Adpushup Review: Can You Control Your Ads & Increase Revenue?

By Brady Cargle |

If you haven't heard it before, I'll let you in on a little secret kept by the internet marketing community:

It can be hard to make a living from ad networks.

Unless you're drawing a monster amount of traffic, it's hard to earn a sizable income from pennies-per-click. And ads always have the opportunity to be improved, but it can be a hassle. Once you have created new ad units, you're still forced to be in an eternal battle of split testing and optimizing.

Some smart entrepreneurs have come up with a solution to this problem. It's called AdPushup. In this AdPushup review, we're going to see if this tool can help you improve your site's ad revenue by streamlining the process of placing ads on your site.

For free.

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Boost your ad revenue and decrease your workload with AdPushup


  • Ease of Use
  • Passivity
  • Unique Features


AdPushup is an ad management solution that has unique strengths for anyone who likes to have control over ads or anyone who has direct ad partnerships. You can click here to get a free AdPushup demo and try it on your site.


  • Very easy to navigate
  • Manages ad networks and direct ad deals
  • Visual editor for your ads


  • Might always as hands-off as other ad management softwares

AdPushup Pros

AdPushup is a pretty neat software and has some unique features that I haven't seen in other ad management solutions. Here are a few things that it gets right:

Super Easy To Navigate

I love the AdPushup dashboard. It's a breeze to get anywhere you want within just a few seconds.

The dashboard does a great job of giving you an overview of your business. You can get an immediate glance at income, how your sites are doing, and the impact that Adpushup is having on your site.

One thing I like a lot about the dashboard is that it gives you a breakdown of where your earnings are coming from. You can see your percentage of earnings from Adsense, direct ads, AdX,, or wherever else you're earning from.

AdPushup does a great job of giving you the important info at a glance and making navigation super easy.

Manage Ad Networks & Direct Ad Deals

This is an area where AdPushup has something that I've never seen anywhere else. They allow you to manage direct ads as well as ad networks.

Using the visual editor (we'll talk about this in a sec, so hang on), you can insert and move ads that aren't in an ad network. So if you manage to get a deal with someone in your niche, you can manage and track that ad on AdPushup.

But you can also use AdPushup to serve as an ad management network.

Awesome Visual Editor

This is my favorite thing about AdPushup. They have a visual editor that allows you to create, insert, and move ads. You don't need fancy coding, any design skills, or more intelligence than an average caveperson. 

We discuss the visual editor later, but it looks something like this:

adpushup visual editor

You can select ad size, layout, the networks it will link to, and where it shows up.

You can even tweak the settings to make your ad show up on all post types, different pages, or certain categories.

It's a super cool feature.

AdPushup Cons

AdPushup has some cool features, but it's not perfect. Here's its biggest flaw (in my opinion).

Might Be More Hands On Than Competitors

AdPushup allows you to manage direct ads and they have a visual editor to insert ad units. That's awesome, but it requires just a little bit of legwork.

It's not too work intensive. And once things are set, AdPushup does the exact same constant split testing that competitors do. All in all, I think the small decrease in passivity is worth it for a network that can allow you to manage direct ad deals and use a visual editor to place your ads.

If you would like to try AdPushup on your site, you can get your own personal demo. AdPushup includes an account manager with every account so you can know that you'll be taken care of.

Clcik here to get a demo with AdPushup

Boost your earnings and manage your ads with AdPushup

AdPushup Review

Let's get into the nitty gritty of this platform and see what it can do. After a walkthrough of the dashboard, we'll look at creating ad units.

When you first log in to AdPushup, you'll get the dashboard: 

adpushup dashboard

I like this dashboard a lot. You can get your key metrics, compare how you're doing before/after AdPushup, and get to where you're going. You get an immediate look at what's going on with your site.

Further on down the page, you can see your revenue broken up by different ad network sources:

ad revenue source

I like this little pie chart a lot and I haven't seen it elsewhere. This gives you a view into how diversified you are.

It doesn't include things like direct ad deals, affiliate income, or sales from your own products. But this pie chart can show you where major weaknesses lie. You don't need to go nuts and get all your ad sources to under 10% of your total ad income. But it is dangerous to have 100% of your income stemming from one place.

Then at the bottom of the dashboard, AdPushup allows you to see earnings for all of your websites:

adpushup earnings for every site

This is nice for someone who has more than one site running on AdPushup since it gives you a breakdown at a glance.

Once you're done with the dashboard, you have a few other options within AdPushup:

adpushup navigational menu

Let's take a look at all of these.

AdPushup Sites

If you click on My Sites on the left sidebar, you'll see all of your sites using AdPushup.

adpushup my sites

It doesn't look like anything too special. The cool things start when we click on Manage Site.

At first it looks the same as the regular dashboard. You have your quick glance at earnings, a measure of your improvement before/after AdPushup, and a pie chart showing how that site is monetized by different networks.

At the bottom of the page, you get a breakdown of the earnings by day:

adpushup revenue by day

In your site settings, you can grab the AdPushup code to insert into your headers. You can also block certain URLs from having ads on your site.

Best practice is to blog ads on your home screen, category pages, main pages (privacy policy, contact page, etc.). If you run skyscraper campaigns for linkbuilding, I've heard that you might have more success on pages that don't have ads.

You can block and unblock pages from having ads in Site Settings.

And now we get to the cool stuff. 

One thing I like about AdPushup is that it has a pretty extensive “app store” and they are developing more apps. Right now AdPushup offers apps for:

You can see the current apps (at time of writing) here:

adpushup apps

The apps that will make the biggest difference for you will be:

Layout Editor: The layout editor allows you to place and test ads on your page. The placement process is pretty amazing and we'll cover it in just a second.

AdRecover: AdRecover is pretty cool. It helps get past ad blockers and monetize your users who do have some kind of ad block.

Innovative Ads: Innovative Ads might be my favorite thing about AdPushup. We'll discuss how to use it in the Placing Ads section below.

Mediation: Compares the bids for different ad networks and bids them against each other. This helps you earn more by forcing companies to compete for your ad space.

Placing Ads with AdPushup

The apps are cool and all, but what can they do? Let's take a look at designing ads using Innovative Ads that we just looked at.

You start by clicking Manage App on the bottom right corner of the app itself. 

You get a screen where you start by choosing the devices where you want your ad:

innovative ads select device

And then I love AdPushup's guide here. You select the device, the ad format, your ad size, and a page group (for example, on posts).

And then you're pretty much done.

Your screen will look something like this:

innovative ad selection

Once the ad has been created, you can go to Manage Ads to see (and manage) your current ads:

adpushup ad manage

You can manage the network(s) the ad is using, change the ad format, and archive the ad so that it doesn't show. That's more of a mass-solution and implements across your whole site.

If you prefer being hands on, the AP Tag app is pretty cool. It's like Innovative Ads but you're given an ad code that you can insert on a page level. You select your options:

One thing I like about this is that once you have your code, AdPushup helps you customize it. You can enable bidding on the ad so you get maximum revenue. You can activate lazyload so that your page speed doesn't suffer.

But I haven't even shown you the best part yet.

You can create ads how I showed you above. You can place ads using a unique visual editor.

I've never seen anything quite like this before:

adpushup visual editor

AdPushup allows you to use a visual editor to place ad units. I'm pretty well blown away. It's like using Elementor or Thrive Architect for ads.

You can dictate ad shape, size, and position. You can place the ad on desktop, mobile, or tablet and the visual editor allows you to swap back and forth from all of these.

I haven't seen anything like this in other ad management software, so this is pretty awesome. I love how it's so flexible and you can adapt the ads to be just what you want.

Here's what it looks like after the ad is inserted:

adpushup visual editor ad

There are a few easy settings tweaks that allow you to insert these ads on all posts. You can set a certain distance down the content, keep ads away from images, split test different layouts, etc. There are a lot of settings here.

I'm very impressed with AdPushup's ability to create and place your ads for you.

Managing Direct Ads

A unique feature of AdPushup is that you can use the network to manage and track your direct ad partnerships. This is in addition to the regular ads that AdPushup manages for you.

I like this solution a lot. Direct ads can be a very viable source of revenue and will almost always earn more ad networks like Adsense.

You can manage your direct ads by going into Header Bidding. You can input details about your direct ad partner and include them in your tracking or create ad units for them:

header bidding direct ads

AdPushup Reports

The Reports section isn't too special. It's just what you'd expect: you can check your revenue over a certain period of time.

The filtering options are pretty impressive. You can break your revenue down by page, test, unit, or more. You can add filters and you end up getting a pretty graph:

adpushup reports

And then you get more detailed info at the bottom of the page. You can find your income made per day, your revenue per thousand pageviews (RPM), and more statistics.

AdPushup Integrations

This is the area where you can integrate AdPushup with Google Analytics. There's not much else to do here.

If you'd like to get started with AdPushup, click here to request a demo.

Work less and earn more with AdPushup

Is AdPushup The Best Ad Management Service For Me? AdPushup Alternatives

Below, we'll take a look at some situations you might find yourself in. I'll discuss if AdPushup would be a good solution for you and some possible AdPushup Alternatives.

Baby Website: $0 – $1,000 Per Month From Ads

If you're making less than $1,000 per month from ads, I'm gonna toss you in this category here. It's no worries; we all started that way once.

AdPushup's starting requirement is that you make at least $1,000 per month from ads on your website. This is a little bit strange, since other ad networks base their minimum requirements off of pageviews per month.

But we play the hand we're dealt.

If you're under 10K views per month, I would recommend not having ads at all. They hurt your authority a little and not even your mother will be proud of you for the pennies you'll be earning with ad clicks.

If you are getting more than 10K views per month, I would consider applying to AdPushup whether or not you're already running ads. If you're already making over $1,000 per month and aren't using an ad management software, I'd say give AdPushup a go.

Youngster Website: $1,000 – $2,500 Per Month From Ads

A younger website is getting close to the job-replacing-income, but isn't quite there yet. No problem. We'll get there together.

If you're earning this range of 4 figures and aren't using some kind of ad management network, I think you have a very nice surprise waiting for you.

AdPushup is a little more hands-on than the other two, but I think it could be helpful. It's not much more hands-on and the visual editor is super powerful for someone who doesn't know how to code (like me).

I would give AdPushup a try if you start running any kind of direct ads. The management system allows you to track your direct ads and the visual editor helps you put the ads where you like.

Full Grown Website: $2,500 – $10,000 Per Month From Ads

The full grown website might be the end game for many of us. It's a good place to shoot for and there's no shame in stopping or selling once you hit this point.

A site in this range of income could replace your job and provide an early retirement. Not too bad.

As with almost everything in internet marketing, I recommend that you run some tests. I would be surprised if you aren't already on an ad network at this level. If you aren't, then I think AdPushup is as good a place to start as any.

If you are on an ad network and have been for some time, I recommend changing it up. Even a 10% increase can be a significant amount of money when you're playing at this level. I say try a new ad network for a few months or a year and then compare results.

Wizard Website: $10,000+ Per Month From Ads

You're it. You've made it. You have conquered the competition and are now among the few wizards of internet marketing.

Well done.

You're at the level where ad networks start sending you gift baskets for Christmas and the kids' birthdays. You could walk in the doors tomorrow and sign up with any network you like.

So how do you pick the best one?

I recommend trying them all. I recommend giving each network several months to run some tests and optimize your site. Then try another network for several months to a year.

It's important to keep track of the earnings per thousand views (RPM/EPMV) instead of your actual earnings. Your site should be increasing views as time goes on, so tracking actual earnings can give you the wrong perspective.

After some time testing, go with the highest-earning network.

I will say that AdPushup offers a unique solution if you're running direct ads. AdPushup allows you to track these and use the visual editor to place them, so that could be helpful for you if you're a website wizard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now let's get into some things that people ask about AdPushup:

How long does it take to set up AdPushup?

About 5 minutes. You'll add your site, verify that it's yours, and then add code to the header of your site. 

If you don't know how to add code to your header, I recommend the plugin Insert Headers & Footers. It's free and it gives you a menu in WordPress settings to insert headers:

insert headers and footers

Will Adpushup change my site layout?

No. AdPushup just tests different ad options (size, location, network, etc.). They don't take control of your site and won't change your site layout unless you change the site layout.

You have 100% control over everything that AdPushup does.

What are the minimum requirements?

You have to be earning at least $1,000 per month from ads before applying to AdPushup (but I would also try applying if you're getting about 10,000 views per month or more).

How much will my revenue increase?

That's the most important question of all 😉

This depends on a lot of factors. If you're not using any ad network, I think you could expect your earnings to jump quite a bit. The difference between network and no network is pretty enormous.

If you are using a network, the changes might be more moderate. AdPushup claims that their average user increases revenue by about 33%. That sounds pretty good to me.

Can I use Adpushup if I'm not good with technology?

Join the club. I stink at tech too.

Yes, you can use AdPushup without being good at technology. AdPushup's visual editor is designed to make it easy for you to insert and manage ads. 

The only technical things you might have to do are integrating with Google Analytics and adding a header to your site. AdPushup has guides for how to do both of these things. I've already mentioned that I love the Insert Headers & Footers plugin for inserting headers

All AdPushup accounts come with a dedicated account manager. He or she will help you if you get stuck on any of the technical stuff. I know it can be scary at first, but none of it will be too difficult.

AdPushup is a great fit for those of us who have to ask our grandparents how to use a computer.

Boosting Your Ad Revenue

AdPushup is a little bit more manual than some other options, but they offer unique solutions to boosting your ad revenue. I love the visual editor and I love how you can manage direct ad partnerships.

I would recommend AdPushup to anyone who likes to have a hand on the steering wheel. The visual editor helps you get your ads how and where you like them. 

I also think AdPushup is a great option for anyone who has direct ad partnerships. I love how you can track them and compare with your other ads. The visual editor comes in handy once again here to help you insert your ads into your pages.

Overall, I think that AdPushup has unique strengths and is a viable alternative to other ad networks. I think they're a very strong option if you like a little more control or have direct ad partnerships.

Click here to try AdPushup on your site and earn more

Boost your ad revenue and decrease your workload with AdPushup


By Brady Cargle

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