I’m Selling a Few of My Websites: Buy a Website

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Over the years, I've built, bought, and sold several websites.  I've typically been someone that enjoys running multiple projects at once.

However, as I look where I'm at currently, I think it's clear that I've taken on too many projects to feasibly be able to manage them all properly.  As a result, I've decided to sell several of my sites.  This will allow me to focus on a couple of remaining websites and a new software project I have in the works.

I do believe that each of these sites with the right focus has great potential to grow.

The Process and FAQs

Before you look at the listings below, please read through how the process will work.  I've provided some basic information about each site and a list price.  However, I know that more information is needed for you to make a proper decision.  In order to gain access to the Profit and Loss statements as well as access Google Analytics or other details needed, I am first requiring a minimal REFUNDABLE deposit of $50.  I ask for the deposit simply to weed out people that are not really interested in buying a site.

Once you have made the deposit, I will have you fill out a very short form and I will contact you within 24 hours with additional details about the site you enquired about.


  1. Why are you selling all these sites?  I have too many projects going on and I need to focus my attention to grow other sites.
  2. Why are you requiring a refundable deposit to get more details on the site?  Thousands of people will likely see this page, so I only want people that are serious enough to make a $50 deposit to be asking questions regarding the listings.
  3. When will I get my deposit back?  You will get your deposit back 30 days after making the deposit.  
  4. Do I need to make more than 1 deposit if I'm interested in more than 1 site? Yes.  For each site you are interested in, you need to make a $50 deposit.
  5. Can I just email you first with a simple question before making a deposit?  No.  Please make a deposit first, then I will gladly answer any questions via email or skype call.
  6. Will you help me with strategic planning or other details after buying the site?  Absolutely.  I'm not going anywhere, and I will gladly help you in the first few months to transition the business.
  7. How will we complete the purchase?  I recommend that we use to ensure that we are both protected in the deal.  We can discuss how to transfer the funds depending on the deal; typically a wire transfer.

Sites for Sale

All of the sites below are owned by me, Spencer Haws.  I am not selling sites for other people, these are all projects that I either started myself or purchased at some point.

Site #1 – Sold!

Site #2 – No Longer Selling

Site #3 – SOLD!

Site #4 – Amazon FBA Business – SOLD!

Thank you for your interest!  If you are unable to make a deposit for some reason, please contact me here.