How to Brainstorm For and Expand Keyword Lists: Video Demo!

By Spencer Haws |

Today, I wanted to make a quick video that will show you how to take the ideas I mentioned in a previous post (15 Ways to Brainstorm for Keyword Ideas) and take it one step further.  So in this video, I will give a brief demonstration of how I brainstorm for root keywords using 3 ideas: things I am doing, Google Instant, and  There are lots of other ways as I discussed in my previous post, but this will give you a good idea.

However, then I discuss keyword tools that you can use to expand your keyword lists.  Its vital that you expand your list to get additional ideas.  In particular, you can use the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool – or as I demonstrate in this video, I use my own keyword tool – Long Tail Pro.  Unfortunately, at the time of this post, Long Tail Pro is not available to the public, but it will be within a few short weeks.  Either way, I simply wanted to demonstrate how keyword tools (any tool, not just Long Tail Pro) can help you expand your keyword lists.

Next, I demonstrate how to quickly and easily use the criteria I mentioned in a previous post (Search Volume and CPC Criteria of a Winning Keyword) to filter out unwanted keywords.  Essentially, I like to only look at keywords that have a minimum of 1,000 Exact match local search volume and have a CPC of $1 or more.

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Check Out the Video Below!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video and please post any questions you might have below!  Let me know your thoughts below…thanks!

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Victor and Jenel

Much Appreciated 🙂


Victor and Jenel: No problem!

Trent Dyrsmid

Hey Spencer,

That is a really fantastic looking tool! I can’t wait until you release it. Great stuff 🙂


Thanks Trent – I’ll keep you posted!


Great stuff! Can’t wait for its release. 🙂


Thanks for the VID Spencer.

That was cool how the tool just pruned all the unwanted KWs at the end of the fetch. I know you said you will have another vid to analyze top 10, but does the tool has this function build in? MS does this very well.


Yes, the tool will analyze the top 10 results in Google. The final major function of the software, is that it has a rank checker built in. It will check where your sites rank for any given keywords in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Cool beans…If you need a solid tester, hit me up when ready.


WOW! Love it!

What a timer saver.

Count on me to be a beta-tester.


Kenny @

Great video. It’s funny that you mention Google Instant, I just bought a WSO that comes with a Google Suggest scraper. The WSO was only $10 and worth just the software itself.

Long Tail Pro looks like a great piece of software. I never use Market Samurai anymore and have been looking for a good software that is good for research. Can’t wait till it comes out.


Kenny do you mind sharing the WSO with Google Scrapper you have found. Iv been searching for a good one as well. MS has been really disapointing lately too with all the bugs and inaccurate research 🙁

Kenny @

No problem Victor. You can find it here:

It’s a pretty cool WSO, but I think the best part about it is the scraper software. Easy to use also.


Thank you Kenny! I really appreciate it 🙂


happy to beta test.

Dave Starr

Sign me up as a Beta tester for sure, Spencer. This tool appears to have both Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder beat all hollow. Eager to see it live.


Good video. Can we get in for beta testing?


Hello spencer, nice look improvement to your keyword tool.

i have a question about it. this tool is going to grab the information of your adwords account and use it for searching. i mean for example im not from United States and my local searches arent from United states so always i log in into the adwords account i have to change this setting to the EEUU settings to be my local searches.

So if im going to use Long Tail pro in the future i dont see any way for changing the actual local setting of the adword account.

Please clear me out this information.

Thanks for showing the long tail pro update!


Aldo – when you create a campaign in Long Tail Pro (not shown in the video), you can select which country to use as local searches. So, you shouldn’t have a problem pulling up the US local searches with this tool.


Thanks a lot for clearing me this point!


Spencer, I’d love to beta test for you as well! I’m pretty much going to buy the tool as soon as you have it available again, so if I can get some testing in ahead of time, then sweet!


Thanks for your interest Steve!


Well comparing to traffic travis v4, it looks very handy. Nothing more than needed options, very nice!


Awesome! Thanks for the feedback…


Hi Spencer

Great looking software. I will be purchasing MS today, but I certainly would be very interested in your software as it seems very user friendly and easy to use. Too bad its not available yet.

Great blog!



After you use MS, I’m sure you will still want my tool. Im working on getting it released soon!

Internet Money Hustle

Dude, that tool is going to sell like hotcakes! I could definitely see a tool like that being talked about a lot on the warrior forum and used in countless how to videos for niche site creation.

I usually use the google keyword tool and use the filters and such, but it takes a bit longer to find a decent keyword. Also for finding a domain I grab all the keywords and toss them in the godaddy bulk domain search.

Also do you have any success / actually use the CPC earnings as a guide? I find they are just too random and incorrect to even use. I am interested to hear if you have had success targeting high CPC keywords


Thanks! I always use CPC earnings as a guide, as well as search volume, and other criteria. It is a VERY rough estimate, but it does help you to generally focus on higher paying keywords.

[email protected] heartburn cures

I am looking for a keyword tool to speed up my keyword search process…almost buy Market samurai, but haven’t done so.
Wish to beta test your long tail pro..count me in when it is ready




Cool video and nice software! I use MS for most of my research too, but you’ve found a great niche within the SEO arena. Nice job!


Thanks Kim!


Hey Spencer,
I’m so glad I found your website! There are a lot of other sites that have great information on internet businesses, but yours is one of the few that is really targeted on one area. As someone just starting out, niche sites seems like a great way to get started. I love your content, and I’m looking forward to the release of Long Tail Pro!


Yep, I decided to post detailed content that actually helps. I remember a few years ago when I would search the IM blogs for really good nuggets of info and rarely found any – so now I’m creating a blog that I would have liked to read when I was first getting started. Thanks for letting me know you enjoy it!


Hello Spencer, any rough estimate when the software will be released? Next week?


Hey Chris – I hope by next week to have it released. However, with any large software project there are lots of small details that can potentially delay things. So, while I hope to get it released as soon as possible, I also want to make sure its done right. However, its certainly possible that it could be ready next week.


I know we are being pushy Spencer…but I am going to give a “bump” to Chris’s question…


No problem, I just answered above…glad everyone is interested!


Hello Spencer,

This software looks fantastic! and it will be a pleasure buy something from you as a THANKS

All the best


Hi Spencer,
I have the LongTailPro software version 1.8.1
I would LOVE to have the newest version , count me in for the beta, please!
Thank you,


Daniela – if you are an existing user of the old version of LTP (which you are), you will be receiving a free copy of the new version! I will send an email when its ready to all existing users!


Hi Spenz – Please add me to your team of beta testers!


I have tried Market Samurai, and found that it is not for me. Looking forward to it!


Awesome! I agree about Market Samurai – its just doesn’t do much for serious internet marketers.


Hi Spencer,

Will you update your existing ‘broken’ version of long tail pro, or push it out like a new software?


Its a new version. Long Tail Pro has been coded from the ground up. Existing users of the “old” version will get a free upgrade.


looks great! You know how to pace Spencer . need any more beta fish ?


Lee, send me an email or use my contact page, and I will send you some info.


I was very interested of your LongTailPro..
We are in November 2013 and your system is still from 2011.
But your soft and system is very much old way. Google changed so much and you will need to update your software to the new Google and strategies of 2014.
Please let me know when you update your system and I will look at it.

Spencer Haws

This software is up to date. Just because you are reading a post from 2011 doesn’t mean the software isn’t updated. See here:

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