and even list items for sale. Since the app is local, you can cut out shipping and other fees that normally eat into profits.

Pros of NextDoor:

Cons of NextDoor:

IOS Android

40. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace app logo.

You can access the Facebook Marketplace through the regular Facebook App. The Marketplace gives you a space to list items and sell them to locals in your area. You can avoid shipping fees by delivering products or having people pick them up in person.

Pros of Facebook Marketplace:

Cons of Facebook Marketplace:

IOS Android

Best App To Make Money Through Cash Back

Cashback apps allow you to save money by offering a cashback percentage for certain purchases.

41. Ibotta

Ibotta app logo.


Ibotta works with merchants to offer cashback and product savings in-store and online. The company makes money on commissions when customers use their app. The amount you get back will vary.

Start Saving with Ibotta Now

Pros of Ibotta:

Cons of Ibotta:

IOS Android

42. Rakuten

Rakuten app logo.

Rakuten is similar to Ibotta, offering cashback with the chance to get cashback at over 3,500 stores. How much you get back varies, but it can be as high as 15% or more for certain purchases. You also get a welcome bonus for signing on.

Pros of Rakuten:

Cons of Rakuten:

IOS Android

43. Shopkick

Shopkick app logo.

Shopkick is a cashback app that allows users to upload proof of purchase of specific products. After confirmation of purchase, you can receive rewards points to use for shopping and gift cards from select retailers.

Pros of Shopkick:

Cons of Shopkick:

IOS Android

44. Fluz

Fluz app logo.

Fluz is a cashback app that offers up to 35% on select purchases. The company works with major retailers and even allows you to invite friends for extra cashback on each purchase they make.

Pros of Fluz:

Cons of Fluz:

IOS Android

45. BeFrugal

BeFrugal app logo.

BeFrugal is a cashback and coupons app that promises up to 40% cash back at over 5,000 stores. The app provides multiple options for payment, including check, bank account deposit, PayPal, and more.

Pros of BeFrugal:

Cons of BeFrugal:

IOS Android

46. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards app logo.

Fetch Rewards is a shopping app that gives you cashback and rewards from various retailers and restaurants. Rewards can be redeemed from over a hundred retailers. As with similar apps, you upload your receipt to confirm purchases.

Pros of Fetch Rewards:

Cons of Fetch Rewards:

IOS Android

Best App To Make Money Through Surveys, Tasks, and Advertising

These apps allow you to take surveys and perform specific tasks like watching videos for a small payment. You can pass the time but don’t expect super high earnings.

47. Swagbucks

Swagbucks app logo.

Swagbucks gives you multiple ways to make money, including taking surveys, watching videos, shopping, using coupons, and more. The company pays out either through gift cards or direct to your bank.

Try Swagbucks Now

Pros of Swagbucks:

Cons of Swagbucks:

IOS Android

48. Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards app logo.

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app that enables brands to create surveys for users to respond to. The app is relatively simple and offers compensation anytime you complete a survey that you’re qualified for.

Pros of Google Opinion Rewards:

Cons of Google Opinion Rewards

IOS Android

49. iPoll

iPoll app logo.

Another survey app, iPoll, allows companies to create surveys targeted towards specific users. You can go through each offer to determine if you qualify and complete surveys. Earnings are on the lower end.

Pros of iPoll:

Cons of iPoll:

IOS Android

50. Toluna

Toluna influencers app logo.

Toluna is a survey app that allows users to voice their opinions on major brands. You can earn points and exchange them for rewards from eCommerce stores like Amazon or for cash.

Pros of Toluna:

Cons of Toluna:

IOS Android

51. Userfeel

Userfeel app logo.

Userfeel is a user experience testing platform that lets users test on mobile devices or desktops. You can get paid to test out different aspects of a company's website. Before getting started, you must first apply to be a tester.

Pros of Userfeel:

Cons of Userfeel:

IOS Android

52. OnMyWay

OnMyWay app logo.

The OnMyWay app pays you to avoid texting and driving. Simply download the app, set it up, and avoid texting and driving. The app gives you a certain amount of money for each mile which can be exchanged for cash cards or other rewards.

Pros of OnMyWay:

Cons of OnMyWay:

IOS Android

53. Money Machine

Money Machine app logo.

Money Machine is a survey app that gives users the chance to provide their opinion on topics across a wide range of categories. Upon successful completion, users are awarded points exchangeable for rewards and prizes.

Pros of Money Machine:

Cons of Money Machine:


54. Surveys On The Go

Surveys on the go app logo.

Surveys On The Go is similar to many other survey apps. They offer users the chance to fill out surveys to let companies know what they think about products or potential buying patterns. The company pays cash for surveys rather than points.

Pros of Surveys On The Go:

Cons of Surveys On The Go:

IOS Android

55. GigWalk

Gigwalk app logo.

The GigWalk app lets companies create tasks for individuals to perform. Most of these tasks fall under the mystery shopper and brand feedback category. You can work whenever you want if tasks are available.

Pros of GigWalk:

Cons of GigWalk:

IOS Android

56. S' more App

S'mores lockscreen app logo.

If you don’t mind seeing advertisements on your phone’s lock screen, the S’more app could be a good fit. The app allows ads to appear throughout your lock screen and provides you with points. These points can be exchanged for gift cards to popular retailers.

Pros of S’more App:

Cons of S’more App:


57. FeaturePoints

Feature Points app logo.

FeaturePoints is a survey and rewards app that gives you multiple ways to earn. You can complete surveys, contests, and earn cash back on purchases. Points can be redeemed for gift cards to major retailers.

Pros of FeaturePoints:

Cons of FeaturePoints:

IOS Android

58. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hot app logo.

Receipt Hog lets you upload pictures of receipts in exchange for points. These points can later be exchanged for cash via PayPal. The company accepts receipts from retailers both online and in-store.

Pros of Receipt Hog:

Cons of Receipt Hog:

IOS Android

59. NCPMobile

NCP Mobile app logo.

NCPMobile is a survey-based shopping rewards and cashback app from the National Consumer Panel. The app lets you earn gift cards and other rewards for sharing your opinion about products you purchase.

Pros of NCPMobile:

Cons of NCPMobile:

IOS Android

60. GetUpside

Get Upside app logo.

GetUpside is a cashback rewards app that helps you save whenever you put gas in your car. The app works with select gas stations and lets you upload receipts. After confirmation, you are given a certain amount back.

Pros of GetUpside:

Cons of GetUpside:

IOS Android

61. Dosh

Dosh app logo.

The Dosh app gives you cashback whenever you shop at certain retailers. Unlike many apps, you don’t need to upload receipts. Instead, link your card and receive a certain percentage back. 

Pros of Dosh:

Cons of Dosh:

IOS Android

62. MindSwarms

MindSwarms app logo.

MindSwarms offers you the chance to participate in studies and get paid. The app works by having you fill out prescreen information for different studies. You complete the survey questions and get paid if you qualify for the study.

Pros of MindSwarms:

Cons of MindSwarms:

IOS Android

63. MobileXpression

Mobile Expression app logo.

MobileXpression gives you rewards for simply letting the app collect data about you. After installing the app, it will collect information about your browsing habits and similar information to include in marketing reports. You get paid for letting the app run in the background.

Pros of MobileXpression:

Cons of MobileXpression:


Best App To Make Money Freelancing

These apps connect people with skills like writing, graphic design, programming, etc., with companies or individuals that want to hire them.

64. Fiverr

Fiverr app logo.

Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers of all varieties. Typical service providers include writers, graphic designers, voice talent, and more. You can post your services and create different pricing packages.

Start Earning on Fiverr Now

Pros of Fiverr:

Cons of Fiverr:

IOS Android

65. Upwork

Upwork app logo.

Upwork is the world’s largest market for freelance talent. This also means it’s one of the first places businesses turn to when hiring workers. You can post a range of offerings from writing to coding and development, then make money online.

Get Started on Upwork Now

Pros of Upwork:

Cons of Upwork:

IOS Android

66. Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit app logo.

Task Rabbit is different from other freelancing apps where people hire service providers. Instead of services like writing, you can advertise your handyman skills for things like moving or putting together furniture.

Pros of Taskrabbit:

Cons of Task Rabbit:

IOS Android

Best App To Make Money Renting Your House or Vehicle

If you have extra rooms in your home, an unused vacation property, or a vehicle you can rent out, these apps can connect you with people willing to give you money.

67. Fluid Market

Fluid Market app logo.

The Fluid Market app allows you to list pickup trucks, cargo vans, and box trucks for rent. You can list vehicles when you want, potentially giving you a great way to make money when your fleet isn’t in use.

Pros of Fluid Market:

Cons of Fluid Market:

IOS Android

68. Neighbor

Neighbor app logo.

Using the Neighbor app, you can rent out storage space for people to store their car or other items. If you have extra space at your home, such as your garage, carport, or a driveway for vehicles, you can rent it out.

Pros of Neighbor:

Cons of Neighbor:

IOS Android

69. Airbnb

Airbnb app logo.

Airbnb lets you rent out a room in your home or an entire home or apartment per day. People looking for an alternative to hotels can choose to stay in your place for a fee. You control the schedule and when you want your property or room listed.

Pros of Airbnb:

Cons of Airbnb:

IOS Android

70. Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy app logo.

Outdoorsy is Airbnb meets camping. You can rent out your RV or camper to others when not in use. The smartphone app lets you set your own pricing and availability.

Pros of Outdoorsy:

Cons of Outdoorsy:

IOS Android

71. Turo

Turo app logo.

Turo is a way to rent out your vehicle for a fee. You can set the price and days you want to rent out, and people can use your vehicle as an alternative to renting from a company. All types of vehicles can be rented, from trucks to exotics to sedans.

Pros of Turo:

Cons of Turo:

IOS Android

Best App To Make Money Playing Games

These apps give you rewards to play games. Usually, these apps are funded through advertising and share ad revenue the more you play.

72. Bananatic

Bananatic app logo.

Bananatic is a gaming app that rewards you for playing and testing different games. You receive Bananas for completing in-game tests and writing reviews of games. These Bananas can be redeemed for rewards and cash cards.

Pros of Bananatic:

Cons of Bananatic:


73. Mistplay

Mistplay app logo.

Mistplay bills itself as an app that pays you to play games. Companies pay to have their games featured, and you receive a portion of that. The platform also allows developers to test their games.

Pros of Mistplay:

Cons of Mistplay:


74. PlaytestCloud

PlaytestClud app logo.

PlaytestCloud is a platform for game developers to test their games and receive reviews from real gamers. You can participate by playing these games and receiving rewards for taking surveys about your experience.

Pros of PlaytestCloud:

Cons of PlaytestCloud:

IOS Android

75. Cashyy

Cashyy app logo.

Cashyy lets you earn rewards and cash through completing missions within certain games. Developers pay to have their game featured on the Cashyy platform like other gaming-centric apps. You receive a percentage of that revenue upon completing specified missions.

Pros of Cashyy:

Cons of Cashyy:


What Is a Money Making App?

Money-making apps offer you the chance to earn money or rewards through various methods. Many gig economy-type apps pay you to complete work or survey apps. Other money-making apps allow you to save money through cashback and gift cards.

Are Money Making Apps Real and Safe?

Money-making apps are genuine and safe. However, there are many scams you want to avoid, even on authentic apps. As with anything where money is involved, scammers utilize many different methods to try and take your money or make money off you.

Scams to Avoid

You want to avoid fake apps that waste your time while the app developer makes money. Usually, these show you ads while making it impossible to actually earn money.

Also, avoid fake accounts on gig apps. For example, on Uber, people will create fake accounts pretending to be customer service to try and access your account.

Tips to avoid scams:

Best Overall Apps To Make Money

Some of these apps will help you make more money than others. Apps that give you the chance to work, such as gig work apps or freelancing platform apps, will have you earning more than others.

To make it easier for you to make extra income, here are the top three apps that I would recommend to start earning real money quickly:

  1. Delivery Apps: Uber Eats, GrubHub, Doordash
  2. Freelance Apps: WeWork, Fiverr
  3. Pet/Child Care Apps: Wag, Rover, UrbanSitter

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