General Review of Link Building Strategies

By Spencer Haws |

I have received lots of questions about what sort of link building strategies should be used for niche websites, so this post is meant to answer some of those questions!   Just to be clear, this probably won’t answer all your questions, this is going to be one of several posts I do on link building.   This is meant to be more of a general overview and I will only touch on a few of the details that will help you get started.

Obviously the link building strategy that you implement should be dictated by how difficult the competition is for your keyword.  I personally only target keywords that have low competition.   Those that target more difficult ones will need to do much more comprehensive link building and other SEO strategies to rank well for their keyword.   I personally have just never had the patience to wait a year or so before I start ranking well for a keyword.  So, these are strategies that work well for me and my business plan of building small niche websites with low competition.  Your strategy may be different.

I also wanted to stress the point that in my business, the keyword choice I make is MUCH MORE important than my link building strategies.  I usually rank well in Google because I pick keywords that do not require very many links; not because I am good at link building.  So, if you are looking for a comprehensive guide on how to rank well for difficult keywords, you won’t find it here, because I really don’t do that.  Again, if you find that you are having a difficult time ranking for a keyword, its most likely due to the fact that you chose a keyword with too much competition; not that you didn’t build the right links.  That’s how I look at it.

I also want to point out that I have tried lots of VARIOUS methods of link building and I am constantly changing how I do things.  So my advice is to just take some of the general principles discussed here and implement as you see fit; although I will offer how I directly implement these in my business.

How Fast Should I Build Links?

When I build a new site, I will ideally submit it to a few social bookmarking like and others to get it indexed and get a few links pointing to it within the first couple of days after creation.  Submitting to 5 or so sites is sufficient for this.  I know others that get more aggressive with social bookmarking and I have as well in the past.  So, feel free to submit your site to 20 or 30 social book marking sites if you must, but just don’t overdue it (don’t submit to hundreds or thousands).  Like I said, I might do 5 or so, and that’s it.

After a week or so, I will then ideally submit a new article (never before used on my site or elsewhere) to  Once accepted, I will then start doing more article marketing, use blog networks, or use other services as discussed below.  Sometimes I will wait 2 or 3 weeks before I do any real linkbuilding.  My advice would be to wait at least a week before you get very aggressive.  Don’t build too many links, too fast.

I might submit articles to a few article directories or order a link package from Matt Laclear (discussed below) and then wait a month or so before I do anything else.  Then if needed I will get more links built and then wait a month and so on.

What Type of Links Should I Build?

I generally do some sort of article marketing or use blog networks.  I have used and like some of the following services for article marketing (please note there are NO affiliate links on this page):

Article Drip Robot

Magic Article Submitter/Rewriter

For blog networks, I have used these services:

My Article Network (currently use the service and like it)

Article Marketing Automation (used the service in the past and really liked it)

SEOlinkVine (did not like, very low distribution rate of articles).

I have also used the services of Matt LaClear on the Warrior Forum.  His service distributes articles to his private blog network.  I have seen some great results from it; although I am trying some other methods to keep costs lower due to the large volume of sites that I have.  You can find one of the link packages that I have used several times right here: Matt LaClear’s Linkbuilding Service

I have used other services as well including hiring lots of different outsourcers.  I have hired link builders from or and given them specific instructions on article distribution or other tasks.  I have also found lots of great packages on the Warrior Forum for hire section right here: Warriors for Hire

How Many Links Should I Build?

My niche sites will never receive more than 200 or so, and that is on the high side for most of my sites.  For example, my top earning site currently has 57 indexed links in Yahoo Site Explorer.  This is fairly typical for my niche sites.  I don’t build a lot of links to my sites, because I don’t need to.  I pick low competition keywords instead.

Want To Build Smart & Relevant Internal Links...Quickly?

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Link Whisper is a revolutionary tool that makes internal linking much faster, easier, and more effective.  It makes it simple to boost your site’s authority in the eyes of Google. You can use Link Whisper to:

  • Bring out your orphaned content that isn’t ranking
  • Create smart, relevant, and fast internal links
  • Simple yet effective internal links reporting: what has lots of links and what pages need more links? 

Click here to revolutionize your site’s way of doing internal links

Build better internal links with Link Whisper

If you have built more than a couple of hundred links to your site and its been 90 days or so, and you aren’t seeing any movement in the search engines, then most likely you picked a too difficult keyword (according to my small niche site strategy).

I build my links slow.  As discussed above, I might build some links and then wait a month or so before I do anything else to the site.  Obviously you can do it differently, but I have found that there is no need to rush how I fast I build my links.  However, if you are targeting a more difficult niche, you might need more links from more authoritative sources.

Links to Homepage or Deep Links?

Most of my links go to the home page of my websites.  However, I will build some links to inner pages or “deep links”.  I would say its something like 80% of my links go to my homepage and 20% go to inner pages.  It may be as high as 90/10, I’m not really sure.  This just gives you an idea.

Anchor Text?

Using your keyword in the anchor text of the link shows Google that this keyword is more relevant to the site.  So, by making your keyword the anchor text will help you move up the Google ranks.  However, if you use it 100% of the time, this does not look natural.  I would say that I use my keyword as anchor text around 60 to 75% of the time.  The rest are just other related keywords or other terms like “click here” or “read more”.

A Basic Example of the Whole Process

Okay, so here is a quick timeline of what I might do to a new website.  Remember I am constantly doing things differently so this is just a general idea of what might occur.

Day 1 – Complete site

Day 3 – Submit site to 5 to 10 Social Bookmarking sites

Day 7 – Submit an original article to

Day 10 – Submit same or other articles to 10 to 20 other article directories (using software or outsourcers)

Day 20 – Order link package from Matt LaClear

Day 50 – If not ranking well yet, order another link package from Matt LaClear or start submitting 4 or 5 articles to services like

Day 90 to 120 – Most of my sites will be ranking by this time IF they are going to rank.  If my site is still like on page 10, I will probably give up on the site.  However, if its in the first couple of pages I will decide if its worth the money to build more links.  If the site is making money or if I feel it has great potential to make more, I will build more links and/or add more content to build up the site.  By this point of 90 to 120 days you should basically know if your site is a winner or a loser.  I just don’t worry about the losers for the most part and focus on the big winners.

Anyway, this will just give a quick general overview of how I build links to my small niche websites.  After the 90 to 120 days I don’t do much link building to my sites.  By this time they might be ranking on the first page of Google and I will only build more links if they drop in rank or if I really feel like a site moving from the bottom of page one to the top of page one will make a big monetary difference.

Again, this is a general overview that I hope will answer lots of the questions you might have – but I plan on posting several more times on link building strategies in greater detail.  I’m sure you still have questions, so feel free to ask away below!


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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Thanks Spencer for another great post, I admire your openness with the world.

I know you didn’t mention about link wheels, but I just want to have a clearer picture of the whole process and so many other people have mentioned the power of link wheels. So, do you use link wheels for you new sites?

Thanks again.


I don’t do any link wheels. Perhaps if you are in a more competitive niche you would need to go to all this effort, but I never have. What I listed above is what I do, nothing more usually. Certainly I don’t do link wheels.


Thanks again Spencer 🙂


Damn, you really don’t do much. You must be a magician when it comes to finding your keywords 🙂

I have sites that took 5000 links to get to page one. I now know better and stay away from niches that are that competitive.

Thanks for the post!


Hey Trent – I just follow the guidelines for picking keywords as laid out here: Its not magic, but it certainly takes some time to find the gems.


Definitely one of the posts I was looking forward to.

It seems I may have been over thinking and overdoing things.

Also going after too many competitive terms for the main terms.

Thanks for the insight and resources Spencer.

Helpful as always!


Like I said, this is what I do. I focus on keywords rather than link building.


Thank you for clearing this up a bit Spencer.

As Daniel mentioned, link wheels are all the talk in the link building arena and it often makes it confusing as to what strategies work and which wont be overkill.

Thanks Again!


Links wheels might do wonders, I really don’t know. I tend to only go into very low competition niches, so I haven’t really done of this…definitely would be overkill for my sites.


Very informative post, Spencer. I really did get a lot out of this, and spent most of the night just researching all the things you talked about 🙂



For me, another great link building blog networks is ArticleRanks. Much better with a lot of high PR blog.

Also with few payment option, we can use it free if we have credit that get from our blog with PR that contribute to the network for publishing article.


Haven’t tried it – thanks for the mention!


Thanks! This was just what I was looking for and I’m sure it will spark a discussion over the next few days.

Spencer, do you do any article spinning? Are your articles all unique? I notices you said “Submit same or other articles to 10 to 20 other article directories”.

What’s your experience with Is it easy to use? Have you tried

I’m trying to decide which one to go with. I know I’ll never grow my network of sites if I don’t automate the backlinking more than I currently do.

Currently, I’m spinning articles with the free version of SpinnerChief, but to get better than 50% unique it always comes out unreadable unless I tediously go through each word and phrase to setup the spin. Most article sites won’t accept spun content that’s hard to read, setting up the spinner takes forever, and writing 100-200 separate articles is not an option. What do you think I should do?


I have indeed been doing article spinning lately. So I might take the article that I submit to and spin it. Then distribute this spun version to other directories or even to MyArticleNetwork is very easy to use. I have never tried Well, MyArticleNework is a network of blogs, so the content does not have to be as unique. So, you can actually just submit the exact same article that you used on ezine (if you are lazy) and it will still get distributed (although at a lower rate) to some of the blogs on the network.


Great article Spencer.

Question: Do all the articles you submit target your exact keyword in the content or do you submit articles that target derivative and/or semantic keywords in their content? Or does it really not matter as the link back to your site has your keyword as it’s anchor text?


The article content does not matter – its the link back that matters. I try to keep my articles in the same general niche, but its not necessary.


Hi Spencer,

I think that a link building plan is a large part missing from my own puzzle. Lots of people offer suggestions like article marketing or link building services or auto commenting software but what we really need is a step-by-step plan from somebody with proven results. Looking forward to your future posts on this subject.


I agree Adrian. Hopefully the step by step plan and daily schedule that I follow in this post offers you some good guidelines to follow.


Spencer, I always look forward to your posts.In my opinion, you have really set yourself apart from other Marketers by the content you give us.Can’t wait to read your post on how you organize and manage all your sites:)




Thanks Spencer! The timeline is going to be really helpful. Sometimes what a newcomer like myself needs is just a simple bullet-point list. And thanks for addressing article spinning more in the comments, I’ve been wondering about that as well.


I think I need to do a full article on article spinning and other details related to this.


I agree. I have several questions on spinning (best software, % unique, acceptance rates, outsourcing, etc.)
I look forward to that post. Thanks for the guidance.


Chris, I will certainly try to dig in a little deeper on these topics that you bring up…


This is a fairly simple and slower-paced strategy, as you mentioned, Spencer.

This would take some getting used to for me because I’m more on the aggressive side of things when it comes to link building. lol


I guess if I only had a few sites, I would be more agressive – but since I focus heavily on keyword research and building lots of sites, I stay extremely busy without doing any link building. For this reason, this schedule is basically forced on my because I just dont have any more time to devote to it. But I have also found this slow approach to be effective.


Also, do you recommend using something like myarticlenetwork with a non-affiliate, personal site? I have a homepage for which I write content. Things like book reviews, social commentary, essays, and so forth. Have you ever used this service for this website, for instance?


Trent, I suppose it would just fine to build links to your personal site. To be honest, I don’t build ANY links to this site. I just let them come naturally. I write good content and if people like it, they link to it. This site is definitely a better link magnet than my niche websites.


Great article Spencer, I was wondering though for those initial articles that you get an then spin where do you have those created from, or do you write the articles your self?


I have done a couple of things before. Have an original article written on, write one yourself, or use a PLR article.

Paula Mooney

This is so right on, Spencer.

The perfect article just when I spent most of the day doing keyword research and found another great domain name that I bought with a high CPC, low competition and over 1,000 searches per month.

I know lots of content I want to write — but the link building part is the part where I wanted to know more.

I write for a few big sites with high PR that I can use to build backlinks — but I’ve also tried stuff like that I think I got too eager over and created too many backlinks with the same anchor text — so please cover anchor text variation next. Now I know to take it slower! Love it! Thanks again!


Thanks for the feedback Paula! Glad you found it useful!

[email protected]

Thanks Spencer for a lot of useful information. When I use long tail pro to check the top 10 competition for my targeting keyword, the site that rank No.1 on page 1 of Google only have 175 links to the domain and to the page, the site is with 0 PR. Other sites on No 2 and 3 etc don’t have that many links as well. I thought this is a low competition keyword.

My site has 362 links from (article marketing, social bookmarking, web 2, blog commenting) but it still stays at #130.

What do you is the reason for my sites is not moving up. What would you advice me to do with it? My site already 3 months+ old.



David, there could be many reasons for lower rankings. It could be keyword relevancy. Or maybe their titles or pages are better optimized content wise. Perhaps you built too many links too quickly. Or perhaps some of your links are spammy. There could be a number of reasons why your website ranks lower than others with less links. Its hard to say without knowing the exact situation.


My 2 cents on this situation that I’ve seen a lot of times. The reason why your site is not ranking, might be becaue this keyword already has those 2-3 sites in top..

I mean – if you;re building a site that is similar to those that are already in top, you may hit the thick wall… No matter how many links you drive.

I’ve been on both sides – like the #1 guy nobody still can beat, and the guy who chased top 10 trying to beat similar sites, and never did no matter what…

Change the concept of targeting this keyword. .. Or just move on mate, time is money.


Hey Spencer, thanks for the great article and tips. I actually went ahead and ordered Matt LaClear’s service because of your recommendation.

@Trent Dyrsmid – I’ll let ya know how it goes.

Spencer. Have you ever heard of The Keyword Academy? I’ve been using it for months now and it looks like it’s been working for me. We’ll see how it goes in the long run.

I’m so glad you’ve written an article on some other services. There are SO MANY out there. I trust your advice and will start trying some of your suggestions out. And when I do, are there some affiliate links that I can click through to give you a little credit for the suggestion? Thanks!


I’ve heard of it, but obviously I don’t need it. Glad that its working for you though. Yes, there are a ton of services and I will do my best to let you know my opiniions on the ones I have used.


Hi Spencer,

Thanks again for sharing this great information!

I am working on doing things similar the way you explain, so I am very excited and have my fingers crossed! 🙂

You mentioned earlier that you have around 200 websites. Can you share a little with us how your rankings are spread around these pages? In other words, app. how many rank #1, how many 1st SERP page etc. and maybe how much time it usually takes to get there?



Hmm, some sites rank well and others dont! I guess I don’t have a breakdown of where all my sites rank at the moment as you requested. I might have to look into this as a future project.


Never seen more clear explanation about link building strategies.Keep the great job on ! God bless you !


Coming through for the team again. Thanks for the effort in writing this post.

On another note, do you typically setup a static page as your homepage and place all your ads there for your niche sites? Or do you set the home page in wordpress as the posts page? It seems like the static page would be best so the ads will stay put. This way you don’t have to put in ad code into each post. If you put them into each post and it populated the homepage then you could run into Google term issues due to number of ads. A static page with ads in the main text area (wrapped), sidebar and header would be a decent start. Hmmm…

I am just thinking out loud here and have run into this with my first few niche sites.

Just thought I would ask.


Great article Spencer! I’m not too familiar with the social bookmarking sites like Digg. Do you submit an article? A link? An link with a blurb?

Also, what other social bookmarking sites do you use besides digg?


Ben – On Digg you submit a blurb and a link, some other sites are similar. Lots of social bookmarking sites just allow you to submit a link though.


Spencer, I have a question that I think hasn’t been addressed.

When submitting to ezine, digg, squidoo, article directories, etc, do you create a new account per site or do you use the same account for all of your sites?


Spencer, could you please clarify this point for me? I’m wondering if it’s necessary to create new accounts for each website we create or just use the same account for all of them.



I use the same account for all sites for the most part. However, I often hire outsourcers to do the submissions, and they will submit under their own accounts or create new ones. So, I guess sometimes they are submitted under different accounts.


Thanks Spence, just had the doubt whether the accounts could get banned or look suspicious for doing this.


Hello guys, became a treasure so great info over here…

I believe the keyword research is the main if not the only important part of make a great income on niche sites.
My top site, the only thing I did was spending $5 on fiverr (100 social bookmarking) digg, delicious,redit,etc…
This site is ranking between 4-6 spot.
Longtailpro is the key.Thanks Spencer

What about to find very low comp and very low search like 300/month and make somethig like 5-10 pages in the end would be:
5 x 300 = 1500/search
10 x 300 = 3000/search

I mean with all that you wouldn’t need spend time and money with backlinkings

Have you ever try that, Spencer???

I have around 15 sites that is going really bad, so I’ll try Spencer link strategy and see what is gonna happen

I heard great things about, xfactor on warrior forum always mentioned this article directory with very good results for links …

I’ve got some sites on top 10 but are making little money , so I will try different themes….I’ve just purchased CTR theme on warrior forum and some of the guys on there commented when they started to use CTR theme their sites start to rank better….
…And the way the ads are showing on the site using this theme ,in my opinion are amazing,is much easier for people click on the ads, I still have to give it a go.
Spencer, did you try CTR theme on your sites???
What do you think about all that above???
Do you think good themes can make your site rank better on google?



I have never tried the very low competition strategy of a niche with only 300 searches per month. I have always targeted at least 1 keyword that gets around 1k searches or more. However, I like your thoughts here. In fact, I have tried something similar with mixed results, and plan on building a new site that does something similar. Essentially I will be targeting a primary keyword that gets maybe 5k searches per month. But then I will have 100 or 200 articles written (if the site is performing well) that target long tail keywords that maybe only get 100 to 500 searches per month. In aggregate these long tail articles/keywords should bring in a significant amount of traffic.

Finally, I have never tried the CTR theme, but I’m tempted! I’m sure it gets very good CTR. I have never noticed a theme to actually improve a sites ranking; however, perhaps its possible if the old theme was not as SEO friendly for some reason. That’s my thoughts!

Chris Guthrie

I just discovered your blog today Spencer. Thank you so much. I have found more quality information here today than in the last month on other sites, including one I am paying a monthly membership for.


Can you explain what Anchor Text is? I’ve read a few things about it but are talking about links in articles not on your site like in the directories you are submitting too. I guess I am confused by it.

Thanks this site rocks


Anchor text is simply the words that are clickable in a link. You will notice that one of the links above goes to, but the anchor text (the clickable part) is Article Drip Robot. Hope that makes sense.


I’m having a lot of difficulty with backlinks. I understand the whole process, I understand the idea behind it all, however I can’t seem to get hardly any links indexed at all.
Could you maybe expand on how or where or what you would do to build relevant backlinks without spending money?
I’m certain Matts service is awesome, but I don’t really have the money to drop.
And really all I’m doing is spinning my wheels, using time trying to figure out a way to get even a few decent links when I could be adding content or new sites. You must have gone through this in the early days, Spencer.
What do I do now? 🙂


You can always do article marketing to places like ezinearticles etc for free is you write and submit the articles yourself.


This is a great post. I also find a lot of information from the comments. Great job guys.


Spencer – just read this article, and I have to admit that this is the first time I’ve read where somebody actually posted an example process for linkbuilding a website. I’ve been looking for this for awhile, and of course only the niche site guru would have it on his site 😉 Thanks!


Glad you found it useful Kelly!


I’m kind of on the same page as Jim above. In your steps, between Day 1- Day 10 it appears you’re manually submitting articles for around 25 backlinks.

But early on were you also paying for additional links?

I have a lot of keywords in competition with PR0 sites and only 5-15 Yahoo Links, but even creating 15 links at this point takes quite a bit of time. I wonder if I’m doing it wrong.

I just manually submit to social bookmarking, create free blogs, and manually submit to article directories. Something else I’m missing without paying for links? Is it necessary to buy UAW or pay for a link service?


No its not necessary to pay for link building services. But as you have experienced, its extremely time consuming. With the amount of sites I have, I would get very little done if I had to build links. Its worth the cost to me.


Hi Spencer,
Great post here. I have been using the techniques you recommend and have been seeing good results. I remember that you said once that you will purchase a second package from Matt Laclear if your site isn’t ranking after a few months. I was wondering if you use the same package (i.e. 750 blog posts) or do you get a different pacage?


Same package.


Sorry to leave another question so soon, but are you creating different accounts for all these article submissions, social bookmarking, blog creations, etc.?

For example, when you create a new niche site, do you create a new stumbleupon, ezine article, or blogger account in order to produce backlinks?

I feel like it’s going to be weird to see all this info coming back to 1 email address, but at the same time I don’t want to track 50 accounts.


Use the same account. That’s what I did to get started. Now I outsource stuff, so its done under different accounts usually. But 1 account is fine to start.


Hey Spencer, thanks for suggesting Matt LaClear’s service. It looks great and will hopefully help me rank some of the internal pages of one of my larger sites. I’ve never seen a service with so much positive feedback and that many testimonials!

On a side note, I think you and the Adsense Flippers guys should do some sort of competition/case study together. I figure most of us who read your blog also read their blog on a regular basis too. Just a thought.




Hi, Thank You for all the great information! I have a question about article submission. I’m having difficulty finding directories that do not require payment and allow anchor text links in the submission. Of the top directories, I have only found about 10 that are both free and do not have any restrictions. Can you or anyone else possible list a few that are good?



Hi Spencer. I have a big doubt that hopefully you can help me clarify. If my articles are in Spanish or Portuguese or French, will those articles be acepted in most of the famous articles sites?. I know that EZineArticles don’t accept articles in Spanish but I wonder what happens when If use services like Matt LaClear or UAW with articles in Spanish, will it work? Thanks so much for your input here.

John | Prostate Cancer

I am reading your old posts – one a day, 🙂 You really have written lots of good stuff in here. Well done!

On your link building strategies, I love it. I especially noticed that brand new domains don’t do well with tons of backlinks, especially from low quality sites. I have had such sites suffer seriously with the sandbox effect, so you are right about not building too many links immediately to a brand new domain.


Has anybody had any experience with services like Socialadr to automate the backlinking process?
Also what would consider to be an efficient strategy to creating articles for backlinking to so many sites?
I have read about spinning but never done it, or used PLR.
I used to think that backlink articles had to be optimized for the keyword. Is it possible to use a loosely related article and drop a backlink in there. That would make PLR more tempting.
I think one of my biggest problems has been to develop a process that will allow me to put up a diversifying link package for each site that is quick, efficient and affordable.
I have gone way over budget on under performing sites in the past. I need to find out if I have picked a good keyword quicker.
Cheers Spencer. Great site here


Articles do not have to be related for backlinking purposes. And yes, you can use PLR for link building.


Hi Spenser

What’s your thoughts on “Profile backlinking”? There is a package being sold on Warrior Forum where all you do is register on high PR sites and create profiles where you enter your links and anchor text. That’s it. Thre is no need to post to the forums. I’m not sure how the backlinking works here.



Hi Spenser,
You mentioned some of the tools you use are:
Article Drip Robot
Magic Article Submitter/Rewriter

Since Article Drip Robot is a desktop application how does that work into your outsourcing program? Do you have your VA run that on his desktop?

Regarding Magic Article S/R do you find that better or as good as “The Best Spinner” which seems to be mentioned so often as the best spinner out there in other blogs/forums?

I’m just starting to configure my “machine” of out sourcing and creating a lot of site per month and before I pluck down a lot of money for services software I just want to be sure that you still use and recommend the above.

BTW, I wouldn’t of mind if you had your affiliate links in those recommendations. 🙂 Thanks again so much for all your information and help. I feel I get some much out of your site I should write you a check! 🙂


Hi Spencer,

Just a quick question. I know that a site’s ranking will depend on a couple of several factors such as effective keyword research, competition, blah. But usually, how quickly does your website get to the first page of Google? You said in the above post that by Day 90 – 120, if a site is not ranking well, then it’s probably too difficult to rank for.

Two of my niche sites are currently at their 3rd week and they are sitting at page 2 of Google. So I just wanted to know how long I might need to wait until I hit Google page 1.


Chris Thomas

Why wait a week before backlinking once the content is up?

Loc Nguyen

I have use ahref service to check your backlink for You’re now having 6.8k backlink for this site. My question is at which volume of backlink that this site start ranking number 1 in Google.
The second question is that how can have that huge ammount of backlink. Are you buying additional link package or people start to refer your site as a case study

Spencer Haws

All of these links were not needed. These are the spammy links I referred to here: . The site was ranking #1 with much less links (around 1500?)

best casino online usa

Does your site have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to send you an email.
I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it develop over time.

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