Welcome Back to Google Adsense!

By Spencer Haws |

I'm back in!

I have a new Google Adsense account, and I have been successfully using it for the past couple of months and I've been paid twice! So, I have no reason to believe I will have another “run in” with Google.

I have kept quiet about it on my blog up until this point, because I wanted to ensure that it stayed active.  I'm extremely happy with the results, and I want to share exactly what happened.

A few short months ago, I wrote one of the most difficult posts I have ever had to write.  The empty feeling that I had when I found out at that time that I had been banned from Google Adsense was almost overwhelming.  The news hit me like a dumptruck of bricks, and I know many of you also had the same experience or at least felt the pain I was having as well.

But today is a new day and I now have Google Adsense back on all my old sites and lots of new sites that I have created.   I'm extremely happy with the results I have seen so far!  Let me give a breakdown of the timeline of events that have taken place, and then I will share exactly how I got a new Adsense account.

What Happened?

In early April, I got the dreaded email from Google Adsense that stated in part this:

After reviewing our records, we've determined that your AdSense account
poses a risk of generating invalid activity. Because we have a
responsibility to protect our AdWords advertisers from inflated costs due
to invalid activity, we've found it necessary to disable your AdSense
account. Your outstanding balance and Google's share of the revenue will
both be fully refunded back to the affected advertisers.

Ouch.  Adsense account closed and all the money I had earned was gone.  This was no small amount either because I was not paid for everything I earned in March, and everything I had accumulated from April was also gone – these combined were well over $10,000 (I don't know the exact amount because once you are banned, you can't even log in to your account).

I started testing Adsense alternatives that I discussed here, such as Infolinks, Kontera network, Vibrant Media, and others. Some of these performed better than others, but none were ever very close to the high payouts that I was earning from Adsense.  This has all been shared previously on my blog.

However, what has not been shared is that in late April, I decided to form a NEW business entity and apply for Google Adsense with that new LLC.  I was approved in under 24 hours.  So, this new LLC of mine has had an approved Google Adsense account since late April.  I started implementing the Adsense code onto my old sites just a couple of weeks later.

I waited to publicly share this information because I wanted to be sure that I would get paid again.  I wanted to see if placing the Adsense code on my old sites (from a previously banned Google Adsense account) would also ban this new Adsense account.  This is not the case!

My new business entity has been paid twice now.  I received payment from Google at the end of June and I just received another payment a few days ago.  So, the new Adsense account is alive, active, and paying me without any issues.  This raises the mystery even a little more as to why my original Adsense account was banned.  However, I am doing a few things differently now, which I share below.

How I Got a New Adsense Account

I want to clarify how I got approved to a new Adsense account.  As I mentioned, the new Adsense account is NOT in my name – its in the name of a new legal business entity.  So, absolutely nothing is the same between my old Adsense account and this new account.  Everything is different including:

Also, to clarify; I don't believe I am doing anything against Google's Terms of Service.  Google clearly states that a business entity is allowed to have its own account – this is what I have done.  I am personally (in my own name) never able to have an Adsense account, and I don't.

All the information is different on the business account so that the sites can be judged on their own merits.  At this point, Google has approved them, paid me, and I have no reason to believe that my sites and account are not fully in compliance with all of Google's Terms of Service.

In order to apply, I created a brand new site to submit for approval to Adsense.  The new site had about 7 to 10 pages of content (all brand new), had a premium theme, and a logo.  The account and site were approved in less than 24 hours.

In the Public Eye = More Risk

I debated with several people and myself as to whether I should be sharing publicly that I'm using Google Adsense again.  I fully understand that this puts me and my business at risk.  I also am well aware that many of you out there probably think this is a REALLY bad move on my part.  But in the end, this is my business, and its my decision.

I have always tried to be open with how I do business, so I feel like this is important to share since its such a critical piece to how I operate.  So, even if this negatively affects my business, I believe the advice I share here can help many others.

Having a public blog will always put me at more risk, and I accept this.  I highly doubt anyone from Google actually reads my lowly little blog here, but there are other risks. (If they do: Hi Google Peeps!) Shady individuals copy my niche sites (I have seen blatant copying), or perhaps this raises my chances of getting clickbombed.  I don't know.  But I do know that publicly sharing this and other information opens me up to criticism, more scrutiny, and other risky side effects.

But in the end, I know this information is valuable to others, and is exactly would I would want if I was reading someone else's blog.

What I'm Doing Differently

This of course makes me wonder why my account was shut down in the first place.  However, I have changed my sites in some instances to make them less aggressive.

I was contacted by a former Google Adsense employee who explained that if your sites are generating an unusually high CTR, this could be reason for getting your account shut down.  Perhaps this was the reason for my account closure?  I will admit that when I first started building niche sites in 2008 and 2009, I was using the BlueSense theme with a VERY aggressive ad placement.

However, all my sites since that time were using more traditional themes, with very normal ad placements (as suggested by Google).  I never changed these early BlueSense theme sites, so perhaps this led to my demise?  I really don't know.

So, here is what I have done to ensure that I don't get my account shut down again.

Finally, another reason that people have gotten their Adsense accounts shut down is due to click bombing.  I am looking into the best options to help prevent clickbombing on my sites as well.  I'll share what I find as I have a chance to fully review different options.

As I've discovered, there is no good replacement for Google Adsense when it comes to small niche sites.  Google's advertising network is just so large that others really just cannot compete on the same level.

2017 Adsense Update:  I now use a free ad tester called Ezoic which makes testing different Adsense placements very simple. Click here to try it out. 

If your business model is different or if you are targeting specific keywords; then other networks or CPA offers may work better.  But for the types of keywords that I like to target, and the types of sites that I like to build – Adsense is the best advertising option.

Overall, I'm excited to be back to using Google Adsense!

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments or questions.  Do you think I made the right move applying to Adsense again?  Should I have kept this information private?  Overall, let me know if you find any of this useful.

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Chris Broholm

Hey Spencer,

What awesome news to start the week with! Congratulations on restoring your adsense earnings, this is pretty huge for you I imagine.

Good luck with it going forward, hopefully you can get up to 5 figures in no time 🙂

Spencer Haws

Thanks Chris!


Did you use the same ip address?

Spencer Haws

Definitely not.

Thomas @ Mobile App Tycoon

Congrats Spencer! I’m surprised that you put your AdSense back on all your old sites – you would think that would trigger a red flag in Google’s eyes. I’m not sure if the 80/20 rule applies to your niche sites, but assuming it does, wouldn’t it be better to just put the AdSense on just the top 20% of your sites? That way it doesn’t look as “unnatural” that all the sites on a previously banned account just had AdSense put back on them. I suppose though that if you get banned again you could just start another LLC – don’t wanna jinx you though 😉 Best of luck!


Spencer Haws

I started the first month or so with just my top sites. Then I added more with time as I got paid. Call me risky, but I went ahead and added back all my sites.


Pls clarify one thing – Do we need a bank account in business name. In UK the GA account needs the bank account information for payment.


Financial Samurai

This is pretty awesome. Get banned, apply for a new account with a new business game, put on all sites, and repeat!


Congratulations Spencer! This is very good news. But if i may ask, what do you mean by “aggressive ad placement” ? does that mean just putting ads above the fold only or does that imply other practices?
Congratulations again and good luck with your new account.

Spencer Haws

Yes, it means primarily ads above the fold. Some of my sites would have a large rectangle just below the title WITHOUT the text wrapping. So all users would see was ads essentially. Now all the text wraps, so there is plenty of text above the fold.


Spencer, great to see you back !!

Joe Magnotti | AdSense Flippers

Welcome back Spencer, now be extra careful with this account!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Joe 🙂

Brian Johnson

Congratulations Spencer for your new account and I wish you could return back to your earnings. I’m with the idea of changing the ads using trial and error to get the best ad placement for maximum revenues.

Miftah Da Silva

Just wanna say: Congratulation…
That right : There’s no good replacement for Google Adsense. So, GA is the best advertising


Nice touch Spence – great news!

I must say I agree with Thomas that it seems funny that Google doesn’t keep an index of sites that were previously banned – that would then flag up a warning when new ads were implemented…

Either way – looks like you have a green light to go! 🙂

Look forward to your hearing about your marketing strategies for these sites now you have a `fully operational Battlestar’! 😉


Spencer Haws

Johnny – Thanks! Google does not appear to keep any sort of list of previously banned sites. As I assumed (and as it states in their terms of service), that I a previously banned account can indeed have adsense back on it. I’ve made the necessary changes I feel to keep them in good standing.


If you have multiple sites and your account gets banned, they close your account but dont block your sites. If you have multiple sites and one site gets a ban, no adsense can be run on it again the way you did if there was never a reinclusion request made for that one site.

Bob Richards

How do you KNOW this? I have read data that clearly conflicts with this and have read other data that agrees. Given that Google does not specify this anywhere, how do you KNOW this or is it an educated guess?

Andrew @ JRC Web Design and SEO

Great news that you’re back in business Spencer, I heard about this from the Adsenseflipper guys a few months back so great to see it’s all been sorted 🙂


Slap on the back from me either ! Glad to hear that you are back where your passion was while ago – Building Adsense Niche Sites. I have read through every word, but I was just wondering – what IP Address are you currently using for your new Adsense Account and have you done any Cleaning recently like Cookies , Flash Objects , Web Beacons etc. since you don’t want to get linked or leave any trace back to your Banned account !

Best Regards

Spencer Haws

Its a different IP address.

Mike From Maine


This is great news! Congrats on getting a new Adsense account. It goes to show that an Adsense ban is not the end of the world.

This is a really important post because, as you know, I also make and sell niche websites. I don’t know how many people have been like “but didn’t you hear about Spencer?” when arguing against niche site creation.

Nice job, buddy.

Spencer Haws

I agree Mike. That’s one HUGE reason why I felt this post was important. I still build niche sites and still think its a great business model – so I’ve been disheartened by people that simply gave up because my adsense account was banned.

I think people need to follow a business model that works for them, but this has worked for me for a very long time.


Well done but I think it is only a matter of time when they close you again when they discover the Adsense code on the “old sites” which are associated with your old Adsense account.
I had the same problem with Adwords and got booted out-got a new account and went along fine for 9 months. Then out of the blue closed the new a/c because they copped the connection with the old account even thought the new account was very white hat.

Financial Samurai

Terry, but if they ban Spencer, all Spencer has to do is create a new LLC, reapply all the code, and cash in again!



Welcome back! It’s a scary post to read when your Adsense account got banned, but this post is heartwarming – a great way to start the week!

I use Adsense too and I also anxious about click bomb and such – I can’t wait for your next update about how to prevent click bomb!



That’s great news Spencer. I also got my Adsense account banned last year but finally I got approved again.

If you get banned by Adsense, it’s not the end of the world.

Spencer Haws

Exactly. Thanks Eric!


You’ve made the sites less aggressive, so I think you should be fine. If you go on EzineArticles, under their search, you’ll notice that they’ve also made their ads less aggressive, because before I was having difficulties differentiating between the ads and their article links.

I understand what Google are trying to do however, because for a long time, people have always considered in-content ads (from an AdWords Users perspective) to be pretty low quality.

Rob Cubbon

Hello Spencer, first of all, well done! I don’t like the way Google acts sometimes and it’s good that you’ve found a way past them.

I also really appreciate the fact that you’ve been so transparent about the way you’ve set up another account here.

Speaking as someone who hasn’t been able to even open an Adsense account since 2007, I’ve found this really interesting.

Basically, if I’ve understood this correctly, you’ve set up a new company (maybe with a silent partner to give you a new address), set up a new website (maybe the records show the new company’s name and address as owners?) and set up a new Adsense account with this entity. Does this entity have a Google/Gmail/Google+ login? I thought only real people could do that?

steve wyman

Hey Rob 🙂

4) I need a separate account for my business

In this case, you may submit a new application. Please make sure that the account type (individual or business) and payee name are different from your original application, and ensure that you can accept payments to that payee.

Bear in mind that here in the UK we have a slightly different T&C as were subject to english law.

Whats clear is separate legal entities (such as a limited company) can have separate adsense accounts BUT the payee must also be separate. i.e. separate bank accounts.

So if you are a sole trader or partnership you cannot open a new account but a limited company could (as long as it didn’t get the ban originally).

There are a number of people that have publicly stated they have person adsnse and business adsense accounts. I dont I just have a single business account however.

CAVEAT: whilst i have a lot of experience with legal matters pertaining to UK companies and accounts im no legal expert. seek your own advice if in doubt 🙂

Spencer Haws

Very well said Steve. This is what I’ve done.

Rob Cubbon

Thanks, Steve!

Spencer Haws

Rob – Yes, I’ve set up a new company and everything is different than my previous account (address, phone number, etc).

Rob Cubbon

Thanks, Spencer, all this info is good to know. And congratulations!


That’s awesome! Thank you for sharing the info about the high CTR thing. So the trick is to keep the CTR moderate to keep our Adsense accounts safe.

Looking forward to more posts on

Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

Hey Spencer,

Congrats on getting back in with AdSense. This is on my to-do list as well…I have the new LLC set up, but need to get around to applying with a new site.

This concern has already been raised above, but I’ll mention it again – it does seem risky to place new AdSense account ads on old sites that were associated with your previously banned account. While they clearly haven’t caught onto it yet, it seems like something they eventually would (unless all of your ad placement and theme changes keep that from happening, who knows).

I’m sure you’ve already thought this through, and it was worth taking the risk. Moreover, I’m sure the amount you’ve made from AdSense since you set up the LLC were more than enough to cover the cost of setting it up, so I suppose if you get banned again, you can always set up a new legal entity.

Anyway, best of luck – glad to see things are back to “normal.”

– Eric

Spencer Haws

Hey Eric, I say go for it with the new LLC adsense account.

Yes, its risky – but everyday I have adsense on these sites, it significantly more money than I would earn otherwise. I’ve made changes to layouts, etc and at this point see no reason why the account won’t stay active.

Best of luck with sites as well!

Kent @ Earn Extra Income

Spencer, I am not surprised at all that you have a new account with LLC. 🙂

No paid no gain. I am sure that was a “journey” and you have even stronger and stable niche site business going forward!


Happy to hear this from you. Followers like me can hear more about adsense from you…


Hello Spencer,

It is nice to hear that you are back to Adsense.
We hope to read more success stories from you.

Keep Adsensing!


Spencer Haws

Thanks Terry!


Congratulations on getting back on Adsense!


First of all it’s fantastic to hear that! I’ve been following your blog almost from the beginning and using LTP since beta version (great tool!). I remember almost dropping my morning cup of coffe reading your post about Adsense ban. I wished you look with finding a solution, hoped to see it documented on the blog and am very happy that you’re back in the game!

You wrote that being open with your bussines proceedings has some element of risk. I agree with that but it also gives you the opportunity to interact with others and hear the advises, critique and ideas that you can implement (very important is – they all specifically concern your bussines). This also is very halpful for all those following your blog, like myself.
That being said I have few things that I would like to ask and discus with you Spencer and other IMers:
Have you changed details of the sites (google analytics, GWT, if you use them, are you?), domain ownership?
You mentioned clickbombing as a possible reason of the ban. Google says that it has mechanisms that prevent that. They also say that have many other mechanisms that we all know are not perfect. I think that I your (or any other person) site is attackted and G is not able to deal with this the simpliest solution is to ban the site or whole account. The resoning behind this may be – if we cant protect our advertisers because our “anti-clickbombing” systems fail lets ban the publisher and regard the problem as solved. I would be very eager to see how one can protect the sites from being clickbombed.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Oloo, its good to be back; and always great to hear that my openess here provides benefits. I certainly do enjoy the interaction that I would not have otherwise.

I have changed some of the details of my sites, but not all. Overall, if Google has clickbombing protection in place, there are still ways to get around it. I’ve heard too many stories of others getting their accounts closed only to discover they were attacked by “clickbombing”. I do believe this is quite rare, but it does happen.


Thanks for doing this post!

Do you have your AdSense account linked to a Google Analytics account so they can share data? Did you have it linked to an Analytics account before the ban?

I’m curious about whether Google would notice a link between an account that had access to Analytics for a banned site and new AdSense account.

Spencer Haws

No, they are not linked.



Congrats and great to hear that!


Hey Spencer,

great to hear, but be carefull, went through the same thing.. Had a Business account closed, that was 2 days old, and zero click activity…..


congratulation Spencer….hoho2x…google adsense is the best PPC in the world….!


Great News Spencer!

I just monetized my first ten sites this week with Google Adsense.

I’m using the “Niche Website Theme” for most of those sites and am currently using:

Ad Layout 5

AD Zones 1 (Text Links just under header)

AD Zone 4 (within post)

AD Zone 14 (Sidebar)

My concern that there are too many ads above the fold.

Also some of the content is 1000 words or more should I place more ads within the post and remove the sidebar ads?

I can move the sidebar ads down a bit if necessary as well.

I can you send you one of the urls privately.

Curious what you thought!


Spencer Haws

Frank – I think this is an okay layout.
Adzone 4 will allow the text to wrap around…so you still have a good portion of text above the fold.

However, if you are concerned, you can always from the text links or the sidebar unit. Its up to you.


Thanks Spencer


Why not create a couple LLC each with their own account and split the portfolio up a bit, you could have the top 10% of earners in one, and the bottom earners in another, and then only new sites in another to minimize risk.

Spencer Haws

Yep, this is very doable 🙂


Sooooo happy for you Spencer! Glad the Adsense King is back!

steve wyman

Hi Spencer

glad to see you fully back. Ive also tested other programs (just in case) and they are terrible in comparison.

The CPC’s are just so low most of the time.

Anyway good to have you back and thanks for sharing, once you start being open I think it make sense to continue. We all learn a lot from following your journey..



Ok. So the monetization scheme that you promised a future post about, is . . . wait for it. . . Adsense!!

Sunil l Expedited Wealth Building

great news buddy, congratulations.

looking forward to future progress reports

Linda Kate

Congratulations on getting your account back. I received an “unnatural links” warning in my Webmaster Tools back in April. I’m sure this was due to some link building I hired out about a year ago. I only have about 600 links but apparently Adsense doesn’t like them. Most I am unable to remove so hope I can overcome them by adding new good ones. So, I worry about closure too. Who doesn’t?
I’m happy for you but do question your adding the old sites. Hope it doesn’t come back to bite you.
I agree that Adsense is the best game in town for a lot of sites.
When you mention aggressive placement and high click through; should’t Google be pleased that there ads are being clicked? Or do you feel they think they were clicked unintentionally because the reader thought it was part of the site content?
Good luck in the future!

Spencer Haws

Linda – Google does state that overly aggressive placement can cause unintentional clicks.


Spencer, you mentioned adding a logo to your niche sites. Do you mind sharing an inexpensive logo creation service for niche sites? Fiverr?

Spencer Haws

I’ve always used for logos. Its around $35 to $45 typically for a great looking logo.


All the best spencer 🙂


You what your heart told you to do! I wish you the best congratulations.


Further evidence that even the whitehatters have to ‘game’ Google to stay in with a chance. Opening a new account under different details is ‘gaming’ Google, and tons of blackhatters do it all the time for similar reasons. It’s not your fault, of course, its Google behaving as if it had borderline personality disorder.

The idea that publishers can’t show too many ads above the fold, or have too high CTR is further proof. Where does Google show ads on search results? All above the fold.And for some searches there are nothing but ads. And what are the ctr for those? I’m guess its higher than usual.

Spencer Haws

I agree Lucas – its hard to play within Google’s rules, because they often break them themselves!


The problem which I am sure you are aware of is that without knowing why you lost your account, you are doomed to be struck again and again. And given that you clearly feel as if you were unfairly dealt with, you may end up creating more and more new entities each time. But how many is too many?

I remember reading, last year, how some of the article sites which had been so badly hit by another Google algo change had previously been cited as examples of best practice by Google. In this sort of environment, what’s a business person supposed to do? Follow the ever changing rules, even when there’s no indication of what they are, or how they might change, or when? Or simply make short-term decisions for short term gains, play defensively and take advantage of weaknesses in the system? We’re all stuck with this scenario – no matter how righteous Google likes to appear it still acts like a tin-pot dictator and runs kangeroo courts for its publishers.


Some questions.

1. Do you access your new business account and the banned account from the same old computer? I read that this isn’t a good idea.

2. Is having a web site logo important?

3. Do you have any thoughts on how to protect yourself from illegal clicks from others?

4. Can I apply for adsense while already using Adbrite ads? Or should I remove all existing ads before I apply?

Spencer Haws

1. No.
2. No – I just did this to get an approved account. But only a handful of my niche sites have a unique logo.
3. I’m looking into a couple of options.
4. I believe you can use both (there is nothing on Google’s end that says you can’t. Just check with Adbrite).


Hi Spencer !

Really glad for you that you “recovered” from your Adsense “pain” : I really hope it will (I mean your new account) last in time and that everything’s gonna be OK for you in the future !! Anyway Million Thx for sharing this with others as I’d be terribly disapointed if I had my Adsense account banned too !!!!

All The Best Spencer & Congratulations again ! 😉

Casey Dennison

Congrats, and welcome back Spencer! It sounds like you’ve taken the correct steps. Can’t wait to get to following your future posts and earning updates.


Glad to hear you are making money again with Google Adsense. It seems like that was the core of your business initially so its good to see you are getting paid out again.

Keep up the good work and good luck keeping this account active!


Glad to hear things are rolling again for you. How were you able to get around ensuring that the payee was different on your accounts? I assume you set up a two person LLC? Thanks again for telling all of us about being accepted again.There is hope!

Spencer Haws

The payee is the Business. So, the money comes to My Business Name, LLC. Its a legal entity and has a bank account.

Andre Garde

Welcome back, Spencer.

It just goes to show that you don’t get anywhere by fence-sitting. If you’re really into AdSense, and you want to continue even after a ban, there is always a way.

It’s a pity Google never told you exactly why you got banned. We might all be better publishers, and AdSense a better publishing platform, with that information.

Spencer Haws

I agree.


I’ve heard that Spider Spanker is getting rave reviews for its ability to stop click bombing, block bad IP’s (and/or entire countries) and cut way down on bandwidth theft (which obviously leads to a faster site, which matters to G).


Does anyone know if an LLC is absolutely required for a business account? I have a a tax ID separate from the SS# I used with my individual adsense account.


I think this is ok, but the payee name would still be your name, not the business name

Bob Richards

get a fictitious business name, in the US, a “DBA”


Hi Spencer- Good news I guess, but I think that they will eventually figure out what you have done. Bottom line is that you will still be on pins and needles waiting to see if you actually get paid every month. No way to do business in my opinion. It’s like a dog that maintains loyalty to an owner that beats him. Do yourself a favor and figure out other ways to monetize these sites.


Congrats Spencer! Glad to hear the news! Will you have several new llc’s to lessen the risk? ie, 30 sites to one llc etc..

or are all your sites still under the one llc?

Congrats again!

Spencer Haws

This is always an option, and is very possible.

Matthew Allen

Awesome news Spencer! This actually helps newbies like myself breath a small sigh of relief. I’m grateful that we can learn from your “mistakes,” whether or not you even knew what they were or that you were making them. Thanks a ton for sharing.

Question: Is it allowable and do you think it would be advisable to set up another adsense account in a spouses bane either at the same address or a different one? Maybe have it there as a back-up account just in case?

Spencer Haws

A spouse can certainly have their own adsense account.


From what I’ve read, the addresses and phone number should be different,


You have a winners attitude. Even if you get banned again you will find a way to be successful.

Chris Guthrie

Hey Spencer,

One thing that you might want to mention is that if Google bans a specific URL (which they’ve done to me) it won’t matter if you use a new Adsense account because the ban is for the URL itself and nothing can change that.

In any case, I’m excited / nervous for you now that you finally decided to share the news.


Spencer Haws

True if Google bans a specific URL, there’s not much you can do. Hasn’t happened yet and hopefully wont 🙂

steve wyman

Hi Chris

When you speak of a URL (or site) are you talking about an adsense ban on that or a google serps ban? I assume the later?

Ive bought plenty of sites from people that lost their adsense accounts but the sites were not penalized. Of course I did change adsense layouts and fixed other issues where i could see issues with the sites.


I had experience with site banning, one is not recovered because I couldn’t control and moderate content properly. Second site is recovered by placing ads in non-aggressive manner and adding (advertisement) phrase before every ad. Also reduced ad placements from 3 per page to 1-2. this reduced CTR to half but RPM didn’t change much. site was earning in thousands range, second around 10$/m.


I like people who take risks..just go right ahead and do it and cross that bridge when time comes….and that should apply to me. Thanks for your continued advice..I am happy you are back in because I have started earning well with small tiny niche sites and I cannot wait to keep growing. Are you using the same linking methods.

Tyler Herman

Welcome back. Hope this account remains open and I’m sure you’ve lined up another one (or two) just in case.


Hi Spencer, glad that you are back with Adsense income!

When you say to use “more aesthetically pleasing themes” –
is “Niche Website Theme” or “CTR Theme” be considered
in that category?

Any new recommendations from your List of 38/42 WP themes?


Spencer Haws

Both those themes are fine in my opinion depending on how aggressive you get with your placements. The roadblock layout is way too aggressive (on CTR theme) in my opinion. You can also customize both those themes to look much better than just out of the box. The Niche Website Theme makes this very easy to customize.

Also, yes – that is an old list and needs to be updated – I don’t recommend all of those themes anymore (some are still fine).


Hello Spencer.

Thank you for sharing, this information is very useful.

Your decision is correct. You are really a true internet entrepreneur ..


Thanks for the post Spencer. I am so glad you got back in to Adsense. How do you run everything with a new IP address?


Congratulations Spencer,

Glad to hear you are back. Just curious, did you set yourself up as the contact name for the new account, or did you use someone else?


Spencer Haws

Someone else.


Someone else as in the business name?

Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi

Congratulations Spencer! just yesterday here, i received a usual mail from Google as regards a stop on an Ad serving to my site that fetches me 99% of my total monthly traffic and revenue.

I was a bit lucky as i was told flagrantly in one of the webpage url link that was used as a case study that i infringed on Google Adsense TOS with hacking and cracking stuff.

I am abit confused as i dont know what to do now. though Google has personally stop ads serving that site, myself has personally do the same.

My question now is but how do i go about making that real hude money have once made from that site, should i sell of the site on flippa, or do an htacess redirect from one of my aged domain name, and if i do that, it will be making it the third htaccess redirect i will be doing


Utibe Etim

Hello Obamwonyi, it’s better to be on the safer side. Please remove the page and similar pages that might cause problem for you in future. After you have remove them, get back to Google for them to review your site.

No need selling if you haven’t got much traffic and ranking, just keep building your blog and you would make real money in future.


Hi Spencer , how are you? 🙂

I just came in to say hello and Congratulations

Well…It would be crazy leave behind $10000 a month, I knew soon or later you would get another account, absolutely sure you made the right decision.

I wish you all the best with your new account

Note: I saw some kind of plugin in warrior forum that avoids clickbombing, something like the plugin don’t let the add be clicked from the same ip address more than once.
I can’t remember anymore the thread
You never heard or saw about it?


Spencer Haws

Thanks for the vote of confidence Federico. I’m not sure of the plugin you are talking about, but I’m looking into a couple of others. I want to review them before I make any suggestions though.


Welcome back. And thank god for a new LLC..

Fernanda Thiesen

Good to hear your news! Very happy to know you were able to republish ads on the same websites. Let’s hope the changes you made will help you keep your new adsense account in good standing. 🙂 I believe it’s only fair you try again with your old sites since Google wouldn’t give you any reasons why your account got banned.

Best of luck!


Great news and a very informative article. To be clear, did you start a new website that you then listed as the one for AdSense on your new application? I’ve read that that is necessary, even when forming an LLC.

In my own very narrow and limited experience, the difference between AdSense and the alternatives is immense.

Spencer Haws

Yes, I started a new site.


I’m so glad it’s working out for you Spencer.

I’m so happy for you Spencer. Way to not give up. Thanks for the post!
I just wanted to make a comment to a few peeps who seem overly concerned that Google will ban all the sites again. One thing you may not have thought of is this; let’s say Spencer was the type to give up and he sold all his sites to one company and they changed everything to their co name, addr, ip addr and touched up the sites a little, then applied to Adsense, got appr and slowly added the code. This could happen. Lots of people buy bulk sets of sites for a lower price than onesy, twosy. So Google could think these all had been sold, of course if it weren’t for this blog post, but that’s Spencer’s decision as he said. So for those of you who have had your acct banned, you could do it too, and if you are really concerned, once they are back up and making money again, sell some of them off. Just a thought.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Sandra…great explanation.


Hey Spencer, I’ve forgot to mention…

What kind of backlinking strategy are you following to keep your sites on the top of google???

After all these Panda & Penguin updates a lot things changed, right?



what works before penguin works after, just URL&ANCHOR diversity

Spencer Haws

Very similar linking strategy, but anchor text is a big deal now. Need to use lots of different anchor text – less keyword anchor text.


Are you still using UAW and MAN? Have you been using any other strategies?

Spencer Haws

I still use UAW and MAN; however, the anchor text strategy is very different.




Nice to hear that you are back Spencer!.
I have one doubt. Some time ago, I placed Adsense code in some Websites and it was approved immediately. I thought that the only thing that needed approval was the Adsense account, not the site. I mean: can you have an approved Adsense account but a disaproved site for Adsense usage?. Thanks for helping me understnd this.

Spencer Haws

Once you have an approved adsense account, you can place the Adsense code on any site that you own. Google states this explicitly. You don’t have to get each site approved – just one.

Ben Krahne

Well that’s good news Spencer..

I imagine just paying more attention to the end user should solve the problem. I really don’t even pay much attention to the adsense ads on mine,
I’m more involved in the content because I enjoy music so much.

Ben Krahne

I have a couple more ranking one in google
I will add adsense too.
But you have some passion for your sites
Maybe money is everyone’s goal
I can understand that I guess

James H in Japan

Congrats to you on the renewal and thanks for sharing, Spencer! I still think Google’s whims can make it feel like we are building houses on sand, though. But, staying positive and resourceful is not a bad thing. Question to you (and others)-is there any reason to wait until being banned to set up an alternate account? -j

Spencer Haws

Its your choice, but I see no reason why you cant.

Trung Nguyen

Congrats Spencer, I hope you will earn much more better than before time with Google adsense. Keep sharing your story to us.


This is very good news 🙂

Ben Krahne

google ain’t no better then the rest of us trying to survive
They ought to practice what the preach…. god damit

Mark Peeters

Hi Spencer,

Good to hear you are back in! Be sure to be very careful though, after my first account got disabled, I did the same as you with a new entity, but now I am banned again. 🙁

Somehow they figured out the link (perhaps due to the fact that I use gmail as well and they could link this). Do you use gmail on the same computer / IP where you check your adsense stats?

Hope you can keep your account! If you do for the upcoming months, I won’t give up either, create yet another entity and sign up one more time 🙂

Thanks for sharing!

Best regards,

Spencer Haws

Hey Mark – yep they probably linked your IP. I don’t use gmail or anything else that would link the accounts. This is very important.


Hi Spencer,

My AdSense account was banned similar to your situation. I have tried several alternatives but none is even remotely close to the earning I made with AdSense. I’m without AdSense account for months now. I thought I’ll never be able to get my account back, but after I read your article, I’m now hopeful.

I’m spending hours each day moderating my website but without the earning I used to get from AdSense. This is very frustrating as I’m getting almost no income for all the hard work I put into my website.

I’m determined to get my AdSense account back!

I’m on the process of forming a new LLC. I live in New York and the cost of forming a new LLC is at least $1000+. Forming a new LLC in Connecticut, on the other hand, is about $300. Connecticut is just a few miles from where I live. So I’m planning to form this new LLC in Connecticut instead. I will apply for a new AdSense account using all new contact information so Google will have no way to link my new account to my banned account. The LLC address will be located in Connecticut. However, the new phone number will be an area code in New York. And the IP address that I will be using to apply for the new account (and accessing the AdSense stat) will be an IP in New York.

Do you think my new New York phone number and IP address will raise a red flag when I apply for my new account?

Best regards,


Spencer Haws

No, I don’t think the NY number and IP address will be a red flag. Just make sure its not the same phone number and IP address used to access your old adsense account.

Bob Richards

Dumb question but If I have Internet service form comcast with a dynamic IP, then is it even necessary to use a different PC or a proxy? Each time I boot up, I get a new IP, don’t I?


Very interesting to hear that google is allowing you to use the same domains as you did previously. When I got one of my accounts banned, I redirected all the traffic to new domains, and moved all the content, just to be safe.

For me, every time an adsense account hits $900/mo I stop building new sites on it, create a new LLC and start up a new adsense account. Don’t like having all my eggs in one basket.

Good luck!

Spencer Haws

Very interesting Scott.


Scott’s process is exactly what I intend to do next. My account was banned and I attempted to move all of my sites to a new LLC Adsense account, only to be banned again. Seems Google no longer “likes” those URL’s for Adsense purposes. So, I’m now creating different LLCs and creating new sites, re-directing my old ones. 😉

Daniel D'Laine

Hi Spence

Well, you certainly like to live your business life on the edge! I think it’s a bad move reinstating to all your banned accounts (to even one of your old sites) and I think it’s now just a matter of time until the Google worms find the link.

From past experience, I can safely say that using banned Adsense URL’s is a bad move, especially if you are reinstating to all sites originally connected to a banned account.

It’s admirable that you share these real matters, but there comes a time when internal procedures should stay ‘internal’… Just a thought!

ps Never let a theme dictate where your ads are placed – Just use some simple widget codes to put the ads where they will work the best: human friendly and Google safe.

But best of luck anyway.

Spencer Haws

Im not sure who said they allowed the theme to dictate where they place their adsense code, but its certainly not me.

I knew there would be naysayers out there – I can respect your opinion – but trust me, I’ll make way more money this way. If I get banned again, no big deal – I’ll have earned more money than if I hadn’t tried.


Great to hear you back on track with adsense.

I got my adwords account banned ! is there any way i can get my old adwords account ? or do i need to follow the same steps you took to get my adwords account back ?


Spencer Haws

I’m not sure about Adwords – but I suspect you would need to follow similar steps.


A network is a network, regardless of whether an individual or a business entity own it. Google has made it clear that 1. It doesn’t like niche sites and would prefer people to build authority sites and 2. It doesn’t like people having more than about 20 sites on one Adsense account.

As I said before, this is a short-term solution for short term gains. Once you tread down this road you are accepting the possibility that you will lose your account again, and make a new business entity again – until Google decides how it is going to penalise this behaviour too.

The best solution is probably to create 5 or 6 business entities and distribute your sites, analytics, email addresses, hosts, etc evenly around them so none of them are connected in any way. Only have 10-15 sites on each account. And do not run the full 3 ad placements on each. Try also combining Adsense with other solutions so it is not a ‘typcial Adsense site’. This way, if one account is lost, the others (5/6ths of your ’empire) continue running. If you are going to ‘game’ Google then you may as well go the whole way and keep your income safe.


Can you provide the source for your two statements? I’ve never seen anywhere that Google states they do not like “niche sites”.

As for stating that they do not like people having more than about 20 sites…where would I find that in their terms?

Spencer Haws

I agree Peggy. I don’t think he will find any references to his 2 statements. These are his opinion and nowhere stated by Google.

Spencer Haws

I would love to see any actual references to your points 1 and 2.


I think people dont understand what Spencer is saying.He is not building his business around Adsense,but he is taking a risk and it’s a profitable one.This is a smart move and actually, Spencer has nothing to lose,If I was earning over $10,000 a month from Adsense,I would do the same thing – open another account,because that’s a lot of money.Even if the account were to get closed at the end of the year,I would be $60,000 richer and laughing all the way to the bank.

However,if I was getting peanuts something like $200 a month,I wouldnt bother opening another account until I have built enough niche sites and traffic for higher earnings.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Derick – nice to have someone get it! 🙂

Financial Samurai

I agree. Take the money while it’s hot and RUN!


Hello Spencer. Congratulations! I was thrilled to hear that you were back in the game with Ad Sense.

Since you are doing everything “above board” couldn’t you contact an Google account rep and have them review your portfolio and provide guidance to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

Trent Dyrsmid over at did an interview with Joe and Justin of and they build out 100s of adsense sites. They indicated that they have a Google Account rep and they (Google) love their model and supported it fully.

It seems like you could benefit from the same approach, and have the ability to discuss your portfolio with the source and avoid living in fear of the hammer dropping again.

I know you know Trent, and you probably already heard this podcast, but if not here is the URL:

Best of luck! I personally have 10 sites and building. I currently generate $100+ per month from adsense and growing. You inspired me to get started and I am keeping at it 🙂



Hey Kenny!

Just wanted to clear something up…

It’s true that, last year, Joe was invited to and met with a rep from AdSense where he went over our sites. The AdSense rep said our sites and process were “aggressive” but didn’t see a problem with them.

That’s a bit different than having an Account Exec on speed dial! 🙂

I’d also mention Google is an awfully large company. Even if the entire AdSense team was onboard with what we’re doing it doesn’t necessarily mean the search team, webspam team, etc. are ok with it. There are different departments with different responsibilities…

Hope that clarifies!

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the clarification Justin. Still is great to at least some confirmation like that from a Google Adsense rep.

Financial Samurai


Can you ring up your Google Rep and have him rectify the EMD hit your sites took?



Is OK placing adsense on any website.
Read here;

J.D. Meier

> I know this information is valuable to others, and is exactly would I would want if I was reading someone else’s blog
I think that’s a great place to drive from … it’s the perfect North Star.

I take it you’re using WordPress as your primary platform for niche sites. (… Guessing based on the BlueSense theme.)

Question — Isn’t that a lot of overhead, if you create a lot of niche sites, compared with Blogger?

Specifically, I’m comparing the “pay $10 to Blogger for the year for a custom domain” and get automatic scaling/updates vs. pay for 3rd party hosting, pay for the domain, manage WordPress updates, potentially have to get a dedicated server with traffic growth (a good problem to have), etc.

Maybe a better question to ask is, how do you easily manage and maintain your WordPress platform across all of your niche sites?

Spencer Haws

Yes, I use WordPress. Yes, its more overhead than Blogger. But with Blogger you don’t get to pick your domain or own it ( vs. You also have a lot more control if you own your own site.
Most of my sites require little to no maintenance, so there’s not much to manage – but ManageWP is a good option to makes things easier.

Josh @ WSOtesters

I’m really glad to hear this news Spencer! When we first heard that you got hit with the ban hammer we were just starting and we felt like our world had just been rocked as well. We considered shying away from adsense completely, but then I thought, “why give up before we try?”.

So we stuck to the gameplan and went full force on adsense and it’s paid off. At the same time we also began to diversify and that’s starting to show in our income too.

Anyway, I’m just glad to hear that it’s working out for you now. This gives us some relief as far as worrying what we would do if we ever got hit.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Josh!


Hi Spencer,

Long time no talking. I’ve just been back on your website and loved what I’ve just read! Congrats on getting an adsense account back, every one can have their opinion about it but despite the risks I’d say it’s a smart move. Worst case scenario You get banned after 2 months? alright.. you’ll have been richer by a few thousands and you’ll bounce back again. To me it really is a no brainer.

By the way, I’ve been using LTP and it rocks. Just hope you’ll add the FR (france) extension soon. I’ve also been building my first adsense websites recently using your niche website theme. All’s good. Keep up the good work.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Alain – glad you think its a good move!


I recently got a slap on the wrist for violating the AdSense T&C’s. If I wasn’t also an AdWords advertiser and someone with an account that’s years old, then I could have been outright b&. I’ve removed the code from the sites they didn’t like, plus a few others I was worried about.

I believe my sites got manually reviewed during a routine audit. As an AdWords advertiser I’ve noticed that the content network clicks are not as high quality as the search clicks. Expect the big G to be doing something about this – they do have a big share of the online advertising market, but this is a ruthless business to be in.

As to my earnings, I’m lucky in that some of my niches have an abundance of CPA offers. These pay a similar amount to AdSense. In fact I might be able to do better. AdSense makes you lazy.

I’ve just rolled out my own version of AdSense using IP lookup software and content parsing to show appropriate ads on each of my pages. This should work really well because unlike AdSense, I will always show green widget ads on pages about green widgets. I can also carve off low quality traffic and send it elsewhere.

I guess this was a blessing in disguise really – it’s DANGEROUS to be reliant on AdSense.

If nothing else, put a couple of non-AdSense ad blocks on your page, or rotate AdSense with other stuff (like the ClickBump theme allows). Make sure you have a plan to recover from a ban!


I’m a little confused! Before I read this post, I read your May 2011 Earnings Report and someone asked you how you protected yourself from an Adsense ban. You replied that you had multiple adsense accounts registered against multiple business entities. So was this not the case?

I would like to move into using Adsense since it means that I can monetize purely information sites, but it does concern me that Google can just pull the plug out of the blue with no warning.

The safest option seems to be to not run too many sites/let earning get too high through a single adsense account.

Spencer Haws

Andrew, this was the case. And if you read my original article about when I lost my account: – you will see that I did have multiple business accounts…all closed.

Financial Samurai

Yikes, didn’t realize MULTIPLE business accounts are all closed.

Are you making multiple more business accounts vs. just one for this new adsense account? How do you get so many new addresses and numbers if so?



Spencer, This is a great happy for you, You always make me happy and encourage me to work harder

Utibe Etim

Hello Spencer, congratulations! Am surprised that Google still pay you after adding the code to your old sites. I always advise my friends not to do that that they will never get paid or the account won’t last, but am surprised to hear this.


That’s pretty ballsy of you to put the code back on to your old sites. I’ve considered doing the same thing when I got my account banned last year.

If you’re getting paid on a larger network than mine, maybe I’ll give it a try then.


So…. If my account got banned then I sold all of the sites on Flippa the new owners account may get banned?

I don’t think this is the case.


That’s really great news Spencer.

I still remember the days when i was banned from Google Adsense. Whole Google was a hatred things to me at that time.
But like the process you followed; i applied again and got approval.

Now I am too much cautious about my account the visitors who are clicking on my ads.

Thank you very much for sharing this inspiring news with us. Best luck.


Read my post above. Stop this AdSense worship! Day 3 of my post-AdSense world and thanks to some CPA offers I’M MAKING MORE MONEY WITHOUT ADSENSE.

AdSense makes you lazy.


I am agree with you Brett.
Adsense is business model.
Clickbank is better.


I mean, adsense is bad business model and wasting time.


I think it is great you have done the work to bet back with AdSense. I do believe they can be too harsh at times and really need to explain to people when they are banned much better their reason for doing so.
Keep up the great work.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Bryan!

Masrur | Flip.Web.Id

Congrats Spencer…!!

Creating new LLC is the great idea. This post will be really useful for most of the publishers who troubled with their adsense account in the past.

And yeah, you right when we talk about niche sites, the best way to monetize it is using adsense. No one can beat them.



Hello Spencer, I’m really happy for you that you’ve got a new account and is running great.

Have a question. Do you think sites that are using the theme CTR theme could be banned?.

Does your company has your name on it or are you using another person’s name?

Thank you and good luck

Spencer Haws

I don’t think the theme itself would ban the site – but overly aggressive ad placement could.


Congrats on the new account.

Not to jinx you but please be careful to avoid another ban. I have had the same experience as you and my second account got banned after 4-5 months despite me not changing anything.

Good luck and all the best


Congrats Spencer on the new account, I’m looking forward to hear some more good news from this.
thanks for sharing



This might be a bit off topic but how did you go about registering your LLC? Do you use a local accountant or did you use one of the sties online?

I would really appreciate more info as I’m in the process of doing the same.

Feel free to drop me a line via email if you don’t want to post it on here.

Appreciate your help!

Spencer Haws

Each state has its own requirements for opening an LLC. You essentially need to contact your State’s corporation commission and figure out the requirements. Its not too hard really. Fill out some form, pay some fees. I did it myself, but if you are more comfortable having someone else do it for you, you can talk to an accountant or lawyer.



Rutwik |

Thanks a ton for the post, Spencer.
I was pretty down when my adsense got banned.
Now I’m positive that following your footsteps, I’ll have a brand new account up and running. I’ll wait for a while before creating a new account though. Thanks again, you’ve reinstated my confidence. 🙂


If you don’t mind me asking, how much did it cost to set up the LLC? Here in California there is an annual $800 tax on LLC’s. But I read in other states such as Nevada they only cost $125 annually. Thanks for the post, knowing that if I get banned I can just create another account through an LLC really lessens my paranoia.

Spencer Haws

Around $280 total. Annual renewal fees are much less – around $80 or so.

Bob Richards

a single person LLC in california does not need to pay the $800 tax. I would guess that SOME other states have a similar rule. The registration fee with CA is a one-time $70.

When you register an LLC outside of your own state, you also need an agent for service of process in the other state–$100 annually.


Hey mate,

sorry if Ive missed, but just to be clear, did you put Adsense back in those very same sites where you had them before when your account was banned?

I mean, Google is not stupid and I’ve heard from other people that they do keep track of sites that were ‘tainted’ by an old Adsense account which got disabled – it only makes sense!

But if it’s working, good for you! But I wouldn’t be surprised if later down the road you get your account shut down …

Financial Samurai

Apparently, Google doesn’t keep track or care. He’s made months of Google adsense earnings now.


If you don’t mind me asking, how much did it cost to set up the LLC? Here in California there is an annual $800 tax on LLC’s.


Thank you for this info. I came home one day about three weeks ago to find the dreaded Google email. They said that there was “invalid activity” on my site, but wouldn’t share any more details. I assumed their problem was that I had set up a “sponsors” page with affiliate links through Commission Junction, and they didn’t like the fact that I had asked my readers to support those advertisers by visiting their sites. These links were on a totally separate page with no AdSense ads. But again, I’m guessing this is the problem since the Pooh Bahs at Google wouldn’t tell me. (Right now I’m trying to use my free AdWords credit to try and draw traffic to my blog, but again, Google has thrown up a roadblock, as their system has decided that my homepage is a “bridge page.” Bing had no problems with me. But that’s another matter..)


Glad to hear u got a new account. I was wondering, about what was your ctr before your account got shut?


I have a questions regarding business entity type. Wouldn’t it be easier just to establish a DBA? You can file a DBA at your local county office for about $50, with a name search would be about $70?

Also, what about addresses for these businesses you are setting up? Can you use a P.O box?

Thanks for any info you can provide

Kenneth @ World Class Copywriting

Delighted to hear you are back in the game with Adsense, Spencer!

It must have been so hard to lose your account having worked so hard to build it up, so it really is heartening that you’ve got it back again.

It would still be interesting to hear an exact breakdown of the Adsense alternatives you used in the interim period before you got re-instated.


Great info, perhaps you should consider putting up a tutorial video about adsense which would be beneficial for those who are just starting. With what I read here, you have grasp knowledge about creating a website and making money with adsense.

And with the latest updates with Google and how you overcome those changes a complete video tutorial will definitely help me and other newbies.


I was wondering if you were using the same computer, ip etc… when logging into this new account?

If not, what did you do about that? Buy new computer, get new IP?



I’m really happy you finally availed what you deserve.,…More than you,I was sad when ur adsense account was banned…
But now..
Welcome back the old good days 🙂 🙂


Hi Spencer,

All the best going forward. I’m a newcomer to your blog (and fairly new to IM) but really appreciate your openess. I guess that is never going to be reciprocated by G given their paranoia with being gamed. I totally agree with Lucas re G’s double standards putting all Adwords advertising above fold.

I’m looking to get first time AS approval as a UK resident – i’ve seen advice that says your site should ideally be 6 months old so quicker to apply via HubPages etc? I thought 6 month rule applied only to certain countries where ‘issues’ had arisen. Any thoughts / guidance.


The ex. google employee wrote “unusually high CTR”
I know its against their TOS to share these figures but an indication would be helping many who have toughts about this.

By saying your CTR was above 7% for example you at least give most users a hint to take actions if that is the case.

I also want to give a good tip.

Do list all ALLOWED sites in your google adsense.
This was others cant copy your code and monkey with it.

Also, should you see a rapid increase in clicks, what normally does not happen, you can remove that site from the list for a couple of days.

It shows you still the clicks, but no income nor you can be banned for it, if it is a click bomb. The moment it does settle, you can enable the site again.


Hey! This is just great that you r back! I am wondering – after Ping()uin Update – is your programm Long Tail Pro is still effective, especially the EDM part?


Great news! Congrats! This should give a lot of people hope who have faced the same situation.

I can only imagine the feeling of waking up and seeing that email! I just had my first $4000 month with AdSense and it’s a lot of work to get to that point, much less 6 figures as you were doing!

Best of luck and continued success!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Amy!


I am a freelance writer and I own three blogs and I write in two different languages (not in the same blog) so my viewers are from all of the world, mostly from Asian country.

I got banned two days ago, and after I read all the comments and answers I just wonder a writer like me, is it worth it to get a new google account, follow ur footstep, cus even I do get a new account, I don’t know am I be able to earn that much money, but anyway. I want to clarify something.

When I apply new account, I need to

1. Have new IP adress, can I go Starbucks to do that? Rather than my home IP adress.

2. New computer?

3. I understand the rest of information is must new, name, bank account and etc.

4. How about when u build a new site, do u need to use Everything new, like new computer, new IPaddress, different name, or can use ur own name and old email adress.

5. I got my google Adsense from hubpages, but i got banned, so I’m thinking to apply a new one from somewhere else, I’m thinking that webanswers, is that a good way to get Google Adsense?

Thanks so much, I know my questions might sound really silly to you, but if I can understand it I think others can benefit my questions.


Congratulations on getting back an Adsense account!! Now let me make sure I got this right… When you applied under new LLC, you had to start with a new website. But, a few weeks afterward, you took ads from this account and started placing them on each one that was banned??

I may try this but I have an issue. I have 4 websites but only one has been disabled (of course its the one that makes me the most profit). I’ve already tried appealing but it’s been a few weeks and no word from Google, so I guess that’s a done deal. I wonder if I can make an LLC for a new blog and then add only the banned website of my own?

The more I think of the stuff, the more I confuse myself lmao…Smh

Spencer Haws

You can’t apply to adsense that you had applied with before. So, you can use one of your previous sites to apply for a new account, but it can’t be the primary site from your previous account. Hope that makes sense.


Hi Spencer,

I am new to your blog and just finish reading your stories on Adsense.

I currently have an adsense account. I am living on it. So it is safe for me to setup another account to prepare the disaster that you have had.

A few questions from me:

– Did you use the Adsense account open services we can find in Fiverr? I am bit lazy to write articles….
– Do you write the article on your new sites to apply the new Adsense account?
– How many articles you get ready before you submit your Adsense account application?
– Did you get any rejected issues on your application like not enough contents etc before you get the approved account?
– Last but not least, you are still building niche sites and rank it on Google? I thought the game is over as Google has so many updates like Panda and Penguin. Sorry a bit off topic for your article here.

Spencer Haws

1. I would never use a service like that on Fiverr – that’s just asking for a ban.
2. Yes
3. around 10 or so
4. no
5. Nope its not over. Perhaps you misunderstand what a niche site is… Its just ANY site that focuses on a tightly themed niche. is a niche site.


Hey Spencer, I’m inspired to register an L.L.C. myself since my own personal account was disabled recently.

Is it necessary for me to use a different computer when signing up and accessing the account than the one I used for my old adsense account? I don’t think I’ll be able to use the same gmail anyway.



That’s great news.

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru CPNS BUMN

Great sharing! it is proving that in case of our Ads is banned from Googel then we are having another chance for reapply and of course placing the new ads code at same webs. The most important thing is by modifying our webs into better and no doubt again 🙂

Congratulations, mr. Spencer! Nice to hear that news 🙂


To reapply new adsense account, I need a bit more information to be at safer side.

1- Can we have the same domain registrar ( account ? Also the same name servers for new domain ?

2- Can we have the same hosting but different c class ip ?

Spencer Haws

1. Yes.
2. sure.


Thank you

internet marketing blog

I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was wondering what all is required to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?
I’m not very internet smart so I’m not 100% certain. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Kudos


hii i am glad about ur words.i am trying to become self dependent so i am in process to make some money by adsense i am new to it i have created recently the new blog and i requested google for adsense but my account is not approved i think due to lack of things in my blog help me to create a good website to have adds on it and to make a good money ur reply is important to me guide me..



I just got my adsense account banned. I am not happy. It all started a few months ago when I created a niche site and then paid some scammers to use SEONuke and other pyramid style software to increase page rank and traffic. I was paying people to write content and in turn they scraped it, or spun it and sometimes they wrote original content but about 3 months later (2 weeks ago) my site got deindexed. I reviewed googles policy and and realized that duplicate content and poor profile backlinks were most likely the reason of the deindex. I began to make corrections and changes to the site when I got the email from google adsense. “Your account is disabled”. Thankfully I am new to adsense and only made $47 with 5 websites.

My question: Can I create a new adsense account in my partners name and ss# and add adsense back to the original sites? of course after I make changes to the sites. If so, how long should I wait after I clean up the sites until I reapply for adsense account.



Spencer Haws

Brian – yes, you can have a business partner reapply to adsense under their own SSN. However, you cannot apply with an website that previously used to apply to Adsense with. Once the new account is approved, you can use the code on your old sites. I would wait a month or so before adding code to your old sites.


so if I created the adsense account with and then added other sites to that account; partner should create adsense account with and then add others including

Also do you have any suggestions on reviewing my site for problems such as duplicate content bad links or other hindrances that google looks for. if not maybe you could create that software too!


Hi Spencer, congratulations! Under 1 godaddy ac I have 5 domains, all of them living in the same server. 4 of them were running adsense and now my ac got banned. Another 1 is about 3 months old with approx 10 contents and I’ve never place adsense on it, still an ad virgin:) Do u think it is wise to apply new adsense ac (different business name, ip, computer, phone…etc) using the virgin? Or it is wiser to get another go daddy ac with new hosting new domain new content?


Do you change the hosting and registrar for all previous websites before putting in new code?


Hi, Spencer! Thanks so much for sharing your experience, it’s really helpful. Just one question: did you use pictures with copyright when you applied for Google Adsense? Thank you in advance.

Spencer Haws



I thought a new domain need to be at least 6 months only will get adsense approved?

Spencer Haws

No, mine was only a couple of months when it got approved.


FYI: my website was less than 2 weeks old when it was approved. Thanks for all the help Spencer!


Google has a real dangerous monopoly and Google is much more dangerous than Microsoft ever was.

Google’s dominance in all areas hurts many of us, consumers and business at the same time.

The search giant promotes its own Google Products pushing other businesses down on its page. This forces businesses & competitors to pay Google for his AdWords ($35 billion in 2011 revenue).

Approximately 75 percent of our clients was hurt by the Google rankings in January 2012 (we are Web Designers). Small businesses worldwide report they’re losing all income after they was disappeard from Google search.

Google began in 2011 with his Panda update, its most aggressive and controversial update probably ever conducted and it continues today.
SEO with backlinking strategy alone have been ended.
We believe that Google right now is designed to destroy SEO to generate paid ads from AdWords.

Yes folks, Google continue to mess up organic search and the Internet marketing industry.

And yes, right now Google has too much power.

What can we do?

We don’t know, but we have deleted all our gmail accounts and AdWord and no longer using any google services (not even the Chrome Browser).

Google has grown dramatically and the monopoly over all the internet searches and advertising is a problem now for all.

We have made Google big and Google need us! We don’t have to adapt to Google – It’s A Big Mistake – Google have to adapt to the consumer!

Google dangerous monopoly for all of us! Google is neither good for America nor for the Web ecosystem.

What is your opinion?


Wow Great
Happy to hear this info.

Send Free SMS and Earn $$$

Thanks for your information
Let me follow these strategy


somewhere in this post you mentioned “Look like they were made for Adsense”.
There are indeed themes that are made for Adsense like “heat map themes” . Would you advise avoiding these kind of themes?
Anyways glad your happy with Adsense cuz that ultimately will result in my happiness!


Confirm you have your Google Adsense back on all old sites? I did a check with adsense sandbox tool, but look like most of my sites are not showing ads. Is that mean those sites are permanently banned?

Culligan water softener

I’m so happy for you, it really very bad feeling when get banned by adsense
good luck


Hi there Spencer! Just recently found you here as I am pretty new to this.
If you´ve had your Adsense account banned and you plan to start another account with other information than you used for the first account (new site, new account holder…) and later put your new adsense code on your old page, what will happen to your keyword ranking on the old page?

After having your adsense account banned, will that affect your keyword ranking for the page that you had your adsense codes on?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this,
Thank you so much,
Loa 🙂


D*mn google adsense… banned people as their *ss want…
hopefully another adsense alternative can bring a good substitution to adsense income..


Hi Spencer;

I can’t find adsense ads anywhere on this site. did you get banned again??? Please share; am about to your method.

Spencer Haws

I never use Adsense on my blog here at My Adsense account is still alive and well…all used on OTHER sites.


recently my adsense account was disabled. My friend had another adsense account. So can i use this adsense account to my old sites(adsense disabled)?


Shall “WE” ban Google, and not use their search engine anymore?

Have a look at this:


did you use a different computer to log onto this new account because google had your old ip address? I am needing advice please email!

Spencer Haws

No. I used a different computer in a different location. (Laptop on free wifi somewhere). I never login to my adsense account unless I’m away or on someone elses computer.


Perhaps this is why my account was banned? I log in to check my account, but also log in to check my son’s account as well. None of our sites are connected and all account info is different. Only commonality is logging in from same IP address. Hmmm….


This is really crazy, Google recognize your through your IP and not your personal information.

A question about your blog post, you mentioned that you got approval from Google adsense after you started a new site with 10 new content.

What I have heard is that Google usually check your site, clicks and other information to qualify your first payment. So did you linked your account immediately to all your other sites after the approval, or did you waited until your new site got its first payment?

Spencer Haws

I may have waited until after my first payment – I think that’s what I did.

Samuel Jeffery

Welcome back to adsense. This post is really timely because I’m facing a dilemma right now with my account.


I did not receive any message that my adsense is blocked, but my adsense is not showing estimated figure/ earning for three days. i cant figure out what is wrong.


Do you think CTR Theme is too risky? Which themes do you recommend?

Love your blog. Thanks so much.

The Frugal Batavian

Could you feasibly do this with just a DBA and a EIN? Many months ago, I was shut down and was very surprised. I believe it was the creation of a new site that started getting traffic fast. I did not see any click bombs or anything, so I’m still a bit confused on how it happened. Since I am getting a new website soon with some good traffic stats, I wanted to get it back up. Hmm.

Ryan @ Trusted Site Seller

I worry about this every day and up to this point my account has been fine. It’s good to hear that you found success with a new account if anything ever happens to my account in the future.

I’m glad things worked out for you and I’m enjoying the blog.


I have read all comments, great that you have a new account!

I’m not native speaking US so I try to do my best..

What about this …

1. Some person or bot comes to your site
2. Bot opens code on your site and reads you pub-Id
3. Bot setsup localshoting site and uses your pub-id
4. Bot starts clickbombing you’r ads.

This is the first thing that came to mind. I might be wrong but I did ask in a facebook marketing group what will happen when someone misuses your pub-id code that everyone can find in the website source code?

They said it is no problem, no one can takeover your account.

No, but what I think is someone can maybe abuse your account id?

No idea what you think about my idea.

Oke now do we protect?

We can only protect the pub-id code if we install a plugin in WordPress that prevents viewing website source code.
I have no idea if this has a negative effect on SEO btw.

Sorry for my bad English en thanks for your GREAT tool! Still have to learn but will buy it.
Good luck with your sites and thanks again for this great site.



Hello Spencer, when you applied for a business acct., there is a field for contact name. Did you use your own name?


Hey Spencer, I’ve been reading your blogs all morning. I’m very curious to how you organize 200+ websites? It must be very time consuming updating content for them? Unless you use some sort of WordPress manager?

Tim Boyle

I just got dumped by Adsence April 16th 2013 Suprised when After a while your blog was a year old.I think if I cut back on the ads I’ll be OK next time around. I was using Adsence on 8 websites under 1 website name .I run 10 sites do you think with changes my other 9 would be safe or do they track every site you put ads
.Also my problem is I sell a teen product I see most of the time they spend less than 10 seconds on my sites probably less on an ad site.They use the internet like my Father used a Sears Catalog just flipping pages.
I remember when I started and Running ads when they hit 0.30 cents a click I wondered how can they charge that

benny H

This article was very helpful thanks a lot, I was just wondering how long you waited after you got approved before you started to add your old sites to the account. I was thinking of waiting 1 month before adding my old sites, do youthink thats neccessasry?

benny H

Ignore last message its funny, I just posted that today and after almost 2 months, I just got an email from google telling me they have reinstated my account as well as the money I had earned before it was disabled.
Actions I had taken where: I just kept sending appeals, not arguing, or taking a negtive tone, just pleading my case and ensuring I done everything to make sure my site was clean from anything that may upset google. I also expressed my (newfound) knowlege of adsense policies in the messages and included a transcription of Visitors to my site.The last message I had sent was almost 2 months ago, I had given up so Its a gret suprise and goes to show that they do make some sort of an effort to check appeals, or at least someone there does as all my other appeals where rejected. I sent about 4 appeals in total.Maybe I just got lucky but its worth a shot


can i use old bank account for check clearing cause in have deposited check in old bank account where my previously account disabled with that bank account any risk please help

Mike L

Thank you for the excellent info! I to need to back into adsense.



Thanks for the info, very useful and reassuring content here.

Did you clear your old Adsense code from the sites and let them permeate online for a little bit before making the code swap?


I’m very sorry about this. It happened to me as well, without a reason. We should STOP this. I made a petition today and please sign it and share it. This must be stopped!


Hi Spencer,
Good to hear that you were able to get a new adsense account, congratulations.

Can I use thesis theme for adsense. If not, could please recommend a theme. Also, is there a plugin that you recommend to prevent clickbombing.


congratulation to your new adsense account. i just want to know that when to apply for adsense..does traffic matters, impression or likes.

Spencer Haws

No, don’t think traffic matters.

Jesse Jokes

I was banned about 9momths ago and all hope is lost on that site. I want to open another site and reapply under a new business entity as you say.

My question is I have a Facebook page of about 100,000 likes and this is what I use in driving traffic to my old site and will also use it in driving traffic to the new site. Won’t google know when they see the same set of people visiting the old site is the same set visiting the new site?


Spencer Haws

I don’t think they are looking into things that deeply.


Congrats! This may have been answered, but I was wondering something. I have setup the LLC and going to apply for a new Adsense account now. I am setting it up as a Business account, but they ask for the contact name for the business. What did you put there?

Spencer Haws

If you can put someone elses name besides yourself, that would be ideal. Put your wifes name, friend, parents, or someone else that could be a “contact” (doesn’t have to be owner).



Like many others, I had my Adsense account closed by Google some time ago.

After reading through your posts, applying for a new account seems to be a good option to get back into Adsense.

What about reinstatement? Is there a process you can reapply to get your old account opened? Sorry if I missed that in your blog somewhere.

I’m trying to determine the right path to get back in.

Regards, Rich


Hi Spencer,

I have a doubt.

I had an LLC account banned.

Can I be the owner of this new LLC

Kirk Kirby

Hey Spencer,

Did you establish a separate bank account for the LLC? If so, which one did you do first? Make the LLC or the bank account? Or it doesn’t matter.


Kirk Kirby,

Spencer Haws

Yes. You have to have an LLC setup before you can open a bank account.


Hi Spencer,

If a have a LLC adsense acount banned .

Can i open a new LLC and return to adsense if i am owner of both?

In other words. Can i be the owner to This new LLC?

Spencer Haws

Yes. On the adsense account though, it just asks for a contact person, I would put someone else besides you.


Hi Spencer

When you re applied for Adsense using your LLC did you apply from the same IP address you were previously banned on?

Should I re apply at for instance a library or something because I know they have free Wi-Fi?

Spencer Haws

No, I did not use the same ip. Go to the library or other free wifi location.


Hello Spencer

If someone is banned and then re applies using their LLC should the physical addresses be different?

for example:

Mike william vs Global LLC
2141 N.50th st 2141 N 50th st
Chicago,Il 12345 Chicago,Il 12345

Spencer Haws

Yes, it should be different. Get a UPS box if you need to.


Sorry, my last post looks weird, it didn’t look that way before I posted it, here’s my repost:

If a person is banned, when re applying does their LLC address have to be different from their personal address they got banned under?

Mike william
2141 N.50th st
Chicago,Il 12345


Global LLC
2141 N 50th st
Chicago,Il 12345


Hi spencer, what adsense defense plugin are you using for your websites in 2014? Can you please provide url’s?



Hey, could you help me about backing my banned Adsense account please?


Hey Spence, I recently just got approved for adsense and now I’m a little scared of getting the ban hammer before I even get a good paycheck.

I made a 22 page niche site, using the Prosense theme.

The purpose of the site is to help people find a certain product. Its similar to your survival knife site only I dont use amazon. Im using an e-commerce sites affiliate network.

I’ve been using Pretty Link Lite set as 307 redirect no-follows to change the link structure from the ugly affiliate link to

I know you’ve used pretty link lite on this site, but you also dont use adsense here. I am just wondering if you think google would ban me for this link cloaking/masking/whatever its technically called? Or if its okay?


Spencer Haws

No, I don’t think so. However, be careful with the Prosense theme, its pretty agressive ad placement sometimes.


Hi Spencer,

This is a helpful article for me, I really appreciate you efforts 🙂


Hi Spencer,

Great article!

I would like to know if you had all your 200 sites under 1 Adsense account before you were banned, and now that you have created a new Adsense account and LLC, are all those 200 sites under the same new account ?

Does the number of sites matter in the Adsense account ?
Or is it due to other factors like high CTR that got ppl banned ?


Spencer Haws

No, I had multiple adsense accounts previously. Sites are again spread out on more than 1 account. I know others that have way more than 200 sites on one account that haven’t had issues.


hey Spencer,

I just recently got banned by adsense like you I was making 10-15k month on multiple sites. I had all my sites under 1 account.

you mentioned that you have multiple LLC’s now. how is that possible I thought you were allowed only one. I never checked I just assumed u were only allowed one. I live in Michigan.

How did you go about it. Did you open an LLC business account at different banks or did you have them all in one bank. For example, if you have 5 LLC’s did you open 5 different business accounts at 5 different banks.

Spencer Haws

You can have as many LLCs as you want. A LLC is a legal business entity. I have all of my LLCs at one bank – there is no reason you can’t do that. (I was a business banker in my previous life; lots of big businesses have several LLCs at one bank).


having multiple LLC’s won’t this screw up ur taxes? also did u have someone else create ur google accounts because you have to get it approved by phone i thought. i guess what i am asking is how can i get a google pva account myself without have to go to fiverr?

Spencer Haws

Get a temporary phone number for like $10. Rent a UPS box. Its a lot of work, but if you want a new account, that’s how I got it.


You can look for people who sells google pva accounts.
I got mine at $1 for each account.


what’s the best service to get a temporary phone number

Steve M.

Hey Spencer, interested in an update to this.

Is your new adsense account still up and running?

Thanks in advanced.

Spencer Haws

Yes, it is. Its been almost two years without any issue.

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