Introducing Niche Site Project 3.0!

By Spencer Haws |

Well, here we go again!  After a roller coaster ride on both Niche Site Projects 1 and 2, I’m ready to get back on the ride and start a new niche site project!

As mentioned in my last blog post, the first 2 projects are officially over and closed.   In addition, it’s now been almost a year since I’ve publicly built a niche site from scratch and so I’m finally ready to tackle the challenge once again!

In today’s post, I simply want to lay out some of the plans for Niche Site Project 3.0 and what you can expect.

So, let’s jump right into it, shall we?

What Has Changed Since the Last Niche Site Project?

When I started Niche Site Project 1 almost 3 years ago, I worked for myself with no full-time employees.  I built the niche site used in the project (Best Survival Knife Guide) all on my own.  I documented the entire process, but also did all the work myself.

It was pretty exhausting.

For the second Niche Site Project, I decided that I should coach someone else and let them do the actual work of building out the niche site.  This is where I brought Perrin into the mix.  He was such a great student, that I hired him to work for me full-time.

Perrin and I have gone on to build lots of websites together…privately.

Now, I’ve actually hired a second full-time employee to help me with marketing for Long Tail Pro.  Here’s the blog post where I introduced Jake Cain as my newest employee, in case you missed it.

So, A LOT has changed since I did the niche site projects.  Back then I was just a solo-preneur and no full-time employees.  Now, I have 2 full-time employees (Perrin and Jake) and I also have a growing team of contract employees that help out in various areas.

However, when I look at the success I’ve been able to have, I realize that most of the skills that got me here were learned initially by building out niche sites.  As a result, I’m ready to jump in and teach someone else the ropes during Niche Site Project 3.

Because 3 is Better Than 1…

Warning!  Low Quality Video Below…(Recorded on a Whim 🙂 )

So, how will Niche Site Project 3 work exactly?  Well, to be honest, some of the details still haven’t been completely worked out.  However, I’ve decided that this project will be slightly different than the first and the second.

For Niche Site Project 3, I will be coaching a student to build a niche site from scratch!  And Perrin will be coaching a different student to build a niche site from scratch!  And Jake will be coaching a different student to build a niche site from scratch!

That’s right, for Niche Site Project 3: Jake, Perrin, and I will each coach a different student.  So, 3 students in total will be coached; and therefore, 3 sites in total will be built and publicly shared during the course of the project.

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What do you think?!

3 Coaches and 3 Students…

Jake, Perrin, and I are pretty excited about the prospects of coaching our own students and seeing how it goes.  The benefits to you as a reader, is that you will get to see 3 different teaching styles and 3 slightly different approaches to building niche sites.

All 3 of us are well experienced in building websites, and so this should be a pretty awesome project.

At the end of the day, isn’t following along with 3 websites more fun than just following along with one?  We sure hope so!

How Should We Pick Students?

Jake, Perrin, and I are still thinking through the process of how we should pick the students for this project.  So, we would love to hear your feedback.

In the comments below, let us know how we should pick the students.

We feel like there needs to be some sort of application process, but we are always open to more inventive ideas.  So, if you have any, please feel free to share below.

As a reminder, in the previous Niche Site Project, I actually did a combination of random drawing, written application, and Niche Pursuits community votes.  This time around it could be something similar, or something completely different.  We are still thinking through those details.

When Will Niche Site Project 3.0 Officially Start?

We don’t have an official start date.  However, the plan is to start as soon as possible!

Once we figure out the process of how we will be picking students, it will likely take at least a couple of weeks to go through that process.  As soon as the students are chosen, we will begin the coaching immediately!

Overall, I really don’t think you will have to wait too long to for the Niche Site Project 3 train to leave the station.  I fully expect that by early December, that this project will be under way.

So, once again, I would REALLY appreciate your feedback in the comments section below about an application process.  What ideas do you have for us to pick the best students?

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Jon Haws

I’ll make it easy for you . . . just pick me.

Spencer Haws

Sorry, no male nurses allowed! You don’t need my help anyway 🙂

Sia M.

I have built a few niche sites without much success. I just made one last week at The man with the horrible moustache is me.

I would be the perfect candidate for this project because, frankly, I need something like this. I’m not just casually interested. Pick me.

I will also be willing to physically fight other applicants for this spot.

Spencer Haws

Lol…a fist fight…now that WOULD be an interesting way to determine the winner… I can see it now, “Tune in on Nov 25th at 7pm for the live Niche Site Project fighting challenge!”


I challenge Sia to a thumb war or RSP duel. Woman v woman– you know you want to pick both of us!

Seriously, older, female, newbie to online marketing. I’m the trifecta! 🙂

Spencer Haws

haha…you guys are great! I love the war of words!

Rahul Verma

I’d like the opportunity.

Rafael Mocelin

How about interested people send initial planning for a niche site and you guys choose based on that?

The actual niche site doesn’t have to be related to the initial planning, it would be just for screening purposes!

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the suggestion, its a good one. I’m definitely looking for suggestions on how to find the best students, so I appreciate it.

Joe Burrill

Yeah, this is a good idea, I like it. Shows commitment and tests how well people have been listening in on the other projects


That one is a pretty good idea. I agree – doesn’t have to become the project…and you don’t even need to assess on quality of the work (i.e. that’s why your coaching is needed!)

But simply requiring the person to (just like a school assignment), “do the following activity” and submit it…will reduce initial applicants to those who were willing to put in (say) an hour of work to apply.
That helps eliminate a bunch who would fill in an initial form but would never go on with it.

Again – this should be assessed like a child’s school assignment – based on following the instructions and putting the work in. It shouldn’t matter if it’s not a great idea.

Finally…as I think I mentioned in a previous niche site project…I don’t think it’s a bad thing to require that the applicants use LT Pro in the application process. Why? Well, this is the tool all you guys use and what you’ll be using in the coaching. It’s your site and your project, I don’t think it’s bad to assume that an applicant should have (or be prepared to get) a copy of LT Pro to do the application process.

Just ideas…

Spencer Haws

Great thoughts Steve, so many great ideas for an application process. Thanks!


Hey Spencer, I am pumped to see this new 3 person format.

I think an application process seems the best so you have some assurance that the people will follow through. But maybe you could also have a wild card entry that is completely random – like Jon Haws. 🙂

Looking forward to seeing more!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Doug! We are pretty excited over here as well for the project. I do think an application process makes sense, to find those who will actually follow through.


Seems a simple process pick me and two others!

Spencer Haws

Haha, I think a few others have the same idea 🙂

shaun baird

Hi.. filter out the non workers somehow then use a random number generator to choose.. or choose me. 43 almost need to make it work!

Spencer Haws

That’s a possibility.

Shaun Baird

What about rubbing your palms with money 😉 lol

seriously though I’d love to get my teeth into something. never had a mentor before only been fumbling around and have never managed to break through!


Perhaps pick students who aren’t already employed in fields related to niche site creation, SEO, content creation, etc. This will make it a true beginners experience as well as shows how side hustlers can get into the niche site game.

Just a thought.

Spencer Haws

That’s an excellent thought, and I’ll definitely consider.


I second this; people with no preconceived notions of SEO, niche sites, etc. would be excellent. Just raw subjects 😉

Joe Burrill

I think there comes a point where a beginner becomes more experienced. The issue with this is where to draw the line… Many would have considered Perin a beginner when he started NSP2, but he had a lot of skills to bring to the table, such as his writing abilities. I think everyone is different and has their own unique set of skills.
Maybe instead of just a beginner, have someone who has never built a ‘niche’ site like this before?

Ars Bardai

This is a superb idea. And I’m really glad to know Spencer’s positive remarks on this.


I’d like the opportunity! Been looking at building a niche site for a while and love your site.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Lu!

Pranav Khanna

Pick up
1. B2C niche ( like selling Natural Organic Beauty products )
2. B2B niche ( selling SAAS product like instamojo )
3. Marketplace Model for a niche ( natural Organic Beauty products)

I would love to be a part of this


Spencer Haws

Those are some interesting thoughts. I do think its possible that we could end up with different models, as we really will be taking an individual approach.


I think you should each pick a student that’s in a similar stage of life as you’re in…minus the niche site knowledge that you’ve accumulated. For example, Spencer left a full-time reliable job to pursue this adventure. He’s married, has several kids, and enjoys running as a hobby. Since I quit my full time job to pursue an adventure, am married, have several kids, and enjoy running, I would be a logical candidate.

Perrin should find a student who lives in Chicago (or appreciates the city), wears red hoodies with a zipper, and has an interest in SEO.

Etc, etc.

Spencer Haws

haha! You almost had me, then the logical choice ended with you…I like what you did there 🙂


Interesting project. love to see and follow the process …. curious how you chose your students

Kim Smith

I think a student that has tried niche marketing without much success (me) would be good. Someone who has the time to devote (me) to make this a success. Someone who takes directions well (me). Someone who is very determined to succeed (me). Someone like me who needs someone to coach them, walk beside them and guide them through the process.

Spencer Haws

The choice seems pretty clear 🙂


Hello Spencer I listening to you podcast got me into creating sites back in 2012 – I was living in Australia at that time. I really appreciate all the time and dedication you spend teaching others how to make really cool sites and some money on the side.
Thanks a lot!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Ignazio!

Chris Guthrie

Pick me please. I’m working on a my little pony niche website. I’m going to monetize it with ebay partner network affiliate earnings for all my fellow collectors out there.

(Ok yes I make bad jokes.)

Looking forward to watching this one. I love the 3 coaches 3 students approach. You should offer some type of prize (even if it’s something silly) for the winner. Perhaps a trophy that gets passed from coach to coach based on whoever wins this one, then NSP 4, NSP 5 etc

Spencer Haws

Sorry, no bronies allowed!

I actually like the trophy idea, I tossed that idea out to Jake and Perrin last week. Perhaps it could be a my little pony themed trophy!

Pascal K.


what a nice announcement!
My idea for the picking process: Just start like niche site project 2. Let the people write an awesome application, so you 3 guys can pick a certain number of applicans. These students will create a short brief introduction to himself and the reason why they should be picked, maybe not a long application…just a 99 Second video, short and impressive!

With this video you should start a voting at the community. Also you 3 guys vote an your own…then you count the vote from the community and you personal and you know who won this battle…. maybe there is the issue to decide which voting count how much, but this is just a short math problem 😉

Art Manville

I like Pascal’s idea of the community voting on the students. This would make it much more interesting for everyone. However, you might need to prevent the students from “stuffing ballots”

Spencer Haws

This idea could definitely work.

Austin Holt

Two things that I think would be useful would be starting the voting from the beginning, and also choosing three different levels of experience. I think starting the voting from the very beginning would be beneficial to everybody because it would give you and the team a break from mulling through every submission on your own, and also let everyone involved see everyone else in the community. Might be insightful to see the similarities and differences, and definitely picking three different experience levels would be motivating if they each have some level of success. Or, it might just be a bunch of extra work for you guys, and make it less likely for anyone to succeed, which obviously makes my opinion the perfect solution, without question.

Spencer Haws

I definitely agree that allowing the Niche Pursuits community to vote in some way would take a load of work off my shoulders…and I really like that option.

Ravi Janardhan

Hi Spencer,

Glad to hear about project 3.0

It was a lot of fun leamning about your previous project PennyShaved, and pumped up to see how this new project is going to shaped up.

Good luck guys.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Ravi!

Donald W

Hey Spencer,

I would say to narrow down your candidates you should have minimum requirements like last time. 20 hours a week to dedicate, 500$ or more to devote to content and link building, and maybe a general understanding of WordPress. The last one maybe not so much but at least that would narrow it down for you guys! Looking forward to NSP3.

Spencer Haws

Yep, those are some good thoughts. We’ll have to think through some minimum requirements for sure.


Kind of what Josh said, I think you should do an application process of sorts, but have people only apply to the one of the three of you that they want to work with. They should be applying based on style or similar practices or the reverse altogether if they are trying to learn a new style; that could be part of the process. I hope to get a chance in on this one either way (spectator or participant)!

Spencer Haws

Good thoughts…thanks Jen!


Hey Spencer and the NichePursuits team,

Really love everything you are doing. I’m so excited for the new format, especially with all the hits and bangs you guys just got, so it will be really nice to see what the new methodology will be.

I actually have a super awesome niche ready to go, but I honestly have no idea what I’m doing. 🙂 Been following you for a while, so I would LOVE the opportunity to be a student of yours.

Random number generator for all applicants is one option, but I like the idea of submitting an essay or something to say why it would be a good fit, and let you guys decide based off of that?

Food for thought.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Gershy! I agree that some sort of written application is probably a good idea.


Pick someone with absolutely no experience. This will be a good case study to investigate how doable this is for an average Joe, and what results to expect.

Spencer Haws

I agree, that would be interesting for sure.


Hi Spencer, brilliant news that you are starting and sharing another 3 sites! I’ve started my own niche site and will hopefully improve my income by following these new sites. I don’t think it matters about previous Internet marketing experience as the idea behind your projects is to show others how it can be done. I’m for the application process which will eliminate most of the ‘less than commited’. Would love it to be me, but excited all the same!

Spencer Haws

Awesome, thanks Peter!

stephen aidoo

Hey spencer 🙂
Kudos to another niche site project. You know what, am so happy for this new project. You are such an amazing planner, your intuitive way of bringing out new ideas and your perfect timing is so spectacular. It has really been a learning journey right on from day niche site 1 to the now project 3. I know that you have so much in your sleeves to show this time. And it will be wonderful. All the struggling and problems you went through is going to prepare you and us for this project. We 100% support you. Go bro.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Stephen, I really appreciate the support!


I am just curious why 3 coaches? Is it because of different styles, niches or smth else?
And what’s so important in 1-to-1 ratio? Would it be faster and more efficient to use 1 coach to 3-4 student ratio for building a content for shorter time?

But in any case I’m so excited to see this new project too.

Spencer Haws

Yes, because of different styles, and so we can give more individual attention to each student.


I think you should conduct an interview process to get the three best people. Should also disclose an estimated investment required for this project. May be a similar process that you used to find Perrin.


An interview sounds like no fun. IMHO

Spencer Haws

If we did interviews, it would have to be after we narrowed everyone but a few people.

John from Ocala

Look forward to applying for one spot. I currently have a website that I originally used the NP project 2 but when the PBN penalty occurred, it threw my business model out the door. Hope I have all the qualities you will be looking for. Blessing and Godspeed to everyone.

Spencer Haws

Thanks John!


I think best way to pick is good students is to make an applying form with trap questions testing the knowledge of the applicants about the niche picking market and more.
i think it is the best way to deceive the list of applicants. you don’t want to deal with no-knowledgeable students


Why don’t you do Something really different. A niche site in another language. I am Dutch A small country. But there must be A way to make THE site For more country’s. IT is totally iut of Your comfort zone.

Spencer Haws

A site in a different language would be interesting. However, I just might have a hard time knowing if the site is quality or not; might be harder for me to coach.

Iliass Azri

Awesome Spencer! what about the ranking strategies are you going to use PBNS ?

Spencer Haws

No, there will be no PBNs used.


This is not a subliminal message…….choose Hansie.

John from Ocala

Don’t know if my first comment message got received. But as I said previously I followed the NP 2 project up to and just about when I was going to do the PBN. Luckily I did not but it left a major part of this business model missing. I still believe in the efforts and ideas you present. I still have that website that I created. It is transitioning from a niche to an authority site. I am making a nominal income but am still encouraged. Good luck to all. If I am selected it was because it was meant to be.


Hey Spencer,
This is wonderful. So many good suggestions in the comments. I would say, select a student who has never done this before(me). Pick someone who has the right background knowledge to explore that niche. for e.g. a pediatrician trying to develop a child care blog compared to a DMV employee trying to develop a child care blog. May be prepare a questionnaire like 1) How long are you in that field (medicine for e.g.) 2) What is your end goal (just making money or spreading your message or flipping) 3) Do you have a roadmap already? 4) Are you willing to pivot and get microniche (or even nanoniche) ? 5) What are your time commitments? (If it aligns with Spencer and two other teachers its a perfect match).
Thank you Spencer, Can’t wait to see what unfolds with the NSP 3.0

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the suggestions Rav! I think your questions are good.

Patrick Tuttle

1. have all the students submit niches to you within 72 hours, Then post them all. Then give each student the opportunity to vote on three of them — 100% random results.
2. then have a webinar and say you have 300 people on the webinar. have a survey and ask everyone to pick a number from 0-3 , and 0-9 and 0-9 then pick the most common number picked in each of the three surveys and that would correspond to the person in the ques that is that number. like 0 was most common in the first group, 4 was the most common in the 2nd group and 6 was the most common in the third group therefore =046th person who joined the webinar would be picked and do the same for the next 2 people.

bit complicated but 100% random.

Spencer Haws

Interesting idea. 100% random might be too random for me though 🙂


Spencer, Spencer, Spencer,
I’m really excited to hear,
about Niche Site Project 3 dot O!

Long time in my job,
I got the 7-year itch,
It’s time to get on out there,
and create my own niche.

I’ve got some good ideas,
and I love to keyword-research,
but I need a bit of guidance,
Cos my brain just hurts.

This project sounds like fun,
And three is always better than one,
How about the entry with the best poetry,
Becomes your number 1?

Spencer Haws

Thanks Martinos! Glad you are excited about the project…


It’s a great idea to have all three of you coaching and teaching. I look forward to watching you and your students learning together. My first thought, what fun the 3 of you will have competing with each other for the best results. A trophy or prize is needed for sure! Perrin was a great choice for Niche Site 2. I hope you will find 3 students with the same determination and dedication.

Spencer Haws

I agree…I really hope we can find some great students out there…I know you are out there somewhere 🙂

Louie Luc

I think you guys should have duels between the applicants, the one that draws the fastest… :))

No, seriously, people should fill out an application form or something with a bunch of questions so that you guys could understand which one is the best possible candidate and why.

Just to make things even more interesting: why don’t you pick an international student to show that even a person from outside the US and even someone whose native language is not English (but knows how speak and write in English, of course) can actually pull it off?

Looking forward for NSP3,

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the input Louie!

Simon Rohde Nielsen

I’ve been making niche sites for multiple years with mixed results, so therefore i’ll be the ideal student!

I know something about it but still got a lot to learn yet! I’m ready to work 30-40 hours a week on this, and if it takes even more, then i’ll clear things up and be ready tu do that!

The last two things i need now for beings succesful, i a teacher there can learn and structure some more of my work, and then new things to do. I’ve primary been operating in the danish niches but i’m ready to go all in on the international market now!

Can’t wait to start at a student at you 😉

Spencer Haws

Thanks Simon…sounds like you would be quite dedicated for sure!


Well 3 websites..that was a bit of a surprise…but in a good way. If you (and your new team) fancy a challenge…I will build a 4th website with none of that old SEO and back link nonsense..and will show someone how to make that work..I think many people over complicate this keyword tools, no SEO…no links…and mostly common sense..

In terms of applicants..A female candidate would be good….an older person…and someone from outside the USA…as the Internet world also exists outside there


Agreed this guy has no skill and hoodwinks idiots into buying Google AdWords – complete parasite


Joan..not quite sure what you are referring to here…Spencer has helped more people than enough with all of his free coaching…I made my first money by following both his first 2 projects…There are many so called marketers out there who would try to sell the info you can get here for a lot of money…Spencer Perrin and now Jake offer a ton of free and USEFUL information

Spencer Haws

You and anyone are always welcome to build a niche site right along side of us. I do like the no link building strategy…I’ve done that myself a couple of times.


Same old – hoodwink idiots into buying your useless affilaite stuff – u have only 1 skill taking money from suckers – if this works just so it yourself 1000 times and keep your tricks to yourself – or it works for 1 in 1000 ao peddle it


Spencer, pretty cool. I like the idea of you guys filtering top 10 candidates and then letting the community pick one. Also, it will be interesting if you can discuss how you guys are planning on protecting these 3 sites from negative SEO. Would be good to show the community how you even get into disavowing bad links coming in or maybe what you do when your copy cats start duplicating your content. Looking forward to this one!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Chris! I’m not sure there is a way to 100% prevent negative SEO or copy cats. Just one of the hazards of running a public project.


I’m going to follow along anyway, I’m just about to start my new site.

Maybe you could have some sort of group, so there would be 3 students doing your triple coaching thing but other people could follow along and encourage each other too in one place.

Spencer Haws

That is an excellent idea.


Ooh, like that one. I’d actually maybe have a go at one, if there was a group (a small forum or fb group at least) – just for those who are actively following along with their own (new) project.


Hey all! In my opinion too much “randomness” could prove ineffective as it might fall on someone who lacks commitment, available time and/or money.
I would agree that a process like this could help:
-written or recorded application
-sifting by Spencer & team based on their prerequisites
-announcement of top 10 candidates
-Final selection through combined member voting and Spencer & Team’s discretion.

I would imagine it a better “coaching” project if the students had somewhat limited knowledge & experience…no use “coaching” an already successful person, lol!

Regarding prerequisites: things like available cash if you deem it neccessary, available time to dedicate, determined to succeed and willing to commit, being teachable and willing/able to follow through.

PS: Do these students also share in the profits of the sites?

Spencer Haws

I agree that finding people more at the beginning level is the way to go. Thanks for the suggestions!
PS – The plan is allow the students 100% ownership of the sites and its profits. I won’t make any money from the niche site project sites.


Hi Spencer:

This announcement made me very happy! I’m actually getting prepared to start my own niche website! I think writing an application and recording a great video about themselves would be a good way to select the three students for this project. I’m very excited, I’d love to an student but either way it makes me very happy to see that the Niche Site Project 3.0 is starting almost at the same time as me creating my own website so I can follow up with you, Perrin and Jake and spark different ideas that can help me build my website. I wish you the best of luck! I’m sure is going to be a hit! 🙂

Spencer Haws

Glad you are excited…the more I read these comments, the more I get excited as well!


Hey Spenser,
Great to hear that you’re doing Niche Site Project part 3. Wish you, Perrin and Jake the best, for this super helpful and exciting project. I’d love to write about what goes on from a clueless newbie’s point of view… being an experienced writer I will be able to weave something interesting every couple of days, if you share details about what’s happening. Looking forward to NSP 3.

Spencer Haws

Sounds great…thanks Sanjeev!


Oh man. This is going to be awesome.
Looking forward to be picked..jk 😛

How about some sorta contest? Not sure how though.
But I like the idea of bringing 10 or so people and then everyone votes for the top 3.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to NSP 3.0.
I’m sure I’ll learn lots.


Spencer Haws

Thanks Julian…this should be fun!

asjad khan

I am a newbie in internet marketing field and non English speaker , I know that I will not getting select for niche site project but I suggest my name

Anindya Roy

Hi Spencer,

Nice to hear that you are coming back with Niche Project 3. I feel you can break this down into 3 categories as such you are planning to have 3 coaches for students. It could be like this….

One for an absolute newbie who has got the basics right but have never built a niche site on its own. One who is just getting started with a shoe string budget with a zero list. This could a great example and case study for someone who is really serious enough to build a nich website, lacks direction and needs a competent hand holding support.

Second could be someone who has 2-3 niches sites to his credit but has not been commercially viable for whatsoever the reasons. This would be a wonderful case study for people who needs smart strategies to take their niche sites to the next level.

And the third could be for someone with advanced knowledge, yet needs to refine their online marketing skills.

The segregation of students can be randomly done through a survey.

By the way I am very curious to aask you something – What will be the major difference than niche project site 1 & 2. The reason I am asking you this as because you had to give up on project 1 & 2 after a ceratin span despite the best of your efforts. With each update of google……there seem to be one issue or the other as is evident from your projects. How stable will be Niche 3 project?

with every great wish and gratitude for you and your team

Spencer Haws

Great suggestions Anindya. Because of the public nature of the project, there is no way to 100% prevent the sites from getting copied or attacked. However, the point is to simply teach others the process.

Jojo C.

Hi Spencer!

Why pick students?

Why can’t students pick you?

Ok, I confess those lines were explicitly created just grab your attention (I hope it worked because this is a lengthy one).

But what I really mean is this.

What if students pick their preferred coaches?

The 3 coaches may share the pie evenly i,e, Spencer 60, Perrin 20, Jack 20 (pretty even I guess!). If these means 600, 200, 200 for 1000 of your subscribers who’d like to participate in this endeavor, then the respective coaches will just have to select from each number, not from the whole 1000. It’ll save time for everyone.

Probably this can help in the selection process.

1. Purpose – Start with why. Students to give their respective purposes why they’d want to be coached. Well, it’s obvious that most would want to say that they’d like to succeed in their online businesses, but aside from profit, the purpose is key. If I were the coach, I’d like that student to succeed more especially if his purpose is more noble and would involve more than himself. Money would be secondary.

2. Seriousness – how serious are the students in this endeavor? It’ll be a waste of time for the coaches to give their 100% but the students will only be giving their half. Whether they have an existing full time job or none at all, the most important thing is their focus. They can explain how they’ll focus on this project (time to be spent, platform to use, what autoresponders are they using, etc.)

3. Sustainability – how will the students sustain their respective businesses if they’ve been coached? Is this a lifetime career or just one of those sites that they’d like to try? Will they have at least 1 hour per day or 6 hours in average working on the site even after it’s launched?

You can add more criteria if you like but you get the point. Each of this will have a weight i.e. (again!) Purpose – 50, Seriousness – 30, Sustainability 20). Each coach will rate the specific answers to those questions from 1 to 5 (with 5 the highest) . There will be some sort of subjectivity in the ratings but the coaches have this privilege as you will do the coaching anyway.

Shortlist to about 10 or 20, then conduct the interviews (optional but can be done just to validate the essence in those written statements).

Sum it all up and you’ll get the 3 best candidates. : )



I need a like button for this response.


I second Kyle!


Looking forward to #3. Thanks to NP team for doing this again.

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the suggestions Jojo! I kinda like the idea of students picking their coaching, and you have some great questions here that could help us narrow down the applicants.


It would be interesting if one of the projects was taking an existing niche site with potential and making it profitable.

Spencer Haws

Believe it or not, your exact idea was very close to being NSP 3. I have a site that I built a while ago and have not touched in a year. It gets 500 to 800 visitors a day, but I could do so much more to make it a real business.


Is one on one coaching such as this included in LT univ? I will enroll right away if it does

Spencer Haws

Since you asked about LTU, I will give you a heads up. Very soon, we will be adding a coaching element (via a private facebook group) and twice a month ongoing case study/q&a webinars. We’ve had several people ask for this in long tail university, so it’s coming very soon.


It’s so nice to see the NSP is still going on !

I thought that number two will be the end of it since you shifted to podcasts and more LTP marketing. This is just great, I can’t wait to see what happens, and I’d also like to apply.

I have a couple of failed niche sites, and am currently working on a larger authority website, but the process is slow, since I’ve recently been hired as an SEO.

I sure do hope we could work together, I got some insights, and a little backup would really give me the confidence.

Best wishes Spencer, take care !

Spencer Haws

Thanks Adrian, glad you are excited about the project!


Hi Spencer,

So excited for that, we follow the NSP from everywhere in the word(America,Africa,Europe…)
Pick students with different experiences level and from different side of the world.
Make a minimum budget 500$ or more to devote to content and link building etc….to show others than anyone can do it.

Spencer Haws

Sounds great…thanks milan!


Hi spancer eagerly waiting for it and thanks


Yay! So excited for this! Maybe some kind of extra votes for followers that have already purchased LTP and LTPUniversity?

Spencer Haws

hmm, not a bad idea!

Jose Luis

You already pointed out some ideas from the NP 2.0. But! What if you try to take in account the possibilities of picking a student out of the EEUU? You could run a project with international projection and benefit both from the new project perspective and the multicultural atmosphere.

Yeah! Let’s get into the internationalization of niches (when possible) 😀

Spencer Haws

Its not a bad idea at all. Applicants from any location are accepted.

Darren Looker

I love the sound of 3 Coaches 3 Approaches.
Maybe each coach takes a different approach to monetization and discusses the pros and cons of each.
1. Amazon Affiliate/FBA
2. Adsense
3. Shopify
4. Clickbank
5. Other approaches.
I’m excited to see what happens!

Spencer Haws

I suspect that some of this will happen naturally…since each coach/student will pick a different niche; its very probably that the monetization strategies will be different.


Hi Spencer,

Great idea. I’ll be following along. Would UK based students be considered?

Spencer Haws

Yes, UK students will be considered.


Hi Spencer,

I would suggest to create a video auditioning process where people talk about their skills and current situation. This will help to get real emotions being expressed by interested people who are dedicated than plain text which can be scripted to sound as best choice. Just like you did in the above video, it conveyed how you were feeling and I guess this idea is worth a shot.

Trust me, I really did put in some efforts to come with this.

Let me know your thoughts too.


Spencer Haws

Great ideas, thanks Karthik!


I’m so excited for another Niche Site Project. I learned so much from the first two. I have no idea how you are going to pick your students. I would suggest some type of application process with an interview at the end once you’ve narrowed down the applicants. Good luck, you have a tough task ahead of you.

I have the perfect candidate though – my mom. Two years ago, she lost hearing in her left ear and she has struggled at her job ever since. She works as a secretary for the local school district. She keeps telling me that she wants to quit her job and work from home but she doesn’t know where to begin. I’ve hired her to write a few articles for my websites as she is a very good writer. She has always wanted to learn niche websites but I haven’t gotten around to teaching her yet. She is a complete newbie at niche sites but is a fast learner and she knows her way around a computer. If you are looking for someone who has never built a website before, she would be a great student and this could possible change her life. Once you figure out how you are going to choose your students, I’ll have her apply.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Ally! I agree that we have a tough task ahead of us. Your mom sounds like a great applicant.


Dear Spencer,
I admire the work you do and how you share knowledge with us. I also greatly appreciate your humility and down-to-earth style. Unfortunately, I haven’t been successful yet with my little niche website and, if you are prepared to take on an absolute beginner, I assure you I would make the perfect candidate. You could show how to build a niche website for dummies! 😀 What are your thoughts?

Spencer Haws

I think its a great idea…thanks Marcella!

paul chris

I will love to join the challenge. I have currently seen huge success from building sites though but would love to learn more and start new projects as well.

I hope i can get the chance to work with you though…

Spencer Haws

Thanks Paul!


Top ten reasons why you should totally pick me for your coaching project:
1. Work ethic – I have a successful offline business and understand the time/effort/commitment of an entrepreneur.
2. I have time to commit to the project – as much as needed
3. I am not your typical student – female, professional, late 40’s, 5 kids, 3 grandkids, very happy life
4. I am very coach-able and willing to learn
5. I have financial resources – don’t need to start making money this week to pay rent, etc.
6. I understand the value of investment in business and re-investment
7. I like to run, well not really, but I am willing to try to like it, okay, I hate to run, but I love yoga.
8. I like Chicago style pizza – that’s true – and I don’t put ketchup on hot dogs.
9. You can come visit me and I will show you the greatest snow on earth…(Utah)
10. We can be friends
I would be happy to expand this list – we can make a top 50 or top 100 if necessary. 🙂

Spencer Haws

haha…great application!…and you clearly have a great sense of humor; that’s a big bonus in my book. Once I start the real application process, I’ll let you know 🙂

And for the record, I think it would be awesome to finally get a female niche site builder around here!


Spencer , This is definitely a great opportunity and Thanks to you.

Here are my 2 cents that might be helpful for your project. Try to take on 3 different niches and 3 candidates with different experience levels. This could make a great case study and increases your readers curiosity. Coming to candidate selection, try to filter them based on certain factors such as experience level, seriousness, attitude, passion …etc.

Did I mention – I will be applying as well. Wish me good luck!


Spencer Haws

Those are some great thoughts, thanks Jay!


I propose my name, but with a french niche website 😉 for a original challenge 😉

Spencer Haws

That could indeed be very interesting.

Ryan Cunningham

Spencer, and the gang

I have been following many niche, micro niche, Amazon affiliate sites and many of you guys that build them and educate people on them. I have been in online marketing and sales at a corporate level for ggrrrr years let’s say 10 plus.

Now here’s the kicker by day I run our company website and I deal with all aspects from magento build out to SEO SMM etc the whole gambit, I consider myself to have a well rounded knowledge. I earn 6 figures so I cannot complain, but last weekend I was taken ill and ended up in the ER my wife spent 4 hours wondering if I was going to pull through. During this whole mess in my delirium I decided I need to be following you guys lead.

I want a six fig salary, who doesn’t. But what I do not want anymore is going to the office. I have finally realized the value of being with my family full time Something that became very clear in hospital. I have been signed up with you for a while and currently will be using long tail pro for my research, (I decided about 5 years ago long tail was the way to go for our business and boy it’s paid off.) so I 110% get that.

My trouble is getting it rolling, I excel best when I am shown something, rather than reading it I would love the opportunity and further more I want to hone this knowledge so I can teach others how to do it, it’s about FREEDOM not money. I did not follow your last two build outs but I have been researching back through your website. I thank you for your real approach to this it’s refreshing. Great work, pick me or not succeed I shall, and I wish everyone here the very best keep at it. Thanks for a great website.

Ryan C

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the thoughts Ryan! There really is more to live than a six figure salary. Being able to work from home and work your own hours is a huge thing. You are totally right that its about freedom, not money. Thanks!


I would like to contest.I have a niche site but no success.


I’ve recently found your site and am about as green as anyone could be when it comes to internet marketing, but I’m highly motivated to learn and succeed. So I throw my hat into the ring.

On the bright side I have no pre conceptions about how to do this and am a blank canvas for instruction. I also have what I believe is a killer idea for a niche site with a lot of opportunity.

I also have time on my hands and have some funds to throw at building a site.

I read through all your posts yesterday about the other 2 niche sites and realised there is a lot to know. So I will be watching your new experiment closely and following along step by step on my own if I don’t get picked to be one of the guinea pigs.

Good on you for being so generous with your time and knowledge.

Spencer Haws

Sounds great. Thanks Linden!


I think you should let applicants tryout. You know how you make the football team. You report to practice and show your stuff. In this case you asked all interested persons to do a task or tasks. Then you review the results and if you need to narrow down the process more you do interviews and/or applications. It would be great if you each of you took your runner up or the 2nd choice and give them a little mentoring as well. I can’t wait to see how you choose, because I sure will have put myself in the running. I know computers and can build websites, but I just cannot get the results I think I should.

Spencer Haws

I like the idea of a tryout Hal, thanks!

Tom Clark

– – – – – – – – – > Pick Tom Clark <———–
I'm looking forward to following niche site duel 3. I think you should do some sort of contest to weed out the slackers. I've bought longtail pro and got stuck building a website, so I could do with getting some value back from you!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Tom! 🙂


I hope that you will consider video sessions of all the steps the new candidates will take as they progress in the building of the site. I am talking everything. I know this would be an enormous undertaking but I don’t think I am the only one who would appreciate this. The devil is in the details, as they say, and newbies miss those little details that tie everything together. Just a suggestion since everything is going video these days. Start with your software picking out the keyword, the sub-keywords, how you came up with titles for the content, the architecture of the site, how much content and why, etc. etc. Leave nothing out. You could then offer this hands-on, look over my shoulder, step-by-step (literally) course as a bonus to your software . If people already know a lot about a certain subject then they could fast forward to what they don’t know via a video table of contents. Hey, just had to add my 2 Canadian cents. Compared to the US dollar today that would be worth 0 US cents. lol Take it with a grain of salt but I am hoping you will let it cross your mind once or twice.

Spencer Haws

I agree that would be quite helpful. However, I don’t know if videos of everything is feasible. We will do our best to document everything though either way. Love that I have lots of Canadian readers 🙂

Joe Burrill

Hey Spencer, Perrin and Jake,

First off, I can’t beleive no one has said they like the video you posted! I thought it was awesome and I seriously loved it. Who cares if it was a little wobbly, we got the picture.

I have a few suggestions that might be worth thinking about for the application process. Naturally, you are looking for people who are keen and 100% committed to giving this a good go. It is too easy for people to just write a few paragraphs and submit. Maybe consider doing a video resume of sorts?

I think it is also very important for the coach to pick the student. Once you narrow it down (how ever you decide to do it), have each of you decide and pick who you would like to coach. It obviously needs to be someone who you can get along with and feel comfortable teaching.

So maybe something like this:
1. Choose 3-5 questions for people to answer via a video recording of themselves (or audio alone is fine too I guess, point is, it needs to be challenging enough to filter out the tire kickers)
2. Perrin, Jake and yourself go through all the videos and each pick 3-5 of your top favourites
3. Post your top 3-5 picks each, then put it into the hands of the NichePursuits Community. Set up 3 polling/voting widgets (or whatever you call them) one for each coach. Everyone then gets to vote for each coaches student.

Anyway, I am super excited to follow along with this. I am new reader (and podcast listener) and am keen to learn more about your current process.

Spencer Haws

Glad you liked the video Joe…I just might be a youtube star yet!

I actually think your steps for application process are really good. We will likely include a written section as well, but video is a nice touch.


Hey Spencer,

How about a real challenge and pick a student from ‘over the pond’?
I know you will have a time difference as GMT is 8hrs ahead of PST, but at least you could show it can be done.
If the idea appeals to you then I’m yo’ man!
(and it will also give me an opportunity to USE my LTP Platinum subscription and finally earn something!!!)

All the best,

Spencer Haws

I’m definitely open to people outside the US.


I think that no matter who you pick, you should try a different monetization method. Amazon affiliate sites have been done to death. Don’t get me wrong, Amazon makes me lots of money (and partially thanks to you guys). But I know I’m fairly clueless when it comes to pay per lead Or PPA. I’m curious to see if something built on thesen a non-payment way can convert.

Spencer Haws

Sounds good!


Very glad to hear this.

When it comes to choosing students, there definitely should be an application process, however I don’t think it should be open to just pure beginners, I think those who even have experience in Online Marketing should be able to apply. Why?

Well, there are thousands of people who hear about making money online and decide to give it a go, but very few who have the persistence and drive to keep going after hitting wall, after wall after wall. If you were to open it simply to this category of people, you would be missing out on all of those people who truly know that this industry is the industry they want to be in, they’ve spent years learning but have not found the correct path to victory (yet). To be honest, I think it’s those people you would be helping the most, the ones who have already poured their blood, sweat and tears in to Online Marketing, to perhaps make a couple of hundred a year, or even a couple of thousand a year but have not yet had that one winner or not yet found that systematic approach which they can rinse and repeat.

In regards to the actual application it’s self, I think it should be in various stages:

First stage: It’s massively important that the applicants have the time and you are up front and realistic about the amount of time needed, no point applying if you only have 5 hours a week but you need 20 e.t.c

Second stage: Personality, what makes you tick, whats your passions, interests, motivations, goals in life.

Third stage: Whats your knowledge of, then this should be broken down in to key areas:

– WordPress
– Market Research
– Keyword Research
– Competitor Analysis
– Content Marketing

I honestly don’t think having a complete beginner is the best suggestion, there is simply too much to learn and the case study would be far to slow paced. You need someone who knows a bit of each, or a lot of each but struggles to tie it all together…there the winners and that would make for an interesting case study.

I also thought, perhaps a monetary deposit would be good, so at least you three and the readers know that the applicants are serious. However, I’d hate to cast aside those without the financial means to put a 100% refundable deposit down. You know like, if your chosen you have to pay $500 100% refundable to show your serious, if you don’t put the effort in, you don’t get it back, sort of thing.

Anyways, theres some thoughts for you guys…

Oh, one last thing – as you three are basically competing, I think there should be some prize for the ‘team’ who generates the most revenue in the time period…an additional incentive and an interesting angle on the original niche case studies. Although, thinking about it Spencer would probably have to front the money, which means it’s a lose/lose situation for you ha.

Spencer Haws

Thanks for your thoughts Will! I don’t think it will be limited to beginners. I think it will be based more on quality of applicants. I love some of your suggestions.

I think a friendly competition is an interesting idea as well!

Joe Burrill

Good points Will, I couldn’t agree more.


Spencer you should probably have Jake or Perrin be the eye candy in the next video. Where did you get your looks?! 🙂

Spencer Haws

The sad part is that I’m the good looking brother!

Kani Poly

Pick me pick me!


It’s a awesome inspiration.


Hi Spencer,
Please take me in.I will work hard for my success.

JD Duncan

I think my vote would be to choose someone who has other skills that they can offer to you in the future, someone that you would hypothetically hire for your business. Say, an experienced data analyst and/or wordpress designer with experience with membership or building courses and passionate about training others. Like a pay it forward type concept…? If so, I know a guy 🙂

Spencer Haws

haha…great thoughts JD! And who knows…I did indeed hire Perrin after NSP 2. If the right person comes along…its very possible! (And for the record, I do like the sound of your skill sets).


Awesome! I will be following for sure.


In my view, I feel I can be a good candidate because:
1. I am from India, a different demographics for your experiment.
2. I am a FULL time working professional, dying to start on own terms.
3. Though I have been trying something already here and there, I know that I am completely lost in the process. Eg: I know what keywords are for, but I still don’t know how to use them effectively.
4. I have been following NP from almost 2 years now and have used some gems from this blog start something. This means I have been closely watching and learning from Niche site projects 1 and 2 too!

One big advantage for the community would be a case study we can develop of helping someone get out of the RAT RACE first hand!!

Anyways, I would be looking forward for more on this and selection process.

Let me know!

Spencer Haws

Thanks for your thoughts Madhu!


Hi Team,

I am quite excited about this project. If you people have some application process for 3 candidate, then it would be great starting point.

Spencer!! I want to suggest on some point, which may play vital role in niche selection.

# Hire candidate from different country. Why I am saying this? There are many country specific niche areas. After getting coaching or be a part of project, they can target their local niche market also. Which will help local visitors.

i.e In beginning i started by scrapping your site xml sheet and startes learning each topic, through various posts. It help me lot. I made couple of sites, got top 3 ranking for some keyword in that blog. Like hound activation code without root. Such technique lead to generate lots of leads. Still its going on. Then I totally switched to local keywords, its working fine.

# Targeting e-commerce market.

Frankly speaking you people , after spending so many years in particular area switched to different niche (FBA) with great success. After going through FBA posts, I paused my site building method and started applying on local e-commerce business in my area. Its working like charm. I am also getting offline local orders a lot.

It would be great opportunity to share my startup idea with you guys. Its would be great opportunity to work with you guys, on niche site building. As still i treat myself , newbie in this field.

Spencer Haws

Great ideas…thanks for the thoughts!

Matthew Allen

Oh my gosh! I remember the days when it wasn’t too difficult to read ALL of the comments on a Niche Pursuits blog post – even when there were lots of them. It might take me an hour to read all of these now!! Lol.

Sorry – I don’t have any suggestions. Just a thought – and that is… it will be fun to watch another great Niche Site Project. So many of us learned SO much in the first 2. No doubt, even more value will come out of this one.

Spencer Haws

I know…this is a bit nuts, right!? I really need a plugin that acts like Reddit and puts the most “upvoted” comments first…

Matthew Rohr

Sweet! Happy to see this. No matter how many apps or software I build, Niche sites will allows hold a strange allure over me that keeps calling me back ; )

I have decided to try for another niche site as well. Not sure if I will use it in another case study like you are (they are so much work to put together and to stay diligent on updating)

Cant wait to see your progress and updated information on this fascinating industry.

Spencer Haws

Welcome aboard!

Sebastien Riel

What about coaching someone from quebec, Canada to target a different audience with a different language (French) that would be a real challenge… The web is my passion but unfortunaly for me i’m the kind of guys that just keep reading and looking what it needs to be done like what i’m doing now on your website 😉 but didn’t put all that information to my purpose…

Raweewan M.

Just pick me! hahaha

Spencer Haws

That sure would be a lot faster, wouldn’t it 🙂


Yh sure, just like Sebastien, Madhu and Pulselinux suggested it will be nice to get the students from different continents. This way myself from Africa and others may get the honor to be in your esteemed class.


Hey Spencer,

I am so excited that there will be another NSP. I have reviewed the material for the first two several times as it’s both informative and motivating. I’ll be interested to hear how you perspective has changed since the originals. Are you still totally off PBNs? How much energy effort do you spend on social content, etc.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us.


Spencer Haws

Thanks Leo! I am totally off PBNs, haven’t touched them in over a year. I don’t put much effort into social content.

mohammad umair ansri

How about asking prospective students what kind of niche site they want to create. You’ll not only get good ideas but also give you an opportunity to work on something unexpected or unique that you might not have even thought about.

I hope you get the picture here, it would be perfect case of master and apprentice.

Also I would suggest you guys work with those too who have some experience in online domain but have never done the niche website thing. I think there are lots of people who would be more than happy to work with you on this one too. Maybe one of you three guys can do that.

Frank Joseph

Hey Spencer!
It will be great again to get to see you do niche site project! And three? More interesting…
If you are looking for a better way of doing this…. Chose 3 people from around the continent.

Then chose me from the every end of the world.

Trenton Little

Hey Spencer,

I know this was sort of mentioned by someone, but since there are so many people interested, it would be fun if you challenged everyone that was not accepted to build a their own site as they follow along. Then you could send a periodic survey out to track some key stats, page traffic, earnings etc.

I’d be interested to see how others perform compared to the public sites.

Spencer Haws

That would be pretty cool to keep tabs on the entire community.

Gabriela Blagoeva

Hi there,
In my opinion it should be someone who is an absolute beginner and has never had a niche website. This is really how you’ll walk them through from A to Z.

P.S. I’m interested:)))
Have a sunny day

Spencer Haws

Thanks Gabi!


You should pick someone who is lazy, like me! Because then, it will be a real success story.

And also, lazy people will find the fastest ways to get things done.

Spencer Haws

haha, nice try 🙂


I’m super excited to see NSP 3.0! I would love to have the opportunity to learn from any one of you three.

As for an application process I believe it would be interesting and more entertaining if you select 3 students in very different positions. Maybe use a simple Google Form for the submissions.

Student 1) Works from home already, but doing something very different. (AKA Myself, haha! I run a gaming community currently from home)
Student 2) Someone that’s brand new to making money online, website building, and basically everything in this field.
Student 3) A very young, enthusiastic, and ready to go young adult. Someone 18 or so that’s right out of High School.

Just some thoughts.

Spencer Haws

Thanks for your thoughts, Wesley!


Hey Spencer

My suggestion to pick the cream of the crop will be:
1. You pick at least 10 niches that you think you would love to work on.
2. Let applicants apply for that particular niche that he/she are willing to work with.
3. Filter those that really keen to learn and want to create a sustainable income through your teaching.
4. Last process – Select applicants that has expertise or sound knowledge in that field. In the worst case, applicants must at least show enthusiasm and personal passion in that niche to work.

When the NP 3.0 kick off, students will not require much time to adapt to the niche that was selected and it is a head-start for everyone.

Wish everyone the very best!

Spencer Haws

Sounds like an interesting approach for sure.


Hello Spence,

I started reading the comments to see what other people had suggest to make sure I don’t suggest something already mentioned but:
A) Everyone has similar idea
B) I’m amazed that you are able to reply to EVERY SINGLE person in one day. Well done!

Anyways, I would suggest your selection process be based on two main elements
1) who the trainer is
By this i mean you, perrin, & Jake take some time o consider what your strengths and weaknessses are. After that, you include in your application process the type of questions/requirements that test for those traits that complement/expand your own
2) things that cannot be taught
every in the niche area can be taught, technical skills can be taught. There’s a certain things that cannot be taught, but only developed (think specific personality traits). Figure out between you three what these traits are, and designe a segment of the application to weed out those particular traits.

just my .02 cents.
Good Luck and I’ll be waiting to apply

Spencer Haws

Thanks Makki! I agree, there are lots of similar comments…and you make some good points! Thanks!


Hey Spencer!

Im excited aboutNP3!
I think you should pick students from differents countries (France for exemple)!


Hi Spence,
I have ben building sites since 2003 and have done around 145 plus niche sites for myself and other people who ask me to build sites for them and I would say the best idea to choose people is to all who wish to have a site let them place their email into your box. So effectively a random draw.

For anyone interested in niche sites, you only have to have 2-3 and they will give you a good income part time or full time with very little outlay.
Just my own personal thought and suggestion.


Is.. is.. is it true?! NSP is back?!
Couldn’t believe my eyes, when I saw it pop up in my RSS reader! 😀

Well, you got many great suggestions here in the comments, Spencer! So, I am pretty sure you guys find the best way to choose a new guinea p… – ehm – students!

I would only add, that you should take advantage of the number of students you will have. What I mean is that you will end up with 3 students. So, these 3 guys shouldn’t be identical in terms of skill, knowledge, background, whatever. That way this project will have more depth and reach to different demographics.

I’m not sure what specifically you should look for, although I have one in my mind – pick at least one foreigner.
I’m pretty sure not all of your readers are from USA, UK or other English speaking countries. Yet many foreigners try to succeed on the same English market as native speakers. So picking one of “us” could have more impact on them, both motivationally (“Yes, it can be done!”) and practically (e.g. recognizing badly written content when English is not your first language).

Anyway, good luck with choosing the right guys (I’ll definitely try to sneak between them, hehe) and I’m really looking forward to your next update!


Spencer Haws

It really is back, Jenda! I keep hearing that we need to pick someone from outside the US, so perhaps its true. Thanks!


I like the idea of 3 separate mentors; why not make them all significantly different to cover all your readership:

1. Complete newbie with no sites
2. Intermediate……someone with at least one site which makes some money, say up to $500 a month and interested in moving to the next level, which is making sufficient to leave their current full time employment.
3. someone with extensive knowledge and already earning $2k+ from their efforts. They would be looking to move to substantial earnings ($15k+) per month.

Each of these would require a substantially different approach to the coaching and mentoring. Also they would all have differing amounts of money to invest into the project (gotta have skin in the game!)

Spencer Haws

Definitely an interesting idea; we’ll see how it goes 🙂


When come to niche marketing, in my mind is about providing solutions to internet users who want to figure out their problems online faster and secretly without revealing to others . I would like to choose some health niches which people intends to find solutions where they find it desperately to resolve or embarrassing to talk to another. One of the best solution is to find it online for reviews , products testimonial, all the consequences and results using the products and get rid of the problems fast or maybe overnight. I’ve found a lots of niches concerning desperate health niche on clickbank, cpa networks, or some authority site . They all having great graphic and useful info and recommendations for the health products and recruiting affiliates all the time. I hope to build a full information loaded site in this area and to draw organic traffic naturally and build up a list in this area. In the future , I can do much more with the site and monetized the list for future. Hope I can be one of your student, finding a right mentor doesn’t happens coincidentally. People wont reveals the hard way they had gone thru easily. And I wish to be your student if there is any golden opportunity , and promise to put on my hard work to learn and do what it takes to niche marketing success . Thank you , Spencer 🙂

Spencer Haws

Sounds like you already know what niche you want to go into…good luck!


Hi Spencer,

Thank you so much for taking this initiative. I have been reading your posts for last 3 months and honestly speaking you are the best I have found till date in this business. This is the first time I ( and many newborn babies like me in this business) will have a chance to work in parallel with you and Perrin and Jake to establish my site(Recently purchased a domain and taking my first steps to break free from from my 9-7 job). Hopefully I will rectify a lot of my mistakes and will have a great journey. Having you people as companion makes the most difficult journey so meaningful. Thanks again for this initiative. Can’t wait for beginning my journey…:)

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the kind words Diksha!


With so many comments I have to admit I did not read them all and this can already have been suggested.
I would like to see three different type of students in addition to three different type of teachers.
Different age, different gender, different education.

Spencer Haws

No worries; its quite a chore to read all the comments :). I think finding a good demographic mix would be great!


Hey Guys,

I am thrilled about the upcoming project. I loved the first two already. I started digging into the niche site theme recently and I really love the idea of building a niche site myself but its lots of struggling in the beginning (as you guys probably know yourself). Right now I have some big chances going on in my life and I am looking for a new business/career to start with. I am a guy in his mid 30s from Berlin/Germany and I will commit myself 1000% to the project, would work full time on it and will guarantee to show up with enough money to realize the project. I am really pumped by the idea of becoming a student and this could be a life changing experience for me. What I suggest should be the criteria for choosing the best student should be clear at this point: 1000% commitment, engagement and the will to succeed AND I can guarantee you guys that there won’t be anyone out there who can fulfill these criteria as much as I do !

Nonetheless, I wish best of luck to everyone to get chosen for this project!

Best wishes,


Spencer Haws

Thanks for your thoughts Tino!



First of all, Thank you very much for creating this project again. this is going to be a fresh new learning for me from some heavy experienced business owner like you. as a lot of things has changed from past two to three years. It would be a wonderful journey of learning.

I have some basic idea which you can look and give it a thought.

1. Pick those who are struggling/ who have a little bit of knowledge but is not able to excel in internet marketing… because, they will get an experienced mentor to let them know what is working and what is not.

2. To pick, you can simply create a contest on your facebook fan page.

3. you can pick three different industry and three different countries.

And yes, Some people have given wonderful idea above. So you can pick one of those too.

If you are planning to create a contest, I would love to join in that.

Thanks again.

Keep up the great work. Much Appreciated.

Spencer Haws

I like the idea of a contest; that may indeed become an element of the application…still thinking about it. Thanks!


I’d love to see a female student, perhaps one who has a site already (that she has neglected for about a year), that’s in a niche that is in the wearable tech field (a huge growing field), has about 14 articles already, but who would also be willing to start from scratch in an entirely new niche.

This person would already have LongTailPro, but admittedly hasn’t really taken the time to learn ALL the ins and outs of how to use it most effectively. She also has a strong working knowledge of social media, including how to use Pinterest to grow a site, as well as tech knowledge (so you wouldn’t have to spend time showing her how to use WordPress).

This would be a great way to show how you can revamp an old niche site, or one that has gone untouched for awhile. It would also give a fresh perspective to your female audience. Oh, and I happen to be very close with someone who fits all of the above criteria. 🙂

Spencer Haws

haha…I love your thoughts :). Someone you know sounds like they would be a great applicant!


I also did not read all the comments so sorry if this has already been suggested. But you could use this to also build up your audience with a contest like a kingsumo giveaway contrst where getting social likes and reffersls grts yiu kore


What up Spencer, guys!

After reading all of the reams of comments, mostly self-promotional, I’ve got a few ideas…

1. Obviously you guys will all come at this with different coaching styles, so that alone should make this NSP different enough from the others to keep people interested. That said, one idea that springs to mind is to attempt to have each site monetize differently. I say this because of what you have said over the years in regards to trying to not rely on Amazon so much. I think it would be fairly predictable to see you built a site and have it be an Amazon affiliate site, even though it would still be fun to follow along and that’s what I do myself. Not that there hasn’t been ups and downs in previous NSP’s, what with the PBN smackdown and other stuff, but I’d like to see one of the coaches go full bore at monetizing in a different way, whatever that way may be. Seeing you guys build a site, get traffic, and then make money off of Amazon is kind of been-there done-that for you guys, so why not change it up and try to make a Clickbank-monetized site so we can see how that goes down, or some other method many of us probably haven’t considered. Also, you’ll retain interest when the site just won’t monetize and we get to read about how horrible its going (it could also be a huge success – who knows). Drama in terms of “Will the site make it?” like this certainly keeps people checking in in any case, and diversifying the monetization method would certainly be interesting for some of us who have been following along to watch.

2. The other thing I thought of is having whoever you pick be in charge of doing weekly video updates. This could be epic, considering the fact that if a site is going well, we get to hear it directly from the intern, and if not, we get to hear it from them just the same. They have to look the NP audience in the face at the end of each week and report on the site, and how its going. If things are going poorly or they’re just totally out of their depth, seeing some real frustration in their face would be good for your audience (myself included) on a few levels. Why? Because building sites that work is really hard, and it would be good for people to see that written on someone’s face. One thing that kind of irks me in the niche site business that we’re all a part of here is constantly hearing how well something is going. It can be inspiring, but also demoralizing if you’re working hard and its just not working for you. I’ve been there, and its often because I’m not getting something, or I’m overthinking something. Anyway, seeing video updates from the interns would give other would-be entrepreneurs a chance to hear how its going directly from someone on their level, rather than from people who are making millions off of it already at this point.

Spencer Haws

1. I agree with your thoughts here.
2. Video updates could be quite interesting; thanks for the suggestion!


Very nice spin on 3.0 !
Can’t wait to learn from you and now your team again.
I Also I would like to be considered as an applicant for the project.
I have listened and learned so much. Thanks for lessons. CAN’T WAIT

Spencer Haws

Thanks Ray!


Perhaps have us send in keywords and you pick the most likely to do well

Theodore Nwangene

This is getting really interesting Spencer,
There are already so many suggestions here as to how best to choose the good candidates and i think you must have made a decision on that by now.

I’m keen to see the people you choose for the case study and will also be interested to be among :).

Good luck guys.


Spencer, what about doing an FBA PL product launch instead of niche websites? I think it’d be an awesome way to go through, and I’d love to a. read along, and b. have an opportunity to be one of the students you, Perrin and Jake will have. Well, I’d love to be a student either way, so I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store.


NO:) but it can expand into it. That woul be a good twist.

Spencer Haws

I see no reason why we can’t combine FBA/niche sites. That’s exactly what I’m doing with my existing products…building out an ecommerce niche site that brings in traffic from google. We’ll just see where the project goes, but I see no reason why amazon fba can’t be part of it.


Well since I mentioned the student thing on your last post I should get the first spot…. Kudos to me, now you only have to find 2 more students.

Just kidding, we’ll sort of lol.

I Figured that the smiley face reply to the another student question was a good thing, but I never expected 3 students for nsp3. That is epic! Your the man Spencer!

I agree with others that posted above the 3 candidates should be beginners Just starting out.

I know it has probably already been said but an application process with also a homework assignment is the way to go.

An application with a questionnaire and statement of why they should be selected will help you select people that truly deserve this.

I feel most people follow your site because they are looking to change there lives and being picked as a student is without a doubt a life changing opportunity.

Secondly a homework assignment is going to weed out people that are not going to give 100% towards this project. It could also filter out those that can not follow directions and are not capable of doing the work on their own.

I realize this approach may be time consuming but I think it will yield the most deserving , capable, and committed candidates for nsp 3.

Thank you so much for everything you do here at niche pursuits and I can’t wait to apply for NSP 3 !

Spencer Haws

Thanks Jim; maybe your comment pushed me over the edge to do the project 🙂


Q: What ideas do you have for us to pick the best students?
A: Its hard to define the best students for you, because all of us have different expectation. But, I guess you and your team still would like to learn a lot and might be wondering if your strategy is sort of silver bullet for project that you are doing, then pick up three students with different level of experience (as parameter/variable, it can be gender, age, academic/professional background, where they come from/grew up, etc.) would be a good start for this project. It will be just like an experiment in a lab, where if you have three parameter (x,y, and z) and you want to monitor parameter z, than you will need a constant, for example parameter x, and you just need to vary parameter y in order to see how z goes. I hope you get my point. You can see your candidates portfolio in order to get your potential student.
The next one, your students should be able to record the whole coaching process, not particularly always in detail, but it should be constantly.
Last one, there must be a “punishment” in order to get maximum output. Since, you will spend your time and energy into this project, definitely you will expect to get something from it. Deposit $1000 can be a good example for punishment. It might not be big for you, but for some people it is something.

Spencer Haws

Great ideas, thanks Corny!


I changed my mind lets just do the fight club!


Or maybe Niche Site Poker


Looking forward to this one. I hope there will be a section on in-depth on link building strategies. It is easy to build a website and get content on it but ranking a website from day one after a brand new domain purchase is something that requires a good skill and most importantly experience. I do not have much experience in make money online business, but the most $$ I dropped on backlinks not knowing exactly what I’ll get in return for the service. Best of luck, I hope this project will lead to a bunch of $$, fun and experience. Backlinks s..k!:)

Spencer Haws

We’ll cover link building, but honestly there are more important aspects to niche sites.


Hi Spencer,

Excited to hear you’re about to kick-off NSP 3.0!

I learned so much last time, become a happy LTPP customer and built two successful sites from the scratch. Somebody above might have already said this, but I think it would be excellent to see 3 students taking a bit different angle each in building sites….like one focusing on an Amazon affiliate site from the scratch, the second one going after Adsense site, and the other one doing something else (Clickbank? Lead Gen?).

All 3 students could be competing for revenue and it would be interesting to see which of the 3 sites takes off as the first one, which one first make say $500/mo and so on.

Excited to be a part of this as an avid reader, can’t wait to see new posts coming in 🙂


Spencer Haws

Its very possible that all students will take different angles to their sites…we’ll see where it goes.


Hi Spencer,”geia hara” from Greece!
I have two websites and the last one is a cycling niche and i use affiliate products from Amazon. For the last 3 years i was struggling to get more traffic to my websites. Your posts, were very helpfull and your keyword tool Long Tail Pro is the best!
I hope you’ll pick the best student for the process. Good luck!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Abaz!


Student mix:

A true noob to SEO and IM,

Someone that has some exposure and experience

Me – (or someone like me) a person that built many sites but each a dry hole…something or somethings I do to pick a subject/niche/audience just does not work – the research, writing, product-to-audience match….something just does not seem to work for me…AND I DON’T KNOW WHY?!?!

And I have not given up. I really need some one-on-one help to get me over the failure hump….then, watch out!

Spencer Haws

I think we will be looking at all people with various backgrounds.


haven’t followed your other 2 niche sites projects but interested to follow this one. i hope it would be a good experience.


So am kinda raw in this. But definitely want to know. Would be a great success story to add to all the sucess u have already. But either ways I will without doubt be following this.

Dave Nicosia

Man, I’ve been waiting for another niche site project! The first one is what helped my make my first real money online with my site I built using your case study, then Perrin’s site took it to a while new level – so I can’t wait to see how these three case studies unfold. And the competition is great to push them all hard and keep them accountable!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Dave!


My concept –

Spencer teaches someone who already knows a fair bit – lessons would be a bit more advanced.
Perrin takes someone who’s past the beginner stage of not knowing anything but still needs help putting principles into practice.
Jake takes an absolute beginner (or as close as poss) and walks them through baby steps.

And like everyone else, I’ll throw my hat into the ring (as the intermediate guy probably)

Spencer Haws

Sounds good…we very well may have people at different levels.


Personally, I would tune into the fight just to see it take place! All kidding aside, the application process you mention sounds good to me. Only instead of just typical questions to answer, ask deep personal questions related to their whole IM experience. From that, pick the three that seem to be honestly committed and really struggling to make it all work. I’m one of those but I wouldn’t want to take up a spot that someone who really needs the leg up might qualify for. I’ve struggled through my own fault chasing dreams and shiny objects so I wouldn’t be a good candidate. My struggle have been with my own belief system and not the lack of information or help. Not 1 on 1 help, but queries and answers at different forums.

I’m not a psychologist so I’m not sure how you would go about that, but I’m sure it would be possible. I see there are people that have already had some success vying for a spot and not need the 1 on 1 training that someone else that is really struggling does. Then again, what are the reasons that these candidates have not made their break through? Are they too not really committed or maybe chasing dreams and looking only for a free ride?

Good luck with your process, whatever you decide. Even though I’ve begun to get a handle on my own shortcomings, I just look forward to learning as an observer. That together with the ton of info products that I have, I believe will get me my paying site. And, that to me is a GIANT step forward.

Spencer Haws

Thanks alex for the suggestions!



I have been using LTP for a while and cannot wait to apply for niche site project 3! I look forward to the chance to be a student.


That will be interesting to follow along! In a side note, I make a proposal to create a niche in a different language (or at least try a site in two languages) to see how it goes!


How are you planning to get traffic?
Same as the other 2 projects, by backlinking and organic seo or by paid traffic? That last one would be really interesting to see!

Spencer Haws

Start with organic traffic; would be great to move into paid traffic as well; depends on the site though.


I would love to be chosen! I have spent many years trying to make money online!

Matthias K.

Dear Spencer, Perrin and Jake

First of all: Congrats. That’s definitely a great idea. I’m really looking forward to another great Niche Site Project.

I do not have a concrete and elaborated procedure I would recommend for your application process. Just a few thoughts:

Split up the process into at least two steps:

First step:
You should try to separate the wheat from the chaff. Last thing you’d like to do, is grappling with basic knowledge as I assume. Probably you could set up an online quiz with limited time to answer about:

Technical understanding:
– WordPress (Install, maintain, handle)
– Templates and Plugins
– Basic HTML, PHP, CSS?
– Hosting, Domains, DNS
– Search engines basics

Entrepreneur Knowledge:
– Outsourcing (UpWork, elance etc.)
– Project Management
– Management tools (Asana, todoist etc.)
– Google Analytics
– Google Webmaster Tools
– …

– General writing skills
– Writing plot and structure
– Writing workaround/planning

These lists are non-exhaustive list of ideas. I think you clearly get what I mean :-).

Second step:
Move on from hard to soft skills. This will definitely be the harder part of this application process. You need to find a way to eliminate the ones who are not willing to give their right arm to Niche Site Project 3. Probably by writing a letter of motivation or interviewing them.

There are lots of more important skills than just basic knowledge:

– !commitment!
– professionalism
– reliability
– loyalty
– enthusiasm

Well these are my thought for the application process of your NSP 3.

The most amazing thing for you would be to end up with three “Perrin’s” at the end – in terms of commitment, writing and of course learning ability! I’d love to be one of them :-).

Best wishes

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the thoughts Matthias!

Warren Campbell

I would love the opportunity to have some personal coaching…I have tried many different online methods over the last 6 years but never really made much…Just enough to keep trying

I have been reading your posts and I really believe authority sites are the way to go but it is a little intimidating to try on my own…I am prepared to put in the time and really need to have something work for me after investing so much time into this over the last few years.

I believe you should pick someone older to show everyone that age does not matter when trying to make it with online marketing.

Spencer Haws

Sounds good…hope to see your application!

Janel Harris

First I just want to thank you and your team for being dedicated to providing quality content and paying it forward with a willingness to help others. Second I think this will be an amazing opportunity for those who get chosen as well as a great opportunity for everyone else to follow along and still see the entire process that sounds like a win win to me!. Third I agree with most that there should be some type of Application/contest but I also think the most inspiration will come from newbies or those with minimal experience with a passion to learn who are willing to be teachable and put in the work showing that with the proper knowledge and guidance this can be done encouraging others to not give up. I truly believe that information changes situations and many people fail from lack of knowledge or info overload and become overwhelmed. An applicant with little experience will be hungry and willing to do what it takes thus being more teachable in my opinion. Those who come in with experience may be a little harder to “teach” because they may think they already know certain things and may not be as open to a different way of doing things which isn’t the case all the time. Either side has pros and cons but I think it will be a valuable learning experience for both parties and those who follow along to do it themselves.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Janel!


Hi Spencer. Nice endevour there. I think you should also consider the interest of the candidates on website building. For me Application seems to be the best way to go.

Best wishes!

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