Search Review: Can This Email-Finding Tool Save You Time and Money?

By Devin Hargrove | is one of the best tools for email marketing.

It can help you find accurate information about prospects, verify emails, and more. In this review, I’ll help you understand the tool so you can avoid the downsides while getting the most from its many benefits.

  • Ease of Use
  • Stability
  • Customer Service
  • Price


When compared with the competition, provides a robust and highly accurate solution for finding and verifying corporate emails. can be a good solution for cold email outreach, link building, and other mass outreach.


  • Easy to use
  • Helpful Google Chrome extension
  • Free plan for getting started
  • Highly accurate results


  • No social media search features
  • More expensive than similar solutions Review: What Is It?

Screenshot of the pricing page. is a tool for finding corporate email addresses, usually for outreach.

This is one of the more accurate tools for finding emails. It has helped me personally with everything from link-building campaigns to cold outreach for my agency, eXcelebrate Web Solutions.

There are multiple ways that the tool accomplishes this task, including a Chrome extension that scrapes websites and an email verification tool.

There are many tools like out there, but from my experience, this is one of the more consistent and easy to use. Although not 100%, it is quite accurate when it comes to email verification.

How Does Work? works by scraping a company's website and logging all of the emails it finds. This allows you to see everything, including emails that may not be readily apparent when you first look.

However, does more than simply scrape a website for emails.

It actually can help you to discover the correct email for the exact person you want, even if that email isn’t available from their list.

It does this by looking for patterns in a company's emails and recommending suggestions. This can help if you try to contact someone specific within a company.

You can try out different combinations using their recommendations and verify each email using the email verification tool. Review Of The Tool's Reliability

All of the valuable things that does are pretty irrelevant if you can’t rely on the data. It’s not an unfounded concern, either. In my quest to find the best email marketing tools over the years, I can confirm many of them over-promise and under-deliver.

With, you’re getting data that’s been combed through for accuracy. This isn’t a guarantee that every name you come up with will be perfect.

However, from my personal experience, can find and verify emails correctly over 90% of the time.

One thing to note is that the tool is usually more accurate with medium to larger-sized companies. When conducting cold outreach, I’ve found smaller local businesses tended to be more hit or miss as they often had only contact forms without an email listed.

Many small companies also don’t have branded emails, which focuses on. Review: What Is The Pricing?

The great thing about is they have a fantastic free version for people who are trying the product out or who won’t need it daily.

This gets you 25 searches per month along with 50 email verifications. 

If that sounds a little low to you, then you may need to opt for a premium plan. offers four paid plans to make it easier for you to find the right level:

Screenshot of the pricing page.

For users with more significant needs, offers custom plans. You will need to contact the company to discuss custom solutions.

From my experience using for cold email outreach and minor link-building campaigns, the Growth Plan has been sufficient. Review: Can It Save You Money? 

The answer to this is that it depends on what your time is worth.

With, finding emails is as simple as clicking a button on the Google Chrome extension or running their domain through the search feature.

If you’ve ever spent time doing these activities manually, then you know how long it can take to find even one email.

What’s more, if it’s just some standard [email protected] or [email protected] email, you don’t know how the company formats emails, so it’s tough to even make an educated guess. can save you hours by taking the guessing work out of much of the process. If you have a virtual assistant curating your email lists, this can save them time, ultimately saving you money. Review: Pros Of Using The Tool

As mentioned above, one of the most significant upsides to using is how much time it can save you.

Email outreach can undoubtedly be a primary money-making activity in the case of cold outreach or link building as a service. However, finding emails is not where your money is made.

This can free up time that can be better spent on your core money-making activities. It can also provide better results from email campaigns through more accurate information.

Pros of include: Review: Cons Of Using The Tool

While is a great tool, it isn’t without its drawbacks. For one, the pricing is a bit more than similar tools. Many alternatives, which will be discussed later, give you more credits each month for the same price or less.

Another drawback is that you can’t search on LinkedIn for emails. With alternative tools like GetProspect, discussed more below, you can.

There is also no search feature for other social media apps like Instagram or Twitter.

So, you'll need a separate tool if you want these features.

Cons of Include:

The Features Of Analyzed

On the surface, may seem like just an email analyzer. However, the software has many other features that can be useful.

Everything from a Google Chrome extension to a Google Sheets add-on makes using convenient and easy.

Some of the other features that make a great email discovery tool include:

Domain Search

Screenshot of the domain search page on

The main homepage of the platform allows you to search for emails by typing in a specific domain. This makes it easier to quickly search through an entire website rather than going page by page and looking for the email you need.

One other benefit here is that the software can scan an entire website, including the code that you cannot see. This leads to an improved chance that you find the exact email you want without doing a manual site inspection. 

It also improves the chance that’s pattern recognition tool can detect how the company sets up their emails to make it easier for you to guess the email of the person you want.

Email Finder 

Screenshot of the email finder tool on

Email Finder is another nifty tool from that will allow you to find a specific person’s email at a company.

To access the tool, simply click on the “Finder” button at the top menu. This will take you to the form above, where you can enter a person’s name and the domain you want to search.

The tool works by trying different combinations of a person’s email address using patterns based on other detectible email addresses from the company. This isn’t foolproof and tends to work better with larger companies and websites.

Email Verifier

Screenshot of the email verifier section of

The Email Verifier allows you to check emails you’ve collected so you can be more confident that they are valid and receiving emails currently. To use the email verifier tool, click on the “Verifier” button from the header menu and enter the email you want to check.

The tool will ping the email address to check that it is valid and receiving emails. One nice thing is that even if the email isn’t correct, it will tell you if the domain is receiving an email. This allows you to check different combinations until you hit the valid email address.

You should be aware that the verifier tool only works with company emails and will not check @gmail or anything similar.

Bulk Tasks

Screenshot of the bulk email tool

If you regularly do mass outreach for link building, press releases, or mass cold emailing for business, offers a handy bulk use feature.

The Bulk Tasks Tool allows you to perform bulk domain searches, email finds, author finds, and email verifications. To use the tool, click on the “Bulk” button from the top menu and select the listed functions you need to perform.

Screenshot of the bulk domain finder tool in

You have the option of inputting domains manually or importing a list. To import a list, you must use either a .CSV, .Excel, .Numbers, or .TXT formatted file. 

Screenshot of the bulk email finder in


Screenshot of the leads section of

The Leads section is where all the people you wish to contact are saved. After you’ve found the correct email address and verified that it’s working through the email verification tool, you can add the information to the leads section.

This serves as a basic customer relationship management system.

It also integrates with other CRM solutions that you may be using. is capable of integrating with:

Screenshot of the tools that integrate with

You can easily add contacts and manage over 14 points of information about them. That information ranges from their LinkedIn and Twitter information to when they were last contacted.


Screenshot of the campaigns tool in’s Campaigns tool allows you to integrate the software with either Gmail or Outlook to manage outreach campaigns fully.

If you’re looking for a simple outreach tool or want to pare back the number of tools you’re using, this can be a good solution.

I’ve used it in the past for link-building efforts and find that it serves its purpose well. One downside is that the tool is a bit basic compared to more robust outreach solutions such as Postaga or For Chrome

Screenshot of the eXcelebrate Web Solutions website with the tool on it.

One of the things I like most about is the Chrome extension.

While it may seem like an insignificant detail, constantly having to click back and forth between screens and having to copy and paste domains and names can eat away at your time.

When done hundreds to thousands of times over a day, you’ve wasted a good half hour just on changing screens and copying and pasting information.

The Chrome extension allows you to one-click search a website you are already on.

Not only does this save a lot of time, but it also makes searching through emails for larger companies with hundreds or thousands of employees much more convenient. The Chrome extension is free so that you can use it even on the basic plan.

Hunter For Google Sheets

Screenshot of the Hunter for Sheets Google Sheets add-on.

One final tool that makes the optimal email solution for many businesses is the Google Sheets integration. 

Using the Google Sheets integration, you can quickly fill out lists of names that you have entered with connecting email addresses. You can also take a massive list of emails from a purchased email list and verify them to help you clean up the list.

To use the Google Sheets integration, you will need to directly add the add-on from the Google Sheets add-on menu. Even with the free plan, you can use the Google Sheets add-on. However, you may find yourself eating through your credits quite quickly. Alternatives is a fantastic tool for email outreach. However, there are alternatives you can explore that you may find better suited for your needs. Here are the top three that I’ve used personally:


Screenshot of the homepage.

While the emphasis with is on finding and verifying emails, is more focused on the actual outreach part. However, the tool is equally accurate. It comes with its own robust set of features perfect for businesses that regularly conduct outreach.

Check Out

2. Anymail Finder

Screenshot of the Anymail Finder homepage.

For a near one-to-one replacement for, Anymail Finder is the way to go. While I’ve found it sometimes doesn’t find emails as well, it offers more searches at each plan level, including the free version.

The other helpful factor is that emails that can’t be verified don’t count against your credits.

Check Out Anymail Finder

3. GetProspect

Screenshot of the Get Prospect homepage.

GetProspect is a good option if you focus more on B2B outreach, such as cold emailing or sales outreach for SAAS services. The tool works a bit differently from in that it allows you to search emails from LinkedIn.

Check Out GetProspect Review: Common Questions About The Tool

While the information above outlines the many benefits of, here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the software.

Is Compliant With GDPR? has done a lot to become and maintain GDPR compliance since 2018 when the regulation first came into effect. 

Some of the steps taken to remain compliant include data anonymization, log retention, data portability, right of erasure, and pseudonymization of non-public data.

It is also on you to make sure you are using the tool properly and remaining compliant on your side.

How does find emails? finds emails by scraping a website and looking for any present emails on the site. This includes emails both on the front end visible by users of a website and any emails hidden in code or hard to find within privacy policies and other locations.

Can you use with LinkedIn? cannot be integrated with Linkedin. According to information that has put out on this matter, it is against Linkedin’s terms and conditions and privacy policy to use extensions on their website. has gone out of its way to remain compliant with this policy.

How Good Is's Email Verifier?’s email verifier is one of the more accurate ones available.

While it isn’t 100% accurate, it does a great job of verifying emails against its large database of corporate information. The email pattern predictor is also a great feature. It can help you find emails that may not be explicitly listed on the website.

How Much Time Can Save? can save you hours each day that would normally be spent finding and confirming emails manually.

Over the long term, the tool can also lead to higher revenue and return on outreach spending by providing more accurate emails and getting you into the exact inbox you need rather than a random person at the company.

How Useful is The Data?

The data is extremely useful for businesses that engage in regular email outreach.

This can include agency owners and digital marketers that regularly utilize:

Using data, you can more easily find the decision-makers at the companies or websites you are trying to work with. That way, you can move past the gatekeepers that may not forward your email requests. Review Final Thoughts: Is Worth Using?

As you can tell from this review, it's an indispensable tool that I use in my daily workflow.

While it may be more expensive and offer fewer credits than similar solutions, I find the high accuracy and robust features to more than make up for the price.

The database that you are working from is also quite substantial and growing every year. That makes it more likely you will find the exact emails you need.

If you are more focused on social media, may not be the best tool for you as it completely lacks these features. 

However, if you are engaged in regular B2B outreach or link-building outreach, is definitely worth trying out for their free features before committing to a paid plan.

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