Brand Builders Review: How to Make Money with a Turnkey Website

By Spencer Haws |

You may have heard me mention Brand Builders in the past. Brand Builders is a service that builds a new website according to best practices and then hands the whole thing off to you for a one-time payment.

In this Brand Builders review today, I want to discuss both the pros and cons of buying a website through a “done-for-you” service. In addition, I'll share both a success story and a “fail” story.

I also want to be very clear that I am an affiliate for Brand Builders and hold a very small ownership stake in the company, so I am compensated if you buy a site through them.

Brand Builders is not for everyone, but it might be the right fit in certain situations. I only want to set you up for success – read on to see my opinions concerning who should consider buying a turnkey website.

If you're interested in seeing a batch of pre-made affiliate sites available for sale right now, go here. These will likely be sold out in 48 hours.

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Brand Builders is a service that sells done-for-you affiliate and Amazon FBA websites. With one upfront payment, you take possession of a website with all of the first steps taken care of – and plenty of potential to make a great income. Check out pre-made sites from Brand Builders today! 


Offers truly done-for-you niche and Amazon FBA websites that allow you to skip the grind of starting a brand-new site

Helps you get started on the right foot with a proven process by affiliate marketing experts

Your website is 100% one-of-a-kind and owned by you – there's no splitting of profits 

Starts you out on a new domain without any of the baggage you'd get from a previous website owner

You can have your own affiliate or FBA site in just 24 hours


If you've never started your own website, Brand Builders won't help teach you those crucial first steps

Packages have an upfront cost with no guarantee of profits later on

Future results depend primarily on your marketing know-how and a LOT of work

A Review of What Brand Builders Offers

If you go to this page here, you can see exactly the types of sites that Brand Builders is offering.  The main option that I usually mention is the selection of pre-made affiliate websites. However, Brand Builders actually offers a few other things as well. 

Brand Builders kitchen website

Here's a quick run-down of everything.

Pre-made Affiliate Website

These are Amazon affiliate websites where the initial keyword research has been done, the site has been built, and the content is written. Remember, these are brand-new websites, so they aren't ranking in Google or getting any traffic yet, but a ton of the upfront work has been done for you.

Once you take the reins, it's your job to promote the site and grow the site even bigger with lots of new content, link building, social media activity, and other marketing strategies.

Brand Builders custom affiliate website

With the proper next steps, you can start getting clicks on Amazon affiliate links that are highly targeted for your niche and start to build a recurring monthly income.

What's really nice is, the foundation has already been built – so you can turn your focus to marketing and monetization from day one!

See the limited-time batch of pre-made sites that are available right now!

Check out Brand Builders today!

Done-for-You Amazon FBA Websites

If you are selling products on Amazon, then having a website that can represent your brand is smart. In addition, these sites are built with traffic generation in mind.

In other words, they are built so that they can rank in Google and hopefully start helping you sell more of your products. Here's a brief look at what kind of results you can see from your Amazon FBA site in the first year.Brand Builders Amazon FBA

These sites are perfect for someone who sells on Amazon, but doesn't want to have to learn – or doesn't have the time – to build their own WordPress site.

Custom Affiliate Sites

If you want some sort of custom affiliate site done, Brand Builders can handle that too. Reach out to them here, and tell them what you're looking for.

They have a couple of other services they offer – like content creation and link building – that you can see here. However, I'm not going to review those specific services, since I don't have any experience with them. 

But if you're interested in getting help with any stage of the affiliate marketing process, Brand Builders has options that can help you.

Who Should Consider Brand Builders?

I can think of two types of people who should consider buying a turnkey website in order to make money. I'll call them the eager newbie and the busy expert. 

The Eager Newbie

First, there's the aspiring niche site owner who knows they will procrastinate OR wants to skip the first 3 to 6 months of work.

The reality is that building a site from scratch really can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for the average person to get up and running.

Here are the tasks required to get just the first 10 or 15 articles up on your site (the point where a Brand Builders site is at when you buy it):

These are all the things that a pre-made site from Brand Builders will already have completed. It's a lot to do, but it's totally doable for someone that knows what they are doing!

However, if you are someone who would like to just skip all this work so you can focus on the next steps for the site, this could be a great option.

The Busy Expert

The second type of person that might consider a Brand Builders site is someone who wants to quickly grow a portfolio of sites they can work on. I know of at least one buyer where this is what they do. 

They have a couple of sites in one particular niche and when they see a pre-built site come up for sale in that same niche, they scoop it up.

This is perfect for someone who already knows exactly what they're doing, and for whom an upfront purchase is well worth all the time they'll save!

Who Should Not Buy a Pre-Built Website?

If you think the site is already making money when you buy it, Brand Builders is not for you. Let me reiterate, these sites are BRAND NEW!

That means they are not ranking in Google yet, they are usually not getting traffic, and they are not making money… yet! So, if you are buying these expecting them to magically make you money, then you shouldn't buy.

However, the pieces are all in place for them to make money…in the future…with work. If you don't do anything at all on them, they likely will get some traffic as they start to rank in Google over time. They might even make a little bit of money.

But if you don't touch them, we are talking only tiny amounts of traffic and tiny amounts of earnings.

If you want to make real money, these sites are like hot coals that have potential. You just need to stoke the flames in put in the work!

Brand Builders Success and Failure Stories

It's always helpful to see the results people are getting from these kinds of services. Below, I share both a success and a failure from two Brand Builders customers. 

A Brand Builders Success

I recently spoke with Allen Michael, who bought a Brand Builders pre-built Amazon affiliate website last year. Once he gots his hands on the site, he treated it like a business. He knew it was now his responsibility to grow the site with more content and do some promotion, including link building.

He put in the work and his site is now making $550 a month, and should continue to grow and make even more than that as he puts in the effort. It's not easy, it takes real work, but it's totally doable.

Allen is a great example of someone having fabulous success with their turnkey website.

A Brand Builders Fail

On the other hand, I spoke to someone else (who I won't name) that bought a site around the same time.

Guess how much work they put into the site after buying it?


Unsurprisingly, that site is not earning them $550 each month. Instead, it just gets a small trickle of traffic and makes a random sale through Amazon Associates every now and again. It essentially makes nothing.

Don't be a failure story.

How to Think of Pre-Made Sites

In making the decision on whether or not to buy a turnkey site, here's the best way you can think of these pre-made sites through Brand Builders:

  1. They allow you to skip the first 3 to 6 months of work. (They don't allow you to skip the work after the first 3 to 6 months, though).
  2. They ensure that you get started right. The site is built and optimized and ready to be developed the right way.

Now, Brand Builders isn't the ONLY maker of done-for-you sites, but I'd trust them WAY more than a random guy I've never met in an online marketing forum. Brand Builders is a go-to for heavyweights in the niche and affiliate marketing space, including our friend John Gillham at Authority Website Income. 

If you want to see the sites that are currently available on Brand Builders, go here.

Check out Brand Builders today!

Overall, I hope my review of what Brand Builders offer is helpful. If nothing else, I hope my description of who should and who should not consider buying these types of sites will help you make the decision that's right for you.

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Andy W

Do you have San upto date “cheat sheet” of what to do with the site once purchased? Daily, weekly etc? And whether most of the ongoing follow up work can be outsourced? I have more spare money than spare time and am looking for a secondary income without taking my eye off the ball with my main business.

Chris Hackett

I thought I would share my experience with Brand Builders. I purchased one of their sites in early December 2017. I think the site was listed as a “medium” competitive / difficulty. I immediately followed their “guide” which I found to be very thin along with their keyword list. I installed Google Analytics, immediately submitted site-maps to Google. I also installed / linked my webmasters account. I wrote my own content and articles, followed the recommendation for searching for related blogs to build links with blog comments. I even hired someone to do some back-linking for me. Oh .. and I went through the Yoast plugin they provide for on-page SEO and edited all the keywords and meta-tags for all pages according to the keyword list they provided.

After about 3 months time, I had literally gotten about 25 visits to the site. I believe I had 1 click through to Amazon, and of course zero sales.

I wrote to my Brand Builders rep to ask for suggestions. The only advice I got was “more backlinks” At one point it really felt like this website was a tool they use to sell backlink services. They didn’t have anything meaningful to provide other than ‘get more backlinks’

This site performed so poorly for me that Amazon recently rejected my Associates account for failing to refer a single sale in 6 months.

As Spencer says in the article, this isn’t a ‘buy it and forget it’ website. The site I purchased does look nice and they layout and initial content isn’t terrible. But if you think you’re going to install analytics, do some basic backlinking, basic SEO and start getting referrals, I can say it didn’t pan out for me. I feel like I gave my site meaningful attention and things didn’t work out for me. Maybe I’m just not smart enough to make it work, but I definitely didn’t buy it and forget it, and it still didn’t work out for me.

Hopefully your experience will be different.


Ewin Sanchez

Thanks for your honesty. I keep wanting to dip my toes but definitely have the suspicion that these are all just vehicles to sell more tools with no guarantee or real support. I’ll hold on to my wallet for a while longer. I’m even rethinking my Long Tail Pro subscription. Seems the only people making money online are those selling tools or advice on making money online… As I originally suspected. Hmm…

Spencer Haws

I have content sites that make money and I know lots of other people that have content/niche sites that make good money. Its not true that the only people making money are selling tools or advice.


Yeah the entire concept doesn’t make much sense to me. If you don’t have the capability to do keyword research and setup a basic wordpress site, then how are you going to rank it? You are going to skip 3-6 months of work? That’s more like skipping 3-6 months of knowledge and skill-building.


I think the concept of what B.B. are doing is fine and very useful but as Spencer says they are just basic websites that need ‘tons of content’ and work on them. However as he has an interest in B.B. perhaps he can feedback to Jon Havers the comments here for some constructive feedback and improvements on support and material provided.


If you are going the Brand builders’ way,follow what Spencer has just said,do lots of work on the site: content & backlinks


I would be more convinced of BB if they had any testimonials from people earning what BB projects a site could earn on their Sales page.

It’s even more telling that they don’t have any testimonials from people earning MORE than their possible projected Estimated Monthly Earnings.

To be honest their “testimonials” seem paid, and none of them mention if they made money or how long it took.


Will, thanks for your candor here. I also bought a site from BB and have been less than impressed with their support, especially since you can’t actually speak with a person.
I am currently taking steps to follow their guide and I am building up my content and looking into backlink options as well. I was going to use BB for these services but they aren’t really answering my questions clearly when I email them, which makes me question how well they can deliver. Instead, I actually started working with other vendors and am still on the fence about using BB (Would love to hear from someone who has direct experience using their services).

Curious to hear if you are still working on your site or if you’ve given up altogether? From my understanding, it’s consistent work followed by a long waiting game. Hope things turn around for your site over time as you’ve clearly put the work in!

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