Reviving and Monetizing a Dead Email List!

By Spencer Haws |

Currently, I have an email list of exactly 21,924 subscribers in the deals/”mom” space.  I currently make exactly $0/month from this email list.

I haven’t emailed this list in about a year.

So, while I’m starting with nearly 22,000 subscribers, I’m starting with no revenue and no idea if anyone will even open our emails after such a long time.

The email list is dead.


I hope to start making $1k to $2k a month by the end of the 90 days.  With an email list the size of 22k, I would usually think I could make more.

However, I know the subscribers likely won’t be opening at a high rate and I also know the value in the “deals” space isn’t very high per subscriber.  If I end up making more than $2k/month I would be ecstatic.


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But who knows, maybe I’ll really find something that works well and I’m able to grow the email list significantly.

You can read the initial introduction to this project right here.

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You can read all other posts associated with the project as they come out below!  Just scroll down to see this…


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