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Buying and Selling Websites

Buying and Selling Websites

In 2014, I decided to buy 2 websites and then publicly share how I go about improving the earnings, and potentially prepare for re-sale.  One website is an SEO based based website and gets most of its earnings from Google Adsense, the other one gets most of its traffic from Pinterest and earns from Media.net primarily.

In total, I've now purchased 4 sites in 2014, and plan to buy more in the future.  I'll continue to give update posts and they will be included on this page.

Below are all the posts related to my buying and selling websites project.

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  1. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    Nice Article. You have mentioned all the things needed. Great work mate.

  2. Ruben


    Wow, great guide. will need to study this and apply to my blog.

  3. Fiona


    Great resource Spencer, I’ve been following you for years and just rediscovered your new website – great to see all your incredible resources collated just as i’m looking at exactly this topic. Many thanks

  4. Johnny


    Buying a website is a risky job especially if the investment is big. My first experience was a big fail. So after some time spent on Flippa I found out about a site called Safe Site Buying which I heard that was created by super sellers from flippa and got a coupon code “ssb20” which was supposed to give me a huge 25% discount. This deal looked pretty good to me so I tried it. They provided me with a full report, 20 pages long and with their own subjective opinion. They were very helpful. When you want to spend more than $2-3000 on a website this service is a must if you ask me.

  5. Charles


    Great post! I am trying to learn more about this subject and this article gave me a lot of insight so keep up the good work!

  6. Jamil


    I want to sell my niche site very cheap price how can I sell it?

  7. Suresh



    How is the EmpireFlippers? I’m planning to sell few of my online properties there. Do they have the private listing like flippa does?


    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      I like EmpireFlippers. The domains are always private.

  8. Vasil


    I’d like your blog. Its very handy and helpful
    But can you help me with my site? I am a newbie for link building and only launch my site. I read your blog, but its a little bit difficult to get visitors to my new site

  9. sap abap tutorial

    sap abap tutorial

    Very interesting . I enjoyed reading it. Thank you!

  10. Barrett


    What if the website you want to buy has a lot of spammy backlinks? Does that ruin your Google search ranking even if you delete them?

  11. Rahul Yadav

    Rahul Yadav

    Thanks for sharing amazing info.

  12. Michael


    Yes, people can actually make a living out of buying and selling websites and domain name. Domain name is actually easier, since you don’t need to design a website page or write contents. Just buy a good domain and leave it for like 1-3 years, then sell.


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