How to Double the Organic Google Traffic to Your Site in Just 3 Months

By Spencer Haws |

When I discuss getting traffic from Google with people, they often feel like it’s impossible to see amazing results in a short period of time.  While it’s true that it’s not as “easy” to rank quickly in Google as it used to be, it’s still very possible to see results in a short period of time.

Today, I want to share 2 case study websites that I am a partner in.  In both cases, these are sites that we purchased and quickly doubled the amount of traffic coming from Google in a very short period of time…just 3 months.

I’m going to share the traffic stats, and then exactly how we were able to achieve these results through keyword research, content, and links.

The Results…

Let’s start with the results first, to show you why this might be something of interest to you.

Results of Site #1

We bought a website in early February 2016.  In just a few short months, we have over DOUBLED the organic search engine traffic going to the site.  2016-07-19_1209

When we purchased the site, it was getting just under 5,000 organic sessions a week.  By mid-may the site was attracting double that amount per week at over 10,000 sessions.  As you can see that the site has only continued to grow and now receives about 12,000 organic sessions a week.

How did we achieve these results in such a short period of time?

Before I dive into that, I want to show ANOTHER example of a site we purchased in March of this year.

Results of Site #2

We bought a second site in mid-March of this year.  In this example we were able to double the organic traffic in just 2 and a half months, and in just over 4 months we have grown the organic traffic over 5 times!


So, the results we are achieving are very real, and recent.  So, enough with the results…how are we achieving these results?

A Quick Caveat…

The results you see are from sites that we purchased.  While its not impossible to see huge gains like this from a brand new site, there are some advantages to buying a site that is already established.

These sites were already aged and getting some traffic from Google.  As a result, before we ever came along they already had some authority built up and Google was already ranking them well for some key terms.

For a brand new site from scratch, it can often take several months before you start to see any significant results from Google.  We essentially were able to skip this waiting period, because Google tends to rank new content on an older site much faster than it ranks new content on a brand new site.

So, part of these results certainly comes from the fact that we were able to take existing authority and links to leverage that into even more success.

Overall, starting a site from scratch is great and costs less, but can take a little longer to see results.  Whereas buying a site takes more money, but you tend to see results much faster.

How We Achieved the Results

For the first site, we achieved all of the results through keyword research and content creation.  We did not do any link building.

Now here’s the real kicker: we did this on a large scale.  In fact, we added about 500 articles in just 2 months.  The combination of keyword focused, quality content articles done on a large scale helped us go from 5,000 sessions a week to 12,000 sessions a week in just about 3 months.

You can read a few more details about this site in a post that I published previously right here.

The reality is that there is no way we could write that much content ourselves.  So, all of this was actually achieved by a large team of interns that we brought in and trained.

If you are interested in joining our next internship, you can get more details right here.

Results for Site #2

For the second site, we achieved the high growth results primarily through link building.  We did add some content, but the only purpose of the content was to get more links…not so much to target low competition keywords (like site 1).

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Build better internal links with Link Whisper

In a nutshell, we implemented 3 different link building strategies:

  1. Top Lists
  2. Infographics
  3. Guest Posts/Contributor Accounts

So, what are top lists?  Essentially these are posts that you write and list the top bloggers in a particular area.  For example, I might write a post titled, “The 50 Most Influential SEO Bloggers that You Should Be Following”. (Note to self, I should write this post…)

You then research and find 50 great bloggers and write a short paragraph on why they are great.  Once the article is written and published, you then reach out to these 50 bloggers and tell them they made you top list post!

You then make it easy for them to link to, share on social media, or start a relationship with you.  This could even lead to a guest post opportunity.  This strategy works very well in any niche – the niche that site number 2 is in is the health niche.


Quite simply, this strategy still works well for getting links.  I won’t go into all the details about how to create an infographic, but Neil Patel has a good guide here. Remember you can also go to Fiverr and get a great infographic for cheap.

The key is marketing the infographic once its been published.  Try googling “infographic directories”.  You will find lots of directories willing to accept your infographic once submitted.

You should definitely share it on social media and reach out to bloggers on social media that it’s applicable to.

Next you should be emailing bloggers or other influencers that are either mentioned in your infographic (pro tip: mention people in your infographic), or that might potentially be interested in publishing the infographic on their site.

You should obviously have an easy embed code below your infographic to make it easy for people to share and embed.

Guest Posts and Contributor Accounts

This just comes down to finding sites that are relevant to yours and then approaching the owner/editor to ask if you can write for them.

First of all, there are LOTS of sites that want guest posts.  Do a google search for terms similar to this:

You can certainly get more ambitious beyond that and start contacting other bloggers or publications to see if you can write an article for them.

You will get a better response rate if you “pitch” them an idea for a topic rather than just saying, “hey, you take guest posts?”

Here’s a quick example of an email you can send out to people when you are looking for guest post opportunities:

Hi Bill,

I was just reading your article at …..  and it gave me an idea for a guest post.

I’ve been brainstorming some topics that I think your readers would get a ton of value from:

20 Things To Do In England

7 Festivals Travelers Will Love

How To Travel On A $5 Per Day Budget

What do you think? I’m happy to provide some more ideas or write about a topic of your choice.



You should obviously edit this template to be in your own voice and be applicable to your own site.  But overall, it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Just reach out and you are sure to hear back from a certain percentage of those folks.

So, how many links did we achieve in a short period of time?


We went from roughly 120 referring domains (according to when we bought the site, to about 330 referring domains in mid-July (about 3 months after the site purchased).  So, we nearly tripled the number of referring domains linking to the site, which led to an approximately 5X increase in Google organic traffic to the site.

Want More Details?

As mentioned previously, we didn’t achieve these results by ourselves.  We actually brought in several interns and taught them our strategies.  In turn, these interns actually implemented our exact strategies to the sites to achieve the results.

As a result, we’ve purchased another site (this one already making 6 figures a year) and we hope to achieve similar results.

Either way, I think I’ve laid enough out in this post that many of you will be able to implement these strategies into your own sites and can potentially see similar results.  If you have any thoughts, please share your comments below.


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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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I find things like this quite motivating. May I ask how old were the sites that you purchased? Were they still being updated for were they a bit redundant?

Spencer Haws

Both sites were a few years old and had very inconsistent update schedules previously.


What was the original traffic number per month on the second site you used the link building strategy with?

Todd Connelly

Nice to get a sneak peek on the inside of your sites! With the total volume of posts written on these sites, do you think the ‘little guy’ still has a chance against someone who has the resources for put forth this amazing effort?

Again Spencer, thanks for sharing!

Spencer Haws

Yes. The little guy can write less content and still see results from those blog posts.

Bill Achola

Honestly Spencer this incredibly super and inspiring. The process you used on the both sites is purely whitehat and legit.

Great work


Abhishek Nale

Hey Spencer,
The technique you mentioned about guest infographic is quite good…I am going to use it now ..
Thanks for this great idea& great post again !

Spencer Haws


Ben Edgson

This encourages me to get a ton of more content done on my site and then work in back links!! What should you do first btw? Links or content? Thank you for sharing!!

Spencer Haws



Thanks, i had the exact same question as Ben. Great work by the way on the increase in traffic


The process you mentioned is really simple, but the way you scale it made those huge gains in organic traffic!
How much you think we should budget for content writing for about 100 articles (1500+ words)?
Small guys like us may target say, 100 articles in 4-6 months, based on budget and will see real improvements in traffic.


Spencer Haws

$15 to $50 an article that is 1500 words it typical range (depending on quality/other things).

Al Amin Kabir

Thanks for the case study, Spencer.

I’m trying infographic marketing for some of niche sites, and it’s working pretty well. The best way to get infographic published on niche relevant decent authority sites is, offering them a custom intro and money. Pretty first link building process and iit’s scalable.

Olavo Rodrigues

Nice post. How many outreach emails did you send for the link building campaign and how much effort did that take (actual hours of work)? Would like to understand the ratio hs of work per link obtained (including the effort to find the contact emails, send the messages and interact with people that replied).

Spencer Haws

I would have to research that – an entire team was used to do outreach, send emails (not me personally).

Olavo Rodrigues

Thanks Spencer. Would appreciate if you can do that so that we can know how much effort we need to put in to achieve similar results. Most of us don’t have a team and many times don’t work on this full time. So if a whole team working full time for several days is what it takes, it means that most of us wouldn’t be able to implement this strategy successfully generally speaking. I say that because I have some experience with outreach myself and found that it is really time consuming before you can get any significant results. thanks

Spencer Haws

You can implement on a smaller scale, but its the exact same strategy. We wrote 500 articles, but maybe you can do 20. The strategy is no different.


Hi Spencer, I’m talking more from the perspective of outreach for linkbuilding (strategy used for site 2 of your post), not article writing. Doing outreach in a small scale would mean sending out just a few emails and that wouldn’t result in many links. That’s why I wanted to know the how many work hours your team invested in outreach per link received.

Spencer Haws

Use tools. Tons of tools (like Yet another mail merge, buzzstream, and others) that make it easy to contact lots of people quickly via email.

Miss Fran

As a newbie to Affiliate marketing this is an inspiring article

Joe Watson

Hi Spencer

I don’t understand why you have comments when you don’t answer them. I was going to ask a question but I can’t see the point of doing that when there is no answer. You might like to look at Neil Patel on QuickSprout and Crazy Egg etc and why he has such a huge list on all his sites.

Hope you take this in the spirit in which it is given

Kind regards
Joe Watson

Spencer Haws

Ok, sorry you don’t see the responses I leave. If you look at most of my past articles, you’ll see that I personally respond to almost every comment…many thousands of them over the past 5 years.


I cant thank you enough for all the info and the value you provide…. i would be totally lost if is not for this blog and I am gonna apply this techniques to increase the traffic of one of my sites on which i gave up some time ago. I have a question, though. When I reasearch in LongTailPro i use to see “” sites with high authority and hig metrics in general (domain CF and TF is always around 90), although they look quite crappy and the content is not so good. Talkng about SEO, this kind of sites have the same rules than ecommerce sites? Its difficult to beat

Spencer Haws

the metrics are likely coming from blogspot itself, not the actual sub-domain/blog you are trying to beat.


Wow.. Great post 🙂

uthman saheed

Nice you share this. Achieving this result is not a day work. Combining highly rich keyword content with building backlinks. Thanks for using this to inspire us.

sai charan reddy

Really a great case study ! I think you didn’t hide any thing that the appreciable one !

If possible please share your experience on local SEO , Thanks.


yes i noticed that too… publishing a less competitive keyword post in an old website will rank faster than publishing the post in a new website…. i published a 1500 word post too.. just few days ago now its on the second page..

im now using infographics too but just learned now that there are inforgraphics directories i can submit thanks spencer… and for the guest post and email outreach i still was not able to do this… but i do blog commenting…

thanks for sharing spencher though 500 posts of 1500 words each is really expensive for me as of now..

Spencer Haws

Good luck, John!

Josh Manion

Awesome post. That’s awesome to see these strategies working!

Bhuboy Villanueva

I really love reading your case studies, I always get some idea that I could implement in my website. Its a new website, and like what you said it make take more time to achieve great result, but I know following what you are doing , it is not impossible. Thanks for this


To Spencer (or anyone else from Spencer’s team):

Do you guys think that an inactive sites would be also a good purchase for similar purposes? Ie. a website with good metrics, good links, no penalties, no spam history, but which has not been updated with any content for a few years. If you “tested” the site (ie. asked the owner to place an article and it was indexed quickly) successfully, would you go for it? Or is the site being active a criteria of yours?

Jake Cain

Hey Mark,

I can’t prove this theory with personal experience, but I’d be interested in a site like that. I think an opportunity may exist to go back and update some older posts with fresh, thorough content and have a chance to rank – plus build it out with new content like you normally would and rank much quicker than a new site. Good luck!


Hi spencer, i noticed that there are A LOT of articles targeting the same keyword on the site that only got content added to it. eg keyword with best (keyword) and then another article with most comfortable (keyword) top (keyword) etc isnt that bad for seo or confusing to Google? would like to know your thought process behind that….


Spencer Haws

These are different keywords. “Best Headphones” might review very different products than “most comfortable headphones”


Thanks Spencer! In fact I learnt the content skill before, but I forget to apply it on my new sites. Huge mistake! I will pick it up again.

Best regards


Its a great post for newbies. I am also new to SEO and by visiting your site i actually learned a lot. This post is especially helpful for persons like me. Thanks once again.


I want to ask about guest posts. How can we insert our site links to the guest post. I mean are we allowed to do so?
will the owner of the site allow us

John Collins

It’s not easy to find a FAST way to rank high in Google recently, and the factor of time weights a lot.


Another question to Spencer’s team please.

How about buying just a domain? I currently have my eye on a domain that’s in a niche I’m very versed with (many linking / outreach contacts, lots of websites of my own already in that niche), which:

1) The domain was established in 2004, good solid name (nothing premium, but brandable)
2) From 2004 to 2013 a quality site in the niche was ran on that domain. It acquired around 60 natural, decent links during that time line
3) Since 2013 the website has been offline, with a generic front page text saying “no site here at the moment”. The front page is still indexed in Google, and old content from the site (way back machine) seems to also appear in Google on that domain when I search for it.
4) Site has a DA of 38, good metrics. No signs of spam in ahrefs, looks 100% natural
5) Domain was dropped twice.
6) Owner put the domain on auction for $3200

Would you think this is worth it? I would plan to build a large site around that domain, so probably around $30k worth of content pretty quickly. How would you “test” such a domain out before you commit all of your content to it only to realize that there’s some issue? (Can’t see any signs of there being issues though).

Thank you.


I should also add: the majority of links pointing to that website, point to the front page; there are almost no links to inner pages.


From what I can tell, the owner dropped the domain by accident and someone picked it up in 2013. The previous owner then registered a different TLD version of that same domain, and moved the old content there. So right now the old content from the previous domain (the one I am thinking of purchasing) is live and indexed on the website owner’s new domain. I was not planning on using the old content from Wayback Machine, but I wonder if this somehow changes things.

Kevin Hellriegel


I simply love your posts and the time you take to share your niche ideas. I keep trying to make the switch from my current career into making niche websites but life always seems to get in the way. However, each time I read one of your blog posts, it pushes me closer to making the switch. Thanks for taking the time to inspire me and others!

Spencer Haws

Keep pushing!


Nice Post ! Dear Thanks for your kind information.


Great info Spencer! Regarding the google search for identifying link building opportunities, did you use any software to automate the process to reach out to these people once you identified them as a potential guest post opportunity?

Carla Silva

Simply perfect! One question, on the site 1, you hired someone to help you write 500 articles? Indicates some site to find professionals for this job?


My congratulations on your amazing results. You created more links to your site?
If this site were new you could increase the amount of traffic that fast way?

One more question, do you believe that Google is freezing new sites?

Noor Muhammad

Hey Spencer,
Your Technique about guest infographic is really awesome. I’ll definitely try it out on my next niche site. Thanks for the ideas and Niche pursuits. However, I have a question mate :

1 – I’ve found a niche with low competition and good CPC . but the thing is the while doing competition analysis. I observed that most of the sites that are in the top 10 serps ranking are small ecommerce site selling their own product or sites like niche specific classified ad site with low and thin content. What are your suggestions ? Should I go for such keywords ?



Nice tutorial.
I have a new site and I want to drive more traffic to it.
This post will be my guide.

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