MindStir Media Review: Self Publishing And Book Marketing For Authors

By Dan Morris |

MindStir Media exists to make the self-publishing process go a lot smoother.

There are significant challenges and pitfalls on the road to getting a book published. To counter these, MindStir Media has developed a support process for getting authors to their final destination.

J.J. Hebert heads up the company and is himself an award-winning author with multiple best-selling books under his belt.

In this MindStir Media review, we’re going to take a look at what they offer and consider the value.

Self Publishing Vs. Traditional Publishing

mindstir media review

There are many significant differences between the traditional publishing route and today’s self-publishing options.

The traditional method of getting a book published involves sending out manuscripts to publishing houses. Publishers will review the work and may extend an offer to buy the rights to the book.

They will then handle the book’s publication, including editing, design, marketing, sales, and distribution.

The author then receives royalty payments from the publisher, typically in the range of 7 – 25%.

Self-publishing requires the author to either do everything themselves or outsource aspects of their book’s publication process to others.

The author will need to organize final editing, book design, copyright details, along with choosing where and how to sell their book.

There is quite a lot involved, and it can be daunting!

Self Publishing Pros

There are more opportunities to self-publish today than ever before. 

And, despite the amount of work involved, there are many good reasons why authors choose to self-publish.

Many authors choose to go down the self-publishing avenue simply because the option exists and the support services are available.

There are a lot of online resources available detailing exactly how to do it. MindStir Media has created its own self-publishing guide that gives more information on exactly what’s involved.

Self-Publishing Cons

Self-publishing is not all sunshine and rainbows.

There are also reasons why some authors choose not to self-publish.

However, the number of authors self-publishing has grown exponentially over the recent decade. It has become a more accepted and praiseworthy manner of publishing a book. Thousands of authors are now making 6 figures a year from self-published books on Amazon.

With the help of supporting services like MindStir Media, authors can avoid the downsides of self-publishing, while making the most of the benefits.

How MindStir Media Supports Authors

J.J. Hebert and the team at MindStir Media have set up their business to help self-publishing authors navigate the unknown.

mindstir media self publishing companyThey offer a range of self-publishing packages starting at $1899, specially designed to remove the hassles of self-publishing.

While the lower tier packages require forfeiting a percentage of book royalties, it’s nowhere near the publishing house level.

For example, at the price point listed above, the author will receive a 50% royalty on all sales physical and digital.

MindStir will take care of the technical aspects of publishing a book:

They will distribute the book for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, and more, handling the printing and fulfillment of physical orders.

j j hebert mindstir mediaJ. J. Hebert, the face and founder of MindStir, will also personally mentor authors as they work at getting their finished manuscripts out for sale.

J. J. has been through the process himself, having had his own books published and gone on to find success. Besides this, he has also supported a considerable number of authors to self-publish their books.

There’s no substitute for experience. 

To be guided along the way by someone who’s done it many times before can potentially make the experience much smoother.

MindStir Media Features

Choosing to work with MindStir Media gets you access to J. J’s knowledge, experience, and support – and there’s nothing more unique than this!

However, they do offer other packages and services that are also worth investigating. 

Book Publicity And Marketing Service

MindStir Media also offers a book publicity service separately from the self-publishing packages already mentioned.

Their experienced staff of book publicists and promoters have driven many MindStir Media authors to #1 best sellers in their Amazon category.

For example, one of their promotional packages runs as a 3-month campaign.

Among other things, it includes:

The company will get your book in front of avid readers on Amazon and build up your reviews on that platform. This is a very important signal to potential customers looking to buy books on the world’s largest book-selling platform.

You will also have a Virtual Book Tour set up as part of some packages!

This is a month-long online publicity campaign, consisting of written interviews between you and five other bloggers. These blogposts will showcase your book to various audiences and help drive sales.

This could be the answer for authors who are concerned about marketing their book but aren’t worried about the other aspects of self-publishing.

Children’s Book Illustration Service

self publishing services

MindStir can help illustrate and publish children’s books as well.

They have a team of illustrators that can help bring a story to life with custom illustrations.

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From the preliminary character sketches, through developing a storyboard, and on to the final colored illustrations, MindStir Media will help bring the finished book to fruition.

In this package, the author owns 100% of these illustrations.

Print On Demand

Mindstir Media sets up your book to be printed on demand when someone orders a physical copy of your book.

This means that you’re not paying for inventory and upfront costs are kept much lower.

This is generally the best option for self-publishing authors, particularly if you have little name recognition or following. As you grow and your books become in greater demand, it’s a good idea to have some on hand.

You are able to customize your book to a certain degree, including:

While there is a very slight delay when using print-on-demand book printing services, the majority of books are still shipped within a single day or two. Expedited shipping can then speed up the wait time.

The Shark Tank Connection

Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank, works with Mindstir Media to endorse authors as part of their top-tier package.

It’s not a cheap option, but as Kevin outlines in the video above:

Working with MindStir Media and Kevin Harrington:

The fact that Kevin chooses to work with MindStir Media in this way says a lot about the authenticity and value of the company.

Hardcover Service

If you want your book published in hardcover, MindStir Media can take care of this as well.

They are fully set up to deliver your book in whatever format you prefer:

Children’s books can also be printed in full-color hardback or paperback – or both if your customers are wanting options!

Packages can vary in price depending on what you choose, so take that into account when making your decision.

Online Book Store

MindStir Media has an online bookstore as well.

All of the authors they help self-publish get their book listed in the store to be found by eager buyers. This is included even in the lowest tier package.

The bookstore is also a good place to visit when thinking about working with this company.

Take a look at the different types of cover design, book subjects, and the overall finish of the product to determine if it’s going to work for you.

Get an idea of what authors are charging for their books and consider what price you might set for your book.

Social Media

MindStir Media can also help to market your book on social media with their book marketing services.

They offer this as a standalone service for $1500, or it is available as part of their Platinum, Emerald, and Editor+ self-publishing packages.

A social media publicist will set up social accounts for your newly published books and manage the marketing campaigns for two months.

What’s included:

Getting in front of your target audience and creating a social media buzz is important when publishing a book.

Even if someone doesn’t buy immediately, name recognition may compel them to further down the road when they are looking for a new book.


MindStir Media also partners with Enable Financing to offer funding for their packages.

Loans are established over 24-60 month terms with monthly repayments.

Receiving advice from a financial advisor is recommended, as rates start at 7.99%. This is somewhat steep given current interest rates.

However, for authors needing help to fund their book publishing, the option is there and can be carefully considered.

MindStir Media Review

  • Ease of Use - 95
  • Stability - 95
  • Customer Service - 95
  • Price - 95

MindStir Media Review

If you are an author looking to self-publish, take a closer look at MindStir Media.

Write down the goals that you have for your book and consider whether J. J. Hebert and the team can help you accomplish them sooner and with fewer headaches.

This company has helped up to 40 different books by various authors win prestigious literary awards including the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards and Mom’s Choice Awards.

The services offered by MindStir Media are designed to help authors publish their books and successfully find an audience.

Whatever service you require relating to self-publishing, it’s more than likely MindStir Media can help.

From book editing, printing, and design, to book PR, marketing, sales, and distribution, they do it all. They have the expert team on hand to support you through it all, if necessary, or just through the aspects you don’t want to navigate on your own.

J. J. offers a free, no-obligation, 15-minute phone call where you can discuss your options and decide if they are the best way forward for you and your book.

Whether you want to discuss their self-publishing packages or their book publicity services, find out more and schedule your call over at MindStir Media today.

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