Niche Site Project 4 Monthly Report: August 2018

By Spencer Haws |

The first full month of Niche Site Project 4 is now in the books!  Now it's time to provide a monthly report for what happened last month.

However in addition to my update on my site for Niche Site Project 4, I'm also providing an update on everyone else that is participating!  Nearly 800 people signed up to participate in Niche Site Project 4, and below you will find those people that sent in a report for the first month.

But before I dive into the participant reports, I'll give a full accounting of what I've been up to with the project.

A Quick Timeline Re-cap

Overall, I think the above quick timeline shows you exactly where I am with the site.

I have my niche selected that I'm very happy about.  Then towards the end of August I finally got my domain, found a bunch of keywords, and hired my first author.

I did not have anything published in August, hence no traffic or earnings for the month.

So, for my official report, there's nothing too exciting.  I only owned the domain for about a week during August…so there are no visitors and no earnings to report.  However, that's just fine…right?

The site is being built, I have authors in place, and I'm excited to start getting some visitors.

Since August…

I am already 13 days into September at the time of this writing, and I'm happy to say that I've officially published 2 articles on the site and 2 more will likely be published today or tomorrow.

I've hired 5 writers and I'll keep the ones that do a good job.

The initial set of articles are all Amazon affiliate type articles (best product xyz).  However, I'm also working with one author that is producing non-affiliate articles that are more image heavy type content.

I've given her a batch of 10 articles that are more informational that she is working on.  These will be the start of my venture into Pinterest.  I expect Pinterest to be a key element of my site.  I might get around to actually creating my Pinterest account in August and start pinning some images.

First I'm getting a logo done…on Fiverr.  Yep, Fiverr.

I've got my GeneratePress Premium theme in place and may tweak the look and feel a bit more once I have my logo in place.  Once I have my “branding” down, I'll figure out how I want my Pinterest pins to look to match this branding.  Then I'll be ready to rock and roll on Pinterest.

Overall, 4 of the writers I have are all working on Amazon affiliate type content.  The 1 other writer is producing more image heavy/informational content.  This will ensure I have a nice balance of both affiliate content and informational content.

Additional Questions?

I recently asked in the Facebook group if anyone had additional questions about Niche Site Project 4.  So, here's a few quick answers to those questions.

(These are the exact questions submitted on Facebook).

How will you tackle link building ?

I'll dive into this in much more depth in a future blog post.  But to start I'll go with some basics just to get the ball rolling: blog commenting, creating social profiles (FB, twitter, etc), resource page links, and Pinterest.

I'll only create social profiles on sites I plan to keep posting to.  (I'll find a solution to auto-post content to my social profiles).  Blog commenting will be less about expecting great links and more about just getting my name out there and potentially connecting with a few people in my niche.

I'll discuss more advanced link building tactics in the future when the time comes in the project.  I plan on looking at what links my competitors have and then trying to replicate.  That's not my entire strategy, but that's a big part of it.

How to incorporate amazon products? Make sure you discuss them in your posts?

Yes.  If my article is “best razors”, I'll find the 5 to 7 top razors on Amazon and review/link to them.

To piggyback off of this, is there a certain amount of amazon products you should not go over? Amazon products disappear all the time and it can be tricky to do audits all the time to make sure those links are still working

I like to shoot for 5 to 7 products when I'm doing a “buying guide”.

Do you consider price history charts worth including on product pages??

I've never done this.

What did you do to make your “best pages” convert better? I already have some getting #1 here in Brazil, but I want to improve my conversions. What's the best type for conversion? Can you give us some tips?

Here's an article I've published in the past on how to increase your amazon affiliate earnings.

What are you using to create beautiful tables? And, do you intend to use CTA buttons from EasyAzon? Or something else?

I'll be using Table Labs to create beautiful tables.  I'll be using AAWP to create callout boxes/buttons.  See my full AAWP review here.

What is your schedule for articles?
– Are you writing the articles yourself or are you outsourcing it? 

I'm outsourcing, and just publishing my first 50 articles as soon as possible.  No specific schedule, just as soon as they are written and edited, I'm hitting publish.  I expect that to be about 5 articles a week.

what exact requirements do you give the writer? Any references/research?
what is your budget per article?

I have an entire process set up for writers including keywords to target (and sub-keywords), article length, and then exact templates/instructions that I've given.  This is a more in-depth answer.  

I'm paying authors hourly.  But I expect most articles will cost between $40 to $100.

Monthly Report from NSP4 Participants!

Now I'm about to try something that could be really awesome or really difficult to read.  I've had over 100 people report on their site for Niche Site Project 4!

If you'd like to join the project and get notified when it's time to report for next month, please join the email list here.  Please note that only sites that were created after July 31st, 2018 are sites you should be reporting on.

Join Niche Site Project 4 Here!

Overall, the project should getting more interesting with each passing month.  The first few months are the hardest as my site and your site could take a little while to start ranking in Google and making money.  However, I expect that many of the people reporting below and hopefully me will start seeing more and more earnings with each passing month.

Be sure to sign up above to get to report next time.

Enjoy the monthly reports below.  Looks like a few people are starting to get visitors and a few sites even made some money!

<td data-sheets-value=”{“1″:2,”2″:”kw research, teaching myself how to research and write review posts, setting up plugins – Amazon Associates Link Builder, EasyAzon, created better logo and branding, started writing review posts”}”>

kw research, teaching myself how to research and write review posts, setting up plugins – Amazon Associates Link Builder, EasyAzon, created better logo and branding, started writing review posts

<td data-sheets-value=”{“1″:2,”2″:”I got a good hosting company, installed wordpress and important plugins, did keyword research, published 5 posts”}”>

I got a good hosting company, installed wordpress and important plugins, did keyword research, published 5 posts
Real Name or Nickname Number of articles total published on your site? Number of “Sessions” your site received in August 2018? Earnings for August 2018?
What was accomplished in August 2018 for your site? 
Spencer Haws 0 0 0
Found a niche and then changed my mind. Found a new niche, bought domain, setup hosting and wordpress.
Halum 5 48 0
Found a big niche, did a great design, published 25,000 words of articles, happy with on page SEO so far.
Alwayne 7 41 0
Found niche, bought a domain name for branding, hosting and WordPress, launched my site august 26 and now am at 7 articles, also doing social sharing aswell. Doing all the work my self
Don 9 98 $0.01
Was able to get a few articles up, mainly keyword research. Slow start as I am spending the majority of my free time finishing my basement to make a studio for working in.
Jules 0 1 0
Found niche, bought domain and hosting, set up wordpress, set up Pinterest and Instagram, got the branding and “bones” of my site completed (home, about page, aff. disclaimer pages done and sidebar set up, etc.), set up my email newsletter (I have 1 subscriber besides myself! ha!), I have over 130 blog post ideas, will start to write this weekend as well as look into hiring writers (brand new to me!) Thanks!!
Todd 8 162 0
I finished setting up the site and posted multiple articles and multiple youtube videos
Sergio Almeida 1 0 0
Just started, configured everything and did the keyword research a couple of days ago. I published my first post on end of the month
Jonathan A. 8 31 0
8 articles written and uploaded. 150 potential keywords. Social media set up and auto posting on hootsuite. Found around 20 potential blogs for linking (Guest posts)
Steve Allen 0 0 0
Found a great niche, bought the domain, set up WordPress on hosting and designed a logo. Also created pinterest account and built a list of about 50 keywords. I've started to write my first article.
JAC 0 700 $0.68
Made a list of 15 long tail keywords to start creating content for new pages. Increased Social Media followers (Pinterest and Twitter). Found a writer via Upwork to work on the first 5 articles.
Carroll 0 0 0
Niche selected. Keyword research done and competitors analyzed. Domain and hosting setup.
MB 0 0 0
Chose niche and sample keywords, created doppelganger list. Setup WordPress site and designed logo and color scheme.
Quinn 15 198 0
Andrew Courtney 22 97 0
Identified niche, bought domain, completed reasonable amount of keyword research. Wrote list of article titles. Writing solid for the last 4 weeks. No optimization of articles. No link building. Website looks pretty rough around the edges.
Ryan Faucher 49 593 $2.25
Scholarship Link Building, Amazon Product API setup, Networking, Full details:
songoku 5 70 0
The site is up and running with five 1000 word article published and have 1-2 more articles incoming per week. Only doing on page seo for traffic.
Farhad 14 0 0 Article publishing
Vivian 0 0 0
found niche, bought domain, setup hosting and wordpress. outsourced 1 article.
Tim 3 207 0
Redesigned the website and wrote a few articles. I also did a lot of keyword research.
saulyd 0 0 0
Zeroing in on niche, just secured hosting
Mike Knoll 1 0 0
found niche, bought domain, setup hosting and wordpress, signed up for text broker. Ordered first batch of content.
Amir 0 0 0
Found niche, researched keywords, setup hosting.
Ty 5 10 0
Wrote 5 articles, created some social profiles and posted links to articles.
Shafi Khan 2 27 0
Domain + Hosting setup. Found niche and low-competition keywords, wrote a 5000+ words pillar article, one additional general article, and optimized the website.
Shane 1 0 0
Found niche, bought domain, setup hosting, WP theme installed, pages created, opening article written.
Sakin 7 47 0
Setup WordPress, Posted some articles, setup social profiles
Greg 10 15 0 Added 4 articles
moltra 1 3 0
found niche, purchased domain, setup wordpress container and installed Parabola theme
Ally G. 2 0 0
Found niche, bought domain, setup hosting, installed WordPress & theme, designed logo, found 10 keywords, wrote & published first two articles – 2549 words & 478 words.
Rohan Bhardwaj 0 0 0
Found my niche, wrote about me page in draft
Chris 0 35 0
Had to skip first Niche – too competitive. Found new and am super excited about it
Dario 0 0 0
A small non conclusive niche research.
Bond007 121 600 80+
Content update+ Published new content
RichieP 0 0 0
Niche chosen, name and domain purchased. First 20 keywords/articles chosen.
Kajetan Duszynski 1 18 0
I have my niche selected. All up and running. I’ve written first article with over 4k words which is different approach from my previous sites.
O&G 0 0 0
Domain name, identified first set of articles
Mr Alexander 0 0 0
Found niche, bought domain, hired writer and beginning work.
Perdonel 0 0 0 Found niche
Lisa Pfeffer 0 0 0
I chose my niche before Niche Site Project 4 started. However, I'm going about things a little differently. I'm trying to aim for what would be popular on Pinterest or social channels, not just competitiveness of keywords.
Ben Doyle 23 201 £0.00
Found Niche, 72 informational keywords and 29 commercial keywords, bought domain, set up hosting, installed wordpress, installed and customised theme, created logo, created about and contact pages and wrote 23 articles.
CJBenny 0 0 0
found niche, bought domain, setup hosting and wordpress. Right now, I'm really having difficulty with content creation. I know the niche and am very familiar with how to create content that will attract traffic. I also have researched low-hanging fruit keywords to use and optimize for. However, I am having problems having time to create content due to my work. I don't have enough funds to delegate the work to someone else. Hopefully, I can get this sorted out before the end of the month.
Sakibul 2 2 0
Found niche bought domain, setup hosting and wordpress also published 2 article.
HB 0 0 0
Picked niche, bought domain, set up hosting & put wordpress on, bought second better domain, re-set up, and now trying to find a decent alternative to Thrive themes now that they're subscription based (dang it! – and just 2 months ago!?) Hoping I can get comparable power out of GeneratePress + some thrive themes – I'd LOVE input on this. What add-ons (paid or free) will make this set up comparable?
NaurisLV 15 55 0.50 USD from Adsense
Bought Premium theme, published 10 articles
Ryan Y. 0 0 0
found niche, bought domain, setup hosting and wordpress. Planning content.
Michele 0 0 0 I haven't done anything.
Ryan 1 10 0
Found niche, bought domain, set up hosting and wordpress, published first article
Chris H 0 0 $0
Found Niche, bought domain, setup hosting, setup HTTPS, installed WordPress, picked theme (divi), got a logo from Fiverr, and set up basic pages like privacy policy, contact, and about page.
Steve C 0 0 0
Niche researched and picked, setup hosting and wordpress, theme installed and configured, SSL cert installed, plugins set up.
Talar 0 0 $0
Still fine tuning niche selection and monetization methods.
Shar 0 0 0
Found niche, bought domain, set up hosting. Want to use Thrive Theme Builder for my theme, but it is not yet available to purchase. What are your suggestions for a theme until TTB is available to buy?
Jean Maurice 30 112 0
Managed to build the site, connected to its social accounts and built a couple of backlinks.
Lady WP 6 10 0
Used a niche and domainname I already owned but didn't do anything with, set up WordPress and added 6 articles
Jobe 0 0 0
I accomplished the following:
– I selected a niche
– keword research (22 KW to target)
– The site is up and running.
Donna Kurtz 0 0 0
Welcome Page, About Page, and domain and website set up.
Tara Snapes 0 0 0
Found a niche, bought a domain, setup hosting and wordpress
Lucio 0 0 0 Found niche
Lawrence 0 0 0
1) Niche chosen and confirmed 2) Domain name confirmed 3) 10 initial article mapped 4) Decision to make it a non-affiliate site – I will only sell my products and services 5) Primary marketing tactics chosen – Podcasting, Youtube and Pinterest (all 3 integrated around core content as much as possible 5) Back-end product (online course) mapped 6) Videographer booked for October for shooting quick tip videos for newsletter and core content on the site.
Rachel 6 42 0
Found niche, bought domain, set up hosting and wordpress. Identified first 20 keywords and wrote first 6 articles plus about us, privacy and contact us pages. Set up social media accounts.
Kyle McCall 14 0 0
Found niche, bought domain, hired writer, setup site with content, designed logo, set up autoresponders and newsletter, now working on getting ranked and growing content
Lisa 10 2 0
keyword research for more content
Hamza Khurshid 1 0 0
Domain, Hosting and one Article
Philipp 0 0 0
Still not found niche. Currently in exam phase (bad Start of Niche Site Challenge), but I'm finished with that at the end of this Week and will than start and try to catch up on the rest.
Mike 9 0 0
My eyes went bloodshot staring at the screen while writing the first few 1,000 word posts
Anna 1 9 0
Set up hosting, WordPress and wrote my first article!!
Greg l 6 10 0 Hired a writer
Henry D. 5 1040 0
Found niche, Built site, added 5 articles
Angela Lewis 3 7 0
I found a niche, I created a website and I'm creating content, both written and video with examples and reviews for the site. I have set up all social media for it too.
Carl R 0 0 0
Niche found, 50+ Keywords found for articles, domain bought, hosted and theme found. Began writing 1st article.
Mike Ryan 1 144 $0
Found Niche, Bought Domain, Setup Hosting and WordPress, Added 11 Pages and 1 Post of Content, Setup Google Analytics and Google Search Console, Created Accounts on YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
Shanequa 0 0 0
Still looking for niche. All most done with niche research.
Ian 2 1 0
Keyword research, a few articles, setup of site
David Jenkins 0 0 0
Found niche, bought domain, setup hosting and WordPress. Commissioned first pillar article. Still fixing WordPress design
Robin 0 0 0
Unfortunately, I have been faced with an unexpected circumstance that has prevented me from starting. Trying to get caught up ASAP.
Avi lang 10 194 0
I am redoing and working an old site that I left. I am in the middle of doing SEO
Grace Maria George 16 6 0
Keyword research, created article design template, posted few articles
Sakibul 3 2 0
found niche, bought domain, setup hosting and wordpress also published 3 article.
H.L. 0 0 0
Found niche, bought domain, setup hosting/cloudflare, setup wordpress plugins/themes, wrote content calendar plan/headlines, researched competitors, planned affiliate products
Violeta 0 0 0
found niche, bought domain, setup website, defined main structure
Towfiq 3 0 No earning
Found niche, Setup basic site structure with essential plugin
Antonio 1 14 0
Found a niche, bought domain, setup hosting, and wordpress.
Monty 0 0 0
Found a niche, brainstormed domain ideas and verified availability.
Rohan Bhardwaj 4 0 0 Site is set and up
lawlow 0 0 0
found niche, bought domain
Hassane 0 0 0
Found niche, planned first 10 articles, found hosting
Laura 0 0 0
Found niche, did keyword research, domain found but not yet purchased
hanman 0 0 0
In August, I finalized the niche as well as bought the domain. I have a list of initial keywords ready and I am working to get the content for those keywords ready. I plan to get 20 articles ready by end October.
Charms 2 0 0
found niche, bought domain, add 2 articles
Sam 8 87 £0.87
Posted daily to Twitter, created around 50 manual blog comments, published some articles, created a giant list of keywords, hired a writer
carmichs 0 0 0
found niche, set up hosting, installed wordpress, themes and plugins, installed SSL cert
Abhi 2 67 Nil
KW research done. Failed at hiring good writers and lost some money. Strategizing and writing my own content for now (at least until I start to make decent money) Will plan to build backlinks once I've 15-20 articles and 2-3 skyscrapers.
shahnur 15 30 0
I find a niche & bought domain and hosting, installed wordpress & published 15 content in total. I am going to publish more 15 content in this month.
ShaRhanda Bynum 1 1 0
Started going through Organic Traffic Formula so I paused my process for a little while. But the site is set up and ready for the articles to start being published!
Eric P 0 0 0
found niche, bought domain, working on wordpress theme/design.
Patrick Z 1 0 0
I picked niche, bought domain, built the site, and published my first article.
Titi 2 4 0
found niche, bought domain, setup hosting and wordpress, 2 articles
Davey H 0 0 0
Only done keyword research and bought a domain
Jamal 5 10 0
Don 2 0 0
I found a niche, bought a domain name, installed wordpress and a theme, and wrote 3 articles. I also did keyword research. I have about 100 potential keywords to go after
DaveClifton 7 20 0
Wrote 7 articles which have all been indexed and all rank between pages 1 – 11. Found niche and setup website/hosting a few months earlier.
Kevin 11 6 0
found 3 interesting niches (relative easy competition)
setup hosting and wordpress
setup social media profiles
made 1 pillar article and 10 normal posts for one niche
made some internal linking
Rob and Christine 0 0 0
Identified a niche and bought a domain
Ely 0 0 $0
I've found niche, bought domain, setup hosting and WordPress
Michele 0 0 0
I am stuck. I'm afraid. I wish.
Bassee 4 0 0
I got done with the basics, set up WordPress on my blog and got the necessary pages up. I've already published 4 articles at this point though there's no traffic yet.
MGB 0 0 0
Initial keyword research, including doppelganger sites and approx. 30 keywords. Selected and purchased domain. Designed logo. and set up hosting and wordpress.
Shaish 5 0 0
found niche, bought domain, setup hosting and wordpress, and 5 articles
Brad M 0 0 0
signed up for this, listened to np podcasts eps and 90 min webinar.
MichaelB 0 0 0
found niche, bought domain, setup hosting and wordpress
Chadwick 4 0 0
I had only registered the domain and made two pages around the last day or two of August.
Chris 14 126 $0.00
Re-following and with existing niche site I built following niche site project 3.
Had to put previous site on HOLD due to life.
I'm back and determined!
Sunny 3 173 0
Domain was bought by previous months. Config the WordPress and start publishing articles in August 2018.
Farblos 7 160 $0
Found niche, bought domain, set up website.
M F 0 0 0
Learnt how to research for keywords. Been actively coming up with titles and sourcing for writers. Two unpublished articles from a writer, editing them at the moment. Set up an IG for my website. Bought domain and currently editing WP template. 🙂
Wilson 0 0 0
Decided to crest 2 niche sites one where I write the articles the other where I use articoolo. Have sites up and is research done.
Kasshif 7 20 0
-published 1 article per week
-set up amazon affiliate links
Sef 4 300 £5
Found niche and setup site couple months ago (spent a bit too long on design) but now working slowly in it around full time job. Pushing for 15k word pillar article at the mo.
Endte 0 0 0
Nothing 🙁 still need to find my niche. I fined this very difficult. Will have to reread/watch all the niche selection, keyword research stuff
BK2000 10 57 0
Working on more keywords
Lokh 0 0 0
Identify a niche. Doing deep research on the niche before purchasing domain
Ron Drum 8 7 0
Found niche, bought domain, setup hosting, wrote 7 articles.
Brandon 0 0 0
Still doing niche research. I was going to use a site I already have that I haven't touched in 2 years, but that defeats the purpose of this. So, more research…
Len 0 0 0
niche , domain, hosting, wordpress setup
Steve K 10 300 4.28
Got more organized with outsources. Need to keep adding content. Plan is to be making $1,000/month within 6 months from content being posted.
Allan 2 0 0
Niche identified; Domain Purchased; WebHosting Purchased; WordPress Theme Purchased and installed; created 2 articles, but not published.
Robert 4 13 0
Found a niche, bought a old domain which has 1 million backlinks, setup hosting and wordpress, Published 4 articles so far
Mike 0 0 0
Identified niche, selected domain, wrote 2 articles

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While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Kazi asif

How one of the them earned money without posting any article on website? Talking about jac. He got 700 visitor also. How ?

Mr Alexander

I was wondering the same thing…


Thanks for this report, Spencer. Now I feel better that I’m not too far and most of the follow-along members are on par with me. I started on 1st Sept 2018 and I’m planning to publish at least 6 general articles and 2 buying guides by end of this month.

Pinterest will be a major traffic source for me too, and I’m using an existing Pinterest profile I had for this site. Let’s see how well it works out.

Spencer Haws

Sounds great!


Hi Spencer,
Where do you hire your writers from? Writing is the bottleneck for me, so it would be great to outsource it effectively.

Mr Alexander

I believe that he hires them off

Spencer Haws

Upwork and the random contacts through FB.


You are not using TextBroker anymore? Why?

Spencer Haws

I haven’t used them for 4 or 5 years, maybe it’s time to try them out again?

Mr Alexander

Thanks for the insights Spencer, i am excited to follow along and create my website parallel to yours.

Jules |

Thanks for collecting all of this data! It makes me feel a little better knowing I’m not too far behind.

Pinterest will also be a huge traffic source for me and I was thinking that we should put together a “Niche Pursuits” Tribe on Tailwind… but then that would reveal everyone’s niche! Maybe when you’ve revealed yours we can support each other by pinning each other’s pins (and I mean everyone in the group who is using Pinterest as a traffic producer.)

Now I just need to figure out how to hire a writer!

Thanks again!

With gratitude,

Spencer Haws

Interesting thoughts!


When do you plan on revealing the site? Personally I’d like to see you release the domain name after you’re earning $1000 a month. If you reveal the site early, the traffic from this blog will help massively and not give a true representation. Just my 2 cents.

Spencer Haws

Yes, I had a discussion previously. I’ll likely wait until its making $500 to $1000 a month.

Martin Vlcek

thank you for publishing that useful info. Are your writers also have access to your site to upload all articles or you do it all yourself?
thank you
Martin Vlcek

Spencer Haws

I give all the writers access to wordpress (author accounts).

marcus ollison

Great report. I’ve also started my niche project. So far so good.


I’ve been following along on all of this, and was even inspired to dive into building a new niche site, but somehow missed the reporting email. I subscribed hopefully to the right list this time and will be able to report for next round. 🙂

I registered new domain August 14th – hit it hard for 2 days and in that time set up new VPS, installed WP with custom theme & my fave plugins, designed the cutest freaking logo, registered the social media accounts, posted 7 posts of 12,569 words & scheduled them all for social media… And then I completely forgot about it, lol.

Just checked analytics for first time now – 15 visitors for August, no earnings.

It’s definitely inspiring to read through everyone else’s progress – and reporting will hopefully also might make sure I actually keep track on the new site.

Spencer Haws

Awesome! We’ll get your report next time. Thanks!


Always looking forward to reading the updates about NSP 4. And love also to see other people progress. Thanks fro sharing this.

John Faux

Wait! You pay 40 to 100 usd for articles? Each? Per hour? For 10 articles?

Spencer Haws

For one article, $40 to $100 per article is not very much.


Thanks for posting this, i appreciate everything you’ve done for the community, you’re an hero! Am trying my best to be one of your success story and i know by following what you teach i will be. Thank you for everything!


Hi spencer,

Thank you for this awsome report!

I am actually struggling with something related with the theme. I know that titles and excerpts on category, tag, author, search pages can be seen as duplicate content by google. I was wondering what is your way to handle this. Do you noindex and nofollow all caterogy, tag, etc pages?

Thank you


Hi Spencer!

Thank you for this awsome report!

I am currently struggling with something related to the theme. I know that titles and excerpts in category, tag, author, search pages could be seen as duplicated content by goolge. How do you handle this (if you do)? Do you noindex and nofollow all of your category, tag, etc pages?

Thank you! (and sorry if i double post, i was not sure about my manipulations)


Noooooo! No answer again

Spencer Haws

No, I’ve never no-indexed any of these.


Thanks a lot!


Well, my numbers were about the same like the numbers of the bloggers listed above, but all this only after realizing that I can make some cash with the people writing articles on my blog.

This way, from 4,000 visitors in August when I published 8 articles plus 4 from contributors instead of making the entire month about $19 from Adsense, I made $19 plus $30 plus $47 and again $47, which means an overall income of $143 for August.

Spencer Haws

Do you mean you charged people to post articles on your site?

Steven Brosius

Hi Spencer, Thanks for your update. Article cost is seems high a bit to me. But I can manage within my affordability.


Conclusion is that affiliate sites are not worth doing it. It takes way too much time and there’s way too much competition in my opinion. Back in time yes, it was super easy.

Spencer Haws

haha, you make a conclusion after less than 1 month? Come back in 6 months and see the reports. Ranking takes time my friend.

Ahsan Habib

I am writing the article on my website for 5-6 months. Still can’t bring my main keyword on the 1st page. Couldn’t find the way to get good backlinks.

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