AMZ Image Review: A Better Way To Use Amazon’s Images as an Amazon Associate?

By Brady Cargle |

It has never been more important to have a good looking website.

And today, it's not just your website that has to look awesome. It's your money pages too. Because every other Amazon Associate out there is making their money pages better, it can be easy to get left in the dust.

And Amazon doesn't do much to help you. You can use their own tool called SiteStripe and it is great for text links. But SiteStripe isn't flexible at all with images.

So enter AMZ Image. This is a tool that Spencer created to add Amazon images to posts without a hassle.

As a heads up, Spencer sold the AMZ image business to a new owner several months ago.  The tool has recently been updated by the new owner and is actively supported, but Spencer is no longer the founder.

In fact the new owner has recently added support for Gutenburg and other visual editors!  So, whether you have the Classic WordPress editor, Gutenburg, or other visual editors, AMZ image should work for you.

He thought it was about time that AMZ Image gets an unbiased review; since he's no longer the owner…and well, he's not writing the review.

In this AMZ Image review, we're going to look at whether this tool will improve your site, convert visitors better, and how it stacks up to the competition.

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AMZ Image Review
  • Ease of Use - 100
  • Features - 70
  • Price - 100


AMZ Image can help you monetize your content better while keeping your wallet happy. You can click here to get your copy of AMZ Image today.


  • Easy to add stock-quality photos
  • Monetize international traffic
  • Nofollow links and open in new tab
  • Super budget-loving


  • Not as many features as competitors

AMZ Image Review

AMZ Image makes it easier and faster to add Amazon product images to your site. This is impossible to do without some kind of paid tool. Amazon's SiteStripe allows you to take an image, but it's always the first image in the lineup.

When you access Amazon's SiteStripe on your account, you can pull up an item and select Image to get a product image.

amazon sitestripe image

So even if I want to use one of Amazon's stock-quality images, I can't. It doesn't matter that these could convert better or that they would relate to my readers. Amazon doesn't care. SiteStripe doesn't allow you any flexibility.

And you can never download any of Amazon's images.

This is where AMZ Image comes in. This tool allows you to use any of Amazon's images, monetize international traffic, add nofollow tags with a click, and more. Let's take a look at each of these features and see how they do.

Adding Amazon's Images

Adding Amazon's images from the WordPress editor is pretty easy. To the side of the Add Media button, you'll have an option to Add Amazon Images. It will look like this:

amazon images plugin

Click on Add Amazon Images and you're given an option to search items by keyword or by ASIN. I'm going to search “lawnmower for hills”.

amz image search

And then search. You get a list of items that can fit your keyword.

When you see these items, you can choose any of the images to insert into your post. 

amz image insert into post

One thing I love about this is that you can find and insert stock-quality pictures. And these pictures are already monetized.

Once your pictures are inserted, you can edit them as you would any regular WordPress picture. You can change alignment, edit alt text, and anything else you could do with a normal picture.

Monetize International Traffic & Easy NoFollow

AMZ Image also allows for monetization of international traffic with your Amazon pictures. If you go to the WordPress dashboard, you can get to AMZ Image settings by hovering over Settings –> Insert Amz Images.

When you click on that, you get a pretty simple screen:

amz image no follow & geolocation

This screen allows you to input your Amazon API, place your Associates tags for different countries, add nofollow links, and use geolocation.

The Geolocation is similar to OneLink, but OneLink can be buggy. AMZ Image is a lot better at monetizing international traffic.

You'll still have to sign up for the affiliate programs in those countries, but it shouldn't take more than an hour to do all of them.

Another thing I want to point out here is that AMZ Image allows you to add nofollow links to your Amazon affiliate links. It's best practice that affiliate links should be nofollowed so you don't pass link juice. 

Amazon doesn't do this for you.

If you ever get a link from SiteStripe, that is a good old fashioned dofollow link. 

It's kind of like if I were to tell you to sign up for an affiliate program because you'd make a ton of money. You and millions of others sign up and get your links. You and my millions of other affiliates have dofollow links back to me, so my site grows whether you sell anything or not.

…which is pretty much how Amazon works.

You can go into all of your SIteStripe links and add rel=”nofollow” but that might take a while. AMZ Image makes it super easy: you click a button once and it's all set.

So now that we've seen what AMZ Image can do, let's take a look at the competition.

How Does AMZ Image Stack Up To Competitors?

There are more plugins that work with Amazon today than there have ever been. But 2 of these competitors dominate the field: AAWP and Amalinks Pro.

(you can read our full AAWP review here)

The others (including EasyAzon) aren't that good, aren't that special, or are just flat outdated. So we'll stick to the best 2.

AMZ Image doesn't have quite the horsepower that other competitors have. I like Amalinks Pro, so let me show you what they're packing under the hood.

You can see that they have 4 different types of image options:

amalinks pro options

I can do a text link, image link, CTA link (a button), or a showcase box. That's quite a few options and Amalinks lets you customize that to a pretty good extent. It's a similar story with AAWP.

In comparison, AMZ Image allows you to choose from any of the photos on Amazon and insert them in your post.

So competitors have more power… but are they better?

It depends on your price point.

Amalinks Pro

and AAWP do offer a lot more features than AMZ Image. But they also cost quite a bit more. Here's a quick comparison chart for you:

  AMZ Image Amalinks Pro AAWP
Lowest Priced Package $29 per year $67 per year $43 per year
Mid Priced Package N/A $197 per year $110-220 per year
Highest Priced Package $39 per year $497 one time payment $330 per year

Notice a big difference there?

AMZ Image is less than half the price of Amalinks Pro's cheapest plan. It's about 12% the price of AAWP's most expensive plan.

And if you're comparing AMZ Image's most expensive plan with Amalinks Pro's most expensive, you're looking at saving a whopping $458 your first year by going with AMZ Image.

That's nothing to scoff at. So let's sum up the pros and cons of AMZ Image.

AMZ Image Pros And Cons

Now we're getting into the nitty gritty. Here is what you will gain by going with AMZ Images and what the software struggles with. We'll start with the good news.

The Good

Here are the things that AMZ Image does well when compared to competitors.

Budget-Loving Price Point

AMZ Image is by far the most wallet-happy software for Amazon. It won't set you back much compared to other tools, so it's a good pick for budget buyers.

Easy To Add Images

AMZ Images makes it super fast and easy to add images to your content. One thing I love here is that you can use the stock-quality photos that are already on Amazon. You can use them for your reviews, but also to make your content more appealing and boost your user metrics.

Monetize International Traffic

AMZ Image has an easy integration with your international Amazon stores. This makes it easy to monetize international traffic without spending a ton of energy setting up monetization. 

You can also avoid OneLink, which can be a bit buggy sometimes.

Set Nofollow & Open In New Tabs

You should be setting nofollow tags to your links. You can do this in the text editor for every link you get, or you can set it and forget it on AMZ Image.

I also appreciate that you can open the pictures in a new tab without much hassle. That's a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

The Not So Good

Now that we've talked about what AMZ Image does well, let's take a look at its weakness (and there's just 1).

Not As Powerful As Other Tools

AMZ Image can add pictures, and that's cool. You can use a tool to get text links if you have a significant amount of international traffic, but you can also do this for free from SiteStripe if most your traffic is from one country. 

So with AMZ Image, you'll get unlimited access to photos and pretty good access to text links with SiteStripe.

But you won't have any cool showcase boxes. And you won't have any buttons (though there are plugins that add buttons for free; check MaxButtons).

The main fault of AMZ Image is that it doesn't quite have the horsepower of other tools.

So who is it best for?

AMZ Image Is Best For…

We know what AMZ Image does, we know how it stacks up. So let me discuss who it's best for. I'll give headings for people in several different scenarios and explain if AMZ Image is a good fit for you.

New Niche Site Builders

I'm going to place you in this camp if your site is making less than $1,000 per month. You're working on getting better, but your site isn't quite at the point where it can pay the bills. Every dollar you spend matters.

AMZ Image is a good fit for this type of site owner. It's a good budget pick and will help you get started with your site's monetization.

You can also use AMZ Image to spice up your content with beautiful, stock-quality pictures that you've already got monetized.

Experienced Site Owners

I'm going to put you here if you're bringing in over $1,000 per month from your site or sites. You're still wanting to grow and have a little bit of spare change to invest in your business.

AMZ Image can help you get some super quality pictures to sprinkle in your content. I think the biggest draw for site owners at this stage is that you can other pictures than the ones that SiteStripe will give you.

If you have a lot of money to invest at this stage, you might consider going for a tool like AAWP or Amalinks Pro (I prefer Amalinks Pro). But if you're still watching your dollars, then I think AMZ Image is a good fit.

The Design Perfectionist

Design perfectionists spend their days making sure that their site is a lot better looking than other sites. If websites were models, the design perfectionist would have his or her site on the runway.

I think that AMZ Image lacks powerful features for the design perfectionist. You can insert beautiful images straight from Amazon. But you can't have gorgeous showcase boxes or super appealing buttons without a different plugin.

If you're a design perfectionist, I'd say go look at Amalinks Pro.

The Portfolio Owner

Th portfolio owner has and runs a few different sites. Maybe they're bringing in money, maybe not. This person has probably given in to shiny object syndrome once, or twice, or a whole bunch of times.

I really like AMZ Image for this type of site owner. AMZ Image's most expensive package is still less expensive than Amalinks Pro and AAWP's least expensive packages.

You can monetize an unlimited number of sites with beautiful pictures for $39 per year.

I just don't think you can argue with that. Unlimited sites with Amalinks Pro is $497. AAWP doesn't even have an option for unlimited, but their highest package allows for 25 sites at $330 per year.

I think AMZ Image does a great job of allowing people with many sites to monetize well.

AMZ Image And You

Thanks for reading this AMZ Image review! I don't think that AMZ Image is the most powerful tool on the market. But I do think it's a viable tool and a good pick for a budget shopper. 

AMZ Image can help you to monetize your content better, use amazing photos, and save a ton of money compared to other tools.

Any questions? Ask me in the comments below 🙂

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Hi Brady,

great review.

I have a site with international traffic.

I understand if i use AMZ that my image links will be internationally monitized.

But what about my text links will they also be ineternationally monitized with AMZ?


Celina Jackson

Thanks for sharing this post! Amz tool information is very informative

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