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What Other Public Website Case Studies Are You Following?

What Other Public Website Case Studies Are You Following?

Perhaps like you, I love public case studies.  I really enjoy being able to read about the success of others.  So that’s the purpose of my post here today; to find MORE case studies to follow!

So in short, I am looking for YOUR response to this question: “What public case studies are you following right now?”

I simply want to know about any interesting niche website projects or other case studies that are being documented by other bloggers right now.  In addition, I think we can all help each other find a few more both interesting and motivational examples of successful sites with this little exercise.

I have been sharing my public niche site project right here (for my site  I’ve received amazing feedback and support during this case study!

But I’m not the only one sharing great content related to building and ranking websites.  Many others are doing the same.  To be honest, I don’t always “get out” much…so I only know about a few of them.

Public Projects I am Following

Here are the public case studies from other bloggers that I am aware of and following:

1. Pat Flynn at  Although he hasn’t started his Niche Site Duel 2.0 quite yet, I’m excited to see how it unfolds!  He did very well with his first niche site duel right here, and I expect great content this time around as well.  Pat has the amazing ability not only to be open and transparent, but also to motivate and inspire others.  I highly recommend following along with his project.

2. Steve Scott at  Steve is a great guy always focused on quality.  He has started a public case study called, “How to Build and Authority Internet Business“.  He has revealed the domain here, and I think he has a great looking site in a niche with a lot of potential.  Overall, this is a project that I am keeping my eye on…and I’m rooting for him!

3. Zac Johnson at  Zac started this case study a few months ago, and you can read all the posts here.  However, I haven’t seen any updates in a couple of months, so perhaps someone needs to ask him for another update :).

4. Tung Tran at  Tung is an active commenter on my blog here, and has been following some of my strategies pretty closely for developing his own Amazon niche site.  He’s already reached #1 in Google and is having some great success!  He reveals his niche site and how he got to the top of Google here.

5. Eric Gati at Eric started a public “authority” site several months ago.  He has shared the domain and the earnings each month from this project.  The is a case study still in progress, and I like to check in every once in a while and see how Eric is doing.  You can read his latest income report right here.

It’s Time for You to Share!

So, now I’ve shared 5 website case studies that are happening right now.  But I know there are SO many more going on right now.  That’s why I need your help.

In the comments below answer this question: What public case studies are you following right now?

Leave a comment with the URL of where others can follow along. (I am looking for links to the blogs discussing the project, NOT links to the niche sites).

In addition, SELF PROMOTION IS OKAY!  Yep, I said it.  If you have a public website case study happening on your blog…feel free to share it in the comments below!  This is one of the few times that I will approve URLs in your comments.

Also, please be aware that your comment may take a while to be approved, because many of these will get flagged for spam automatically.  So, be patient with me, as it may take me a day or 2 to approve some of these (because I’m traveling Boise, ID for a half marathon this weekend.  I’m hoping to set a PR.  If you are interested in seeing what my finishing time is, you can follow me on Facebook here, where I’ll post it on May 18th).

Overall, I hope to get a nice list of public case studies to give all of us some interesting weekend (and beyond) reading.  I may do an additional post in the future with a more formal list of the top projects/case studies, but for now…leave a comment!

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  1. Tung Tran

    Tung Tran

    Haha thank you Spencer for the mention. It was great because you are such a big inspiration for me.

    I’m about to write this round up post as well. We seem to have lots of same article ideas and publish schedule 😛 Just look at recent articles of both blogs, you will see.

    You should’t miss the case study of Jon Haver at .

    He don’t have a specific portal consisting all the blog posts but as the domain name speaks for itself, his blog is 100% dedicated to niche website.

    He was able to take his niche site in very touch niche “payday loan” to generate over $1000 per month. Impressive!

    • Tung Tran

      Tung Tran

      It seems that finally I’m able to beat Bradley (Domain Spoon) to become the first commenter on one of your articles lol =). Sorry Bradley 😛

      • John Gibb

        John Gibb

        hey Tung

        here’s an idea

        *** a Blog Commenting challenge

        For e.g. each month I submit 200 meaty comments (I call them premium comments)… last month I collected 81 pages worth of comments in a word document

        Yes, I save all my comments in case some get denied, so I can re-post or re-cycle elsewhere

        Is anyone interested in such a challenge? 🙂

      • Bradley (Domain Spoon)

        Bradley (Domain Spoon)

        And you also beat me in mentioning Jon’s site, Tung! Ping me on Skype sometime, buddy… you have my info.

    • Iain


      Thanks for pointing this site out to me Tung.

      I will have to have a look at it and check it out.

      I imagine that payday loans would have been extremely difficult to rank for.

      Despite that, he was able to take it to 1000$ a month is pretty awesome.


      Thanks for finally giving me the nudge I needed to check out Tung’s site. I have been meaning to for a while.

  2. Jon Haver

    Jon Haver

    Hi Spencer

    Great list and great idea. I definitely enjoy learning from other case studies.

    I have a public case study going on now for a site in the student loan niche that was started in Sep and is now making over $1,000/month…

    This site gets talked about here –

    I have a google document that tracks a few other case study sites as well I will share with you. But here are a few more great ones…

    • Quinn


      Thanks Jon and Spencer,

      Really appreciate what both of you guys do in terms of sharing the way you do things.

      I look forward to checking out some of the others you are uncovering here!


  3. John Gibb

    John Gibb

    Hey Spencer

    What an exciting time to share such an article!

    I follow Tung and Pat as well. You 3 have some of the most fascinating niche experiments in the entire blogosphere.

    Here are other guys doing similar things (in no order of importance)

    You’ll find that some aren’t updating frequently, or aren’t as transparent as others.

    I’m staring a niche experiment myself soon… building 100 mini sites (mostly in the health industry)… stay tuned. You might want to join the list and I’ll notify everybody when the series of post starts!

  4. Eric Gati | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Eric Gati | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Hey Spencer,

    Thanks a lot for the mention here, I really appreciate it.

    Just a side note – you have my last name wrong. 🙂

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Whoops! I actually know another Eric and his last name slipped out…fixed 🙂

  5. Charles


    I’ve seen a few of these case studies,, the majority of them are boring. However, I’m definitely watchful for Niche Site Duel 2.0 and updates on yours as well. 🙂 (smiley for enlivenment).

    • Alex McDonald

      Alex McDonald

      I’ve read a few of the mentioned studies and found them far from boring, the information provided in case studies is amazing to me. Though I can appreciate how the presentation of the information could make one or two more compelling.

      Out of interest, and probably to the benefit of the bloggers mentioned, what would you like to see added in a case study to make it more exciting for you?

      • Charles


        Some of the case studies are just not interesting. Spencer’s is, I’m sure Pat’s will be too because his first case study was (and still is). I prefer case studies that focus on building conventional niche sites, not so-called authority sites that don’t target a primary keyword from the outset. I also don’t like case studies when the niche site involved is based on a highly competitive keyword. Catch my drift?

        • Tipjar


          I always get a good laugh when I see an “authority site” case study where they don’t focus on a particular keyword, and the site ends up making them pennies a month.

        • Charles


          Yeah, me too. It takes tremendous work and dedication to achieve success with such sites. It’s like starting an entirely new enterprise. Niche sites with a primary and low competition keyword on the other hand is the opposite, so success is almost guaranteed if done right. Niche site duel 1.0, Spencer’s case study, and Tung Tran’s case study all speak volumes.

        • Jon Haver

          Jon Haver

          Charles, Tipjar –

          I have to jump to the defense of these sites (yes I am biased)… for someone wanting to build a larger content driven “authority” site in a competitive niche tracking rank is not as important as tracking traffic(Neil Patel no longer tracks SERP). For smaller sites then tracking rank is more significant. Also, I enjoy reading about all case studies successful or not, there are lessons to be learned.

          But everyone has their own business model online and if will like case studies more that are similar to theirs. Is there anything actionable that would make the “authority” site case studies more enjoyable/useful for you?

        • Charles


          Nope. I’m not interested in building authority sites or authority site case studies. I’d rather stick to niche sites, just like Spencer does. That said, there is always scope for expansion into an authority site if a niche site proves to be stupendously profitable or shows the potential. So…

        • Spencer Haws

          Spencer Haws

          For the record, I also own a couple of “authority sites”. Both are great models.

  6. Paul Hill

    Paul Hill

    Hi Spencer,

    I have mainly been following Pat Flynn’s work along with your own challenge (I sent you the banner design for the survival knife site 😉

    Currently working in my own challenge at – early days but I will be trying to emulate your success but with an emphasis on doing everything yourself with no outsourcing whatsoever…

    Big fan of your work and love the podcast!

    Paul H

  7. Nick LeRoy

    Nick LeRoy

    In addition to my public adsense niche experiment I just launched my first amazon affiliate niche site with the goal of being able to be 100% transparent. Very similar reasoning to yours Spencer.

    For those that want to follow along, check out

  8. Nicolas


    No self promotion to do here, just wanted to say good luck for the half-marathon!

  9. Bing


    Hi Spencer,you have provided really useful information!!!many thanks!
    i know a person who are updating her program on her own
    forum,but it is bad that she writes in chinese,in china
    there are also many amazon affiliate, and ,i am a chinese
    too,i leave the URL on website

  10. Thomas


    Hi Spencer,

    I’m with you, I love those case studies as well. I am following all of the ones you mentioned as well as conducting my own Passive Income Case Study at

    As always, I love the site and the blog, keep it up.

  11. Bradley (Domain Spoon)

    Bradley (Domain Spoon)

    I like Jon Haver’s, where he builds an “authority style” site in what I would consider a VERY competitive niche. The part I really like is that he monetizes the site with CPA, which is something I don’t see many marketers doing in their public case studies. On top of that, Jon is a super nice guy with a lot of knowledge to offer.

  12. Adam Roseland

    Adam Roseland

    Ugh… my to do list is jamming up. I actually started my site with the intention of doing this exactly, but quickly realized that the best thing to do was to lay the foundation with a niche site guide for the readers first, which I am mid way through. Once completed, I will be doing a series of niche site case studies. Should start in a couple weeks, so please circle back to in June, or sooner if you want to comment on my niche site guide.

    Good luck in Boise, hope you set that PR!!


  13. Darnell Jackson

    Darnell Jackson

    I’m In.
    Its all about how to build valuable relationships.

    I am reinstalling wordpress today.

    Your knife niche site and Pat’s site duel 2 provided the inspiration.

    Thanks man

  14. Ashley


    I am already excited for niche site project 2 along with reading along to tung tran’s case study which is in depth but to the point at the same time.

    I definetly think amazon niche sites are the way to go probaly because I have no adsense.

  15. My Money Design

    My Money Design


    Your Niche Site Project has been a tremendous help for me and my efforts to build my own niche site:

    Although it has not been quite the success your site was, I do feel as though I have learned a TON about SEO and website development. My follow-along has been documented in this series:

    P.S. Throughout the series there have been a number of references to your posts. Please keep up the good work!

  16. Benji


    Hey Spencer,

    I started a public niche case study last week in anticipation of Pat Flynn’s niche site duel 2.0.

    You can find the first post of the series at:

    This will be the second niche site I’ve built…my current one (which I didn’t have a case study for unfortunately)…is doing quite well despite not being at #1 on Google yet.

  17. Brian


    I’ve created a website that aggregates a lot of these similar sites – Online Biz List. I will certainly update the blogs that I pull from on these suggestions here. I created this for personal use at first, but figured it would benefit more people if I made it front facing. All the best to those in building their sites.

  18. ryan


    WOW This is just great Spencer . Thank you for this great post . I really appreciate your efforts .
    Btw , I just launched to niche sites . I hope i’ll be able to see some light .
    I just don’t know how to thank you enough .
    You always inspire me .

    Thank you so much . Keep em coming , You Are The Man

  19. Hasan


    I’m also follow PAT’s Niche Site Duel 🙂 But don’t ever tried to follow others 🙁 Need to folloe others also.


  20. Sibo


    Great article, Spencer. Now I have more examples to follow. I am only 10 days into my niche project, but I am pumped every single day!

    Thank you for all the great information!

  21. kiem tien

    kiem tien

    Usefull list, i love case study as it is much more worthy than boring tatics

  22. Buddy Show

    Buddy Show

    Hi Spencer,
    Other than yours and Pat’s, Alex over at Source Wave and Glenn over at ViperChill are on my short list. Thanks to everyone for more distractions! I’ll have to check out at least a couple of these.

  23. Jeff Coleman

    Jeff Coleman

    Thanks for the post…….a few of these like the case study at BloggingTips and CloudLivingJourney I hadn’t heard about before.

  24. Kevin Muldoon

    Kevin Muldoon

    This is a topic I have been thinking about a lot recently. I’m unsure as to whether I should share income reports etc online.

    I am relaunching a website this week (hopefully) and I plan on sharing my progress with others. The question is: Should I share income with others too? I don’t think it’s a niche that other people will go out and copy me, so that is not something I am concerned about.

    Perhaps sharing all my progress with the site will give me a kick up the ass to ensure I work hard at it 🙂


    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Kevin: People like income reports, and it would definitely keep you motivated. But its a decision everyone has to make…

  25. Arwin Adriano

    Arwin Adriano

    Here is the list I am following. I think they doing insane of good job.

  26. Adrian Abrate

    Adrian Abrate

    Great list Spencer and thank you for putting it together.

    I’ve gotten together with 2 other marketers 3 weeks ago and started an Amazon niche site build challenge. I just made my first sale after day 16 which is a great sign.

    The blogs are:

    We’re also documenting things in a thread on the WF: (it’s a long link)

  27. Ugo


    Nice one here Niche Spencer (for the life of me, I don’t know why I keep mistaking your name for “Niche” Spencer :)).

    We all love case studies, and I think having up a post like this will expose myself and the rest of the readers to the very best of the case studies that are out there.

    Sitting back in my chair and refreshing the comments to pen down the next best case studies rolling in.

    By the way, what I have been following is Tung Tran’s niche documentation – nice stuff to see him making money from a 1000 exact match keyword.

    Thanks for the post once again!

  28. Tuan


    Hi Spencer,
    I wrote a post on building niche site and the LongTailPro tool is featured there. Check it out at
    Although my niche site could sell just around $100/month, this is still by far the best niche site I’ve ever built.

    • wrong


      hey Tuan,

      you have shown wrong information and you are doing broad instead of exact searches

      • Tuan


        Could you explain further what I did wrong?
        I had a case study there and get the keyword from LongTailPro. Do you think it is still a broad keyword?
        @Spencer: I am looking for your opinion on the keyword I chose. Everything is good according to the tool.

  29. maxime sincerny

    maxime sincerny

    Should i got after a keyword if in google trends 100% of it’s searches come from 1 city only in this case in île-de-france(it is a french term, but it should come from other countries and other cities too.)

    Is it just a bug in google trends?

    Should i go after this keyword?

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      If its truly from only one city, I would probably avoid. Perhaps additional research is required.

  30. John


    Backlinks still work effectively and will not be dropped as a ranking factor for years to come.
    Google deindexes PBN’s for a reason, because they boost rankings of websites. I was analyzing serps of a keyword and noticed in the top 10 that a site is only ranking with 25 referring domains that was only built last month. The referring domains are of high authority and quality.

    Look at this:

    Why would google penalize SPRINT? Because people have the freedom of posting links on that page and get high authority backlinks to their spammy sites.

  31. Steve


    Thanks for the mention Spencer. Glad to see all these case studies out there as well. I’m using yours and Pat’s site as a good template for starting my authority site — especially the SEO, “white hat” linking stuff.

    Congrats on your time for the half! What’s your next race?

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Thanks Steve! I’m running the Ragnar Relay (Wasatch Back) in June – a 200 mile relay with a team of 12…should be fun!

  32. Ndy


    i just launch my niche site. its a week and some days old. the issue is i am already ranked number 7 on bing for 3600 exact matched keyword but nowhere in google
    ltp is showing 500. is this normal or am i being penalized by google? i have no amazon links yet on the site and no backlinks yet.

    • discover here

      discover here

      I think,it will take more days if the niche is so competitive.Well,If you don’t mind,share your url with us and we can find the exact issue

  33. Nancy


    Just curious – any of these public case studies done by women? If not, maybe I’ll start one!

  34. Winston


    This question is a off topic, but a bit tangent. Since we’re talking about niche sites using adsense or amazon.

    I noticed that a lot of people copied your survival knife info. Some to the point of copying paragraphs.

    What do you do when you find that a number of your posts are copied with adsense or amazon affiliate links changed and used at other sites?

    I’m quite sure there are a lot of copycats that just lift the whole post and make them their own. I’ve seen some.

    This comes to mind considering that we value unique content a lot for google rankings.

    So what happens then?

  35. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith

    Great post Spencer! I love the public case studies too. I Followed Pat’s first round and really look forward to his Niche Site 2.0. I also have been really inspired by your recent public case study.

    I am curious to see the effect that sharing the domain name with the public has on these case studies. It looks as though Pat may try to keep the domain name from us for the begining to make sure that his readers (and their traffic) don’t skew the results. Similarly it would avoid the negative linking problem that you had with your case study.

    Again thanks for the list of other public case studies. Can;t wait to check them out

  36. Chris Desatoff

    Chris Desatoff

    Well, I don’t know if this would actually qualify as a real case study, but a couple weeks ago I decided to see if I could revive my dead HubPages account. It was never hugely successful, but it was halfway to payout when the traffic just suddenly died…and stayed dead for several months.

    So I’ve been putting out some new hubs/articles and interacting with folks on there some more to see if I can get that payout.

    HubPages is just a user-generated content site — not a self-hosted blog or niche site — so I don’t know if you guys are interested, but here’s the link just in case.

  37. Chris Desatoff

    Chris Desatoff

    Hey Spencer,

    I’ve been following Tung’s new site too. Was glad to see you mention him in this post…

  38. Barak Hullman

    Barak Hullman

    I’m currently documenting my path to building multiple niche sites at

  39. Selling a 6 Month Old Niche Site for k: Tung Tran’s Success Story | Niche Pursuits

    Selling a 6 Month Old Niche Site for k: Tung Tran’s Success Story | Niche Pursuits

    […] few months ago, I shared a post about interesting case studies other than my niche site project.  One of the people I mentioned was Tung Tran from […]

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