The Authority Site System Review: Can You Build An Authority Website To $1,000+ Per Month?

By Brady Cargle |

You got the itch to build authority sites, huh? That's okay. It's a good itch. And in this Authority Site System review, you'll see why the Authority Hacker course is one of the very best in the world at teaching you how to do it.

We're going to dive in and highlight why their latest version, Authority Site System 3.0 is really all you'll need to build and grow, or at the very least start a successful authority site. So let's get into it.

If you want to check out the Authority Site System, you can go here.

Authority Site System Review
  • Ease of Use - 100
  • Breadth of Information - 90
  • Case Studies & Templates - 100
  • Price - 90


The Authority Site System is the best course on the market today for building and growing profitable websites. It's not the best course if you're already making over $1,000 per month from your websites, but it will help you get to the 4 figure per month mark if you haven't reached it yet. Click here to build and grow your own successful authority website


  • Helps you start a site from zero
  • Helps you master fundamental skills even if you're experienced
  • Has real life case studies, templates, and a support group


  • Not for the internet marketing master

The Authority Site System Pros

Let's talk about some things that The Authority Site System (TASS) does well. After this, we'll move onto the cons.

Helps You Start A Site From Zero

The main benefit of the authority site system training is that it helps you go from zero to hero in starting an affiliate-based online business. Gael and Mark (the founders of Authority Hacker and the coaches for TASS) use over-the-shoulder videos to help you get to a fully functioning authority site off the ground.

This affiliate marketing course shows every step via video making it very easy to follow along with.

This course explains the basics of internet marketing, talks about how authority sites make money, how to rank high on search engines, and then guides you step-by-step as you build your own site.

internet marketing basics.

Once you've got the basics down, Gael and Mark walk you through every step of the way.

The Authority Hacker course (TASS) is very beginner-friendly course with video walkthroughs, show notes, recommended resources, and a Facebook community of people who want to help and support each other. And all of the videos include some of the highest quality production of any affiliate marketing training courses on the market. 

For a true beginner to affiliate marketing this support is incredibly helpful if not outright crucial.

Helps You Learn The Fundamentals

This course is marketed towards beginners, but I think that there are a lot of experienced affiliate marketers who can benefit from it, as well. The authority site system is great at explaining the fundamentals of internet marketing and how to make money online.

The more advanced lessons can be used by not only true beginners but also those website owners with limited success to this point.

TASS includes several videos on branding, advanced site design, monetizing using affiliate content, and initial link building.

So even if you aren't a beginner Internet marketer, the Authority Hacker course can help you to be better at your craft.

Lots of Case Studies, Templates, & Real Life Help

Another thing I love about TASS is that it is filled with Authority Hacker's own case study. Mark and Gael use their own course to build a site right in front of you.

Those over-the-shoulder videos that I mentioned earlier are almost always of Mark or Gael building their case study site.

You can access this case study site at any time to take a look.

TASS is also filled with templates that the people at Authority Hacker use themselves. You get templates for producing quality content, templates for outreach, and templates for website design. These templates are made to be easy for you or your writers to use, so I've been very impressed.

And then every member of TASS also gets access to the member-only Facebook group. I've been a part of the group for a while now and it is pretty neat. People in the group are friendly, helpful, and supportive.

Mark and Gael chime in often and are active in the community. It's nice to see.

Authority Site System Cons

Now let's talk about some things that TASS could be doing a bit better.

There's only one major weakness here:

Maybe Not For The Super Experienced Internet Marketer

TASS is an awesome course and it's great at helping the newbie go from zero to hero. But if you've mastered content production, link building, and branding, then TASS doesn't have much to offer you.

You won't learn about driving social media traffic, or setting up funnels. There are no advanced strategies for building authority sites once you have all the basics down.

TASS's goal is to help you build an authority site to 4 figures per month and all of its affiliate marketing training will get you there. But you'll likely need other affiliate marketing courses such as Authority Hacker Pro to take your site to the next level. 

TASS won't help you much once you have mastered the basics and have systems in place to run your site.

This is an awesome course for the beginner.

While the community is great and most Internet marketers find it useful to step back and review solid basics once in a while, the Authority Site system course just isn't the best course for the experienced internet marketer. 

For that, I would recommend that you take a look at Authority Hacker Pro.

That is the right affiliate marketing course for experienced online business owners released by Authority Hacker.

You can click here to get started with TASS if you want to grow a site from $0 to 4 figures per month

Skip the rookie mistakes and fire your boss with authority sites 

The Authority Site System Review

The Authority Site System (TASS) is Authority Hacker's starter product. If you have a site making less than $1,000 per month, TASS is the product that will help you get there.

Authority Hacker covers quite a few things in this course. You'll learn:

All in all, there's a pretty hefty chunk of information here. This course was established with the absolute beginner in mind and does a good job going from zero to hero.

It's divided into 5 different modules, so we will take a look at each of these.

Before these modules begin, there is a “module 0” that's about budgeting and setting expectations for the future.

Now let's get into the course itself.

TASS & Module Overview

When you first enter the Authority Site System 3.0, you get a neat welcome video. Below the video, you have helpful links for getting around the course:

authority site system review.

I scrolled down a bit so you can see it all. The video that says “Play Me To Get Started :)” tells us a bit about Gael and Mark (founders of Authority Hacker). Mark talks a little about their website and the things you'll learn in the course.

It's below the video that I think is so cool. You can see that we have 5 links. Here's what those do:

And then to the bottom right, you have a chat button where you can get in touch with support 🙂

Below the video and helpful links, we start getting into the different modules:

tass module list

Each of these modules has several video lessons to go through. These are over-the-shoulder videos where you can watch Gael and Mark build their own authority site.

All the videos are screen captures, so you're watching as the experts work and can follow along.

Each lesson has a video with notes below. You get a goal for each lesson:

A section telling you what you'll learn, and some show notes from the lesson you can read if you'd like:

The lesson notes end up working as a short blog post about the lesson. They cover everything that's in the video, so they are great to read if you can't listen.

I also like to read the video notes to help drive home the things I saw in the video part of the lesson.

Sometimes, the notes will be an extension of the lesson. So the video might be about branding your site and talk about the importance of good branding.

The show notes would then have supplemental videos on choosing brand colors, buying a logo, etc.

It is never necessary to read the show notes or watch the supplemental videos. But Gael and Mark do an amazing job of covering every possible question that you might have after watching the video.

And then we have a section where Authority Hacker links to resources mentioned in the video and notes:

Now that we've gotten an overview, let's get into the different modules.

Module 1: The Authority Site Model

TASS Module 1 will help you to understand the basics. It lays the groundwork for everything you'll be doing, but there's not much to do in this module other than take notes.

Gael goes over the definition of authority sites, how they make money, and you learn the basics of SEO.

Here is a list of all the things you'll cover in the module:

One thing I like about module 1 is that it allows true beginners to get started building authority sites.

The Authority Site System model is explained in a way that makes it easy for a true beginner to build their own authority website by simply following the steps and putting in the work.

You can be greener than summer grass and still learn how to make this whole thing work.

Module 2: Brainstorming Niches

This is the biggest and most complex of all the modules. But it's the one that if done right, will benefit your site for years to come.

If you have to get one module right, it's this one.

Lucky for us, Gael spent a lot of time recording videos for this module.

He shows us how to choose a niche and plan at least our first 50 pieces of content. It's about as time-consuming as it sounds, but every minute spent here will save you an hour of heartbreak later on.

You'll brainstorm niche ideas, which I always think is a blast. After you have your niche ideas, it's time to get into competitor research.

You look for big sites in that niche, small sites, available keywords, consider future income, and more.

Gael gives us access to an incredible spreadsheet that I still use to this day:

tass niche selection spreadsheet

I didn't include all of it in the screenshot, but you can get a copy inside of TASS by clicking here 🙂

This spreadsheet gives you an objective analysis of whether a niche is good. It gives you a point value for your niche based on your response to yes/no questions.

It takes out the guesswork and emotional touchy-feely response we give when choosing our niche.

After choosing your niche (a process spanning hours worth of video), you learn to plan your commercial content (buying guides, reviews, etc.) and then you plan your link building content.

Gael also provides us with a spreadsheet to plan all of our future quality content. I've gotta say, the team went above and beyond here. They include tons of spreadsheets, resources to use, and in general the course is stellar here.

After this module there are modules about qualifying niches with 16 lessons, then planning your site with 7 lessons. It's extensive but they do an excellent job of providing a detailed walkthrough that is foolproof.

Then we get to Module 5 where the fun starts.

Module 5-6: Setting Up Your Site & Branding Your Site

Now it's time to start building our site. Module 5 starts with picking a domain name and goes from there. You learn the things to look for in a great domain name, domain names to avoid, setting up WordPress, WordPress basics, and then we get into building our site.

I like how Gael helps with the technical aspect and the design side of things here. Whatever your weakness (mine is design), you're given the tools you need to succeed.

Gael walks us through the annoying technical stuff and then we learn how to build an incredible looking website.

Gael doesn't build our site for us, but he does show some good design tips. And Authority Hacker goes above and beyond here.

They've got videos showing:

After that, you're led through a tutorial of Elementor (check out my Elementor review) and building your own custom theme. It's not as hard as it sounds and you can do it in a couple of hours at most.

After this, you're well branded and your website is set up.

Now you put on the finishing touches: privacy policies, About pages, contact pages, and miscellaneous plugins.

There are lots of awesome modules that follow that truly teach you new and transferrable skills including all things writing and site maintenance. 

Module 9: Writing Content

Once your site is set up, it's time to start publishing content. This module is only 14 lessons and is pretty extensive. And it's what separates the success stories from those who tried and failed.

Mark takes over for Gael here and we spend time learning how to create awesome content for our site. One thing I love about this module is that Mark gives us the templates that Authority Hacker uses for their own sites.

There are 3 different kinds of articles that we get templates for:

You'll notice that two of the three article types can be monetized. That's because the majority of articles that Gael and Mark recommend for new sites are affiliate articles that are easily monetized.

The templates they provide are pretty good.

Here's a screenshot of one:

You replace everything with your own information. This template includes actual examples as well as instructions for the article.

These templates are written with outsourcing in mind, so they work well for handing to your writers if you plan on buying content.

This is also where you learn some miscellaneous facts. Tips for hiring writers, most of the things you need to know about the Amazon Associates program (check out my Amazon Associates program review), and several writing guidelines for success on the internet.

Module 11: Initial Link Building

Once you have your first 10 articles published, you can move on to this module. It's time to start link building.

Long term followers of Niche Pursuits know that Spencer isn't a big fan of link building. And as his student, well, you can guess my position 🙂

But if you're going to invest in link building instead of content, Gael and Mark might be two of the best link builders in the whole industry. They teach you their tactic called the Shotgun Skyscraper blueprint (or method).

If you've heard of Brian Dean's skyscraper, then this works as skyscraper at scale.

And if you're going to do skyscraper, I think that this is the way to do it.

The module starts out by helping you set up a couple of helpful tools. One is free and Authority Hacker negotiated a 50% discount on the other tool, so the course pays for itself a bit here.

One thing I want to note is that using Gael and Mark's method, you can get links for a fraction of the cost of link building services.

Buying links may cost $150 or more each. But if you're the worst link builder in the world, you can build them for under $20 each. If you outsource everything, you could build them for under $50 or so.

Gael and Mark build their links for about $5-6 each. So even if you're horrible, you'll still come out better than buying your links.

Mark teaches you how to set your tools up, find your outreach prospects, follow up if you don't get a response, negotiate a link placement, and how to turn every link into an additional guest post.

I think that Mark does an awesome job at presenting the best method of link building here.

And there are 23 lessons that go over each kind of link building you can use to grow your site and the best practices of each. 

In total there are 15 modules with tons of lessons in each. 

In short it's a ton of bang for your buck and in terms of learning online business, truly an excellent investment. 

The Authority Site System Price

The Authority Site System sells for $997.

(A little secret – if you watch the webinar first, you get a massive 40% discount off the Authority Site System)

But the real question is whether this course is worth it.

As someone who floundered in internet marketing for a few years, I wish that I had known a mentor who could teach me about keyword research, branding, link building, and managing writers.

I didn't have that mentor. I don't think it's a coincidence that I struggled for a few years before learning how to rank an article and get traffic to a website.

The Authority Site System can serve as your mentor. They cover the basics about internet marketing and help you avoid the pitfalls that I fell in to.

I was hunting for a quick buck and never learned some very valuable concepts before I began working on a website.

That's a recipe for failure.

I think that TASS is worth it because this one small investment could set you on the path to making 4 figures or more per month.

Even though I had been working in internet marketing for a few years, I still learned new things and got some amazing templates when I bought TASS.

I recommend it for you too.

Click here to build your authority site and fire your boss with TASS

Who Is The Authority Site System Best For?

The Authority Site System (TASS) is the 1st of Authority Hacker's two products. The other is Authority Hacker Pro.

I'd recommend TASS to you if you are more of a beginner. Here are a few situations in which I think TASS could help you and your business:

If you're in any of these stages, I think that TASS could offer valuable insight. It does a great job of showing you what to do, but also telling you why to do it like that.

So you won't just be doing the right things: you'll be learning why those are the right things.

In short, I recommend this course for anyone who isn't already seeing blazing success with websites. It might be a little basic for an experienced Internet marketer, but the average user will get a ton of mileage out of TASS.

This course is not a good fit if you're a lazy money hunter. It's not a magic button to bring you wealth and glory forever and ever. It's not a quick solution.

Authority sites take time, often as much as a year or more just to get to decent income levels. Not necessarily even full time income.

But I think that if you're willing to put in the time and effort, this course can change your life.

If you'd like to get started building your own authority sites, I recommend The Authority Site System for you.

Skip the rookie mistakes and build income generating sites with The Authority Site System

If you already have a website and it's making over $1,000 per month, I recommend looking at my Authority Hacker Pro review

Frequently Asked Questions

Now let's talk about some things that you might be asking yourself about this authority site system course or even the authority site model in general.

I'm a complete beginner. Is this course for me?

Yes! TASS was designed with the complete beginner in mind. You will be learning about search engine optimization (SEO), how websites make money, why websites can be a lucrative business model, and more.

The lessons are created with over-the-shoulder videos that help you see what's going on. You can watch as Gael and Mark create a new website from the ground up.

They provide templates for you to follow and there's a helpful Facebook group.

I think that the beginner will feel very much at home with TASS.

I have some SEO and internet marketing knowledge. Is this course right for me?

That depends. How much are you earning from your site?

If you're earning more than $1,000 per month from your website, I think there are better options out there than TASS. Look into Authority Hacker Pro to boost your income.

If you are earning less than $1,000 per month, TASS will help you get there. If nothing else, the templates and case study site are super valuable on their own.

This is a good course for you if you're earning less than 4 figures per month from your website.

Will I need to spend money or pay for other tools?

It depends on how much you plan on working yourself. Anyone on an extreme budget might be able to get by while spending less than $100 on tools that are mentioned throughout the course.

This will cover your niche and keyword research as well as your branding.

If you have some more money to invest, about $200-$300 worth of tools could make your life easier.

Will this course be updated? If so, do I have to pay?

Yes, and pretty often. I've been a member of TASS since 2018. In yearly updates since, they redid almost every video in the course, created a new member area, and started a new case study site.

It was pretty much a 100% overhaul of the existing course.

And all updates are free for existing members.

How much time should I dedicate to be successful?

Authority Hacker recommends that you spend about an hour each weekday for 6 months to a year if you want to see significant results.

But the more time you're willing to put in up front, the more return you'll see on your investment and the sooner you'll see it.

Your Authority Site

I think that TASS doesn't have much to offer for the very experienced internet marketer. But if you've never built a site to $1,000 per month or more, this course can change your life.

I wish that I had purchased it before I started failing at websites. It would have saved me years of trouble.

Skip the years of rookie mistakes and generate 4 figures per month with The Authority Site System

Fire your boss and work from your laptop by building authority websites

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