How to Share a YouTube Video on Instagram Stories Easily

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Looking for how to share a YouTube video on Instagram stories? We've got you covered with our guide!

Whether you're a professional content creator or simply looking to share a funny video with your followers, knowing how to share a YouTube video on Instagram stories is an useful part of interacting on the app.

Sharing YouTube videos with your followers on Instagram is half the fun of watching the videos in the first place!

How to Share a YouTube Video on Instagram Stories

While some processes are smoother than others, there are three main ways for how to share a YouTube video on Instagram stories:

  1. With a link

  2. As a video

  3. As a screen recording

There are multiple options for sharing YouTube videos on Instagram, but each of these methods is completely free and still makes the content easy for your followers to consume.

As a Link

Sharing a video from your favorite YouTube channel to your Instagram story is easiest done in the form of a video URL. This is also the most direct way to do it. The great news is that the size of your Instagram profile no longer dictates whether or not you can upload links to your stories.

Users no longer need more than 10,000 followers in order to be able to share links on their Instagram stories.

Being able to add a swipe-up link was an enticing reason to build a social media following up to 10,000 followers. However, don't let this universally available feature deter you from wanting to grow!

This method is also a great option for any longer YouTube video that you want to share. Let's walk through this straightforward process of how to share videos from YouTube to Instagram stories as a link:

Find the YouTube Video You Want to Share

The first step is to find the YouTube video that you want to share with your followers on Instagram.

Click the “Share” Button, and Then Click the “Copy Link” Button

The next step is to click the “share” button so we can copy the YouTube video link to later paste it in the Instagram app.

Once you click “share,” a variety of options will pop up, including Snapchat, Twitter, and more.

You'll want to simply choose “copy link.” You can copy the link from either your browser on your desktop or on your mobile phone on the YouTube app.

Open the Instagram App and Add a Story

Next, you'll need to access your Instagram account and add a story. Instagram stories can be accessed by tapping the “plus” icon on your profile picture. Either take a picture or choose an image from your camera roll that you want to be the background of your story.

Hit the Stickers Icon in the Upper Right Corner

It's the square sticker icon with a smiley face in the center.

Scroll Through Until You Find the “Link” Button

You'll only have to scroll slightly down the page to find the “link” button.

Paste the URL and Hit “Done”

Your Link Will Now Appear in Your Instagram Story!

It will show up in a small white box in a blue font, and it will be obvious to people who view your story that it is a link to a YouTube video.

As a Video

Before Instagram enabled all users to share links on their stories, this was the original method of sharing YouTube videos by people with fewer than 10,000 followers.

While the process might feel a little clunky, it's helpful to be aware of another way to share a YouTube video on the Instagram app without needing a link.

Let's learn each step of this second method.

Find the YouTube Video You Want to Share

Just like with the first method we discussed, step one involves finding the YouTube video that you want to post to your Instagram story.

Click the “Share” Button, and Then Click the “Copy Link” Button

The next step is also consistent with the first method: you are going to click the “share” button of the video you want to copy. From the variety of options that pop up, you'll just want to choose “copy link.” This can be done from your desktop browser or directly on the YouTube app on your mobile device.

Paste the Link into the YouTube Download App of Your Choice

Once you've copied the YouTube video URL, paste it into the YouTube download app of your choosing. There's a seemingly endless list you can choose from.

After the video has converted and your YouTube video is ready, you'll want to download the YouTube video to your camera roll.

Open the Instagram App and Add a Story

Now that your downloaded video is ready, you'll want to open Instagram and add a story.

Choose the Downloaded Video on Instagram

Pick the video that you just downloaded. This is where you can also add your caption and tag people who are in the video. Once you are happy with your creation, it's time to share your YouTube video via Instagram story with your followers!

As a Screen Recording

Uploading a screen recording of a video on Instagram story is another way to post videos without needing a YouTube link. This step also does not require a third party website to convert the video into a downloadable file.

This third method also doesn't require you to download YouTube videos or copy a YouTube URL.

Open the YouTube Video That You Want to Post

Pull up the video that you want to post, and preferably rotate your phone to make it full screen.

Begin to Screen Record

Whether you have an iPhone or Android phone, most mobile phones have the ability to screen record. Now you'll screen record the video and save it to your phone.

You will notice that this method is a better idea for sharing YouTube videos that are shorter because you'll have to wait the entire length of the video for your phone to record it.

Open the Instagram App and Add a Story

Now that your downloaded video is ready, you'll want to open Instagram and add a story.

Choose the Downloaded Video on Instagram

Pick the video that you just recorded from YouTube. Also make sure to tag people and add any captions or hashtags. After you're completely satisfied with your creation, you're now ready to post your story to Instagram!

This third option to share a YouTube video is a great way to post YouTube videos as an actual video on Instagram without having to ask your followers to click through to a YouTube URL.

Benefits to Repurposing your Video Content

In addition to simply sharing YouTube videos to Instagram that you've created, you can also repurpose the content altogether for a wider audience.

Now that we understand how to expertly share YouTube videos to Instagram stories, let's further explore the benefits of repurposing your YouTube content on Instagram.

Repurposing content occurs when you take content, like pictures and videos, that were created for one platform and repost them on another platform.

For example, you might create an amazing vlog for YouTube that you would also like to use as an Instagram post, TikTok video, or Pinterest pin.

The benefits of repurposing your content include:

Expand Your Reach

Repurposing content also helps social media accounts build their online presence. Audiences evolve over time, and the video you posted to YouTube last year might resonate differently with your ever-evolving audience today.

More people are continually creating new social media accounts on various platforms, and algorithms are always changing. Repurposing your YouTube video on Instagram can help you reach a wider audience that you might not have previously connected with.

Boost Already-Successful Posts

Once you've created a video that's already performing well on a particular platform, there's a chance that it might perform well for you on other platforms as well.

If the video is already earning you engagement, followers, and website visits, you might as well unleash the successful video onto other platforms.

Give Ill-Performing Content a Second Chance

Just like how repurposing content can boost videos that are already successful, this social media tactic can also give ill-performing content a second chance.

Perhaps you made a video that you're very proud of, but for whatever reason it's not performing well on its chosen platform. The video might just need to be presented to a new audience on a different platform.

Sometimes, a video that didn't perform well on Instagram might perform wonderfully on YouTube, and vice versa.

The content is already made, and posting it to another platform might give it the boost it needs to drive your marketing goals.

Saves You Time

Creating content, from brainstorming to editing and everything in between, takes a lot of time.

If you're short on time or in a creative slump, repurposing your content can help you stay on top of your posting schedule while also taking a break.

Each post that you repurpose from another platform saves you one post that you would've had to create from scratch.

Reasons to Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

With so many places to post video content, let's look deeper at the benefits of using Instagram stories to connect with your audience.

Build Your Online Presence

Instagram stories are a great way for brands and content creators to connect with a wider audience. Taking advantage of the various sticker icons Instagram offers can help users connect based on location tags, hashtags, mentions, music, and more.

Entice Users to Visit Your Profile

Instagram stories can be a great option for catching the attention of your audience and pulling them where you really want them to go, like your Instagram profile, YouTube video, or Instagram affiliate marketing link.

Including direct links on your story is a great way to encourage your followers to visit your website or online store.

One way to draw in your audience is by just posting YouTube videos of a teaser trailer of something you're working on. It entices the audience just enough to want to click the link and watch the full YouTube content or visit your profile to learn more about what you have to offer.

Regularly Engage With Your Audience

Posting multiple times a day, every day, is completely acceptable on Instagram stories. While this might be an annoying practice on your Instagram feed, it's totally normal on stories.

This channel enables brands and content creators to regularly engage with their audience on a daily basis, several times throughout the day, in a way that was not always possible before.

Posting more frequently throughout the day is an acceptable posting practice on Instagram stories.

Final Thoughts

Now that we understand the benefits of repurposing content and taking advantage of Instagram stories, we can use one of the three main methods we discussed to start sharing YouTube videos on Instagram stories today!

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