How to Avoid Getting Click Bombed on Google Adsense

By Spencer Haws |

Today, I'm going to write about a subject that was brought to my attention in an interesting way.  As you are well aware, I have created the Niche Websites Hub where I openly asked all readers to suggest topics that I should write about. 

Despite the page being up for years with hundreds of comments, not one person ever suggested writing about “Click bombing.”

Then I happened upon a post on a different blog and somehow my name came up in the comments, oh snap!  I found it a bit amusing that one of the readers commenting there was a bit upset.

And was calling me out because I had never written about the subject of “Click bombing.” They were somehow implying that I was avoiding the subject.

Well, all they had to do was ask. I'd be more than happy to write about it!

That offer still stands.  If you have a subject that you want written about, just submit it to the Niche Website Hub and it will get added to the list that's already there!

Anyway, that individual never asked me, but I'm going to write about how to avoid getting click bombed because I had some other readers express interest in the subject on the Niche Pursuits Facebook Page.

What Is Click Bombing?

So first of all, what is click bombing? Essentially, click bombing is when your Adsense ads gets click MUCH more than normal.   For example, if a malicious user goes to your website and clicks on one of your Adsense ads 100 times.

This would be click bombing.  

This malicious user is trying to send tons of invalid clicks in hopes of getting your Google Adsense account banned.   This is a worst case scenario.

The reality is that Google is very serious about invalid click activity.  The most common cause of this by far is when users either click their own ads a bunch of times or ask others to click as for them. 

Google is smart.  They can detect this pretty easily. There is also no faster way to get your account shut down. 

So, don't click bomb yourself!  Never EVER click your own ads.

Overall, I have personally never had anyone “click bomb” my account.  I have been using Google Adsense for a long time and haven't run into the issue.  However, that doesn't mean that it doesn't occur.

Many others have had issues with invalid traffic leading to the dreaded click bomb.

Accounts do get shut down by Google and click bombing does occur.  

Like I said, it's never happened to me and I don't know anyone personally that it's ever happened to. So my guess is that its pretty rare out of the millions of Google Adsense users.

If you want more information from Google on the subject of Invalid Clicks, I suggest reading here.

What To Do If You Suspect Click Bombing

However, if you suspect that your ads are getting clicked a highly unusual amount of times, you should report it to Google immediately.  Google has set up a Invalid Clicks Contact Form right here. 

This essentially will allow you to disclose what you believe is going on with your account and to let Google know you are not familiar with where the clicks are generated.

Ideally, you would be able to prevent invalid clicks on your account from ever happening. 

Remember that most invalid clicks on Google Adsense ads are created by people clicking on their own ads or somehow trying to game the system. So, as simple as this sounds – this is the number one preventative measure.

Don't try to artificially increase your own Google Adsense earnings.

Detecting Invalid Clicks & Solving The Problem

You need to spot any activity that puts your Google Adsense account at risk before you can fix it. 

This is the first step in learning how to avoid getting click bombed. And how to protect your Adsense account.

How To Detect If Someone Is Click Bombing Your Account

If you suspect that someone is click bombing your account, you can try to verify by looking at your Google Analytics and other web logs from your server. 

You can use Google Analytics to see where visitors are coming from and what sort of activity they are performing on your site.

Further your web logs on your server can help you see if 1 IP address is sending all the traffic. Or spending an unusual amount of time on your site.

Overall, use your analytics or any other tracking tool to find out if you are getting unusual traffic.

Obviously, your first sign will likely be huge spike in clicks in your Google Adsense account. So, if you notice anything unusual in your Adsense account, it may be worth digging deeper.

However, there are a couple of tools available to help prevent a malicious user from repeatedly clicking your ads.

How To Restrict Who Sees Ads

Now, there actually are some ways that you can prevent who is seeing your ads.  For example, the Who Sees Ads Plugin, will allow you to only show ads to visitors from search engines or other criteria that you set. 

If only visitors from search engines see ads, you are much more likely to get valid clicks because this is high quality traffic.

I have never used this particular plugin, so can't say much about its effectiveness.  However, it does look like it hasn't been updated in a couple of years, so there might be better options out there.

But here is an option to hard code only showing ads to search engine visitors here.

If you have a good web guy you can restrict clicks from certain problem countries sending you invalid traffic. So if all the bad clicks seem to come with a surge from bot traffic from a specific country, just refuse to show ads to traffic from there.

Finally, there are ways to program your site so that it prevents multiple clicks from the same IP address. 

If you search around you can find both code to implement this yourself and products that you can just install.  I haven't used either of the options so I can't reliably give a recommendation on any of these.

Bottom Line – Be Aware!

Overall, people do get their Adsense Accounts banned.  I think its very rare for your account to get banned unless you are either producing invalid activity or in some other way manipulating your earnings.

However, it can happen to legitimate Adsense publishers.

As it did to Jef Ponskanzer as discussed on  But even then Jef was able to appeal his account being banned (only after 3 tries). 

In fact, he wrote a post about it here…which is very interesting.  Turns out that the amount of clicks he was getting went up by a factor of 8. All while his page views remained the same.

Either way, you should be very careful with how you interact with Google Adsense.

And hopefully the above post has given you helpful methods for both detecting and avoiding click bombing in the future.

What are your thoughts on the subject?  Have you ever been click bombed or detected other invalid activity on your account?  Or if you have other ideas for preventing invalid activity, we'd love to hear about it.

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By Spencer Haws

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Thomas @ Buy BMR Posts

This is interesting…a while ago I had a few clicks which were “invalid” and didn’t count towards my earnings, but there were only 2-3 of them. I haven’t had that problem since. I guess Google just mistakes some clicks as “invalid” sometimes?


Yes, I think Google can automatically detect these smaller amounts of invalid activity and just remove it.

Don Bistrow

I have gotten click bombed periodically and use StatCounter to monitor, especially when I received multiple clicks in Adsense, no compensation towards the click(s) and my CPC goes down.

StatCounter supplies IPs under “Visitor Paths” so I can determine the exit links or IPs who sit on my site over days and return often. It’s as though the site is in a URL at a library but recently they have been from several countries outside the US – Spain, Germany, Uganda and South Africa with one out of San Jose, CA.

The Amazon cloud was a problem and I had to ban the whole IP range. I ban through my CPanel in IP deny.


Thanks for sharing Don!


Thank for the info Spencer!
Never thought any alien would do that 🙂

Bill Zimmerman

Click bombing and negative SEO…the focal point of jealous IM’ers and all around douches. Not much you can do really if someone tries to click bomb you besides what you said…watch your stats and if you see something funny report it and hopefully head it off before Google thinks you are trying something fishy yourself. Hopefully you avoid said douches! 🙂


Hi Bill, why report ? are you a slave working at the service of the big google and you send now reports begging them to pay a few cents per month ? I think we should simply all start click bombing, let´s see if at the end of the day the google adsense will eliminate 100% of the accounts


Some of us are making way more than a few cents a month. If sending a report can save my $2200 balance I’ll do it.

Andrew @ Social Web Q and A

Good post. This is an issue I’ve thought about from time to time, and it can definitely be scary! I think a plugin to control who sees ads is especially useful; I’ve been thinking of using one. Will have to take a look to see if there are any more recent plugins.

Benny Digian

That’s why a lot of online earners never reveal their money sites to avoid being bombed by competitors.


Yep – one of the main reasons I never reveal my sites.


I find it ironic that you are linking to an adsense site on your post.

Kevin @ make money online in Kenya

That is a pretty interesting topic Spencer. To be sincere, I have personally never given it a thought. Thanks for letting us know.

Nice article,

thank you


Funnily enough I did suspect this towards the start of this month, it wasn’t a massive jump but perhaps a 40% increase. In the end I just put it down to a couple of sites with high CTR ranking better and perhaps a slight improvement in ad relevancy.

On a similar note though it is another reason other than not wanting to reveal my niches, that I dont like to let people know my site addresses.

I revealed one of my sites on a popular IM forum and someone reported an image on my site, which contained medical nudity (which I thought was ok) and a few days later I got a message saying that ads would no longer be served on that domain.

All it takes is one malicious person and you could find yourself in trouble.


Yep, there are lots of reasons to not make successful sites public.


Hey man, do you know good click bombing tactics ? I was suspended by google after someone clicked bombed my site. Google is using it´s monopoly and supressing adsense accounts without notice is simply an abuse. I´m looking since then to build a community of click bombers, do you think if all the sites are clickbombed, at the end, google will alienate every single publisher ?

Spencer Haws

I hope you are joking Larry. Please NEVER clickbomb someones site!

Kyle proctor

Great topic. You can always have a better chance of explaining a situation to google if you bring it to their attention versus letting them tell you about it. Full disclosure always wins.


Hello Guys,

Few months ago a guy on Warrior Forum had this problem, made a thread like: “My site has been click bombing, what should I do?” I think the site was clicked twice, most of the warriors recommended him to contact google as soon as he could as you Spencer does here on this post and of course, he did.
Do you know what, guys???
After 2 weeks google banned his account,if he would be quiet,I think he wouldn’t be banned, I can say that because he decided to contact google much after all that happened, he even made a thread(big mistake) to have more recommendation before make the crazy decision to contact google about it.
He made a thread on Google forum as well, but all in vain, he was really upset.
I followed the whole thing and after see all that, I would never ever contact google.
Google will think the site put the advertisers in bad situation, google don’t care if you wrong or right, contacting google you will just accelarate the process to be out of the game.
In my opinion the main thing to do is:

Take off your adds straight away for couples of days or maybe for months or forever, put some cpa/amazon offers instead and you are safe.Better loose 1 site than the account.

My 0.2



Very interesting points Federico. I see where you are coming from though. Never thought about it from that way. However just taking all the ads off and replacing with something else does make sense to do that too to be safe.


Federico, thanks for sharing! I think everyone needs to consider all the options, and perhaps you are right; that in some situations its best to just remove ads for a while and hope it goes away. But I really don’t know that this applies all the time…


I just saw this comment, but an IMer I follow said that if you suspect clickbombing activity remove the ads first before reporting the activity to Google and even mention in your report that you removed the ads, as someone will see anyway when they evaluate your claim.

You have to show Google that you take the matter as seriously as they do, so by reporting but leaving ads up, it otherwise shows that you don’t take it as seriously as you could and may be more concerned with just making money. Keep the ads off until you find the problem and you’ve heard back from Google.

So did that guy on WF remove the ads prior to reporting?


Hey Spencer – thanks for sharing your thoughts on Click bombing. I’ve never experienced it either but would be very worried if it did happen.

However Google is really smart and they know if you are trying to cheat.


I got a script somewhere on my drive that allows you to automatically swap out the adsense ads for normal ads once the “ip” address has been clicking more that a few ads within in a time limit that’s set. sometimes people click an ad and ‘leave’ your site but if they stay on SAME age and click more than 3 or more it disables them from clicking adsense anymore AND just shows any other ad/banner you want…with option to ban that ip etc..
i will try to dig it up tonight…


hey Robbie, that’s interesting. hope you can share it here. thanks!


That sounds like a pretty cool script. I think lots of people would be interested…


paranoid and envious IMs, anyone?. thanks for sharing, Spencer.


I have personally experienced click bombing and lost my adsense account 🙁 I know it’s sad but I have learned a valid lesson and decided to move on from there… I have found ways to track clicks now and to see if a website is click bombed. One of the best way to do that is using statscounter… You have an option called exit links activity, keep a close look at that and make sure to take screen shots of it if you see a lot of clicks from the same IP. Send the proof to adsense support (via the invalid click form) and make sure to keep yourself in the good books of Adsense.. I failed to do that as I was never aware of all these things before it happened to me.. I dont want others to face the same issue… @Spencer if you can allow I can send you a short write up on how to track click bombing using statscounter so that you can share it here 🙂 Thanks for writing about click bombing.


Sudarshan…excellent advice! I’d be willing to take a look at your write up.


@Spencer I have posted it as a new comment below as a series of steps 🙂 let me know if I should add any other details.

Amir Najmi

I read somewhere that if someone click bombs a site, besides the site owner getting their account banned, the person doing the clicking gets their IP banned from Google services. So for other Adsense publishers, this is a negative effect too. And a normal visitor doesn’t have benefits to click bombing someone. Just my opinion…..

Even though it’s not that common to get click bombed, its easy to make another Adsense account or use another form to monetize the site until you get a new adsense account. Even though I would never want my account banned or get click bombed, I know there’s other options. I’d rather deal with that then to lose rankings/traffic.


That seems to make logical sense and I really hope that Google does also ban the person doing the click bombing.


I cant find it….however, this wordpress plugin does the same thing…actually, from reading the features sounds like this guy took the script and developed it…for $29 and the fact it works with wordpress or html is good.
Here is the site spencer…..
I might send him an email and see if this is updated and how often…anyway, keep up the good work Spencer.


Thanks for providing such a great info Spencer. By the way, I am 100% out of adsense business and Google disable my accounts without a valid reasons. Now I’m holding more than 60 microniche websites and some of them even ranked in Google page 1.

I’ve tried to file appeal but Google doesn’t give a valid reasons. All traffic is through SEO and no bought traffic. Last thing I discovered was actual Google suspend lots of adsense accounts especially from Asian countries.

My friends living in Singapore also faced this problem after hitting over $60/day in adsense account.

Does anyone has face the same problem?



Jeremy – that’s always tough to hear. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Hopefully you are still able to monetize using other methods. At least your sites are still ranking and getting traffic.


Yes, I’ve faced this problem.. it continued for about a month.. There was a sudden spike in my clicks and i was not getting payed for those clicks…

I knew who was trying to do it as well.. someone i refused to sell my site to. guess he was trying to remove his frustration..:)

I found after affects as well, even after the click bombing stopped… google did not pay me for regular clicks for around 15 days.. i was getting like 1 cent, 2 cents.

I did not do anything about it as i knew my account would be restored to normal

According to my experience, someone can try to screw you by click bombing – but google knows if you’re doing it or not to inflate your earnings…just my experience..


VERY interesting experience Sandeep. Thanks for sharing. It almost seems like removing ads from the site for a short period of time would be a good option in that particular case. Good to hear that your account has been restored to normal anyway though.


Chitika provides an option to show Ads only to search engine visitors.I dont know why a big and rich company such as Google does not provide this.


Jeff – good point. Seems like a good way to prevent a lot of issues for publishers. But perhaps Google is more concerned about the money they make from advertisers. This would cut into Google’s profits to eliminate other sources of traffic.

Daniel D'Laine

Hi Spencer

Good post, as usual. I’ve used Statcounter myself in the past. It’s free and works well but it didn’t stop an account getting banned. It just helps to ‘try’ and sort it out under appeal. Its’ a pity Google can’t keep a record of click-bombers details, although, new accounts would render this info useless.

The best advice I can give in this area is to always give what you promise to avoid upsetting anybody and never declare your Adsense sites but if someone is really determined, there’s always a way to find out!



Thanks for the great advice here. It definitely is enlightening to hear the perspective of people that have actually had their accounts banned.


Does anyone know of a way to block ads being shown by country?

Sort of a side note, my VA’s are constantly looking at my sites, so my impressions shown in the adsense dashboard are inflated. Our course, I can’t see exactly which sites they were looking at, so I don’t always know if the numbers are accurate or not. I know that I could just look in GA, but it’s nice to only have to look in one spot.

Suggestions or ideas?

Tim Hightower

Whoa… I’d never even thought about this happening. Does Google cut you slack if you submit the form? I suspect they’d just as easily ban or disable your account or page…


hey spencer…been reading your blogs for over a year now. Good stuff man! I have a website right now that gets about 87 uniques a month with 1800 pageviews a day. I am only making .30 – $2 a day. How can I improve my CPC? It is at about.15-.30 right now which is horrible! Any advice would be appreciated. My ads on my site are pretty terrible as well. Is there any other way to monetize my site other than adsense? Thanks.


EDIT: 870 uniques a day!


@Spencer Here are the steps to track clicks using statsounter. It would be great if you can incorporate it in your blogpost as this would be helpful in tracking adsense clicks.

1)Signup for an account at
2)Confirm your account and add your website using add new project option
3)If you are using wordpress I highly recommend this official statcounter plugin
4)You will get a unique id using which you can confirm your website in statcounter via the wordpress plugin. In simple words just enter the unique id into the plugin once activated.
5)Once your account is activated you will start seeing traffic stats immediately
6)Click on your project in the statcounter dashboard.
7)On the left hand side you can see a list of tracking option under Summary.
8)Click on “Exit Links Activity” – here you can see all the exit links from your website including adsense clicks.
9)You can even get detailed stats like from which country,what ip and what browser.
10)If you find something suspicious in your clicks activity take screenshot of the page. You can use it to report to adsense via invalid clicks page.
11)Also you might see that no of exit links in statcounter will be more than the one recorded in your adsense account. Don’t panic it’s because statcounter tracks counts a exit click even when a person loads a page.
12)So make sure to see from where the traffic is coming… If you find that the exit links are from same IP for a long time then it’s time to ban the IP and send the screen shot to adsense team.

If you have any questions let me know I am ready to answer 🙂


AWESOME! Thanks for sharing this, I’m sure this will come in handy to future readers of this post!


Now this is what I’m talking about! This is great, Sudarshan! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for writing this post, Spencer, and I thought I asked about clickbombing on The Hub, but maybe that was another post. Is anyone here using the plug-in to control who sees ads? If so, how do you have it configured? How has it affected your income?

Andre Garde

+1 for StatCounter. I’ve been using this for a different reason, primarily to track which ads perform better on my sites. But it would be very handy in tracking down a click bomber.

The duplicate exit links will fool a lot of people in the beginning, but you can see the timestamps of the exiting user. So duplicate entries at the same time are usually just one click.


Thanks all 🙂 I am glad that it’s useful 🙂

Nikita Sharma

This plugin ‘Who Sees Ads’ is awesome. Can I limit the number of impressions of ads according to me through this plugin.

David Tong

Jeff’s post regarding ‘8-fold, same traffic’ scares me.

I spent 7-10 full days going through the Adsense Blog optimization tips and a day after I implemented the changes they recommended by moving some ads within the pages, my clicks pretty much doubled, so naturally, CTR doubled as well as the page views are about the same.

But the main difference was the CPC, which increased 5-fold.

CPC isn’t something I can manipulate and my optimization are 100% compliant as I merely did what they told me to do from their tutorials.

But seeing my income increase 10-fold due to 5x increase in CPC + 1.5x increase in clicks worry me.

Instead of patting myself on the back for taking a full week of learning and seeing positive results, I’ve became more anxious than ever.

No out-of-the-ordinary visitor pattern, IP pattern, traffic spikes, or any analytics occurred as well.

I wish there are better ways to check click reporting.



That’s very interesting. Perhaps you can use something like Statcounter that Sudarshan shared in a comment here to track the exit IPs. This will help you see if the clicks are coming from the same IP address. But perhaps you have already done that. If all the traffic and other patterns looks good, then perhaps your Pages just provide better optimized content and more targeted/higher paying CPCs?


Hi Spencer,
Nice article, I would like to be at the point of worrying about click bombs! Im just trying to understand this whole Panda issue and how to avoid getting my adsense account closed down. I have several sites with original content, more than 700 words per page, etc.Basically hitting all the needs Panda wants.HOWEVER!, I have noticed brand sites ranking high on page 1 without any SEO efforts and then on page 2 you have all the affiliate/adsense sites starting to show up! Theres a lot of chatter on dropping the affiliate and adsense model and go someother way. What do you think?


Great Info . One of my friend was angry on my another friend . He clicked his Blog;s ads many times . He was Banned for Adsense . Thanks for the Post !


This is something that I fear most about using AdSense. Thanks for the tips on what to do should I see something fishy. Maybe by digging down and sending what I find to Google, I can keep my account in one piece.


Hey Spencer,

I know this is unrelated to the blog post, but….. when’s the theme coming out?

Just got a few new domains and want to use a different theme on them.

All the best!


Its coming out on Tuesday!


Hi Spencer –

I have an idea for another “how to avoid” post – how to avoid getting hacked and have malware code inserted into your sites.

I just had that happen recently where someone hacked in to my Bluehost-hosted sites and infected all 10 (that were hosted in that account) with malware. It was a pain in the neck! Has that ever happened to you? Any words of wisdom on how to avoid that in the future? Would really appreciate your help.

BTW – Bluehost was awesome through the whole process. Extremely helpful customer service. I’ll certainly be sticking with them. They suggested I pay someone an annual fee to monitor my sites – like $20/year/site. That could get spendy …

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!!



Hey bro …i searched in Google n found your article…thanks 4 sharing this….i was click bombed a couple of minutes ago…reported it to adsense…and stopped showing my ads for a short time to avoid threats …but still google must do something more to help publishers from such frauds…..


I’ve been with Google Adsense since ’99. Made a great deal of money over the years.
I’ve always followed the rules, and never had any issues.
Early this year, I believed I was clicked bombed on one of my sites. I was in debate about reporting it to google.
I chose not to, as I didn’t want to say ‘Hey Google, I think I’ve been click bombed’ so they would disable my account.
I was due almost 2 months payment. 5 days before next payment was due, my account was disabled.
Along with that was over $2000 in payments…
The thing about Google is your are dam if you and dam if you don’t report it. They are very arrogant to deal with, Period. I don’t recommend adsense to anyone. They will get you one day. I have found other ways to earn revenue, and will never deal with Google again.


I have some obsolete manuals on my site that are hard to find. I want people to come to the site to read them so have them set for no download. Two ads are always on the page that say basically “Your manual is ready for download, click here” and I am getting very high click rates on these ads, not surprisingly. Google is starting to subtract earnings for invalid clicks and I am afraid I might get banned but these are not really invalid, just an ad that is deceptive getting clicked. I don’t know what to do as I don’t think they are invalid but they do generate a lot of clicks.

Spencer Haws

Maybe change their placement so that are not as deceptive. Or add a large disclaimer that says “THESE ARE ADVERTISEMENTS”.

Preeti Khetani

Sorry but your help is of no help here. Reporting Google using the Invalid Clicks Contact Form has resulted in Terminating my AdSense account. If I would have stayed calmed then nothing would have happened to my blogs.
Everything related on how the Invalid Clicks Contact Form landed me into trouble goes here at Google Products Forums!msg/adsense/GMlrVuIDv0M/NwgCatMGyjIJ


can high traffic be mistaken for click bombing? In other words, if my blog blew up one day with higher than normal traffic, could google misinterpret that abnormal high activity for click bombing? My blog was spotlighted on a more popular blog with got me a lot of traffic and I’m wondering if that’s what got my adsense disabled?

Allii Allee

is thier any limit or waring if a website owner accidentally click its own ad by 1 or 2 time or they will not give any opportunity ?


To me it makes absolutely NO SENSE for google to ban accounts because they got click bombed.. I mean, if you wanted to click your own ads from a different computer or using a proxy, would you really be that dumb to send 100 clicks from the same IP in under an hour? rofl…

Just like negative seo, where google could decide by themselves not give any value to dirty or spammy links (instead of giving them negative value). They seem to enjoy seeing us running around in all directions not knowing what to do. Fortunately there are alternatives to adsense

Chantler 411 Enterprises

Clear View Information, Thanks.


Hi ,

That were some great tips and information . I was not aware of clicks bombing but i have heard that many clicks can your account so was searching for it.
Thanks for sharing the information.


Get rid of any malicious clicks on your ads with the free WordPress plugin Click-Fraud Monitoring

Cheers, René

Tiffany Willis

Spencer, I’ve learned so much from you I feel that I need to pay you a salary! Thank you for all that you do to help us.


Clickbombing is really scary, thanks to this article.


Spencer, First, I want to thank you for taking the time to write this very informative post. I recently heard about “click bombing” on Facebook and had no idea what it was. Upon doing a search I found this blog. And I’m happy I did. This really scares me. It’s a malicious thing to do to somebody but I can easily see some jealous marketer doing it to a competitor to ruin their Adsense revenue. I think the best way t handle this is to be proactive about it and monitor your Adsense clicks very closely. Check them at least twice a day. If you see any indication of this, report it to Google immediately so you can hopefully get ahead of any repercussions. Again, great post. Thanks!

Spencer Haws

Thanks for stopping by Chris!


Well… I think today one of my sites was click bombed.
I’ve been with AdSense since 2006 and never used any dirty techniques to inflate my earning. I’ve never been click bombed before.

This morning at 10am I noticed that CTR on one of my sites went thought the roof, it went up to over 20% on each of two ads placed on the site.

I disabled both ads on the site ASAP but clicks are still coming, probably it’s lagging.

I checked my Exit Link Activity in Statcounter and it looks ABSOLUTELY NORMAL! I didn’t find any strange activity in there.

Also, because I’m paranoid with my AdSense, I authorized only my sties in AdSense settings. So, it’s not like someone using my code on other sites (at least that’s what I think).

Not sure what’s going on.


Dan, I noticed you used StatCounter. I do as well. Let me tell you, I don’t think they catch a lot of things. I’m thinking of switching all my sites over to Google Analytics. They have much more detailed information about the traffic that is hitting your sites. Truth be told, I’m not overly impressed with StatCounter.


Hi Spencer,

My AdSense account has just been disabled. The reason stated, invalid click activity. There has been no previous warnings, all I know is that last October some clicks were removed and the corresponding income deducted. I have never had any policy violation messages. Plus, my CPC and CTR have always been very low, just making a few dollars a day.

I have appealed to see what happens, but I don’t expect a good ending for this…

Kenneth R Marks

I am getting an increasing amount of clicks every day where from my StatCounter account it says that Facebook is the ISP. I am not an expert, but when did Facebook become an ISP? And if the Facebook company is clicking on my ads, why would they do that? The traffic for their clicks is from multiple locations. I get a lot of my traffic from links that I share for my website from my pretty active FB page, FYI. This worries me. I don’t want to get in trouble with Google because of this. Thanks.

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