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By Peter Karanja |

Welcome to my detailed legendary marketer review.

I first heard about Legendary Marketer in 2020 when searching for how to make money online.

Most of the concerns people had then, and still have now, is that Legendary Marketer looks like the same old MLM scams that pop up every once in a while.

So, is Legendary Marketer a scam? What products do they offer? Is it worth it?

Join me as I answer all these questions based on the reviews this program has received so far.

Join Legendary Marketer
  • Ease of Use - 80
  • Stability - 60
  • Customer Service - 60
  • Price - 65


Legendary Marketer is an online training program for online businesses which includes affiliate marketing, coaching, consultancy, digital products, events, and masterminds. However, the pricing for some products is too high, and there are controversies arising from past businesses that Dave Sharpe was a part of.


  • Some products are reasonably priced
  • Awesome affiliate program
  • You get to learn from some of the best entrepreneurs


  • Too many expensive upsells
  • You have to buy some of the products to promote them as an affiliate
  • They don't teach SEO
  • Some products are too expensive
  • Little to no information from actual graduates from the program

Legendary Marketer Review – What Is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is an online training platform for making money online.

These courses are packaged into:

Legendary Marketer was started by David Sharpe, a renowned digital marketer. Before starting Legendary Marketer, David Sharpe had built about three other multi-million dollar businesses.

As a result, he decided to start Legendary Marketer to share what he had learned when building online businesses. It has since grown to become one of the most popular online marketing courses.

Practicing what he teaches means you’ll be duplicating his method on your business, a concept he calls “Duplicate Dave.”

Now, I know some of the popularity is due to the affiliate program, where marketers promote it to earn a commission.

But much of its popularity results from its pricing.

While some courses cost up to $10,000, some courses cost as low as $1.99 and $7, which will be enough to teach you all you need to know about making money online.

Legendary Marketer Review – Products

Now that we know what Legendary Marketer is and what it does, let's review some of its products. Later on, I'll describe their affiliate program and how much you can earn.

Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook ($1.99)

LEgendary Marketer Review - Products

I know this is more of a lead magnet, but you get so much value in this $2 eBook – almost as much value as you would get from a book worth $100 or more.

As the name suggests, this eBook will give you access to David Sharpe's affiliate marketing process.

He states that if he were to start again, he would start a high-ticket affiliate marketing business, and this eBook teaches you how exactly he would do it. This includes:

Better yet, you also get one one-on-one consultation with a qualified advisor. You’ll also be invited to an exclusive Facebook group where you can learn from other Legendary Marketers. That’s not all.

You’ll also have free access to the 15-day Legendary Builder challenge (more on this later), which costs $7.

They’ll try to upsell you to purchase their more expensive products within the eBook, but those aren’t necessary for now. You will actually get everything you need to get started from this 90-page book.

15 Day Business Builder Challenge ($7)

If you think you won't get much value from the eBook, or want to expand your knowledge without spending much, then you should enroll in the 15 Day Business Builder challenge.

That's right. Dave Sharpe promises to teach you all about building an online business in 15 days. But you can go through the videos in a week or a month if you'd like.

This course comes in the form of pre-recorded videos of Dave himself. The videos are locked, and you can only watch the next one after completing the previous one.

After every video, there are quizzes that you must pass to unlock the next video. They do this to make sure you don't jump from the first one to the 7th one. That's because, by doing that, you may not grasp the concept as expected.

So, what exactly do these videos teach?

As you can see, this is the most value you can get for just $7. And as I mentioned earlier, you can also get it for $1.99 if you choose to buy the Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook.

Copywriter’s Playbook ($1)

This is an eBook designed to make you a better copywriter.

Copywriting is one of the most dynamic skills. What works today may not work next year. And what works for one product may not work for another product.

Nevertheless, this eBook contains all the information you'll need to write copy for any product.

It comprises:

This Playbook also comes with the following bonuses:

You get all this for just $1. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it doesn’t hurt to try it.

15-Second Free Leads ($1)

LEgendary Marketer Review - Products

TikTok is one of the fastest-rising social media networks. However, most people only used it to record and share funny videos until some marketers realized that it's actually an untapped source of leads.

After trying it for some time, Dave Sharpe collaborated with Jake Thornhill, Mark Steinman, Jonathan Montoya, Don Bavaro, and Matt Heltzel to teach you how to leverage TikTok for affiliate marketing by generating content ideas and creating 15-second videos.

Like most of the other low-priced products, you also get bonuses such as access to the 15-day challenge and templates.

Legendary Marketer’s Club ($30 per month)

Now, this is where things get exciting and slightly more expensive. Also dubbed as the “Netflix of market training,” the Legendary Marketer's club is a subscription service that consists of videos, interviews, and webinars about marketing.

Some of the notable people you'll learn from include Dave Sharpe, Nathan Lucas, and former Shark Tank investor Kevin Harrington.

For instance, Nathan will show you how he grew his YouTube channel from scratch to 250,000 subscribers.

Webinars and Q&A sessions are held weekly by Legendary Marketer’s CMO and other members of the LM team, such as Matt HeltzelThose give you a chance to ask questions and get instant feedback.

All this makes the $30 per month or $179 annually seem like a steal.

Better yet, if you purchase any of the other products I've mentioned so far, you might get a discount on the subscription service.

Traffic University ($1497)

As the name suggests, this course is designed to help you master the art of generating traffic, mainly through paid ads. Not that organic traffic, YouTube, or free traffic sources are ineffective, but paid traffic is known for faster returns.

However, it's not that easy. And when you do it wrong, you end up spending thousands of dollars without making any sales.

Traffic University is a compilation of nine courses comprising:

Unlike the other courses, Traffic University costs $1500, which is quite expensive. If your business is already making thousands of dollars every month, then you can consider this course to improve your ad campaigns.

But if you’re just a beginner, I think $1500 is too much to spend. It’s best to start with the cheaper products and implement what you learn.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2500)

Passive income is one of the most sought-after business models in the digital age. I mean, who wouldn’t love to make money when asleep or on vacation?

And one of the ways to achieve that is through affiliate marketing, where you promote other people’s products and earn a commission.

The Affiliate Business Blueprint promises to teach you all you need to know about affiliate marketing, including:

The only downside of this course is it costs $2500.

While it helps to learn from people who have had a lot of success in this industry, the price is too steep considering you can get started with affiliate marketing for free using YouTube videos.

Plus, there are courses that go for less than $1,000 that will teach you the same concepts.

Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2500)

Selling a digital product is one of the high-income business models that Dave Sharpe highly recommends. Unlike physical products, where you must factor in staff, a strategic location, warehouses, logistics, and other factors, digital products present an easier route.

With just a laptop and internet, you can package a course about a hobby or a skill you have and sell it for thousands of dollars. You won't have to worry about it getting depleted, shipping costs, and any other issues that face physical products.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds.

You need to learn how to find out:

And that’s where the Legendary Marketer’s Business Blueprint comes in.

It teaches you the whole process of turning your passion into a fully-packaged course.

Again, the price is a bit intimidating. But if the testimonials are anything to go by, it's worth a try.

Coaching and Consulting Blueprint ($2500)

LEgendary Marketer Review - Products

Coaching and consultancy are rapidly gaining popularity as people move away from consuming information to learning from the industry experts themselves.

However, since there are so many coaches out there, it becomes difficult to find a legitimate coach. If you've thought of venturing into this line of business but that it was too saturated, then think again.

The world could always use more trainers who are willing to share their knowledge. Legendary Marketer can help you realize that dream through the Coaching and Consulting Blueprint.

Plus, coaching and consulting are very lucrative, more lucrative than affiliate marketing and selling digital products.

And no, you won't have to find an expensive office. You can start with a simple website and hire remote freelancers to deal with the various aspects of the business.

This course teaches you how to find your niche, package it, and deliver it to your clients.

Events and Mastermind Business Blueprint ($2500)

LEgendary Marketer Review - Products

Events and meetups still play a significant role in the digital world. It's human nature to meet up, share knowledge, and network.

This explains why people will travel to conferences and new product releases while they could just attend it live through webinar software like Zoom.

Legendary Marketer acknowledges this. That's why they introduced a course that teaches how you organize these events and even make money from them.

You can even offer event organizing as a service. By doing this, you get to make money and help your clients organize successful launches.

Legendary Marketer Mastermind

If you're still doubting if Legendary Marketer is legit, here's a chance to meet them in person.

Legendary Marketer Mastermind is in-person live training. There, you meet Dave Sharpe and his team and learn more about online businesses.

There isn't much information available from anyone who has attended these events except for what's on their website. So we'll have to take their word for it.

They also don't indicate a price. All you do is apply, and they'll get back to you about the venue and what to expect.

Private Client Coaching Program with Dave Sharpe

This is another chance to meet Dave Sharpe and his team in person. As a matter of fact, this program allows you to make Dave Sharpe your CMO for a year.

Upon signing up, you’ll receive a welcome call from Dave and his team, where you discuss the way forward.

Then, during the course of the program, Dave and his team will guide you on your ad campaigns and other aspects of your online business.

You’ll also join the Legendary Marketer Mastermind I mentioned above. Instead of just reading an eBook or taking a course, you’ll have the whole Legendary Marketer team immersed in your business. This program is also offered on an application basis.

Who Is Legendary Marketer For?

Legendary Marketer contains relevant information for beginners and intermediates in building online businesses. When researching, sometimes you come across too much information, some of which contradicts each other.

And we all know information overload can prevent you from ever taking any action towards building your business.

Legendary Marketer:

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Now that you know the products they offer, let's look at how you can benefit from them as an affiliate marketer.

Legendary Marketer offers two versions of an affiliate program. They include:

Here are the compensation plans for each of the courses:

  • Subscriptions – Up to 60%
  • Courses – Up to 40%
  • Masterminds and Coaching – Up to 30%

Considering the cheapest product is the $30 per month subscription, and the other products cost more than $1,000, I’d say these affiliate commission rates are quite impressive.

Here is how much you can expect to earn when in the Basic plan and Pro plan for each product:

You also get marketing tools and skills to generate traffic.

Better yet, to keep their affiliates motivated, Legendary Marketer also offers bonuses and gifts once you hit a milestone. They are categorized as follows:

Legendary Marketer Review – Cons

Now let’s look at some of the complaints people have about Legendary Marketer.

It Does Look Like an MLM

Even though Legendary Marketer is not exactly an MLM, the website, some promotion methods, and some parts of the business model make it look like an MLM.

Like most MLMs, Legendary Marketer is more focused on getting more people to purchase their products. That’s why you’ll find that most of the information you’ll find is actually from their affiliates.

While they don't state it on their affiliate page, it appears that you have to purchase a product to promote it. MLMs work similarly where one has to achieve a particular milestone to start making money.

That also makes it quite expensive since you have to invest between $2500 and $4500 if you want to earn a considerable income, and there’s no guarantee you’ll earn your money back.

While this maintains the quality of their affiliates, it locks out many people who would want to promote their products.

Too Many Expensive Upsells

Once you purchase any of the lower-priced products, you'll constantly get bombarded with the more expensive product upsells, which makes it quite annoying.

Not to mention, even as an affiliate, you still have to pay $30 to unlock higher commissions.

It’s Not Available in Most Countries

This is one of the most significant deal-breakers. Legendary Marketer is not available in 100 countries. If you're in any of these countries, you can't buy their products, and you can't join them as an affiliate.

It becomes worse for you as an affiliate since if anyone from these countries lands on your content, it will be a total waste since they can’t complete the sale for you to earn a commission.

They Don't Teach SEO

Legendary Marketer primarily trains on paid traffic. Most of the tools they provide for promoting their products are focused on paid traffic.

While this kind of traffic has faster returns, it's more expensive and needs a wide range of skills.

Organic traffic is more sustainable in the long run, and you can leverage both types of traffic to earn more.

Considering how expensive their courses are, it's a little disappointing that they didn't include anything related to SEO.

Scarce Information from Actual Students

When researching the legitimacy of a product, some of the sites I go to are Trustpilot and Reddit.

It’s surprising that I only found one Legendary Marketer review on Trustpilot. Here's what the reviewer had to say:

LEgendary Marketer Review

He seems to have experienced some success from the Legendary Marketers Club, but he had to rely on free traffic. As I mentioned earlier, paid traffic is expensive and not the best for a beginner.

However, I did come across a couple of threads on Reddit, but they expressed the same concerns I’ve mentioned above: joining LM is expensive, it’s more focused on creating affiliates for their courses, and they’re inclined to one traffic source.

Legendary Marketer Review – Pros

Despite the controversies, here are some of the reasons I think you should consider at least one of the courses from LM.

They Know What They’re Doing

When it comes to building online businesses, Dave Sharpe really knows his stuff. You can tell from the landing pages, videos, and how he packages the courses.

Spending a few minutes on the website shows that he knows what he's doing. This helps him build trust among prospects.

Some Products Are Reasonably Priced

Don’t let high-ticket products make you dismiss LM. You can get started with the cheaper products, and you'll have all you need to start your business. The high-ticket products can come later.

For instance, the 15-Day Business Builder challenge is packed with information about various types of online businesses and how to get started.

The copywriting eBook has most of the info you'll need to run your ads. Additionally, the 15-Second Free Leads program includes all you need to generate traffic and sales on TikTok.

The Legendary Marketer’s Club is great since they hold a weekly live event. Considering how fast the digital world changes, these webinars can help you stay updated with the trends for just $30 a month or $179 per year.

The Affiliate Program

Joining a program for the sole purpose of promoting it is not always the best approach. That’s why I think having to buy the product so you can promote it makes sense to some extent.

Think about it. If they allowed anyone to promote their products, this would dilute the affiliates’ pool.

But LM gives you a chance to learn the course materials and use the same knowledge to build your affiliate marketing business to sell the same product if you choose to do so.

Most affiliates who used this approach, like the one in this video, were quite successful. The commission rates are also pretty great.

Is Legendary Marketer A Scam?

No, Legendary Marketer is as legit as they come.

There are controversies surrounding Legendary Marketer, which stem from Empower Network, a business started by Dave Sharpe and David Wood.

Empower Network was a blogging community that offered training products for blogging and affiliate marketing.

However, it later turned into an MLM since, as it turns out, they never really offered any products.

Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that everything went downhill after Dave Sharpe had stepped down. The products offered didn’t really make sense, and it didn’t take long before it was declared bankrupt.

Legendary Marketer isn't an MLM, and it's an entirely different program compared to Empower Network.

Legendary Marketer is a single-level affiliate compensation model where you earn by promoting the courses or affiliate programs.

However, they make it sound easier than it is. In general, affiliate marketing takes time and skills, and there's never any guarantee of how much you can earn.

Other than that, you can trust Legendary Marketer and Dave Sharpe.

Legendary Marketer Alternatives

If you want to compare the prices and features with other similar products, here are some of the best Legendary Marketer alternatives you can check out.

Income School's Project 24

As I mentioned earlier, Legendary Marketer is more inclined to paid traffic.

If you want to focus on SEO and gaining organic traffic, you're better off with Income School's Project 24.

Income School was started by Rick and Jim, and their YouTube channel is one of the best resources for learning blogging, content writing, affiliate marketing, and turning those things into a full-time income. However, Jim later left Income School to focus on personal projects.

Unlike Legendary Marketer, they offer lots of this information for free. Project 24, though, is an in-depth course that will guide you from creating your first blog to making a full-time income in 24 months or less.

They will guide you in:

Two years may seem like a long time compared to the paid traffic approach. Still, SEO takes time, and if you write the content yourself, you save a lot of money in the process.

How about the pricing? Income School costs $499 for a year.

After that, you can evaluate the results.

If you want to continue, you’ll pay $249 for every extra year.

This is cheaper, has a reasonable timeframe, and there’s a large community of graduates and people who’ve succeeded using Income School’s strategies you can reach out to.

Check Out Income School's Project 24

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate claims to be one of the best places to learn affiliate marketing.

We take a closer look at whether or not that statement is true in our detailed Wealthy Affiliate Review.

To summarize that review, we confirmed that Wealthy Affiliate is not great, but not a scam.

It does have some detailed training modules that teach you how to earn money promoting other affiliate products or by promoting Wealthy Affiliate itself.

When compared to Legendary Marketer, Wealthy Affiliate is also reasonably priced. Their plans include:

Authority Site System 3.0

Authority Site System 3.0 was built by Gael Braeton and Mark Webster, the people behind the Authority Hacker website. We have an Authority Site System review you can check out as well.

Through their website and YouTube channel, they teach people the best SEO practices that can help build authority websites.

These are sites that have gained the trust of search engines, users, and other websites.

While they offer a lot of free information, the Authority Site System 3.0 takes a more hands-on approach. They'll guide you from scratch until you are a successful affiliate and your authority site is up and running.

Some of the skills they teach in detail include:

Compared to Legendary Marketer, the Authority Site System 3.0 provides all relevant information in one package for a relatively cheaper price ($997 one-time fee).

There are no upsells, and you'll be learning from some of the most trusted people in the niche site-building world.

Check Out Authority Site System 3.0

Legendary Marketer Review: Conclusion

And there you have it. When writing this Legendary Marketer Review, I did my best to sift through the information and reviews available.

Is it legitimate? Yes.

Should you join it? You can start with the lower-priced products and use those to build your business before going for the high-ticket products.

Some people earned a lot from Legendary Marketer because they already had established a source of free traffic to whom they could recommend this program.

But it will be challenging to start from scratch and make considerable income with Legendary Marketer.

Fortunately, I have mentioned other alternatives that focus on SEO and organic traffic.

I wouldn't rule out LM yet, but combining knowledge from different sources wouldn't hurt before choosing one that works for you.

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