Hubspot Affiliate Program Review (Good or Bad?)

By Colin Linnett |

If you’re thinking about promoting the Hubspot affiliate program but you’re not sure if it’s worth your time, you’re in the right place.

Hubspot was created back in 2006 by Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan. The all-in-one Hubspot service hub is a marketing platform popular with many businesses online and has thousands of fans using the tools they provide to improve their business.

From large well-known companies to small businesses, Hubspot has helped companies grow in many different areas. The software is fantastic, and the service is up there with the best.

But what about their affiliate program?

Is the Hubspot affiliate program worth promoting as of today?

Let’s find out.

Hubspot Overview (What Exactly Is Hubspot?)


Hubspot is a CRM (customer relationship management) platform that offers software and solutions to improve your business. You have the following five hubs within the software:

The software and provided tools help you provide a better user experience for your customers and clients. As a result, you can grow your business, sell more, market better, and connect with your customers more professionally and ethically.

Hubspot offers multiple plans starting from free and can connect to third-party tools to enhance your business.

You can learn more about the main features and benefits of Hubspot here.

Hubspot Company Profile

What Is The Hubspot Affiliate Program?

What Is The Hubspot Affiliate Program

The Hubspot affiliate program is a way to earn money by referring people to the Hubspot website. You receive a unique referral link (affiliate link) that identifies you as the person who has referred the customer.

When that referral signs up to Hubspot as a paid customer, you will receive a cash commission for your efforts.

You can refer potential customers in numerous ways, but the most common methods are blog posts, reviews, webinars, and email marketing.

For example, you could write an email to your current subscribers and tell them about the benefits of using Hubspot. Then, at the end of the email, you add your affiliate links for them to visit the website. 

If they sign up for a paid plan, you earn money.

Do You Have To Be A Hubspot Member To Become An Affiliate?

You don’t have to be a Hubspot member to participate in the Hubspot affiliate program. However, for best results, I recommend that you at least join the free plan to better understand the service they provide.

If you are a member, you will give your opinion more ethically and professionally as an affiliate. You don’t have to purchase a paid plan, but they offer a free trial for new customers if you want to understand the paid features better.

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Hubspot Affiliate Program Commission (And Important Details)

Hubspot Affiliate Commission

Below is information about the high-paying affiliate program and various other related information you need to know before joining.


Hubspot claims that the average commission is around $276 for the lifetime of the referral. 

The affiliate commission for the program is available at 15% recurring for the first 12 months or a 100% commission for the first month’s revenue.

Which payment plan you choose depends on your circumstances, so be sure to have think before deciding.

Payment Threshold

You will need to earn a minimum of $10 before getting paid. You will also need the referral to be a member for at least 30 days.

Affiliate Payment Options

Your affiliate earnings will be paid to you through Paypal or directly to your bank account. 

Hubspot Affiliate Cookie Length

One of the stand-out features for the affiliate program is the cookie length. Typically, for many B2B, B2C, and SaaS affiliate programs, you will only get a 30-day cookie window, but with Hubspot, you get a 90-day cookie which is excellent.

Realistically, How Much Money Can You Make With The Hubspot Affiliate Program?

affiliate income

Hubspot prices range from $50 to $3,200 per month. 

The starter plan is $50, the professional option is $890, and the enterprise plan is $3,200.

Let’s break them down:

As you can see, the 15% monthly commission option is more profitable than the 100% offer. Unless you have some substantial reason that requires you to take the upfront offer, you should always opt for the monthly recurring system.

Of course, these aren’t exact figures. If a referral were to pay their chosen plan upfront for the year, your payment rate would decrease.

As mentioned above, the average payout for the lifetime of a referral is $276, so this is what you should be looking at; however, that doesn’t mean that higher commissions aren’t possible.

Where Can I View The Hubspot Affiliate Program Terms & Policies?

It’s always important and recommended to read the terms and policies for any affiliate program you join. Doing so is particularly important because some programs have restrictions on specific marketing strategies and advertising methods.

You can view the  Hubspot affiliate marketing program agreement and the Hubspot program policies for more information.

How To Become A Hubspot Affiliate

Hubspot Affiliate Program

The affiliate program for Hubspot is run through a third-party affiliate platform called ‘Impact.’ You will need to enter your details and sign up for an account to become an affiliate.

The best place to start is through the primary affiliate sign-up page on the Hubspot website. You then choose the payment commission option and click apply.

You will be asked a series of questions about your website payment methods and be made aware of any restrictions and terms.

Pros & Cons (What Are The Benefits Of Joining The Affiliate Program?)

As with all affiliate programs, there are some positives and negatives to becoming an affiliate marketer. Below is a list of the current pros and cons of the Hubspot affiliate program.



What’s The Best Way To Promote The Hubspot Affiliate Program?

Affiliate Marketing

There are quite a few ways to promote Hubspot, so singling out one method of promotion is problematic because it depends on the platform you are using online.

Here are a few examples of promoting Hubspot as an affiliate marketer:

Blog and Email

If you have a well-established blog with an email list, you can write a series of blog posts (including a review) related to the software service. You could also create an email series at the same time and promote your affiliate links in email and blog posts.

Turn those blog posts into videos and post them on YouTube and social media platforms.

Service Providers

If you provide a service to business clients like SEO or business growth consulting, you can recommend Hubspot as part of the service. 


Use your podcast (if it’s related to B2B, software, and B2C) to advertise your affiliate link. You can drive traffic directly to the website or back to a webpage on your site to pre-sell them on the product.

Final Thoughts On the Hubspot Affiliate Program

Hubspot is an excellent set of tools and services with thousands of happy customers. 

Promoting the company as an affiliate is pretty low-risk because the chance of your readers and referrals not being happy with your recommendation is low — Hubspot will very likely benefit them and their business.

The Hubspot affiliate program offers you a decent commission rate, combined with marketing tools, an affiliate manager, multiple ways to get paid, and many more useful additions.

While the monthly referral commission could be slightly higher, it’s still respectable, and you can still make some decent profits if you set up your marketing campaigns correctly.

Many affiliate marketers respect the Hubspot affiliate program, and it’s worth considering if you are looking for a great affiliate program that offers a good product.

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