Niche Site Project 4 Revealed! June 2019 Monthly Income Report

By Spencer Haws |

Well, after 10 long months of “secretly” building my niche site, the time has finally come to reveal the domain!

When I initially started this project, I knew that I wanted to reveal the site at some point.  I finally decided that after the site was making $1,000 a month, I would share it with you.  Well, the site made just over $1,200 in June…so it's time to reveal!

By not revealing the site up to this point, I hope you can see that this has been a “clean” case study.  I haven't used my audience here at Niche Pursuits in any way to drive traffic or links to this niche site.

I've built the site from scratch and not used any prior connections to get it to earn $1,200 a month.  I'm 100% confident that the site would continue growing if I did not reveal the site.  (I'm also confident it will continue growing after revealing it as well).

Yes, the case study now becomes less “clean” once I reveal the site.  I'm well aware that traffic is going to spike due to all the Niche Pursuits readers visiting it and my display ad revenue is going to go up.

However, I'm not revealing it to try and get a little extra earnings out of the site.  I'm revealing the site so that you can see what a successful niche site looks like and you can try to emulate that success as you build your own site (in a different niche please).

So, with that…it's time to reveal the site!

The Niche Site Project 4 Site Is….!

I recorded an entire webinar where I revealed the site and walked through exactly how I grew it to making over $1,000 a month.  I would highly recommend that you watch that webinar so that you can get all the strategies and tactics that I've used along the way.

However, I also know you might be impatient and want to know what the site is already!  So, without further adieu, the Niche Site Project 4 site is…!

Yep, is the site that I've been building for 10 months and earned me over $1,200 in the month of June 2019.

Now that the big reveal has happened, we can talk about specifics related to the site.  I'm going to start by sharing the detailed earnings, traffic, and full report for the month of June.

Earnings for Own The Yard

(It's nice to be able to just say the site name out loud!)

Overall, the earnings continue to climb and I'm really happy with the trends that I'm seeing.  Check out this earnings history (including June):

In total, the site earned $1,218.91 in June 2019!  I am absolutely thrilled with the earnings!

The site earned $782.07 from the Amazon Associates program, and $436.11 from Ezoic ads.  

I should remind you to look at the left side of the graph where there essentially no earnings instead of just looking at the right side of the graph where there's a big spike.  I went through 6 long months of difficult work before I saw any earnings basically.  After 6 months, the site made $6 in February this year.

Building a niche site is difficult and it's easy to want to give up.  However, the work that I had been putting in for those 6 long months have finally started to pay off.  It wasn't that I did something special or different in March, April, May, and June…it's just that my site has finally found it's place in Google with age.

Building a successful website takes time and typically starts to take less work after the first 6 months.

If you are looking for the step by step video instructions that I created that teaches exactly how to build a niche site from scratch, you might consider joining my Organic Traffic Formula.  I rarely mention this course, not because it isn't the best course I've ever created (it is), but because selling courses isn't really the main focus of my business.

However, if you want the additional in-depth training, check out Organic Traffic Formula here.

Amazon Earnings

Making money from Amazon has been my primary focus since building the site.  In June the site made $782.07 as shown from the above screenshot.  In total for June, 209 items were ordered with a 10.86% conversion rate (which is excellent).

Ezoic Earnings

As you can see from the screenshot, my Ezoic earnings continue to grow each and every month.  Yes, a big reason for this is because my traffic continues to increase each month.

However, the EPMV (earnings per 1000 visitors) also continues to increase…meaning I'm making more per visitor.  Ezoic using AI to optimize ad placements etc.  So, a ton of testing and moving around of ads is happening automatically without my involvement in order to maximize my earnings.

This graph shows the increased earnings per visitor:

If you want to try out Ezoic, you can do so right here.  Or if you can read my full Ezoic review.

I do plan on reducing the number of ads on some of my Amazon focused articles.  I simply want to make sure I'm sending as many people to Amazon as possible.  However, for a large number of my posts, I'm not monetizing with anything except ads, so I will continue to leave Ezoic the way it is on those.


I think it's important that you see the costs right along with the earnings.  As I've explained previously, I have outsourced everything on this site (for the most part).  As a result, my costs are higher than yours might be.

If you decided to write all the content yourself, your costs would be significantly lower.  Below is a full P&L since the site began.

As you can see, content writers is the biggest cost. In total, I've spent $18,507 to get the site to where it is today.

However, I'm only down $15,808 once you factor in the earnings as well.

You might think I'm crazy for that type of investment, but I call it a business.  If I were to sell the site today, I could likely get around $40,000.  So, it's already a good investment; however, I think it has a ton of potential, so I don't plan on selling it.

I'm just trying to convince you that I'm not crazy!! :). 


The traffic to continues to grow.  Most of that traffic is coming from natural organic search through Google.  The second largest traffic source is Pinterest.  Here's the total traffic to the site:

Google Traffic

Google brought in about 15,000 visitors during the month of June!  The curve of that graph is about as good as it gets…I hope it continues!

The site continues to rank for more and more keywords, so I expect good things to come.

Pinterest Traffic

The traffic from Pinterest finally took a dip in June.  Down from about 7,500 to 6,000 visitors or so.

I'm not overly concerned with this dip.  Some pins tend to do really well one month and may or may not the next month.  That's mostly what's going on here (I hope).  Early signs in July are showing an uptick in Pinterest again.


The site continues to rank well in Google for lots of keywords.  Here's a screenshot from the Long Tail Pro rank tracker that shows a few of the rankings my site has.

These are just a very small handful of the keywords that ranks for.  The site ranks for many thousands of keywords and keyword variations, so most of the traffic is not coming from the above listed keywords.  This is just a small sample to give you an idea.


I was able to publish 20 articles on the site for the month of June.  That's a volume that I would like to keep up for the next several months.

In total, the site now has 158 articles on it.  You can see the entire history of how many articles I've published each month below.

Link Building

I did not do any link building during the month of June.  I think that makes it about 2 months since I've attempted to do any link building.  I've just been very busy with other projects (hello Link Whisper!)

At this point, I don't know that I will do any more heavy link building.  I will hopefully just continue to attract natural links (without my involvement), and I may sprinkle in a few other guest post links here and there. (Maybe 2 or 3 a month).

As I shared in my presentation (the Youtube video above), here is all the link building I've done on

Email List

I decided to remove the opt in forms on my site in June.  I've collected close to 300 emails; however, I just haven't had the time to write an auto-responder series.  I'm also not very convinced that I'll make more money when people are on my email list in this particular niche.

So, I've decided to just focus on Amazon and display ad earnings – and not try to collect emails.  I'll let you know if I change my mind on that.


In case you are wondering what I've used to build my site, what plugins I have, or other tools or services I've been using to grow, I've created this list for you below.


For now, I just want to enjoy the moment that I finally broke the $1,000 per month mark!  I've also now revealed the site, so everything is out in the public.

Going forward, I just hope that nothing negative happens to my site as a result of me sharing it here.  I'm trusting you!

In addition, I'm going to stick to my plan.  I will continue to add 15 or more articles per month.  I will also focus on site speed, ad management, and other on-page tweaks.

I expect to put very little effort into off-page (link building) optimization.  For better or worse, that's just the way I work.

I'm SUPER happy that I've finally reached a point where I can call Niche Site Project 4 a success!  It's not easy building something from scratch with many thousands of people watching your every move.  So, I'm glad that things have worked out the way they have.

As usual, if you have any questions, please ask below.


In addition, I've allowed those that are following along building their own niche sites the opportunity to report on their progress as well.  You can see their reports below.

The number of participants continues to decrease each month.  I only got 25 reports this month (well over 1,000 people signed up).  For that reason, I will no longer be collecting monthly reports from participants after August 2019.  (So, participants will send in 2 more reports).

However, it's pretty cool to see that several of the participants are doing pretty well with their sites!  (I'm doing some more research with Damith to verify if his report is accurate, so take that one with a grain of salt for now).

Thanks again to everyone that has participated!

Real Name or Nickname (What you want to be publicly listed as in this monthly report). Number of articles TOTAL published on your site since inception? Number of Total “Sessions” your site received in June 2019? Earnings for June 2019?
What was accomplished in June 2019 for your site? Feel free to link to your niche site (if you want to reveal publicly) or link to your blog where you are giving more detailed reports about your niche site.
Ryan K 81 233 1.77
Month 6 for me: I slacked on the site this month. Only added 2 new articles. My sessions went up but my amazon clicks and earnings went down. On to the next month…
Alex 37 5625 62.69
I generated 9 links to my home page. They were foros and registration links.

I wrote 8 new articles. Every publish was also promoted in twitter and fb (no pay add).

I redesign the header of the page to reduce the options linked there.

Chris 7 684 4985 Creates a new course 🙂
bill 61 504 45.01
Traffic is not growth than expected. I tried to do some content upgrade in keywords that likely to rank. Lucky, earning are still in doubled from last month.
SamD 153 10560 783.55
Didn't add much content this month, just focused on ranking existing articles. Secured 12 guest posts to the site and also got a few link exchanges. Will continue adding links for the next 2 months then I will add as much content as possible until the end of the year.
Andrew C 128 83213 935
Only 5 articles published this month, but updated quite a few others. Google traffic rising strongly to 36728 sessions. Starting Youtube channel related to niche and plan to start work on info product. Have applied to Adthrive.
Jac 0 810 0.27
Increase Social Media Followers
DaveClifton 39 850 30
Google traffic continues to grow. Given up with Pinterest. Finally made some sales.
Justin 8 63 0 More articles posted
Chris 12 41 0.84 AMALinks Pro so testing that. Need to do more video reviews.”}”>

I haven't put much new articles up but two of my Youtube videos have gotten traction with one over 1000 views. Links from the description seem to be sending clicks and my first bit of earnings. Just implemented AMALinks Pro so testing that. Need to do more video reviews.
Rachel 23 2800 150
Published two articles, built 5 links
Rohan Bhardwaj 17 143 0.06
Family problem hit me again – one of my relative died so it wiped out my time. Only added 3 more articles this month.

Also throwed in some Adsense ads to see and there were 6 cents which I earned. Looking forward to doing more this month.

Ben Doyle 70 11781 228.88 topical relevance around that product. As a result I've;nn- written 8 new articles n- edited some of my existing articles which already have link juice and linked out to my money pagennI also tried Google Adsense and earned around $6 but it was messing my site up so I binned it. Nearly at the threshold for Ezoic now anyway so I'll wait until I can use them before putting ads up."}”>

I built a few links but then really concentrated on trying to rank for a certain ‘best xxx' keyword.

This involved me changing my content strategy to create topical relevance around that product. As a result I've;

– written 8 new articles
– edited some of my existing articles which already have link juice and linked out to my money page

I also tried Google Adsense and earned around $6 but it was messing my site up so I binned it. Nearly at the threshold for Ezoic now anyway so I'll wait until I can use them before putting ads up.

Damith 720 250000 34000
All articles written by paid authors and I have spent $18000 for that. I have sent $10000 for link building. I already earned all this money. 🙂
FSKhan 20 1600 72
I've updated all the previous articles, optimized the site speed a little by cleaning databases and got a couple of backlinks.
Jae Jun 24 1055 4736.38
After refunds, the net sales was still below the $5,000 mark. The last week was dead so the sales really slowed down. Hope to get above $5k next month and capture bigger sales.
Facebook traffic is interesting source. Looking to get more into it as I can see the potential of not just sales, but other ways to help SEO and social proof.
Looking into bringing more revenue by having people sign up for my affiliate program.
Nen 4 0 0 build an authority site for women above 40. I am currently writing articles for the whole month of July (target: 10 articles of over 2,000 words each)”}”>

I am just starting on this new niche site, Spencer. So what was accomplished is a committed made to building the site. I have decided to build an authority site for women above 40. I am currently writing articles for the whole month of July (target: 10 articles of over 2,000 words each)
Terminator 0 1300 110 Nothing
Ryan Faucher 126 1482 22.55
Merged two similar posts into a mega post. Created a top 10 “social magnet” post. Earnings still in decline :/ Blog post will be up soon.
Hassane 15 100 0
I haven't really worked on the website much this month 🙁
However, I see that the site is getting traction and it's ranking top 3 for a bunch of keywords. There are 0 earnings, because I didn't monetize it yet.
Hasan 32 1181 254.83
Didn't publish any new articles, but a lot of new content in pipeline (using Content Pit) + bartered free stuff that I got from affiliates. Traffic boost as well so this bumped up my monthly earnings.
Krista 4 35 0
My website is I haven't really been doing anything for my site, unfortunately. It has been getting Google impressions for searches like “how do 3D glasses work” or similar, which was a keyword I targeted so that's great. I am not sure if I am out of the Google sandbox or not, I might be. It's good to know I'm still getting some views even when I haven't posted any content, though I know I need to be more diligent about it.
smshs 40 1300 11.2 N/A
Don Modekali 53 658 8
I added 30 articles to the site. I've started seen some initial traffic. Full plans going forward revealed on my post
Towfiq 65 2621 73
I can't properly focus on this site. That's why the article publishing and link building slowdown. But so much inspired with the Spencer's 1200$ case study :).

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income?

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This was really a BIG Revealed :xD Thanks for sharing. Wanna see more BOOM with this project, will keep my eyes here 😉

Btw don’t worry we won’t do any negative seo to your site 😛 lol

Spencer Haws

Excellent, thank you!


Great stuff Spencer!
I bet you can double this revenue just by getting rid of the price and buy now buttons on your money pages, and making them more curious to click to amazon by using something like “Check Current Price” etc.

Would be curious if test something like this on a few of the pages!


I won’t take any risk here. Descriptions like “Check Current Price” got other people banned from Amazon because it’s against their TOS.

Also scraping of the review stars is a hot thing. Many people are doing it but there were also several accounts closed due to this violation.


Is it though? There’s nothing deceptive or misleading about this anchor text.

Things like “Get the Best Price or Lowest price” for sure are against TOS, but just advising them to check the price on amazon? I doubt this would cause conflicts.

Everything is always in the grey area with amazon affiliate though lol

Spencer Haws

I think double is a stretch, but maybe it’s worth testing.


Great success Spencer! I also start tech base blog and published 2 article each one is 6K+ words. How much time require to ranking those articles and traffic.


Spencer Haws

I don’t know, it all depends.

Johns Cool Website

Excellent! Very cool topic as well as case study!

Question: how come you are not using Tables Labs on your own site?

Spencer Haws

I am using it; on almost every “money” article. If its not showing, it could be a caching issue. (cloudflare).


Absolutely no table for me too.

Spencer Haws

It should be showing now. It was just a cloudflare caching issue, now fixed.


Congrats on the success of the site.
What is your anchor text distribution?

Of the links how many were:
url links
exact match
partial match


Spencer Haws

I don’t know. I’d have to put time into researching that…but now you can research that too since you know the site 🙂


Hey Spencer! First of all … amazing reveal. Thanks so much for all you give our community of hustlers. I just wanted to add that I’ve been so busy adding products to my site and (trying to) build out funnels that I completely forget to check in. I’ve had a TON of growth since starting my Niche Site in Jan and am heading for 3000 sessions a month. I’m following your plan and it’s working like a charm. Thanks again.

Spencer Haws

Excellent…thank you Neela!


Thanks Spencer, this post helped me review where I’m at currently with my site. I’ll give a couple of those tools you used a try! Thanks for doing what you do, it really helps. Cheers.

Spencer Haws

Sounds great Tim!


Hi Spencer,

As usual a great post!
Just curious if you use contentpit for all your articles do just the review ones?

Spencer Haws

I’ve used content pit for maybe 30 or 40% of the articles – all kinds of articles. I’ve hired other authors for the rest. Content pit affiliate link:


Not trying to sound negative but I’m not too impressed. A lot of affiliate content about products that the author never actually tried out in real life. Good niche and domain name though.

Brady Cargle

Can’t complain about that income though 😉 reviews are just a compilation of listed product features and what other reviewers have said. Think of it like gathering all the information in one single place.


Yeah but many people assume that the author actually tried the items out. I’ve done those type of articles years ago but I’ve long stopped. It dosen’t seem right to me but that’s just how I feel.

Brady Cargle

Do what you feel is right. The most important thing is that you believe in yourself and your site.

Dan W.

Hey Spencer, congrats on your $1k+ month!

Question regarding your articles — are you providing the layout of each article to your writer(s)? Or are you just giving them the topic/headline and letting them do everything from there?


Brady Cargle

Spencer has very detailed guides for his authors – a template to follow, lists of examples, word count guides for each section of the article, explanations for how to title it, etc. Nothing is left to chance

Dan W

Also one other question — you may have mentioned this in the past, but forgive me if I missed it!

What is the average word count for each article typically? What do you shoot for?

Brady Cargle

About 2k-3k on average. Some are up to like 13k though. These are big “pillar” articles


Would it be fair to say that this site is a type of “loss leader”?

Builds the audience for the products that really make you money?

Brady Cargle

Spencer doesn’t have any plans to make his own products for his NSP4 site. It’s just an investment. A loss now becomes a big gain later

Spencer Haws

Not at all. I plan for own the yard to be making $5k/mth and beyond (ideally 10 to 20k per month).


Hi Spencer! I noticed that your site focus on so much buyer (commercial) keyword. Just a little informative keyword. So what info-buyer keyword ratio on your site? Any number of ratio that you estimate for your site?

Brady Cargle

When the site started it was like 75% commercial and 25% info. Now it’s closer to 50/50


Great stuff as always, Spencer!

I have a few questions:

1. Why you pay $80 for an article? I sure it is too much, especially when you can find a lot of good writer on Upwork ready to write 2000-word reviews for $15-20. Regarding your numbers, you spent $12640 on 158 articles by $80 each, instead of $3160 if you have ordered them on Upwork for $20, and you could end up to pay even less for bulk order.

2. Going further the rabbit hole, you could save $2882 on Pinterest and Tailwind when it doesn’t make sense to start it while the site is so young, and especially start Pinterest in this niche.

3. The same for the Shutterstock, why spend $990 when you can find free-to-use on

4. Spending $1847 on 27 links via outreach is a way too much. The same story with articles for $80, why pay so much if your task is to secure the link with the article 1000/1500-word long which can be written for $15-20 on Upwork. So 27 links could cost you $540, but in this scenario, you were needed to do hard work to get those links by finding blogs and outreach them, but it is much better than buying from Authority.Builders and Hoth services (sorry, but I strongly against it).

5. You are using a mix of comparison tables plugins such as Table Labs, AAWP and AmaLinks Pro. Why all of them and not the only one? I was thinking that you created Table Labs as an alternative to AAWP. Moreover, all these plugins affect site speed.

6. Summarizing, you could have $3848 in operational expenses instead and your EBITDA could be -$1150 instead of -$15808.

By my comment, I just wanted to say that there is another way to build a niche site with much fewer expenses but maybe with more time and effort in hands-on work.

Thank you for sharing your way Spencer, it is always a pleasure to read your posts and learn from you.



Roman, 2000 words for (less than) $20 will give you absolute **** quality.

Brady Cargle

“You get what you pay for” is never more true than when you’re outsourcing work. Agreed, Mc

Ray Roman

I couldn’t agree more. Buying $20 articles is a waste of time, I stopped ordering articles from the typical content mill. Paying more for better quality if you can is great. I’m now searching for one or two quality writers who have experience in my niche. I think its a better way to go. Finding them is the hard part. But by targeting retirees in my niche is a start.

Awesome reveal BTW.

Brady Cargle

You mention “another way to build a niche site”. Would this involve the course that you sell on your site?

Steve Boyko

Congrats, Spencer! Hard work and persistence is paying off. You’re right that this is the long game and you’re showing it. Appreciate all you do.

Brady Cargle

Thanks Steve!


Hey Spencer

Good stuff, definitely going in the right direction. My only question is when you said “If I were to sell the site today, I could likely get around $40,000” – how do you come to this figure? I thought selling an affiliate site was around 4x-5x your yearly profit – even 4x your sales is only around 10K so curious to understand your train of thoughts.


Brady Cargle

Hey Paul! Your math is close 😉 Affiliate sites tend to sell for 30x-40x monthly profit. Sites with only white hat links (like OwnTheYard) sell closer to 40x. Spencer made ~$1200. At a low 32x multiple, that’s a sale price of $38,400.


OK makes sense, assuming the content writing stops (most of the cost) so profit is around $1k a month and every month going forward generate the same amount.


Hi Brady–just a quick follow-up question to you mentioning that affiliate sites sell for 30x to 40x monthly profit…out of curiosity, is this generally accepted/understood everywhere?

And what sites are you familiar with or would recommend someone use if they wanted to sell a niche website?

Thanks in advance.

Brady Cargle

Hey Brian, yes. That’s the industry standard 🙂 Flippa for small businesses, EmpireFlippers for other stuff.


Hi Spencer,

Thanks for sharing the information and good luck with your project!

I have a few questions about blog comments link building. Could you tell please:

1) Where did you order them?
2) For what period these links were placed?
3) In which month were they placed?
4) It seems you said that you ordered them for faster indexing of your articles. Have you seen the effect?
5) And the last. Could you advise the service you used?

I have the same task now. My site is already 3 months old and there are no backlinks to it. I’m wondering if a lot of comment links will be safe and look natural..


Spencer Haws

1. I don’t remember, maybe back in Nov or December? I just hired someone on Upwork. I wouldn’t put too much effort into blog commenting, I think it had little to no impact on my site.


Been here from the start of NSP4 and waited for the big reveal. Nice, doing some research now and will start my own amazon affiliate site as well. Will start in a different niche though 🙂 I’ll message you when it does over $1k.

Thanks again for all the useful info.
The Nomar from

Spencer Haws

Thanks Nomar!

Matthew Woodley

Hi Spencer,

Good stuff! Did you go the blog commenting yourself and do you see SEO value from this or is it more about building relationships with bloggers?

I don’t see the ads either? Maybe because I’m based in New Zealand?


Spencer Haws

I didn’t do the blog commenting, I hired someone. I don’t think I saw a ton of SEO value from it.


Have you used tools like SimilarWeb to look at some site’s traffic?

There seems to be a big difference between the traffic numbers in this post compared to SimilarWeb. It always seems higher on SimilarWeb, I wonder how accurate they are…

Congrats and thank you for revealing the site! It is an awesome (free!) education for people like me, who are still learning.

Spencer Haws

I don’t use SimilarWeb. Thanks!


Great Reveal Spencer, it’s been a long time since I saw such an honest and publicly revealed case study. Best of luck with your website.


Hello Spencer,

You;ve said that you use Managed WordPress hosting at biscoots is that right? In your expenses table you listed that you paid $10/monthly for this, but when clicking your link there is no such price, it starts from $34,95. Is there some mistake or prices have changed?

Spencer Haws

I pay $89/mth for big scoots; however, this niche site is just one of several that I have on this same account. So, per site is like $10/mth.


Too funny, we started sites in the same niche. My NP4 site is called Your site is much more successful. I don’t even have any articles posted yet. Last September I created a logo, added a theme and some topics to the main menu, then got busy with other work and completely forgot about the site. I don’t have any money for outsourcing or anything like that so I have to do all the work myself. I doubt I’ll ever get around to working it but it’s good to know that the niche has some potential.

Brady Cargle

Looks like you did a great job of choosing a niche! Don’t let yourself give up. This has the potential to change your life 🙂 good luck


Very nice post

I just entered in ahrefs, and I am getting weird results with backlinks. It seems like there are 250+ domains linking to you with 3000+ backlinks total.

Some sites (in Korean) have several 100s of backlinks to own the yard. Has anything happened after the big reveal?

Brady Cargle

Hey Lois, Spencer is on vacation so I’m taking over comments. I’m the content manager here at Niche Pursuits 🙂

There was a point when Spencer got a bunch of spammy links back in January. I don’t remember if he ended up disavowing them or not, but they haven’t had any major impact on his site that we can tell.


Hello Spencer,
It’s really great to follow along your niche site project. I learn a lot thank you.

I was wondering, you mentioned TheHoth regarding link building. Did you buy only guestposts from them? Or you also purchased other services from them like Foundations Links ( and Boosts?

Because I’m working with them now for a niche site I have and they keep invoicing me those Foundations Links saying its really useful and important… I doubt them…

Thanks in advance for your help.

Brady Cargle

Hey Martin! Spencer is on vacation this week, but I’m the content manager here at Niche Pursuits 🙂 I can answer your question.

Spencer just used HOTH’s guest posting. He got good results, but isn’t doing link building now. Sounds like they’re trying to upsell you. I’d say try another service and if you like it, then consider foundations. We had good results with guest posting.

Ronak Toshniwal

I was looking for this type of motivation it has been 2 month i have posted just 14 articles. On google console my average ranking is about 64 now i am pumped 🙂

will keep grinding more articles and wait for 10 months marks <3

I would love to see you with Doug Connington for KGR

Brady Cargle

Hey Ronak, I’m the content manager at Niche Pursuits and I had a small hand in NSP4 🙂

Awesome! Keep working hard. The most important thing isn’t perfection, but improvement. Keep working at it


So sad I ‘ve missed the start of the project. Following along and reporting seems like so much fun. Hope you will be facilitating something similar any time soon. And great content, of course. Really enjoyed diving in 🙂

Brady Cargle

Hey Anastasia! I’m the content manager here at Niche Pursuits.

Have you thought about joining our facebook group? It’s never too late to start your online business 😉

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