My Amazon FBA Business Just Did $17,757 in Revenue in the Past 30 Days

By Spencer Haws |

The time has finally come for me to reveal how well my new Amazon FBA business is going.

I’ve shared a bit about how I got started selling physical products on Amazon; including the fact that I made about $4,400 in my first 40 days.  I’ve also been busy interviewing others for the NIche Pursuits podcast and just generally digging into the Amazon FBA business because I saw so much potential.

The two most recent podcast interviews I did with Amazon/Importing from China experts was:

(If you are interested in training from Scott Voelker from, you can check out what he has here.)

Yes, I revealed recently in a podcast that I was doing about $2,500 a week in sales; however, things have only gotten BETTER since then.  To say the least, I’m very happy about what I’ve been able to accomplish with this business already; but even more excited about the potential of this Amazon FBA business because I’m just barely getting started.

Today, I want to discuss the revenue of my Amazon business over the past 30 days.  In addition, I want to touch on my “authority” site project and why shifting my focus away from it was clearly a good move.

Timeline and Income Numbers

I wanted to remind everyone of how short I have actually been involved in this business.

So, technically I started selling physical products on Amazon about 4.5 months ago; however, I was out of inventory for about 2 months.  So, I’ve only really been selling on Amazon for about 2.5 months total (when I had stock).

Despite the short amount of time I’ve been tinkering with the Amazon FBA business; I’ve clearly got a winner on my hands.

Check out these sales stats for the past 30 days:


I am SO happy with the sales of $17,700 in just 30 days!

I've been selling products on Amazon since 2014.

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And in full disclosure right around 45% of that is net profit or about $8,000 for the past month.  I’ve basically got a six figure net profit business if things continue like this for the next 12 months.

However, as I’ll discuss below, I believe that doing MUCH more than $100k in net profit is possible…there is SO much room to scale this business.

I’m just getting started.

Plans for Future Products

The majority of the sales from the screenshot above are from 1 product.

I honestly think I can double or triple the sales of this 1 product.

I have a winning product on my hands; but the main problem is keeping it in stock.  That’s a good problem to have that I’m figuring out right now.

In addition, I actually have 4 additional products that just recently went live on Amazon.  My early diagnosis of the 4 additional products is that I have 2 duds; but I also have 2 winners.

The 2 new winners could be as big as my first product.  I’ll know better in about 30 days.

The 2 additional winning products aren’t selling like crazy, but they ARE selling 1 to 4 units a day without ANY marketing from me.  No promos/giveaways and no PPC.  They’ve only been live for about a week and they are selling in a similar fashion to what my first product did before I did any promos/giveaways.

I’m SUPER optimistic about the 2 additional products.  I will be starting promos/giveaways this week to get some reviews.  I expect this will jumpstart the sales even more.

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The 2 “dud” products are going to take more work.  I’ve started a PPC campaign on one of those products, and it has generated a few sales.  So, I’m hopeful here.  I may give away some more units to drive more reviews.  I haven’t given up on this product yet, but if it doesn’t start selling well on its own in the next 30 days, I likely won’t re-order inventory for it.

The 2nd “dud” is still too early to tell.  I haven’t done any promotions for it, so it’s fate hasn’t quite been determined yet.  However, it hasn’t made a single sale in the past week like my other 2 new “winning” products have without promotions or paid advertising.  Again, it could still do very well in the future…but it’s “iffy” at this point.

Some Quick Math

Sometimes I like to dream a little with the potential that a business venture might have.  If I look at the 3 “winning” products that I currently have, I think the potential revenue is quite good by the end of the year.

If I double the sales of Product 1 (and I believe tripling is not out of the question), that’s about $35k a month.

If I ramp up product 2 and 3 to $15k per month each (I think it’s very realistic), that’s $30k per month.

I think it’s totally feasible that by the end of December this year, my Amazon FBA business could be doing $65k+/month.

Again, this is me dreaming a little and avoiding any unforeseen snags along the way.  But the potential is very much there.  The MARKET of ready buyers is definitely there; it just depends on if I can deliver.

Now we could also think of nightmares.  My FBA business could go to 0.  But that’s not any fun to think like that…so stop it!

A Good Move: Shifting Focus Away from the Authority Site Project

Perrin and I spent nearly a year trying to build up an authority site and publishing Kindle books.  In one month, the income of our self published Amazon book  was up near $3,000 (when one of our books hit some best seller lists); however, most months hovered around $1,000 per month.

Don’t get me wrong, $1,000 per month is nice to have.  But the growth was too slow and I saw more potential to quickly grow a business with Amazon FBA.

So, back in April, we decided to no longer focus on building up our authority site.

At the time, we got a little bit of push back from some readers and of course we even wondered ourselves if that was a good move.  We had basically gone from focusing on our established authority site to an unproven Amazon FBA business.

However, I knew deep down that the upside potential of our authority site after a couple years of effort was only around $10,000 per month.  On the other hand, I could easily see that the potential of an FBA business could be six figures per MONTH with less than 2 years of effort.

As a result, I made the call to switch our efforts, and I’m SO happy that I did.  Trying to generate revenue with our Authority site was like pulling teeth; whereas generating revenue with our brand new FBA business is comparatively a piece of cake.

I’ve already made 3 times the revenue with Amazon FBA in 2.5 months of selling, than I made in about a year from our Authority site.  I think it was a really good decision to turn away from the struggle of the authority site, to the Amazon business.

I think this is a lesson that anyone should learn.  If you have been struggling to build a business for a year and you are still not seeing good returns, perhaps it’s time to try something new.

I see too many people still struggling for years to make niche sites “work”, or some other business.   If you have been struggling for 6 months to a year on some online business and still not seeing any return.’s could be time to try something else (obviously every situation is different).

Your Thoughts

Overall, I wanted to give a quick update on how my FBA business is going.  I’m excited for where I can take this business!  I see so much potential; and honestly it feels nice to see people write genuine reviews and say how much they like your product on Amazon.

I’ll do my best to keep everyone posted on how it goes.  I don’t expect to be doing monthly income reports, because I don’t want to get stuck in the trap (it never ends); but I will share posts like this one from time to time that share how this FBA business is doing.

As always, I’m sure there will be questions or comments that you will have.  I look forward to the discussion with you below.  Thanks!

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Steve Eason

Hey Spencer! Great to hear about the progress. Amazing results and I wish you continued success. One quick question, and this is probably answered in a previous post but I wanted to be the first to comment. These products are something you created and had manufactured, right?

Spencer Haws

Thanks Steve! These are products that I had manufactured in China. They are just private label products…I didn’t invent anything.


Hello Spencer, just like to add. Do you need to purchase in large quantity and then stock ’em in the states?

Or would just order the products once you have orders on your Amazon store?

Spencer Haws

You have to order the product ahead of time and stock it.


I have dived into FBA on the retail arb side, my best ,month is about $20K gross and $4k net. I like the books side of the business, but I am also exploring physical products. Great job guys!

Spencer Haws

Awesome! Congrats on success with retail arbitrage.


Hi Spencer,

Why is it so much easier to make money with Amazon FBA than with an authority website in your opinion? Is Amazon FBA just undersaturated right now?


More risk, more reward


I wouldn’t call it “undersaturated”. There are more and more sellers on there every day. A lot of them don’t know what they’re doing and get into the race to the bottom (=running down the price to get the sale). But there are so many ways to source profitable products for Amazon, which makes it very easy to earn some money on the side or even go full time with it, if you’re serious about it.


Because you’re selling on the biggest e-commerce site in the world and enjoying truck loads of free traffic without lifting a finger. I wouldn’t say it’s undersaturated because with these Amazon FBA courses that constantly spring out of nowhere, some of which even recommend people what to sell, you can see why there are hundreds of private listings for more and more products every day.

Spencer Haws

It has more to do with selling a product that people already want and buy (Amazon FBA) vs. trying to build something from scratch and not having a product that people already want.


Congrats on your success, Spencer. I’ve been selling on Amazon for the last 1.5 years, but only in wholesale, Retail and Online Arbitrage. Still haven’t dipped my toes into Private Labeling, but hearing your quick success motivates me to giving it a shot very soon.

How much did you invest for the initial order of each SKU?

Spencer Haws

About $2,500 or so invested in each SKU. Could be more or less depending on the product you tackle.

Bernhard Rieder

Great Job Spencer, like always. Would be great to see a making of. Or a guide in which you want to publish in a nutshell your milestones, and how you did what step by step. Congrats man, you never give up and you proofed again that hard work pays off ! And now, let’s crack a bottle – yeeehaaaa !!!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Bernhard! I’ll definitely be diving more into the business. I’ve tried to share most of my steps along the way in detail on my previous podcasts:


What’s the see freight company you are using?

Spencer Haws

The person that referred me to a sea freight company asked me not to share it on my blog.


Great results for such a short amount of time selling. Lately I’ve started to shift my focus from eBay to FBA. My time is limited and I like having them fulfill orders. Eventually I want to get into private label products. Do you endorse any particular program or did you learn it all on your own? I have an idea of how it all works but I’m a little fuzzy on the legal aspects of it.

Spencer Haws

I didn’t learn through any course…on my own mostly. However, I did interview some FBA people on my podcast…that’s essentially where I learned:


Hey Spencer,
I’m glad it’s working out for you with Amazon. I’ve been reading a lot these days on a lot of people going to this business model. Will bookmark this site to read more. All the best.


Congrats Spencers! I have been keep an eye on you since you first launched the niche site project. It is really great to see your big comeback from the PBN turndown. Good luck to you and your business.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Molly!


Hi Spencer,

Nice job, makes me really eager to jump straight into FBA and PL. And I think you did the right thing in persuing the business that promises more return on your time invested.


Spencer Haws

Thanks Martin!

Frederik Wasniowski

Thanks for the update, it’s all exciting. But the main reason for leaving a comment is to say that of the blogs I read, I think you have the best flow in your text. You keep it interesting, even through some of you’re larger posts. So thank you, and keep up the good work.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Frederik! Glad you like my flow 🙂


hey spencer, congratulations!
can you tell some more about the kind of products you are selling?
how did you make the contacts for importing these stuff from
china? alibaba? or what would be your hind to get these products for a nice price?
greetings from germany, axel

Spencer Haws

Yes, I started by contacting people on Alibaba.

Matt Harrigan

Spencer – Amazing results! How much promotion have you done via giveaways for reviews etc? How do you handle your keyword selection? Do you use tools like MerchantWords or do you have an inhouse tool for finding best keywords amazon buying keywords?

Spencer Haws

Thanks Matt! I’ve done small promotions; around 30 units given away. I am using Long Tail Pro for keyword research. I’m the creator of Long Tail Pro and its meant to be used for SEO…but I’m going off the assumption that the trends in Google and Amazon are similar. Meaning if more people are searching for “heavy blue widgets” on Google, then higher numbers of searches are probably on Amazon as well.

I’ve been researching keywords for a really long time, so this is my strong suit. I’ve just applied what I’ve done on Google for years, to how I create my product titles/descriptions as far as keywords are concerned. Lower competition (not a ton of amazon sellers) for keywords is the way to go.


Hey Spencer,
I’m glad it’s working out for you with Amazon. I’ve been reading a lot these days on a lot of people going to this business model. Will bookmark this site to read more. All the best.


Great job and congratulations!

Are you able to provide AmazonPrime free shipping? If not, what do you charge for shipping? Also, how do you account for sales tax depending on the state (or does Amazon handle that for you)?

If this has already been answered in a previous post let me know and I’ll go read it there.


Spencer Haws

Yes, I can offer free Amazon prime shipping. This is one of the big benefits of using Amazon FBA…free shipping. You can use Amazon/ to account for sales tax.


Hey Spencer,

I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and you helped encourage me when I was first starting out on my affiliate site about 18 months ago. I actually went the other way to you – I was selling physical products a few years ago, but it was hard to make money and I didn’t like the hassle of returns, lost or damaged parcels etc… which was pretty inconvenient for a “lifestyle” business run in my spare time. So I shut that down and set up an authority site in the same business area. It’s now making over £1,000 per month ($1,600) for very little effort now it’s running, and I’m looking to create a similar site in a different area soon to hopefully repeat that success!

One question though, are you concerned about other sellers getting in to your market and cutting prices until it’s not worthwhile selling anymore? Just as Google can cut off your organic traffic suddenly, surely Amazon can do the same if they or someone else sells the same item slightly cheaper?

John Tighe

Two Words.. Label Privado

– not necessarily in that order.


Spencer Haws

Sounds great, Ed. Also to clarify, with Amazon FBA it really is still a “lifestyle” business. I don’t package or ship anything, handle returns, or do customer support. Amazon handles everything.
To answer your question, yes, competitors will likely come in…that’s the name of business. However, there are ways to brand better and stand out from the crowd. I don’t compete on price.


Will have to look in to this. I set up an Associate site on Amazon 2 years ago. So far, about $40 on sales that comes to me. Not great! lol. I need to push myself to make some passive income now. Very motivating. Thanks Spencer!

Ted Begnoche

Hey Spencer, thanks for the update – this is great news.
I’ve been tentatively exploring Amazon and now it looks like I have to ramp that up!
Wondering if you’re doing any sort of SEO to improve your search results?

Spencer Haws

I definitely pick keywords to target to rank on Amazon.

Dave Irwin

Way to go, Spencer. Amazon seems like a great opportunity for those willing to research, work hard, and learn as they go. Best of luck, and please keep the updates coming.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Dave!

Fred Jones

Hi Spencer, Congrats on your success!! Your blog is really helpful! I have been doing research for about 2 weeks trying to decide where to stick my toes in the E-commerce water. 1st I thought it would start as an affiliate, but the return didn’t seem worth the effort, Then I thought maybe I would start as an E-bay seller, but then it seemed everyone started moving to authority sites so I thought about that instead, Now you have introduced me to added the FBA business model!! I think this one may be the winner! Do you advise a beginner to jump straight to this? or should I just start with a simple dropshipping model instead. I have found some products and a supplier who will dropship. Do you think dropshipping is that the easiest point of entry to learn the ropes?

Spencer Haws

I would jump straight to FBA if you can. I’ve never done dropshipping, but seems like a low profit kind of venture.


Way to go Spencer. It seems a lot of people are getting into the fba scene but you are crushing it. I love reading your stuff.

Naveen Kulkarni

Spencer and Perrin,

Congrats on your GRAND success with Amazon FBA. Wish you greater success ahead !

Spencer Haws

Thanks Naveen!

Richard Smith

Hi Spencer,

Great blog post and it’s interesting to see these FBA training programmes popping up (Up to 5k$)

You mentioned you spent around $2500 on product. How many units did that get you?

You mentioned you run out of stock. Have you now built a model based on your sales so that this does not happen?

Have you actually taken out any profit or are you continuosly reinvesting all revenues in more stock? For people with small budgets is it a case of buying, selling, reinvesting for a period of 6 months plus?

I would like to have a try at FBA. What is the minimum budget you would advise a first time FBA retailer.

I saw some people asking about shipping costs. In case anybody is interested then I actually have a client in the shipping industry who do a lot of importing from China. Spencer if you want me to add a link here just let me know?

Thanks again for the totally transparent stuff you share mate.



Spencer Haws

Thanks Richard, I got about 100 units to start…the investment included shipping and manufacturing. I haven’t taken any profits yet, I’m just reinvesting in new products/more inventory. Minimum investment depends on what you products. Could be as low as $1500…and up. Feel free to share your shipping client.


Hi Spencer,
It sounds like your new venture is going gangbusters mate.I am starting a new Amazon site next week,it’s my first,do you have any advice for a first time Amazon Affiliate.The commissions are a lot less than digital products I sell but I figure with enough volume I should make some extra cash soon enough.
Looking forward to you next post,
Thank you,Scott

Spencer Haws

Good luck, Scott!


Glad to hear its working out for you.

Definitely has me thinking of products I can tweak but haven’t bumped into anything yet.

Unrelated Question: If you wanted to invest $1,000 into your niche site businesses or any online business, What business, products or tools would you invest in that would bring more to your bottom line?

Spencer Haws

Investment for niche sites? Probably more content.

Theodore Nwangene

Congratulations Spencer and Perrin,
You guys are you crushing it with this Amazon FBA stuff and I’m happy for you.

Personally, I will also consider shifting focus away from the Authority website and focus more on the one that’s bringing most of the income.

Thanks for sharing


How long will Amazon store your product in their warehouse, especially if it doesn’t sell in a timely manner?


Spencer Haws

They store it for free and charge when you sell. I’m not sure on a time limit.

Dustin Bess

Aaron, I am not completely sure of this answer, but I think it is 1 year. They do charge minimal “storage fees” on the product you have in the warehouse though. (When I say minimal, I am talking about pennies per month, but it is dependent on the size of the product)


No they charge long term storage fees at 6 months and a year and these are hefty charges for product that has been in the fba warehouse


I found the link to Amazons long-term storage fees. It’s based on a per cubic foot assessment:


I really wish this site would go back to being about niche site pursuits instead of Amazon FBA tutorials and reports. It was great once.

Shuhel Ahmed

Thanks for your Update and I am Waiting for your next article. I am very very exciting.

Dustin Bess

Thanks for the great post Spencer. I really appreciate how you just lay things out and don’t mess around with a bunch of salesy hype when you present information. I also appreciate how you respond actively to people’s questions. The IM world needs more people like you. Thanks again!

Spencer Haws

Thank you Dustin! I do my best to just share it how it is.

Laura Shard

Hey Spencer – I can’t tell you how good it feels to hear this! I am in the process of starting my Amazon FBA business (before discovering you and your site) and it’s so good to hear about your success. We currently have our first private label product in a shipping container somewhere in the ocean on it’s way to us, but it’s a pretty low ticket product (we will price it at around £18.99 and make around 40% margin).

After reading your posts I’m now thinking we should be thinking much bigger for our next product (i.e. similar margin but higher ticket product). Would you have any advice regarding this, or in selecting a product?

Also, out of curiosity, which category are you selling in, and are you trying out multiple (don’t answer if I’m asking for too much detail!)
And leading on from that, have you sold in any gated categories? If so, how easy was it to get access?

Thanks and kind regards,
Laura Shard

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the kind words Laura! Awesome to hear that your first product is on the way…exciting!

I don’t think the key is to sell higher ticket or even higher margin items; but its more about finding lower competition listings where you can get up and ranking. There are advantages and disadvantages to having larger items as well (less space in amazon to store for example).

I won’t share the category that I’m selling in; but yes, at this point all my products are in the same category.

I don’t know what “gated” categories are. I’ll have to consult google…


Thanks for all of the information. I’ve been binging on your podcasts here.

What have you found to be the best way(s) to determine the competitiveness of a potential product/category? Number of products?

Spencer Haws

I don’t have a specific formula yet…still learning myself. But number of products/competitors is a definitely near the top of the list. Also, low number of reviews is a good sign. If the category is dominated with brands that have hundreds of reviews; it could be very tough to break into.


Hey Spencer. Congratulations!
Maybe you shared this in your podcast,
But did you need to get ungated for your categories? If so, how? Some categories( the ones I’m interested in-grrr..)require a website and sales elsewhere first.


Spencer you are crushing it! This is a huge inspiration.
Have you looked into selling on They offer an Amazon-style fulfillment service.

Spencer Haws

Thanks! I’m unfamiliar with Jet…I’ll check them out.


Hello! Credit for your accomplishments! I’m about to start an FBA Amazon business myself.

One question: i’ve heard you writing about 45% Amazon fees..? is that correct? As far as i know… their fees is 15% for everything excepting electronical items, (these items has a 25% fee)! plus other comissions FBA related, plus transport to the customers etc.

The total commision fee reaches 45%??? You sure? Isn’t it huge??

Thx a lot and looking forward for you answer!

Spencer Haws

No, that’s not correct. I might have said I have a 45% profit margin. Amazon fees depend on the size/weight of your products. You can calculate your fees here:


Hi Spencer, what a great sharing! FBA seem to be a pretty exciting business to jump in. I do not want to be impulsive either. As I’m from Singapore, is there any guide for non-US citizen to get started with FBA? Thanks


Spencer Haws

I personally don’t know the ropes for those outside the US. However, I know Scott Voelker has some workshops he does; perhaps he can help?


Thank you Spencer!


Hi Spencer

I would like know what are your tasks daily / Weekly …. (When you have your inventory in amazon because you said that you aren’t making marketing…)

So… you only
-Get Reviews in your products
-Publish new products?

That is all?

I see a little problem with sell in Amazon… you can make a big money but… You dont have the control of your business… What do you think about sell with Amazon FBA…. in your website too… ?

Spencer Haws

Yes, that’s pretty much it for tasks. You also have to order new inventory. Yes, you can sell on your own website too.


Hi Spencer, this is outstanding. How much capital did you invested to generate this net profit of $8,000?

Spencer Haws

The total capital I’ve invested is close to $15k…however, that includes 5 total products (3 of which haven’t really started yet)…and re-orders of inventory. So, 1 of my products is profitable; the other 4 will hopefully be there soon.


Well 15k is not actually bad, however for people with a very tight budget, what advise will you give as focusing on authority niche site might be the only option on the table.

Secondly, have you totally abandoned the authority niche sites you have previously built?


Spencer Haws

No, I haven’t abandoned any sites…I’m just letting them coast on their own rather than actively adding new content etc. Blogging definitely is a cheap business model if you don’t have any money to try other avenues.

Eric "Shuck"

Spencer, I’m guessing since you did NO marketing at all, all your traffic is coming from long tail keywords that you optimized your listing for?

I haven’t heard much success from people just listing a product and it selling without doing any Amazon PPC or email list building.

Spencer Haws

Correct, all my traffic is coming directly from Amazon. Unfortunately, there is no analytics that tell you how people find you on Amazon…so I just have to assume that they are finding me through the long tail keywords I’ve optimized for. (I’m pretty certain of that as I rank really well for a couple phrases).


Hey Spancer, congratulations for the success of your Amazon business.
I’ve been reading your posts for a while and they are inspiring for sure!
I live in Brazil and here we don’t find any site like yours that reveals for free the strategies for a succesfull online business.
Is there the possibility to build this type of business living outside of USA using Amazon?

Spencer Haws

Yes, many people outside the US are doing Amazon FBA.

Gifts in Vietnam

FBA is very great! I will learn more abou this. Thanks for your post

Richard Smith

Hi Everybody,

As OK’d by Spencer I am sharing links to a company I work with that are an international shipping company.

They provide multimodal transport so road,rail, air and sea freight.

You have the links to the shipping and air divisions, of course air freight will be more expensive

If you have an enquiry then you can go to their site and request a quote.




Wow! That’s some awesome results.. Makes me ponder whether its something I should try my hand at. I guess the main thing keeping me off it, is whether or not i can identify a product that would be in demand.. I have my doubts.. Would suck to buy stock and not have it sell..

Anyway ! Cant wait to see how this goes for you!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Verleti!


Thanks for this report Spencer, I will check out your podcast.

Is there something else you do besides selecting the right keywords when you want to rank for something on Amazon? Does the number of reviews, or good reviews help?

Spencer Haws

Yes, good reviews and number of reviews helps for sure.


This sounds very inspiring! Will you be publishing a step by step on your success? Or have you already done so?

Spencer Haws

I’ve done some in-depth posts like this one:


that was really interesting!
we have a website for online marketing in iran, but our business still doesn’t have promising revenue or something like that.
our business model is new according to our country, and it`s like a start up!
we start from beginning of 2015 and still struggling for grow our business!

Spencer Haws

Good luck!


Congratulations First!

Inspiring report for newbie like me and result is awesome. FBA is the best way to earn expected amount. Will try to follow you and learn this method. Is long tail keywords is the secret method of your traffic? How much $$$ I need to invest to run FBA project? Will wait for your next post…

Thanks for this report!

Spencer Haws

I don’t think long tail keywords is the secret…that’s just one part of equation. The most critical part is picking a product that both has a good market and is not overrun with competition. How much you need to invest depends on the product you select and how fast you want to grow.


Hey Spencer, congrats on the FBA success! I’ve been following several other FBA sellers over the past few months, most of which started in 2014 or earlier.. it’s encouraging (and inspiring!) to hear that someone starting in 2015 can still be so successful. My girlfriend and I have started a business using FBA as well, our first product shipment is current en route from China and should be at Amazon by this time next week.
I’ve heard numerous cases where inventory ran out and it took a while to get new stock; when restocking do you think it’s better to buy only the inventory you’ll sell in a fixed period of time (say 2 months) or to buy as much as you can afford to minimize shipping costs? How would you balance this against launching a 2nd (or 3rd, etc) product?


Spencer Haws

Good luck Steve on your new product! I would stick to being lean and only buying as much inventory as you can sell in a fixed period. Once you’ve tested the market, you can get more aggressive with ordering more inventory.


What are your thoughts on product liability – you know – getting sued by the user when they use it improperly. You are selling someone else’s design/product but I would think there is still some liability ther.

Spencer Haws

Yes, there is potential liability. We actually discussed this in a previous podcast here: Basically, some products are inherently more risky from a liability standpoint and other are not.


This is great and all but what about scaling

Spencer Haws

I discussed scaling in the blog post…it’s happening 🙂


Hey Spencer, Well done! You have the midas touch, it seems. 🙂 I know there have been a few projects that have been less successful but when they work, they work WELL.

Keep the podcasts coming – it is great following along.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Doug! I don’t think I have any magic touch, I just get involved in A LOT of things and finally something works out 🙂


Hi spencer, just a couple of things might help you out

1. Have you turned on the amazon global shipping , this will allow amazon to ship your fba items around the world , as far as im aware its set to just the usa by default

2. you really should list the items on ebay and use a management program like to keep the inventory levels synchronized. I have a couple of thousand FBA items in the UK and i have them all listed on ebay and sychronized through linnworks so that if an item goes out of stock the listing is taken down and if an item is sold on ebay the listing is routed through to make a multi fulfillment order on ebay. i find ebay has no where near the sales volume of amazon but once the two channels are linked up it makes for extra sales and keeps inventory turning over quicker. As far as im aware linnworks give you free access to the programs for under 10 items so it would definetly be worth playing around with


Spencer Haws

1. No, not yet. I’m aware of it…but testing the market slowly. I’m confident now that my products can sell globally so I’ll likely turn this on in a few months (when I have a chance to ramp up inventory big time).
2. I agree, I should do this! I’ll look into what you’ve suggested.

Feel free to shoot me an email, sounds like you’ve scaled your business quite a bit, I’d love to chat more.


How would you go about selling on Amazon and starting up differently if you used $50,000 + to start?

Spencer Haws

Probably not much differently. I would still approach things lean and test before investing huge sums on inventory. You could invest in testing more products than just one or two at a time though.


Hi Spencer,

I have an idea in my head and upon researching, there’s no similar product yet on Amazon or in the market. Do you think I should apply for a patent if in case I decided to go with the Amazon FBA route. Thanks a lot for your very informative site.

Spencer Haws

If you actually think its something revolutionary or unique then perhaps getting a patent is a way to go. However, there is also something to be said about just launching a business and making money without all the additional expenses and time as quickly as possible. Your decision.


Hey Spencer, great work so far! One question that I cannot seem to figure out. I have a seller account from over a year ago that I used to sell books and random things around the house. I have been working with a supplier in china and am almost ready for my first real product. I want to put this product on another seller account so I build a brand. When I asked Amazon, they shot me down very fast as you can only have 1 account. What would your approach be to this (I want to eventually sell this brand which is why I would like a separate account).

Spencer Haws

You just need a business. You as an individual can only have 1 account. However, if you own a legal LLC/business, that business can also have 1 account. So, get a business entity and you are set.


Thanks for the response! I can use that. One last question if you do not mind. What company are you using to pay for duty and clearing customs. I am almost ready to get my product sent to Amazon and just need someone to handle getting it there and accepted without issues.

Spencer Haws

I don’t share the logistics company I use, because I was asked by the person that referred me to this company not to discuss it on my blog.

Janeth Lenis

Congratulations Spencer, I’m starting to FBA but I find that by selling an existing product, for example an iPad, the item is already created at Amazon with its own title and description. How do I get to use keywords and modify titles and descriptions? Do you only work creating a new product?

Spencer Haws

I don’t sell existing products, I sell my own version of existing products. For example, you wouldn’t sell an “iPad”, but you might sell a “tablet” that looks exactly like an iPad…but its called your own brand the “Lenis Tablet” for example. That way you create your own new listing.

Janeth Lenis

Ok, thank very for you answer. Continuing with the same example, if I compete on price, for example you are selling $ 10 a iPad below the normal price. It can function as a sales technique?
Finally, you have a course in spanish?

Spencer Haws

Generally speaking, competing on price is a bad business model. I almost never try to be the cheapest option. Having the lowest price CAN be a business technique, but as soon as someone comes along and decides they want to sell the same product for less, you are out of business. You should try to compete on things like better features, better service, more unique, etc.

I don’t have a course in spanish.


Hi Spenser,

Not to be negative on your success or anything but I think you should make it clear to everyone that the net profit is more like $3000. Is that correct?

I just think it puts things into perspective when we can see your “profits” and not just the amount of produicts sold.

Then we can make a decision as to whether this business is something worth getting into as opposed to other businesses out there.



Spencer Haws

Actually, I was very clear about my net profits. Here is a direct quote from the above blog post: “And in full disclosure right around 45% of that is net profit or about $8,000 for the past month. I’ve basically got a six figure net profit business if things continue like this for the next 12 months.”

Eryk Lukas

I’m doing some research for potential products to manufacture and sell on Amazon.

My question is:

When finding an existing product that ranks between #500 and #2000 in best seller rating, in which category does it need to rank between #500-2000 for?

For example for XYZ Gadget Spoon:

#36,543 in Kitchen and Dining
#259 in Kitchen and Dining > Tabletop > Flatware > Spoons

Does it need to rank #500-2000 for Kitchen and Dining, or are we aiming for that number in a subcategory?

Many thanks!


Spencer Haws

The top/main category. So, Kitchen and Dining in your example.


Very congratulations !! And your hard work will give you more


Great work Spencer… Really great impressive work. Congratulation!
I just have one question: The products you are talking about I am guessing it’s some labeled ones right? Can you tell us how to find the right labelling opportunities?
Thank you, and keep the great work!

Spencer Haws

I’m not sure what you mean by “labeled ones”. If you mean private label products than yes. I manufacture my own products under my own brand. Here’s a couple podcast episodes that get you started: and


Thank you Spencer for the reply.
Just to explain what I said before, I thought that you were doing some white-labeling. You take an already made product and you add your brand to it and then sell it.
But, as you said, you are making your own products, it’s better (and harder of course). I am looking to learn everything about the white-labeling process because apparently it works well, costs low and has good returns.
Anyway, thank you again and I wish you good luck for the future!

Spencer Haws

I am indeed doing “white labeling” as you explain. Not sure if that clears things up.


have you use any third-party inspection companies. some said that that is mandatory. which companies do you use.

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