Authority Site Project

By Spencer Haws |

The authority site project is all about building one site into a massive property that hopefully will someday earn many thousands of dollars each month.  This is very different than the focus of building a small niche site until it makes a few hundred dollars a month and then moving on to another site.

If you have been following the story of Perrin and I, you will now that we have been building sites together for about a year and a half now. We went through the Niche Site Project 2 and shared how to build a niche site from the ground up.

Then when I hired Perrin at the beginning of this year, we kept building out more niche sites on our own.  However, due to the fact that it becomes increasingly difficult to build and manage a large portfolio of sites and truly give them the love and attention that they deserve; we decided to focus on just one site.

In fact, it was in June of 2014 that we decided we would no longer build out any additional small niche sites.  And in July we starting building our authority site.

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Our decision to move away from quicker small niche sites to a longer term business was validated last month when many of our small niche sites were hit with the PBN penalty.  This was extremely painful because many of our sites tanked in Google; including (the site from Niche Site Project 2).

However, it also gave us the confidence that the shift in our business was a smart one.  So, the Authority Site Project is all about sharing everything we are doing to build out our new authority site.  We’ll be sharing the tactics and tools we use, the lessons learned, the earnings, and perhaps someday even the domain name. :)

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Hi Spencer, you have an amazing site. Your content is both comprehensive and clear. Thank you for all the advice you have shared to date, it has been invaluable to me as I begin my journey into the world of online business. I have a question in relation to authority sites – do you have a certain number of keywords you seek to target initially?

Spencer Haws

Not really. Just target one keyword per article. However, many articles you get to will be how many keywords you are targeting.


Thanks Spencer

Jordan Alexo

Hi there, really great information you have over here. I been watching nearly every single video and reading your past niche website projects. I am wondering if that information is still valid. I mean, are you still able to make smaller niche websites and rank them well?

Or the name of the game now in days is to focus more in Authority websites. Where you basically write tones of content etc… ?

Spencer Haws

You can still do well with narrowly focused niche sites; but it does tend to take longer to rank in Google these days.


I find you website very useful.
I’m going to take a lot fo advices that you are testing in your sites to apply to my actual sites.

Again, thanks for sharing the info.

Amit Singh

Sir, Iwas reading your articles on niche sites from 2 to 3 days and I learnt a lot. I have decided to start my own niche site.
But I have a question related some SEO techniques.
1. If I write some articles and get a backlink from there,then, whether I have to point those links to my root domain or to point it to my post.
2. If I will point it to my root domain, then what about my other post? If I will get rank in google front page for my site then what my posts will also get higher ranking in google.

Please help me out, I have a confusion related to this.. Reply asap

Spencer Haws

1. To the post is fine.
2. see #1 🙂

Amit Singh

What is this see #1?

That means sir I have write articles, web2 and other backlink strategies for every single post

Mahbub Osmane

Inspired! a lot, Thanks for posting it, Can you write an exclusive post about link Building which will work up to 2016 @ least. Thanks in advance.

Spencer Haws

I’m sure I’ll tackle the subject. Always seems to be a hot topic 🙂


Hi Spencer,

Any course you recommend to learn about how to create a successful niche site?

Thank you

Spencer Haws

Bhuboy Villanueva

hi, I learned about your site when I was listening to authority hacker podcast, will start listening too with your podcast. I am also building my niche site, just started it out and will read all your post here, and see how I can apply them in my niche site. Thanks for this

Shafi Khan

Hey Spencer,

I’m already in love with your site and visit it every day to learn more about niche site marketing. Thanks for creating this awesome resource!


Its reallly great article , Thanks alot to help us sir, can i generate automatic directory submition


Hi, Spencer. Can I know the name of your sites for niche site project? I’m a newbie and want to see the real examples. Thank you, Spencer!