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Welcome to the niche websites hub!   Here you will find links to all the posts on this site that discuss how to build a niche website from start to finish.   This is an ongoing project, so you will continue to see more posts added from time to time that discuss everything you need to know about building a profitable portfolio of websites.

This hub was created so that you could easily reference in one central location all the niche website training on this site.  I have been building niche websites for a few years now and support myself and my family full-time from the income generated from these sites.  I have found tremendous success from this business model and I truly believe that the opportunity for others to enter the market and be successful is HUGE.

Below are questions you have asked about Niche Websites or topics that I would like to cover.  This list will be added to as more questions are asked.  If there is a link to a post, the question has been answered – otherwise it WILL be answered in a future post, so stay tuned!

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Niche Websites Questions and Topics


Keyword Research

Domains and Hosting

WordPress and Site Structure


Content and Plugins


Link Building

Other Niche Website Topics

Did I Miss Something?  Post Your Question/Topic Below!

This is certainly not a complete list.  I will add more topics and questions as I think of them or as you ask more questions.  If you see that I am missing something from my list above – please post a comment below with your question!

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income?

Yes! I Love to Learn

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Wedding planner book

Looking forward to it Spenser-it is an ambitous undertaking..


This is a great idea! I’ll certainly be coming back often to check the articles as they are posted. One question now is about monetization. Aside from Adsense, what other ways could the site make some income?


Carl there are hundreds of ways to monetize a website. Here is a brief list, but there are many more:
– sell your own product, charge a subscription fee, ask for donations, become an amazon associate, kontera ads, affiliate products (like through,, etc), CPA offers, and many more.

Technology news

Hey Carl,
Here are few good options:
1) You can use affiliate CPA offers from reputed networks like Azoogleads and Clickbooth.
2) Use Google affiliate network and promote niche offers
3) Use IDG ad network. They pay very well compared to adsense and you can monitor international traffic as well.
4) Use infolinks in-text ad network to supplement your adsense income
5) Use buysellads to sell your ad space

Hope these will bring you some extra bucks.


Well men this really looks great. You are putting a lot of valuable info here for helping other achieve their goals.

Bob Thurman

Thank you so much for taking the time and putting forth the effort to provide such great information. I for one will be following this entire process with great interest.


This is really great! A one stop shop for everything new niche builders need. Looking forward to future posts.



That looks like the perfect list, Spencer. I think anybody who ends up with complete answers to that list will be able to turn a personal niche website network into a full business.



This is GREAT!! I’m looking at some of these questions, drooling… thinking “yeah!! I’d love to know the answer to that, lol”

This is VERY COOL Spencer—

Really looking forward to it =)


Cant wait! As a niche site builder myself, I’m always looking for new ways to improve my sites. Looking forward to your posts.


Awesome Spencer! Specially coming from someone doing the work.


I’m just waiting for that, I don’t think you’re missing something
Right keyword
Right seo/backlink build
Right outsource for content/backlink

Man, I think is all we need to know really



Looks good. I can’t imagine the many hours of sweat and blood that you’ve obviously put into this.


This is a great list. I would love to read some of the topics and apply to my site!

Kent Chow

Spencer, I am looking forward to your posts. Sure that there are lots of tips, details and take-away.

Yes,yes I have a question. How long does it take to get accepted into adsense lately. And do they still accept blogger blogs.
How long must the site be in existence before they can say yes?
I am helping someone.



It only takes 1 to 7 days to get accepted to the Adsense program typically. I do believe that blogger blogs are still accepted; although I don’t know for sure as I don’t use blogger. The site can be pretty new; all you need is a few posts (3 or 4 is sufficient, but more is better).


I use Adsense in my Blogger blogs, so sure, they accept Blogger blogs.

[email protected] heartburn cures

Just like your other readers, I am looking forward to read your blog posts. Really appreciate your effort to help us. I believe others and myself will give back to you in another way too.


I guess the only other topic I would like to see discussed, if you think it is important, is how to organize, manage, and maintain your sites If you have (let’s say) 10 or more sites.

I know it’s a lot of work, but one thing I would really like to see is a video of you actually building a adsense site or taking a specific difficult topic in your list above and doing a video on it.. (eg., Layout & structure of a proven successful adsense or amazon review site)



Thank you for taking the time to share now and in the future all this good information. .



That’s a great idea! I think this is a relevant stand alone topic if you have 10 or more sites, because it can become overwhelming if you don’t develop some sort of system. I am going to add this topic right now.

Also, I will try and add a few videos where I can, especially where a video will be easier to understand than simple words on the page.


I think a key idea is having a system from the start…something that is expandable as we build more and more sites.


How do I Insert Adsense etc. into WordPress. Thanks.


My question was how to insert adsense and amazon codes in sidebar. Thanks


What I meant is adsense code and amazon code on sidebar.


I place ads both in the sidebar and within the content of the post. This can either adsense or amazon or both at the same time. Hope that helps.


Do you add adsense to your sites immediately or wait? Thanks


You can add adsense immediately; although sometimes I wait just a couple of weeks. I have never noticed anything negative from adding adsense right away.


Hi Spencer

i would like to know if the frequency of posting is important or not
also do you setup the homepage with a static page or post?
if you create a 20 page niche website (do you use static page or post)



Hey Louis – great question. I will add it to the list of topics to cover in detail above. Overall, I actually have done both. Having a static page does have some advantages in that you can control your homepage keywords a little better, but overall I have not noticed significantly better results from either (static page or blog style posts).

Trever Clark

Regarding posts versus static pages, what I’ve been doing is setting my best post as sticky. Seems to offer the best of both worlds.


I will definitely be following along. Anxious to hear about your link build strategies.

The Wizard

I am looking forward to the posts. I just started and I earned $5 this month so far. Off to a great start don’t you think! Baby steps–right?


Mr. Wizard – great job on your new site getting $5 this month…you are well on your way! Just waive your wand and duplicate your success…


Some posts about the business side of the business. IE financial statements, bookkeepers? What about tax strategies? Perhaps a post focused around “Should i open a business (and what type) when starting out and if not then when in the future?

Looking forward to it Spencer! Keep up the AMAZING WORK!

Trever Clark

Hey man – Love this undertaking. Best of luck with it! I’m pursuing this strategy myself – I’ve got about 30 niche sites built thus far. Would love to know more about your backlinking strategy.


Spencer, I know your going to cover my question later on, but I’m totally confused about this: Is it OK to use an RSS feed to pull auto content from a website (like Yahoo answers) to generate content for your niche site and still have adsense on these page?


Using RSS feed and other auto content is NOT something that I do. I use all 100% original content on my sites, which is always the best method. However, I think small amounts of auto content can actually be useful to an extent on some sites. So, if used sparingly, it might be okay. But if the whole site is auto-generated I would strongly advise against it – you are just asking for Google to demote your site. From an Adsense terms of service perspective, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with placing adsense ads on pages that have auto content on them.


Hi Spencer, great site. thanks for sharing your success ingredients. However I’m curious why you don’t have Adsense enabled on this site?


Adsense is not appropriate for all sites – I have other plans for this blog.


hi Spencer, thanks for these great guides (or should we called it tutorial?). look forward to your next update.


Hi Spencer. I’m eagerly waiting for you to cover the topic “Where to Outsource Content Creation and How to Do it.”

Since I’m following you from the Warrior thread, I know the answer of the first part. However, I’m unsure about what to specify to the authors while outsourcing the article work.

Could you please jump few topics and cover this point with an example first? 🙂
Else please explain here briefly. I’ve reached that stage where everything is setup on couple of my micro-niche sites. However, they are bleeding for quality content. 🙁


Mohit, I outsource my article writing to Here you can specify the title of your article, and then the exact keywords you want to be used and how many times (this is build into textbroker). Use those features. I always use at least a quality level of 3. You also need to explain when you order the article what you are looking for and who the audience will be. I hope this helps for now. As you mentioned, I will indeed be covering this topic in greater detail in the future…


You’re the man! Thank you for the quick and excellent reply.


great tutorials man! love it so many tackled topics



I look forward to future posts as this information has been extremely helpful. I have a question for you:

If “the money is in the list”, are you utilizing an autoresponder campaign with your strategy of multiple niche sites? If so, how do you do it? Can you share your strategy for targeted email campaigns when managing so many niche sites?

Also, did you here the latest concerning Market Samurai scrapping their Adwords module? Could be a great opportunity for Longtail Pro.



I don’t have email lists for my niche sites typically. I make money without a list. For me, “the money is in the search engines”. Perhaps this is an area you could improve upon from my business model.

Thanks for sharing the news about market samurai not doing the adwords module – perhaps it IS an opportunity for LongTail Pro.

John Michaels

Hey Spencer, great stuff here!

I’d love to hear more about your thoughts on link building…I’ve been building niche websites for only about 3 months now, and it’s something that I’m still trying to figure out. I’ve been doing a lot of research, and it seems like even the veterans can’t come to a consensus on it.

Whatever you’re doing must be working though, and if you wouldn’t mind sharing some pointers with a noob I’d really appreciate it!


Hey John, I certainly plan on covering link building. I wish I could say I always do the exact same thing, but even I am constantly tweaking my link building strategies a bit. I will go into more detail in a post later, but for the most part I do article marketing or get links from blog networks and social bookmarking. That is primarily it, but like I said, I am always trying out new strategies. Honestly, the key for me has been finding low competition keywords that don’t require a lot of link building, because link building is really not my strong suit.

John Michaels

That’s really encouraging to hear actually…the way people talk you’d think you have to be an absolute pro at it if you want to go anywhere.

Do you do most of your link building yourself or do you outsource?


I outsource all my linkbuilding now.



Just curious if you noindex or nofollow any of the pages of your websites? Someone suggested doing this with my privacy pages and disclaimers so that other people can’t copy them. Thanks.



I don’t.

Jae Burnham

What a great page and hub. Very similar to the hub that Pat Flynn has on his site.

Only thing I have to ask is if you plan make all titles clickable in the future?

Probably a stupid question, but I would like to know.



Of course, the title that are not clickable yet are those planned in the future. So, as I write the article, I link to it. Not a stupid question at all! I should probably be clearer about what my plans are here…


How important are back links to a newly found niche?
I have my site ranking first page 1-5 spots for over 12 keywords and the site is only 2 weeks old.

Should I focus on content as I have or start building back links?



Mr Siding –
It looks like back links are not that important in the niche you found! If you are ranking well without links, then you obviously don’t need many. I would just focus on content in this case. Build links if you see your rankings drop.


Hi Spencer, I don’t know if this fits accurately into the ‘Niche Websites Questions and Topics’, but perhaps a post about your transition from corporate life to self employment, what is important to do, how to adequately prepare, etc.

I’m thinking by the time you’re done with all of these posts, some of us might be at that point….. 🙂

Just a thought.



Hello Spencer,
it’s been a great and inspirational read through your site.I’m someone who’s new to this online business and had been always wondering how to start and where to start.Your articles helped me a lot.
Kindly help me by directing where i could host my site affordably.Also i’ve another doubt.I’m from india and if i build a site,will google automatically put it only in searches from india???I’m afraid i wont be generating goog profits if that happens


If you go to this page:, I discuss hosting that I use (Bluehost) – plus some analysis as to why. It won’t matter that you are in India – good news! You can host your websites at the same place someone based in the US does and you can also buy your domains from the same place as someone in the US. Google will treat your site exactly as it would if the webmaster were based in the US. Your site will show up in Google US results.


Thanks a lot for that quick and nice reply. Its great to know that.:-)

Stephen Dailey


I would like to hear your thoughts on link velocity and strategies involving link velocity. Based on what I have read about your process I wouldn’t be suprised to hear you say that link velocity is too complex to worry about and that niche sites don’t need to be that complicated.

I would also like to know how much you wind up tweaking wordpress themes to your liking generally. I have been doing this for about 8 months and I have 2 sites which make enough to pay for BMR and small things like fiverr gigs but after reading the longtail handbook and seeing that you built 200 sites in one year, I realize I may be over-complicating this whole process and spending too much time on hacking my way through code and other things that don’t bring home the bacon.


Okay, great ideas. I do try to keep things simple, but link velocity is important in that you don’t want to build links too fast! Slower is better generally speaking. I discussed this here:

Also, I don’t “tweak” themes much at all. If I do, its only to get my adsense ads to display just right. I need to do a post on this. I am adding this to the Niche Website hub under “How to Customize Your WordPress Theme for Adsense”.


I have a question about multiple niche sites that sort of related to the one about hosting services.

For the majority of your sites, do you have multiple domains on one big hosting plan? Or separate plans? Have you run into any problems as your sites grew? (ie. moving away from shared hosting due to traffic spikes, transferring a WP blog…etc.) I think some slightly more advanced hosting issues might be useful for readers who are trying to launch multiple niche sites.

Keep up the great work!


I have about 5 Bluehost accounts (each account has several domains on it); then I also have an account with a different hosting company with 5 separate C Class IPs. Each C Class IP has multiple domains on it. I do have a post schedule on the Niche Websites Hub to discuss hosting, Multiple C Class hosting, and other advanced hosting issues in a future post…great question!


Awesome; looking forward to the post.


To continue with the above comment, how about how to properly backup all your niche sites so that you don’t lose them? Maybe this can be commented on in a post your plan to write about.


I have never had an issue with losing sites in 5 years. Hosting offers free auto-backups as well. The best thing would be to regularly back up your sites and save it somewhere outside your hosting. But honestly I have never worried about this.


I just found your site and am trying to catch up! I’ve been doing the OPPOSITE and see why my adSense income is low. I have a question:
As I research keywords (in Adwords right now), I can find long-tail keywords between 3-9k searches a month, with approx. CPC of around $3.00, but the competition is low.

I find it is either high competition with low traffic (1,300 or less) or low competition and high traffic.

Have I just not found the right keywords?
Thanks for all the info here!


When you say low competition – are you referring to what is shown in the Adwords tool? If so, that is showing how many advertisers there are NOT how competitive the keyword is to rank for in Google. Just want to clarify. You actually want to usually pick keywords that show HIGH competition in the Adwords tool. You want low competition in the top 10 google results.


Thanks for your reply, Spencer. Yes I did mean (and do understand the difference) the advertisers’ competitiveness within the Adwords tool. I’m still doing research to find the adwords highly competitive words!


PLEASE write this article next for the Hub : “What Layouts and WordPress Themes should be used for Optimal Click Through Rate (CTR)?”

Just a small request. 😉


A article on how minisites should be set up post Panda and/or how to grow a minisite would be helpful. Thank you.


I believe Spencer do not know anything about post panda setup unless he’s part of the Google panda team. Even though your site is content is unique or whatever, it could or might get slapped by Google panda without knowing the actual reasons.

That’s why Spencer is creating bunch of adsense sites to cover the lost… just in case or for backup team.

Orange Juice

Awesome; looking forward to the post.


I was wondering if a url has all 3 words of a phrase but not in the same order how significant you feel the order is regarding obtaining top 10 spot in google?


Good question. In the exact order is obviously better. But even just having all 3 words helps. So, if lots of the sites do not have the exact order of the keywords in the title, I would say there is some weakness (obviously look at other factors as well).


I didn’t see this question up there, so hopefully I’m not doubling up.

My question is in regards to trademark/copyright violations in domain names.

I see A TON of trademark infringement in EMDs, like www[dot]nerfguns[dot]com. Do you ever use domains with trademarks? Is it ok? I know some companies like Sony give out a lot of C&D letters, but a lot of companies don’t seem to care, actually most, from what I can tell.


Most of my domains are not brand names – but I do have some. Most companies will never contact you. But its obviously safest to just never do it.

James Hussey

Spencer –

Love your ideas, I’m still new to your blog but between building my own blogpire and publishing, hard to get in a good read.

Anyhow, why are some of the links not live on your list here? Did you move them elsewhere? Just curious, you have a lot of good ideas and I’d hate to miss ’em.

Thanks for stout resource, by the way (this PAGE I mean, and your blog). Awesome stuff.


Quick question for all–need all the opinions and info I can get.

I recently found a misspelling of a very broad term, no trademarks or anything to mess with on this one, and the search volume is around 1300 local/month with less than 20k competition. The first page of google is laughable and I know I can rank #1. The ads seem to be coming in nicely from the broader term as well, which is nice @ 2.81/click according to LTP. The EMD is also available.

Is it even viable to grab misspellings anymore? Has anyone used this approach and seen decent results, even though Google has included the “did you mean…” feature. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Mias Muller

This has got me thinking… Thanks Spencer!!

Mias Muller

Hi Spencer,
The clocks have just gone back here in the UK and signals the quite time of year for me. I am going to be doing a lot of reading on your site but I want to be doing a lot of “doing” as well, How long does it take on average to set up a niche site??

Thanks mate


Once you have the keyword selected and articles written, it only takes an hour or so to set up a new site. However, keyword research and writing articles can take several hours (if you are doing everything yourself). Then link building can be another few hours if you are doing it yourself. I personally only spend time finding the keywords, which I can do fairly quickly now – then I essentially outsource the rest.

John Lye

Hi Spencer

Great work on your site. Been learning lots from it.

One thing i would like to hear from you is once we identify a niche, can we use a free blog instead of buying a domain and setting up a website with hosting.

The cost can add up rather quickly if i plan to do 10-15 sites over a few months.


Interested to hear your experiences with length of content. After Panda I heard people saying “articles need to be longer – at least 750 words… no, 1000 words, no, 2000 words”, etc. What general length do you shoot for as a minimum from your writers?


I usually shoot for around 700 to 800 words in length.

Bryan @

Haven’t seen anyone mention this, but are there any particular plugins or tactics you use to defend your websites against potential threats (such as hackers who insert malware and other viruses)?

As my Adsense empire starts to grow, it’s something I’ve thought about. Last thing I need is to have something like this happen and have some sites become lost in the mix because of it. I’ve seen a few plugins out there that help, but wanted to know if you were using anything currently that you could recommend?



Bryan – great questions. I obviously do my best to keep all my plugins and wordpress installations up to date, but I should be doing more. Thanks for the reminder, and this would indeed be a great post as well. I’ll dig in a bit on this subject. Thanks,

Tim Jackson

great blog! I have found the hub a great tool to get me going on the niche road.

I have done the keyword research, set up the tools and am beginning to write content for my first niche site.

A couple of points though:
I have read your posts and video’s on competition analysis but would like way more info – or just a reference sheet for good/bad points to look for. I agree with you that this (combined with the initial keyword criteria) is the single most important success factor for a niche site. So something more definitive on the subject would be great!

Secondly, despite everything I’m really not sure what a niche site should look like, or what content there should be for it. For instance, most of the competition I see for a niche I have found are ecommerce sites. Should I try to emulate them or should I make the site look more like a traditional wp blog with adsence?

Any advice would be great!

Cheers and thanks again for inspiration/knowledge!


Merry Christmas Spencer. I’ve heard anecdotal stories of people saying to watch out one your adsense earnings reach $100 daily we’d be subject to an account review. Guessing the only reason for concern would be if I was autoblogging but doesn’t seem like your strategy would carry much risk so long as the sites were compliant with adwords TOS, have decent quality articles… and don’t get hacked 🙂

But weird things can happen with G. Just in case it hits the fan for whatever reason, how much monthly revenue would you recommend stacking up on an account before starting a different business account for future sites?


If you only have a few sites, I would never worry about getting another adsense account. But if you have lots of sites and you are earning more than $100/day…perhaps its time to think about another adsense account.


Do you have a second adsense account Spencer?

Stephen D.

Hello Spencer, is there any way to access the older posts that you have written that are not accessible anymore. I know that it’s a ton of useful info that I;m dying to read through. Thanks

Ali Fauzan

I am planning to make niche website. here I get all of the information. Thank you I will bookmark it.


Ali Fauzan


Hi Spencer!

Thanks for this amazing Hub!

I know you sometimes accept requests for articles here, so I thought I’d comment on something that could be useful to a lot of people. Considering that doing this is pretty much creating a new company, there is a part that sometimes people forget and that is paying taxes. Could you comment on how that affects your niche pursuits? I know taxes will be a hot topic from here until April

Again thanks for all your effort and congratulations on your success!


Hey Spencer, taking you up on your latest challenge of adding topics to this list, so here it is:

how about ad placement post panda. There was a recent change to google algo that was about too many ads above the fold. I believe you may have mentioned this, but my big thing is, what changes if any did you make because of that algo change.
As part of this, it would be nice to know what are the best ad placements for that gives you your best return from google. I am strictly speaking adsense here, not affiliate sites (although, same deal there, what is the best ad placement)

PS. This Message box is pretty darn cool, I can resize it using the mouse, what did you use?


Hey Spencer.

If you can find the time, I’d like to see an article about how you build out and expand a successful small niche website after you’ve got a batch of new sites and picked the few winners.


Mias Muller

Hi Spencer,

One thing that would also be of great value, especially to me right now, is how to apply for an Adsense account.
I have built my first few niche sites and it’s time to apply for a Google Adsense account but there is so much conflicting information about how long your sites should be up for, what must be on them, what can’t be on them, the list continues.

If you did a guide to getting your account approved first time, I’m sure a lot of starters like myself would find that of great benefit!!

Thanks and keep up the good work



Great Idea. I’ll add that to the list. But in a nutshell – just make sure you have at least one good site with perhaps 10 pages of content. Make sure it looks nice and is not on an unapproved topic. Then just submit your application.


Should I avoid a niche that the first page of the search results is a few .gov and a few and ?

Assuming the rest of my research checks out for the keyword?


Hi Spencer,

Just curious. What happens to the high cpc keywords with low competition but with a low search volume. Does anybody use those? Or are they mostly just used on 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. pages on the blog. Are they ever used as the main keyword and why not? Is it possible to make money off of these?


Konstantin & Julia

Hello Spencer,

This hub is great. We found many answers on our questions. As we are newbies in niche website building we have question what can bother all newbies.
The privacy policy for each niche website should be unique?
Where do you get content for private policy?
Thanks in advance,
Konstantin & Julia


The privacy policy does not really need to be 100% unique. I have used a privacy policy plugin that actually just generates it for you. It simply changes the website name. In general, the privacy policy can be very similar on all your sites.

Chelsea Beauchamp

Spencer, will you give us some feedback on competing with major retailers for the top 10 slots? For example, one of my seed keywords has mostly Kmart, Walmart, Target, Ebay, Forever21, Lowes, LLbean etc as the top 10 sites. Are these rankings easy to beat, or do we need to take anything else into considerations with “powerhouses” like these major online sellers? Thanks! Chelsea


Hello Spencer,

Should we or you change our technique according to latest update of google panda 2012.



Maybe, you should always be looking to improve or change your techniques based on the changes in the industry. You should expect to always be doing this.


Thanks Spencer to Your Reply

i just following your technique …. can you tell me which type of change you have done in your technique…. so i could also update to myself…..!!!

which type of expectation of google panda update to my sites. . .. Can you Plz give me some suggestion so that i could work continuously without any doubt.



Would you go for a keyword with competition like this? I am still having a hard time seeing the low hanging fruit.

storage beds

Using LTP and your competition analysis rules I think it’s close, but I wanted to get your opinion.

#1 and #3 have the keyword in the URL. Overstock and Pottery Barn are at #2 and #4 with few page links (ranking from website authority I guess). Amazon is #8, which always scares me when they are outranked for a product and still on page 1. The other sites have less than 40 links each.

Just wanted your opinion.

Thanks for the help!

Ryan Web

Hey Spencer,

I also have the same question as a couple others above.

Would you consider doing a post on general business strategies for those of us looking to break away from being employee’s? Like what type of entity is best for a niche website business and why. I see you use LLC but would like to know why that’s best for niche sites? Tax strategies for niche websites? How do you manage all the books for all this and keep the IRS happy? How do you manage all the different sites? When you re-invest profits into expanding the business how does that work for taxes? Health insurance? Things like that..

I think a post on actually how to properly run a niche website business, or (several business entities like you do) would be very helpful.



Thanks Ryan…I am adding that to the list above right now!


Great resource, I actually forgot about this page until your email 🙂

Thanks Spencer!


I would like to get help with displaying more relevant ads on some of my sites.

For example, if I google my specific keyword, there are many great relevant ads showing. When I go to my site, the ads showing are different than from the search – they are related to the broader subject related to my keyword…if that makes sense.


Post Penguin – April 24th, 2012


With 200+ websites , I would love to know how Penguin affected your sites. What factors led to drops in the serps (if any). What can we learn about these changes and what type of sites should we be building that will be minimally impacted by G’s algo changes.

I know there are sites that are NEVER hurt by updates. What are they doing?


I wrote a post on the “over optimization penalty”, which is now called Penguin just a couple of days ago: Also, I have a podcast interview coming up soon that is with someone who’s site has not been affected and he shares why.


Spencer, are you going to be updating or writing a new “ultimate link building guide” with all the changes that have happened recently?


Sound advise, I would also add that your site should have a artistic look to it. If it looks amateurish people wont stay, its a visual game.


Hi there…
Finally i found THE website that has the stuff i need. Well done.
Now, i am a very difficult case (i think)!. I want to engage in this niche website thing but i don’t know where to start. I am not a native English speaker so my websites will probably be written in another language (that’s one). I can not deem myself an “expert” in anything at all. As a matter of fact I am a system administrator in my day job, and a web programmer ( and php) in my free time. This doesn’t make me an expert in either of profession (that’s two). Finally (forgive me on this one) I don’t like WordPress !! Yes i know what you are saying now but i just don’t like ready made stuff. I’d rather write my own very tailored CMS application. This will definitely never compete with a package like WordPress and it’s siblings Joomla, Drupal…etc.(that’s three)
Actually i do own a couple of websites that are monetized by Adsense. Both of them are classified ads websites. One of which is general and the second is Real Estate oriented. My Adsense revenue is barely $2 per day from both sites combined!
I am sorry for such a long comment but i really liked your articles and i would very much appreciate sharing your thoughts with me.
Thanks for the great work.

Spencer Haws

Ahmad – Glad you enjoy the articles! If you are not an expert, you can outsource the article writing portion (which also may be good if you want English written articles). So, you can focus on managing the entire process rather than doing everything yourself.


Hi Spencer,

After weeks of studying all your materials, I’ve became a huge fan of Niche Pursuits. I’m in the pursuit of niches! 🙂 I am also purchasing Long Tail Pro. I’m still on the trail and I love the fact it can gather 5+ different niches so quickly. I’ve used MNF and it doesn’t compare. I think its all about speed.

Anyway, I was going through warriorforum and came across this plugin called Adsense Defender. I was thinking about purchasing it but was wondering if you heard about it and what you think about it?



Hi Spenser,

Thank you for sharing your experience with your amazingly useful blog. I think the business model really makes sense. However my problem is that I am not at all computer savvy. But I am still young, right? I have read your free handbook and it has been extremely helpful. I wanted to purchase the complete version of the handbook and I realized that you do not sell it anymore. Why did you stop selling your book? Is there a way for me to purchase the books before you decided to stop selling them? Is the free version enough to get me started? Thanks again for your time! I am going to be a very committed fan of your blog.



Spencer Haws

The full version is not longer available because its out of date. I need to update it, but haven’t yet.

eddy d

Hi Spencer
I have a couple of questions.

But first I’d like to say what a great job you done on the income press podcast, it was full on packed with great tips.

1: I am interested in some domains where my main competition is local councils and collages, so lots of .gov sites that are not very well optimized but have lots of gov and EDU links.
I was wondering if these are easy to beat?

2: also any ideas on the best way to build rank on an amazon associate store, (not reviews) but lots of relevant products.

I have found it hard to backlink to this as it does not have much written content.

E.g I have a site that is about local skateboarding community.
So I have created an amazon associate site with lots of relevant skateboarding products on it and I want it to be found by a broader audience.

Now I cant replace the text on all the amazon products as that would take forever and it’s not the sort of site where I can write lots of other content.

So any ideas would be really appreciated.

Thanks mate

Spencer Haws

1. Probably not. But it all depends; hard to say without looking at it.
2. Lots of relevant content and links. Just have a separate blog – then link to the store pages from the blog

Longchamp Tote

Hey there! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us so I
came to give it a look. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to
my followers! Wonderful blog and fantastic style and

goose jakker

Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve visited this website before but after browsing through a few of the articles I realized it’s new
to me. Anyhow, I’m certainly happy I came across it and I’ll be
bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

Lewis Saka

I’ve just come across this site and already I can see it’s full of quality resources. Hope to become a long time reader




Where you are getting the High Quality Articles…

I am not a good writer, so let me know where I can get High Quality Articles. Let me know where I can outsource my Article writing ?

waiting for your reply 🙂

thanks in advance…

Spencer Haws

adsense site creation

Hi, thanks for reply, but the cost is very high in the

If you have any low price sites or fiverr gigs, please let me know.

Spencer Haws

You get what you pay for unfortunately. I’m happy to pay a higher price because it usually gets done right.


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I know this web site presents quality dependent articles and additional stuff, is there any other website which gives such stuff in quality?

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I must thank you for the efforts you’ve put in penning this blog. I really hope to see the same high-grade content from you later on as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has motivated me to get my very own website now 😉

Dave Ade

Hi Spencer, got a question for you.Its like google shut down many adsense accounts having multiple self hosted blogs (post-penguin).But how many blogspot adsense blogs is safe to have?


Spencer, I found what I think may be a decent niche topic for my first niche site, but there already is a niche site on this topic in Google’s top 10. (There are numerous other sites on the topic that don’t rank high).

Do you recommend that I (a) just forget mine (b) try hard to distinguish mine by having different types of content than theirs–a “niche within a niche,” or (c) totally don’t worry about theirs at all? Does it matter if some of the articles on mine have similar topics, as long as they are original? (All the niche sites on the topic have some similar articles already.)

There isn’t exactly a ton of traffic to most of the keywords, but there’s quite a lot for the main keyword.

Thanks for your (and anyone else’s) thoughts.

Spencer Haws

Don’t worry about there’s. Just make your site better.


Hey Spencer,

Thanks for your support all the time in form of constant information here.

I am doing keyword research for my first 5 niche websites.

I have a questions, if you can help me out.

If there are too many shopping cart results (5-7) in top 10 rankings, though no backlinking and lower Page authority, is it good to go for that keyword?

Thanks in Advance.

Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much
about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is fantastic blog.
An excellent read. I’ll definitely be back.


Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU Spencer! Been reading Niche Pursuits since the end of 2012 and started 2 niche sites since. Your open and detailed sharing has been inspirational and a great education. Also really appreciate the Niche Site Project which has been super helpful! It’s like having a personal tutorial as I follow along and use the Niche Website Theme.
Thanks again!

Spencer Haws

Thank you Jason…and best of luck!


I am really loving the theme/design of your website. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility issues? A couple of my blog visitors have complained about my website not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome. Do you have any solutions to help fix this issue?

Donald W

Just curious but I noticed many of these links are out of date and I have seen the new ones on your site already that give more up to date information. I know you are very busy but I was just curious if you were going to update the niche-websites-hub? If not that’s alright too 🙂 Just wondering is all. I like the hub because it’s all neat a orderly and in one place !

Barbara Taylor

This is a great resource. I really appreciate the time you took to put all of this information into one place. I have found that finding quality information online can sometimes be hit or miss. The resources you listed here, have been a very big help for me. Ever since I started my Virtual Assistant business, I find new information each and every day that can help me. Your resource has been one of the best I have come across. Thank you again.


Thanks Spencer. I’ve finally crossed over $100 in earnings for just the first 3 weeks of July after my 3rd attempt at a niche site hit no.1 on Google for it’s primary keyword! Follow all your posts closely and earnings are about 25% Adsense and 75% Amazon Affiliate commission.
Thanks again and looking forward to your next Niche site project!

Spencer Haws

Thats great!!


July 24th 2013…………………

Today I earned my first $0.40 from my Niche Site!


Please write this one:

What to Watch out For When Hiring a Link Builder


Spencer Haws

Good reminder 😉

Mark Stevens

Hi Spencer,

This is a fantastic resource, great credit to you for pulling it all together. I’ve only recently discovered your blog and tools which offer practically useful tips and insights I can use.

very refreshing in the IM world where high value info is often not divulged.




Downloaded Handbook OK, but Niche Pursuits won’t download??


Do you think if your Amazon Affiliate site has a risque sense of humor that Amazon will shut down your Amazon Associates account? Thanks


Having multiple sites and a couple of outsourced help, how do you keep track of all your sites (logins, tasks to be done, emails etc) Do you use a CRM or setup a google sites? I am looking for a scalable workflow that I can have thousands of sites and not get lost in a mess.

Mario Rodriguez

Great idea. Thanks for all the information here. I am just beginning in this and is really amazing. Lets see if I can make some earnings.


I’m starting now and I want to thank you for this valuable information.
Are small details that I did not know.
Thank you very much.
Much success to all.

RJ Bryan

Thanks again for the great information.

Ive been using LTP for data and I think Ive found a great niche. Im just a little skeptical because its based on services (which I wouldn’t be providing) and the top 10 ranked are service providers.

Ex. Keyword: Shoe repair
So the domain names are “” or “”. They are all “shoe repair” stores.

There are less than 40 links (including Juice links) and the domain authorities are fairly low (9 of the 10 are less than 21; the 10th spot is 96).

Should I be worried about this? or is this a good sign? I haven’t seen examples on service niche sites yet

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