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I created Long Tail Pro in 2011 because I was unhappy with the existing keyword research tools on the market.

I am not a programmer and a had never run a software business before.  However, I knew that I could create a better product than existing options because I was so heavily involved in performing keyword research for my own sites on a daily basis.

I learned so many lessons and it wasn't a smooth process; however, today I now own a very successful software company.  Long Tail Pro continues to grow and I see much more market potential.

While I don't share all the income numbers from Long Tail Pro, I do give an insight into the business and a few income highlights.

Find all the posts related to the actual business of Long Tail Pro below.  See my review of Long Tail Pro here.

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Minh Hoang

I am using the trail version of Long tail Pro. I just love the easy-using design and how fast it generate keywords comparing with Market Samurai. I was planning to purchase the platinum one time payment. However, there are some things that hesitated me from doing so. That the price of the Market Samurai is $149 vs $397 Long Tail Platinum. And Market Samurai offers you to check how many back-links to your site and some extra features such as Find Content and some others that may be I don’t use (but extra stuffs why not). However, I am really like how easy to use Long Tail Pro. So I am wondering if you can explain for me more about the competitive advantages of Long Tail Platinum over Market Samurai so I can be more confident about my decision. Thank you and looking forward to hear from you guys!!

Spencer Haws

Market Samurai does not have a couple of big features that Long Tail Platinum has. Long Tail Platinum has a keyword competitiveness feature that tells you in one number between 1 and 100 how difficult it would be to rank in Google for any particular keyword. Market Samurai doesn’t have that.

Hope that helps,

Edward Morris

Interesting tool, but I have enough Google’s services like Google keywords planner or Ubersuggest for long tail research and tool like Serpstat for grouping of most frequent keywords and use them for seo.


Hi Spencer,

I’ve owed the LTP (platinum) for about a year now and use it just about daily. Last week, I bought the trial version of the lastest Keyword Canine and have dabbled with their keyword research ability.

I’m curious if you can explain the difference in how they compute the keyword difficulty and how you do it.

I lean towards LTP’s but I have to admit that on a few keywords that I’ve had problems with (that LTP had low difficulty ratings for), Keyword Canine shows them as higher and that seems to reflect my experience. I’d say maybe 75/25 with LTP being more accurate 75% of the time. I also own Market Samurai (hey, it was my very first purchase) so now I’m comparing difficulties between the three of them just as a test. So far, my results have only served to confuse me more. 🙂

I’m happy to give the actual keywords I’m looking at and then maybe a comparison of how LTP ranks them compared to KC would be helpful…?

Oh, I also own and use SpyFu but their list of keywords (web based…right?) isn’t up to par with LTP.

Anyway, long story short (too late?) I’m curious if you can offer some insights into the differences as well as the pros/cons of those differences that a couple of the more popular keyword tools use.

Thanks…and thanks again for fielding an incredibly useful product!!

Spencer Haws

I don’t know Keyword Canine’s formula for calculating competitiveness. I only know that at Long Tail Pro we strive to have the best formula possible. So, I can’t compare the 2.

Barb Friedberg

I’m in a really competitive niche and had a tough time ranking for investing and finance related long tail keywords. My current site is 5 years and my newer roboadvisorpros site is a couple of months old. Any hints for competitive niches?

Ncert books

Excellent tutorial. I am going to download LTP now and tray to find some good keywords for my site,


I have been away from working online for a couple of years due to some health issues.
However, I had LongTail Pro for quite a while before I got sick and it helped me tremendously. I am 64 years old but when I started online in 2010 I had never even used a computer before!

While I was caring for someone at home I started reading everything I could get my hands on about building site with WordPress, internet marketing, and SEO once I realized I needed traffic for any of my work to matter.

I found NichePursuits way back but I cannot remember the year? Anyway, I was emailing Spencer quite a bit back then probably getting on his nerves but he was always nice to me, and helpful.

LongTail Pro was like a gift from heaven to me because I was flying blind anyway most of the time.
I really didn’t know what I was doing because most of it was usually my first time?

In 2012 I remember seeing my first sales trickling in. Honestly, I was amazed and extremely happy!
I made over 13 grand that summer.

Spencer is not only a great guy, but he truly knows his stuff! I am getting ready to quite the membership site I have been involved with because I thought they knew more then they do.

I’m going to follow Spencer and get LongTail Pro again next week when my Social Security check hits the bank.

Thanks Spencer, and I am sure we will talk again in the near future!


Spencer Haws

Thanks David!