Introducing Long Tail Pro Cloud

By Spencer Haws |

Hey everyone, the below post is from the new team over at Long Tail Pro.  As you know, I sold the company several months ago.  However, I do still have a small ownership stake and I believe strongly in future of Long Tail Pro, see my review here

One of the most common suggestions that people had while I was managing Long Tail Pro was that it should be web-based, rather than a desktop app.  Well, I’m happy to share that the new team has transitioned the software to a web based application, that we are calling Long Tail Pro Cloud!

As you will read below, there are some exciting new features that are included in the cloud version along with just being a faster tool overall.

With that quick introduction, I’ll let the team at Long Tail Pro take over the rest of this post…

After 6 months of hard work and about a million cups of coffee, we’ve finally launched Long Tail Pro Cloud.

We’re extremely excited about this launch and we think the cloud tool has a lot to offer, especially given the recent challenges with Google throttling volumes in the Google Keyword Planner.

Long Tail Pro Cloud offers a number of advantages over the old desktop version of the software. First and foremost, users no longer need to use any of their own accounts for Google, Moz, Majestic, or anything else – everything now runs through our own backend and getting started on your keyword research is as simple as signing up for the app.

Long Tail Pro Cloud also offers a number of new features that we think will prove useful to those of you who are trying to drastically improve and streamline your keyword research process.

Custom Keyword Competition Recommendations based on your site

LTP Cloud allows you to associate a project with a domain, and uses your domain’s metrics to give you custom recommendations on what level of Keyword Competition you should be targeting. We’ll let you know what levels of keyword difficulty you should be comfortable targeting based on your domain’s current metrics, and what keywords might be in reach if you’re willing to do some linkbuilding.

For example: If you’re trying to target keywords using the domain we’d recommend to you that you target keywords with KC lower than 40 (on the low end), but you can target up to KC 48 with content that you intend to try to linkbuild to.


Rank Value

For years, Long Tail Pro has been your go-to tool for assessing keyword difficulty. With Long Tail Pro Cloud, you also get to examine the other side of the coin – Keyword Profitability.

Keyword Profitability is the element that separates a niche site that makes $500 a month from a niche site that makes $5000 a month. With our new Rank Value feature, you can organize your keywords by monetization method (Adsense, Amazon Affiliates, and Custom). Based on this, you can estimate how much you might if you were ranking #1 for that keyword in Google.


NichePursuits Rating

NichePursuits Subscribers Free Consultation Call Includes:

  • A fully comprehensive competitor link analysis required to rank.
  • Custom Strategy Session Tailored For Your Site
  • Link and Content Velocity Analysis
  • An exact anchor text road map for your backlinks. (limited to first 50)

Schedule Your Call

We integrated our own in-house algorithms that estimate keyword profitability with just a single input from you:

Here’s Rank Value in action:


Long Tail Pro Cloud continues to use our proprietary KC algorithm to assess keyword difficulty – only now, KC loads many, many times faster than it did with the desktop app. Plus, in the Cloud version, KC is calculated automatically for each and every keyword that you find – you no longer have to pick and choose which keywords you want to get KC for.

Competition Analysis

The Competition Analysis page in Long Tail Pro is more useful than ever – we’ve added a number of extra metrics that you can use to scope out the competition, including Referring Domains to the Root Domain of the page you’re competing with and a new Domain KC value.

Domain KC takes into account Domain Trust Flow and Domain Citation Flow as well a couple of other factors – it represents the strength of the domain (similar to Moz’s Domain Authority metric). It’s a good way to tell at a glance how strong your competitor’s sites are.


In-App Chat Support

You can now talk to our support staff directly within the app instead of having to open a ticket in a third party support page. Get your questions answered, get product updates and tutorials, or even get advice about developing your website and linkbuilding, all through our in-app chat.

We’ve kept your Favorite Features

Most of the features that existed in the desktop version of Long Tail Pro have been carried over to LTP Cloud – you can “favorite” keywords, you can filter keywords any way you like, and you can organize all your keywords into different projects. You can export keywords and competition analysis pages. The one feature that we’ve excluded on purpose is the check available domains feature – we excluded this feature because we no longer believe exact match domains are best SEO practice and we don’t want to encourage users to seek them out any more.

Google Adwords

The one thing that we would like to note is that since Long Tail Pro Cloud does not rely on Google Adwords to retrieve Keyword Data, and instead relies on third party services to get keyword suggestions, we do not have full coverage of all the keywords that Google has data for.

Keyword coverage is something we’re working to constantly improve. As Google continues to clamp down on access to their data, very soon no tool will be able to provide full Google keyword data any more – we believe the solution we’ve chosen is the best way to ensure that Long Tail Pro Cloud is sustainable and reliable in the long run. We just want to make it clear that this is one portion of the software that we are absolutely committed to constantly improving.

Future Features

We’ve got lots of exciting plans now that we’ve finally launched Long Tail Pro Cloud. We’ll be working hard to continuously improve the tool and to keep adding new features. If you have ideas for things that would help your keyword research, please reach out to us through the in-app chat to let us know!

If any of these new features excite you, make sure to start a brand new trial of Long Tail Pro today! Try the app for 10 days for just $1, and if it’s not for you, you can cancel anytime within the app, no questions asked.

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Theodore Nwangene

This is good news Spencer,

The only question I’ll love is regarding the rank tracker feature, is it also included in the cloud version? Also, it’ll be good if that feature can be greatly improved.

Secondary, for the people that already have the desktop version of LTP, will they have to pay for the cloud version again from afresh?

Thanks for sharing.

Spencer Haws

There currently is no rank tracking in the cloud. Existing platinum users are moved to the cloud for free. And everyone (both platinum and pro) can continue to use the desktop app as usual, which will continue to be updated.


Where can I download the desktop app? I deleted it due to some issues and now I have nowhere to download it from (I am a paying subscriber)

Spencer Haws

Support at long tail

Dan W

Nice job Long Tail Pro staff. To finally have this advanced cloud tool along with my computer purchase I made, that uses Windows 7 rather than XP,{faster processor too), I look forward to banging away to niche site success. Nothing like the most advanced tools to work with.

Sounds like you guys came through here. Looks impressive! This must have been a complicated, peak and valley journey to completion.Hope no one got caffeine toxicity; I have been there. Thank you very much!


Will members of the desktop app be moved over for free? And will the desktop app still be supported?

Spencer Haws

Yes – members that had purchased the platinum version will be moved over. The desktop app will continue to be supported as well.

Mahmudul Alam

I want to buy 9 LTP Cloud accounts using one credit or debit card, can I do that?

Spencer Haws

I’m sure we can work something out. Contact support at long tail pro / com

John Grginov

I’ve been using Keysearch but I might think about switching over to LPT after this, will see.

Arun Saini

LTP is one of the best tool i found to search for long tail keywords. There is no competition with this.


I’m really excited for the LTP Cloud! Will the allintitle scraper be included in the cloud version?

Spencer Haws

Thanks! Allintitle is not currently in the cloud version. It may be added in the future, but is a low priority.


Thanks for your reply, Spencer. That makes me feel the sadness’ 🙁

Russ Lobo

Excellent post Spencer. I like how even though you are not an active owner, the tool is improving and is becoming better and better by the day. As a s/w user i hate pc installs and a cloud web software is one of the best and i guess most wanted feature 🙂


Hi Spencer. Nice article. I just wanted to confirm that LTP Cloud will be unaffected by the recent restrictions imposed on the Google Keywords Data, unlike the desktop Long Tail Pro? Thanks

Spencer Haws


Cong Thanh

This tool’s been also used by professional seoer. It’s good to analyze any keyword


Hi Spencer.Excellent article,i got a lil question about Google Keywords Data.But u answered it on the post. Im gonna try the Long Tail Pro Cloud pretty soon

John Haynes

I love LTP so much. Excellent hard work!


I have a question. 10,000 keywords per month for starter plan is total no. of seed keywords or results?

Spencer Haws

Results; you may find that this goes further than you think.


Great tool just got better!


Nice job Long Tail Pro staff. To finally have this advanced cloud tool along with my computer purchase I made, that uses Windows 7 rather than XP,{faster processor too), I look forward to banging away to niche site success. Nothing like the most advanced tools to work with.
Sounds like you guys came through here. Looks impressive! This must have been a complicated, peak and valley journey to completion.Hope no one got caffeine toxicity; I have been there. Thank you very much!

Kevin Balcker

Hi Spencer,

Just bought LTP through your affiliate link 🙂

I just wanted to know what happened if I inserted a domain name and no metrics were found. What approach can I take regarding this? Because I see some keywords with KC of 26 but when checking the top 10 results they are very important sites.

Thanks very much!


In desktop version of LTP in fact that now Google Adwords show ranges of volume 100-1000 will be the same type of data or exact average amount like 55?
Thank you

Spencer Haws

I’m not sure I fully understand your question. The volume shown is the exact match search volume. So, if it says 100 to 1000, the average is somewhere between 100 and 1000.


Thank you for answer.So I don’t need google adwords account for using LTP desktop version?

Spencer Haws

With the cloud version you don’t need an adwords account. With the desktop you do.


Hello, tell me where I can buy the software, not a cloud, because the cloud I do not like. Why set limits on keywords? This is very annoying. For example, I analyze the key phrase and in the field “Max results per seed keyword” I set the value of 200.

The program gives me 200 results and is already deducted from the account of 200 keywords. I had 10,000 keywords and left 9800. But intuitively I understand that from the 200 words I analyze 50 words, because I’m not going to analyze keyword phrases that consist of one or two words, for example such as “cookware” or “cookware reviews”. I understand that a very big competition and I do not need to analyze them.

Also come across phrases that I do not want to use on my site, I do not need to analyze them. But from the account has written off these phrases. The software version for desktop there was no such. I could analyze the way I want and how I want. Yes, I had to wait a bit, but it’s still better than a cloud. When I enter into the cloud a key phrase, I think how much of my account is now write off “absolutely not necessary to me the key phrases”.

Spencer, I hope very much that you have not stopped to update software desktop. I am willing to pay even more money than the cloud, if there is no limit. Where can I purchase the software?

Spencer Haws

We no longer sell the desktop version. The desktop is continually updated for old users, but its not for sale.


Hi, Spencers, Will it scrape Majestic SEO data (Desktop tool and Cloud version)? OR do you use any API from them?


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