Podcast 16: The State of SEO and My Public Niche Site Project

By Spencer Haws |

A new podcast is here!

I felt like it was time that I sat behind the microphone and shared a few of my thoughts on the current state of SEO and my public niche site project.  In fact, as I look back at when I published my last podcast, its been over 4 months!  What I think you will find here are some motivational words to help you see how I view the world of Search Engine Optimization and more.

In addition, I cover a few topics in regards to my niche site project that I haven't mentioned previously on my blog yet.  So, its definitely worth a listen.  Here's is some of the information I cover in the podcast:

The State of SEO

Overall, I believe that the state of SEO is very good.   Meaning, I believe that now is just as good a time as any to build and rank niche websites in Google.

I share a couple of pieces of evidence to support this claim.  First, I think I've done a decent job showing that its very possible to build and rank a niche website with my survival knife site for my niche site project.  This is proof that you can type into Google and see for yourself, so you don't really have to take my word for it.

However, I often find myself looking to other companies when I want some extra motivation.  One such company that I check in on from time to time is Demand Media, Inc.  The company is publicly traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol DMD.

If you are not familiar with Demand Media, they own the websites:,,, and many others.  I often look to this company for inspiration because they are employing the exact same business strategy that I am for my business!  Yes, they own much larger websites and implement this strategy on a much larger scale, but at its core, the strategy is really the same.

Demand Media does lots of market and keyword research, and once they find a low competition keyword based on their own formula, they hire freelance writers to create an article on the topic.   Then the article gets posted on ehow. com where it gets free traffic from Google and makes money from Google Adsense or other contextual ads.

Sound familiar?

This is essentially what I do with my niche websites.

So, I get my inspiration when I look at their financials and see growth.  Below is a copy of their quarterly income statement:


You will see that they are clearly growing.  They had a net loss for the quarter ending Mar. 30th, 2012, but have since seen increasing net incomes for the next 3 quarters.  This is encouraging, because the 2011 and 2012 were shaky years for SEO with the Panda and Penguin Google updates.

So, clearly Demand Media has found a way to continue to grow after these updates.

And so have I.

My Public Niche Site Project

Despite some setbacks in 2011 and 2012 with all the Google changes (and my Google Adsense account mishap…and by the way I still have my new Adsense account open and all is well); I am seeing some real success in 2013.  In fact the last few sites that I've built have all reached page one of Google.

So, what does this mean?  To me it means that I've learned and improved my processes.  What I was doing in 2011 and even early 2012 does not work anymore.  This is exactly what Demand Media has done as well…we've shifted our tactics slightly.

If you are just starting out in the niche website business, I actually think you are lucky!  You can start doing things the right way and hopefully never experience some of the big penalties that have happened over the past couple of years.

On the podcast, I shared some of the traffic and earning numbers for the site.  The past few days I've been getting 500 unique visitors per day to my survival knife site!  This is huge.  Now obviously some of that is from my blog readers here, but how much is tough to quantify.

However, I AM selling lots of survival knifes, and I don't think that's coming from you :).  As of yesterday, I've made about $120 in Amazon Associates revenue for the month of April.  I hope to hit at least $250 for this month, and then $500 for the month of May.

Click to Enlarge

In order to increase the amount I'm making on the site I have 3 plans.  Rank higher.  Add more content.  Add an email list.

In fact, just yesterday I added an email opt-in form to the site to start collecting email addresses.  I currently have 4 emails that will go out in an auto-responder series that essentially drive people to different pages of my website.  So, once people are on my email list, I can drive them to individual knife reviews or my knife chart to get more clicks, and hopefully purchases.

However, I am also on the lookout for good survival related affiliate products.  I'm sure there are some good survival or emergency preparedness ebooks, but I haven't found the right one yet.  Once I do, I will be able to add this to my email marketing plan to further monetize my site.

Here's what my email opt-in form looks like (just a template provided by Aweber):


In addition, I plan on adding a Twitter page to gain some more followers.  Thanks to a strategy that I was recently reminded of by Cliff Ravenscraft of, I should be able to gain a decent following without too much work. Cliff discussed this strategy at the Social Media Marketing World conference which I attended last week in San Diego, CA.

In a nutshell, I am going to use Tweet Adder to automatically follow people on Twitter that are interested in the survival niche.  Tweet Adder is a tool that I have used in the past, and to be honest, works pretty well.  When you follow people, many of those people will follow you back.  So, if you follow enough people, you can build up a decent following.

This is how I gained an initial following on my Twitter page for, I used Tweet Adder.

I have nothing to lose by doing this with my survival knife site since I have NO Twitter following right now.  I'll provide updates on this once I get started.

Your Thoughts

Overall, the state of SEO is very good.   I'm doing well with my niche websites, and other companies including Demand Media are achieving record profits.

I've shared what's working for my niche site and what my plans are for the future.  The podcast below has even a few more details that I couldn't cover in the text here.

I would love to hear any comments or questions that you have below!

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes right here.

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Great post Spencer I look forward to getting more into it. Excited to see a new podcast . . . I like that you have been able to quickly build an authority brand that you can now extend into the social network. The survival knife site could quickly grow into a real brand and business.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Jon! This project has been fun and I agree that this “niche” site could turn into more of a brand in time…


I agree. It is great to hear a new podcast. It has been a long time.

I also think that being able to turn you niche site into an authority site is a great transition to make. At this point with you traffic and with the help of an auto responder it could help to increase your profit.

Do you think that your earnings via amazon are going to remain constant? It would be interesting to see a graph of how your profits have fluctuated over the last little while.

In terms of using tweet adder, it is a powerful tool. Following 500 people could be extreme, but if it is with an account that doesn’t have much value then it should be fine.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Iain! The profits are just on the rise. I don’t think I’ve peaked out yet, and certainly if I hit #1 in Google, the profits will increase. From what I can see, the earnings will remain constant at some point…but for now, they are growing.


It seems to me that as the big boys like Demand Media grow they will slowly squeeze out the small players like each of us. It will be impossible to compete with their resource levels.

Is this something I should be worried about?


Mark, I see your concern here and I think that it is one that is valid. However, I think that there is and always will be space for high quality sites regardless of the resources available to build the site or how many writers you have. A lot depends on what the search engines deem relevant but within any industry there is space for the small guy who knows how to keep their costs low etc. . .within my primary industry I operate a “small” business that is completely viable as my costs are much smaller and I can service a very detailed niche with very small costs compared to the larger company.

not sure if I am making sense, but small companies can compete within large industries against the biggest players if they are lean and provide a good product. Take VitaCocoa . . a niche competitor within the beverage industry . . . they are doing great fighting for shelve space with Coca Cola and DP.

Some of my VERY small sites rank above Live Strong because my content is far more accurate and appropriate. In reality most of the content on Live Strong and eHow is some what weak and within some industries even false. . .

I see your concern, but I think changes in search engine algorhythms are a much BIGGER threat to this industry than huge blog networks.

Spencer Haws

Mark, great question, and I think Jon has responded to it quite well. If we take a look specifically at, their goal is to write millions of articles on various topics. They might have an article on “best survival knife”, I’m not sure. But if they do, its just one article and is not likely to have an in-depth comparison chart and supporting articles. My one small “niche” site on survival knives is WAY more detailed and information rich than you could get on

So while they will rank for way more keywords on tons of different topics and make more money than me; I can pick my battles and outrank them for any given keyword all day long. In other words, because they are so big, they don’t have to focus as exclusively on certain niches like I do; they can dominate lots of them. But even solo-preneurs like us can outrank them with just a little bit of effort.

In other words, I think there is TONS of opportunity and always will be. Hope that makes sense.


Great post Spencer!

You definitely have a number of good plans in place. Can’t wait to see them executed.

I’ve wanted to ask for a while now, when you place the affiliate links here on the site, what plugin do you use to make the link look nice, for example it shows http://www.nichepursuits/aweber, then will redirect on its own?

Keep up the great work and updates!

Spencer Haws

I am using the WordPress Plugin called Pretty Links.


You mentioned in the podcast that you hired a camping/outdoor expert to make the content going forward.

When making these types of agreements are the terms based on a per article basis or do you hire them similar to what you’d do with a VA (for overall services as a whole)?

Spencer Haws

I’ve hired him on a per article basis. In fact, my initial job is for about 10 articles (with an agreed upon rate/article). Once he delivers those, we’ll agree on future articles. Could be 10 more, or 20 more, or 50 more…we’ll see.


Hey Spencer,

I’ve been looking forward to your podcast, great update! Also your project niche site is coming along very nicely.

You mention that your ranking of your project niche site could be related to the length of time a visitor stays on your site.

This got me thinking and going to test this out myself on one of my niche site that is currently at the bottom of page 1. I’ll probably add a review style table like your niche site since I have a similar site.

BTW during your keyword research for your project site, what was the keyword competitiveness?

Spencer Haws

I show my original analysis on video for selecting my keyword here: The KC was a 29 when I first researched.

Scott Voelker

Hey Spencer,

Great Post!

I had a question on the strategy for Tweet Adder or whatever it was called 🙂 I’m interested in adding a twitter page and would be interested in this technique to get the ball rolling.




Hey Spencer- Great going.. Seeing you succeed is added motivation for all of us.


Thanks for the update spencer! I really think that competition, wherever it comes from, helps everyone provide better and more relevant content.
It makes sense that the “big guys” like ehow and livestrong won’t have the depth that solo-preneurs will have. Good news for us, right?!

Spencer Haws

Yes, it is good news for us! Thanks Walter!

Matthew Allen

I’m stoked that you’ve finally come out with another podcast! Can’t wait to listen today while at my day job.

I agree that the state of SEO is good – and believe that it always will be. Optimizing for the search engines will always be around. It’s just a matter of rolling with the changes and adjusting accordingly as you have.


Nice podcast Spencer and well researched.

Instead of bothering with Clickbank why not sell your own product?



Spencer Haws

That’s certainly an idea, but before I put all the effort into creating something on my own, it would be nice to test out what converts better with affiliate products. Then perhaps down the road I could create something on my own.


Great post Spencer!

Inspiring as usual 😉
Happy to see you are doing well with the niche site. Thank you again for your noble gesture on my LTP account. Not so many people like you anymore.


Spencer Haws

Thanks Paul!


I’ve noticed that since Penguin it is harder to rank for certain “buying keywords”, since Google has become careful about only ranking eCommerce sites for certain kw’s.

For example, “Survival Knife KXZ” may only have a 21 on Long Tail Pro, but all of the top-10 results are ECommerce. So our niche site needs to instead rank for “Best Survival Knife For Fighting Grizzley Bears” or “Survival Knife KXZ Reviews”

Bottom line, I’m finding that it is better to shoot for “review-specific words”. Just a thought.

That said, I’m using LTP to find a ton of KW’s that I can rank for in under 2 weeks. It’s pretty sick, dude.

Great Podcast! Can’t wait for the next one! Really love all of the social tips. Think I will check out TweetAdder.

I really hope that you start on a second, secret site to supplement this project. That way if the blackhatters tank you, there will be a backup one you can move your fans to.

Also, what about some video reviews? I hear those things are bulletproof this year.

Ok. I’ll quit spamming your wall. Good stuff, man!

Spencer Haws

Yes, I’ve mentioned before that I believe if ecommerce sites are dominating the top 10, you should avoid that keyword. Google ranks ecommerce sites higher even if they have low page links/page authority, etc.

Yes, videos reviews would be good. I actually did buy 2 survival knives, so I could do that…

Goran Gligorin

I’m having this exact problem with all the potential keywords I find. They seem great when you loot at PR, Links, PA, DA and other stats, but then you go to site what kind of a site it is, they’re all pretty much ecommerce sites.

This got me wondering how you found an information keyword. Did you put the ‘best’ in front of ‘survival knife’ yourself or was it just one of the suggested keywords by LTP/Google Keyword Tool? Can you maybe provide some more prefixes and suffixes that indicate informational keywords? What I’ve got now are ‘best’, ‘review’ and ‘guide’, but I’m a beginner and english is no my first language.



That works pretty good for me. Just keep trying different adjectives.

I also try “Best knife for” and just throw that in. Google’s KW Tool often spits cool stuff back when you add a “for” on the end.

Goran Gligorin

I haven’t thought about ‘for’, I’ll certainly give it a try.

I used ‘best’ on a couple of keywords that were ecommerce dominated, and it seems to be working very well. Google likes to suggest information keywords back as well.

I also noticed that there is no real correlation between how much searches an ecommerce keyword has on its own and after you add an informational adjective. In fact that goes for any adjective. ‘best knife’ is far less searched for as ‘best survival knife’.

Spencer Haws

No, this was just returned by Long Tail Pro. However, you could certainly add words like best, review, top, or others.

Toni Rizzuto

Hi Spencer

Great to have you back on a podcast and hope it will be a regular thing again going forwards, it really adds value to your brand.

Quick question – do you think that given all the Google changes in the last year and on an ongoing basis focusing more on quality content etc do you still think ecommerce sites outrank content sites that also sell a product.

For example if suddenly ecommerce sites invaded the survival knife market do you think your site would stay where it is or drop down the rankings?



Spencer Haws

There already are lots of ecommerce sites selling survival knives. However, the term “best survival knife” is more of a review type term, so people (and therefore) Google are looking for review type websites.

Chris B

Hey Spencer,

Another great post 🙂 and i for one know that SEO will NEVER be dead!

It’s just another sales tactic by the so called gurus to get people to buy their latest products!

The only way for SEO to stop is if someone cuts the cord of the internet all together!

Yikes life would be tough then!!

(Reply to Mark also) As the late Margaret Thatcher (Prime Minister of Great Britain) wisely stated:

“People think that at the top there isn’t much room. They tend to think of it as an Everest. My message is that there is tons of room at the top.” ~ Margaret Thatcher

Two great books that I am reading right now are really inspiring and all though not to do with SEO, they both prove that just taking action is the key element to all great successes.

Funnily enough one book is called “The Longer Tail” by Chris Anderson. The other is called “The $100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau. (unfortunate surname as sounds like gullible!) lol

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you Spencer and all the brilliant people in the Action Takers community that make things happen. 😀

Keep up the AWESOME work and posts too 🙂

P.s. Still finding ridiculously low competition keywords with great search volume and profitability thanks to your Long Tail Pro tool 😀

Worried that I had a faulty copy at first! But alas it really does blinking work!!!

Keep being AWESOME Spencer 😀

Thanks a Million 😀

Chris B 😀

Spencer Haws

Thank you Chris! That’s an awesome quote by Margaret Thatcher and I think is a great answer to Mark’s question. Also, I’ve read the book the Long Tail by Chris Anderson…and to be honest his original article of the same name in wired magazine along with the book have had a BIG impact on how I thought about things…especially search engines. Well worth the read.

Glad you are loving Long Tail Pro…thanks!

Secret To Niche Sites Success

Great post as always. I have your podcast in my queue to listen to later today, Im looking forward to it.

Kind of a sidebar question, but still related to your SEO topic… how do you think Big G closing their affiliate network will affect niche sites and affiliate product sites?

Keep up the great work.

Spencer Haws

The google adsense program is much bigger than their affiliate network, so I think the impact will be minimal if any. There are lots of other ways to monetize sites.

Don Shelton

Always appreciate the real life examples (though, as you say, it’s difficult to say how much traffic/clicking is coming over from here). I see mailing lists working great of course for sites like nichepursuits which have active readers looking to learn and are interested in coming back for new material. I’m not so sure how that works for something in the micro niche style where there isn’t going to be much new to say (to use the Adsense, er, now Empire Flippers example – how much can you say new about palm tree stabilizers that merits a mailing list?). The knife reviews to me fall somewhere in the middle, and I’ll be interested to see how that works for you.

Spencer Haws

Don, I think you need to take a bigger picture approach to niche sites – in regards to mailing lists. Just because people originally found my site searching for survival knives, doesn’t mean I can’t discuss every topic under the sun regarding wilderness survival, survival gear, emergency preparedness, and more. The niche is huge.

Don Shelton

Spencer, I agree on the survival knife top that there is potential in mailing lists; not as sure on typical micro niche sites. On the palm tree stabilizers example, could certainly do general information on palm tree maintenance, but if the site’s ultimate potential is only probably $10-$50 a month in Adsense, maybe not a mailing list candidate (?). BTW, what plugin are you using for the data table? Much appreciated.

Spencer Haws

Even if your site is about palm tree stabalizers, you could probably move into tree care or possibly even garden care in general for a mailing list. You don’t have to limit yourself to one topic. TablePress plugin.

Tung Tran

Hi Spencer,

Do you have any idea on tracking clicks on Amazon links?

I’m finding a way to do that as amazon doesn’t allow cloaking on amazon links

I’m trying Visual Website Optimizer now but it’s costly.


Spencer Haws

I am not tracking my links right now; so I don’t have any ideas there. Perhaps I’ll have to go back and change things up.


Hey Spencer,

Nice, clear podcast.

An article idea for your Survival Knife website is “surviving zombie apocalypse”. This may have been mentioned already. I have not searched for it, but my guess is that it would be a popular phrase. Full disclosure- I am a huge fan of Walking Dead.

Fantastic stuff. Keep it up!


Spencer Haws

Hey Roger, you are right. Actually I’ve seen a good number of searches for zombie apocalype survival stuff. However, the niches are totally different in my opinion. People searching for survival knives are a bit more serious are really want a good hunting/camping/survival knife. Searching for zombie apocalypse survival is something different.

Casey Dennison

Great podcast Spencer! And to think, you just built this site a couple months ago…win!


Great podcast, Spencer. It’s always good to hear someone else’s take on the state of SEO.

I actually used to write for Demand Media back in the day (for It’s amazing that they’ve been able to bounce back after Panda absolutely destroyed them. They actually laid off 90% of their writing staff after that update.

But like anyone in SEO (and they’re still very reliant on SEO), you gotta roll with the punches : ).

Spencer Haws

Very interesting that you used to work for them. I think that’s what we have to realize is that their quality of content is not any better than what we can produce (or hire to produce). They have no advantage there.


Be aware of Tweet Adder. If you follow to aggressively, and your following/followers ratio is too skewed, you get banned by Twitter. I suggest you follow max 100 per day and set unfollow to a 100 as well. Then you should be fine. If you have way more followers than you following you can crank it up to following 200 per day 🙂

Spencer Haws

Good point Rene; I also meant to mention that 500/day is a bit much.

John J. Ziemba

Thx for another great podcast. The amount of information you provide is amazing.

I didn’t even know there was such a thing as TweetAdder. I have put it on my ToDo list.

I also have to say that I’ve been following your podcasts and blogs and have learned a great deal. I used to subscribe to a knowledge-based training site that can best be described as NearlyPureCaCa, that presented outdated and often wrong information from an internet marketing guy whose own copy was full or errors and typos.

I was about to buy Market Samurai, but after watching your demos on LTP, I’m convinced that it’s a far superior product. One of the reasons is that you built it to suit your needs as a niche marketer and can identify with the struggles other niche folks like me have.. So I’ll be picking up LTP on Monday next.

I have built 6 niche sits and I regret to say that they have not been greatly successful. I do like your candor when you admitted that you stumbled along for a couple years now knowing what you were doing before investi9ng another two years learning what works. Well, I’m there now. I plan to use LTP to help resurrect a couple of my sites that are now DOA and to breathe some life into a couple that seem to be just meandering along. I don’t think it was anything of a coincidence that I found your site. Of course, if I had found it SOONER I would have been farther along. But…

So here me, buddy, I like your what-you-see-is-what-you-get style of presentation and sharing. I like that you’ve climbed out of the trenches and are willing to share information that helped oyu succeed so we can learned from your experience. That makes you unique in terms of the mega hype that floats around from various “gurus” who always have the latest, greatest, best solution for X number of dollars. It’s obvious after reading your stuff, that these “gurus” really don’t know what they are doing, and teach what sounds good but not be the same processes they use.

So, I’m a hard core fan and follower. Thx again.

Spencer Haws

Thanks John, I appreciate the kind words. I really do try to just share what I’ve learned…and I really DO practice what I preach so to say. Unfortunately, I do think there are lots of others out there trying to teach tactics that worked years ago, but haven’t actually built a site themselves for years.


I can’t help but be turned off by a business model that is entirely impacted by the whims of Google.

Just going from place #1 to #2 with one of my articles has halved my affiliate income (more to follow on that in the future over at my home on the Internet, by the way).

I’m hoping I can just keep writing, do some basic keyword research for my site entries, and things will work out.

I’m probably delusional.

Spencer Haws

Mike, this business isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. That’s one reason I’m building an email list and twitter following…its good to leverage other traffic sources as well.


Hi Spencer,

I’m new to the game (last two months) and I’ve had that “I’m lucky to get in after the updates” thought as well.

Two Questions:

I am getting a couple websites to rank on the second page with in a few weeks of completed them (with not much link building at all). Does this mean Google likes them? How do I get that extra bump and get to the front page? Extra content?

How long does it take you to know if a fully built site (20 articles) will rank in Google? Two weeks? A month? More?

Thanks and I’m a big user of LTP and the Niche Theme.


Spencer Haws

Getting on the second page after just a few weeks is pretty quick. I would just continue to build content and some basic links to the site. I would give it a couple of months and hopefully you’ll reach page 1 by then. I usually give a site 90 days before I worry too much about whether its a “winner” or not.


Hi Spencer,

In your podcast you mentioned you’re outsourcing your link building. Would you be willing to share where / how you went about it and what kind of link building tasks they typically do for you?

I’m a huge fan, keep up the great work!
– Eric

Spencer Haws

I used, but there are many other services that you can use as well.


500+ uniques. Unbelievable! Well done.

I manage to get 5 – 10 uniques per day 😀 My website doesn’t want to rank for my keyword. Website has top content and still .. It probably has to do with content and linkbuilding.

I know I did the keyword research properly.

Great podcast Spencer.

Joe Norton

Good podcast. I’m happy to see someone else agrees with me that the sky is not falling. I think SEO is maturing, and changing, but definitely not ending. Not for the foreseeable future.

Interesting about the tweet adder, this is something I will definitely look into. I need something like this. Manual twitter is difficult, especially when handling multiple projects.

Spencer Haws

Yes, seo is maturing, and will continue to do so…it will always evolve.


Great podcast, seo will be not dead!

Codrut Turcanu

hey Spencer,

I like the podcast, as well as the latest niche site experiment posts. I learned new things about your keyword research methods and how you analyze the top 10 Google results

The fact you got those ranks yourself, that got me re-consider and re-start my niche blogs… so I’ve bought LTP last week, and already found a few nice key terms.

Here are some q’s for you maybe you could help further

1. Do you think mass link-building is something which is going to penalize your site all together?

2. Do you think directory submissions and blog commenting alone can rank a site on page #1 or there’s something else required in the mix like guest posting?

3. What do you think about naked/brand link building where you include the http:// instead of anchor text? Is it a reliable factor for getting traffic?

Thanks in advance

Spencer Haws

1. Very possibly. I would avoid.
2. Sure; but it all depends on the keyword. With the right keyword, you might not need any link building.
3. I think its a good idea to mix up anchor text like this.


Hi Spencer,
That was a great podcast. You should do that more often.



I’ve been really enjoying following your adventure. It’s really a great “I say therefore I do”.

It was kind of bittersweet for me that the site ranked so fast. Because on one hand it was great, and showed how well your techniques worked, but on the other hand it took away the chance to show how to properly backlink/do SEO.

I think aside from the content, this is the other area that a lot of old/ineffective methods are being taught.

Is there a way you would be able to demonstrate this or dedicate a post to?

Would really appreciate something like this.

Spencer Haws

I’m not quite sure what you are asking. I did dedicate a post to link building already. I’ve done basically what I said in my post here: I will do a follow up post though and explain all the link building I’ve done in more detail.


Looks like Long Tail Pro is showing you’re at #1. That should mean more visits and clicks.

Spencer Haws

Yes, I saw it hit number one as well! I think its bouncing between #1 and #2 right now. But yesterday was the highest traffic day the site has had.

John Gibb


Mate, congrats for everything you’re doing here on NP site, and as well as for the niche blog. It really sounds like you’re helping buyers make a well informed decision.

Do you feel like writing great comparison-style posts is the way to go with niche sites? I mean the answer is obvious, but can you show us any stats like bounce rate and the time spent on the site?

I really think your comparison chart is making people not just click on the Amazon links, but also browse through other pages, thus increasing your page views metrics…

Maybe you have a minute to share some stats with us, or in another post. It’d be nice to see traffic stats breakdown, earnings, and spendings… like a complete overview of what you’re doing with the site each month

Sounds good? 🙂

Spencer Haws

Yes, I’ll give a much more in depth monthly report in another week or so with all those stats.

puls online

I think i will make website with niche bussiness next day based on your suggestion 😉 Twitter also help, now over 300 visitors daily on my website. Thanks Spencer.


I read your site I feel a lot of oh.I come from China, My name is zhongjun I am doing is the English station, site The keywords flashing gloves, led gloves, flashing pins, and so on.But if ranking is no IP.Do not know why, Spencer Haws help me analyze it? Thank you very much.And I link: + your knife that site does not seem anti-chain.Do not know what causes it.


Hi Spencer,
Great podcast. I dowloaded 6 of them via itunes. You give great value. I own LTP, but not the platinum. I’m definitely going to buy this once I check out your course.

Can you use XSite Pro rather than WordPress?
Also, if your goal is $500/mth per site, then what portion of that do you intend to use for outsourcing?

I have found couple of niches and will start on one of them soon.

Looking forward to more stuff from you. All the best.


Hi Spencer,

For on page SEO do you follow any guide for how you set

your pages up? I see a lot of different view points in this area

I would like to know what you do.


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