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By Spencer Haws |

In early 2015, I started selling physical products through Amazon FBA.  What started out as simply seeing if I could do it and throwing a product up for sale…has now turned into a lucrative business that I’m expanding rapidly.

Selling physical products has a learning curve that ranges from how to find great products to sell, to sourcing and manufacturing products, to logistics, to actually creating a great listing and selling.  I’ve always felt like the best way of learning is seeing what other people are doing that is successful and then jumping in as soon as you are ready and learn more as you go.

I’ve learned a TON since I started selling products on Amazon in early 2015.  As of writing this project description, I have 9 products up for sale with about 5 more in the works.  In addition, I have some ambitious goals to scale to several more products in the very near future.


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Below, you will find all the posts I’ve written or podcasts I’ve done that are related to selling physical products through Amazon FBA.

Hopefully you will find some value in what I’ve learned along the way and you can apply some of these tactics in your own business!

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