What’s Up with the Authority Site? Combined Income Report for February and March!

By Spencer Haws |

Perrin and I have been working quite a bit lately on our Authority Site Project.  I’ve also been enjoying a lot of brownies and cookies lately…but that’s a different story.

I don’t share the income from most of my business (you can see all that I’m involved with in my last post); however, the one area of my business that I have been sharing the income for is the authority project.

I missed posting the income report for February, so today’s report will include both February and March.

To be honest, I was hoping to show an increase in income, but that hasn’t happened.  We had a smashing success with our first book, and we had assumed that we would be able to achieve similar success with subsequent books, but that simply has not happened.

Today, I’m not only going to discuss the actual earnings of the site, but what we plan to do differently to turn around the downward trend in earnings.  I will also discuss my decision as to whether or not I will be revealing my site. (I asked for your opinion in my last post).

Let’s jump into it.

Income for February and March

I want to throw the numbers out here first thing, so that we can discuss things the rest of the post.

Here’s the overall stats and earnings of the site:


Combined February and March Earnings: $1,854.68

This is both Kindle earnings and Adsense earnings for the months of February and March.

February Earnings: $899.08

March Earnings: $955.60

As you can see, we continue to sell nearly $1,000 worth of Kindle books on Amazon each month; however, this is much less than January and December.

I’m unhappy with the downward trend.

However, before I dive into reasons for the lower earnings and strategy, let’s take a look at a couple of screenshots.

First, here’s a screenshot of the Kindle sales for March, just in case you enjoy the visual stats that this represents:


Promotion on Amazon Brazil

The huge spike in sales that you see on March 5th was due to a promotion that Amazon Brazil did for our book.  The promotion was done at a $0.99 promotion, so most of the sales you see there are worth about $0.35 to us.

I was contacted by Amazon Brazil out of the blue (I didn’t do anything to get their attention) and they asked if I was okay if they highlighted our book at a discount.  Of course I said yes, and the above spike in sales was the result.  Pretty cool!

Here’s a look at the traffic stats to the site:


As you can see, the site averaged about 215 sessions per day for the month of March.  While this is a good start in traffic, you can see from previous months (in the chart above) that the traffic has not increased significantly since December.

What’s Going On? Negative Reviews…

While I’m happy that the site is earning real money, I expect so much more from the site.  I don’t think I’ll be satisfied unless we can get the site to $10,000 per month in revenue.  That’s the goal.

Here’s a quick recap on the site and why it hasn’t been steadily increasing in traffic and earnings like I had hoped.

First, we did a stellar job with our first book and it was earning $100 a day for a while there.  However, we hired a different author for our next 2 books, and they flopped.

Part of the reason for the flop was poor topic choice, but the bigger reason I believe was the lower quality of the books.  These 2 books were slammed with a few negative reviews early on, and that just killed the sales.  Once you get some negative reviews on your books, it’s hard to overcome them.

Unfortunately, our first book, (that I feel IS high quality), was also hit with a couple of negative reviews.  These negative reviews also took that book from a bestseller, to a not so hot seller.  I believe that the 2 negative reviews on this book are “fake” reviews.

They don’t really address concerns in the book, and at least one of them was written by someone that only reviewed our book.  You can never know 100% which reviews are fake or not, but there were certainly a few signs that the negative reviews on our first book were not “real” reviews.

The negative reviews on books 2 and 3 were real, and unfortunately were probably deserved.

As a result, we went back to Perrin writing book 4, and I’m happy to say that the quality is excellent again!  Book 4 has received nothing but positive reviews and I still believe it has a chance to sell well.

Book 4 is currently selling just okay, mostly because the timing of our launch strategy didn’t quite work as well as before.  We just didn’t get our book listed on some promotional sites in time and other timing factors just caused it to have an average launch.

However, we will be trying a few things in the next couple of weeks and hope that will jumpstart more sales for Book 4.

In addition, Book 5 is nearly completed and gives us another opportunity to bring in more sales.

Overall, we are still learning as we go with writing Kindle books, but I think we are getting closer to finding a “formula” that works for us more consistently.

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Email Subscribers and Google Traffic

In the meantime, we are still building an audience and getting more and more email subscribers to our list.  All of our books have opt in forms, and of course our website itself is helping to build the email list everyday.

We currently have about 625 subscribers on our email list, and I think we may come close to doubling that in April.  We made some tweaks to the opt-in forms on our website to give more opportunities for people to opt-in, and the early results are very promising.

We’ve been using Thrive Leads to make this process easier for us.  Thrive has built-in A/B testing, AND has just about every possible type of lead form you can think of: pop-ups, exit pops, widgets, headline bars, content upgrades, slide-ups, and more.

I know.  We should have done more to increase our opt-ins sooner; however, I really think things are moving in the right direction now.

Google News…

Another big reason that we haven’t seen a higher increase in traffic is due to the fact that we focused so much on Google News traffic for the past few months.  We saw some early spikes in traffic with a couple of our Google News articles, and we thought we could replicate that on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the Google News traffic has not really panned out for us.  We tried writing more daily articles.  We tried different topics.  We tried keyword focused articles for news pieces.  We tried both longer and shorter articles.  However, we could just never get consistent traffic from Google News.

Here’s a look at the traffic from Google news over the past 2 months:


As a result, I’ve made the decision to focus more on what I know and what is still bringing in more of the traffic to our site: Organic Traffic from Google.

Again, I know.  We should have just stayed with what we knew all along…but the “shiny object” of Google News traffic got us started down a path that just hasn’t panned out as well as we’d hoped.

We’ve done some additional keyword research and now have a better content plan moving forward.  The process is long, but over the next couple of months we should start seeing more search engine traffic as our new articles get picked up.

The Decision. Reveal the Site?

Like Lebron James, I have a decision to make.  Unfortunately, nobody in Miami (or Cleveland) wants my basketball talents…and nobody from ESPN wants to interview me about this decision.  However, I DO have a decision to make regarding my authority site.

Last week, I posed the question; “Should I reveal the URL of my Authority Site?”  I got lots of responses in the comments section.

Many of you had good reasons for why I should reveal the site; and many of you had good reasons why I should NOT reveal the site.

The primary reason given for revealing the site would be to give people an example that they could see, visit, and try to glean strategies from for their own site.  I see alot of value in having a live example of a site that is working.

The primary reason given for NOT revealing the site was that it takes away from the true case study value of the project.  If I reveal the site, readers from will visit the site, link to the site, and probably even buy the books.  The waters become muddied as to whether the success of the site was “natural” or whether it was really just due to the fact that I have a popular blog.

After reading all your comments and doing lots of thinking…I’ve come to my decision!

I will NOT be revealing the URL to my authority site.

I want the site to do well on it’s own…without the influence of  Not only will this prove that a site can be built from scratch; but will hopefully inspire those without any influence or following that they can do the same.

So, for the now, the site will remain hidden and I will continue to share these updates without revealing the URL.  IF the site reaches the goal of $10,000 per month in earnings, I will take a second look at that decision. (If Lebron can go back on his decision, then so can I).

If I can build the site to that size, I think it might be valuable at that point to talk about it openly.  I’m not saying I WILL do this, I’m just saying I will consider that as an option once we get to that earnings level.

Quality Books

In addition to some of the changes to our site mentioned previously, we will also be focusing more on producing quality books.  The best way to avoid negative reviews is to simply make sure there is no reason your book should be getting those negative reviews.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable (if a competitor decides to buy negative reviews); however, for the most part, you control your own fate with reviews.

I think 2 out of our current 4 books are sufficient quality.  However, any new books we do will be even more in-depth, longer, and I’ll be more liberal with the editing hammer.  The only way to get top notch results is to produce top notch books.

Finally, since our list is finally starting to grow a bit, we will be gathering a “street team” of reviewers that will be happy to download and review our books as they come out.  These initial reviews will help propel the sales on Amazon.

Your Thoughts

Overall, we have been putting quite a bit of effort into our authority site and kindle books.  This post doesn’t really do justice to everything that goes on behind the scenes.  However, this gives you a quick look at how the site is coming along and what our plans are for the future.

I’m disappointed that the site isn’t earning more.  However, it IS earning close to $1,000 per month and that’s a decent start.  We are definitely not profitable yet, but I believe the potential is there if we simply keep plugging away and continuously improve.

Whether or not you like my decision to keep the site private, I hope you will continue to follow along as there are plenty of lessons to be learned here.  I’ll continue to teach what I learn along the way and hopefully some of my tips can help your own sites succeed.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.  Are you happy that I’m keeping the site private?  Do you have any questions about something I discussed?  Or perhaps you have questions about something I didn’t discuss.  Either way, let me know in the comments section below.

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Yaro Park

Hey Spencer,
Have you guys build any backlinks in last 2 months? Like:
Outreaching people, social, manual link building?
And what about social channels? Any traffic and social account developing?


Spencer Haws

Yes, we’ve been doing outreach, reaching out on social media, etc. We haven’t been real active (outside of direct outreach) on social media, but we plan to change that a bit. We get new, natural links, pretty much daily to our site.

Philip Kleudgen

Great update Spencer, thanks for that!

It’s really helpful to follow along this site and I totally understand why you won’t reveal it to public. I’m still in the process of building my blog through outreach and content marketing and just released my first Udemy course (about on-page optimization for viral traffic) as a monetization strategy.

I only can say I’d be happy to achieve your traffic& earning levels.

So congrats on your progress and I’m sure the trend is going upwards!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Philip!


You say you’re not profitable with revenues of $1k per month. What kind of expenses are you running?

Spencer Haws

The expenses are mostly the time that Perrin and I put into the site. We do pay an author on a regular basis for some of the content on the site as well.

Alvaro Martinez

Hello Spencer,

I have been following your site and case studies and I am pretty amazed of everything that you have done. I am doing some keyword research at the moment for a niche site. And I wanted to ask some questions if someone could answer.

I found a very low KC (18) on my keyword, on a niche that allows me to write about basically anything I want within the niche. However, when I check the competition sites, I see about 4 e-commerce sites, and the others are basically forums or other types of info sites, and also 2 bulk purchasing sites. Would this be considered a keyword I can beat using the skills I have learned here?

I think I could rank, but the e-commerce sites (which aren’t amazon) are misleading me a little.

Thanks in advance

Spencer Haws

Its hard to say without seeing the keyword. However, it sounds like you could still rank. The forums and other info sites are particularly encouraging to see. A few ecommerce sites shouldn’t deter you…only if 8 to 10 of first page is ecommerce does it get less encouraging.


Hey Spencer, nice to get an update from you guys!

Don’t be disheartened – work on using those negative reviews to make the ebooks that aren’t doing well even better. It’s a development cycle of constant improvements.

Agree with the comment above that it’s completely understandable to not reveal the URL – too many scumbags out there unfortunately who revel in making mischief.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Steve!

George Meszaros

Thank you for the transparency. It is great that you share the good, bad, and ugly. I think it’s important for people to see that revenue moves up and down.


Hey guys not sure if i missed this, but have you provided the broad niche for the authority site?

Spencer Haws

We have mentioned it in a podcast before (maybe a post?). The “broad” niche is Education. I don’t want to get any more specific than that.


Really good to see how things are going for you. I too have been experimenting with Kindle publishing so it’s always interesting to see how others are doing.

Quick question: how much content have you added to your site to achieve these traffic levels? Could you estimate the number of posts & average content length?

Spencer Haws

Richard, we have over 300 posts. But MANY of these are google news posts that are only 300 to 500 words. We have longer “SEO” articles that are anywhere from 1500 to 3000 words.

Damon Zahariades


Great case study so far. In my opinion, the stumble in earnings, whether due to your focus on Google News or the negative reviews, gives it more credibility.

Question about books 2 and 3: what factors hurt their quality? Poor writing, lack of continuity, insufficient coverage of the material, etc.?

I’m glad you decided to withhold the URL of your site. It makes the case study data more reliable. 🙂

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the support Damon! Yep, as much as I’d like the site to skyrocket to success…it’s definitely a real case study with as many downs as ups.

The quality of the books wasn’t so much due to poor writing as due to poor coverage of the material…without any originality. The material wasn’t specific and useful enough to the reader…too general. I think the readers came away think, “so what…how do I apply this?”

Linda hart

I agree! Good decision 🙂

Spencer Haws

Thanks Linda!


Nichepursuits is an authority site. This is a great example of what works and what doesn’t.

Thanks for your post.

Spencer Haws

Yes. I agree if people want to see how I’ve built up a couple of very successful authority sites, they can look at and I don’t point that out very often, but if people followed exactly what I’ve done on those 2 sites…there is really is nothing more to building an “authority” site. Thanks Jose!


Hey Spencer,

I don’t blame you for not revealing your authority site. I don’t reveal my authority sites that discuss on my blog. The reason is simple. My non-internet marketing sites generate tens of thousands per month. There’s no reason to invite competition to something that’s working so well.

In my view anonymous screenshots are sufficient to demonstrate and teach what you’re doing. In fact, I’m always surprised bloggers in this space reveal they’re money makers. I guess I understand if the sites generate a few bucks, but sites that generate tens of thousands per month, why risk it?

In fact, when you hit $10K/mo. profit, I still wouldn’t reveal the site. At that stage you’re on the verge of creating a multi-million dollar site so why invite competition and perhaps becoming vulnerable to sabotage.

The only exception I could see in your shoes is if revealing increases Niche Pursuits profits along with Long Tail Pro sales. If that’s the case, spill the beans.

Spencer Haws

Great point Jon! I agree…even if I hit the $10k per month mark…I still may not reveal.

Brent C

Spencer vs. Lebron. I wasn’t expecting that reference in a Niche Pursuits post!

I think you made a wise choice. Showing stand alone success without leveraging your existing audience is more natural to what most of your NP audience is going through.

It’s more inspiring to me that your doing it stand alone, and helps us all realize wecan do it too.

Spencer Haws

I guess I felt like changing things up a bit 🙂

Glad you agree with my “decision”!



As much as I’d love to have a nose around your site I’m glad you’re keeping it under wraps. Doing so will give us a far better insight into how our sites can perform if we keep putting the same levels of commitment in that yourself and Perrin do.

All the best and keep sharing (but not everything!)


Spencer Haws

Thanks Dave!


Awesome work Spencer! I don’t think it should be an issue not to reveal your site. Just continue to enjoy your success.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Tom!


I agree with your decision and honestly think for the readers at NP it makes it MORE interesting, since we know the results aren’t tainted. I just hope you keep sharing your reports as usual. That said, it was super helpful that APS was revealed while that project was ongoing. As a newer person it really helped. Happy to say I’ve made my first $100 online which I honestly think is probably the hardest for a total newbie. Loving your podcasts btw, keep them coming!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Lynne! Glad you are starting to see some money come in the door…that’s great! Believe it or not, I’m planning to record another podcast episode soon 🙂

Warren is Breaking Work

Hi Spencer,

Great post as always. I completely understand your decision to not reveal your authority site. I’ve been wondering though…since this is a secret site, are you using pen names on the about page? I ask because I want to use pen names for both my future sites and Kindle books but always felt weird about it. Thanks man and keep up the good work.


Spencer Haws

Yes, using pen names is fine. That is what we do for our books.

Ngan Son

Hi Spencer, keep your site is better.


I also think that you did the right thing by not revealing your site and books.
Please, keep it this way.

Although your post is super helpful it would be interesting to get a bit more details and analysis on book quality and the process of selecting quality writers.
For example, why you guys didn’t catch what was going on with your 2nd book and fired that writer before the 3rd one?

Spencer Haws

Thanks Alex. I’ll try to cover more details as we go. We basically had books 2 and 3 written very closely together, so by the time we saw the poor market reaction (bad sales) after the second book, the 3rd book was almost completely written. So, we didn’t have a chance to fully analyze what happened between the 2nd and 3rd books.


I think that was a good decision, Spencer…both for us and for you. And I love you guys sharing your ups and downs with ebooks. I’m hoping to jump on that bandwagon this year, so I’ll be looking forward to your posts that talk about the books.

Good luck, guys. I’m rooting for ya =)

Aloha, Chris

Spencer Haws

Aloha Chris…thanks for the encouragement!


Hi Spencer,
I think you made the right decision. I love reading your blog because you tell it like it really is. I never have to wonder if anything you write is exaggerated.
Keep up the good work!

Spencer Haws

Thanks! Perhaps the drama surrounding my “decision” was a bit exaggerated…but I always keep the numbers real 🙂

Keith Coppuck

Spencer and Perrin,

as always great work and soon pleased you didn’t reveal the site it would really skew the case study. I have been closely following your and Steve Scott’s posts and books and would be delighted to reach $1k per month. My biggest challenge has been researching “who will buy my kind of book” I have been researching blogs, forums, social media and keywords not not really identifying my customer/s. Any future posts/articles on this stage would be very much appreciated.

Keep up the amazing work!


Spencer Haws

Thanks Keith! Niche selection is so important… but with books, you can write multiple books, so each one can better target your market than the last one (if you don’t hit the nail on the head with the first). That’s a great topic for future discussion…thanks!

Rohan Bhardwaj

Hi Spencer,

Please answer following questions for me, that would be great of you.

1. How many posts per week do you post and their length for your authority site?
2. What are the type of contents like video, articles, podcasts?
3. In which social media are you advertising, if any? Or at which social media are you promoting content?

Thank you. You are awesome.

Hmmm….not a problem, I can wait till you earn enough from your site and built it to a height. That would be soon.

Do you have a link to your website from ebook or the subscription link, just wondering.

And yes, what is the adsense slot position on your authority site?

I would be so pleased and thankful for your answers and time. Take care. Stay awesome,

Spencer Haws

Hey Rohan:
We post about once per day now. They are primarily content articles (no videos/podcasts, etc). We have FB and Twitter accounts, but haven’t done too much work there. We DID try facebook advertising, but it didn’t work out well (conversions to email list were too high). We may come back to it in the future.

Yes, we link to our ebooks from our site.

Quinton Hamp

I think the decision not to reveal is the correct one. Kudos.

When you started the site did you preplan and keyword research a lot of content using criteria (ie “LTP score less than 32 and Monthly searches over 50”), or was this started on a different strategy?

Spencer Haws

We did start with a keyword research plan…but then we kinda got sidetracked with Google news. And now after a bit more research, we feel like we are targeting better keywords now (ones that will attract the right kind of audience).

Kim Shivler

Spencer, you and Perrin always provide TOP Notch content. I certainly understand not revealing the URL. Just keep up with the great info and I, for one, will be back every post!

Any new podcast episodes on the horizon? I love listening to you guys.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Kim! Yes, a new podcast episode will happen soon. We almost recorded one today, but some things came up so we couldn’t make it happen.


Hi Spencer and Perrin,

Thanks for the update and insights, as always, much appreciated. Out of the total traffic you receive to the site, i.e. 6.5K sessions, what percentage comes from organic google search?

Spencer Haws

Approximately 44% based on analytics from Feb and March.


Spencer, have you tried guest posting on other popular blogs in your subject?

Spencer Haws

No, not yet.

Mike J

Spencer, do you think negative reviews (and/or low starring) are more likely to come from free/discount copies of books or from regular priced buys? I just wonder whether some folks like to pick up books on the free offers days just for the point of blasting out poor reviews.

Spencer Haws

I’m not sure on that one, haven’t noticed a trend.


Hey Spencer,

just keep at it. I know you guys can make it happen.
I respect your decision not to reveal the URL, I would have done the same.

Don’t get discouraged by trying out Google News. While it didn’t pan out now, it doesn’t mean it won’t pan out in the future. Besides, you gained some valuable experience by doing that.

Your journey with the authority site pretty much looks like the typical entrepreneurial path to success.
Some day(and that day will come soon) you will be on someone’s podcast openly talking about this authority project. You will talk about all the things you’ve done well and all the things you’ve done not so well. It will, in the end, serve as an inspiration to other people to do their own thing.

It’s how things usually happen and I know this will work out for you and Perrin.

Good luck guys.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Stefan! I should seriously read this comment every once in a while for inspiration for this project…thanks

Eli Hood

Hey Spencer, i am currently working on a niche website, i need some advice on what to do while staying patient in ranking on google. I started this site like in the beginning of march. and i see some pages on the 4th-23rd page or some far back in the positioning. Should i keep writing articles( i have 8 articles targeting longtailkeywords)or focus on building more backlinks ?

Thanks Spencer

Spencer Haws

Honestly, I focus on content mostly. If you are going to “build” links, do it the right way. Don’t buy “link packages” or anything shady. Do outreach and get “real” links.


I enjoyed reading your article. Additionally it contains important information for a successful blog, you also spread the spirit. It is very important so that we work best. It will be an invaluable encouragement to us. Thank you.

Aksam Zarook

I’m a bit disappointing to see you made only $900 odd dollars with all your investment, seo and networking work. Makes me wonder whether its worth the effort. I’ve got about 4 sites with I made few years ago for amazon affiliate marketing. I’ve not written a single article to them for over a year now but still made me about $250 in amazon last month. in December those sites amazon earnings from affiliate links was $950.

Spencer Haws

I’m hoping to increase the earnings. However, remember that this is just one of my sites. I also have many sites like you that earn much more than $1,000 per month. I’m just reporting the income of this one site.


Are you using software to identify top Amazon reviewers for your niche, scraping their contact details, then reaching out to them with an offer of a free copy of your book(s) in exchange for an honest review? If so I’d love to know if it has helped. I just selected a tool for this and will be testing the strategy later this month or early May. (I hope this hasn’t already been asked/answered. It’s late so I just skimmed the comments.)

Spencer Haws

We have not tried to contact top reviewers yet. But I know you can use AmaSuite for that:

Parvinder Nijjar

Hi Spencer.

I would suggest you keep the authority site secret.

Adam Trainor

Hi Spencer-

Great post, really appreciate your transparency. I’m actually building an authority site with a similar monetization strategy. I’ve published my first two ebooks, and while I sell a couple of books a day, it’s nowhere near the volume you’ve described. I’m wondering if you would be able to share the keyword search volume for the books you wrote? Also, how long are your books? My first two books were on the shorter side, and I think I may have gone after too competitive/low volume keywords. I’ve got a good launch system (thanks to your great articles, and Steve Scott) and I’ve gotten my books into the #1 bestseller spot during the free launch week, but I haven’t been able to translate that free launch into post-launch sales. Appreciate your great work here!



Spencer Haws

The books are around 12,000 to 15,000 words. I’d have to double check the search volume of the keywords. Steve Scott always recommends the catalog approach, the idea being that eventually you’ll hit a homerun and that can increase sales of all your books.

Kyle McKenna

Hi Spencer,

Interesting read! As much as I’d like to know the URL of your authority site, I think you are making a wise decision to not reveal it.

I’m just getting into the whole online business thing (wish me luck!) But I think you already provide a lot of great (and extremely transparent) material from your Niche Site Projects. So, I think you are justified to not reveal this one.

In addition, I’m sure we’ll learn a lot from your experience even without the URL. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Spencer Haws

Thanks…and best of luck!


Hi Spencer

Great post just want to left you know that you can contact amazon about getting your negative reviews off. You should do that.


Great post as always. I completely understand your decision to not reveal your authority site. I’ve been wondering though…since this is a secret site, are you using pen names on the about page? Showing stand alone success without leveraging your existing audience is more natural to what most of your NP audience is going through.what factors hurt their quality? Poor writing, lack of continuity, insufficient coverage of the material, etc.?I respect your decision not to reveal the URL, I would have done the same.I’m wondering if you would be able to share the keyword search volume for the books you wrote? Also, how long are your books?

Spencer Haws

Our books are anywhere from 12,000 and 15,000 words…although our next book will likely be longer. We use pen names on the books.

The books are less about targeting keywords with high google search volume and more about targeting niches/topics specifically for amazon.

Donald W

Hey Spencer and perrin,
I’ve just been following your progress recently quietly but I wanted to ask you. On your site or the authority site have you been having to deal with these Russian spam bots constantly hitting ur analytics? I know there just ghost visits and can be filtered but are you doing anything about them or getting their visits? I only ask because I’ve been wondering about them giving 100% bounce rates and 0 seconds on site. Do you think Google is taking these onto account?

– Donald –

Spencer Haws

I haven’t noticed any russian bots hitting my sites. I’m not sure how Google would handle this.


Glad you didn’t reveal the site, it’s hard to know how reliable the case study would be if you did. Even though the earnings aren’t what they were the first month I’m sure anyone who is new to IM would be extremely pleased with these sort of earnings!


More often than not I noticed that when you reveal your money sites on websites like this at first you see a spike of traffic and earnings, but later on near-blatant copies of your website start popping up.
It might be easier to teach people about link-building, content, SEO, etc if you reveal the link to your site, but that ends up creating a huge number of competitors in your site and makes it easier for people to negative SEO you.
I think you made the right decision for now. Good luck!

Spencer Haws

Absolutely. Glad you agree!

Raghavendra Satish Peri

I always learn lot of things reading this blog….I am inspired to write more & try my own authority site project.


I see that the Adsense income is very small for February and March compared with the income of December and January last year, even if the number of sessions are about the same.
In my case, I realized that if I want to get subscribers, my adsense income goes down, so I needed to choose between adsense and selling products.

Spencer Haws

Yes, it usually a decision you have to make.


Hello Spencer, I read all of the posts of on your projects from beginning to end and I have greatly enjoyed them. They have provided a lot of value and I find myself referencing them a lot.

More recently than not, you have emphasized on the importance of great content. I whole heartedly agree with this, however, I’m just terrible at writing content. I become over analytical of what I write and start to lose mojo when my eyes start getting fuzzy and I start losing concentration. So I just have one question, do you recommend a content writing service? I know you recommended before, however, I’m not sure if you will find their services relevant for the quality of writing I assume you are going for. Freelancer, Odesk, Elance, iWriter, peopleperhour, Fiverr, services offered on internet marketing forums, or other?

I have a little money, but not enough for this much trial and error, especially with the category I plan on targeting. Thank you very much for the awesome resources and for Long tail pro, I highly enjoy using it!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Kenneth! I would try for finding writers. You can find some great authors there.

Meredith at Pure Goldfish

Personally I was hoping you’d reveal the authority site, but I guess we all need to have our SEO secrets, don’t we 😉 If you thought it would create a bloom in competition, your decision is probably for the best. Just wanted to say thank you for the very helpful posts that I always look forward too. I’m learning a lot and still have a long ways to go, but hope I can some day come close to your monthly earnings for my own niche website (and book on the way).

I really understand what you mean though about the time you have to invest into these things just not really coming close to the money you end up making. But maybe over time things get better, as you churn out great content and enjoy the money-making benefits of getting on top of your arena.


Great report Spencer! It’s really exciting to see a site grow from nothing to becoming an authority in a such a serious niche. Don’t you think the multiple opt in forms and widgets everywhere on the site are too much ? I appreciate your decision to not to reveal the site for now. But if you want to keep it a secret, you have to actually do it. Hope someone is not already started to copying it like before. All the best.

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