Podcast 80: Application Process and Thoughts for Niche Site Project 3.0

Perrin and I sat down recently and discussed the application process for Niche Site Project 3!  We are excited to be kicking off this project and can hardly wait to find out who the winning applicants will be for the project.

During this podcast, we discuss why we are doing this project and how we are picking the winning applicant.  Most of the information in this podcast was covered previously in this blog post right here. However, if you would like to hear Perrin and I discuss the project a bit more and perhaps pick up a few insights we haven't shared previously on the process, feel free to tune in!

In a nutshell, we are picking 3 students to be coached by either Jake, Perrin, or I.  We will be accepting applications for about another week or so.

If you want to apply, please read through all the guidelines right here.

Or if you want to check out some of the awesome videos that have already started to come in from other applicants, you can check them out on YouTube right here.

Or you can go to the Niche Pursuits Facebook Page here where the videos are also being posted and some good discussion is happening.

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Overall, I hope you enjoy the podcast!

In addition, Thanksgiving is tomorrow here in the US…so happy Thanksgiving!  And if you are not in the US, I still hope you have a great weekend and a memory filled holiday season.  Thanks!


By Spencer Haws
November 25, 2015 | 8 Comments

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Billal Sarker

Thanks for the update. Also we are so much excited for the Niche Site Project 3.0 to learn something powerful tactics to implement to my niche sites… 🙂

Top Ten Android

Thanks Mr. Spencer Haws for this. Really I am so much excited for the Niche Site Project 3.0 to know more about.
Thanks Again 🙂


I just finished listening to the audio, great thoughts guys !

Hah you got me on the 4th question ! I thought I should answer with my best online skill ! Obviously, I’m best at playing the piano.

I do got one question of my own.

Do we get any confirmation emails that you guys received our written applications ?

Also, congratulations for your 400th post, Spencer !

While you are celebrating your 400th post, I’m celebrating my first at

Please take a look !

Thanks once again Spencer, Perrin and Jake !

Spencer Haws

Thanks Adrian! No, we haven’t sent out any confirmation emails; but as long as you submitted it to the right email address, we got it 🙂


Ok Spencer, thanks for the reply ! 🙂


Thanks for the update

i will stay tune in this site to know update about amazon niche sites

thank you


Snow? I’m near Buffalo and we haven’t even had much snow yet! Just 1-2 sittings that didn’t stick around. You guys can keep the snow, lol.

Liked the idea that you are picking three students this time, vs the one. Would be interested in seeing a site successfully built up with no backlinks, like how Clair Smith has been doing successfully. Perhaps even some social media tactics, like utilizing Pinterest and Instagram.

Spencer Haws

That is a very real possibility Lisa. We each have our own tactics…and one of the sites may indeed utilize the no backlinking strategy.

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