Niche Site Project 2 Overview

For my second Niche Site Project, I am coaching a student through the niche website building process.  Having a student ask lots of questions and sharing their progress along the way is great way to learn from a different perspective.

The goal of the project is to build a niche site that ranks in Google and is making $500/month or more after 6 months.

UPDATE: After just 4 months, the site earned over $650 in one month.  After 5 months (January 2014) the site was earning over $1,400 in one month!  We have exceeded our goal faster than expected. See the income reports below for updated earnings.

The project ended in 2015.  The site was about was making just over $2,000 a month before it was penalized due to PBN links.  I wrote about that PBN penalty here.

It was an awesome project and profitable, along with valuable lessons learned.